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Podcast Profile: Talking Science

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9 episodes
Median: 26 minutes
Collection: Science

Description (podcaster-provided):

Talking Science provides great scientists and great science communicators with a relaxed forum to talk about their work, their influences, inspirations and irritations.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Science communication • Influential scientists • Science authors • Astronomy • Space exploration • Stem cell research • Primatology • Philosophical discussions on science • Nobel laureates

"Talking Science" is a podcast dedicated to creating a relaxed and engaging forum for leading scientists and science communicators to discuss their work, inspirations, and the nuances of their fields. The episodes feature a diverse range of discussions covering various scientific disciplines, providing listeners with insights into both the personal and professional lives of notable figures in science.

The podcast includes dialogues with well-known authors who dissect the wonders of science through their popular books, as evidenced by interviews with individuals like Bill Bryson and David Bodanis. These conversations delve into the themes and research that shape contemporary understanding of science, reflecting on the broad scope of scientific inquiry from historical perspectives to mathematical paradigms.

Prominent scientists such as Tim Flannery and Jane Goodall share their groundbreaking research and experiences. These discussions often highlight pioneering work in environmental science, primatology, and other areas of biology, shedding light on the intricate connections between living organisms and their environments.

Another recurrent theme in the podcast is space exploration, with episodes featuring seasoned astronauts like Andy Thomas. These segments explore the thrilling aspects of space missions, including the technical challenges, personal experiences of space travel, and the ongoing quest to understand our universe better. The episodes that focus on space also address critical historical events, such as the Challenger disaster, providing a human perspective on the triumphs and tragedies of space exploration.

"Talking Science" also offers a platform for exploring advanced scientific research areas like stem cell research, with experts such as Alan Trounson discussing the cutting-edge developments in this critical field. This highlights the podcast’s commitment to presenting content that spans both theoretical knowledge and practical applications of science.

Finally, the podcast features interdisciplinary dialogues, such as those involving Nobel Prize winners and philosophers, which explore the intersection of science with other domains of human thought, thereby broadening listeners' appreciation of science's relevance to wider societal and existential questions.

Overall, "Talking Science" delivers a rich tapestry of scientific topics, featuring in-depth discussions with influential figures across diverse areas of research and science communication.

Bill Bryson talks with Paul Willis
26 minutes
David Bodanis talks with Robyn Williams
26 minutes
Steve Squyres talks with Richard Smith
26 minutes
Tim Flannery talks with Robyn Williams
26 minutes
Andy Thomas talks with Richard Smith: 1
24 minutes
Andy Thomas talks with Richard Smith: 2
26 minutes
Alan Trounson talks with Robyn Williams
26 minutes
Jane Goodall talks with Robyn Williams
26 minutes
Peter Doherty and Alain de Botton talk with Bernie Hobbs and Paul Willis
27 minutes