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Podcast Profile: The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

podcast imageTwitter: @AdamRutherford@FryRsquared
137 episodes
2016 to 2023
Average episode: 28 minutes
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Podcaster's summary: Science sleuths Dr Adam Rutherford and Dr Hannah Fry investigate everyday mysteries sent by listeners.

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2023-Oct-02 • 14 minutes
Introducing… Uncharted with Hannah Fry
Tales of data and discovery with Hannah Fry.
2023-Feb-14 • 42 minutes
The Impossible Number
What is the 'imaginary' number - and why is it so incredibly useful?
2023-Feb-07 • 44 minutes
The Mind Numbing Medicine
'How do anaesthetics work?' asks Alicia.
2023-Jan-31 • 39 minutes
The Resurrection Quest
Can we bring extinct species back from the dead?
2023-Jan-24 • 36 minutes
The Puzzle of the Pyramids
Did aliens build the pyramids!?
2023-Jan-17 • 44 minutes
The Magnetic Mystery
What is a magnetic field? wonders Lucas.
2023-Jan-10 • 43 minutes
The Case of the Blind Mind's Eye
'Why can't I see images in my mind?' asks Jude from Australia.
2023-Jan-05 • 12 minutes
Silly Studies: The Pre-Series Teaser
We’re almost back! As a cheeky aperitif, our sleuths review some surprising science.
2022-Sep-20 • 39 minutes
The Puzzle of the Plasma Doughnut
“How does fusion work, and how can we do it safely on earth?” asks Les Walker
2022-Sep-13 • 37 minutes
The Riddle of Red-Eyes and Runny-Noses
“Are allergies really on the increase?” wonders Ally
2022-Sep-06 • 36 minutes
The Problem of Infinite Pi(e)
'How did we discover pi? How do we know that it’s infinite and never repeats?' asks Alex.
2022-Aug-30 • 39 minutes
The Suspicious Smell
Why do our bodies smell? And does our smell influence how much we like each other?
2022-Aug-23 • 39 minutes
The Wild and Windy Tale
“How do winds start and why do they stop?” asks Georgina from the Isle of Wight
2022-Aug-16 • 37 minutes
The Case of The Missing Gorilla
'How can I be immersed in a book, and still notice my name?' asks Charlotte.
2022-Aug-09 • 10 minutes
Silly Studies: The Pre-Series Tease
We’re back! Rutherford and Fry review the silliest studies sent in by Curios
2022-Mar-24 • 36 minutes
The Colour Conundrum
'How do we see colour - and why are some people colour blind?’ asks Maya Crocombe.
2022-Mar-17 • 34 minutes
The Turn of the Tide
Why are tide times and ranges so different around the UK, asks Lynn?
2022-Mar-10 • 34 minutes
The Shocking White Hair
Can human hair turn white overnight from shock? Hannah and Adam investigate greying hair.
2022-Mar-03 • 33 minutes
Surprising Symmetries
We’ve got two eyes, two arms, two legs - but only one heart. Why!? asks Joanne.
2022-Feb-24 • 35 minutes
The Weird Waves of Wi-Fi
“How does Wi-Fi work - is it magic?” asks Abby
2022-Feb-17 • 34 minutes
The Mystery of the Teenage Brain
Why do my teens struggle to get out of bed in the morning? asks Michelle.
2022-Feb-11 • 7 minutes
We’re (almost) back!
Rutherford and Fry return for a new series of scientific sleuthing
2021-Dec-23 • 28 minutes
Rutherford and Fry on Living with AI: A Future for Humans
The science sleuths unwrap some of the biggest ideas in this year's BBC Reith Lectures.
2021-Dec-15 • 28 minutes
Rutherford and Fry on Living with AI: AI in the Economy
The science sleuths unwrap some of the biggest ideas in this year's BBC Reith Lectures.
2021-Dec-08 • 28 minutes
Rutherford and Fry on Living with AI: AI in Warfare
The science sleuths unwrap some of the biggest ideas in this year's BBC Reith Lectures.
2021-Dec-01 • 28 minutes
Rutherford and Fry on Living with AI: The Biggest Event in Human History
The science sleuths unwrap some of the biggest ideas in this year's BBC Reith Lectures.
2021-Nov-11 • 43 minutes
The Venomous Vendetta
Will a venomous snake die if it bites itself? asks Janni in Amsterdam
2021-Nov-04 • 38 minutes
The Slippery Situation
'What is the most slippy thing in the world?' asks 8 year old Evelyn from London
2021-Oct-28 • 37 minutes
The Painless Heart
Why does my heart not ache after exercise? Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate
2021-Oct-21 • 40 minutes
The Weirdness of Water Part 2/2
Adam Rutherford and Hannah Fry attempt to answer more questions on why water is weird
2021-Oct-14 • 37 minutes
The Weirdness of Water Part 1/2
Please explain the weirdness of water? Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2021-Oct-07 • 39 minutes
The Guiding Hound
How do guide dogs know where they're going?
2021-Sep-30 • 9 minutes
We’re back!
The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry
2021-Feb-23 • 29 minutes
More Frytful Scares
Why do people like to be scared?
2021-Feb-16 • 30 minutes
Back to The Sinister Hand
What determines left or right handedness? asks Neal Shepperson
2021-Feb-09 • 41 minutes
A Weighty Matter Part 2/2
Is dark matter a fudge to fit existing theories to inexplicable observations?
2021-Feb-02 • 43 minutes
A Weighty Matter Part 1
How does gravity pull us? asks Emma
2021-Jan-26 • 50 minutes
The Flying Clock and the Stopped Watch
Do individuals perceive time differently? asks Joe from North Yorkshire
2021-Jan-19 • 45 minutes
The Mosquito Conundrum
What’s the point of mosquitoes? asks Cathy
2021-Jan-12 • 50 minutes
The Scientific Exploration of Astrology
Could there be something to astrology? asks Dan in Australia
2021-Jan-05 • 48 minutes
The Noises That Make Us Cringe
Why do some people find noises like a fork scraping a plate so terrible?
2020-Dec-29 • 42 minutes
The Pizza Diet
Can I make a pizza that contains my recommended daily intake of everything? asks Paul
2020-Dec-22 • 48 minutes
The Good and Bad in Fungi
"Why are some fungi helpful and others harmful?" asks Paul Glaister in Reading.
2020-Dec-15 • 43 minutes
The Martian Mission
What would it take for humans to live on Mars? Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2020-Dec-08 • 38 minutes
The Hamster Power Hypothesis
How many hamsters on wheels would it take to power London?
2020-Dec-01 • 11 minutes
We’re back!
The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry
2020-Jul-14 • 34 minutes
The Space Burrito
Is there a point in space where the Sun could heat a burrito perfectly? And other puzzles.
2020-Jul-07 • 41 minutes
The Zedonk Problem
What are ligons and tigers? What is a species?
2020-Jun-30 • 44 minutes
The End of Everything
When and how is the universe going to end?
2020-Jun-23 • 43 minutes
The Sting in the Tail
What’s the point of wasps? Science sleuths Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate
2020-Jun-16 • 34 minutes
The Seeded Cloud
Can we make it rain?
2020-Jun-09 • 35 minutes
The Growling Stomach
Why do our tummies rumble - and when they do, does it always mean we are hungry?
2020-Jun-03 • 2 minutes
We’re back!
A preview of series 16: Longer, louder and locked down.
2020-Mar-06 • 38 minutes
The Exotic Wormhole
What are wormholes and do they really exist?
2020-Feb-28 • 34 minutes
A Cold Case Part 2
From cold feet to cold water swimming, Rutherford and Fry answer your chilling questions
2020-Feb-21 • 34 minutes
A Cold Case Part 1
Why do we get more colds in winter?
2020-Feb-14 • 38 minutes
The ASMRnswer
What is ASMR and why does it only affect some people?
2020-Feb-14 • 4 minutes
Hannah's ASMR cocktail
Hannah Fry mixes a mojito - listen after our episode on ASMR.
2020-Feb-14 • 5 minutes
Adam's ASMR cocktail
Adam Rutherford concocts an Old Fashioned cocktail - listen after our episode on ASMR.
2020-Feb-07 • 35 minutes
The Power of Love
How does love affect our brain?
2020-Jan-31 • 28 minutes
The Golden Secret
How do you make gold?
2020-Jan-24 • 13 minutes
We’re Back!
A preview of Series 15, plus more strange-but-true science papers
2019-Dec-09 • 43 minutes
The End of the World
What would become the dominant species if, or when, humans go extinct?
2019-Nov-22 • 35 minutes
The Trouble Sum Weather
Why is it so difficult to predict the weather?
2019-Nov-15 • 32 minutes
The Heart of the Antimatter
How do you make antimatter? Science sleuths Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2019-Nov-08 • 36 minutes
Stephen Fry's Identity Crisis
Stephen Fry asks the duo to investigate why he struggles to remember faces.
2019-Nov-01 • 33 minutes
A Frytful Scare Part 2
Rutherford and Fry board a rollercoaster to investigate why we enjoy being scared
2019-Oct-25 • 31 minutes
A Frytful Scare Part 1
Why do we enjoy horror? Rutherford and Fry explore the thrill of fear
2019-Oct-18 • 14 minutes
Curious Cases Returns
Rutherford and Fry are back with an extended podcast trailer to celebrate the new series
2019-May-03 • 37 minutes
Jurassic Squawk
What sound did dinosaurs make?
2019-Apr-26 • 29 minutes
The Lunar Land Pt2
What would life be like if we had two moons?
2019-Apr-19 • 30 minutes
The Lunar Land Pt 1
Where did the Moon come from?
2019-Apr-12 • 39 minutes
An Instrumental Case
Why do instruments sound different?
2019-Apr-05 • 28 minutes
The Periodic Problem
How do you discover a new chemical element?
2019-Mar-29 • 35 minutes
The Mesmerist
Is hypnotism real? Drs Rutherford and Fry find out by visiting a hypnotist
2019-Mar-22 • 4 minutes
Coming Soon – More Curious Cases
Hannah and Adam return to crack open the Curious Cases they’ll be examining in Series 13
2018-Dec-21 • 31 minutes
The Horrible Hangover
Why do we get hangovers and are some drinks worse than others?
2018-Dec-14 • 26 minutes
The Good Bad Food
Why does bad food taste so good? Science sleuths Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2018-Dec-07 • 31 minutes
Two Infinities and Beyond - part 2
Is anything in the Universe infinite? Science sleuths Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2018-Nov-30 • 32 minutes
Two Infinities and Beyond - part 1
Does infinity exist? And why are some infinities bigger than others?
2018-Nov-23 • 33 minutes
The Stressful Scone
Why do we have regional accents?
2018-Nov-16 • 26 minutes
The Viking Code
How do ancestry DNA tests work?
2018-Sep-07 • 34 minutes
A World of Pain
Why do we all have different pain thresholds?
2018-Aug-31 • 26 minutes
The Random Request
Is anything really random?
2018-Aug-24 • 38 minutes
The Running Joke
How fast can a human run?
2018-Aug-17 • 25 minutes
The Alien Enterprise Part 2
Are intelligent aliens out there?
2018-Aug-10 • 26 minutes
The Alien Enterprise Part 1
How do we look for alien life, and what are we expecting to find?
2018-Jun-01 • 27 minutes
The Dawn Chorus
Why do birds sing? And why are some songs so complex?
2018-May-25 • 25 minutes
The Lucky Number
How do I win the lottery?
2018-May-18 • 26 minutes
The Déjà Vu
Why do we get déjà vu?
2018-May-11 • 28 minutes
The Human Instrument
Why do our voices change as we get older?
2018-May-04 • 27 minutes
The Fifth Dimension
Is there a fifth dimension? Hannah and Adam visit CERN to find out.
2018-Mar-02 • 31 minutes
The Cosmic Egg
How do we measure the age of the universe?
2018-Feb-28 • 24 minutes
The Atomic Blade
What makes things sharp?
2018-Feb-23 • 29 minutes
The Tiniest Dinosaur
Which is the tiniest dinosaur?
2018-Feb-16 • 23 minutes
The Enigma of Sex, Part 2
Why don't we have more than two sexes?
2018-Feb-09 • 25 minutes
The Enigma of Sex, Part 1
Why does sex exist? And why aren't we all the same sex?
2018-Jan-12 • 24 minutes
Goldfinger's Moon Laser
Could we shoot a laser to the moon?
2018-Jan-05 • 26 minutes
The Curious Face Off
Are machines better than humans at identifying faces?
2017-Dec-29 • 23 minutes
The Cosmic Speed Limit
Can anything travel faster than the speed of light? Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2017-Dec-22 • 30 minutes
The Dreadful Vegetable
Why don't children like vegetables?
2017-Dec-15 • 25 minutes
The Baffled Bat
How do bats echolocate? And why don't they get confused by neighbouring signals?
2017-Sep-29 • 24 minutes
Adventures in Dreamland
Why do we dream? Drs Rutherford and Fry delve into the science of sleep.
2017-Sep-22 • 29 minutes
The Shocking Surprise
Why do we get static shocks? Our science sleuths try to crack another case.
2017-Sep-15 • 25 minutes
The Sticky Song
Why do tunes get stuck in our heads? And what makes some songs stickier than others?
2017-Sep-08 • 20 minutes
The Polar Opposite
What would happen if the Earth's magnetic poles flipped?
2017-Sep-01 • 20 minutes
The Curious Cake-Off
How to make the perfect sponge using the power of science.
2017-Jun-16 • 21 minutes
Kate Bush's Sonic Weapon
Can sound kill? Inspired by a Kate Bush song, we ask whether sonic weapons could work.
2017-Jun-15 • 21 minutes
Itchy and Scratchy
Why do we itch and should we scratch?
2017-Jun-14 • 19 minutes
The Burning Question
What is fire? Is it a solid, liquid or a gas? Adam Rutherford and Hannah Fry investigate.
2017-Jun-02 • 23 minutes
The Dark Star
The science sleuths investigate the question 'What's inside a black hole?'.
2017-May-19 • 19 minutes
The Cat Who Came Back
How do cats find their way back to their old home when they move house?
2017-Mar-15 • 12 minutes
A Code in Blood
Why do we have different blood types? Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2017-Mar-10 • 16 minutes
The Forgetful Child
Why don't we remember the first few years of our lives?
2017-Mar-10 • 15 minutes
The Astronomical Balloon
'How far up can a helium balloon go? Could it go out to space?' asks Juliet Gok, aged 9.
2017-Mar-10 • 15 minutes
The World That Turns
'Why does the Earth spin?' asks Joe Wills from Accra in Ghana.
2017-Mar-10 • 17 minutes
The Broken Stool
How much does the bacteria inside my body weigh?
2016-Dec-02 • 18 minutes
The Lost Producer
Why do some people have a terrible sense of direction?
2016-Dec-02 • 15 minutes
The Bad Moon Rising
Does the full moon make us act strangely?
2016-Dec-02 • 14 minutes
The Hunt for Nothing, Part 2
How zero was discovered and why it allows us to forecast the future.
2016-Dec-02 • 15 minutes
The Hunt for Nothing, Part 1
Does nothing exist? Our scientific duo consider the nature of nothing.
2016-Dec-02 • 15 minutes
The Melodic Mystery
'Why is my mother tone deaf?' asks listener Simon. The team investigates.
2016-Oct-07 • 16 minutes
The Strongest Substance
What is the strongest thing in the universe?
2016-Oct-05 • 15 minutes
The Space Pirate
Could we live on another planet?
2016-Oct-05 • 14 minutes
The Portly Problem
What causes middle-aged spread?
2016-Oct-04 • 14 minutes
The Sinister Hand Part 2
How being left-handed affects your brain and behaviour.
2016-Oct-03 • 14 minutes
The Sinister Hand Part 1
What makes people left-handed?
2016-Jun-02 • 16 minutes
The Counting Horse
Can horses count? And which animal is the best at maths?
2016-May-30 • 17 minutes
The Hairy Hominid
How does leg hair know to grow back the same length? And why do we have body hair?
2016-May-26 • 16 minutes
A Study in Spheres
Why is everything in space round? Drs Rutherford and Fry investigate.
2016-May-26 • 15 minutes
The Psychic Tear
Why do we cry, and does it makes us feel better?
2016-May-26 • 19 minutes
The Tea Leaf Mystery
What's the optimum scientific method for making the perfect cup of tea?
2016-Feb-18 • 14 minutes
The Stellar Dustbin
Can we send our waste into the sun? Drs Rutherford & Fry investigate.
2016-Feb-11 • 13 minutes
The Squeamish Swoon
Why do we faint, and does it serve any useful purpose?
2016-Feb-11 • 12 minutes
The Aural Voyeur
Why do people shout on their mobile phones?
2016-Feb-11 • 13 minutes
The Phantom Jam
What makes traffic jam? Rutherford & Fry search for a solution.
2016-Feb-11 • 14 minutes
The Scarlet Mark
Why are gingers ginger, and are redheads dying out?