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Podcast Profile: The Meaning of...

podcast imageTwitter: @ockhamsbeard
24 episodes
2017 to 2022
Average episode: 51 minutes
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Categories: Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: The Meaning of Life explores how we find meaning in the modern world, hosted by anthropologist Dr Monty Badami and philosopher Dr Tim Dean.

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2022-Mar-01 • 66 minutes
How We Became Human special part 1
Are our evolved minds are out of step with the modern world?
2020-Jun-10 • 65 minutes
Black Lives Matter
What can we do to fight racism and racial violence?
2020-May-03 • 72 minutes
COVID-19 Special
How can we make sense of the global COVID pandemic?
2018-Oct-29 • 83 minutes
There are many moral views in the world, so how do we know ours is the right one?
2018-Jul-08 • 62 minutes
Play isn't just wasting time. It helps us explore ourselves and our world.
2018-Jun-20 • 56 minutes
Science fiction
How can science fiction, space opera and even fantasy help us explore meaning?
2018-Jun-07 • 62 minutes
It awaits us all, but is it a bad thing? How should we think, and talk, about death?
2018-May-28 • 67 minutes
Human Nature
Does nature or nurture guide our actions? Is there even such a thing as human nature?
2018-May-21 • 60 minutes
Are sex and gender the same thing? Is gender grounded in biology or all in the mind?
2018-May-14 • 56 minutes
Are we an inherently violent species? Are men more naturally violent than women?
2018-May-06 • 58 minutes
Let's talk about sex, why we do it, how it evolved and how it affects us today.
2018-Apr-29 • 65 minutes
Freedom of Speech
Can words harm? Are there limits to free speech? What can't we talk about?
2018-Apr-22 • 42 minutes
What does the #metoo movement mean for women and for men?
2017-Nov-12 • 50 minutes
The Meaning of... God
Belief in the divine is pervasive throughout virtually human cultures. But why?
2017-Nov-05 • 48 minutes
The Meaning of... Cultural Appropriation
When it is OK to appropriate aspects of another culture?
2017-Oct-29 • 47 minutes
The Meaning of... Race
Race is a problematic concept, but it has very real effects.
2017-Oct-22 • 44 minutes
The Meaning of... Love
Love is all you need. Or is it?
2017-Oct-15 • 41 minutes
The Meaning of... Time
Why does it feel like there's never enough time in the day?
2017-Oct-08 • 38 minutes
The Meaning of... Music
Where does music come from, and what is its purpose?
2017-Oct-01 • 29 minutes
The Meaning of... Trump
How could Donald Trump be elected, and what does it mean for those who question his values?
2017-Sep-25 • 27 minutes
The Meaning of... Identity
What makes you you?
2017-Sep-18 • 62 minutes
The Meaning of... Art
Special live recording at Sydney Contemporary art expo on the meaning of art.
2017-Sep-07 • 19 minutes
The Meaning of... Life
Is there any meaning to be found at all in a cold meaningless universe?
2017-Sep-07 • 1 minutes
What is The Meaning of...?
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