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Podcast Profile: Owls at Dawn

podcast imageTwitter: @owls_at_dawn@austin_hayden@axwielderofdeth
100 episodes
2019 to present
Average episode: 96 minutes
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Categories: Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Two dudes from SoCal who studied philosophy, politics, and religion around the globe who decided to start a podcast where we could bullshit with impunity.

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List Updated: 2024-Apr-20 06:06 UTC. Episodes: 100. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2024-Feb-20 • 95 minutes
"What’s Up With Old Men? On Gerontocracy" - OaD Ep. 186
On Gerontocracy
2024-Feb-13 • 118 minutes
"What the F*ck is Money? Chat with Colin Drumm" - OaD Ep. 185
Interview with Colin Drumm on Money
2024-Feb-04 • 116 minutes
"Can Music Save Us? Chat w/Macon Holt" - OaD Ep. 184
Interview w/Macon Holt about the sonic shimmer within popular music, Afropessimism, and political possibility
2024-Jan-28 • 122 minutes
"Are We Living in Nihilistic Times?" - OaD Ep. 183
Wendy Brown's Nihilistic Times
2024-Jan-21 • 108 minutes
"In Praise of Raw-Dogging the World: Sex, Art, and Consumerism" - OaD Ep. 182
Sex, Art, and Consumerism
2024-Jan-13 • 135 minutes
"When is it Right to Rebel?" - OaD Ep. 181
Tommie Shelby's "Justice, Deviance, and the Dark Ghetto"
2024-Jan-06 • 157 minutes
"Never Go Full Ontotheology: On Thought and Being" - OaD Ep. 180
Paul Livingston's 4 Orientations of Thought
2023-Dec-30 • 106 minutes
"Elites Are Silencing Expressions of Palestinian Solidarity" - OaD Ep. 179
On Israel and Palestine
2023-Dec-16 • 110 minutes
"From Muslim, To Atheist… To Christian?" - OaD Ep. 178
Ayaan Hirsi Ali's conversion into Christianity
2023-Dec-01 • 120 minutes
"The Obligations of the Oppressed: On Israel and Palestine, Redux" - OaD Ep. 177
More on Israel-Palestine
2023-Nov-25 • 124 minutes
"Do the Oppressed Have Obligations? On Israel and Palestine" - OaD Ep. 176
The Israel Palestine Conflict
2023-Nov-17 • 100 minutes
"The Mountains Are Calling, We Must Go: John Muir" - OaD EP. 175
Let nature be wild
2023-Nov-11 • 99 minutes
"Better Call Saul: The Greatest Show Ever?!? " - OaD Ep. 174
Better Call Saul
"It’s Showtime (Almost)" - OaD Ep. 173
HBO's Winning TIme
2022-Jul-04 • 106 minutes
"Sex, Politics, and Transfiguring Desire" - Oad Ep. 172
Amia Srinivasan's "Does Anyone Have the Right to Sex?"
2022-Jun-30 • 96 minutes
"Nuance: Virtue or Vice?" - OaD Ep. 171
Kieran Healy's article "Fuck Nuance"
2022-Jun-11 • 123 minutes
"Can You Be An Ethical CEO?" - OaD Ep. 170
William Shaw's paper "Marxism, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility"
2022-Jun-03 • 102 minutes
"Your Outie is Beloved Podcast: Severance" - OaD Ep. 169
The ethics and reality of the concept of Severance
2022-May-20 • 92 minutes
"Job: Angry at God for the Crime of Being" - OaD Ep. 168
The Book of Job
2022-May-13 • 99 minutes
"Everything and Nothing All at Once" - OaD Ep. 167
Everything Everywhere All At Once and the existential crisis
2022-May-05 • 83 minutes
"Are You a Jerk or a Sweetheart?" - OaD Ep. 166
Eric Schwitzgebel's "The COVID Jerk"
2022-Apr-15 • 93 minutes
"Are We Liberals?" - OaD Ep. 165
Liam Bright's blog post entitled "Why I Am Not A Liberal"
2022-Mar-24 • 101 minutes
"Putin's Ignoble Lie: Fascism, Nihilism, and Zizek on the Ukraine War" - OaD Ep. 164
Slavoj Zizek on the Russia-Ukraine War
2022-Mar-10 • 91 minutes
"Russia-Ukraine War: There Can Be More Than One Empire" - OaD Ep. 163
Sergei Prozorov on the Russia-Ukraine War
"COVID and Legitimacy: Has Agamben Lost the Plot?" - OaD Ep. 162
Adam Kotsko's shifted perception of Giorgio Agamben
2022-Feb-22 • 88 minutes
"Art Sustains Us, Art Frees Us: Station Eleven" - OaD Ep. 161
HBO's Station Eleven
2022-Feb-16 • 87 minutes
"There's No 'Normal' to Return To: Death Drive Nation" - OaD Ep. 160
"Death Drive Nation" by Patrick Blanchfield
2022-Feb-08 • 104 minutes
"Can We Have Meaning in a Virtual World?" - OaD Ep. 159
David Chalmers' Philosophy on Virtual Reality
2022-Jan-31 • 100 minutes
"Don't Look Up: Mocking, Impression, or Satire?" – OaD Ep. 158
Don't Look Up
2022-Jan-28 • 81 minutes
"Should We Blow Sh*t Up? On Andreas Malm and 'Intelligent Sabotage'" – OaD Ep. 157
Andreas Malm and 'Intelligent Sabotage'
2022-Jan-27 • 81 minutes
"Ideal v. Non-Ideal Theory: Charles Mills In Memoriam" – OaD Ep. 156
On Ideology and Ethics
2021-Sep-27 • 87 minutes
"What is Education Anyway? - Philosophy of Pedagogy" – OaD Ep. 155
Philosophy of Pedagogy
2021-Sep-17 • 77 minutes
"Just Let People Enjoy Things, Right? Right??" – OaD Ep. 154
On letting people enjoy things
2021-Sep-06 • 71 minutes
"Guys Being Dudes: On The Health Industry" – OaD Ep. 153
The Health Industry
2021-Aug-12 • 104 minutes
"Streaming and Post-scarcity" – OaD Ep. 152
2021-Aug-05 • 88 minutes
"Melancholy v. Mourning: 'Resisting Left Melancholy' by Wendy Brown" – OaD Ep. 151
'Left Melancholy' by Wendy Brown
2021-Jul-19 • 104 minutes
"Does Your Psychology Affect Your Philosophy?" – Owls at Dawn Episode 150
Psychology and Philospohy
2021-May-17 • 86 minutes
"Christianity and Sexual Repression" – OaD Episode 149
The Georgia Shooter
2021-Mar-30 • 87 minutes
"NFTs: Scam or Miracle?" – OaD Episode 148
What are NFTs?
2021-Mar-24 • 1 minutes
"Is Jordan Peterson Really a Fascist?" YouTube Video
3 Reasons Why Jordan Peterson is NOT a Fascist, and One Reason Why He's Still Dangerous
2021-Mar-22 • 97 minutes
"Judas and the Black Messiah: w/Dr. Kamasi Hill" – OaD Ep. 147
Judas and the Black Messiah
2021-Mar-15 • 96 minutes
"Socialism and Marxism: Chat with Bhaskar Sunkara of Jacobin" – OaD Ep. 146
The relevance of Socialism and Marxism
2021-Mar-05 • 100 minutes
"Capitalism as Religion: Benjamin and Agamben" – OaD Ep. 145
Capitalism as Religion
2021-Mar-01 • 28 minutes
SPECIAL EPISODE: Some Thoughts After a Family Tragedy
SPECIAL EPISODE: Some Thoughts After a Family Tragedy
2021-Mar-01 • 107 minutes
"Chat with Sarah Jaffe on Burnout" – OaD Ep. 144
Burnout and More
2021-Feb-11 • 92 minutes
"True West: Family Trauma, Destiny, and the Decline of America" – OaD Ep. 143
True West
2021-Feb-01 • 98 minutes
"On Burnout" – OaD Ep. 142
2021-Jan-20 • 96 minutes
"Be Excellent to Each Other: The Ethics of the Bill and Ted Franchise" – OaD Ep. 141
Bill and Ted Franchise
2021-Jan-07 • 85 minutes
"End of 2020 Rants and Recommendations" – OaD Ep. 140
Happy New Year!!!
2020-Dec-08 • 76 minutes
"Datafication, Financialization, and Basketball?" – OaD Ep. 139
Data, Finance, and Basketball
2020-Nov-30 • 109 minutes
"Can Sound Save Us?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 138
Interview with Macon Holt
2020-Nov-25 • 3 minutes
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Fresh Merch for y'all
2020-Nov-23 • 75 minutes
"Parliamentary Book Club: Markus Gabriel's *Fields of Sense* Ch. 5" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 137
Markus Gabriel's Fields of Sense – Chapter 5
2020-Nov-09 • 97 minutes
"David Graeber In Memoriam: Army of Altruists" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 136
David Graeber In Memoriam
2020-Oct-28 • 104 minutes
"Parliamentary Book Club: Markus Gabriel's *Fields of Sense* Ch. 4" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 135
Markus Gabriel's Fields of Sense – Chapter 4
2020-Oct-20 • 111 minutes
"QAnon: The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 134
QAnon & Conspiracy Theories
2020-Oct-07 • 105 minutes
"Empathy, Trauma, and Artistic Responsibility: The Last of Us 2" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 133
The Last of Us 2
2020-Sep-15 • 102 minutes
"Parliamentary Book Club: Markus Gabriel's *Fields of Sense* Ch. 3" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 132
Kant and Frege
2020-Aug-10 • 107 minutes
"Parliamentary Book Club: Markus Gabriel's Fields of Sense Ch. 2 " – Owls at Dawn, Episode 131
Markus Gabriel's Fields of Sense – Chapter 2
2020-Jul-06 • 103 minutes
"Tearing Down Statues: Protests and Iconoclasm" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 130
On the BLM Protests
2020-Jun-25 • 113 minutes
"Parliamentary Book Club: Markus Gabriel's *Fields of Sense* Ch. 1" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 129
Markus Gabriel's Fields of Sense – Chapter 1
2020-Jun-17 • 81 minutes
"Michael Jordan, Great and Crazy" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 128
The Last Dance
2020-May-27 • 94 minutes
"Parliamentary Book Club: Markus Gabriel's *Fields of Sense* Intro" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 127
Fields of Sense: A New Realist Ontology
2020-May-19 • 94 minutes
"From Socialism to... Christianity?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 126
David Bentley Hart on Socialism
2020-May-11 • 101 minutes
"The Politics of Certainty v. A Politics of Uncertainty" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 125
Certainty and Uncertainty in politics
2020-Apr-29 • 117 minutes
"Inventing the Future: The Film" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 124
Inventing the Future
2020-Apr-21 • 106 minutes
"The 'Rona Ep" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 123
Coronavirus Thoughts
2020-Apr-08 • 100 minutes
"Pop Music, Politics, and Capitalist Realism" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 122
Interview with Macon Holt
2020-Mar-29 • 91 minutes
"Academia Sucks... or Does it?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 121
Does academia suck?
2020-Feb-26 • 83 minutes
"Courage: An Outdated Concept?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 120
2020-Feb-03 • 112 minutes
"Nihilism, the Suburbs, and Redemptive Music: Interview w/Lars Iyer" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 119
Interview with Lars Iyer about his new book *Nietzsche and the Burbs*
2020-Jan-28 • 118 minutes
"A Romantic Critique of Capitalism? "We Have Never Been Disenchanted'" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 118
We Have Never Been Disenchanted
2020-Jan-22 • 100 minutes
"What's Going on in Iran? US-Iran War Games?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 117
What is going on in Iran
2020-Jan-12 • 106 minutes
"Star Wars is NOT Cinema" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 116
The Rise of Skywalker
2020-Jan-06 • 40 minutes
*BONUS EPISODE* "How to Deal with Life if it's Meaningless"
What if Life is Meaningless?
2019-Dec-23 • 91 minutes
"The End of the Decade Wrap-Up: From Philosophy to Film and Beyond" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 115
Last podcast of the 10s
2019-Dec-20 • 90 minutes
"Election Madness!!! What Happened in the UK? And What's Up with the US?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 114
UK and US election discussions
2019-Dec-09 • 93 minutes
"What Makes Life Worth Living?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 113
Parfit's Repugnant Conclusion
2019-Dec-02 • 88 minutes
"Are We Responsible to Future Generations?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 112
Derek Parfit and Ethics
2019-Nov-25 • 98 minutes
"Making Babies is Wrong: On Anti-Natalism" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 111
2019-Nov-18 • 92 minutes
"Females: Everyone is Female and Everyone Hates it?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 110
BSing about Andrea Long Chu's new book
2019-Nov-11 • 100 minutes
"Parasite: The Film Leftists Wanted Joker to Be" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 109
2019-Nov-05 • 108 minutes
"A Catholic Case for Communism" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 108
Catholicism, marxism, and more
2019-Oct-28 • 94 minutes
"Sex is Everything" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 107
Psychoanalysis and Philosophy
2019-Oct-22 • 152 minutes
"Chile in Crisis: What? Why? How? And What's Next?" – Owls at Dawn, Bonus Episode
Chilean Political Economist David Aviles on the Crisis in Chile
2019-Oct-21 • 4 minutes
Bible Read-through
2019-Oct-21 • 102 minutes
"Joker: Profound or Confused?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 106
Joker (i.e. The Clown Movie)
2019-Oct-14 • 94 minutes
"Avoid Error or Remain Open to Truth? James' 'The Will to Believe'" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 105
The Will to Believe
2019-Oct-07 • 77 minutes
"What is Empirical?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 104
What is Empirical?
2019-Sep-30 • 92 minutes
"What Does it Mean to Care?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 103
Care Ethics
2019-Sep-20 • 90 minutes
"The World Sucks... or Does it? On the Suffering of the World" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 102
Schopenhauer's On the Suffering of the World
2019-Sep-05 • 87 minutes
"Bolsonaro Fiddles While The Amazon Burns" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 101
"Bolsonaro Fiddles While The Amazon Burns" – OaD Ep. 101
2019-Aug-31 • 114 minutes
"100th Episode Special!!! Answering Your Qs" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 100
Answering Fan Questions
2019-Aug-19 • 91 minutes
"Losing My Religion" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 99
Josh Harris and losing one's faith
2019-Aug-07 • 100 minutes
"Is Anti-Stalinism Left Wing Racism? A Conversation w/a Tankie" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 98
A Conversation w/a Tankie
2019-Jul-30 • 120 minutes
"According to the Real: What is Non-Philosophy?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 97
What is Non-Philosophy?
2019-Jul-23 • 100 minutes
"What *IS* Racism? What Makes One (a) Racist?" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 96
Racism and Racists
2019-Jul-18 • 101 minutes
"Bureaucracy, Science, and Truth: Chernobyl" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 95
2019-Jun-29 • 121 minutes
"More Than Words: On Poetry w/Tim Lavenz" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 94
Poetry w/Tim Lavenz
2019-Jun-24 • 116 minutes
"Dueling Pianos: Zizek v. Peterson Pt. 2" – Owls at Dawn, Episode 93
Zizek v Peterson Pt 2