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Podcast Profile: History of Philosophy: India, Africana, China

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2016 to present
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2024-Apr-07 • 36 minutes
HPC 03. Karyn Lai on Classical Chinese Philosophy
Co-host Karyn introduces herself to the listeners and talks about the challenges of tackling classical Chinese philosophical texts.
2024-Mar-24 • 26 minutes
HPC 02. The Only Constant: Change and the "Yi Jing"
Early Chinese philosophers were deeply aware of a world that is constantly changing: we look at how Confucians, Legalists, and Daoists responded to this challenge.
2024-Mar-10 • 20 minutes
HPC 01. Journey of a Thousand Li: Introduction to Chinese Philosophy
Introducing Chinese philosophy through the concept of "dao," a fundamental word in classical Chinese philosophy, with a range of meanings across its different traditions.
2024-Feb-25 • 51 minutes
HAP 142 - Final Chat with Chike Jeffers
How Africana philosophy looked to a young Chike Jeffers, coming into the field in the early 21st century.
2024-Feb-11 • 38 minutes
HAP 141 - Job Openings - the Rise of Africana Professional Philosophy
The key events and figures in philosophy as an academic discipline, in both Africa and the diaspora.
2024-Jan-28 • 46 minutes
HAP 140 - Cornel West on Himself
Cornel West joins us to look back on the development of his thought and the many authors who have inspired him.
2024-Jan-15 • 33 minutes
HAP 139 - A Love Supreme - Cornel West
An introduction to Cornel West, focusing on his early essay “Philosophy and the Afro-American Experience.”
2023-Dec-31 • 28 minutes
HAP 138 - Taking it Out of Neutral - Critical Race Theory
A movement of legal scholars diagnoses the limitations of merely “formal” measures against discrimination, a point they connect to issues like affirmative action, democratic process, and intersectionality.
2023-Dec-17 • 37 minutes
HAP 137 - Asante Sana - Molefi Asante’s Afrocentricity
What inspired Asante's controversial philosophy of Afrocentricity, and its relationship to religion, nationalism, and feminism.
2023-Dec-11 • 34 minutes
HAP 136 - Civilization Reclaimed - African-Centered Thought
How writers like George G.M. James, John Henrik Clarke, Cheikh Anta Diop, Yosef ben-Jochannan, and Chancellor Williams prepared the way for the Afrocentricity of Molefi Asante and captured the imaginations of hip hop artists and intellectuals like Ta...
2023-Nov-19 • 28 minutes
HAP 135 - Mastering Ceremonies - Sylvia Wynter
Sylvia Wynter offers a bold and provocative assessment of the role of the humanities in understanding humankind.
2023-Nov-05 • 24 minutes
HAP 134 - The Marx Brothers - Cedric J. Robinson
Cedric J. Robinson reflects on the power and limitations of Marxism while charting the past and prospects of black radical thought.
2023-Oct-22 • 42 minutes
HAP 133 - John Drabinski on Edouard Glissant
The author of an important book on Glissant joins us to talk about his approach to this major Caribbean thinker.
2023-Oct-16 • 34 minutes
HAP 132 - French Creolizing - Edouard Glissant and the Creolité Movement
Poet, novelist, playwright and philosopher Edouard Glissant, his theory of "creolization", and the Creolists who were influence by him.
2023-Sep-24 • 34 minutes
HAP 131 - Mixed Messages - Black British Cultural Studies
Stuart Hall pioneers “cultural studies,” offering tools for analysis of films, television, fiction and music that were put to use by followers like Paul Gilroy and Hazel Carby.
2023-Sep-10 • 36 minutes
HAP 130 - Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o on... Himself!
The great Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o joins us to speak about his career, his influences, and the power and politics of language.
2023-Aug-05 • 42 minutes
HAP 129 - Afrophone Home - Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
How one of Kenya's greatest writers came to argue that African literature should be written in African languages.
2023-Jul-16 • 19 minutes
HAP 128 - Marginal Comments - bell hooks and Patricia Hill Collins
We bring the story of black feminism up to the turn of the century with the incisive works of bell hooks and Patricia Hill Collins.
2023-Jul-03 • 38 minutes
HAP 127 - Knowing the Difference - Audre Lorde
In poetry and prose, especially her collection "Sister Outsider," Audre Lorde explores ideas of difference, eroticism, and feminist theory.
2023-Jun-18 • 22 minutes
HAP 126 - Fugitive for Justice - Angela Davis
The eventful life and penetrating philosophy of Angela Davis, an icon of resistance deeply informed by Marxism and influential on black feminist thought.
2023-Jun-05 • 37 minutes
HAP 125 - Phenomenal Woman - The Black Women’s Literary Renaissance
Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou and Alice Walker explore the themes of black feminism (or “womanism”) in their fiction. Warning: this episode contains discussion of sexual violence and suicide.
2023-May-21 • 25 minutes
HAP 124 - Double Jeopardy - Black Feminism
1970s black feminists like Toni Cade Bambara, the Combahee River Collective, and Awa Thiam critique white feminist and black nationalist failures to recognize the unique struggle of the black woman.
2023-Apr-30 • 33 minutes
HAP 123 - History Teaches Us - Walter Rodney
Another Caribbean thinker, Walter Rodney of Guyana, explores Africana history from a Marxist perspective.
2023-Apr-16 • 18 minutes
HAP 122 - A More Human Face - Steve Biko
Famous for his killing at the hands of the Apartheid government in South Africa, Steve Biko was also a deep thinker, who introduced the notion of Black Consciousness.
2023-Apr-02 • 34 minutes
HAP 121 - No Agreement - Fela Kuti and Wole Soyinka
The political and musical revolution of Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat, and the social critique of his cousin, the playwright Wole Soyinka.
2023-Mar-19 • 25 minutes
HAP 120 - Redemption Songs - Reggae and Rastafari
How the Rastafari movement grew from trends within Africana philosophy, and then passed into global popular culture in the music of Bob Marley and other reggae artists.
2023-Mar-05 • 23 minutes
HAP 119 - The Space Race - Afrofuturism
Sun Ra and Parliament-Funkadelic return to claim the pyramids, and Octavia Butler uses science fiction to confront the brutal past of slavery.
2023-Feb-19 • 32 minutes
HAP 118 - African Survivals - Abdias do Nascimento
Abdias do Nascimento, a leader in Brazilian theater and politics, and his theory of Qilombismo.
2023-Feb-05 • 29 minutes
HAP 117 - Spear of the Nation - Nelson Mandela and the ANC
The career and ideas of Nelson Mandela up to the time of his imprisonment, in the context of the founding of the African National Congress.
2023-Jan-22 • 30 minutes
HAP 116 - Olufemi Taiwo and Olufemi Taiwo on Cabral
Two scholars of the same name join us to shed further light on Amílcar Cabral.
2023-Jan-08 • 22 minutes
HAP 115 - Weapon of Choice - Amílcar Cabral
Amílcar Cabral, leader of a revolution against colonialism in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde, rethinks culture and Marxist theory as bases for his struggle.
2022-Dec-25 • 24 minutes
HAP 114 - Teacher Taught Me - Julius Nyerere
The first leader of independent Tanzania grounds his socialist ideas in traditional African values.
2022-Dec-11 • 31 minutes
HAP 113 - A Fighting God - Black Theology
After Albert Cleage and James Cone propose a liberatory interpretation of Christianity, William R. Jones wonders whether God is a white racist. We also follow Black Theology among “Womanist” authors and in South Africa.
2022-Nov-27 • 26 minutes
HAP 112 - Poems That Kill - the Black Arts Movement
African American literature of the late 1960s reflects the Black Power movement, in the works of such authors as Amiri Baraka, Nikki Giovanni, Haki Madhubuti, Larry Neal, and Sonia Sanchez.
2022-Nov-13 • 33 minutes
HAP 111 - A Kwanzaa Story - Maulana Karenga
The controversial career of the Pan-Africanist philosopher Maulana Karenga, inventor of the holiday Kwanzaa.
2022-Oct-30 • 26 minutes
HAP 110 - Politics with Bloodshed - the Black Panthers
The philosophical underpinnings of a “vanguard of revolution” led by Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, and Eldridge Cleaver: the Black Panther Party.
2022-Oct-16 • 21 minutes
HAP 109 - Say It Loud - Black Power
How the controversial slogan “black power,” used by activists like Stokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown, relates to ideas of militancy, separatism, and the power of language.
2022-Oct-02 • 28 minutes
HAP 108 - Or Does It Explode? - Lorraine Hansberry
The underestimated radicalism of Lorraine Hansberry, author of the famous play "A Raisin in the Sun".
2022-Sep-18 • 41 minutes
HAP 107 - Lewis Gordon on Frantz Fanon
We're joined by a leading Fanon expert to talk about a range of themes in his work: Negritude, psychiatry, and violence.
2022-Sep-04 • 24 minutes
HAP 106 - Combat Literature - Franz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth
Fanon’s incendiary final work explores the violent process of decolonization.
2022-Jul-24 • 34 minutes
HAP 105 - Meeting the Gaze - Frantz Fanon’s Black Skin White Masks
Frantz Fanon combines existentialist philosophy and psychiatry to diagnose the condition of the colonialized target of racism.
2022-Jul-10 • 20 minutes
HAP 104 - In Unity Lies Strength - Kwame Nkrumah
The first leader of independent Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, writes against neocolonialism and in favor of socialism and Pan-Africanism.
2022-Jun-26 • 29 minutes
HAP 103 - A Federal Case - Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo
Two Nigerian activists lead the struggle for independence, and clash over the competing values of national unity and ethnic diversity.
2022-Jun-12 • 28 minutes
HAP 102 - From Cuba with Love - Juan Rene Betancourt
The Cuban activist and author Juan Rene Betancourt urges racial solidarity and reckons with the revolution under Castro and the island’s turn towards Communism.
2022-May-29 • 29 minutes
HAP 101 - Crossing Paths - the Last Years of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr
After 1963, the views of Malcolm X and MLK came closer together, on topics including internationalism, political engagement, and economics.
2022-May-15 • 50 minutes
HAP 100 - Chike Jeffers on the Early Twentieth Century
Chike joins Peter to look back at our coverage of Africana philosophy in the first half of the 20th century.
2022-May-01 • 25 minutes
HAP 99 - American Nightmare - Malcolm X
The life and career of Malcolm X up to 1963, with a focus on his separatist black nationalism and his critique of non-violent protest.
2022-Apr-17 • 36 minutes
HAP 98 - Meena Krishnamurthy on Martin Luther King Jr
An interview about the role of the emotions, including anger and feelings of dignity, with MLK expert Meena Krishnamurthy.
2022-Apr-03 • 26 minutes
HAP 97 - American Dream - Martin Luther King Jr.
The story of Martin Luther King Jr. up to 1963, focusing on the development of his philosophy of nonviolence.
2022-Mar-20 • 20 minutes
HAP 96 - A Lover’s War - James Baldwin
In "The Fire Next Time" and other writings, the essayist and novelist James Baldwin seeks to dispel the illusions surrounding racial and sexual difference.
2022-Mar-06 • 27 minutes
HAP 95 - Black and Blue - Ralph Ellison
Ralph Ellison provides a new metaphor for the experience of racism in his Invisible Man and tackles topics of art and identity in his essays.
2022-Feb-20 • 29 minutes
HAP 94 - How Did You Happen? - Richard Wright
Famous for his incendiary novel Native Son, Richard Wright responds in his multifaceted writings to sociology, communism, colonialism, and existentialism.
2022-Feb-06 • 31 minutes
HAP 93 - Carole Boyce Davies on Claudia Jones
Interview guest Carole Boyce Davies joins us to talk about the radical ideas of Claudia Jones.
2022-Jan-23 • 24 minutes
HAP 92 - Half the World - Claudia Jones
Claudia Jones argues that Communism provides the remedy for racism and imperialism.
2022-Jan-09 • 29 minutes
HAP 91 - Massa Day Done - Oliver Cox and Eric Williams
Two Trinidadian political thinkers: sociologist Oliver Cox analyzes the nature of racial prejudice, and historian Eric Williams connects capitalism to slavery.
2021-Dec-26 • 22 minutes
HAP 90 - Move Fast and Break Things - C.L.R. James
The Trinidadian historian and cultural critic C.L.R. James applies Marxist analysis to the Haitian Revolution, American cinema, and Shakespeare.
2021-Dec-12 • 19 minutes
HAP 89 - Separate but Unequal - E. Franklin Frazier
Sociologist E. Franklin Frazier critiques the Harlem Renaissance and the “black bourgeoisie” for failing to embrace values that will empower black Americans.
2021-Nov-28 • 33 minutes
HAP 88 - The Surreal Deal - Aimé and Suzanne Césaire
Negritude thinkers Aimé and Suzanne Césaire embrace surrealism and reflect on the relationships between poetry, knowledge, and identity.
2021-Nov-14 • 29 minutes
HAP 87 - Call It Intuition - Leopold Senghor
Leopold Senghor compares different ways of knowing while developing his theory of Negritude and combining the roles of poet and politician.
2021-Oct-31 • 26 minutes
HAP 86 - French Connection - The Negritude Movement
Our first look at the emergence of the Negritude movement in Paris in the 1930s, with a focus on the early leadership of the Nardal sisters and Leon Damas.
2021-Oct-17 • 34 minutes
HAP 85 - Liam Kofi Bright on Du Bois‘ Philosophy of Science
Guest Liam Kofi Bright discusses Du Bois' ideal of value-free science and the place of science within his wider thought.
2021-Oct-03 • 28 minutes
HAP 84 - Live Long and Protest - W.E.B. Du Bois, 1920-1963
Du Bois moves to the left, and revisits and refines older positions during the latter half of his very long life.
2021-Sep-19 • 23 minutes
HAP 83 - Songs of the People - Paul Robeson and the Negro Spiritual
The career of the multi-talented activist and performer Paul Robeson, and the place of the Negro spiritual in the Harlem Renaissance.
2021-Sep-05 • 21 minutes
HAP 82 - The Florida Project - Zora Neale Hurston
Zora Neale Hurston’s interest in Africana folklore feeds into her great novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.
2021-Jul-25 • 21 minutes
HAP 81 - Making History - Carter G. Woodson
Pioneering historian Carter G. Woodson argues for a new approach to education and economic uplift.
2021-Jul-11 • 27 minutes
HAP 80 - Scholarly Contributions - African American Professional Philosophers
From the latter half of the nineteenth century to the 1970s, African Americans only rarely obtain jobs as philosophy professors but bring distinctive perspectives to the profession.
2021-Jun-27 • 27 minutes
HAP 79 - Leonard Harris on Alain Locke
Leonard Harris explains how Locke's value theory was the basis for his aesthetics and theories of democracy and race.
2021-Jun-13 • 25 minutes
HAP 78 - Freedom Through Art - Alain Locke
The aesthetics of Alain Locke and its basis in his theory of value judgments.
2021-May-30 • 27 minutes
HAP 77 - A Race Capital - The Harlem Renaissance
The artistic flowering of the 1920s known as the Harlem Renaissance raises important questions about identity and the purpose of art.
2021-May-16 • 28 minutes
HAP 76 - Michael Dawson on Garvey and Black Nationalism
An interview with Michael Dawson, who explains Marcus Garvey's black nationalism and how this and other political ideologies, like socialism and liberalism, have fared from the time of Garvey down to the present day.
2021-May-02 • 22 minutes
HAP 75 - Now I Have a Rival - The Two Amy Garveys
Marcus Garvey’s two wives, Amy Ashwood Garvey and Amy Jacques Garvey, establish themselves as activists in their own right and bring feminism into the Pan-African movement.
2021-Apr-18 • 30 minutes
HAP 74 - Black Star - Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey leads a powerful movement, inspires racial pride, and feuds with other thinkers like Du Bois.
2021-Apr-04 • 36 minutes
HAP 73 - Vanessa Wills on Africana Marxism
Vanessa Wills speaks to us about Marx and his Africana legacy, with a special focus on black women Marxists.
2021-Mar-21 • 21 minutes
HAP 72 - In A Class of Their Own - Early African American Socialism
Around the time of World War One, Hubert Harrison, A. Philip Randolph, and other black socialists argue that racial oppression is caused by capitalism.
2021-Mar-07 • 25 minutes
HAP 71 - In Blyden’s Wake - West African Intellectuals of the Early Twentieth Century
West African intellectuals like J.E. Casely-Hayford and Mojola Agbebi build upon Edward Blyden’s ideas at the dawn of the twentieth century.
2021-Feb-21 • 33 minutes
HAP 70 - Tommy Curry on the Early 20th Century
We chat with Tommy Curry about African-American thought between the turn of the century and the Harlem Renaissance.
2021-Feb-07 • 26 minutes
HAP 69 - The Best We Have - The American Negro Academy
The ANA unites leading African American scholars of the early 20th century, including W.E.B. Du Bois, Paul Laurence Dunbar, William Ferris, Archibald Grimké, and Kelly Miller.
2021-Jan-24 • 26 minutes
HAP 68 - The Problem of the Color Line - Introducing the Twentieth Century
By exploring the work and activities of W.E.B. Du Bois around the turn of the twentieth century, we introduce some of the themes of our coverage of that century.
2021-Jan-10 • 51 minutes
HAP 67 - Chike Jeffers on Slavery and Diasporic Philosophy
Co-host Chike joins Peter to look back at series 2 and ahead to series 3.
2020-Dec-27 • 28 minutes
HAP 66 - Lifting the Veil - Introducing W.E.B. Du Bois
W.E.B. Du Bois emerges as a historian, sociologist, and innovative philosophical thinker in the 1890s, and introduces his famous idea of "double consciousness."
2020-Dec-13 • 23 minutes
HAP 65 - Separate Fingers, One Hand - Booker T. Washington
Was Booker T. Washington’s “accomodationist” approach to race relations a failure to stand up to injustice or a cunning strategy for incremental change?
2020-Nov-29 • 22 minutes
HAP 64 - God is a Negro - Henry McNeal Turner
A late 19th-century churchman tries to explain how slavery fit into God’s plan, and decide whether the future for African-Americans lies in Africa or America.
2020-Nov-15 • 30 minutes
HAP 63 - Brittney Cooper on Black Women Activists
Brittney Cooper on activists connected to the National Association of Colored Women, including Fannie Barrier Williams, Mary Church Terrell, and Ida B. Wells.
2020-Nov-01 • 21 minutes
HAP 62 - American Barbarism - Ida B. Wells
Ida B. Wells, her tireless crusade against lynching, and her analysis of the underlying purpose of racial violence.
2020-Oct-18 • 23 minutes
HAP 61 - When and Where I Enter - Anna Julia Cooper
Anna Julia Cooper’s "A Voice from the South", an unprecedented contribution to black feminist theory.
2020-Oct-04 • 23 minutes
HAP 60 - Though Late, It Is Liberty- Abolitionism in Brazil
Abolitionists Luiz Gama and Joaquim Nabuco, and the great novelist Machado de Assis, react to the injustices of slaveholding in Brazil.
2020-Sep-20 • 26 minutes
HAP 59 - Frowning at Froudacious Fabrications - J.J. Thomas and F.A. Durham
John Jacob Thomas argues for self-government in the English colonies of the Caribbean but his fellow Trinidadian Frederick Alexander Durham recommends repatriation to Africa instead.
2020-Sep-06 • 23 minutes
HAP 58 - A Common Circle - Anténor Firmin
Haitian anthropologist Anténor Firmin debunks racist pseudo-science and argues that inequalities among humans are caused by social, not biological, factors.
2020-Jul-19 • 22 minutes
HAP 57 - Race First, Then Party - T. Thomas Fortune
T. Thomas Fortune uses newspaper editorials to put forth a theory of civil rights and set out a plan of political action for protecting them.
2020-Jul-05 • 26 minutes
HAP 56 - African Personality - Edward Blyden
Edward Blyden gains appreciation for Islam in West Africa and gradually moves from political nationalism to cultural nationalism.
2020-Jun-21 • 22 minutes
HAP 55 - Planting the Seeds - James Africanus Beale Horton
Africanus Horton looks toward a future of self-government for West Africa beyond slavery and colonialism.
2020-Jun-07 • 25 minutes
HAP 54 - Wilson Moses on the Roots of Black Nationalism
Wilson Moses speaks to us about his research into early black notionalism, as represented by Crummell, Douglass, and others.
2020-May-24 • 24 minutes
HAP 53 - Pilgrim’s Progress - Alexander Crummell
Alexander Crummell moves from pan-Africanism to reform of African American culture, identifying progressive “civilization” as a means of liberation.
2020-May-10 • 26 minutes
HAP 52 - Great White North - Emigration to Canada
Mary Ann Shadd and Samuel Ringgold Ward reflect on what Canada can offer African Americans, differing on the problem of racism.
2020-Apr-26 • 26 minutes
HAP 51 - I Read Men and Nations - Sojourner Truth and Frances Harper
The moral crusades of Sojourner Truth and Frances Harper, activists against racial and gender oppression.
2020-Apr-12 • 24 minutes
HAP 50 - Nation Within a Nation - Martin Delany
He is called a “father of black nationalism,” but Martin Delany also promoted integration in American society. Can the apparent tension be resolved?
2020-Mar-29 • 25 minutes
HAP 49 - Let Your Motto Be Resistance - Henry Highland Garnet
Henry Highland Garnet encourages, or actually demands, that enslaved Americans throw off their chains and debates Douglass over how best to resist slavery.
2020-Mar-15 • 23 minutes
HAP 48 - Happy Holidays - Two Speeches by Frederick Douglass
In two speeches marking holidays, Frederick Douglass champions the idea of world citizenship, the power of appeals to conscience to bring change, and the role of violence.
2020-Mar-01 • 23 minutes
HAP 47 - Written by Himself - the Life of Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass' journey from slave to leading figure of 19th century American thought.
2020-Feb-16 • 30 minutes
HAP 46 - Melvin Rogers on 19th Century Political Thought
Melvin Rogers joins us to discuss Hosea Walker, Maria Stewart, and Hosea Easton.
2020-Feb-02 • 32 minutes
HAP 45 - Unnatural Causes - Hosea Easton’s Treatise
Hosea Easton’s Treatise provides an overlooked but fascinating theory of race and racism.
2020-Jan-19 • 23 minutes
HAP 44 - Religion and Pure Principles - Maria W. Stewart
Maria W. Stewart’s public addresses bring the concerns of African American women into the struggle against racial prejudice.
2020-Jan-05 • 25 minutes
HAP 43 - Kill or Be Killed - David Walker’s Appeal
David Walker defends violent resistance and encourages self-improvement in his incendiary and influential Appeal.
2019-Dec-22 • 32 minutes
HAP 42 - James Sidbury on African Identity
An interview with James Sidbury about the emergence of a self-conscious African identity in the diaspora.
2019-Dec-08 • 22 minutes
HAP 41 - Should I Stay or Should I Go? - The Colonization Controversy
Questions of political autonomy and group identity in the emigration movement led by Paul Cuffe, Daniel Coker, John Russwurm and others.
2019-Nov-24 • 22 minutes
HAP 40 - American Africans - Early Black Institutions in the US
Building black institutions in early American history, with Prince Hall and the Masons in Boston, and Richard Allen and the Methodists in Philadelphia.
2019-Nov-10 • 32 minutes
HAP 39 - Doris Garraway on the Haitian Revolution
An interview with Doris Garraway on the background, intellectual basis, and legacy of the Haitian Revolution.
2019-Oct-27 • 24 minutes
HAP 38 - My Haitian Pen - Baron de Vastey
The Baron de Vastey unveils the horror of colonialism as a system and defends the monarchy of King Christophe in the tense early years of Haiti’s independence.
2019-Oct-13 • 23 minutes
HAP 37 - Liberty, Equality, Humanity - The Haitian Revolution
In an age of revolutions and revolutionary ideas, the Haitian Revolution of 1791-1804 stands out as the most radical of them all.
2019-Sep-29 • 30 minutes
HAP 36 - Sons of Africa - Quobna Ottobah Cugoano and Olaudah Equiano
Quobna Ottobah Cugoano and Olaudah Equiano advance the goals of the abolitionist movement through a groundbreaking political treatise and an influential autobiography.
2019-Sep-15 • 29 minutes
HAP 35 - Letters from the Heart - Ignatius Sancho and Benjamin Banneker
Ignatius Sancho and Benjamin Banneker make their mark on the history of Africana thought through letters that reflect on the power of sentiment.
2019-Sep-01 • 27 minutes
HAP 34 - New England Patriot - Lemuel Haynes
Preacher and Revolutionary War soldier Lemuel Haynes argues that the principles of the American Revolution demand the abolition of slavery.
2019-Jul-21 • 22 minutes
HAP 33 - Young, Gifted, and Black - Phillis Wheatley
Phillis Wheatley astonishes colonial Americans with her exquisite and precocious poetry and reflects on the liberating power of the imagination.
2019-Jul-07 • 25 minutes
HAP 32 - Talking Book - Early Africana Writing in English
18th century black authors touch on philosophical themes in autobiographical narratives, poetry, and other literary genres.
2019-Jun-23 • 40 minutes
HAP 31 - Justin Smith on Amo and Race in Early Modern Philosophy
Justin E.H. Smith joins us to discuss Anton Wilhelm Amo against the background of ideas about race in early modern philosophy, including Leibniz.
2019-Jun-09 • 27 minutes
HAP 30 - Dualist Personality - Anton Wilhelm Amo
Anton Wilhelm Amo, brought to Germany from his native Ghana, defends a rigorous dualism of mind and body. Was this philosophy connected to his African origins?
2019-May-26 • 28 minutes
HAP 29 - Out of Africa - Slavery and the Diaspora
An introduction to Africana philosophical thought as it emerged from the modern experience of slavery and colonization by Europeans.
2019-May-12 • 44 minutes
HAP 28 - Chike Jeffers on Precolonial African Philosophy
Co-host Chike Jeffers and Peter chat about the themes and questions raised by the podcast so far.
2019-Apr-28 • 27 minutes
HAP 27 - Beyond the Reaction - The Continuing Relevance of Precolonial Traditions
As the twentieth century draws to a close, the critique of ethnophilosophy gives way to approaches that continue to privilege the study of precolonial traditions.
2019-Apr-14 • 31 minutes
HAP 26 - Kai Kresse on the Anthropology of Philosophy
An interview with Kai Kresse who discusses his efforts to do "anthropology of philosophy" on the Swahili Coast.
2019-Mar-31 • 21 minutes
HAP 25 - Wise Guys - Sage Philosophy
Henry Odera Oruka’s new method for exploring philosophy in Africa, based on interviews with wise individuals.
2019-Mar-17 • 28 minutes
HAP 24 - Professionally Speaking - The Reaction Against Ethnophilosophy
Paulin Hountondji and other African philosophers criticize ethnophilosophy and advocate a universalist approach.
2019-Mar-03 • 39 minutes
HAP 23 - Nkiru Nzegwu on Gender in African Tradition
An interview with Nkiru Nzegwu on matriarchy and gender fluidity in Africa.
2019-Feb-17 • 24 minutes
HAP 22 - Women Have no Tribe - Gender in African Tradition
What archeology and ethnography tell us about the diverse and often ambiguous roles of men and women in traditional African societies.
2019-Feb-03 • 22 minutes
HAP 21 - The Doctor Will See You Now - Divination, Witchcraft, and Knowledge
Special forms of knowledge and the explanation of misfortunes in African tradition.
2019-Jan-20 • 22 minutes
HAP 20 - I Am Because We Are - Communalism in African Ethics and Politics
Emphasis on the value of community as a major theme in African philosophy.
2019-Jan-06 • 18 minutes
HAP 19 - Behind the Mask - African Philosophy of the Person
Traditional African ideas about personhood, which challenge assumptions about the relation between mind and body, self and other.
2018-Dec-23 • 21 minutes
HAP 18 - One to Rule Them All - God in African Philosophy
Is traditional African religion in some sense monotheist, despite the worship of many divinities?
2018-Dec-09 • 20 minutes
HAP 17 - Event Horizon - African Philosophy of Time
John Mbiti’s influential and controversial claim that traditional Africans experience time as having “a long past, a present, and virtually no future.”
2018-Nov-25 • 37 minutes
HAP 16 - Samuel Imbo on Okot p'Bitek and Oral Traditions
A conversation with Sam Imbo on approaching oral traditions as philosophy and the Ugandan thinker and poet Okot p'Bitek.
2018-Nov-11 • 21 minutes
HAP 15 - Heard it Through the Grapevine - Oral Philosophy in Africa
An introduction to the “ethnophilosophy” approach inaugurated by Placide Tempels, its promises and potential pitfalls.
2018-Oct-28 • 30 minutes
HAP 14 - Souleymane Bachir Diagne on Islam in Africa
Peter speaks to Souleymane Bachir Diagne about Islamic scholars in West Africa.
2018-Oct-14 • 22 minutes
HAP 13 - Renewing the Faith - the Sokoto Caliphate
Uthman Dan Fodio and his family were scholars, poets, and warriors whose jihad in 19th century Nigeria created the Sokoto Caliphate.
2018-Sep-30 • 21 minutes
HAP 12 - From Here to Timbuktu - Subsaharan Islamic Philosophy
The spread of Islamic scholarship in subsaharan Africa, focusing on intellectuals of the Songhay empire around the Niger River in the 15th-17th centuries.
2018-Sep-16 • 40 minutes
HAP 11 - Teodros Kiros on Ethiopian Philosophy
Teodros Kiros discusses the history of Ethiopian thought and how it has influenced his own work in political philosophy.
2018-Sep-02 • 22 minutes
HAP 10 - Think for Yourself - Walda Heywat
Walda Heywat’s reaction to the thought of his teacher Zera Yacob, and the dispute over the authenticity of these two Ethiopian philosophers.
2018-Jul-22 • 21 minutes
HAP 09 - In You I Take Shelter - Zera Yacob
The 17th century Ethiopian rationalist Zera Yacob, hailed as the first modern Africana philosopher.
2018-Jul-08 • 28 minutes
HAP 08 - Solomon, Socrates, and Other Sages - Early Ethiopian Philosophy
Philosophy in Ethiopia, with translations of religious and philosophical texts into Ge’ez and a national epic called the Kebra Nagast.
2018-Jun-24 • 32 minutes
HAP 07 - Richard Parkinson on Egyptian Poetry
Egyptioogist Richard Parkinson joins us to talk about the context and meaning of the Eloquent Peasant and other literary works of ancient Egypt.
2018-Jun-10 • 24 minutes
HAP 06 - Heated Exchanges - Philosophy in Egyptian Narratives and Dialogues
Demands for ma’at (justice or truth) and a confrontation with the soul, in the Tale of the Eloquent Peasant and Dispute Between a Man and his Ba.
2018-May-27 • 22 minutes
HAP 05 - Father Knows Best - Moral and Political Philosophy in the Instructions
Ethical reflection in ancient Egyptian grave inscriptions and in works of instruction, such as the Maxims of Ptahhotep and the Instructions named for Amenemope, Ani, and Merikare.
2018-May-13 • 19 minutes
HAP 04 - Pyramid Schemes - Philosophy in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian figures and writings including the Pyramid Texts, Imhotep, and the "first monotheist" Akhenaten reflect on the nature of things and questions of morality.
2018-Apr-29 • 21 minutes
HAP 03 - Fertile Ground - Philosophy in Ancient Mesopotamia
Do the cuneiform writings of Babylonian culture show that it had its own philosophy?
2018-Apr-15 • 19 minutes
HAP 02 - It’s Only Human - Philosophy in Prehistoric Africa
Might philosophy be as old as humankind as we know it? We investigate the implications of findings concerning the origins of humankind in Africa.
2018-Apr-01 • 22 minutes
HAP 01 - Something Old, Something New - Introducing Africana Philosophy
Chike Jeffers and Peter Adamson kick off the new series by explaining the scope and meaning of "Africana philosophy".
2018-Mar-18 • 36 minutes
HPI 62 - Kit Patrick on Philosophy and Indian History
The host of the History of India podcast joins us for the final episode on India. Coming next: Africana philosophy!
2018-Mar-04 • 24 minutes
HPI 61 - What Happened Next - Indian Philosophy After Dignaga
A whirlwind tour of developments in Indian philosophy after Dignāga and a few words about the contemporary relevance of the tradition.
2018-Feb-18 • 21 minutes
HPI 60 - The Buddha and I - Indian Influence on Islamic and European Thought
The impact of ancient Indian thought upon the Muslim scholar al-Bīrūnī and upon European thinkers like Hume, Hegel, and Schopenhauer.
2018-Feb-04 • 23 minutes
HPI 59 - Looking East - Indian Influence on Greek Thought
Did Indian ideas play a role in shaping ancient Greek philosophy?
2018-Jan-21 • 26 minutes
HPI 58 - Amber Carpenter on Animals in Indian Philosophy
An interview with Amber Carpenter about the status of nonhuman animals in ancient Indian philosophy and literature.
2018-Jan-07 • 21 minutes
HPI 57 - Learn by Doing - Tantra
Philosophy is put into practice in Kashmir Śaivite Tantra and Buddhist Tantra.
2017-Dec-24 • 20 minutes
HPI 56 - Who’s Pulling Your Strings? - Buddhaghosa
Buddhaghosa, a major figure in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, argues against the need for a self to control and coordinate mental activities.
2017-Dec-10 • 18 minutes
HPI 55 - Doors of Perception - Dignaga on Consciousness
Dignāga argues that all perception is accompanied by self-awareness.
2017-Nov-26 • 47 minutes
HPI 54 - Graham Priest on Logic and Buddhism
Graham Priest joins Peter to discuss non-classical logic and its connections with Buddhist patterns of reasoning.
2017-Nov-12 • 24 minutes
HPI 53 - Follow the Evidence - Dignaga's Logic
Dignāga’s trairūpya theory, which sets out the three conditions required for making reliable inferences.
2017-Oct-29 • 23 minutes
HPI 52 - Under Construction - Dignaga on Perception and Language
The great Buddhist thinker Dignāga argues that general concepts and language are mere constructions superimposed on perception.
2017-Oct-15 • 21 minutes
HPI 51 - Change of Mind - Vasubandhu and Yogacara Buddhism
Vasubandhu’s path to Yogācāra Buddhism, a form of idealism which holds that nothing can be mind-independent.
2017-Oct-01 • 32 minutes
HPI 50 - Marie-Hélène Gorisse on Jain Epistemology
We're joined by Marie-Hélène Gorisse for a look at the Jain theory of knowledge.
2017-Sep-17 • 18 minutes
HPI 49 - Well Qualified - the Jains on Truth
Does the Jain theory of seven predications (saptabhaṇgī) land them in self-contradiction, or help them to avoid it?
2017-Aug-06 • 21 minutes
HPI 48 - Taking Perspective - the Jain Theory of Standpoints
The Jain theory of standpoints or non-onesidedness (anekāntavāda) makes truth a matter of perspective.
2017-Jul-23 • 37 minutes
HPI 47 - Jan Westerhoff on Nagarjuna
A discussion with Jan Westerhoff, an expert on the great Buddhist thinker Nāgārjuna.
2017-Jul-09 • 21 minutes
HPI 46 - No Four Ways About It - Nagarjuna’s Tetralemma
Nāgārjuna’s four-fold argument scheme, the tetralemma (catuṣkoṭi).
2017-Jun-25 • 23 minutes
HPI 45 - Motion Denied - Nagarjuna on Change
Nāgārjuna applies his emptiness theory to motion, change, and cognition.
2017-Jun-11 • 22 minutes
HPI 44 - It All Depends - Nagarjuna on Emptiness
Nāgārjuna founds the Madhyāmaka (“middle way”) Buddhist tradition by “relinquishing all views” and arguing that everything is “empty.”
2017-May-28 • 21 minutes
HPI 43 - We Beg to Differ - the Buddhists and Jains
An introduction to philosophical developments in Buddhism and Jainism up to the time of Dignāga in the sixth century AD.
2017-May-14 • 21 minutes
HPI 42 - In Good Taste - The Aesthetics of Rasa
Bharata’s Nāṭya-Śāstra and later works from Kashmir explore the idea of rasa, an emotional response to drama, music, and poetry.
2017-Apr-30 • 30 minutes
HPI 41 - Monima Chadha on Indian Philosophy of Mind
Monima Chadha takes Peter through Buddhist-Hindu debates over mind and self.
2017-Apr-16 • 20 minutes
HPI 40 - Mind out of Matter - Materialist Theories of the Self
Pāyasi and the Cārvāka anticipate modern-day theories of mind by arguing that there is no independent soul; rather thought emerges from the body.
2017-Apr-02 • 20 minutes
HPI 39 - The Wolf’s Footprint - Indian Naturalism
The Cārvāka or Lokāyata tradition rejects the efficacy of ritual and belief in the afterlife, and restricts knowledge to the realm of sense-perception.
2017-Mar-19 • 22 minutes
HPI 38 - A Day in the Life - Theories of Time
Ancient Indian cosmology and the Vaiśeṣika defense of the reality of time and space.
2017-Mar-05 • 23 minutes
HPI 37 - The Whole Story - Vaisesika on Complexity and Causation
The Vaiśeṣika response to Buddhist skepticism about wholes made up of parts.
2017-Feb-19 • 19 minutes
HPI 36 - Fine Grained Analysis - Kanada's Vaisesika-Sutra
The Vaiśeṣika school offers a metaphysical analysis of the world and an atomistic physics.
2017-Feb-05 • 40 minutes
HPI 35 - Ujjwala Jha and V.N. Jha on Nyaya
Prof Jha and Prof Jha discuss the theories and later influence of the Nyāya school.
2017-Jan-22 • 22 minutes
HPI 34 - The Truth Shall Set You Free - Nyaya on the Mind
Nyāya proposes that each of us has both a self and a mind, in addition to the body.
2017-Jan-08 • 20 minutes
HPI 33 - Standard Deductions - Nyaya on Reasoning
Gautama and his commentators tell us how to separate good inferences from bad ones.
2016-Dec-25 • 22 minutes
HPI 32 - What You See Is What You Get - Nyaya on Perception
Nyāya philosophers explain how perception can bring us knowledge.
2016-Dec-11 • 22 minutes
HPI 31 - Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire - Gautama’s Nyaya-Sutra
The Nyāya-Sūtra inaugurates a tradition of logical and epistemological analysis.
2016-Nov-27 • 30 minutes
HPI 30 - Philipp Maas on Yoga
A leading expert on the founding text of Yoga tells us why, when, and by whom it was written.
2016-Nov-13 • 20 minutes
HPI 29 - Practice Makes Perfect - Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra
Yoga as presented by Patañjali offers a practical complement to the Sāṃkhya theory of the cosmos and the self.
2016-Oct-30 • 24 minutes
HPI 28 - Who Wants to Live Forever? - Early Ayurvedic Medicine
Philosophical aspects of Ayurveda, focusing on the oldest surviving medical treatise, the Caraka-Samhita.
2016-Oct-16 • 24 minutes
HPI 27 - The Theory of Evolution - Isvarakrsna’s Samkhya-karika
The oldest treatise of Sāṃkhya enumerates the principles of the cosmos and of the human mind.
2016-Oct-02 • 34 minutes
HPI 26 - Francis Clooney on Vedanta
Francis Clooney joins us to discuss the religious and philosophical aspects of Vedānta.
2016-Sep-18 • 19 minutes
HPI 25 - Communication Breakdown - Bhartrihari on Language
The grammarian Bhartṛhari argues that the study of language is the path to liberation, because the undivided reality underlying language is brahman.
2016-Sep-04 • 22 minutes
HPI 24 - No Two Ways About It - Sankara and Advaita Vedanta
Śaṅkara and his “non-dual” (Advaita) Vedānta, which teaches that only brahman is real, and the world of experience and individual self are mere illusion.
2016-Aug-06 • 2 minutes
Summer Reading
How to fill the month of August while the podcast is on summer break. Buy the book versions of the podcast at Oxford University Press.
2016-Jul-24 • 19 minutes
HPI 23 - Source Code - Badarayana’s Vedanta-sutra
The founding text of the Vedānta school, the Vedānta- or Brahma-Sūtra, interprets the Upaniṣads as teaching that all things derive from brahman.
2016-Jul-10 • 36 minutes
HPI 22 - Elisa Freschi on Mimamsa
Mīmāṃsā expert Elisa Freschi speaks to Peter about philosophical issues arising from the interpretation of the Veda.
2016-Jun-26 • 20 minutes
HPI 21 - Innocent Until Proven Guilty - Mimamsa on Knowledge and Language
The Mīmāṃsā school put their faith in sense experience, and argue that the Veda, and hence language itself, had no beginning.
2016-Jun-12 • 21 minutes
HPI 20 - Master of Ceremonies - Jaimini’s Mimamsa-Sutra
In the Mīmāṃsā school’s founding text, Jaimini systematizes Vedic ritual and explores its theoretical basis.
2016-May-29 • 23 minutes
HPI 19 - When in Doubt - the Rise of Skepticism
Skeptical tendences in Indian thought and responses to skepticism from the Mīmāṃsā and Vedānta schools.
2016-May-14 • 24 minutes
HPI 18 - A Tangled Web - the Age of the Sutra
Rival philosophical schools proliferate and subdivide in our second major historical period, the “age of the sūtra.”
2016-May-01 • 35 minutes
HPI 17 - Jessica Frazier on Hinduism and Philosophy
An interview with Jessica Frazier about philosophical ideas and arguments in the Vedas, Upanisads and later Hindu texts.
2016-Apr-17 • 21 minutes
HPI 16 - Better Half - Women in Ancient India
Women philosophers and ideas about women in Buddhism, the Upanisads, and the Mahabharata.
2016-Apr-03 • 24 minutes
HPI 15 - Mostly Harmless - Non-Violence
Vegetarianism and non-violence (ahimsa) in ancient Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.
2016-Mar-20 • 20 minutes
HPI 14 - World on a String - The Bhagavad-Gita
The Bhagavad-Gītā or “Song of the Lord” from the Mahābhārata ties its theory of detached action to an innovative conception of the divine.
2016-Mar-06 • 21 minutes
HPI 13 - Grand Illusion - Dharma and Deception in the Mahabharata
The great Hindu epic Mahābhārata explores moral dilemmas and the permissibilty of lying, against the background of the ethical concept of dharma.
2016-Feb-21 • 33 minutes
HPI 12 - Rupert Gethin on Buddhism and the Self
Peter speaks to Rupert Gethin about the no-self theory, and its implications for Buddhist ethics and meditation practices.
2016-Feb-07 • 22 minutes
HPI 11 - Carry a Big Stick - Ancient Indian Political Thought
Two figures from the Mauryan dynasty, Kautilya and the king Ashoka, set out contrasting ideas about the ideal political rule.
2016-Jan-24 • 21 minutes
HPI 10 - Crossover Appeal - The Nature of the Buddha’s Teaching
The Buddha offers two parables to explain the purpose of his philosophical teaching.
2016-Jan-10 • 22 minutes
HPI 09 - Suffering and Smiling - the Buddha
The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha, and the function they are supposed to play in our lives.