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Podcaster's summary: SCI PHI is a weekly philosophy of science podcast featuring interviews with prominent and up-and-coming philosophers of science who engage with scientists in interesting ways.

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Episode 90: Jonathan Fuller
On Episode 90, Nick chats with Jonathan Fuller, Assistant Professor in | History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, about | his experience as both a clinician and a philosopher in an MD/PhD training | program, philosophy in medicine, and his upcoming book The New Modern | Medicine that analyzes distinctive problems in scientific medicine around | the turn of the twenty-first century.
Episode 89: Jamee Elder
On Episode 89, Nick chats with Jamee Elder, Postdoctoral Fellow at the | Black Hole Initiative (BHI) at Harvard University, about the methodology | and epistemology of large astrophysical experiments, especially | those—including LIGO-Virgo and the EHT—that involve "observing" black | holes.
Episode 88: Eleanor Knox
On Episode 88, Nick chats with Eleanor Knox, Reader in Philosophy of | Physics at King's College London, about her view she calls Spacetime | Functionalism, which she thinks solves problems in classical theories as | well as dealing with the challenges to standard accounts raised by emergent | spacetime structure in theories of quantum gravity.
Episode 87: Cameron Buckner
On Episode 87, Nick chats with Cameron Buckner, Associate Professor of | Philosophy at the University of Houston, about his work in the philosophy | of deep neural networks, a type of machine learning that is currently the | most widespread and successful technology in artificial intelligence.
Episode 86: Sarah Robins
On Episode 86, Nick chats with Sarah Robins, Associate Professor of | Philosophy at the University of Kansas, about her work on the concept of | the memory trace, or engram, and the role it plays in both everyday and | scientific thinking about remembering.
Episode 85: Manuela Fernández Pinto
On Episode 85, Nick chats with Manuela Fernández Pinto, Associate Professor | in the Department of Philosophy and the Center for Applied Ethics at | Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), about her work in | agnotology—the study of ignorance—and the epistemic and social consequences | of commercially-driven scientific research.
Episode 84: Adrian Currie
On Episode 84 Nick chats with Adrian Currie, Senior Lecturer in the | Department of Sociology, Philosophy, and Anthropology at Exeter, about his | research on the 'historical' sciences: paleontology, archaeology, geology | and so forth, and how both philosophers and methodologically reflective | scientists have underestimated the epistemic resources available for | uncovering the deep past.
Episode 83: Sarah Arnaud
On Episode 83, Nick chats with Sarah Arnaud, Postdoctoral Associate at the | Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University, about how first | person perspectives can provide important and necessary knowledge in | psychiatry.
Episode 82: Philip Kitcher
On Episode 82, Nick chats with Philip Kitcher, the John Dewey Professor | Emeritus of philosophy at Columbia University, about the the ways in which | science interfaces with the world, the new demarcation problem, and | scientific progress.
Episode 81: John Norton
On Episode 81, Nick chats with John Norton, Distinguished Professor in the | History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, about | the story of his work on Einstein, how probabilistic inferences can lead to | fallacies (e.g. thinking we’re living in a computer simulation), how not | to do philosophy of science, and his latest book “The Material Theory of | Induction” in the new, Open Access Series BSPS Open.
Episode 79: Till Grüne-Yanoff
On Episode 79, Nick chats with Till Grüne-Yanoff, professor of philosophy | at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, about his | early career as a television reporter in Post-Soviet Moscow, preferences in | decision theory, “boosting” versus “nudging,” teaching philosophy of | science as method choice with exemplars, and making philosophy of science | relevant to science.
Episode 78: Catherine Kendig
On Episode 78, Nick chats with Catherine Kendig, Associate Professor of | Philosophy at Michigan State University, about her path to studying | classification in scientific practice, non-dichotomous ways of thinking, | socially-engaged philosophy of agriculture, and dealing with | “demarcationist” tendencies in philosophy of science.
Episode 77 - Deepanwita Dasgupta
On Episode 77, Nick chats with Deepanwita Dasgupta, Associate Professor of | Philosophy at the University of Texas at El Paso about why there is no | philosophy of science in India, non-Western contexts of scientific | practice, and her vision for 21st-century science both as a cognitively | diverse and wisdom-producing practice.
Episode 76 - Miriam Solomon
On Episode 76, Nick chats with Miriam Solomon, Professor of Philosophy at | Temple University, about succeeding in philosophy despite an abusive PhD | advisor at Harvard, cognitive biases in scientists thinking and what they | mean for the rationality of science, scientific consensus conferences or | GOBSATs (Good Old Boys Sitting Around Tables), and her recent Guggenheim | fellowship on science and values in the DSM.
Episode 75: Sarah Richardson
On Episode 75, Nick chats with Sarah Richardson, Professor of the History | of Science and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Harvard | University about her interdisciplinary work at Stanford on race and | genomics, her approach to studying the social dimensions of science, her | current work with Harvard’s GenderSci Lab generating feminist concepts, | methods and theories for scientific research on sex and gender, and the | importance for philosophers of science to better represent the wor...
Episode 74: Emily Parke
On Episode 74, Nick chats with Emily Parke, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy | at the University of Auckland, about her first job creating life from the | bottom-up at the academic-run synthetic biology company Protolife, | challenging the idea that there’s some epistemic privilege experiments have | over models, the trade-offs and causual issues of using microbiome-based | explanations to explain every element of human health, and how | philosophical debates on the origin of life might actually matter t...
Episode 73: Dan Hicks
On Episode 73, Nick chats with Dan Hicks, philosopher at University of | California Merced about Dan’s science and values research on the aims of | science, working in science policy at the AAAS and NSF, and learning to | incorporate methods from statistics and data science with a conceptual | philosophy of science framework to understand how science operates.
Episode 72 - Karen Kovaka
On Episode 72, Nick chats with Karen Kovaka, assistant professor in | philosophy at Virginia Tech about the upcoming Philosophy of Science | Association conference, philosophical implications of meta-analysis, the | presumption against intervention in restoration ecology, and how to advise | philosophy of science students to achieve success outside of academia.
Episode 71 - Jennifer Jhun
Episode 70 - Alice Dreger
Episode 69 - Maya Goldenberg
April 8th, 2021
Episode 68 - Sean Valles
March 18th, 2020
Episode 67 - Thomas Pradeu
On Episode 67, Nick chats with Dr. Thomas Pradeu, CNRS Senior investigator (DR2), and Head of the group “Conceptual and theoretical analysis of immune activation and biological boundaries at the University of Bordeaux, about Philosophy in biology—an innovative way to combine the contributions of philosophy of biology, experimental biology, and medical biology—and how this approach enriches the conceptualization, explanation, and modeling of biological processes.
Episode 66 - Caterina Marchionni
On Episode 66, Nick chats with Dr. Caterina Marchionni, University Lecturer in Practical Philosophy and member of TINT,  Centre for Philosophy of the Social Sciences, at the University of Helsinki, about her work in the philosophy and methodology of economics.
Episode 65 - Remco Heesen
On Episode 65, Nick chats with Dr. Remco Heesen, faculty member in philosophy at the University of Western Australia, about his research concerning what happens after scientific evidence is collected, such as the scientist’s choice of when to share her findings, and how peer review may affect what gets reported.
Episode 64 - Matt Brown
On Episode 64, Nick chats with Dr. Matt Brown, Associate Professor of Philosophy and History of Ideas, and Director of the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology at University of Texas at Dallas, about the ways in which science is a value-laden enterprise, the impact of the value-ladenness of science on our conception of the role of science in policy, and the parallels between scientific and technological, ethical and political inquiries.
Episode 63 - Hannah Rubin
On Episode 63, Nick chats with Dr. Hannah Rubin, Assistant Professor at Notre Dame University about her growing research on the evolution of cooperative and altruistic behavior, genetics in evolutionary game theory, experimental economics in philosophy, and her experience serving as Managing Editor for the journal, Philosophy of Science.
Episode 62 - Denny Borsboom
On Episode 62, Nick chats with Dr. Denny Borsboom, Professor of Psychology and program leader of the Psychological Methods Group at the University of Amsterdam, about how he applies philosophy of science to to his research in psychological methods, conceptual issues in contemporary psychometrics, and his influential work on network approaches to psychopathology.
2019-Mar-25 • 91 minutes
Episode 61 - David Papineau
On Episode 61, Nick chats with Dr. David Papineau, Professor of Philosophy of Science at King's College London and the City University of New York Graduate Center, about stories from his early days studying the logic of statistical inference under Ian Hacking, his work on philosophical naturalism, teleosemantics, and consciousness, and how he came to write his most recent book, “Knowing the Score: How Sport teaches us about Philosophy (and Philosophy about Sport).”
2019-Mar-18 • 89 minutes
Episode 60 - James "Jack" Justus
On Episode 60, Nick chats with Dr. James “Jack” Justus, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Floria State University, about how his early interest in the outdoors led to his work in the philosophy of conservation ecology, his heroic attempt to integrate decision theory and environmental ethics, and his upcoming book on the philosophy of ecology.
2019-Feb-28 • 55 minutes
Episode 59 - Branden Fitelson
On Episode 59, Nick chats with Dr. Branden Fitelson, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Northeastern University, about his early days working in mathematics and physics as a research scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and a NASA contractor, his highly-social approach to doing and learning philosophy, his work on probability in scientific inference, the story of the Formal Epistemology Workgroup, using computational techniques to solve problems in philosophy, and the importance of slowing down ou...
2019-Feb-12 • 80 minutes
Episode 58 - Deborah Mayo
On Episode 58, Nick chats with Deborah Mayo, Professor Emerita in the Department of Philosophy at Virginia Tech, about how she learned to apply statistics to key problems in the philosophy of science, how to think about replication and other pressing statistical issues in the social and biological sciences, and her new book, Statistical Inference as Severe Testing: How to Get Beyond the Statistics Wars.
2019-Feb-01 • 93 minutes
Episode 57 - Julia Bursten
On Episode 57, Nick chats with Julia Bursten, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky, about how her interactions with philosophers, physicists, and chemists led her toward a research career in the philosophy of nanoscience, doing socially-engaged philosophy of science with a regional focus, and her involvement as co-chair in the Philosophy of Science Association Women’s Caucus.
2019-Jan-25 • 70 minutes
Episode 56 - Kevin Zollman
On Episode 56, Nick chats with Kevin Zollman, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University, how his early interests in the mathematics of poker informed his approach to doing philosophy of science, understanding social behavior through game theory and mathematical modeling, and his co-authored book, "The Game Theorist’s Guide to Parenting.” | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
2019-Jan-14 • 68 minutes
Episode 55 - Helen Longino
On Episode 55, Nick chats with Helen Longino, the Clarence Irving Lewis Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University, about her early upbringing and bohemian mindset, learning how to bridge methods in analytic philosophy with history and contextual factors, her activity in anti-war and women's liberation movements in the late 1960s and 1970s, early feminist scholarship, the resistance she and others faced in establishing Women’s Studies programs, and her most influential works on the social dimensions of ...
2019-Jan-07 • 63 minutes
Episode 54 - Cailin O'Connor
On Episode 54, Nick chats with Cailin O’Connor, Associate Professor in the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of California, Irvine, about transitioning from studying Film and Environmental Studies at Harvard and a career in the arts to studying philosophy of science, the relevance of game theory to biology, the sciences, and to resolving old philosophical problems, and her new book, “The Misinformation Age” and how social factors, not individual psychology, are what’s essential...
2018-Dec-17 • 57 minutes
Episode 53 - Stathis Psillos
On Episode 53, Nick chats with Stathis Psillos, Professor of Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics in the Department of Philosophy & History of Science in the University of Athens, about writing his first thesis on Aristotle and quantum mechanics, developing and defending “selective realism,” creating a dictionary of philosophy of science, “Philosophy of Science A-Z,” what it’s like to do philosophy of science in Greece, and why General Philosophy of Science is due for a comeback. | | | | | | | ...
2018-Dec-06 • 65 minutes
Episode 52 - Federica Russo
On Episode 52, Nick chats with Federica Russo, Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, about the relationship between probability and causality, the role of philosophy of science in science, how the Russo-Williamson Thesis sparked a lively debate on causation in medicine, and the role technology plays on knowledge itself.FULL EPISODE TRANSCRIPT | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
Episode 51 - Hasok Chang
On Episode 51, Nick chats with Hasok Chang, the Hans Rausing Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge, about deciding to leave Seoul, South Korea at the age of sixteen to study physics in the U.S., running up against physicists at Caltech who discouraged philosophical thinking, finding encouragement and a home in HPS within the Stanford School of Philosophy of Science, “complimentary science” and the three aspects of how historical and philosophical work can improve scie...
2018-Nov-17 • 63 minutes
Episode 50 - Justin Garson
On Episode 50, Nick chats with Justin Garson, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College-CUNY, about chairing a session with Daniel Dennett on memetics at the 2018 Philosophy of Science Association meeting, his work on biological functions in psychiatry and how symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety and schizophrenia might be useful to us, taking part in a summer meeting that brought six philosophers and six geneticists to work on transposable elements and the human genome, and his new book, “Wh...
2018-Oct-25 • 55 minutes
Episode 49 - Vincent Hendricks
On Episode 49, Nick chats with Vincent Hendricks, Professor of Formal Philosophy and Director of the Center for Information and Bubble Studies at the University of Copenhagen, about the importance of reasoning through illustrations, applying ideas from finance and economics to questions in philosophy of science, the ways in which our children influence our philosophical thinking, and his latest book, Reality Lost: Markets of Attention, Misinformation and Manipulation.FULL EPISODE TRANSCRIPT | | | | | |...
2018-Oct-17 • 72 minutes
Episode 48 - Ann-Sophie Barwich
On Episode 48, Nick chats with Ann-Sophie Barwich, Visiting Professor in the Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University Bloomington, about growing up studying literature in East Germany, finding her voice as a researcher, and the importance of thinking about the sense of smell as a model for neuroscience and the senses.FULL EPISODE TRANSCRIPTTimestamps: 0:15 Hello and welcome / 2:07 Ann on being recruited to the Cog-Sci program at Indiana / 4:41 Growing up in East Germany and being obsessed with l...
2018-Oct-04 • 76 minutes
Episode 47 - Angela Potochnik
On Episode 47, Nick chats with Angela Potochnik, Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Center for Public Engagement with Science at the University of Cincinnati, about her time studying in Vienna and how she came to love the history of logical empiricism, her co-written work, “Recipes for Science” on scientific methods and reasoning from a philosophical perspective, and her new book, “Idealization and the Aims of Science” on the centrality of idealization in science.Timestamps:...
2018-Sep-29 • 86 minutes
Episode 46 - Francesco Guala
On Episode 46, Nick chats with Francesco Guala, Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Milan, about how he came to study the philosophy of experimental economics, how philosophers of science can open the door to successful collaborations with scientists (hint: don’t preach), his latest book, “Understanding Institutions: The Science and Philosophy of Living Together,” and the question, “why should there be philosophy today?”Timestamps: 0:15 Hello and welcome / 1:3...
2018-Sep-13 • 81 minutes
Episode 45 - Anna Alexandrova
On Episode 45, Nick chats with Anna Alexandrova, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Science at Cambridge, about coming of age in Russia during the collapse of the USSR, succeeding in philosophy when she had “no other options,” and her book, “A Philosophy for the Science of Well-being.”Timestamps:0:15 Hello and welcome / 1:50 Anna fills us in on her summer aka the Cambridge “research term” / 4:22 Anna’s early life and the challenges she faced growing up in Russia during the collapse of the USSR / 13:15 An...
2018-Jul-31 • 66 minutes
Episode 44 - Kareem Khalifa
On Episode 44, Nick chats with Kareem Khalifa, Professor at Middlebury College in Vermont (USA), about what it's like to teach and do philosophy of science at a liberal arts college, transitioning from applied mathematics to hermeneutics to philosophy of science, his impressive musical career as a bass guitarist, his new book, 'Understanding, Explanation, and Scientific Knowledge," his current work developing a new account of explanation, and the problem of science journalism.Timestamps: 0:15 Hello and welc...
2018-Jun-21 • 108 minutes
Episode 43 - Janet Stemwedel
On Episode 43, Nick chats with Janet Stemwedel, Professor and Chair in Philosophy at San Jose State University, about how within two weeks of defending her dissertation in physical chemistry at Stanford she realized that the questions that really kept her up at night were philosophical questions about science rather than scientific questions, why scientific knowledge-building needs ethics, the transmission of "best practices" in the community of science, how engaging in several online academic communit...
2018-Jun-17 • 67 minutes
Episode 42 - Sabina Leonelli
On Episode 42, Nick chats with Sabina Leonelli, Professor of Philosophy and History of Science at the University of Exeter, about how her desire not to choose between her various research interests led her to study philosophy of science, her early career projects "Understanding Scientific Understanding" and "How well do 'facts' travel?", the epistemic, social, and ethical dimensions of data-intensive science, how data practices differ between biological and biomedical sciences, her role in science...
2018-May-31 • 113 minutes
Episode 41: Michael Strevens
On Episode 41, Nick chats with Michael Strevens, professor in the Philosophy Department at New York University, about growing up in Auckland, New Zealand during the 1970s, how his mutual interests in computer science and how thought works lead to undergraduate work in formal logic and graduate study at Rutgers, how he transitioned after being denied tenure at Stanford, philosophy of probabilities in statistical mechanics, the social structure of science, and his new book, "Thinking Off Your Feet: How Empiri...
2018-May-11 • 57 minutes
Episode 40: Michael Weisberg
On Episode 40, Nick chats with Michael Weisberg, Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, about how a Creationism incident in his own backyard led to the development of the Laboratory for Understanding Science, "finding your thing" in graduate school, his book "Simulation and Similarity: Using Models to Understand the World," debates surrounding 19th century physician Samuel Morton on biology and race, his various science documentary projects, and his current work promoting ...
2018-Apr-27 • 69 minutes
Episode 39 - Rachel Ankeny
On Episode 39, Nick chats with Rachel Ankeny, Professor at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, about her experience with the Great Books Program at St. John's College in Santa Fe, the formation of the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP), the roles of models and cased-based reasoning in science, the importance of studying non-model organisms, her integrated work on "Hostel Stories," a research project aimed at finding out more about migrant hostels, reception center...
2018-Apr-22 • 87 minutes
Episode 38 - Alison Wylie
On Episode 38, Nick chats with Alison Wylie, Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia and future President of the Philosophy of Science Association, about her formative experiences working as an advocationalist archaeologist throughout Saskatchewan, Canada, her turn toward exploring the philosophical issues being hotly debated in archaeology, when and how contextual factors contribute to epistemic goals in science and why this does not entail corrosive relativism, her current work ...
2018-Apr-12 • 83 minutes
Episode 37 - Quayshawn Spencer
On Episode 37, Nick chats with Quayshawn Spencer, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, about growing up with the unspoken norms of social segregation in Nashville, Tennessee, the philosophical question that compelled a change in his career ambitions from biochemist to philosopher of biology, how he set out to write a book on the non-biological reality of race but then came across data that shifted his research trajectory, why he's not a biological racial antirealist nor ...
2018-Mar-09 • 88 minutes
Episode 36 - Armin Schulz
On Episode 36, Nick chats with Armin Schulz, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kansas and Visiting Fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, about leaving Germany at fifteen to study abroad in the United States Pacific Northwest, studying (and returning to teach) at the London School of Economics, how helping behavior is adaptive, his new book "Efficient Cognition: The Evolution of Representational Decision-Making," and how we can lea...
2018-Mar-05 • 79 minutes
Episode 35 - Steven French
On Episode 35, Nick chats with Steven French, Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds, about  his early interests in "geeky" hobbies, new music, and a motorcycle sport called "Speedway," his intense graduate school days under Heinz Post that ended at 4am in a pitch-black room debating Popper, taking his first permanent academic job at the University of Campinas in Brazil, teaching English to Vietnamese refugees, working with a number of incredible PhD students, identity ...
2018-Feb-28 • 90 minutes
Episode 34 - Jackie Sullivan
On Episode 34, Nick chats with Jackie Sullivan, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, a member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, and an associate member of the Brain and Mind Institute at the University of Western Ontario, about how a challenging early home life pushed her to study existentialism and philosophy, finding a supportive environment in the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) graduate community at Pitt, putting her PhD on pause to do a Master's in Neuroscience, h...
2018-Jan-27 • 106 minutes
Episode 33 - Zoe Drayson
On Episode 33, Nick chats with Zoe Drayson, Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of California, Davis, about leaving high school at seventeen to work full-time as a horoscope writer at a teenage magazine, returning to study under Tim Williamson at the University of Edinburgh, spending several years in academic publishing at Routledge on the philosophy list, going from fearing her social skills would be "absolutely wasted on philosophy" to finding philosophers who were a blast hang out with, b...
2018-Jan-04 • 90 minutes
Episode 32 - Tim Maudlin
On Episode 32, Nick chats with Tim Maudlin, Professor of Philosophy at New York University, about being advised by his Yale undergraduate professor, "not even if you were Immanuel Kant would I suggest you go to graduate school in philosophy," how he "accidentally" wrote several books including Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity, Truth and Paradox, The Metaphysic Within Physics, and Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time, the importance of working outside of the literature, how metaphysic...
2017-Dec-04 • 75 minutes
Episode 31 - Robyn Bluhm
On Episode 31, Nick chats with Robyn Bluhm, Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University, about her transition from doing a Bachelors in Translation, to studying behavioral neuroscience, to gradate work in the philosophy of science, spending three years doing functional neuroimaging in psychiatry, becoming a leading expert in the philosophy of evidence-based medicine, taking an integrated approach that combines philosophy of science with bioe...
2017-Nov-11 • 80 minutes
Episode 30 - Elisabeth Lloyd
On Episode 30, Nick chats with Elisabeth Lloyd, the Arnold and Maxine Tanis Chair of History and Philosophy of Science at Indiana University, about developing resilience from growing up in adverse circumstances, returning to college after spending a year in a hippie commune to write her own major on Science and Political Theory, getting through a difficult and discouraging environment as a female graduate student who experienced recurring sexual harassment at Princeton, worrying about how knowledge get...
2017-Oct-26 • 80 minutes
Episode 29 - Eric Winsberg
On Episode 29, Nick chats with Eric Winsberg, Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Florida, about the "unbelievably permissive" schooling he had growing up in Montreal in the 70's, transitioning from Physics to History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Chicago, exploring the quirky, non-traditional menu of philosophy of science at Indiana University, the relation between theory and phenomena in computer simulations, the importance of playing the contrarian, and philosophy of scien...
2017-Oct-02 • 82 minutes
Episode 28 - Bas Van Fraassen
On Episode 28, Nick chats with Bas van Fraassen, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State University and the McCosh Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Princeton University, about growing up working in a library in a small town in the Netherlands, early influences in philosophy of science, how he developed his major works, including 'The Scientific Image' and 'Laws and Symmetry,' personal stories from Indiana University, his 10-year passion for trapeze, and the major challenge facing phi...
2017-Sep-13 • 98 minutes
Episode 27 - Serife Tekin
On Episode 27, Nick chats with Serife Tekin, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Daemen College in Buffalo, New York, about her childhood and adolescent years spent on the Aegean coast in Denizli, Turkey, her transition at Middle East Technical University from studying economics and mathematics to philosophy, her work in the philosophy of psychiatry that incorporates first-person accounts of mental illness, extraordinary science and origins of the current crisis in psychiatric research, and her new manuscr...
2017-Sep-06 • 97 minutes
Episode 26 - Tony Chemero
On Episode 26, Nick chats with Tony Chemero, Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Cincinnati and author of the book, 'Radical Embodied Cognitive Science,' about taking trips to the East Village as a kid to see punk rock shows, early interactions with Dan Dennett and Newton scholar George Smith, hanging out with computer scientists and psychologists during graduate study at Indiana, the stresses of serving on a college tenure committee, how to do cognitive science without invoking...
2017-Aug-30 • 68 minutes
Episode 25 - Adina Roskies
On Episode 25, Nick talks with Adina Roskies, the Helman Family Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Cognitive Science Program at Dartmouth College, about her life-changing undergraduate experience (filled with pedagogical nightmares) at Yale, graduate study and postdoctoral work in neuroscience and cognitive science, returning to complete a PhD in philosophy at MIT, philosophy of neuroimaging, and the political and policy implications of not understanding how science worksTimestamps: 0:15...
2017-Jul-31 • 140 minutes
Episode 24 - David Baker
On Episode 24, Nick chats with David Baker, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Michigan, about the importance of having an intellectual peer group across one's life and career, studying philosophy of physics at Princeton, the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, his work on supersymmetry, disagreements among philosophers of science concerning metaphysics, and how philosophy also informs his work as a science fiction writer.Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 01:33 - David
2017-Jul-24 • 95 minutes
Episode 23 - Heather Douglas
On Episode 22, Nick chats with Heather Douglas, the Waterloo Chair in Science and Society at the University of Waterloo, about her early work on Millikan's famous oil drop experiment and how he cheated his graduate student out of a Nobel prize, idiosyncrasies in academic culture, differences in Canadian and US science policy, how democratic societies, scientists, and philosophers of science can foster science, and when and why science should be censored.Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 01:49 - Heat...
2017-Jun-15 • 60 minutes
Episode 22 - Colin Klein
On Episode 22, Nick chats with Colin Klein, Australian Research Council Future Fellow and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Macquarie University in Sydney, about engaging in pre-Reddit philosophical debates over the early internet, his humbling experience going from from a small liberal arts college to graduate study at Princeton, idealizing explanations in science, and why insects at least have a form of subjective experience.Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 01:49 - Colin
2017-Jun-01 • 71 minutes
Episode 21 - Roman Frigg
On Episode 21, Nick chats with Roman Frigg, Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method at the London School of Economics and Political Science, about growing up in Basel, Switzerland playing in the youth symphony orchestra, studying quantum and statistical mechanics to understand "what makes physics tick," working with his PhD advisor Nancy Cartwright on models in science, current challenges for climate scientists and policy makers, and protecting science agai...
Episode 20 - Dominic Murphy
On Episode 20, Nick chats with Dominic Murphy, Associate Professor & Director of the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney, about his early days as a naturalistic philosopher of mind, his pioneering work in the philosophy of psychiatry, his new work on self-representation in the cognitive neurosciences, the problem of cultural variation in psychiatry, and issues with the National Institute of Mental Health's new framework for studying mental disorders, the Research Domai...
2017-May-18 • 50 minutes
Episode 19 - Jason Robert
On Episode 19, Nick chats with Jason Robert, the Lincoln Chair in Ethics and Dean's Distinguished Professor in the Life Sciences at Arizona State University, about his early work on the "selling" of the Human Genome Project, philosophical issues in human genetics, doing philosophy of biology in order to do better bioethics, and his ongoing ambition to contribute to debates about the ethics of scientific research and medical practice. Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 03:22 - Jason
2017-May-10 • 52 minutes
Episode 18 - Richard Dawid
On Episode 18, Nick chats with Richard Dawid, Professor of Philosophy at Stockholm University in Sweden, about his research connecting general philosophy of science and the philosophy of physics, theories of high energy physics and cosmology, and his book, 'String Theory and the Scientific Method', which aims to understand 'the trust physicists have in contemporary theories despite the absence of empirical confirmation.'Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 04:19 - Richard
2017-Apr-28 • 81 minutes
Episode 17 - Alex Rosenberg
On Episode 17, Nick talks with Alex Rosenberg, the R. Taylor Cole Professor of Philosophy at Duke University, about his pioneering work in the philosophy of economics, reconciling molecular biology with evolutionary theory, and examining philosophical questions by means of historical fiction in his best-selling novel, "The Girl From Krakow", a thriller that explores how a young woman and her lover navigate the dangerous thirties, the firestorm of war in Europe, and how they make sense of their survival.Time...
2017-Apr-11 • 69 minutes
Episode 16 - Lindley Darden
On Episode 16, Nick chats with Lindley Darden, Professor of Philosophy at University of Maryland College Park, about her early days in the Conceptual Foundations of Science program at U Chicago, pressing Thomas Kuhn at dinner on progress in science, the importance of getting the history right, and doing philosophy that can be useful to scientists.Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 03:03 - Lindley
2017-Mar-30 • 61 minutes
Episode 15 - Anya Plutynski
On Episode 15, Nick chats with Anya Plutynski, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis, about her undergraduate days at U Chicago and their Great Books Program, reconciling freedom and necessity in Spinoza's ethics, how her personal experience with cancer led to scientifically-engaged philosophical work on causation and explanation in cancer research, and the three biggest challenges facing philosophy of science today.Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 07:51 - Anya
2017-Mar-15 • 92 minutes
Episode 14 - Tom Polger
On Episode 14, chats with Tom Polger, Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati, about growing up programming games on his family's Commodore 64 computer, working for the tech-focused MITRE Corporation, teaching 20 different courses while coming up for tenure, how this thing called philosophy can be a legitimate form of inquiry, and how to support scientists and philosophers working together.Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 02:54 - Tom
2017-Mar-09 • 65 minutes
Episode 13 - Colin Allen
On Episode 13, Nick talks with Colin Allen, Provost Professor of Cognitive Science and of History & Philosophy of Science & Medicine at Indiana University Bloomington, about playing the role of Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice, major differences between English and U.S. degree programs, going beyond the walls of the UCLA Department of Philosophy to study linguistics, neuroscience, and computer science, connecting his interests in the philosophy of language with cognitive ethology, and his pas...
2017-Mar-02 • 85 minutes
Episode 12 - Michael Ruse
On Episode 12, Nick chats with Michael Ruse, the Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor and Director of the History and Philosophy of Science Program at Florida State University, about growing up in England as a Quaker, his transition from analytic philosophy to philosophy of science, those in the philosophy of science he admires, and how to succeed as an academic.Timestamps: 0:15 - Hello and welcome 02:28 - Michael
2017-Feb-22 • 84 minutes
Episode 11 - Anjan Chakravartty
On Episode 11, Nick chats with Anjan Chakravartty, Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the John H. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values at the University of Notre Dame, about growing up in Peterborough, Canada as the son of immigrant parents from India, his early work on an international development project in Calcutta and a United Nationals World Congress on Environment and Development, his research on scientific realism beginning at Cambridge, how specialized philosophy of science i...
2017-Feb-14 • 60 minutes
Episode 10 - Elliott Sober
On Episode 10, Nick talks with Elliott Sober, the Hans Reichenbach Professor and William F. Vilas Research Professor in Philosophy at University of Wisconsin-Madison, about doing his PhD backwards (dissertation first, coursework second), his move from more traditional philosophy into the philosophy of biology, and the hard problem of why the simplicity of a scientific theory should be relevant to saying what the world is like. 
2017-Feb-08 • 46 minutes
Episode 9 - Jane Maienschein
On Episode 9, Nick chats with Jane Maienschein, American Professor and Director for the Center for Biology and Society at Arizona State University, about her wandering (and wondering) road beginning in astrophysics at MIT to studying history and philosophy of science at Indiana, research opportunities for students at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, MA, and insightful career advice for students in the history and philosophy of science. 
2017-Jan-30 • 42 minutes
Episode 8 - Edouard Machery
On Episode 8, Nick talks with Edouard Machery, Distinguished Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, about his early upbringing in the French tradition of philosophy of science, his search for new ways of doing philosophy while studying at MIT and Harvard, his work in the philosophy of cognitive science, and how philosophers (and scientists) can apply to study at the Center for Philosophy of Science. 
2017-Jan-24 • 91 minutes
Episode 7 - Sandra Mitchell
On Episode 7, Nick talks with Sandra Mitchell, Professor and Chair of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, about her early days studying with Imre Lakatos at the London School of Economics, how her social and political concerns have informed her research, psychiatric genetics, how science can inform policy, and her new role as President of the Philosophy of Science Association. 
2017-Jan-18 • 113 minutes
Episode 6 - Rick Grush
On Episode 6, Nick chats with Rick Grush, Professor of Philosophy at UC San Diego, about his experience as a first-generation student, his early days studying philosophy of cognitive science under Paul Churchland, diversity in philosophy, and why he very recently nearly resigned from academia all together.
2017-Jan-10 • 89 minutes
Episode 5 - Kyle Stanford
On Episode 5, Nick chats with Kyle Stanford, an internationally born-and-raised Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at UC Irvine. They discuss Kyle's initial realization that our best scientific theories weren't just telling us what things were like, the problem of unconceived alternatives in science and why it may be getting worse, and his most recent research in moral psychology. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |  
2017-Jan-03 • 62 minutes
Episode 4 - Roberta Millstein
On Episode 4, Nick chats with Roberta Millstein, Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Davis, about her early days working as an "east coast" computer programmer, her novel path to obtaining a tenure-track job in philosophy, and the Philosophy of Science Association's Women's Caucus.
2017-Jan-03 • 82 minutes
Episode 3 - David Danks
On Episode 3, Nick sits down with David Danks, Professor of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon, to talk about graduating with a philosophy degree from Princeton without ever reading a word of Kant, his work at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, and his unique approach to interdisciplinary puzzle solving.
2017-Jan-03 • 82 minutes
Episode 2 - Carol Cleland
On Episode 2 of the SCI PHI Podcast, Nick talks with Carol Cleland, Professor of Philosophy at UC Boulder, about her early days working for a top-secret computer science startup paid for by the Navy, her current work in astrobiology, and the geosciences, and her struggles as a woman in the male-dominated areas of physics, computer science, and philosophy.
2017-Jan-03 • 57 minutes
Episode 1 - Massimo Pigliucci
Sci Phi Episode 1 - Massimo Pigliucci