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Podcaster's summary: Podcast by Toby Buckle

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2023-Jul-22 • 79 minutes
I'm joined by Amanda Podany, author of Weavers, Scribes, and Kings, to chat all things Ancient Near East. From her 'microhistory' method, to the culture, religion, gender norms, politics, and even food of the period. (After a longish pause in episodes I'm coming back with two at once!)
2023-Jul-22 • 77 minutes
THE STATE With Philip Pettit
After a content creation sabbatical, the podcast is back! Friend of the Podcast Philip Pettit returns to discuss his latest book - the State - we discuss his genealogy of norms, laws, and nations.
2022-Dec-19 • 110 minutes
THE HISTORICAL JESUS With Jonathan Rowlands
I'm Joined by Jonathan Jowlands for an in-depth discussion of historical Jesus research. We cover the history of the 'quest' and the different worldviews we both bring to it. Jonathan lays out a view for including theological perspectives, and I defend a 'history only' approach.
2022-Nov-22 • 120 minutes
Why did democrats exceed expectations in the midterms, and what does that mean for America's increasingly unstable democracy? I give some overall reactions and analysis in this solo episode.
2022-Oct-31 • 79 minutes
Structural Injustice & Workers' Rights with Virginia Mantouvalou
I'm joined by Virginia Mantouvalou to discuss her upcoming book on worker's rights. We look at how state rules and regulations can make workers at risk of explotation, and the role of human rights in addressing these injustices.
2022-Oct-11 • 332 minutes
An extended episode in which I take on one of the most significant historical mysteries of all time: What happened at, and after, the death of Jesus? What did Paul see, or claim to have seen? How and why the gospel accounts differ, and my best guess on the reality behind it all.
2022-Sep-25 • 60 minutes
I'm joined by Alfred Mele to discuss his latest book - Free Will: An Opinionated guide. We cover how philosophers think about these issues and some common examples, then discuss our general thoughts on both compatibilism and libertarian free will.
2022-Sep-11 • 111 minutes
Audience Questions
A blockbuster all-in-one-take listener questions episode covering the queen, Mark's gospel, Liz Truss, reconciling individualism with social justice, & the midterms.
2022-Jun-07 • 213 minutes
An in-depth deep dive into how we might deduce the time of writing of the anonymous, undated, genre-defying documents we call the four canonical gospels.
2022-Apr-22 • 138 minutes
J S MILL & SOCIALISM with Helen McCabe
A deep dive into J S Mill's relationship with socialism with Helen McCabe. We cover Mill's moral foundations, pre-Marxian Socialism, the nature and history of liberalism and socialism, their interpretation today, and if Mill's vision is a realizable one. Website: https://www.politicalphi...
2022-Apr-01 • 66 minutes
GLOBAL REPARATIONS with Olúfẹmi O. Táíwò
A deep dive into the philosophy of reparations with Olúfẹmi O. Táíwò. We cover the context & questions asked, Rawls, Nozick, arguments for equality, & harm repair vs constructivst accounts of reparations. Video:
2022-Feb-20 • 74 minutes
LEVITICUS with Joel Baden
I'm joined by Joel Baden to discuss the theological and moral system behind the sacrifice laws in Leviticus, as well the history and composition of the Pentateuch. Watch this interview on Youtube:
2022-Jan-30 • 47 minutes
An interview I did on the Elucidations Podcast. The episode is an introduction to J S Mil''s political philosophy; who he was, his place in the liberal tradition, the liberty principle, and utility vs rights based approaches to liberal pluralism.
2022-Jan-30 • 86 minutes
A back and forth interview with Jack Symes of the Panpsycast Philosophy podcast on his new book Philosophers on Consciousness: Talking about the Mind. We start with our reflections on doing public philosophy and how we respond to criticism, the move on to the philosophy of consciousness. We end with a discussion of how we think about our minds might impact our thoughts on morality and I'm challenged with a trolley problem: One human being vs five Vulcans who think, but do not feel pleasure or pain. Audio ...
2021-Dec-31 • 93 minutes
End Of Year AMA
For the last episode of 2021 I take on audience questions on political elites, islamic terrorism, orthodox marxism, and the US left and Joe Biden.
2021-Nov-30 • 60 minutes
I'm joined by Noah Feldman to discuss his latest book The Broken Constitution. We discuss how the American constitution was made in debates and compromises over slavery and remade by Lincoln.
2021-Nov-29 • 85 minutes
Robert Talisse returns to the podcast to discuss his latest book - Sustaining democracy. We also discuss liberalism and the role of imagination in politics (and this time we agree!)
2021-Oct-31 • 72 minutes
American technology policy expert Alec Ross joins the podcast the discuss the future of the world economy and the political risks of failing to address inequality and concentrations of corporate power.
2021-Oct-31 • 201 minutes
Why do theories of the end of the political and economic order feel so intuitive to some people, and so unintuitive to others? I draw on early Christian history and dehumanization theory to create a novel account.
2021-Sep-16 • 119 minutes
COVID & IDEOLOGY With Magdi Semrau
Magdi Semrau joins me to discuss the politics of covid. Are the many restrictions due to the pandemic philosophically justifiable? Why have the political left and political right interpreted the crisis so differently and what does this tell us about the nature of conservatism and the future of liberalism?
2021-Sep-10 • 110 minutes
Is modern social justice activism a threat to free speech, or the project of liberal democracy more broadly? Thomas Prosser and I offer differing interpretations of this new ideological project.
2021-Sep-01 • 11 minutes
Announcing my First Book! - 'What Is Freedom?' with OUP
A short promo episode for my first book- 'What is Freedom? conversations with Historians, Philosophers, & Activists' published with OUP, out November, and available to pre-order now. Featuring a foreword by Cecile Fabre and an introduction by me, the book includes contributions from Elizabeth Anderson, Mary Frances Berry, Ian Dunt, Michael Freeden, Nancy Hirschmann, Omar Khan, Dale Martin, Orlando Patterson, Phillip Pettit, John Skorupski, Peter Tatchell, and Zephyr Teachout. Pre-order on Amazon: https:...
2021-Aug-30 • 167 minutes
Harm & Liberty In J S Mill
Is J S Mill's liberty principle bad political philosophy because he fails to define harm? I try to give this 'conventional' read a fair shake while also giving you my own view that the principle is . . . good, actually. On Liberty by Aquarusa - Website... - Patreon... -
2021-May-30 • 180 minutes
A history of abortion law in America from Roe to the present with analysis of the key issues raised in legal and political philosophy. Website: Patreon:...
2021-Apr-15 • 70 minutes
PELOSI With Molly Ball
Molly Ball joins the Podcast to discuss her new book, Pelosi. We cover the career of the first woman Speaker of the house, divisions on the left, and the skill of governance. Pelosi: Patreon:... Blog:...
2021-Mar-31 • 75 minutes
BREXIT & FREEDOM With The Philosopher & The News Podcast
A crossover episode with Alexis Papazoglou of The Philosopher & The News Podcast. We discuss Brexit and Freedom, Berlin's positive and negative distinction, and J S Mill.
2021-Feb-18 • 77 minutes
Ian Dunt returns to the podcast for a pig picture talk on liberalism - What is it's future after trump, how does/should the ideology manage conflict, what are the differences between the UK and US left? We cover a lot and end on an uncharacteristically (for us) optimistic note.
2020-Dec-31 • 178 minutes
Can the political theory of time help us make sense of our feeling that 2020 was a uniquely bad - and in some ways unreal - year?
2020-Nov-22 • 98 minutes
QUO VADIS - Q & A on the Election
Taking on audience questions I give a retrospective on the Trump era, my analysis of it, what I think lies ahead, and where progressives should go from here.
2020-Oct-31 • 117 minutes
2020 & THE ETHICS OF VOTING - Part 2 Identity
In part two I look at the different mindsets people approach voting with and develop an argument against seeing the act as expressive of an individual identity.
2020-Oct-26 • 75 minutes
THE US ELECTION IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT - With Susan Neiman, Ian Dunt, & David Farris
Audio of my live event with Roosevelt University
2020-Oct-21 • 6 minutes
Upcoming Live Event With Roosevelt University - Panel With Ian Dunt, David Faris, & Susan Neiman
A quick promo of an upcoming live event this Friday (October 23rd, 2020). I will be moderating a (remote) panel discussion with Ian Dunt, Susan Nieman, and David Faris titled 'The US Election in a Global Context.' During this live virtual discussion, political experts from the United States, United Kingdom and Germany will offer a global perspective on the 2020 election. Panelists will explore what we can learn from other countries about opposition parties, stolen elections and responses to the pandemic. ...
2020-Oct-16 • 182 minutes
2020 & THE ETHICS OF VOTING - Part 1 Institutions
Ahead of the 2020 presidential election I take on the heated debate on whether leftists should give their support to democrats which whom they may not fully align. I produced an extended analysis of the different issues that are raised in this debate, in this first part I look at political institutions.
2020-Sep-05 • 95 minutes
I'm joined by Seth Masket to discuss his latest book, Learning from Loss, in which he looks at the various narratives democrats constructed after their defeat in 2016. We consider both how true those narratives where, how they impacted the 2020 primary, and how they might shape a Biden administration.
2020-Aug-28 • 68 minutes
I refine my account of humiliation and develop a series of original arguments for the moral value of republican freedom based on it.
2020-Jul-18 • 86 minutes
DEHUMANIZATION with David Livingstone Smith
I discuss the phycology and politics of dehumanization with David Livingstone Smith. We also cover what ancient people's meant by 'clean' and 'unclean' in a religious context & dehumanization in contemporary US politics.
2020-Jul-04 • 71 minutes
BEAUTY, SHAME, & HUMILIATION with Heather Widdows
I'm joined by Professor Heather Widdows to discuss beauty as an ethical ideal. We cover the benefits and costs of an increasingly globalized ideal of beauty, the limitations of current liberalism, and how to theorize shame and humiliation. Patreon: Store:...
2020-Jun-26 • 107 minutes
DEMOCRACY & THE AMERICAN LEFT With Elizabeth Anderson, Elizabeth Cohen, Angie Maxwell, & David Faris
Elizabeth Anderson, Elizabeth Cohen, Angie Maxwell, and David Faris return to the podcast for a group discussion on US democracy, representation, polarization, & political narratives. Patreon: Merchandise:...
2020-Jun-24 • 119 minutes
FREEDOM, EMPIRE, & TRUMP with James Kurth
I'm joined by the conservative scholar of defense & foreign policy James Kurth. We discuss the contradictions of the American empire & its ideological justifications. We then use this discussion to situate the Trump presidency in a historical context. Patreon: Merchandise:...
2020-Jun-11 • 97 minutes
I present an original account of how my J S Mill Style liberalism might fit together with my 'Neo-Machiavellian' Republicanism. The context is a consideration of social norms around speech and violence but I develop this into a larger theory of how to normatively understand American politics. BRAND NEW: We now have a store where you can buy Political Philosophy Podcast merchandise!
2020-Jun-01 • 66 minutes
I take on a range of audience questions from winning political campaigns, rights and COVID, political forgiveness, & more. Patreon:
2020-May-23 • 72 minutes
GRANDSTANDING With Justin Tosi & Brandon Warmke
Is moral grandstanding harmful? Is it something a virtuous person would do? I'm joined by Justin Tosi and Brandon Warmke to discuss their book on the issue. Support on Patreon: Pre-Order... Grandstanding:
2020-May-17 • 162 minutes
What explains Biden's strong black support in the 2020 primary? What can progressives do better in our platform, candidates, rhetoric, and ideological presentation?
2020-May-09 • 82 minutes
OPEN DEMOCRACY With Hélène Landemore
Does democracy have to be a matter of simply electing representatives? I'm joined by Hélène Landemore to discuss the problems with libertarianism, democracy in the workplace, & alternate models of democratic decision making.
2020-Apr-25 • 98 minutes
New Media Roundtable with ETVpod, Jerb the Humanist, Chrisiousity, & The Poplar Tapes
I was part of a panel discussion of left-wing new media producers. We covered the IDW, the left, free speech, & liberalism vs the left. Participants: Embrace the Void Chrisiousity: The Poplar Tapes: Jerb the Humanist:
2020-Apr-17 • 70 minutes
DISABILITY & KNOWLEDGE with Tom Shakespeare
I discuss the ethical and epistemic issues surrounding disability with Tom Shakespeare: we cover the medical and social models, eugenics, disability and sexuality, standpoint epistemology, social justice, and the nature of knowledge.
2020-Apr-12 • 66 minutes
I'm joined by professor Kimberly Hamlin to discuss her latest book: Free Thinker: Sex, Suffrage, and the Extraordinary Life of Helen Hamilton Gardener. We cover the concept of a "fallen woman', women's suffrage, the relations between feminism, atheism, evolution & race. Patreon: Website:...
2020-Apr-03 • 160 minutes
In part 3 of the series, I look at how the Persian empire ended. Setting the stage I go into huge detail on theories of ancient warfare, warrior societies, & cover the backstory of Philip of Macedon. Support on Patreon: Website:...
2020-Mar-21 • 98 minutes
ARENDT, FREEDOM, & PROTEST With Roger Berkowitz
What is the conception of Freedom in the work of Hannah Arendt? How could this be used to justify, or criticize, modern protest movements?
2020-Mar-16 • 136 minutes
SANDERS, WARREN, & the Ideological Future of the Left
What enabled the Sanders campaign to attract the support that it did? I consider this question using a variety of analytic frameworks. I also consider the differences/ dividing lines between Sanders & Warren & end looking at the future challenges & opportunities for left-wing ideologies.
2020-Mar-07 • 63 minutes
ETHICS & PUBLIC POLICY with Jonathan Wolff
What is the role of moral and political philosophy in policymaking? Should we try to apply ethical theories broadly or look at each case as they come up? I discuss this, and more, with Jonathan Wolff.
2020-Mar-03 • 194 minutes
In part 2 of the series, I explore the aftermath of the collapse of the Assyrian Empire and the extraordinary rise of Cyrus of Persia. I go into considerable detail on ancient society and religion, as well as considering how this history is presented in popular culture.
2020-Feb-21 • 130 minutes
The first part of a multipart series looking at ideology in the ancient world. I start by looking at the royal pronouncements of Ashurbanipal from a Marxist, hermeneutic, and finally domination theory perspective.
2020-Feb-15 • 101 minutes
Is politics everything? Have we lost our civil society institutions? Is there any hope left for a shared liberal consensus? I take on these questions, and more, in part 2 with Robert Talisse. I also celebrate the podcast's 100th episode and preview my upcoming solo series 'Ideologies of the Ancients.'
2020-Feb-11 • 87 minutes
DISAGREEMENT With Robert Tallise
What are we ultimately disputing when we disagree politically? Is progress across moral and political divides possible, and if so when? I get into a spontaneous lively conversion with Robert Talise on the epistemic foundations of political pluralism.
2020-Jan-31 • 73 minutes
THOMAS HOBBES With Arash Abizadeh
THOMAS HOBBES With Arash Abizadeh by Toby Buckle
2020-Jan-26 • 76 minutes
RIGHTS & NEO - LIBERALISM With Samuel Moyn by Toby Buckle
2020-Jan-17 • 77 minutes
FEMINISM, ART, & RAPE with Nancy Princenthal
How did issues of rape and sexual violence emerge as central concerns for second-wave feminists? I discuss the intellectual history fo feminism, the role of art in that history, & its legacy today, with PEN award-winning author Nancy Princenthal.
2020-Jan-10 • 123 minutes
Should democrats be considering potentialy disruptive ideas like court packing, adding states, or abolishing the filibuster? Would doing so be justified, and can we win if we dont?
2020-Jan-04 • 117 minutes
I develop an original account of internal party divides. Using the 2016 primary, the 2019 UK election, and the Tea Party movement as case studies I try to offer a fresh take on many of the most contentious disagreements we have on the left.
2019-Dec-28 • 94 minutes
Can politics move beyond a state of institutionalized aggression? Should liberalism be justified by appeals to a conception of the good or by public reason?
2019-Dec-20 • 70 minutes
CRACK COCAINE with David Farber
I'm joined by the historian David Farber to discuss the social and political history of the crack epidemic. We discuss the drug's history, the panic surrounding it, the political response to it, and how that informed our current politics. Patreon: Buy... 'Crack: Rock Cocaine, Street Capitalism, and Decade of Greed':
2019-Dec-14 • 97 minutes
I'm joined by congressional candidate Chris Armitage. We discuss his run, criminal justice reform, the progressive movement, Bernie's candidacy, the Bernie or bust phenomenon, and optimism for the future. Patreon: Armitage... for Congress: Donate to Chris's campaign:
2019-Dec-07 • 72 minutes
Should academia be political? Does social-justice have a place on Campus? Does anti-foundationalism imply a particular view of these culture war issues? Stanley Fish and I discuss.
2019-Nov-29 • 73 minutes
FREE SPEECH With Stanley Fish
Is free speech a coherent idea? is there a neutral standard to decide if something is hate speech? How should we conceptualize liberalism, and how should we argue for it in the age of Trump? Support the podcast on Patreon: Buy... The First
2019-Nov-22 • 39 minutes
A PROGRESSIVE SENATE with Senator Sherrod Brown
Has the Senate been a barrier to progressive reform in America? Is it an institution at odds with our current political culture? I discuss this as well as impeachment, partisanship, and post 2020 with the senior senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown. Patreon: Desk... 88:
2019-Nov-15 • 80 minutes
Do we have special obligations towards fellow citizens? Is self-determination valuable? Can national identity be threatened by large scale immigration? I'm joined by David Miller to discuss these, and other, issues.
2019-Nov-09 • 75 minutes
I take on a range of audience questions and comments from my economic inequality episode: Diminishing marginal returns, poverty vs inequality, long run growth, and the morality of capitalism.
2019-Oct-25 • 101 minutes
I develop an original account how how different political cultures, & different ways of conceptualizing politics, have developed in the US and UK. How they have recently become inversions of each other. And argue that the current chaos is the shape fo things to come.
2019-Oct-17 • 71 minutes
Is the current distribution of ecumenic resources in the US morally defensible? How should a mature moral or political theory think about this? I give my personal views.
2019-Oct-09 • 99 minutes
I field listener questions including: language, ideology, booking guests, volunteering, and am I an anti-white racist?
2019-Oct-02 • 94 minutes
POPPER VS ADORNO 2 Positivism and Pluralism
What is ‘Positivism’ and why was it so important so Adorno to label Popper as one? Popper’s response, and what can we learn from this failure to communicate?
2019-Sep-25 • 61 minutes
POPPER VS ADORNO (1) Context & History
I revisit an acrimonious exchange between two very different public intellectuals. The first part sets the stage with the intellectual history.
2019-Sep-16 • 87 minutes
Should we justify liberalism from appeals to political precepts or normative understandings of human nature? I consider two ways of thinking about liberalism's philosophical foundations.
2019-Sep-11 • 49 minutes
STATECRAFT with Cecile Fabre (2)
How do we enforce rights under uncertainty? Does America's long history of human rights violations prevent it from acting as a force for good today?
2019-Sep-01 • 71 minutes
Cécile Fabre returns to the podcast to discuss her latest book, Economic Statecraft. We discuss rights, property rights, free trade, sanctions, conditional aid, and conditional borrowing.
2019-Aug-26 • 105 minutes
HUMILIATION in Neo-Republican Ideology
I develop an original account of humiliation and argue that including it in the neo-republican ideological project enriches its structure and makes it more intuitive and relevant.
2019-Aug-18 • 101 minutes
Time. Founding moments. legitimacy. Commensuration. Liberal Democracy. The State. Immigration. Criminal Justice.
2019-Aug-11 • 86 minutes
BERNIE, HILLARY, & TRUMP With Angie Maxwell
The historical and ideological factors behind Trump's meteoric rise in 2016, divisions on the left, & I go on a rant.
2019-Aug-04 • 72 minutes
How did appeals to racism, sexism, and religion shape American party politics and conservative ideology?
2019-Aug-01 • 54 minutes
DIVERSIFYING THE CANNON With Elizabeth Anderson by Toby Buckle
2019-Jul-19 • 48 minutes
CORPORATE GOVERNMENT With Elizabeth Anderson
Is corporate power of form of government? How does it affect our lives and freedom? Professor Elizabeth Anderson joins the podcast discuss.
2019-Jul-14 • 83 minutes
Social geography. Space. Politics. Immigration. Race. Segregation. Racism. Trump. 2020. Ideology. Integration.
2019-Jul-10 • 73 minutes
2019-Jun-30 • 72 minutes
Brexit. Liberalism. J S Mill. Free speech. Living truths. Liberal democracy. Europe. Tony Blair. Journalism. Consent of the governed. Far right parties. Anti-liberalism. The future of Europe.
2019-Jun-24 • 82 minutes
Is anyone really 'right' about political values, or does essentail​ contestability imply a strong relitavism​?
2019-Jun-19 • 63 minutes
POSTMODERNISM, 2020, and Other Audience Questions
Machiavelli. Power. Stability. Postmodernism. Unions. Meritocracy. Prediction. Polling. Trump. 2020.
2019-Jun-12 • 82 minutes
MACHIAVELLI 3 Chaos, Freedom, and Glory
MACHIAVELLI 3 Chaos, Freedom, and Glory by Toby Buckle
2019-Jun-03 • 106 minutes
MACHIAVELLI 2 Resistance Freedom
Freedom. Donald Trump. Radicalism. Quentin Skinner. Republicanism. Riots. Class conflict. Ideology. Social Justice.
2019-May-29 • 81 minutes
MACHIAVELLI History and Ideology
Freedom. Radicalism. The Renaissance. Machiavellianism. Republicanism. Ideology. Interpretation. Class Conflict.
2019-May-19 • 65 minutes
HOW TO BE HAPPY With Peter Singer
Why are so many of us unhappy? Peter Singer, ‘The world’s most influential philosopher’ joins the podcast to discuss the link between doing good and being happy, money and happiness, working for a charity, right-wing self-help guru’s, and his advice for living a happy life. For more on effective giving: https://www.thelifeyoucansave.o...
2019-May-12 • 69 minutes
In the second part of my conversation with professor Jacob T. Levy we look at the need people have for guarantees in their political and moral systems; guarantees that their will of the world will both be actualized and be morally correct. We ask what the world looks like in the absence of such certainty.
2019-May-08 • 55 minutes
Can we know the nature of justice before confronting the conditions of injustice? I’m joined by Jacob T Levy to discuss his upcoming work Justice in Babylon, we cover Ideal theory, Rawls, the nature of politics and the nature of the human condition.
2019-Apr-28 • 79 minutes
WHAT IS IDEOLOGY? With Matto Mildenberger And Jonathan Leader Maynard
What is an ideology? What do intellectuals studying it in opinion polls, contemporary debates, and historical texts understand it to mean? I’m joined by the authors of a recent survey of the study of ideology in different disciplines, Matto Mildenberger and Jonathan Leader Maynard, to help make sense of it all.
2019-Apr-21 • 85 minutes
IDEOLOGY & BREXIT A conversation with Helen Thompson
IDEOLOGY & BREXIT A conversation with Helen Thompson by Toby Buckle
2019-Apr-17 • 65 minutes
PHILOSOPHY & HARRY POTTER A Conversation With Brenden Weber
I’m joined by Brenden Weber, host of the Philosophy Guy podcast. We chat about the current state of public philosophy from the podcasting community to the intellectual dark web. We then go into depth on his analysis of the moral philosophy of Harry Potter: Is death part of life - and accepting it a part of a moral life – or is it a problem to be solved? You can check out his podcast at: https://thephilosophyguy.fireside.f...
2019-Apr-07 • 51 minutes
Futurism, Fascism, & Other Audience Questions.
I take questions from Facebook and twitter on Ancient Stoic Philosophers, J S Mill, randomization in democracy, ethical consumerism, futuristic concerns about body modification and if fascism is left wing or right wing.
2019-Apr-02 • 126 minutes
LIBERTARIANISM 4 The Nature Of Change
In the finale I continue the story of liberalism vs libertarianism into the middle of the twentieth century. We explore the Keynes vs Hayek debate, the formulation of the modern welfare state and the 1945 general election. The finale also covers the different battlegrounds of ideological competition and ends by arguing for a particular understanding of what political change is and how it is possible.
2019-Mar-24 • 115 minutes
What does Brexit mean for peace in Ireland, Parliamentary democracy, and the British constitution? How should we think about the motivations and actions of all involved? Is there any way forward from here? Cathy Barry joins the podcast to help me make sense of it all. Cathy is editor of the Irish philosophy blog You can follow her on twitter @cathyby and @irishphilosophy You can support this podcast at:
2019-Mar-17 • 52 minutes
Into The Void - A Conversation With ETV's Aaron R (2)
Without free will or agency is morality possible? What could we ever really say we know about morality, is such knowledge possible and how would we go about knowing it? I go deep in my second part with Aaron from the Embrace The Void podcast. https://w...
2019-Mar-10 • 58 minutes
MORAL LUCK A Conversation With ETV's Aaron Rabinowitz
MORAL LUCK A Conversation With ETV's Aaron Rabinowitz by Toby Buckle
2019-Mar-02 • 57 minutes
JESUS, SEX, AND THE FAMILY A conversation with Dale Martin (2)
What was the sexuality of the historical Jesus? Did he have romantic partners? What did Jesus and Paul teach about teach about the desirability or permissibility of sex, what where their views on the family, and how should all of that impact how we live today?
2019-Feb-24 • 65 minutes
GENDER IN THE NEW TESAMENT A Conversation With Dale Martin
Dale Martin returns to the podcast! We cover Paul’s ideas about resurrection, the gender of the resurrected dead, the gender spectrum in the ancient world, the modern invention of the male/ female dichotomy, and postmodernism.
2019-Feb-17 • 88 minutes
The first world war and economic crisis explode into the world in the 3rd part of our series on the ideologies of libertarianism and progressive liberalism. How do ideologies deal with huge system shocks like these? What is the role of elites in ideological creation and consumption?
2019-Feb-09 • 73 minutes
LIBERTARIANISM 2 Evolution And Equilibrium
In the second part of my series on the history of libertarianism I look at how the competition between libertarianism and progressive liberalism escalated to competition over scientific metaphors. The origin, and ideological weaponization of, the phrase “survival of the fittest”, and the introduction to the ideological fight of Newtonian mechanics.
2019-Feb-02 • 54 minutes
ESCAPING THE POLITICAL A Conversation With Rupert Read (2)
In the second part of my conversation with Rupert Read we cover private language, essential contestability and political ideologies. We also discuss if it is possible to escape political ideologies or the use of power: Can we carve out true friendships separate from the forms of oppression that surround us?
2019-Jan-26 • 50 minutes
Dr. Rupert Read returns to the podcast to provide an introduction to Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language. We cover Wittgenstein’s life, his approach to philosophy, his value to us, and the metaphors of family resemblances, word games, and money.
2019-Jan-19 • 59 minutes
LIBERTARIANISM An Ideological History (1)
By audience selection, I cover the intellectual and ideological history of libertarianism. What were its origins and what was is reacting against? I also attempt to place these developments in their historical context and discuss how they affected the world, our current institutions, and even how we think now.
2019-Jan-12 • 51 minutes
THE FOUNDATIONS OF LIBERALISM A Conversation With Shadi Hamid (2)
In the second part of our conversation, Shadi Hamid and I get into a conversation about the contradictions of liberal universality. Should we want Islamists to become liberals for instance? Shadi argues for a liberalism that can appeal to the most possible people and I argue that, given we can never escape contestable premises, a liberalism based on progress best makes sense of these contradictions. Sponsor the show on Patreon:
2019-Jan-05 • 56 minutes
WHAT ISLAMISTS BELIEVE A conversation with Shadi Hamid
Shadi Hamid discusses the different types of Islamism and their beliefs about government, democracy, and Islamic law. We also cover perceptions of Islam and its relationship with liberalism.
2018-Dec-29 • 67 minutes
CHARACTER A Conversation With Christian Miller
Christian Miller joins the podcast to discuss his book The Character Gap. What does it mean to have good character? What are, if any, the meta ethical foundations of this? Why should we develop character, and what are the factors that determines if people exhibit positive character traits in any given situation?
2018-Dec-15 • 63 minutes
THE BIRTH OF ETHICS A Conversation With Philip Pettit (2)
In the second part of our conversation Philip Pettit gives his answer to the challenge of the first; creating a reconstructive account of morality that explains its nature, the origins of desirability and responsibility, and why we should be moral. As mentioned in the intro I’ve decided not to accept offers for paid advertisements for the podcast and will be attempting to fund it solely through listener support. You can sponsor us for any amount through Patreon:
2018-Dec-08 • 56 minutes
RECONSTRUCTING MORALITY A Conversation With Philip Pettit
Philip Pettit returns to the podcast to discuss his latest work The Birth of Ethics. We set of the challenge of resolving the seeming paradox of ethical truth in a naturalistic universe: In a world explained by science with 'nothing spooky' going on, how, and why, would morality emerge?
2018-Dec-01 • 70 minutes
I Answer listener questions on a range of topics then give extended answers defending my views on free will (and how they relate to my views on religion and social justice and explaining my I think the arguments that race and IQ are linked are both flawed and dangerous.
2018-Nov-24 • 75 minutes
RACE AND NATIONAL IDENTITY A Conversation With Glenn Loury
What role should race play in how we think of ourselves as Americans? I discuss the race debate with Professor Glenn Loury. We cover the role of culture, the wealth gap, high levels of inner city-violence, the case for reparations, and police killings.
2018-Nov-17 • 58 minutes
KNOWLEDGE AND PSEUDO KNOWLEDGE A Conversatin With Brain Earp (2)
In the second part of my conversation with Brian Earp we discuss replicability, pre-registration, pseudoscience, science in popular culture, and the limits of scientific knowledge. We also apply this epistemically cautious empiricism to the difficult cases of implicit bias, affirmative action, and workplace diversity quotas. Website: https://www.political... on Patreon:
2018-Nov-10 • 50 minutes
THE REPLICATION CRISIS A Conversation With Brian D. Earp
The replication crisis has rocked the world of academic physiology but how far do its implications go? In this episode, I cover the incentive structures, institutional patterns, and faulty ways of thinking about statistics and evidence that lead to this with Brian Earp.
2018-Nov-05 • 64 minutes
DISCRIMINATION AND FREE SPEECH A Conversation With Existential Comics' Corey Mohler
In the final episode of my conversation with Corey, we discussed the role of discrimination in our society. I also gvae a relpy to concerns raised by Jorden Peterson fans.
2018-Oct-27 • 62 minutes
HARRIS, PETERSON, AND PINKER A Conversation With Existential Comics Corey Mohler
In this episode, I discuss the 'Intelectual Dark Web' with Existential Comic's Corey Mohler. We cover Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, and Steven Pinker, arguing that for supposed free thinkers, they often just seem to want to maintain the world of their youth.
2018-Oct-20 • 49 minutes
COMEDY AND PROPAGANDA A Conversation With Existential Comics' Corey Mohler
In this episode, I talk with Corey Mohler, author of the popular philosophy webcomic existential comics. We discuss the role of jokes in philosophy and politics, why he hates George Carlin, the state of the Democratic party in the US, and more.
2018-Oct-13 • 50 minutes
UNIVERSAL MORALITY A Crossover with The Elucidations Podcast
In this episode, I talk with Matt Teichman, host of the elucidations podcast. We debate if there is such a thing as a universal morality that's common to all cultures, and what we learn from the diversity of moral and political thought in history.
2018-Oct-06 • 48 minutes
THE CASE FOR REPARATIONS A Conversation With Colleen Murphy (2)
We continue our discussion of transitional justice with Colleen Murphy, comparing the end of apartheid in South Africa with the civil rights movement in the US. From this contrast, we explore the idea of reparations for lynching and redlining in the form of truth and reconciliation commissions and financial payments. Website: Patreon:...
2018-Sep-29 • 64 minutes
TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE A Conversation With Colleen Murphy
In this episode professor Colleen Murphy discusses justice in countries attempting to transition to democracy following conflict or repression. Professor Murphy argues that the demands of transitional justice are distinct from other forms of justice such as retributive, corrective, or distributive.
2018-Sep-22 • 74 minutes
CIVIL RIGHTS FROM NIXON TO OBAMA A Conversation With Mary Frances Berry
CIVIL RIGHTS FROM NIXON TO OBAMA A Conversation With Mary Frances Berry by Toby Buckle
2018-Sep-15 • 56 minutes
ROME, CHRIST, AND THE WESTERN MIND A Conversation With Orlando Patterson (3)
ROME, CHRIST, AND THE WESTERN MIND A Conversation With Orlando Patterson (3) by Toby Buckle
2018-Sep-08 • 51 minutes
THE UNIQUENESS OF ATHENS A Conversation With Orlando Patterson (2)
In the second part of the series Orlando Patterson to discuss the emergence of the value of freedom in Ancient Greece and its relation to slave society. We argue that Athens was unique in developing this value and western history was forever shaped by this, however uncomfortable we are with the seeming triumphalism of this narrative.
2018-Sep-01 • 51 minutes
SLAVERY AND FREEDOM A Conversation With Orlando Patterson (1)
The first part of a three part series: I'm joined by the great historical sociologist Orlando Patterson to discuss the nature and history of slavery and how this lead to the creation of the "strange and un-innocent" value of freedom. In the first part we discuss Professor Patterson's background, his account of slavery and the history of slavery in the earliest peoples.
2018-Aug-25 • 47 minutes
THE POINT OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY A Conversation With Tamler Sommers (2)
THE POINT OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY A Conversation With Tamler Sommers (2) by Toby Buckle
2018-Aug-18 • 50 minutes
COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT A conversation with Tamler Sommers
COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT A conversation with Tamler Sommers by Toby Buckle
2018-Aug-11 • 48 minutes
CIVILITY AND TONE POLICING A Conversation With Teresa Bejan
CIVILITY AND TONE POLICING A Conversation With Teresa Bejan by Toby Buckle
2018-Aug-04 • 53 minutes
EARLY AMERICAN RELIGION A conversation with Teresa Bejan
EARLY AMERICAN RELIGION A conversation with Teresa Bejan by Toby Buckle
2018-Jul-28 • 52 minutes
CONTAINMENT AND DETERRENCE A conversation with Gregg Caruso (2)
CONTAINMENT AND DETERRENCE A conversation with Gregg Caruso (2) by Toby Buckle
2018-Jul-21 • 56 minutes
THE ILLUSION OF FREE WILL A conversation with Gregg Caruso
THE ILLUSION OF FREE WILL A conversation with Gregg Caruso by Toby Buckle
2018-Jul-14 • 60 minutes
S2 Ep 1 THE FIRST PHILOSOPHERS A conversation with Peter Adamson
S2 Ep 1 THE FIRST PHILOSOPHERS A conversation with Peter Adamson by Toby Buckle
2018-Jul-07 • 39 minutes
S1 Ep 19 Review and Recap
S1 Ep 19 Review and Recap by Toby Buckle
2018-Jun-30 • 61 minutes
THE LIBERTY PRINCIPLE A conversation with professor John Skorupski
THE LIBERTY PRINCIPLE A conversation with professor John Skorupski by Toby Buckle
2018-Jun-23 • 56 minutes
BLACK ATHEISM A conversation with Mandisa Thomas
BLACK ATHEISM A conversation with Mandisa Thomas by Toby Buckle
2018-Jun-16 • 51 minutes
POSTMODERN CHRISTIANITY A conversation with Dale Martin (3)
POSTMODERN CHRISTIANITY A conversation with Dale Martin (3) by Toby Buckle
2018-Jun-09 • 50 minutes
FROM CHRIST TO CONSTANTINE A conversation with Dale Martin (2)
FROM CHRIST TO CONSTANTINE A conversation with Dale Martin (2) by Toby Buckle
2018-Jun-02 • 47 minutes
PAUL AND THE RESURRECTION A conversation with Professor Dale B Martin
PAUL AND THE RESURRECTION A conversation with Professor Dale B Martin by Toby Buckle
2018-May-26 • 52 minutes
ASK ME ANYTHING Q&A with the host
ASK ME ANYTHING Q&A with the host by Toby Buckle
2018-May-19 • 68 minutes
MORAL UNCERTAINTY A conversation with Professor Will MacAskill
MORAL UNCERTAINTY A conversation with Professor Will MacAskill by Toby Buckle
2018-May-12 • 61 minutes
GAY LIBERATION A conversation with Peter Tatchell
GAY LIBERATION A conversation with Peter Tatchell by Toby Buckle
2018-May-05 • 70 minutes
NEO-REPUBLICANISM A conversation with Philip Pettit
NEO-REPUBLICANISM A conversation with Philip Pettit by Toby Buckle
2018-Apr-28 • 73 minutes
ATHEIST HYPOCRISY ON FEMINISM A conversation with Aron Ra by Toby Buckle
2018-Apr-21 • 54 minutes
A GUARANTEED JOB A conversation with Richard D Winfield
A GUARANTEED JOB A conversation with Richard D Winfield by Toby Buckle
2018-Apr-14 • 58 minutes
UTILITARIANISM A conversation with Roger Crisp
UTILITARIANISM A conversation with Roger Crisp by Toby Buckle
2018-Apr-07 • 51 minutes
EXECUTION, TORTURE, AND WAR A conversation with Cecile Fabre
EXECUTION, TORTURE, AND WAR A conversation with Cecile Fabre by Toby Buckle
2018-Apr-06 • 67 minutes
V.2 CORRUPTION AND CITIZENSHIP A conversation with Zephyr Teachout (Better audio)
V.2 CORRUPTION AND CITIZENSHIP A conversation with Zephyr Teachout (Better audio) by Toby Buckle
2018-Mar-31 • 50 minutes
WITTGENSTEIN VS. RAWLS A conversation with Dr. Rupert Read
WITTGENSTEIN VS. RAWLS A conversation with Dr. Rupert Read by Toby Buckle
2018-Mar-24 • 56 minutes
SOCIAL JUSTICE WITHOUT CALLOUT CULTURE. A conversation with Kalaya'an Mendoza
SOCIAL JUSTICE WITHOUT CALLOUT CULTURE. A conversation with Kalaya'an Mendoza by Toby Buckle
2018-Mar-17 • 79 minutes
THOUGHT, IDEOLOGY, AND SILENCE A conversation with Michael Freeden
THOUGHT, IDEOLOGY, AND SILENCE A conversation with Michael Freeden by Toby Buckle
2018-Mar-10 • 67 minutes
CORRUPTION AND CITIZENSHIP A conversation with Zephyr Teachout
CORRUPTION AND CITIZENSHIP A conversation with Zephyr Teachout by Toby Buckle
2018-Mar-02 • 63 minutes
1. SEX WORK, ORGAN SALES, AND INTUITION A conversation with Cecile Fabre
1. SEX WORK, ORGAN SALES, AND INTUITION A conversation with Cecile Fabre by Toby Buckle