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Podcast Profile: New Scientist CultureLab

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10 episodes
Median: 35 minutes
Collection: Science

Description (podcaster-provided):

CultureLab is an array of delights from the world of culture and the arts. Sometimes we interview the world’s most exciting authors about their fascinating books, other times we delve into the science behind a movie or TV show. New episodes every other Tuesday.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Science and culture interviews • Health and racism • Alien life search • Science fiction exploration • Climate change understanding • Trust in AI • Menstruation science • Fantastical ecosystems • Moon's impact on Earth

"New Scientist CultureLab" is a podcast that delves deeply into the intertwining worlds of culture, science, and the arts. Through engaging interviews and explorations, it covers a broad spectrum of topics, often examining how scientific principles and discoveries influence and intersect with cultural phenomena. Each episode seeks to broaden understanding by showcasing diverse voices and unique perspectives from experts across various disciplines.

Listeners can expect episodes that investigate the application of scientific concepts in creative contexts, such as transforming Martian sounds into symphonic music or exploring the science fiction genre's rich narratives and sub-genres. The podcast also critically examines societal issues by discussing how systemic racism affects health outcomes, the complex and sometimes biased nature of artificial intelligence, and the societal impacts of menstruation taboos and the lack of related scientific research.

Exploration of the cosmos is another recurring theme, with discussions on the search for alien life and the scientific and cultural significance of the moon. Similarly, the podcast highlights the consequences of climate change, providing insights into current narratives and gaps in our understanding of this global issue.

Overall, "New Scientist CultureLab" offers a multi-faceted exploration of contemporary topics where science meets society, art, and culture. It serves as a platform for interrogating how scientific advancements and cultural practices shape—and are shaped by—the world we live in. From discussing the practical applications and societal implications of scientific discoveries to celebrating the speculative wonders of science fiction, this podcast caters to listeners eager to explore the synergy between science and everyday life.

Episode Image The incredible, intelligent abilities of plants with Zoë Schlanger
36 minutes
Episode Image Sonifying Mars, symphonically, with David Ibbett
37 minutes
Episode Image The catastrophic health consequences of racism with Layal Liverpool
38 minutes
Episode Image On the hunt for alien life with Lisa Kaltenegger
41 minutes
Episode Image Emily H. Wilson celebrates the expansive world of science fiction
29 minutes
Episode Image Elizabeth Kolbert on what we’re missing in the fight against climate change
32 minutes
Episode Image Meredith Broussard on trusting artificial intelligence
28 minutes
Episode Image Jen Gunter on the taboo science of menstruation
39 minutes
Episode Image Stranded on a fantastical planet: The strange creatures of Scavengers Reign
33 minutes
Episode Image Rebecca Boyle on how the moon transformed Earth and made us who we are
35 minutes