Patron Opportunities Among Physicists on Twitter

Also see Astronomers on Twitter.

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1. profile imageSean Carroll

Physicist at Caltech. Author of The Big Picture and other books. Host of #MindscapePodcast. Married to @JenLucPiquant. In favor of truth and kindness.
The Big Picture
God and Cosmology
The Particle at the End of the Un...
Los Angeles
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9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 5/day • 14% new, 55% replies, 17% retweets, 14% quotes
227,021 2,969 
2. profile imageMatthew R Francis

Writer of physics and astronomy. Wearer of jaunty hats. Tryin' to publish a novel. Proud Rebel scum. Avatar by @ScienceComic . He/him.
Cleveland, OH
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8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 60/day • 18% new, 41% replies, 31% retweets, 12% quotes
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