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Podcast Profile: IFLScience - The Big Questions

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30 episodes
2021 to 2024
Median: 23 minutes
Collection: Science

Description (podcaster-provided):

From saving the planet to understanding ourselves, this podcast sees experts discuss the major topics of our times. Hosted by IFLScience’s Dr Alfredo Carpineti, Rachael Funnell, and Eleanor Higgs.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Climate change impacts • Human health • Evolution • Space weather • Quantum computing • Species extinction • Space exploration • Renewable energy • Neuroscience • Environmental sustainability • Technology limits • Diet and health • Mathematics • Human consciousness • Extraterrestrial life

This podcast, hosted by IFLScience’s Dr. Alfredo Carpineti, Rachael Funnell, and Eleanor Higgs, delves into some of the most pressing issues and intriguing mysteries of our time, exploring both scientific advancements and fundamental questions about our world and beyond. The content spans a diverse range of topics, from the far-reaching impacts of climate change and extreme weather conditions on human health and the environment, to the potential and challenges of emerging technologies like quantum computing and sustainable fuels.

A recurring theme throughout the podcast is the exploration of the natural world and our place within it. Episodes frequently address the pressing issue of climate change, examining how it affects everything from glaciers and polar bear populations to the broader ecosystem and even individual human health. The podcast also tackles environmental preservation, looking at cutting-edge solutions like plant-based meats and underwater farming.

Additionally, the hosts engage with profound scientific questions, such as the nature of consciousness, the mechanics of the universe, and the possibilities of life beyond Earth. The curiosity-driven discourse extends to technological innovations, as the podcast covers advancements in quantum computing, the limits of supercomputers, and the future of energy through nuclear fusion.

There is also a focus on human evolution and survival, discussing topics such as the extinction of species, both historical like dinosaurs and contemporary like the northern white rhino, and the quest to prevent further losses. Moreover, the podcast touches on the intersection of science and daily human life, investigating how substances like drugs and alcohol affect the brain, and how diet can influence disease resistance.

Bridging hard science with relatable topics, the podcast offers listeners a comprehensive and thought-provoking exploration of contemporary scientific issues and existential queries, all presented through engaging discussions with experts in various fields.

How Is Climate Change Impacting Our Health?
39 minutes
Why Are We The Only Surviving Human Species?
28 minutes
IFLScience - Break It Down
2 minutes
Would You Eat Plant-Based Meat For Christmas Dinner?
33 minutes
Are We Ready For The Next Massive Solar Flare?
23 minutes
How Are Glaciers Changing In A Warming World?
13 minutes
Are E-fuels The Future Of Aviation?
34 minutes
What Is Ancient Ice Telling Us About The Future?
11 minutes
What Is Space Weather And How Does It Affect Us?
15 minutes
How Does A Quantum Computer Work And How Will They Change The World?
32 minutes
Can We Save A Species On The Very Brink Of Extinction?
25 minutes
Why Is Space Junk Such A Big Deal?
10 minutes
How Is Climate Change Affecting Polar Bear Populations?
16 minutes
Is Jurassic Park Possible?
19 minutes
What Do Alcohol and Drugs Do To The Brain?
12 minutes
What Are The Limits Of Computers And Supercomputers?
25 minutes
How Does Your Diet Impact The Body’s Ability To Fight Disease?
30 minutes
Is Math The Greatest Subject In The World?
14 minutes
How Does Imagination Work?
25 minutes
Why Is The Universe Made Of Matter And Not Antimatter?
24 minutes
How Do We Know When A Species Is Extinct?
17 minutes
Can Humans Live Forever?
23 minutes
Is The Future Of Farming Underwater?
28 minutes
How Will The Universe End?
14 minutes
What Is The Universe Made Of?
40 minutes
Can We Achieve Unlimited Energy?
30 minutes
What Is Consciousness?
40 minutes
Can We Stop Or Reverse Climate Change?
15 minutes
Are We Alone In The Universe?
22 minutes
The Big Questions Trailer
1 minute