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383 episodes
2016 to present
Average episode: 32 minutes
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Podcaster's summary: We take your questions about life, Earth and the universe to researchers hunting for answers at the frontiers of knowledge.

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2024-Apr-12 • 33 minutes
How do my ears sense direction?
How can we hear a sound and immediately know where it’s coming from?
2024-Apr-05 • 26 minutes
How many people have ever existed?
Listener Alpha in Sierra Leone asks us to count all the humans who have ever lived
2024-Mar-29 • 27 minutes
Could climate change lead to more volcanic eruptions?
We head to New Zealand to ask how a hotter planet will affect volcanoes.
2024-Mar-22 • 27 minutes
Do animals have anxious habits like us?
Why do we bite our nails - and do animals share similar habits?
2024-Mar-15 • 29 minutes
Is the BMI fatphobic?
How useful is the Body Mass Index?
2024-Mar-08 • 29 minutes
Do we all see the same colour?
Caroline Steel investigates what affects the way we see the colours of the world
2024-Mar-01 • 27 minutes
How bad is our data for the planet?
What's the environmental impact of all the data we use?
2024-Feb-23 • 29 minutes
Why do we have wisdom teeth?
Answering your questions about life, Earth and the universe
2024-Feb-16 • 27 minutes
What time was the first clock set to?
From sundials to atomic clocks via Big Ben, a quest into the history of timekeeping.
2024-Feb-09 • 27 minutes
When will the next earthquake hit?
Will we ever be able to predict earthquakes?
2024-Feb-02 • 31 minutes
Why do we daydream?
Meandering into your wandering mind, why can’t we stay present?
2024-Jan-26 • 26 minutes
How should we measure cleverness?
The CrowdScience team are tested to the limit to see how brainy they are.
2024-Jan-19 • 27 minutes
Were humans ever semi-aquatic?
Was there a semi-aquatic period for humans as we’ve evolved?
2024-Jan-12 • 26 minutes
Can planting trees solve the climate crisis?
Can we plant enough trees to soak up all the extra carbon we put into the atmosphere?
2024-Jan-05 • 28 minutes
Will electric cars help solve noise pollution?
Will electric cars solve noise pollution?
2023-Dec-29 • 27 minutes
2023 Year End Extravaganza, Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of our year-end extravaganza, full of bonus content and stories
2023-Dec-22 • 36 minutes
2023 Year-End Extravaganza, Part 1
It’s Part 1 of CrowdScience’s year-end extravaganza! Say hello to some familiar faces.
2023-Dec-15 • 27 minutes
Are seeds alive?
How come a seed can do nothing for months, or even years, before bursting into life?
2023-Dec-08 • 26 minutes
Where does our fat go when we exercise?
What happens to the fat in our bodies when we exercise?
2023-Dec-01 • 37 minutes
What is brainwashing?
Is it possible to control someone’s mind?
2023-Nov-24 • 28 minutes
What’s the difference between reading and listening to books?
Why our brains respond differently if we listen to books instead of reading them
2023-Nov-17 • 27 minutes
Why do we lie?
Almost all of us lie. But how did it become so engrained in human behaviour?
2023-Nov-10 • 40 minutes
What will 1.5° of warming look like?
Listener Julian wants to know what to expect on the other side of this climate threshold.
2023-Nov-03 • 27 minutes
How does food affect our mood?
What we eat impacts our microbiome. How does that impact our mental health?
2023-Oct-27 • 26 minutes
Green Man Festival: Why are some animals so ugly?
Why are some animals cute – and some downright weird?
2023-Oct-20 • 36 minutes
Which is healthier, farmed or wild salmon?
This week on CrowdScience: which is healthier, farmed salmon or wild?
2023-Oct-13 • 27 minutes
Why are spices delicious?
CrowdScience listener Kristine wants to know why herbs and spices taste so good?
2023-Oct-06 • 30 minutes
Can humans be part of healthy ecosystems?
We depend on ecosystems for our survival, so can we play a more sustainable role in them?
2023-Sep-29 • 37 minutes
What is consciousness?
It's easy to observe that we ourselves are conscious but how do you study this phenomenon?
2023-Sep-22 • 27 minutes
Can we grow a conscious brain?
With advances in stem cell research, could we grow a human brain? And would we want to?
2023-Sep-15 • 28 minutes
Why am I scared of bridges?
What makes a fear become a phobia, and where do they come from?
2023-Sep-08 • 27 minutes
Why do my children stress me out?
Caroline Steel investigates how we respond to stress.
2023-Sep-01 • 29 minutes
What does a sustainable life look like?
What would it take for all eight billion of us to share the planet sustainably?
2023-Aug-25 • 27 minutes
How do butterflies and moths fly?
Why do butterflies and moths fly so erratically, but land so precisely?
2023-Aug-18 • 36 minutes
What is the weight of the internet?
How do we go about trying to weigh the internet – what even counts as part of it?
2023-Aug-11 • 28 minutes
Are dogs good for us?
Investigating whether our canine companions are good for our health and wellbeing
2023-Aug-04 • 27 minutes
Is the ‘sunshine cure’ a real thing?
Does living somewhere sunny make us happier and healthier?
2023-Aug-04 • 26 minutes
Is the ‘sunshine cure’ a real thing?
Does living somewhere sunny make us happier and healthier?
2023-Jul-28 • 35 minutes
Why does some music make us sad?
How music and emotion are intimately linked
2023-Jul-21 • 27 minutes
Why do we get bored?
Why boredom affects some people more than others and why it can lead to innovation
2023-Jul-14 • 35 minutes
Why aren't we all ambidextrous?
With a panel of experts, we unpack why some people (and animals) are left or right-handed
2023-Jul-07 • 33 minutes
Why do we experience vertigo?
Anand Jagatia finds out why we lose our sense of balance
2023-Jun-30 • 31 minutes
Why do I crave unhealthy foods?
What are food cravings and why do we crave unhealthy foods instead of healthy ones?
2023-Jun-23 • 28 minutes
Human v machine
How efficient are humans?
2023-Jun-16 • 38 minutes
Why can’t I see images in my head?
Anand Jagatia discovers what mental images are for and why some people don’t have them
2023-Jun-09 • 26 minutes
Can Artificial Intelligence teach itself?
What happens if artificial intelligence starts learning from its own material?
2023-Jun-02 • 28 minutes
Is there a connection between memory and speech?
Caroline Steel finds out how dementia affects our ability to speak
2023-May-26 • 28 minutes
Why is the sun at the centre?
With astronomers and physicists, we unpack how we know the Earth revolves around the sun
2023-May-19 • 33 minutes
Can sea-swimming improve my health?
Can sea swimming improve my health?
2023-May-12 • 37 minutes
Why am I so lazy?
Is laziness biological, psychological … or even a real thing?
2023-May-05 • 29 minutes
What are Ostriches for?
Flightless wings, flawless eggs, priceless feathers… meet the ostrich!
2023-Apr-28 • 33 minutes
What's living inside my gut?
Trillions of microbes live inside our gut. What impact do they have on our body?
2023-Apr-21 • 35 minutes
Do we have a sense of time?
Anand Jagatia finds out whether we have a sense of time, like our sense of taste or touch.
2023-Apr-14 • 28 minutes
Is there anyone out there?
How many planets in the universe could be harbouring alien life?
2023-Apr-07 • 38 minutes
What does flying do to my body?
We take to the skies to find out what effect working at 35,000 feet has on one's health.
2023-Mar-31 • 37 minutes
How do my ears sense direction?
How do we hear a sound and immediately know where it’s coming from?
2023-Mar-24 • 42 minutes
Why do some people have panic attacks?
Sweating, nausea, chest pain: panic attacks affect 1 in 14 people but what is going on?
2023-Mar-17 • 29 minutes
Can robots be soft?
CrowdScience uncovers how nature is weaving its way into robotic design
2023-Mar-03 • 29 minutes
Do climbing plants know where they’re going?
Marnie Chesterton finds out how clever climbing plants are.
2023-Feb-24 • 34 minutes
Where does our fat go when we exercise?
Where does our fat go when we exercise?
2023-Feb-17 • 28 minutes
Are yoga claims bogus claims?
Which of the many claims about yoga are backed up by science?
2023-Feb-09 • 28 minutes
Who’s afraid of public speaking?
Why does the thought of public speaking fill so many of us with terror?
2023-Feb-03 • 35 minutes
How bad is our noise problem?
How does noise pollution impact wildlife and humans, and why do we hate certain sounds?
2023-Jan-27 • 28 minutes
Where does the sand in a desert come from?
Lonely desert dunes have a romantic image, but how did they get there in the first place?
2023-Jan-20 • 30 minutes
Why do we get jealous?
Crowdscience grapples with the green-eyed monster in close relationships.
2023-Jan-13 • 28 minutes
What happens to insects in the winter?
Marnie explores the many canny ways insects have adapted to survive extreme temperatures
2023-Jan-06 • 28 minutes
How do you balance on a bicycle?
What’s going on when we ride a bicycle, how do we stay upright? CrowdScience investigates
2022-Dec-30 • 30 minutes
Bullying Parrots and Glacial Cocktails
Work-place bullying between two parrots plus arctic cocktails with 5000 year old glacier
2022-Dec-23 • 31 minutes
Why are my parents so annoying?
Blood is thicker than water but why are parents so annoying?
2022-Dec-18 • 36 minutes
What is friction?
Everything that moves involves frictional losses, but what actually is it?
2022-Dec-09 • 32 minutes
Could my house run out of air?
Blocking up gaps might reduce energy bills, but can you make your home too airtight?
2022-Dec-02 • 29 minutes
What gives clouds their shapes?
Marnie turns to the skies to figure out how clouds form and how they get their shapes.
2022-Nov-25 • 26 minutes
How do we behave in crowds?
Crowds gather in all sorts of places. But is there a science to how they move and behave?
2022-Nov-18 • 34 minutes
Why don’t we fall out of bed when we’re asleep?
Answering the sleep questions that have been keeping CrowdScience listeners awake.
2022-Nov-11 • 37 minutes
Where do we go when the seas rise?
We see Greenland’s ice is melting - so where should we go to live in the future?
2022-Nov-04 • 32 minutes
How long before all the ice melts?
CrowdScience heads to Greenland to understand the story of melting in a warming world.
2022-Oct-28 • 34 minutes
When does weather change become climate change?
Heatwaves, floods and drought. Is it climate change, or is it just weather?
2022-Oct-21 • 29 minutes
Why can't I change my accent?
Why are accents so hard to change even when you speak a language perfectly?
2022-Oct-14 • 27 minutes
How is mental health being supported in Africa?
CrowdScience visits Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss mental health with a live audience
2022-Oct-07 • 36 minutes
Why am I gay?
CrowdScience looks at what science can - and can't - tell us about homosexuality.
2022-Sep-30 • 32 minutes
Why are fish fish-shaped?
There are over 30, 000 species of fish – are they really all a similar shape?
2022-Sep-23 • 28 minutes
Why don’t some things burn?
Why do some things burn, while others refuse to catch fire?
2022-Sep-16 • 28 minutes
Is there a language of laughter?
Do we all laugh at the same things or is there a language to learn first?
2022-Sep-10 • 31 minutes
Can animals count?
CrowdScience finds out whether there are some creatures that have a way with numbers.
2022-Sep-02 • 41 minutes
What happens to insects in the winter?
Marnie explores the many canny ways insects have adapted to survive extreme temperatures
2022-Aug-19 • 28 minutes
What is white?
CrowdScience explores what makes an object appear white.
2022-Aug-15 • 33 minutes
Can smells fill you up?
CrowdScience explores how different smells affect your appetite.
2022-Aug-05 • 28 minutes
Are humans naturally clean and tidy?
Answering your questions about life, Earth and the universe
2022-Jul-22 • 33 minutes
Why is this song stuck in my head?
CrowdScience burrows into the niggling world of earworms
2022-Jul-15 • 32 minutes
Are viruses the key to fighting infections?
Can bacteria-munching viruses help with the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance?
2022-Jul-08 • 35 minutes
Are artistic brains different?
Myck the artist from Malawi wants to know if there’s something different about his brain.
2022-Jul-01 • 33 minutes
What is healthy hair?
How can this nonliving structure be 'healthy' - and why is it concentrated on our heads?
2022-Jun-24 • 34 minutes
Can we get better at accepting death?
How can we make the end of life a more positive experience for all involved?
2022-Jun-17 • 32 minutes
What is a quantum computer?
What exactly are quantum computers? And when will they replace the computers we use now?
2022-Jun-10 • 31 minutes
Human v machine
How efficient are humans?
2022-Jun-03 • 38 minutes
Why do bright lights make me sneeze?
From sneezes and snot to saliva, we delve into the bodily fluids found in our faces.
2022-May-27 • 42 minutes
Why can't I find gold in my back yard?
CrowdScience asks why precious metals and minerals are only found in certain places.
2022-May-20 • 30 minutes
Why does ancient stuff get buried?
Archaeology means digging - but why does human history end up underground?
2022-May-13 • 35 minutes
Does photographic memory exist?
Why do some people have better memories than others?
2022-May-06 • 32 minutes
How far could gene editing go?
With leaps in gene editing technology how might humans alter their genome?
2022-Apr-29 • 34 minutes
How do you balance on a bicycle?
It’s like riding a bike – you never forget. But why not?
2022-Apr-22 • 34 minutes
Why did the ancient Maya abandon their cities?
What caused the prosperous Maya civilisation to collapse 1000 years ago?
2022-Apr-15 • 44 minutes
How should we measure cleverness?
Are current tests of intelligence capturing all the different kinds of human smartness?
2022-Apr-08 • 28 minutes
How many fossils are there?
Have we already found the last T. rex? Or are there many more to be discovered?
2022-Apr-01 • 44 minutes
Why do animals migrate? Part 2
How do animals accurately orientate themselves whilst journeying thousands of miles?
2022-Mar-25 • 37 minutes
Why do animals migrate? Part 1
How are migrating animals able to reliably navigate sometimes over thousands of miles?
2022-Mar-18 • 32 minutes
Is maths real?
Is maths a human construct to help us make sense of reality Or is maths reality itself?
2022-Mar-11 • 35 minutes
Does massage work?
There are many claims about the benefits of massage. But which – if any – are true?
2022-Mar-04 • 27 minutes
How high can insects fly?
Insect superhighways, bees up mountains & flies in space – just how high can insects go?
2022-Feb-25 • 31 minutes
How did we discover fire?
How did we discover fire, and how did that knowledge spread around the world?
2022-Feb-18 • 32 minutes
How do you navigate in space?
when spacecraft leave Earth, how do they navigate?
2022-Feb-11 • 35 minutes
Are we too selfish to save the planet?
How can humans overcome self-interest and work together for the common good?
2022-Jan-28 • 29 minutes
How does my radio work?
Explore the science of sound, journeying from the microphone to a radio receiver near you
2022-Jan-21 • 30 minutes
Does dark matter still matter?
CrowdScience finds out if we're any closer to unravelling the mysteries of dark matter.
2022-Jan-14 • 28 minutes
Are big-heads smarter?
Is a bigger head a sign of a higher intelligence? Marnie Chesterton unpicks the science
2022-Jan-07 • 30 minutes
Why do we get bored?
CrowdScience reveals why boredom is anything but boring.
2021-Dec-31 • 41 minutes
How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Investigating questions about the science behind eggs cooking and eggs hatching
2021-Dec-24 • 32 minutes
CrowdScience Christmas bonanza
What better way to see out 2021 than to look back at our favourite things from the year?
2021-Dec-17 • 33 minutes
How can I keep fruit & veg fresh for longer?
The ancient preservation techniques that help prevent food waste
2021-Dec-10 • 36 minutes
What's the best way to make a decision?
Life is full of choices – but how can we make the best ones?
2021-Dec-03 • 33 minutes
What makes stuff sticky?
Our world would fall apart without adhesives - but how do they hold things together?
2021-Nov-26 • 32 minutes
Which is better: Optimism or pessimism?
Is being optimistic really the best way to live your life?
2021-Nov-19 • 31 minutes
Would my cat survive in the wild?
Do our pampered house cats lose their survival instincts?
2021-Nov-12 • 26 minutes
Can we recycle concrete?
Concrete has a big CO2 footprint – so can we turn waste into new structures?
2021-Nov-05 • 40 minutes
Can COP26 deliver on climate change?
We head to the COP26 climate conference to hear about plans to slow down global warming
2021-Oct-29 • 35 minutes
Could we completely switch to renewable energy?
The island that’s run almost entirely on renewable energy
2021-Oct-22 • 36 minutes
Should I have kids?
Is it responsible to bring a new person into existence?
2021-Oct-15 • 36 minutes
Can we grow a conscious brain?
With advances in stem cell research, could we grow a human brain? And would we want to?
2021-Oct-08 • 35 minutes
Does the planet need snails?
Gardeners might see snails as their enemy, but they are vital to life on earth
2021-Oct-01 • 32 minutes
Do plants have immune systems?
Can plants remember diseases or stressful events they have previously experienced?
2021-Sep-24 • 33 minutes
How do flowers know when to bloom?
Find out what influences when flowers open and the various factors that slow the process
2021-Sep-17 • 35 minutes
How did eyes evolve?
How did evolution produce the clever organs with which you’re reading this?
2021-Sep-10 • 34 minutes
Can we transfer electricity wirelessly?
Could power be beamed into hard to reach communities?
2021-Sep-03 • 32 minutes
Can we save our night skies?
How to combat the light pollution that blots out starry skies and disrupts wildlife
2021-Aug-27 • 27 minutes
How did our ancestors sleep?
How have our sleep patterns changed over history and pre-history?
2021-Aug-21 • 34 minutes
Why is human skin so rubbish?
We’re dissecting our skin’s structure and roles and asking if science can give it a boost
2021-Aug-13 • 38 minutes
How can smart tech tackle climate change?
How can clever computing help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
2021-Aug-06 • 34 minutes
Can video games help me or harm me?
What’s the scientific evidence for how gaming affects us?
2021-Jul-30 • 32 minutes
Do I really have to clean my recycling?
We tackle questions about the best ways to recycle.
2021-Jul-23 • 36 minutes
Am I a psychopath?
A CrowdScience listener wants to know if she is a psychopath.
2021-Jul-16 • 32 minutes
Why do my cables keep getting tangled?
Can science explain why cables and headphones become tangled up and knotted?
2021-Jul-09 • 30 minutes
Why is standing more tiring than walking?
We tackle questions about walking, standing, sitting and running
2021-Jul-02 • 36 minutes
Why do I feel hungry?
A buffet of food & flavour questions from listeners reaching from stomachs to outer space
2021-Jun-25 • 27 minutes
What happened to my sense of smell?
What happens when our sense of smell is disrupted or disappears all together?
2021-Jun-18 • 37 minutes
Does my equator look big in this?
Is the Earth getting heavier or lighter?
2021-Jun-11 • 38 minutes
Why do I have such a sweet tooth?
How our genes help determine how much sugar we should eat
2021-Jun-04 • 40 minutes
What is the point of menstruation?
Why did humans evolve to have periods and do we have to have them each month?
2021-May-28 • 28 minutes
Is my neighbour’s noise harming my health?
Noise can be a source of annoyance – but could it even be damaging to our health?
2021-May-21 • 37 minutes
How old are the elements?
Can you pick a random atom on earth & tell how old it is, or what its cosmic history is?
2021-May-14 • 28 minutes
Could we turn poisonous plants into edible crops?
Detoxifying plants may reveal untapped food ready for the picking
2021-May-07 • 36 minutes
Why is learning stuff harder as you get older?
Why as children we effortlessly absorb new skills but as adults we don’t
2021-Apr-30 • 34 minutes
Why are seeds such different sizes?
Why are seeds the size they are? Does their size affect how big the plant grows?
2021-Apr-23 • 38 minutes
What can we learn from wastewater?
Sewage testing could help stop the spread of disease
2021-Apr-16 • 37 minutes
Why does grief leave me feeling this way?
Grief can be crippling. Why have we evolved to be so affected by loss?
2021-Apr-09 • 37 minutes
Why do we gossip?
Are we hardwired to seek out salacious stories and can we harness gossip for good?
2021-Apr-02 • 40 minutes
If a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound?
If a tree falls in a forest, and there’s no-one there to hear it, does it make a sound?
2021-Mar-26 • 30 minutes
Do animals use medicine?
Find out how animals cure their illnesses
2021-Mar-19 • 40 minutes
Can space exploration be environmentally friendly?
Are the space junk and carbon footprint issues of extra-terrestrial endeavours solvable?
2021-Mar-12 • 40 minutes
How does my mind talk to my body?
The nerve connecting mind and body
2021-Mar-05 • 33 minutes
Why does it feel so good to swear?
How swearing relieves pain and helps us bond with others
2021-Feb-26 • 38 minutes
Why do men rule the world?
Listener Paula from Kenya wants to know why men rule the world
2021-Feb-19 • 33 minutes
Can we build houses from living trees?
Treehouses are magical but are they viable dwellings for modern living?
2021-Feb-12 • 40 minutes
Can I improve my sense of direction?
Why do some people navigate with ease whilst others struggle to find their way?
2021-Feb-05 • 40 minutes
Can being happy help me fight infection?
Can happiness boost immunity?
2021-Jan-29 • 36 minutes
Will giving up alcohol improve my sperm count?
Investigating how lifestyle can affect male fertility
2021-Jan-22 • 33 minutes
Are there downsides to deep cleaning?
Could overzealous hygiene routines damage our immune system or promote superbugs?
2021-Jan-15 • 34 minutes
What are the limits of human endurance?
Meet the athletes pushing against the limits of human endurance
2021-Jan-08 • 33 minutes
Do green spaces make us healthier?
Is there more to living alongside greenery?
2021-Jan-01 • 29 minutes
Is a fungus intelligent?
Fungal networks are entangled with life on Earth and even show signs of intelligence.
2020-Dec-25 • 38 minutes
Do animals exercise?
Some of the CrowdScience team answer listeners' questions from all over the world
2020-Dec-18 • 36 minutes
Was I born clumsy?
Simon is sick of knocking stuff over, so CrowdScience looks at the science of clumsiness
2020-Dec-11 • 28 minutes
Will our spacecraft ever reach the stars?
How spaceship engineering could power us through interstellar space
2020-Dec-04 • 32 minutes
Are humans naturally clean and tidy?
What hygiene instincts do we have, and are they fit for purpose?
2020-Nov-27 • 32 minutes
Can we prevent wildfires?
How can we reduce the spread of forest fires?
2020-Nov-20 • 28 minutes
How does a breeze become a gale?
Why are some winds friendly and others fierce?
2020-Nov-13 • 39 minutes
How can I beat pain?
Listener Bebeto wants to know how to get rid of a pain in his wrist
2020-Nov-06 • 31 minutes
Why are elephants so big?
An episode dedicated to the curious minds of our younger listeners
2020-Oct-30 • 33 minutes
Can I learn to sing in tune?
Why are some of us tone deaf, and can you improve your singing with practice?
2020-Oct-23 • 29 minutes
Am I related to a virus?
Although they’re not technically ‘alive’ might viruses hold a place in our family tree?
2020-Oct-16 • 32 minutes
Why do I blush?
Does blushing have some sort of evolutionary purpose? And why do we yawn?
2020-Oct-09 • 33 minutes
Why do planets spin?
Crowdscience answers listeners’ celestial questions
2020-Sep-25 • 33 minutes
Why am I embarrassed to be naked?
We all have naked bodies – so why are we so embarrassed to show them?
2020-Sep-18 • 35 minutes
Why do we like spicy food?
Join the CrowdScience dinner party as we tackle listeners’ food questions
2020-Sep-04 • 30 minutes
Why does running water make me need the toilet?
What does science say about controlling urination, and other bodily functions?
2020-Aug-21 • 33 minutes
What’s the yeast doing inside my bread?
Yeast: the tiny organism with massive potential
2020-Aug-14 • 34 minutes
What is the point of slime?
Squelching into the science of slime.
2020-Aug-07 • 34 minutes
Does air traffic affect our weather?
Has reduced air travel due to pandemic lockdown affected our weather and climate?
2020-Jul-31 • 39 minutes
Why do conspiracy theories exist?
Why do conspiracy theories exist and why are we seeing so many in this pandemic?
2020-Jul-24 • 34 minutes
Are some soaps better than others?
How was soap discovered, and what else is used for washing around the world?
2020-Jul-17 • 38 minutes
How is human sound affecting sealife?
Are peaceful seas an illusion? We find out how human sound affects life under the waves.
2020-Jul-10 • 37 minutes
Could earthworms help transform the future of farming?
As they work the soil worms can hugely increase its fertility but there’s a downside.
2020-Jul-03 • 31 minutes
Is barefoot running better?
How does a bare foot change our running pain and performance
2020-Jun-26 • 36 minutes
What’s the point of blood types?
We, like most animals, have a variety of different blood types. But what are they for?
2020-Jun-19 • 37 minutes
Do animals have consciousness?
What does it feel like to be a cat or a cuttlefish?
2020-Jun-12 • 37 minutes
Were my atoms once your atoms?
What is the likelihood that an atom in your body has been used in someone else’s body?
2020-Jun-10 • 33 minutes
Would you risk your life to save another?
Why do some people put themselves in danger to help others?
2020-May-29 • 45 minutes
Why can’t you tickle yourself?
In this kids special, we explore a raft of questions from our younger listeners
2020-May-22 • 31 minutes
How does a language begin?
How does one language become two, or even 7000?
2020-May-15 • 40 minutes
Does my toilet make sense?
Is it time to reinvent the flush toilet?
2020-May-08 • 31 minutes
What is the smallest particle?
We tackle particle physics questions from around the world
2020-May-01 • 35 minutes
How do I learn maths when school’s shut?
We tackle maths questions sent in by high school students in lockdown
2020-Apr-24 • 33 minutes
Why do you sweat more than me?
What affects how much and where we sweat?
2020-Apr-23 • 27 minutes
What makes a spider spin a web?
How instincts let spiders build complex structures
2020-Apr-10 • 27 minutes
How can I reduce stress?
Listener Keith from Lincolnshire wants to know how to reduce stress - he's a firefighter.
2020-Apr-03 • 26 minutes
Will a placebo boost my sports performance?
Can we trick ourselves into running faster or playing better?
2020-Mar-27 • 37 minutes
Can science explain why I love shopping?
Crowdscience investigates the brain science behind our buying behaviour
2020-Mar-20 • 33 minutes
Can I trust DNA ancestry tests?
How much do DNA tests really tell you about your ancestors?
2020-Mar-13 • 30 minutes
What are scientists doing about coronavirus?
CrowdScience goes into labs to meet researchers urgently searching for COVID-19 solutions
2020-Mar-09 • 4 minutes
Introducing 13 Minutes to the Moon Season 2
Jump on-board a doomed mission to the Moon. Apollo 13: the extraordinary story
2020-Mar-06 • 32 minutes
Why are we obsessed with crime?
Kay from Hamburg wants to know where our obsession with crime comes from
2020-Feb-28 • 37 minutes
What’s the weirdest weather?
Our expert panel tackle multiple meteorological queries in the CrowdScience inbox.
2020-Feb-21 • 36 minutes
Why do insects prefer to bite certain people?
Why are some people magnets for mosquitos and others not? CrowdScience investigates
2020-Feb-14 • 38 minutes
What is cancer?
We take a look at cancer treatment’s dark past, its current state and future
2020-Feb-07 • 31 minutes
How did humans discover medicine?
Diseases have always been with us, but when did we first find ways to cure them?
2020-Feb-01 • 32 minutes
Can digital technology transform West Africa?
A panel of experts discuss how digital technology and AI are transforming West Africa.
2020-Jan-24 • 38 minutes
Could we survive an extinction event?
Are humans capable of outwitting asteroids, volcanoes or other causes of mass extinction?
2020-Jan-17 • 34 minutes
What is infinity?
We tackle impossible-sounding questions on topics from infinity to quantum mechanics
2020-Jan-10 • 41 minutes
How low-carbon can CrowdScience go?
We try to find out the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint
2020-Jan-10 • 34 minutes
How does the sun affect my body and mind?
We explore the power of light to impact our health and wellbeing.
2020-Jan-03 • 38 minutes
What is empathy?
What drives our feelings of compassion for others – what is happening in our brains?
2019-Dec-20 • 27 minutes
Did Crowdscience change your life?
We delve into the Crowdscience archive to hear how our shows changed listeners’ lives
2019-Dec-13 • 29 minutes
Can I save the insects?
The world’s insects are in trouble. What can each of us do to help them?
2019-Dec-05 • 35 minutes
Would humans exist if dinosaurs were still alive?
We explore an alternative reality where dinosaurs still roam the earth
2019-Nov-29 • 36 minutes
Could humans hibernate during interstellar travel?
Hibernation could allow people to travel long distances in space. How realistic is it?
2019-Nov-21 • 36 minutes
Should I stop eating palm oil?
Is palm oil environmental foe or poverty-fighting crop? Graihagh Jackson investigates
2019-Nov-15 • 43 minutes
Can a machine read my mind?
How machine learning is enabling minds to start melding with machines
2019-Nov-08 • 30 minutes
Why do I get sleepy?
We ask what happens in our body and brain when tiredness takes over
2019-Nov-01 • 34 minutes
Can my stutter be cured?
Most of us take speaking for granted, but for Breeda it has been a lifelong struggle
2019-Oct-25 • 35 minutes
Will my salmon swim home?
Could we repopulate salmon rivers?
2019-Oct-18 • 32 minutes
Is maths real?
Is maths a tool created by humans? Or is it reality itself?
2019-Oct-11 • 26 minutes
How can I live a longer life?
What is the secret to living healthily into very old age?
2019-Sep-27 • 34 minutes
Is a vegan diet better for your health?
Many people follow a plant based diet, but is a vegan diet really better for your health?
2019-Sep-20 • 34 minutes
Could I learn to think like Sherlock Holmes?
What does science have to say about the famous fictional detective?
2019-Sep-13 • 34 minutes
Can my migraines be cured?
What’s happening in my brain when I get a migraine? CrowdScience investigates
2019-Sep-06 • 27 minutes
Are extroverts really happier?
We probe the links between happiness, personality and culture
2019-Aug-30 • 32 minutes
Do we need more space stations?
Would more satellites and space stations help us get further into the solar system?
2019-Aug-23 • 38 minutes
How can I motivate myself?
We put science to the test to try and find out how can we best motivate ourselves.
2019-Aug-16 • 40 minutes
Global infertility: Could The Handmaid’s Tale become reality?
What could cause mass infertility? Marnie Chesterton investigates
2019-Aug-05 • 36 minutes
Can I predict the future?
There are ordinary people among us who are exceptionally good at predicting the future
2019-Aug-02 • 30 minutes
How many fossils are there?
Have we already found the last T. rex? Or are there many more to be discovered?
2019-Jul-26 • 33 minutes
Why do we pull faces when we concentrate?
We tackle the science of scowling, gesturing, and counting
2019-Jul-19 • 43 minutes
Where’s my time machine?
When will sci fi’s favourite technologies become reality?
2019-Jul-12 • 29 minutes
Who were the first farmers?
The story of how our ancestors tamed plants and animals
2019-Jul-05 • 33 minutes
Why do some people eat soil?
What drives the body to crave something that isn’t real food?
2019-Jun-28 • 35 minutes
Can we prevent traffic jams?
Should our cities cater less for cars and what are the alternatives?
2019-Jun-21 • 31 minutes
What’s the best way to breathe?
Can certain breathing techniques improve your exercise performance?
2019-Jun-14 • 26 minutes
Are there new ways to beat depression?
We investigate how science is uncovering new ways to help beat long-term depression
2019-Jun-07 • 33 minutes
Can singing improve our health?
Could this much-loved musical pastime improve our mental and physical strength?
2019-May-31 • 34 minutes
How are we evolving?
How are we changing genetically to adapt to modern lifestyles and our environment
2019-May-24 • 32 minutes
Could our household microbes help or harm us?
We revisit our episode on dust to decide what we should do with our invisible housemates
2019-May-17 • 31 minutes
Could dark matter harbour dark life?
Marnie Chesterton answers Indian listener Gautam’s question about dark life
2019-May-10 • 28 minutes
How does a single cell become me?
How do trillions of individual cells work together to build bodies?
2019-May-04 • 31 minutes
Did cooking make us human?
When did we switch from eating our food raw, to heating it?
2019-Apr-26 • 31 minutes
Could viruses help fight super-bugs?
CrowdScience travels to Georgia in search of solutions to antibiotic resistance
2019-Apr-19 • 35 minutes
Will we ever know what the universe is made of?
CrowdScience finds out if there’s a limit to what physicists at CERN can discover
2019-Apr-12 • 30 minutes
Why do we find things beautiful?
Humans seem programmed to appreciate beauty – but why?
2019-Apr-05 • 29 minutes
What are dreams for?
Do we actually need to dream? Is there an evolutionary reason for it?
2019-Mar-29 • 32 minutes
Which milk is best for me and the planet?
Is switching from dairy milk to plant-based milks a healthier choice?
2019-Mar-22 • 31 minutes
Why do we like some animals and hate others?
What makes us fawn over a puppy, but run away from rats?
2019-Mar-15 • 33 minutes
When will an African visit Mars?
We head to South Africa’s biggest science festival for a debate before a live audience
2019-Mar-08 • 32 minutes
Why am I shy?
Is shyness written in our genes, or more to do with our upbringing?
2019-Mar-01 • 33 minutes
What do clouds feel like?
We turn our gaze skywards to tackle three questions about what’s going on above us
2019-Feb-22 • 28 minutes
Does brain size matter?
Why have a big brain if a small one would do?
2019-Feb-15 • 30 minutes
Where was the last place humans made home?
Our species started in Africa, but what was the last habitable landmass we reached?
2019-Feb-08 • 32 minutes
Could a ‘zombie’ virus kill us all?
Might ancient ice from the Antarctic depths contain deadly viruses?
2019-Feb-01 • 31 minutes
Is Recycling All Our Waste at Home Possible?
Could we recycle all of our unwanted household materials ourselves?
2019-Jan-25 • 29 minutes
Why Do We Bury Our Dead?
The practice of burial stretches back deep into prehistory, but how did it evolve?
2019-Jan-18 • 34 minutes
Why can’t I remember my accident?
CrowdScience goes hunting for lost memories
2019-Jan-11 • 33 minutes
Can Volcanoes Power the World?
Eruptions cause chaos and destruction, but could they also be an energy source?
2019-Jan-04 • 27 minutes
How Bird-Like Were Dinosaurs?
Birds are dinosaurs, but did their extinct relatives move, look, or sing like they do?
2018-Dec-28 • 28 minutes
What is the future of space travel?
CrowdScience goes interstellar to examine the future of space travel
2018-Dec-24 • 26 minutes
How Much Energy Can I Burn by Thinking?
Could we lose weight just by exercising our brain?
2018-Dec-14 • 34 minutes
Is There a Logic to Romantic Love?
Can science explain why romantic rejection hurts?
2018-Dec-07 • 30 minutes
Why do Women Live Longer than Men?
Marnie Chesterton examines how men and women age differently
2018-Nov-30 • 29 minutes
Is Soil The Secret to Slowing Climate Change?
CrowdScience goes digging to find out how soil could help keep CO2 out of the air
2018-Nov-23 • 31 minutes
Do You Smell What I Smell?
Anand Jagatia sets out to discover why we can’t all agree when we follow our noses
2018-Nov-16 • 34 minutes
Which Language is Most Efficient?
Marnie Chesterton attempts to apply science and evidence to the art of speech
2018-Nov-09 • 28 minutes
Can We Make an Artificial Womb?
Exploring what we would need to make a baby outside the body
2018-Nov-02 • 35 minutes
How Do We Deal with Nuclear Waste?
CrowdScience travels deep underground to visit one final resting place for nuclear waste.
2018-Oct-26 • 29 minutes
Could Bionic Eyes Help Me See Again?
CrowdScience takes a look at life with artificial vision
2018-Oct-19 • 32 minutes
What are the limits of human endurance?
CrowdScience joins a 246km running race in search of the secrets of human endurance
2018-Oct-12 • 38 minutes
What Makes Us Superstitious?
How rational people can hold irrational beliefs and why ‘luck’ may be a state of mind
2018-Oct-09 • 36 minutes
Can We Prevent Hurricanes?
Hurricanes – could science hold any solutions to these devastating events?
2018-Sep-28 • 29 minutes
Does Asking Questions Improve Your Memory?
Crowd Science reaches its 100th episode
2018-Sep-21 • 28 minutes
What’s The Point of Laughter?
All of us laugh, and it may seem obvious why we do, but what does the science say?
2018-Sep-14 • 27 minutes
Is Vaping Bad for your Health?
E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular but just how safe are they?
2018-Sep-07 • 27 minutes
Why Do Drivers Zone Out?
How can your brain handle driving at 70mph while your mind is busy wandering?
2018-Aug-31 • 28 minutes
Why Do Some Animals Change Sex?
In the animal kingdom, switching sex is more common than you might think
2018-Aug-24 • 28 minutes
Is there life on Mars?
Could Mars be a planet where life existed? Marnie Chesterton explains
2018-Aug-18 • 33 minutes
Could humans live in underwater cities?
Could oceanic cities become a reality, and how might they be built?
2018-Aug-10 • 30 minutes
Can we trap light in a box?
What is light and can we trap it in a box? Marnie Chesterton investigates.
2018-Aug-03 • 32 minutes
How Do You Stop a Hedgehog Invasion?
Getting rid of an invader that people think is cute poses all sorts of prickly problems…
2018-Jul-27 • 31 minutes
Why Does History Repeat Itself?
Why do we often ignore our parents’ advice?
2018-Jul-20 • 35 minutes
How Do Magnets Work?
What’s going on in a magnetic field?
2018-Jul-13 • 29 minutes
Why do Humans have Different Coloured Skin?
Anand Jagatia looks at the science behind why we have different skin colours
2018-Jul-06 • 31 minutes
Where Do All Our Vegetables Come From?
Have you ever seen a Brussels sprout growing in the wild? Neither has listener Pogo.
2018-Jun-28 • 26 minutes
Do Plants Talk about Sex?
Plants do communicate, but what are they talking about? Sex seems a likely answer
2018-Jun-22 • 30 minutes
Will We Run Out of Groundwater?
Will we run out of groundwater and what will happen if we do?
2018-Jun-15 • 32 minutes
What Shapes Our Musical Taste?
Why does one person’s heavenly music sound like boring noise to another?
2018-Jun-08 • 30 minutes
Is Hypnosis a Real Thing?
Can science explain what’s going on when someone is hypnotised?
2018-Jun-01 • 29 minutes
How Green Are Electric Vehicles?
The future is electric but are zero emission vehicles as clean as the manufacturers claim?
2018-May-25 • 31 minutes
Is Fasting Healthy?
Marnie Chesterton investigates the science behind low-calorie and time-restricted eating
2018-May-18 • 32 minutes
How is Your Brain Better Than a Computer?
How computers can be faster, but brains are still better
2018-May-11 • 34 minutes
Why Do Humans Dance?
What role does dance play in human life and evolution? We head to Cuba to find out
2018-May-04 • 31 minutes
Why Don’t We All Like The Same Food?
How does biology and culture shape what’s delicious and disgusting?
2018-Apr-27 • 30 minutes
Can Sucking CO2 Out of the Air Solve Climate Change?
What are our options for removing carbon dioxide from the air?
2018-Apr-20 • 29 minutes
Are Screens Bad For My Child’s Eyes?
Are screens bad for my child’s eyes? Marnie Chesterton presents
2018-Apr-13 • 28 minutes
Why Do Insects Fly Towards Lights?
What does the Higgs boson do for the Universe? Why do insects fly into lights?
2018-Apr-06 • 29 minutes
Can We Find a Cure for Dementia?
We speak to scientists searching for a cure for dementia
2018-Mar-30 • 35 minutes
Is The Future of Food a Pill?
Can we produce artificial food sources providing all nutrients for healthy human life?
2018-Mar-24 • 30 minutes
Does Anything Stand Still?
Our hunt for perfect stillness takes us back to the early days of science and into space
2018-Mar-16 • 34 minutes
Why Do We Follow the Crowd?
Discover the secrets of your inner sheep and whether the crowd is as wise as they say
2018-Mar-09 • 37 minutes
Is Nuclear Fusion Coming Anytime Soon?
After all the money spent, are we really anywhere close to limitless clean energy?
2018-Mar-02 • 29 minutes
Could Bees Take Over From Sniffer Dogs?
How can we humans use other animals’ senses for our benefit?
2018-Feb-23 • 35 minutes
Do Animals Have Accents?
Can animals of the same species from different places communicate with each other?
2018-Feb-16 • 33 minutes
How does the Moon affect life on Earth?
We investigate the moon's effects on life on Earth from early births to interrupted sleep
2018-Feb-09 • 31 minutes
Why Does Dark Matter, Matter?
Scientists have been hunting for it for decades, but will finding it change our lives?
2018-Feb-02 • 31 minutes
Must Life be Carbon-Based?
Must Carbon be the building block of life in the universe?
2018-Jan-26 • 26 minutes
How Far Can I See?
Is it possible to see 15 quintillion miles away?
2018-Jan-19 • 29 minutes
Are Crunchy Caterpillars the Food of the Future?
Meet the entrepreneurs turning bugs into food and get top tips on how to cook them
2018-Jan-12 • 30 minutes
When Does Speech Become Music?
How do our brains tell the difference between music and speech?
2018-Jan-05 • 29 minutes
Why Does My Dog Love Me?
Dogs are our best friends. But why do they fit so seamlessly into human life?
2017-Dec-29 • 31 minutes
Could our faces replace passports as ID?
Facial recognition could transform personal security but how easily can it be fooled?
2017-Dec-22 • 31 minutes
Rudolph castrated: what you didn’t hear this year
Reindeer castration, plants get chatty and more quirky science revealed.
2017-Dec-19 • 30 minutes
What is dust?
Most people think it’s just dead skin. But what’s really hiding in your dust?
2017-Dec-08 • 28 minutes
From Oldest to Strongest Living Thing
We revisit the oldest organism on Earth and meet the strongest
2017-Dec-01 • 33 minutes
Can We Revive Extinct Species Like the Dodo?
Dodos are an icon of extinction, but could we bring them back?
2017-Nov-27 • 30 minutes
Does Technology Change How we Fall in Love?
Are computer algorithms the best way to help people make permanent romantic connections?
2017-Nov-17 • 28 minutes
Why are There Morning People and Night People?
What makes some of us early birds and others night owls?
2017-Nov-10 • 33 minutes
How Can I Remember More?
Does your memory sometimes fail you?
2017-Nov-03 • 29 minutes
How Did Life Get onto Land?
It was one of the most unlikely events in history. But how did fish become land animals?
2017-Oct-31 • 37 minutes
How Can We Fight Unwanted Noise?
Can science and engineering tackle annoying, ear-damaging sounds?
2017-Oct-20 • 28 minutes
Is There Proof of Life After Death?
Many people believe in an afterlife. Does science have any proof it exists?
2017-Oct-13 • 27 minutes
Can We Worm Our Way Into Better Health?
Could parasites help give our immune systems a boost and help us fight disease?
2017-Oct-06 • 27 minutes
Is Carbon Dioxide Higher Than Ever?
Where did our climate last have this much carbon dioxide?
2017-Sep-29 • 27 minutes
Can We Make Artificial Organs?
Human organs are in short supply. But what if you could grow news ones in the lab?
2017-Sep-22 • 32 minutes
Should We Kill One Species to Save Another?
Is it fair to kill invasive species which humans have introduced?
2017-Sep-15 • 29 minutes
Could All Cars Be Electric?
Just one per cent of vehicles are powered by electricity
2017-Sep-08 • 29 minutes
How Could Humanity Become Extinct?
Nuclear weapons and mega asteroids: what would the aftermath look like?
2017-Sep-01 • 27 minutes
Spider Silk and Super Fly Senses
Your questions about the super abilities of insects
2017-Aug-25 • 28 minutes
Trees v Air Pollution - the Rematch
Could trees be even better at tackling air pollution than previously thought?
2017-Aug-18 • 32 minutes
Sydney Science Festival, Australia
Your questions about life, Earth & the universe tackled by a panel of experts.
2017-Aug-11 • 35 minutes
Lightning Strikes Again
Can we collect electricity from lightning?
2017-Aug-04 • 29 minutes
Can Animals Commit Murder?
Are humans the only species that murder each other? We head to the rainforest to find out
2017-Jul-28 • 27 minutes
What Do Our Accents Say About Us?
Why do we sound so different from each other – even when we speak the same language?
2017-Jul-21 • 27 minutes
Could a Computer Judge My Crime?
How much of the justice system could be replaced by technology?
2017-Jul-14 • 29 minutes
Why is it so Hard to Quit Smoking?
We look at how nicotine tricks the brain into thinking tobacco’s good for us.
2017-Jul-07 • 31 minutes
Does Time really Exist?
Does Time really exist or is it all in our heads?
2017-Jun-30 • 28 minutes
Do We Think in Words?
Do we think in words, images, or abstract concepts?
2017-Jun-23 • 28 minutes
Can Plants Talk?
This week we hack the secret plant communication network “The Wood Wide Web”.
2017-Jun-16 • 30 minutes
Can Your Lifestyle Be Passed on to Future Generations?
Can your lifestyle be passed on to future generations?
2017-Jun-09 • 28 minutes
Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
How do microclimates affect our weather and our lives?
2017-Jun-02 • 27 minutes
What’s the Oldest Living Thing?
What is the oldest tree or other living organism on Earth?
2017-May-26 • 30 minutes
Why do Human Faces Look so Different?
Unlike most animals, human facial features evolved to have more variety. But why?
2017-May-19 • 27 minutes
Why is Childbirth Painful?
Why is it more painful for some women than others?
2017-May-12 • 27 minutes
Where’s my Ejector Seat?
Why can’t commercial planes have ejector seats, like fighter jets do?
2017-May-05 • 27 minutes
Why Do We Have Males and Females?
We plunge into the weird world of sex determination.
2017-Apr-28 • 27 minutes
Are Fingerprints the Best Form of ID?
CrowdScience explores the biometric systems capturing our identities
2017-Apr-21 • 27 minutes
How Many People Can Earth Support?
When will we reach ‘peak human’ and how will we cope?
2017-Apr-14 • 27 minutes
Space Mining
Could we mine on asteroids?
2017-Apr-07 • 27 minutes
Should we eat Insects?
Should we eat more insects? CrowdScience meets the people turning caterpillars into food
2017-Mar-31 • 27 minutes
Why Do We Have So Many Accents?
What makes us sound so different from each other – even when speaking the same language?
2017-Mar-25 • 27 minutes
Does Weather Affect our Health?
Can a rain shower really cause aches and pains?
2017-Mar-18 • 27 minutes
Science at the Movies
Science meets film in a special edition recorded live at South by Southwest Festival, USA.
2017-Mar-14 • 27 minutes
Is Being Fat a Choice?
Can we blame our weight on factors like genes or our environment?
2017-Mar-04 • 27 minutes
Can Trees Help us Fight Air Pollution?
Trees take in carbon dioxide but they also convert some of the toxic gases in our air.
2017-Feb-25 • 30 minutes
Could a Robot be your Doctor?
We see a robot at work in the operating theatre and meet the robots Molly and Pepper.
2017-Feb-18 • 26 minutes
Why are Cats Loners?
Being social has lots of benefits – so why do cats live alone?
2017-Feb-11 • 27 minutes
Is There Life After Death?
Examining the evidence that humans could somehow come back into existence after dying.
2017-Feb-04 • 27 minutes
Should we Use Ships to Transport Fresh Water?
Earth’s surface may be 70 percent water but many places are struggling to access it.
2017-Jan-29 • 29 minutes
What is the Real Time?
The history of time-keeping and the science behind the most accurate clocks today
2017-Jan-21 • 27 minutes
Why are Dogs so Different?
There are over 500 breeds of dog – but are they really as different as they seem?
2017-Jan-14 • 27 minutes
Is there micro-life on Mars?
The hunt for Martians on the Red Planet continues – but has life already been taken there?
2017-Jan-07 • 28 minutes
Can we be too clean?
Cleanliness and health go hand in hand, but have we gone too far?
2016-Dec-31 • 27 minutes
Could Humanity be Wiped out Like the Dinosaurs?
Is there a killer asteroid with Earth’s name on it?
2016-Dec-24 • 27 minutes
Wave Power
Could we generate all our electricity using energy from the sea?
2016-Dec-17 • 27 minutes
Does it Pay to be Nice?
Is being a team player and putting yourself second really the best strategy?
2016-Dec-10 • 31 minutes
The Fourth Dimension
How would a fourth dimensional being appear to humans?
2016-Dec-05 • 29 minutes
How Bad is Flying for the Planet?
What effect does air travel have on the climate?
2016-Nov-28 • 27 minutes
The Origin of Viruses
Did life on earth evolve from the first viruses?
2016-Nov-19 • 27 minutes
Home Power Storage
Can batteries power our entire homes – or even help take us off-grid?
2016-Nov-12 • 30 minutes
The Edge of Space
What do scientists think is outside our universe?
2016-Nov-07 • 28 minutes
Electricity from Lightning
Can we tap electricity from lightning? John in Uganda wants to know.