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Podcast Profile: Patterson in Pursuit

podcast imageTwitter: @steveinpursuit
176 episodes
2016 to 2023
Average episode: 43 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style

Podcaster's summary: Philosophical essays. Short and informal.

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2023-May-06 • 7 minutes
The Objectivity of Structure Outside our Concepts [Narration]
The world outside our mind is actually glued together; relations are mind-independent; and patterns are objectively real. Get full access to Steve Patterson's Substack at
2023-Apr-02 • 104 minutes
Ep. 106 - Living with the Robots | Dr. RollerGator
Trying to envision life alongside AI. How will our culture change? What will the norms be around beloved robots? Should we let the machines hijack our emotional circuitry? Will AI become the highest-level decision makers within governments?
2023-Mar-24 • 136 minutes
Ep. 105 - The Philosophy of AI (pt 1) | Alexandros Marinos
The world is ablaze with discussion about the risks and benefits of AI like ChatGPT I have not been persuaded by the doomsdayers concerns about rogue AI, but that doesn't mean the technology is actually safe. I investigate some philosophical concepts...
2021-Nov-26 • 112 minutes
Ep. 104 - "No Longer a Christian" | Isaac Deitz
Wonderful conversation with my old friend Isaac Deitz who shares his personal religious journey. After decades of being a Christian, he no longer identifies with that label. In my opinion, that's only because "Christian" is a terrible term nowadays....
2021-Jul-06 • 20 minutes
Our Present Dark Age
Part 1
2021-Jan-21 • 49 minutes
Ep. 103 - "Mad at Mathematicians" | Isaac Morehouse
Making the World Worse with Math
2020-Apr-19 • 111 minutes
Ep. 102 - Scientific Progress and Intellectual Schelling Points | Dr. Geoff Anders
What does scientific progress look like? Is it steady progress, getting ever closer to the truth? Or does it go through waves? What about cases where we seem to have lost knowledge or the foundations of a theory we’ve been building on...
2020-Mar-31 • 9 minutes
Critical Thinking | Zooming In and Zooming Out
A Tool of Thought
2020-Mar-08 • 80 minutes
Ep. 101- Is a Ruling Class Inevitable? | Samo Burja
Power, Leadership, Government
2020-Jan-10 • 27 minutes
Coming Around to Platonism
A Change of Mind
2019-Nov-19 • 45 minutes
Ep. 100 - Trying to Solve Philosophy | Patterson in Pursuit
Episode 100 of Patterson in Pursuit! Wow, what a milestone. Thanks to everybody who has listened to and supported the show. I hope it's created value for you. In this episode, I share my personal thoughts about the show, some of my motivations, the...
2019-Sep-08 • 63 minutes
Ep. 99 - Non-Rationality and Psychedelics | Dr. Bernardo Kastrup
The Limits of Logic
2019-Sep-01 • 99 minutes
Ep. 98 - "A Consciousness-Only Ontology" | Dr. Bernardo Kastrup
A Defense of Idealism
2019-Aug-22 • 26 minutes
Understanding God as Nature or the Universe
A Rational Conception of God
2019-Aug-02 • 26 minutes
Solving the Interaction Problem
Mind-Body Dualism
2019-May-19 • 16 minutes
There Are No Objective Definitions
Definitions are Mental
2019-Apr-21 • 57 minutes
Ep. 97 - Math Heresy: Ultrafinitism | Dr. Doron Zeilberger
Math Without Infinities
2019-Apr-07 • 106 minutes
Ep. 96 - Truth and Postmodernism | Breakdown of Thaddeus Russell Interview
Knowing Something
2019-Mar-24 • 71 minutes
Ep. 95 - The Highest IQ in America | Christopher Langan
Christopher Langan is an independent intellectual known for having the highest IQ in America - somewhere around 200, which is six standard deviations above the norm. His story is fascinating. Chris is not working within the academy. Instead, he's...
2018-Sep-02 • 435 minutes
Ep. 94 - A Satoshi Nakamoto Story | Phil "Scronty" Wilson
Could Phil Wilson be Satoshi Nakamoto?
2018-Jun-28 • 59 minutes
Ep. 93 - Abortion, Natural Rights, and Evictionism | Dr. Walter Block
To Abort, or to Evict?
2018-Jun-17 • 118 minutes
Ep. 92 - 6 Years of Mystery Illness: When Western Medicine Fails
Our Story
2018-Jun-10 • 68 minutes
Ep. 91 - Tom Woods on Catholicism, Papal Authority, and Intellectual Entrepreneurship | Dr. Thomas Woods
Can the Pope Be Wrong?
2018-May-31 • 22 minutes
The Abuse of Apriorism in Economics
A Priori Economic Knowledge?
2018-May-27 • 52 minutes
Ep. 90 - The Overwhelming Beauty of Free Markets | Jeffrey Tucker
This week's interview is with Jeff Tucker. We're talking about how capitalism fits into the bigger picture. Libertarians tend to assume that everybody values the creation of wealth, and therefore free markets are important. But why make this...
2018-May-24 • 18 minutes
Does Free Will Even Make Sense?
Can We Really Choose?
2018-May-17 • 7 minutes
The Crucifixion: A Unification of Love and Hate
My Analysis from a Church in Norway...
2018-May-13 • 13 minutes
How the Rubik's Cube Solves Any Paradox
Unscrambling the Cube
2018-May-06 • 54 minutes
Ep. 89 - Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of Its Parts? | Dr. Andrew Brenner
A Conversation about Mereology
2018-May-03 • 14 minutes
Defending Zeno's Paradox
Zeno Was Right... Sort of
2018-Apr-29 • 92 minutes
Ep. 88 - Watch Out for Bitcoin Cash | Ryan X. Charles
You've Been Warned!
2018-Apr-26 • 7 minutes
How Progressives Can Fix the Economy
Or, "Bad Ideas That Sound Good"
2018-Apr-22 • 121 minutes
Ep. 87 - Race and Colorblindness: Part II | T.K. Coleman
Race and Discrimination in America
2018-Apr-19 • 14 minutes
Gay Marriage and the Absurdity of Courts
Think About the Supreme Court For a Minute...
2018-Apr-16 • 106 minutes
Ep. 86 - Race and Colorblindness: Part I | TK Coleman
Race in America
2018-Apr-08 • 14 minutes
The Profundity of Poker
How Do You Know?
2018-Apr-02 • 59 minutes
Ep. 85 - College Isn't for Education | Dr. Bryan Caplan
Learning vs. Signaling
2018-Mar-25 • 28 minutes
Ep. 84 - When Logic Met Math | Dr. Graham Priest
A Brief History of Logic
2018-Mar-18 • 83 minutes
Ep. 83 - Logic, Contradictions, and the Liar Paradox | Dr. Graham Priest
This Subtitle is False
2018-Mar-11 • 30 minutes
Ep. 82 - Do Entities Exist? | Breakdown of Chalmers Interview
Are There Things, Or Just Stuff?
2018-Mar-04 • 68 minutes
Ep. 81 - The Ethics of Eating Meat | Dr. Mike Huemer
Is It Immoral to Eat Meat?
2018-Feb-25 • 70 minutes
Ep. 80 - A Debate about Truth and Postmodernism | Thaddeus Russell
Is There Objective Truth?
2018-Feb-18 • 64 minutes
Ep. 79 - Postmodernism, Marxism, Love, and Religion | Thaddeus Russell
Is Postmodernism a Boogeyman?
2018-Feb-11 • 59 minutes
Ep. 78 - The Case for Idealism | Dr. Bernardo Kastrup
Is Everything Mental?
2017-Oct-08 • 5 minutes
Time for Writing and Health
I need to take a break from Patterson in Pursuit to focus on health and writing. I can't wait to return.
2017-Oct-05 • 6 minutes
The Puzzle of Awareness
How Do Shifts of Awareness Work?
2017-Oct-01 • 25 minutes
Ep. 77 - Why I Support Catalonia's Secession
Self-Governance in Spain
2017-Sep-28 • 9 minutes
Don't Fight for Objective Definitions
"What X Means" versus "What I Mean by X"
2017-Sep-24 • 57 minutes
Ep. 76 - Metaphysical Questions, Objectivist Answers | Dr. David Kelley
Parts and Wholes, Consciousness, and Free Will
2017-Sep-21 • 14 minutes
The Fashionable Thinkers
What Looks Good vs. What's True
2017-Sep-17 • 66 minutes
Ep. 75 - Do We Perceive Reality? | Dr. Donald Hoffman
Is Realism Realistic?
2017-Sep-14 • 10 minutes
How to Deal with Alien Abductions and Bigfoot Sightings
It's tempting to dismiss anybody who claims they've been abducted by aliens or seen Bigfoot in the forest. However, simple dismissal might not be the most rational response. Extreme cases can actually help us understand the relationship between the...
2017-Sep-10 • 80 minutes
Ep. 74 - Race and American Politics | T.K. Coleman
Can Government Solve Racial Problems?
2017-Sep-07 • 7 minutes
Unifying the Plural into the Simple
One and Many
2017-Sep-03 • 91 minutes
Ep. 73 - Race, Culture, and Judgments | T.K. Coleman
Cultural Differences Among Races
2017-Aug-27 • 60 minutes
Ep. 72 - The Real Story Behind Bitcoin Cash | Ryan X. Charles
The Facts and History Leading to Bitcoin's Split
2017-Aug-20 • 64 minutes
Ep. 71 - Meditation and the Absence of Self | Oren J. Sofer
Do Thoughts Require a Thinker?
2017-Aug-14 • 86 minutes
Ep. 70 - Should Feminism and Philosophy Mix? | Interview Breakdown
How Real is the Patriarchy?
2017-Aug-06 • 58 minutes
Ep. 69 - Hegel and Paradox | Dr. Donald Verene
To Be And Not To Be
2017-Jul-30 • 50 minutes
Ep. 68 - Corruption in the Silk Road Case | Lyn Ulbricht
Tampered Evidence, Corrupt Agents, and a Malicious Judge
2017-Jul-23 • 62 minutes
Ep. 67 - Catholicism, the Church, and Faith | Fr. Oscar Martin
From Sacraments to Salvation
2017-Jul-16 • 38 minutes
Ep. 66 - Ethics, Capitalism, the Meaning of Life, and Social Justice | Dr. Patrick Byrne
From Ethics to Economics
2017-Jul-10 • 56 minutes
Ep. 65 - "Ultra Spiritual" or "Actually Spiritual"? | JP Sears
From Satire to Serious Spirituality
2017-Jul-02 • 70 minutes
Ep. 64 - Science, Peer Review, and Academic B******t | Brian Earp
Can We Be Skeptical about Science?
2017-Jun-29 • 14 minutes
Can Drugs Lead to Truth?
Are Drug-Induced Epiphanies Trustworthy?
2017-Jun-25 • 30 minutes
Ep. 63 - The Limits of the Non-Aggression Principle | Interview Breakdown
Is Non-Aggression Absolute?
2017-Jun-22 • 8 minutes
Language is Inherently Ambiguous
What Does the Word "Root" Really Mean?
2017-Jun-17 • 54 minutes
Ep. 62 - Bitcoin, OpenBazaar, and Political Power | Sam Patterson
Blockchains and Their Impact
2017-Jun-15 • 9 minutes
Is Space Mental?
The Space in Your Mind
2017-Jun-11 • 64 minutes
Ep. 61 - Ayn Rand's Objectivism | Dr. David Kelley
The Basics of Objectivism
2017-Jun-08 • 7 minutes
You Live in Your Mind
Your Mind, or The World?
2017-Jun-04 • 58 minutes
Ep. 60 - Dialogue with a Buddhist Monk | Phra Maha Chanomkorn Prakai
Meditation, Consciousness, and the Self
2017-May-28 • 80 minutes
Ep. 59 - Can You Approach Infinity? | Dr. Michael Huemer
Zeno, Cantor, and the Paradoxes of Infinity
2017-May-26 • 6 minutes
Is the World Blurry? | The Modernist Fallacy
Blurry Language, or a Blurry World?
2017-May-20 • 58 minutes
Ep. 58 - The Psychology of Postmodernism | Dr. Stephen Hicks
You Contradicted Yourself: Now What?
2017-May-18 • 8 minutes
Tai Chi Meets Reality
Mouth Versus Fist
2017-May-15 • 53 minutes
Ep. 57 - Are Some Objects Mind-Dependent? | Interview Breakdown
From Fiction to Formulas
2017-May-12 • 8 minutes
Puerto Rico Has Gone Bankrupt
The Can Cannot Be Kicked Forever
2017-May-09 • 33 minutes
Ep. 56 - Zen Buddhism | Keiho Nishigaki
Practicing Pure Mind
2017-Apr-30 • 55 minutes
Ep. 55 - Are Science and Religion Incompatible? | Dr. Peter Harrison
History, Heresy, and a Fundamental Tension
2017-Apr-28 • 20 minutes
Data versus Anecdotes: From Ghosts to Levaquin
Heresy: Anecdotes are Another Type of Data
2017-Apr-23 • 113 minutes
Ep. 54 - Psychedelic Experience: Ayahuasca | The World Wanderers
Can Drugs Help You Discover Truth?
2017-Apr-20 • 10 minutes
The Social Hierarchy
People and Power
2017-Apr-15 • 42 minutes
Ep. 53 - One Year, 10 Countries | What I've Learned
Academia, Multiculturalism, Travel, Religion, and New Ideas
2017-Apr-13 • 8 minutes
People Love Hierarchy
Some Difficult Observations
2017-Apr-09 • 65 minutes
Ep. 52 - Are Some Infinities Bigger Than Others? | Dr. Toby Meadows
Is There a Hierarchy of Infinities?
2017-Apr-02 • 66 minutes
Ep. 51 - Feminist Philosophy | Dr. Michelle Boulous-Walker
What is Feminist Philosophy?
2017-Mar-31 • 7 minutes
The Metaphysics of Fiction
Does Harry Potter Exist?
2017-Mar-26 • 87 minutes
Ep. 50 - Argumentation Ethics | Stephan Kinsella
Is "Self-Ownership" Inescapable?
2017-Mar-24 • 23 minutes
Experts and Incompetence
A Seed of Doubt
2017-Mar-18 • 53 minutes
Ep. 49 - Is Consciousness "Emergent"? | Dr. David Braddon-Mitchell
Matter to Mind
2017-Mar-16 • 24 minutes
My Experience with Christian Evangelicalism
Good Religion, Bad Religion
2017-Mar-12 • 52 minutes
Ep. 48 - Skepticism of Infinity in Mathematics | Dr. Norman Wildberger
Is There Room for Skepticism in Mathematics?
2017-Mar-09 • 15 minutes
Infinite Things Do Not Exist
Every Thing Has Boundaries
2017-Mar-05 • 59 minutes
Ep. 47 - Problems with Paraconsistent Logic | Interview Breakdown
Consistency, Contradiction, and Incoherence
2017-Mar-03 • 6 minutes
3 Steps for Changing a Paradigm
Problem, Solution, Explanation
2017-Feb-26 • 37 minutes
Ep. 46 - Buddhism and Boundaries | Interview Breakdown
Things and Persons
2017-Feb-24 • 15 minutes
A Requirement for True Love
Truth and Love are Inseparable
2017-Feb-19 • 55 minutes
Ep. 45 - Infinite Sets: Understanding the Basics | Dr. Gareth
Can You Really Complete an Infinity?
2017-Feb-16 • 7 minutes
Charlie Hebdo as an Excuse to Take Selfies
Using a Tragedy for Social Signaling
2017-Feb-12 • 49 minutes
Ep. 44 - SJWs, the Left, and Academia | Dr. Jamie Whyte
Relativism in Practice
2017-Feb-05 • 67 minutes
Ep. 43 - Indigenous Beliefs of New Zealand | Dr. Hirini Kaa
"Religion Was Everything" to the Māori
2017-Jan-29 • 69 minutes
Ep. 42 - Truth and Paraconsistent Logic
Can We Make Sense of Logical Contradictions?
2017-Jan-26 • 95 minutes
Ep. 41 - Race Relations, Part II | T.K. Coleman
Intention versus Action
2017-Jan-22 • 82 minutes
Ep. 40 - Race Relations | T.K. Coleman
Race in America
2017-Jan-19 • 23 minutes
Why I Am Not a Physicalist
Expanding Our Conceptual Toolbox
2017-Jan-15 • 74 minutes
Ep. 39 - Theism without the OmniGod | Dr. John Bishop
Fundamental Concepts in Theology - God, Faith, Love
2017-Jan-08 • 52 minutes
Ep. 38 - The Post-Truth Era | Dr. Robert Nola
From Truth to Post-Truth
2017-Jan-01 • 48 minutes
Ep. 37 - Free Will, Causality, and Pluralism | Dr. Mario De Caro
Mind, Matter, and More
2016-Dec-29 • 11 minutes
The Bittersweet Paradox
On Mutual Exclusivity
2016-Dec-26 • 58 minutes
Ep. 36 - Christmas Breakdown | Scrooge Edition
A Skeptical Take on Christian Theology
2016-Dec-18 • 39 minutes
Ep. 35 - Legalizing All Drugs | Dr. Jeffrey Miron
From Marijuana to Heroin
2016-Dec-11 • 23 minutes
Ep. 34 - The Foundations of Knowledge
My Book on Logic, Truth, and Certainty
2016-Dec-08 • 19 minutes
Is It Honorable To Be In The Military?
Risking Your Life For Country
2016-Dec-04 • 59 minutes
Ep. 33 - Do Mathematical Objects Exist? | Dr. Jody Azzouni
The Nominalist Position
2016-Nov-28 • 43 minutes
Ep. 32 - Minds, Machines, and Souls | Interview Breakdown
If Not Physicalism, Then What?
2016-Nov-20 • 52 minutes
Ep. 31 - Religious Experience | Isaac Morehouse
The Unspoken Part of the Human Experience
2016-Nov-17 • 13 minutes
The Case for Cultural Appropriation
Individuals First, Labels Second
2016-Nov-10 • 7 minutes
Thank Goodness for Price Gougers
Prices and Profits in a Scarce World
2016-Nov-06 • 33 minutes
Ep. 30 - Buddhism, the Self, and Boundaries | Dr. Janet Gyatso
Personal Identity and Metaphysical Boundaries in Buddhism
2016-Nov-03 • 15 minutes
Gender, Sex, and Language
Bigotry, Delusion, or Merely Language?
2016-Oct-30 • 52 minutes
Ep. 29 - Trump and Conservatism | Dr. Harvey Mansfield
Politics and Political Correctness at Harvard
2016-Oct-23 • 56 minutes
Ep. 28 - Questions for a Christian Theologian | Dr. Ian McFarland
What is God? Who is Jesus? What is a Self?
2016-Oct-20 • 9 minutes
All is One: The Logical Case for Mysticism
The Boundaries of the Self
2016-Oct-16 • 63 minutes
Ep. 27 - Intellectual Optimism | T.K. Coleman
Giving the Benefit of the Doubt
2016-Oct-13 • 12 minutes
Reparations for Slavery
The Trans-Generational Justice Campaign
2016-Oct-09 • 37 minutes
Ep. 26 - Why I'm Not in Academia
Big Ideas Outside the Academy
2016-Oct-06 • 5 minutes
Steak and Certainty
The Intersection of Epistemology and Meat
2016-Oct-02 • 47 minutes
Ep. 25 - Artificial Intelligence and Minds | Dr. Bram van Heuveln
Can Machines Have Minds?
2016-Sep-29 • 10 minutes
Karma or Coincidence?
Different Theories; Same Data
2016-Sep-25 • 35 minutes
Ep. 24 - John Searle and Dualism | Interview Breakdown
Does Biological Naturalism Solve the Mind/Body Problem?
2016-Sep-22 • 11 minutes
What is Religiosity?
That Religious Quality
2016-Sep-18 • 53 minutes
Ep. 23 - Postmodernism | Dr. Stephen Hicks
No Truth, No Reality, No Logic
2016-Sep-14 • 9 minutes
Economic Reality Comes Before Social Justice
Do You Have a "Right" to Economic Goods?
2016-Sep-11 • 47 minutes
Ep. 22 - Understanding Infinity | Dr. Daniel Isaacson
To Infinity and Beyond
2016-Sep-08 • 9 minutes
An Objective Standard for Sanity
How to Tell if a Mind is Broken
2016-Sep-04 • 31 minutes
Ep. 21 - Biological Naturalism | Dr. John Searle
Consciousness and Materialism
2016-Sep-01 • 10 minutes
The Continuum Problem
Blurry Boundaries Lead to Blurry Thinking
2016-Aug-28 • 50 minutes
Ep. 20 - Democracy to Anarchism | Interview Breakdown
Examining the Foundations of Government
2016-Aug-24 • 9 minutes
Logic is Not a Convention
The Rules of Existence Are Inescapable
2016-Aug-22 • 54 minutes
Ep. 19 - Three Basic Concepts in Economics | Dr. Donald Boudreaux
You Must Know About Scarcity, Supply and Demand, and Unintended Consequences
2016-Aug-22 • 10 minutes
Hiding Behind Abstractions
"That's Just Your Idea!"
2016-Aug-14 • 65 minutes
Ep. 18 - Democracy, More or Less | Dr. Bruce Cain
Is More Democracy Always a Good Thing?
2016-Aug-10 • 12 minutes
Faith and Reason
The Methodological Error of Faith
2016-Aug-03 • 9 minutes
Physicalism and Spirituality
The Universe Becoming Aware of Itself
2016-Jul-31 • 38 minutes
Ep. 17 - Oxford Analysis | Interview Breakdown
Logic, Dialetheism, and the Metaphysics of Concepts
2016-Jul-28 • 10 minutes
Tautologies Must Not Be Dismissed
True-By-Definition is Not a Flaw
2016-Jul-24 • 66 minutes
Ep. 16 - What is Logic? | Dr. Timothy Williamson
Identity, Non-Contradiction, Paradox, and Certainty
2016-Jul-19 • 7 minutes
The Paradox of Buridan's Ass
Identical Things Cannot Be Differentiated
2016-Jul-17 • 28 minutes
Ep. 15 - Anarchist Intuition | Libertarian Political Philosophy
Libertarian Anarchism: The Basic Concepts
2016-Jul-14 • 7 minutes
Resolving the Liar's Paradox
This Sentence is False
2016-Jul-11 • 71 minutes
Ep. 14 - Understanding Quantum Physics | Dr. Simon Saunders
The Basic Concepts, Theories, and General Weirdness of Quantum Mechanics
2016-Jul-06 • 8 minutes
Everything is Grounded in Logic
The Inescapable Foundations of Philosophy
2016-Jul-03 • 63 minutes
Ep. 13 - Austrian Economics: Deduction, Logic, and Theory | Dr. Peter Boettke
What is the Epistemological Status of Economic Theory?
2016-Jun-29 • 8 minutes
Can You Judge Intelligence by Beliefs?
A Question You Aren't Supposed to Ask
2016-Jun-26 • 26 minutes
Ep. 12 - Brexit!
A Libertarian Perspective on Brexit and Secession
2016-Jun-22 • 15 minutes
From Conservative to Anarchist
My Journey Through Political Philosophy
2016-Jun-19 • 44 minutes
Ep. 11 - Contradictions at Columbia | Interview Breakdown
Contradictions Don't Exist (Outside of Academia)
2016-Jun-15 • 9 minutes
The Logic of Nothing
What is Nothing? Is it Something?
2016-Jun-12 • 52 minutes
Ep. 10 - Christian Beliefs, Experiences | Dr. Bob Murphy
Economist and Author Shares His Beliefs about Christianity
2016-Jun-08 • 8 minutes
Assume Everybody is Wrong
Skepticism, Doubt, and Philosophy
2016-Jun-05 • 87 minutes
Ep. 9 - Logic, Contradictions, and Dialetheism | Dr. Justin Clarke-Doane
The Limits of Logic in Epistemology
2016-Jun-01 • 8 minutes
Does the Mind Have Access to Objective Truth?
Are We Forever Stuck with Subjective Opinions?
2016-May-29 • 45 minutes
Ep. 8 - Completed Infinities: Possible or Not? | Dr. Gary McGuire
Does Infinity Actually End?
2016-May-25 • 7 minutes
Against "Doing the Right Thing"
Ethics is about Intention, not Action
2016-May-22 • 57 minutes
Ep. 7 - Egoism, Religion, Ayn Rand | Michael Malice
The Philosophy of Self-Interest
2016-May-18 • 17 minutes
Chairs Do Not Exist
The Metaphysics of Inanimate Objects
2016-May-15 • 37 minutes
Ep. 6 - Interview Breakdown: Pragmatism, Objective Truth, and Anarchism
Analyzing the Philosophy So Far
2016-May-11 • 7 minutes
Democracy Fail: Trump versus Sanders
Democracy Turns Ugly in 2016
2016-May-08 • 75 minutes
Ep. 5 - American Pragmatism | Dr. John Stuhr
Basic to Advanced Concepts in the Pragmatic Tradition
2016-May-04 • 5 minutes
The Sliding Scale of Certainty
Can We Know Anything with 100% Certainty?
2016-May-01 • 37 minutes
Ep. 4 - Irrational Voters, Law without Government, and the Case Against Education | Dr. Bryan Caplan
Criticisms of Democracy, Alternative Systems, and the Signaling Model of Education
2016-Apr-26 • 8 minutes
The Death of Skepticism
Skepticism is a Way of Thinking, Not a Set of Beliefs
2016-Apr-21 • 36 minutes
Ep. 3 - Consciousness and Subjectivity | Dr. Emrys Westacott
Mind Versus Matter | Physical Versus Mental
2016-Apr-21 • 34 minutes
Ep. 2 - Is There Objective Truth? | Dr. Emrys Westacott
Objective Truth, Relativism, and Certainty in Philosophy
2016-Apr-20 • 4 minutes
Ep. 1 - Introduction
Philosophy Across the World