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Podcast Profile: Philosophy

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3 episodes
2010 to 2012
Median: 49 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Recorded lectures from the Faculty of Philosophy

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Human thought versus animal consciousness • Medieval philosophy • Notion of causality and Bertrand Russell's perspectives

This podcast, titled "Philosophy," features recorded lectures from the Faculty of Philosophy, delving into a range of thought-provoking topics. The episodes explore both historical and contemporary philosophical debates, drawing on the rich intellectual traditions and discourses that define the field of philosophy.

One recurring theme in the podcast is the exploration of what distinguishes human thought from that of other animals. This subject is examined through the lens of both historical philosophical arguments and empirical research, reflecting on the conscious lives of animals and how their cognitive processes compare and contrast with human thinking.

Another significant aspect of the podcast is its focus on the historical development of philosophical ideas. Specifically, it addresses periods such as Medieval Philosophy, posing critical questions about its temporal boundaries and its relevance within the broader history of philosophy.

Additionally, contemporary philosophical discussions are highlighted by revisiting and analyzing influential philosophical works and their ongoing impact. For instance, there is an emphasis on early 20th-century philosophy, with discussions that revisit seminal essays, examine their themes, and consider their modern-day implications. This suggests an engagement with the historical evolution of philosophical concepts and their enduring relevance in contemporary discourse.

Overall, this podcast serves as a platform for deep philosophical inquiry, engaging with profound questions about human and animal cognition, the nature of medieval thought, and the lasting influence of key philosophical works. It provides listeners with insights into various epochs of philosophical thought, coupled with contemporary perspectives, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic and evolving nature of philosophical inquiry.

Episode Image What is Distinctive About Human Thought?
49 minutes
Episode Image Professor John Marenbon Inaugural lecture: When was Medieval Philosophy?
47 minutes
Episode Image Professor Huw Price Inaugural Lecture
56 minutes