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Podcast Profile: Quirks and Quarks

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25 episodes
Median: 54 minutes
Collection: Science

Description (podcaster-provided):

CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Scientific exploration • Astronomy and space • Animal behavior • Evolution and paleontology • Environmental issues • Climate science • Cutting-edge research • Biology and genetics • Health and medicine • Archaeological discoveries

"Quirks and Quarks," a show from CBC Radio, delves into a rich array of scientific topics covering the expanse from cosmic phenomena to the intricacies of biological organisms. The content often bridges the macro and micro realms of science, reflecting on the quirks of the universe and the fundamental particles that compose it. This podcast is structured around a variety of episodes that each explore specific scientific inquiries, discoveries, and phenomena in depth.

The episodes frequently tackle listener questions, presenting expert insights on subjects as diverse as the behavior of celestial bodies, the evolutionary traits of animals, and human biological peculiarities. The interplay between environment and species, such as the impact of climate change on wildlife, the ecological balance in ecosystems, and evolutionary biology, is a recurring theme. These discussions are enriched by expert opinions from astronomers, biologists, ecologists, and other specialized scientists, providing a well-rounded perspective on the questions posed.

Innovation and recent scientific studies also take center stage. Listeners are introduced to cutting-edge research in various fields, including space exploration, marine biology, and materials science. Episodes highlight significant scientific advancements and their implications, such as the adaptation of new mining techniques, the health risks illuminated by novel collections of medical data, and innovative responses to global environmental challenges.

The podcast does not shy away from blending historical scientific endeavors with modern understanding, evaluating how ancient techniques and discoveries shape current scientific practices. Additionally, it presents compelling narratives about animal behavior and physiology, space phenomena, and the integration of new technologies in studying both biological and physical sciences.

Overall, "Quirks and Quarks" serves as an engaging resource for anyone interested in the continuous and often surprising journey of scientific discovery, offering in-depth discussions on a balance of theoretical and empirical studies.

Quirks & Quarks is on hiatus for the summer. New podcasts will appear in September
less than a minute
Listener Question show
54 minutes
The age of monotremes, Third thumb, bird dream sounds, astronaut health database, aging and exercise, and sound perception
78 minutes
The pursuit of gravity, and more…
54 minutes
Killer whales are ramming boats for fun, and more...
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The risks and benefits of pandemic virus research and more…
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Sounds and smells of nature, and more...
54 minutes
Why the famous Higgs particle plays the field and more…
54 minutes
Quirks & Quarks goes to the dogs -- a dog science special
59 minutes
Tiny black holes that could smash through our planet, and more…
54 minutes
Episode Image Bonus: What On Earth's Earth Day special
29 minutes
Why this Indigenous researcher thinks we can do science differently, and more…
54 minutes
COVID-19’s “long tail” includes a range of impacts on the brain and more…
54 minutes
The dark side of LED lighting and more...
54 minutes
An Australian Atlantis and other lost landscapes, and more...
54 minutes
The future of freshwater — will we have a drop to drink, and more.
54 minutes
How animals eating, excreting and expiring is like the world's bloodstream, and more
54 minutes
How disabled primates thrive in the wild and more…
54 minutes
The boreal forest is on the move, and we need to understand how, and more...
54 minutes
Icelanders reap the costs and benefits of living on a volcanic island and more…
54 minutes
A post valentine’s look at humpback mating songs and a marsupial that’s sleepless for sex
54 minutes
Scientists explore which came first, the chicken or the egg, and more…
54 minutes
An ancient tree’s crowning glory and more…
54 minutes
The aftermath of a record-smashing volcano: Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai two years later, and more...
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Can diet and exercise be replaced by pills and more…
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