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Podcast Profile: New Scientist Escape Pod

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16 episodes
Median: 17 minutes
Collection: Science

Description (podcaster-provided):

Are you tired of hearing about coronavirus? Has lockdown left you worn out? Then perhaps it’s time to escape. Join Rowan Hooper and the team at New Scientist in this covid-free space, as they discuss all that’s right with the world - the stories that remind us of how wonderful this planet really is. Find out more at
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Science • Astronomy • Psychology • History • Nature • Technology • Sound • Space exploration • Music • Perception • Escapism • Inspirational stories

Escape Pod, hosted by Rowan Hooper and the team at New Scientist, offers listeners a reprieve from the daily concerns about coronavirus and modern life by emphasizing the wonders and curiosities of our world and beyond. The podcast is a covid-free space where various hosts delve into both the seen and unseen aspects of science and nature, with a focus on fostering a sense of marvel and exploration.

Throughout the podcast, consistent themes of science, nature, and human achievement are explored. Episodes cover a wide range of topics, from the fascinating mechanics behind bats' ultrasonic sonar and the elusive nature of neutrinos to the groundbreaking developments in invisibility cloak technology. The discussions extend to the fascinating stories behind the discovery of elements and locations pivotal to scientific advancements, such as quarries in Sweden and laboratories in Russia.

Listeners are also invited to explore the themes of perception, where the complexities of human and quantum perception are dissected. The podcast shines a light on unsung heroes in the world of science, celebrating individuals whose contributions have significantly advanced fields like chemistry, mathematics, and rocket science.

Other episodes offer intriguing discussions on scales, ranging from the musical scales that impact emotions to natural structures and the concept of infinity. The hosts delve into the psychological and physiological aspects of "flow," the immersive state of being deeply engaged in an activity.

Space and the celestial bodies within our solar system are recurring topics, where moons like Luna, Europa, and Titan are discussed for their unique characteristics and potential for alien life. Episodes also cover mechanisms of escape, from the biological tactics of beetles to human pursuits in achieving escape velocity and free-diving.

Speed, mass, warmth, sound, music, and alliances—all are thoroughly examined in this podcast, offering an eclectic mix of scientific exploration, interdisciplinary insights, and the celebration of human innovation and natural phenomena.

Episode Image #15 The unseen world: bats, neutrinos and invisibility cloaks
16 minutes
Episode Image #14 My chemical romance: famous locations in elemental discovery
14 minutes
Episode Image #13 How we perceive the world
18 minutes
Episode Image #12 Unsung heroes of science
17 minutes
Episode Image #11 Scales: from music, to nature to infinity
17 minutes
Episode Image #10 Flow: the science and psychology about being in the zone
15 minutes
Episode Image #9 The best moons of our solar system: Luna, Europa and Titan
13 minutes
Episode Image #8 Escape from predators and escape from the planet
19 minutes
Episode Image #7 Speed: From the quickest animal in the world to the fastest supercomputer
16 minutes
Episode Image #6 All about warmth: emotional, physiological and geological
16 minutes
Episode Image #5 Sound: Prepare to feel relaxed, tingly and amazed, in the space of 20 minutes
17 minutes
Episode Image #4 Mass: From lightest creatures on earth, to the heaviest things in the cosmos
17 minutes
Episode Image #3 Music: the jazz swing of birdsong and the sonification of the orbits of planets
16 minutes
Episode Image #2 All about alliances: human, biological and atomic
17 minutes
Episode Image #1 Understanding
21 minutes
Episode Image Trailer
1 minute