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Podcast Profile: Sum of All Parts

podcast imageTwitter: @ABCscience@joelwerner
27 episodes
2017 to 2020
Average episode: 22 minutes
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Categories: Broadcast Radio Programs • Math • Story-Style

Podcaster's summary: Sum of All Parts tells extraordinary stories about the unseen influence that numbers have on the way we think, feel and behave.

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List Updated: 2024-Apr-20 06:27 UTC. Episodes: 27. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2020-Feb-20 • 27 minutes
16.2 How we evacuate
How would you react if you received this SMS? BUSHFIRE WARNING. LEAVE NOW.When we evacuate from a bushfire, we fall into one of seven types of evacuee; from Threat Deniers, to Worried Waverers, to Experienced Independents. This is the story of a bad evacuee turned good.
2020-Feb-14 • 25 minutes
16.1 Fact checking the fire season
During the recent Australian bushfire crisis, numbers gave us a sense of the unprecedented scale of the disaster; 12.6 million hectares burnt, 431 megatons of carbon dioxide emitted, one billion animals killed. But where do these numbers come from?
2019-Sep-27 • 30 minutes
15.0 An unusual pattern
Is Benjamin Geen a killer, or the unluckiest guy in England?
2019-Sep-20 • 25 minutes
14.0 The labradoodle of regret
Wally Conron invented the labradoodle, one of the world's most popular dogs. He now considers the breed his "life's regret".
2019-Aug-16 • 23 minutes
13.1 Electronic music’s origin story [BONUS]
Where and when did a digital computer play music for the first time?
2019-Aug-09 • 27 minutes
13.0 Chiptune
How do you turn a Nintendo Game Boy into a musical instrument?
2019-Jul-05 • 27 minutes
12.0 The Tattoowierer
Who was the tattooist of Auschwitz?
2019-Jun-26 • 4 minutes
11.1 The hidden extinction [BONUS]
Who knew there was a hidden dinosaur extinction?
2019-Jun-21 • 33 minutes
11.0 Dino explosion!
Why does my three-year-old know more about dinosaurs than I do?
2019-Jun-07 • 33 minutes
10.0 One, two, three, four!
What can Radiohead tell us about our ancient connection to rhythm?
2018-Jun-29 • 14 minutes
9.4 Remembering Maryam Mirzakhani (SOAP presents.. Ockham's Razor)
Professor Maryam Mirzakhani was the first woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal. She died in 2017.
2018-Jun-22 • 18 minutes
9.3 Zillions (SOAP presents.. The Allusionist)
Zillion. Squillion. Kajillion. What are these numbers?
2018-Jun-15 • 28 minutes
9.2 Wrong Number (SOAP presents.. Twenty Thousand Hertz)
From calls intended for a phone sex line, to mis-tweeted phone numbers, these stories are from the world of wrong numbers.
2018-Jun-08 • 37 minutes
9.1 Six Degrees (SOAP presents.. Undiscovered)
“Six degrees of separation” is the idea that you can connect any two people in the world by no more than six friend-to-friend steps. But how does the concept hold up when you dig into the science?
2018-Jun-08 • 2 minutes
9.0 Presenting.. SOAP presents..
Coming in late 2018: Sum of All Parts season 2! But in the meantime, a special treat - SOAP presents.. A month of our favourite stories from the world of numbers made by friends of the show.
2017-Dec-01 • 29 minutes
8.0 A tale of two drugs [BONUS]
Two drugs; the old and the new, the known and the unknown. And the delicate tipping point between efficiency and chaos. This story was produced for the ABC podcast Science Friction.
2017-Nov-07 • 10 minutes
7.1 Two Trains [BONUS]
Two Trains tells the story of income inequality along the New York City 2 Train.
2017-Nov-03 • 26 minutes
7.0 The sound of seizure
Brant Guichard has heard The Music for as long as he can remember.
2017-Oct-31 • 6 minutes
6.1 Slow down, George Solo-son [BONUS]
Did George Harrison "cheat" the solo to A Hard Day's Night?
2017-Oct-27 • 22 minutes
6.0 Magical Mystery Chord
No one’s sure exactly how the most famous chord in popular music was played. Until now.
2017-Oct-18 • 23 minutes
5.0 Give an inch, take a millimetre..
The United States digs its heels in over measurement - or does it? (This episode is a co-production with the podcast 99% Invisible).
2017-Oct-13 • 11 minutes
4.0 Very Superstitious.. (Friday the 13th Special)
Rational people test their superstitions.
2017-Oct-06 • 32 minutes
3.0 Phoenix + Electron
Melbourne, 1989. Two teenagers hack Australia's recently established internet connection, and infiltrate some of the world’s most secure computer networks.
2017-Oct-03 • 4 minutes
2.1 Smells Like Teen Multitrack [BONUS]
As teenagers, the rock star and the podcast producer share an important discovery. This is a BONUS mini-episode! Listen to 2.0 The Infinite God first..
2017-Sep-29 • 24 minutes
2.0 The Infinite God
A musician gives up the rock n' roll dream for number theory, and a glimpse of the infinite.
2017-Sep-29 • 32 minutes
1.0 Shoal Attack!
A school of fish help the Australian netball team win a gold medal.
2017-Sep-22 • 11 minutes
0.0 A better way to count
These people count in twelves not tens.