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Philosophy Podcast Playlists

On teaching philosophy and ethics in schools, curated by Laura D'Olimpio

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1. podcast imageEthics and Absolutes in the Classroom
The trouble with morality is that reasonable people keep disagreeing on what's right and wrong. The science, as they say, isn't settled. So that being the case, how can we argue for fixed moral standards to which everyone should sign up? And how should we introduce kids to this vexed field of inquiry?
2. podcast imagePhilosophy for Children: the why and the how
Children are natural philosophers
3. podcast imageThe Ethics Bowl
51 minutes
High school students from around the country converge on the University of North Carolina for a weekend of moral dilemmas. We follow twenty-four of the nation's top ethics teams competing in the 2017 National High School Ethics Bowl, and take a whirlwind tour of moral philosophy in the process. Guest voices include Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Geoff Sayre-McCord, Jeff Sebo, and students from high schools across the country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
4. podcast imageBringing Up Britain
Mariella Frostrup and a panel of expert contributors discuss the value of critical thinking and how to nurture it in children and young people.
5. podcast imageCompassion: caught or taught?
We all want our kids to grow into moral citizens, but getting there is complex. One way is to impart the notion of compassion, which seems like a good idea, but the path is not so certain. Whether it can be effectively taught, or modelled is open to scrutiny. And then, there's a lingering suspicion
6. podcast imageDoes ethics belong in schools?
The often fractious and fiercely contested debate over whether some form of ethical instruction ought to replace religious education in public schools has overshadowed what is, in many respects, a more pressing question: Does ethical instruction belong in schools to begin with? There is also the question of whether ethics can be accommodated within the school curriculum without being subordinated to a more repressive form of utility. Further to this remains the more fundamental problem of what kind of ethic...
7. podcast imageThe Young and the Reasonable
Aristotle thought that the young were too immature to wrestle with reason, their passions too strong for a clear mind. The burgeoning worldwide philosophy for children (P4C) movement is proving the great sage wrong. The movement came to Australia in the mid '80s, and has grown across the country. Now there are even national competitions as Australia plays its part in what some consider a truly radical innovation.
8. podcast imageMeira Levinson on the Aims of Education
19 minutes
What are the aims of education? Meira Levinson discusses this important question with Nigel Warburton in this episode of the Philosoph Bites podcast.
9. podcast imagePhilosophy in Education
55 minutes
Should schools teach philosophy? When literacy and numeracy levels have not improved in 55 years, shouldn’t teachers be concentrating on improving the three Rs rather than introducing a fourth? Peter Worley, co-founder and CEO of The Philosophy Foundation, talks with Michael Hand from the Institute of Education and Stephen Boulter from Oxford Brookes University about whether children can do philosophy, and if schools should teach it, how should it be done? First broadcast on 13 March 2012 on Resonance FM.
10. podcast imagePrimary School Philosophy
54 minutes
Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now introduces Peter Worley from The Philosophy Foundation who conducts a live philosophy lesson with a group of 8-to-10 year olds from All Saints Primary School in Blackheath. First broadcast on 26 October 2011 on Resonance FM.
11. podcast imageThe School of Ethics
55 minutes
Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now introduces philosophy teacher John Holroyd, who chairs a debate among his students from St Dunstan’s College on the ethical issues surrounding the UK riots and the Dale Farm travellers. First broadcast on 4 October 2011 on Resonance FM.
12. podcast imageTeaching Philosophy to Children
55 minutes
Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now talks to Peter Worley, who runs The Philosophy Shop, and John Holroyd, an A-level philosophy teacher, about teaching philosophy to school children from as young as four. First broadcast on 19 May 2011 on Resonance FM.