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1. One retweet per 13 followers (average):

Sometimes you check just a few examples and decide something is always true. But sometimes even 9.8 × 10⁴² examples is not enough!!!@gregeganSF and I came up with this shocker here on Twitter. To see what's really going on, visit my blog:https://t.co/Yw0S0Iyyx9 pic.twitter.com/1FThY9skeZ

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) September 21, 2018

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Good news everyone: we released a new version of repo2docker - it turns code repositories into Jupyter or RStudio enabled Docker Images. `pip install jupyter-repo2docker` https://t.co/2MM2obhuke 🎉 thanks everyone for your help building this!

— Tim Head (@betatim) September 10, 2018

3. One retweet per 97 followers (average):

Marcelo Renán Concha Bascuñan

Detenido el 10 de mayo de 1976

Ingeniero agrónomo, militante del Partido Comunista. Al momento de su detención, tenía 30 años.https://t.co/DrCkXqXctz
cc @concha_lilia pic.twitter.com/OjAUNVy1MM

— Lautaro Vergara (@VergaraLautaro) September 9, 2018

4. One retweet per 101 followers (average):

🔭 Ellen Harding Baker was born 100 years before women could graduate from @Cambridge_Uni and @Harvard. She made this quilt at the age of 29 and used it to teach astronomy around Iowa. https://t.co/VZgqFwqwYc #womeninSTEM https://t.co/jcoxppAA6z

— Dr Jess Wade 👩🏻‍🔬 (@jesswade) September 16, 2018

5. One retweet per 103 followers (average):

理科のテストで小学3年生がガリレオと同じ仕打ちを受けた深刻な理由 (伊与原 新)https://t.co/CtXlJBYGw9


— ryugo hayano (@hayano) September 9, 2018

6. One retweet per 110 followers (average):

Check out Tai-Danae Bradley's new short book "What is Applied Category Theory?" It's free, it's friendly, it's fun. It explains the big ideas, then applies them to chemistry and linguistics.

You can follow her here on Twitter: she's @math3ma.https://t.co/nx5mbQ1nGJ

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) September 18, 2018

7. One retweet per 115 followers (average):

Friends, @AstroKatie and I wrote a paper! We argue that if extra dimensions exist they must be pretty small, otherwise collisions between ultra-high energy cosmic rays could form tiny black holes whose evaporation might set off a catastrophic vaccum decay.https://t.co/H09L1isAwv

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) September 14, 2018

8. One retweet per 119 followers (average):

New PhD opening in astroparticle physics to work with the @Xenon1T experimental group @_nikhef on the search for dark matter particles, and with our theory group @GRAPPAInstitute https://t.co/1FyPjosr5o pic.twitter.com/UL71470ZU5

— Gianfranco Bertone (@gfbertone) September 21, 2018

9. One retweet per 119 followers (average):

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Director of Outreach & #PublicEngagement at @SEPhysics ? It has been an amazing job over the last 3 years. Ideal for someone with experience who is looking to grow their management and strategic-thinking skills. Please RT and share!https://t.co/zchn1LlYH2

— Dr Dominic Galliano (@PhysicsDom) September 13, 2018

10. One retweet per 119 followers (average):

A nice review of our recent work by @DanielWhiteson.
"in my view, this is a landmark new idea, which brings the power of modern machine-learning to bear on a central, intractable statistical problem in particle physics." @NYUDataScience @NYUScience https://t.co/fi50Vtq6ZD

— Kyle Cranmer (@KyleCranmer) September 12, 2018

11. One retweet per 125 followers (average):

'What do we want? Functional pockets. When do we want it? NOW, but really like several centuries ago.' #equality in pockets (and the data is for jeans; dresses are even worse) https://t.co/4S6TCO70ZD

— Athene Donald (@AtheneDonald) September 12, 2018

12. One retweet per 135 followers (average):

I wrote a blogpost about the ups and downs of using community detection to understand networkshttps://t.co/X7ptRKGiKn

— Petter Holme (@pholme) September 19, 2018

13. One retweet per 138 followers (average):

Re-upping as a reminder. If you want to see where your PAC dollars end up, I've written a nifty tool for you:https://t.co/DsCAgZNvOQ pic.twitter.com/YP5uXRfHP4

— Dave Goldberg (@askaphysicist) September 20, 2018

14. One retweet per 140 followers (average):

The amazing @AstroSamantha will receive an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Science of the @VUamsterdam on October 19, in occasion of the celebrations for the VU Dies Natalis. Award ceremony will be followed by interview w G. Schilling @sterrenkunde https://t.co/MAcC2crBIq pic.twitter.com/KysCUArcYO

— Gianfranco Bertone (@gfbertone) September 12, 2018

15. One retweet per 158 followers (average):

Hoy en @nadaesgratis: Publicación de resultados negativos, pre-registro de estudios para evitar que se torturen datos hasta que canten,datos y códigos abiertos: La Economía (y más ciencias) reacciona ante los problemas de credibilidad de muchos resultados https://t.co/ArFUd0NMLB

— Anxo Sánchez (@anxosan) September 13, 2018

16. One retweet per 158 followers (average):

Ya está en @nadaesgratis nuestra opinión detallada sobre los títulos de los políticos y en particular sobre la tesis de Pedro Sánchez https://t.co/t1edeEVjlR @FJBeltranTapia @cabralestweet @JL_Ferr @LibertadGonLu @jfjimenoserrano @gllobet @anxosan @Pedroreybiel

— Anxo Sánchez (@anxosan) September 17, 2018

17. One retweet per 160 followers (average):

All power to Professor Ford. I believe her. I know what she is undertaking by doing this, and there is no way we can ever repay her for the hit she is taking. I know how hard it is to watch a man who has done things like this, just rising and rising.https://t.co/leY6SdV2mW

— Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 🙅🏽‍♀️ 🇧🇧🌈 (@IBJIYONGI) September 16, 2018

18. One retweet per 164 followers (average):

CEPC, el colisionador circular chino de 100 km de longitud que estudiará el bosón de Higgs https://t.co/2PswxbvzBD vía @emulenews

— Daniel Martín Reina (@monzonete) September 19, 2018

19. One retweet per 174 followers (average):

Interesante el post de hoy de @gllobet en @nadaesgratis sobre viviendas turísticas y precios de alquileres. Como siempre, las respuestas fáciles no son necesariamente ciertas, hay algunos indicios de posibles efectos, pero haría falta estudiar más https://t.co/zTBxJgb5nT

— Anxo Sánchez (@anxosan) September 18, 2018

20. One retweet per 179 followers (average):

Big step towards reproducibility @NatureComms : ".. published checklists, source data and reviewer reports together will represent powerful proof of the strength and rigor of the published work and the peer review process that helped to improve it." https://t.co/MwHxa3RTMk pic.twitter.com/GbZLNFj5Qo

— Manlio De Domenico (@manlius84) September 12, 2018