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Podcast Profile: Contemporary Philosophy

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8 episodes
Median: 39 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Conversations with Contemporary Philosophers hosted by John Symons, a professor of philosophy from the University of Kansas.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Contemporary philosophers • Consciousness • Aspiration vs. ambition • Business ethics • Vitalism and materialism • Experimental philosophy • Philosophy of disagreement • Philosophy and digital ethics • Leibniz and the Internet

"Contemporary Philosophy: Global Conversations" is a podcast that delves into significant philosophical questions through engaging dialogues with prominent philosophers. The podcast is hosted by John Symons, a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kansas, who facilitates discussions that explore critical aspects of human thought and understanding.

Each episode invites a distinguished guest from the world of philosophy, ranging from experts in consciousness and business ethics to those specializing in the philosophy of information, materialism, and the science of theology. These conversations often center on profound questions such as the nature of consciousness, the meaning of aspiration and ambition, and the ethical implications of business practices.

The podcast also tackles specialized topics like the differences between aspiration and ambition, the foundational ideas of vitalism and materialism, and the cognitive science behind religious beliefs. Discussions frequently touch upon the interface between philosophy and other disciplines, illustrating how philosophical inquiry can aid in comprehending broader intellectual and practical issues.

This series not only highlights the academic accomplishments of its guests but also contextualizes their contributions to contemporary debates. For instance, authors of influential books and contributors to well-known publications share insights from their research and writings. The conversations underscore the relevance of philosophical inquiry in both academic and everyday contexts, often examining how philosophical concepts apply to and enhance our understanding of contemporary life.

Themes of ethics, consciousness, disagreement, and the conceptual design of philosophy recur, reflecting the diversity of philosophical inquiry while emphasizing its encompassing relevance. The podcast serves as a rich resource for listeners interested in understanding complex philosophical ideas in an accessible and conversational format, aiming to bridge the gap between academic philosophy and the broader public discourse.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett
41 minutes
Philosopher Agnes Callard
42 minutes
Philosopher Richard T. De George
50 minutes
Philosopher Charles Wolfe
48 minutes
Philosopher Edouard Machery
35 minutes
Philosopher Helen De Cruz
24 minutes
Philosopher Luciano Floridi
36 minutes
Philosopher Olga Pombo
32 minutes