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Podcast Profile: Philosophy Sites

podcast imageTwitter: @philosophybites
4 episodes
2016 to 2018
Average episode: 20 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style

Podcaster's summary: Nigel Warburton interviews a range of experts on places associated with philosophers.

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2018-May-20 • 19 minutes
John Kaag on Henry David Thoreau and Walden Pond
On July 4th 1845, David Henry Thoreau went to live in a small cabin near the shore of Walden Pond, in Massachussetts. He stayed there alone for two years, and wrote about his experiences in the book that became Walden. John Kaag, an expert on American Philosophy, author of American Philosophy: A Love Story, discusses Thoreau and Walden with Nigel Warburton in this episode of the Philosophy Sites podcast.
2017-Feb-15 • 20 minutes
Philip Schofield on Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon
Jeremy Bentham (1748 - 1832) left instructions that his body should be turned into a kind of relic-statue, an auto-icon, after his death. The result is now in University College London. Bentham expert Philip Schofield discusses this fascinating object, and why Bentham was so keen it should be made, in this episode of the Philosophy Sites podcast series.
2016-Oct-07 • 24 minutes
Jonathan Wolff on Marx in Soho
Karl Marx came to England in 1849, and settled in Dean Street, Soho, London, where he lived in extreme poverty for six years before his circumstances improved. Jonathan Wolff, author of Why Read Marx Today? discusses Marx's Soho years and their wider implications with Nigel Warburton in this episode of the Philosophy Sites podcast.
2016-Sep-20 • 16 minutes
Ray Monk on Wittgenstein's Grave
Ludwig Wittgenstein's grave in Cambridge is a simple slab of stone with minimal inscription. In this episode of the Philosophy Sites podcast Ray Monk discusses Wittgenstein's grave, which leads to a discussion about his approach to design, culture, and death.