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Podcaster's summary: A seasonal podcast that brings the ideas and tools of philosophy to everyone. Featuring interviews with professional philosophers, personal stories, and lots of fun thought experiments. We'll start with about 5 episodes per season.Monads are shorts that tend to involve less production than full seasonal episodes.Contact us at [email protected] Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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List Updated: 2024-Feb-21 13:08 UTC. Episodes: 37. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2024-Feb-02 • 75 minutes
34 - Andrew does Improv - Liberalism
Philosophy vs Improv
2024-Jan-26 • 87 minutes
33 - Are Animals Food?
a conversation with Robert Jones
2024-Jan-03 • 52 minutes
32 - Idealism part two
further conversation with Michael Fitzpatrick
2024-Jan-03 • 129 minutes
31 - Idealism part one
A Conversation with Michael Fitzpatrick
2023-Oct-16 • 82 minutes
30 - The Veil of Ignorance
John Rawls' Theory of Justice
2023-May-17 • 72 minutes
29 - City Living
Quill Kukla on the ways our spaces make us
2023-May-11 • 67 minutes
28 - Climate Protests
The Philosopher and the News dropping into our feed
2023-Mar-01 • 5 minutes
Spring 2023 Update
What does the Future Hold? Who knows?
2022-Sep-17 • 74 minutes
M16 - Are All Lives Equal?
A conversation with Carneades
2022-Apr-18 • 46 minutes
M15 - Ubuntu and the Good Life
Thaddeus Metz on Ubuntu
2022-Apr-11 • 53 minutes
M14 - Why It's Okay to Love Bad Movies
a talk by Matt Strohl with comments by Nick Riggle
2021-Dec-06 • 46 minutes
s02e05 - Another Kind of Identity
In which Andrew explores the "Identity" in "Identity Politics" and the social groups by which we identify ourselves. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
2021-Aug-16 • 16 minutes
M14 - Soul Sleep
Helen De Cruz reads us a story
2021-Aug-11 • 33 minutes
M13 - More about Personal Identity
Andrew talks with Rev. Ben Colahan about themes from s02e04 Who Are You? If you haven't already, listen to that episode before this one. Here's a link: Link for Sharing: on Patreon:Patreon | Reductio is creating A Podcast about Ideas, Philosophy, and Understanding | PatreonRate and Review us Please!‎Reductio: Adventures in Ideas on Apple PodcastsReductio on Spotify Hosted on Acast. See for more...
2021-Jul-16 • 15 minutes
M12 - Transporters
This is just the first part of the episode "Who Are You?" in standalone format so that it can be used on its own if useful for teaching or other uses. If you enjoy this, listen to the full episode published just before this one. Here's a link. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
2021-Jul-16 • 60 minutes
s02e04 - Who Are You?
Transporters, Ships, Bionic Women, Brave Soldiers, and so much more!
2021-Jun-01 • 80 minutes
s02e03 - Ghosts
What? How? Why Believe?
2021-Mar-25 • 15 minutes
M11 - Passion of the Sunprobe
a short story by Eric Schwitzgebel
2021-Feb-10 • 58 minutes
s02e02 - Transformative Experiences
In which Andrew explores Laurie Paul's concept of a Transformative Experience. With help from John Swanson, Laurie Paul, Jordan Wallace-Wolf, and Count Dracula himself.Laurie Paul's Book Transformative Experience, can be purchased many places, including here.Editing help by Xinjiang Huang. Thank you for all of your help!Episode Share Link: us on Patreon:Reductio: Adventures in Ideas is creating A Podcast about Ideas, Philosophy, and Understanding | PatreonOther Philosop...
2020-Oct-28 • 33 minutes
s02e01 - What's an Inverted Spectrum???
what if we experience color totally differently?
2020-May-20 • 66 minutes
s01e05 - Technocracy
Andrew explores Jacques Ellul's theory of "Technique" with the help of Professor Joel Zimbelman. Appearances also from Quinn Troester and Poet Chesko.Episode Link for Sharing Rate and Review Us!‎Reductio: Adventures in Ideas on Apple PodcastsReductio on PatreonReductio: Adventures in Ideas is creating A Podcast about Ideas, Philosophy, and Understanding | PatreonVideos MentionedKey and Peele - Text Message ConfusionWeekend Update - Fred Armisen as Randall Meeks Hosted on ...
2020-Apr-28 • 48 minutes
s01e04 - Why Does Stuff Cost Money?
In which Andrew explores a simple question very carefully: why does stuff cost money? Including critiques of Capitalism from the infamous Karl Marx.Special thanks to my friend and her daughter, to Kellie Marie Lavin, and to Olúfémi O. Táíwò of Georgetown University.Warning: most is child-friendly, but we start talking about "naked violence, genocide, theft, and plunder" at about 34:00. Not necessarily suitable for younger listeners. Discretion advised!Olúfémi O. Táíwòhttp://www.whyeverythingcostsmoney.... L...
2020-Mar-25 • 69 minutes
s01e03: The Trolley Problem and its Discontents
In which Andrew explores the Trolley Problem with the help of some friends and Jordan Wallace-Wolf of UCLA.Special Thanks to: especially Christy Harrington for lending us her narration skills, to Bill Harrington, Owen Roth, Max Feiler, Garvey Peterson, and of course, the inimitable Dustin Rainey.Episode Link for Sharing Rate and Review Us!‎Reductio: Adventures in Ideas on Apple PodcastsReadings Mentioned in the PodcastThomson:
2020-Mar-07 • 47 minutes
s01e02: Aristotle's Reductio
In which Andrew explores Aristotle's reductio proof for the existence of a god-like "prime mover". Joined by Stanford's Michael Fitzpatrick.Episode Link for sharing on iTunes‎Reductio: Adventures in Ideas on Apple PodcastsReductio on Patreon Nation Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
2020-Jan-29 • 56 minutes
AudioSophia 2 - "Autonomy and Aesthetic Engagement"
Thi Nguyen
2020-Jan-19 • 41 minutes
s01e01: What the Heck is a Reductio?
of Spaghetti Monsters and Flat Planets
2019-Nov-23 • 37 minutes
Monad 10 - Religious Exemptions and Civil Disobedience
Do religious exemptions and democracy mix?
2019-Sep-13 • 37 minutes
Monad 9: Co-Operatism
What if everything was a co-op?
2019-Aug-31 • 16 minutes
Monad 8: Before Birth
Did you already know things when you were born?
2019-Aug-10 • 17 minutes
AudioSophia - Bertrand Russell on the Value of Philosophy
An audio rendition of a famous philosophy text
2019-Jul-31 • 25 minutes
Monad 7: Doctor Andrew Lavin
Andrew talks about the topic of his dissertation: Normality
2019-Jul-11 • 20 minutes
Monad 6: Ibn Sina's Floating Person
Do you necessarily experience yourself?
2019-Jun-27 • 18 minutes
Monad 5: Zeno and his Paradoxes
Is motion really possible?
2019-May-23 • 21 minutes
Monad 4: What is Philosophy?
Andrew explores a simple question that might be overdue at this point: what is philosophy anyways?With contributions from June Brown, Michael Fitzpatrick (and his kitty Cozette), Kimberly Engels, Kelby Peeler, Olufemi Taiwo, and Dean Dominguez.Episode link to share: Patreon Page:Reductio: Adventures in Ideas is creating A Podcast about Ideas, Philosophy, and Understanding | PatreonOur Website:www.invertedspectrummedia.comPhi... Bites: Hosted o...
2019-May-08 • 71 minutes
Monad 3 - On Dog Whistles
A conversation with JJ Lang
2019-Apr-15 • 28 minutes
Monad 2: The Vice of Consistency
Is it a good thing to be consistent?
2019-Feb-12 • 18 minutes
Monad 1: What's a Monad?
Leibniz's Monadology