Physicists' Favorite Twitter Feeds

Updated: 2020-Jan-24 03:17 UTC. Listed feeds: 300. A feed's score is the percentage of Physicists on Twitter following it, and dark shading indicates the feed belongs to a member of that list. Switch to collage. List only feeds under 1,000 followers. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

#Twitter profileTwitter
1.profile imageCERN

#CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the world's largest particle physics lab, home of the #LHC. French: @CERN_FR
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,569,074 59.2%
2.profile imageSean Carroll

Physicist, @Caltech & @SFIscience. Author, Something Deeply Hidden & more. Host, #MindscapePodcast. Married to @JenLucPiquant. In favor of truth and kindness.
Los Angeles
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
249,066 59.2%
3.profile imageKatie Mack

(a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist/cosmologist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of cosmic catastrophes
Waterloo, Ontario
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
339,583 58.9%
4.profile imageNature News & Comment

Science news & opinion from the news team at Nature, the international journal of #science. Get our daily newsletter: go.nature.com/naturebriefing
11 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,990,014 48.3%
5.profile imageLisa Randall

Physicist and author. Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs,Warped Passages,Knocking on Heaven's Door,Higgs Discovery. Opinions expressed are not solely my own.
9 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
58,565 47.9%
6.profile imageNASA

Explore the universe and discover our home planet with @NASA. We usually post in EST (UTC-4)
12 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
34,829,282 46.9%
7.profile imageJohn Preskill

Caltech theoretical physicist, Director of @IQIM_Caltech, Blogger at quantumfrontiers.com
Pasadena, California
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
106,480 46.6%
8.profile imageSabine Hossenfelder

Physicist, blogger, author. Sometimes-songwriter, nighttime-philosopher. Maker of my own misery. she/her
12 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
34,754 46.6%
9.profile imagePhysics World

News, views and information for the global physics community
Bristol, UK
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
207,738 45.2%
10.profile imageInstitute of Physics

The Institute of Physics is a leading scientific membership society working to advance physics for the benefit of all.
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
177,097 44.9%
11.profile imageFrank Wilczek

Think, play, repeat
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
14,716 43.8%
12.profile imageBarack Obama

Dad, husband, President, citizen.
Washington, DC
12 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
112,326,395 43.5%
13.profile imagePhysics Today

Physics Today is the world's most popular physics magazine.
College Park, MD
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
159,182 42.5%
14.profile imageNeil deGrasse Tyson

New York City
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
13,633,667 41.1%
15.profile imageGuardian Science

Science, health and environment news from the @Guardian. Plus, independent comment and analysis from our network of expert science bloggers
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,067,719 41.1%
16.profile imageScientific American

Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.
New York City
11 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
3,810,255 40.8%
17.profile imageEd Yong

Science writer at The Atlantic. Author of I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, a New York Times bestseller on animal-microbe partnerships. edyong.me (he/him)
Washington, DC
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
168,954 40.8%
18.profile imageDr Jess Wade 👩🏻‍🔬

제시카 physics postdoc @imperialcollege. @500womensci + @wikipedia + chiral materials + Raman spectroscopy enthusiast. she / her. least useful doctor in my family.
London, England
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
37,328 40.8%
19.profile imageLIGO

Official Twitter of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. We detect gravitational waves! YouTube: youtube.com/ligovirgo
Livingston, LA and Hanford, WA
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
99,055 40.4%
20.profile imageJon Butterworth

UCL physics prof, researcher at CERN, writer (see lifeandphysics.com) Personal account. Bollocks to Brexit.
Mainly London & Geneva.
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
15,596 40.4%
21.profile imagePhil Plait

SCIENCE! I love this stuff. My Bad Astronomy blog: syfy.com/badastronomy I use likes for bookmarks; no endorsement implied. He/him.
12 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
615,867 40.1%
22.profile imageJennifer Ouellette

Science and culture writer Jennifer Ouellette. Senior writer, Ars Technica. Past: Gizmodo. Ex-evangelical. Married to @seanmcarroll. She/her.
Los Angeles, CA
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
38,893 40.1%
23.profile imageNatalie Wolchover

Physics writer and editor @QuantaMagazine. I have a Klein bottle that contains the universe.
New York, New York
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
26,737 39.7%
24.profile imageTrueSciPhi / Kelly Truelove

A window on science, philosophy, and mathematics communities on social media, by Kelly Truelove (physics PhD). Photo info at instagram.com/TrueSciPhi.
Austin, Texas
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
7,620 39.7%
25.profile imageScience Magazine

The world's leading outlet for cutting-edge research in all areas of science. Follow @NewsfromScience for stories from our news team.
Washington, DC & Cambridge, UK
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,483,044 39.4%
26.profile imageAPS Physics

American Physical Society - Working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics.
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
88,305 39.4%
27.profile imageNYT Science

Science, Medicine, Environment, Space and Cosmos. Sync your calendar with the solar system: nyti.ms/2ECMtej
New York, NY
12 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,174,330 38.0%
28.profile imageNew Scientist

The best place to find out what’s new in science – and why it matters. Tweets by @SamWong1. Subscribe here: https://t.co/hqL9B4DM0i
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
3,583,468 37.7%
29.profile imageRobert Garisto

Theoretical physicist, editor for the physics journal @PhysRevLett, & author of pop science pieces. Opinions: mine & not necessarily those of APS.
Long Island, NY
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
8,129 37.7%
30.profile imageDianna Cowern

Science YouTuber in her own universe. #MIT physics. Please respond to tweets w/ bad puns. I HAZ PATREON!
8000 pc from Sagittarius A*
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
129,627 37.3%
31.profile imageBrian Greene

Physicist, Author, Co-founder @WorldSciFest
New York, NY
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,008,727 35.6%
32.profile imagesymmetry magazine

Dimensions of particle physics
United States
11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
65,280 35.6%
33.profile imageMatt Strassler

Theoretical physicist studying particles and strings; interpreting science for the public. Following the Large Hadron Collider closely.
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
9,802 35.3%
34.profile imageThe Royal Society

The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.
London, UK
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
274,235 34.9%
35.profile imageJim Al-Khalili

@UniofSurrey Distinguished Chair in physics, author, broadcaster, humanist. "Affable Egghead" (Sunday Times). Author of forthcoming #TheWorldAccordingtoPhysics
University of Surrey
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
143,550 34.9%
36.profile imageFermilab

Fermilab's mission is to advance the understanding of the fundamental nature of matter and energy. // Come for the neutrinos, stay for the bison.
Batavia, IL
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
64,970 34.9%
37.profile imageNature Physics

A journal for cutting-edge physics research. Facebook: facebook.com/NaturePhysicsJ… Instagram: instagram.com/nature.physics/
London, Berlin & Shanghai
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
197,958 34.2%
38.profile imageDan Hooper

Physicist and author at Fermilab and the University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
2 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
6,399 34.2%
39.profile imageCuriosity Rover

Your friendly neighborhood NASA Mars rover. Exploring the Red Planet since 2012. Team headquartered at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 🚀 @NASAJPL
Gale Crater, Mars
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
4,059,502 33.6%
40.profile imageEthan Siegel

The Universe is: Expanding, cooling, and dark. It starts with a bang! #Cosmology Science writer, astrophysicist, author, Forbes & NASA columnist.
Portland, OR
8 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
19,430 33.2%
41.profile imageQuanta Magazine

Big ideas in science and math. Because you want to know more. Launched by @SimonsFdn. Newsletter: bit.ly/2KDcAoA
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
107,502 32.5%
42.profile imageBill Nye

Science Rules! Podcast Link Below 🧪
Los Angeles, CA
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
5,962,156 32.2%
43.profile imageSophia Gad-Nasr 🏳️‍🌈

I do cosmology and astroparticle theory. I pick apart the Universe to figure out how it works. Science Advisor. UCI PhysSci Scicomm Fellow. 🇵🇱✡🇪🇬☪️ She/her
🐶|Los Angeles〉+ 🐹|Irvine〉
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
40,594 32.2%
44.profile imageKyle Cranmer

Particle physics, LHC, stats/ML/AI, collaborative & open science. Executive Director Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment at NYU.
New York
6 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
7,020 31.8%
45.profile imageWIRED Science

Bringing the radiothermally generated heat. The team: @sandraupson, @JetJocko, @MeganMolteni, @MrMattSimon, @dmoberhaus
San Francisco, California
12 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
2,033,734 31.5%
46.profile imageRobert McNees

Professor, physicist, sci comm. Black holes, quantum gravity, cosmology. Rocky Top. Tar Heel. RTs are spooky action at a distance. Opinions mine alone. He/him.
Chicago, z=0
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
17,329 31.5%
47.profile imageEmily Conover

Reporter at @sciencenews, bringing you the juiciest physics news. Award-winning science writer and peep dioramist. She/her
Washington, DC
6 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
6,952 31.5%
48.profile imageElon Musk

10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
30,829,202 30.8%
49.profile imageEmily Lakdawalla

Solar System Specialist, The Planetary Society. Planetary scientist, author, speaker, asteroid 274860. Views are my own & not those of employer. 🏳️‍🌈 she/her
Pasadena, CA
11 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
164,986 30.8%
50.profile imageFrank Close

Physicist, broadcaster, and author of TRINITY published 1 August 2019
University of Oxford
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
4,830 30.8%
51.profile imageDr Ben Still

Award winning #scientist #author #teacher Superposition of #LEGO bit.ly/LEGOPhysics #Physics & #books bit.ly/DrBSBooks
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
3,250 30.8%
52.profile imageShit Academics Say

A social experiment | @prof_nch
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
323,936 30.5%
53.profile imagePHD Comics

Life (or the lack thereof) in Academia. Comic strip by Jorge Cham. Instagram.com/phd_comics
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
246,303 30.5%
54.profile imageATLAS Experiment

Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at @CERN. Check out @ATLASpapers for our latest scientific publications.
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
88,221 30.5%
55.profile imageBlackPhysicists

Arlington, VA and Worldwide
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
21,419 30.5%
56.profile imageDr Chiara Mingarelli

Gravitational-wave astrophysicist. Associate Research Scientist at @FlatironCCA, Assistant Prof. at @UConn. Views my own.
New York, NY
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
7,244 30.5%
57.profile imageSpaceX

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft
Hawthorne, CA
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
9,624,306 30.1%
58.profile imageNature

International weekly journal of science. Editorials, News & Views, Comment, Careers and primary research coverage here. For news, please see @NatureNews.
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,682,884 30.1%
59.profile imageSteven Strogatz

Mathematician, writer, Cornell professor. All cards on the table, face up, all the time. For speaking requests, please contact Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau.
Ithaca, NY
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
71,339 30.1%
60.profile imageCMS Experiment CERN

Official account of the CMS Experiment at @CERN. Also on instagram as @cmsexperiment!
Cessy, France
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
46,701 30.1%
61.profile imageFreya Blekman

Particle physicist-Physics Communication Officer @CMSExperiment at CERN-Professor (Hoogleraar) @VUBrussel/@IIHE_BXL - future colliders - Views my own - She/her
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
5,352 30.1%
62.profile imagePhys.org

Science news, Technology news. Physics, Space, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Materials, Computers, Health, Earth Science.
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
762,903 29.5%
63.profile imageIan Sample

Guardian Science editor | Bad surfer | Author of Massive, shortlisted Royal Society Science Book Prize. Leaks & whistleblows ONLY: irsampleatproton
I live by the river
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
46,940 29.5%
64.profile imageNational Science Foundation

Explore #NSFfunded research that is transforming the world. / Social media policy: bit.ly/smpnsf
Alexandria, VA
11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
1,161,508 29.1%
65.profile imageThe Nobel Prize

The official Twitter feed of the Nobel Prize @NobelPrize #NobelPrize
Stockholm, Sweden
11 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
566,297 29.1%
66.profile imageMatthew R "Who Owns An Asteroid?" Francis

Writer of science. Wearer of jaunty hats. Help fund my science comics collection with @ScienceComic : unbound.com/books/who-owns… . He/him.
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
23,543 29.1%
67.profile imageFQXi Physics

Exploring the foundations of physics and cosmology with Zeeya.
At the edge of reality.
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
19,339 29.1%
68.profile imageDr Clara Nellist

Particle physicist | science communicator | @ATLASexperiment @CERN | ATLAS Outreach Co-coordinator | 🐯 | views mine | pronouns: she/her | #BiInSci 🏳️‍🌈
Nijmegen, Nederland
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
6,943 29.1%
69.profile imageGerard 't Hooft

Theoretical Physicist
Utrecht, Netherlands
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
5,650 29.1%
70.profile image🙅🏽‍♀️ Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 🙅🏽‍♀️

Personal Account. all Black/all Jewish. Prof: #Physics/#Astro & Black feminist #HistSTM. queer agender woman/she. 2021: #DisorderedCosmos! tweets by/for me only
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
62,962 28.1%
71.profile imageJanna Levin

Astrophysicist. Author.
New York City
6 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
29,401 28.1%
72.profile imagePaul Halpern

Physicist and Science Writer. Author of sixteen books, most recently Synchronicity: The Epic Quest to Understand the Quantum Nature of Cause and Effect
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
11,019 28.1%
73.profile imageAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez

US Representative,NY-14 (BX & Queens). In a modern, moral, & wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live. 💯% People-Funded, no lobbyist💰. She/her.
Bronx + Queens, NYC
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
6,206,449 27.7%
74.profile imageDr./Prof. Sarah Hörst

Asst Prof of Planetary Sci @JohnsHopkins and Titan evangelist. “I try not to hope and fail utterly” [email protected] she/her https://t.co/KTdjav31lU
Baltimore, MD, USA
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
57,318 27.7%
75.profile imageMichael Krämer

I'm a professor for theoretical physics at RWTH Aachen University. Interested in LHC & Higgs physics, SUSY, dark matter and philosophy of science.
Aachen, Germany
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,827 27.7%
76.profile imageMatthew Buckley

Theoretical physicist. Faculty at Rutgers. I work on dark matter, BSM physics, and LHC phenomenology.
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
7,077 27.4%
77.profile imageDr./Prof. Renée Hložek

South African cisgender, bisexual woman Assist. Astrophysics Prof., Rhodes scholar (and lover of loud karaoke), Senior TED Fellow. Feminist scientist. She/her
Toronto, Ontario
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
6,381 27.4%
78.profile imageESA

European Space Agency, keeping you posted on European space activities.
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,041,321 27.1%
79.profile imageCarl Zimmer

@nytimes columnist. Author: She Has Her Mother's Laugh, Parasite Rex, etc. carlzimmer.com/books/
11 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
274,218 27.1%
80.profile imageHenry Reich

Cool science videos! Trying to get people excited about learnin' email: minutephysics [at] gmail [dot] com he/him
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
156,339 27.1%
81.profile imageRealScientists - Caitlyn

Real science from real scientists, writers, communicators, artists & clinicians. This week's curator: @CaitlynCardetti
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
83,388 26.7%
82.profile imageSeth Zenz

They call me Dr Zenz. Lecturer in particle physics at @QMUL. Married to @CuratorPolly.
Mile End, London
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,249 26.7%
83.profile imageGreta Thunberg

17 year old climate and environmental activist with Asperger’s #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture
1 yr, 7 mos on Twitter
3,986,541 26.4%
84.profile imageBrian Keating

Chancellor’s Professor of Physics @UCSanDiego Dir: @SimonsObs Assoc. Dir:@imagineUCSD. Author LOSING THE NOBEL PRIZE https://t.co/tcM4dZj8u5 @WWNorton @tantoraudio
San Diego, CA
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
8,031 26.4%
85.profile imageAndreas Warburton

High-energy subatomic particle physics professor. Citizen. Biker. Work/Play/Love hard. 🇨🇦🇨🇭🇬🇧🇮🇳
Montréal | Genève
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
7,195 26.4%
86.profile imageDr Claire Lee 🏳️‍🌈

#SouthAfrican #particlephysicist & @BrookhavenLab research associate working on #electroweak measurements with @ATLASexperiment @CERN. Views my own (she/they)
Geneva, Switzerland
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
5,254 26.4%
87.profile imageLeo C. Stein 🦁

Physics Prof @ U of MS. Black holes, gravitational waves, general relativity & beyond. Formerly @Caltech @MIT @Cornell. Need thin pizza + fruity coffee. He/him
Oxford, MS
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
4,812 26.4%
88.profile imagePerimeter Institute

Driven by curiosity, Perimeter Institute is an independent centre for research, training, and outreach in theoretical physics.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
25,609 26.0%
89.profile imageGraham Farmelo

Currently writing the authorised biography of Stephen Hawking. Author of 'The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ and ‘The Strangest Man,’ a biography of Paul Dirac.
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
9,403 26.0%
90.profile imagemaria

Ch'en Prof. of Physics @Caltech - research @Energy @Fermilab @CERN @AQT_INQNET #Physics #AI4Science #QTech #HEPQIS #picosecondtiming #iBanks @Harvard
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
4,686 26.0%
91.profile imageGeorge Musser

contributing editor for Scientific American, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory and Spooky Action at a Distance
New York
12 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
8,645 25.7%
92.profile imageDavid Spergel

Astrophysicist at Princeton University and Flatiron Institute
Princeton NJ
6 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
5,953 25.7%
93.profile imageBrian P Schmidt

An overly busy Cosmologist who is Vice Chancellor of the ANU, Wine maker, Dad & Husband. 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Canberra Australia
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
25,494 25.3%
94.profile imageRisa Wechsler

astrophysicist. cosmologist. maker of universes, surveyer of the skies. professor of physics @stanford, director of @kipac1. she/they. talks: bit.ly/risamovies
San Francisco
7 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
10,530 25.3%
95.profile imageJester

Resonaances is a blog about particle physics. Jester is a nom de plume of the Parisian physicist Adam Falkowski.
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,233 25.3%
96.profile imageGianfranco Bertone

Director @EuCAPT | Professor Theoretical Astroparticle Physics @GRAPPAInstitute | Father of 2 | Outreach: @PremioCosmos | AI for science: @dark_machines
Amsterdam, NL
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,218 25.3%
97.profile imageScience News

Covering the latest news in all fields of science. Tweets by @wwrfd, @ThatMikeDenison and @Kate_Travis. Publisher @society4science. See also @SNStudents.
Washington, DC
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,118,458 25.0%
98.profile imageastroparticle

Find here exciting astroparticle physics news! #DarkMatter #CosmicRays #Neutrinos #GammaRays #GWaves
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
27,040 25.0%
99.profile imageAthene Donald

Physics Prof Cambridge University; Master @ChurchillCol; interests: interdisciplinary science, gender & policy for science issues; all comments personal.She/her
Cambridge, UK
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
23,864 25.0%
100.profile imageTara Shears

Particle physicist
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
5,241 25.0%
101.profile imageDavide Castelvecchi

I write about physics, astronomy, math, and technology @NatureNews. Photo of KAGRA's Y tunnel by yours truly.
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
4,688 25.0%
102.profile imageNASA JPL

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.
Pasadena, Calif.
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,924,890 24.7%
103.profile imageChris Hadfield

Canadian Astronaut, back on Earth after 3 spaceflights. For events and media, please write to [email protected]
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
2,393,651 24.7%
104.profile imageHannah Fry

All math and no trousers
CASA, UCL, London
8 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
114,315 24.7%
105.profile imageErik Verlinde

Theoretical Physicist at Amsterdam University working on string theory, gravity, cosmology and black holes, known for entropic gravity & the Verlinde formula.
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
7,434 24.7%
106.profile imageChad Orzel

I'm a physicist, professor, blogger, and author of popular science books.
Niskayuna, NY
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
7,345 24.7%
107.profile imageChris Quigg

Supercollider physicist · Higgsologist · Author, Gauge Theories of the Strong, Weak, & Electromagnetic Interactions
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
2,941 24.7%
108.profile imageKatie Yurkewicz

Events & protocol lead @Argonne, science communicator, PhD nuclear physicist and sci-fi enthusiast. Views my own!
Batavia, Illinois
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
2,818 24.7%
109.profile imageCatherine Q.

Astrophysicist, science communicator, over-thinker. One of @HuffPostscience Top 30 Physicists to follow. @AucklandUni @ScienceUoA space person. Dogs rule
New Zealand
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
41,540 24.3%
110.profile imagePaul Coxon

Physicist in Materials Science at @Cambridge_Uni researching solar cells, molten salts, metal powders & sustainable energy ☀️ Science writer & communicator
Cambridge, UK
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
31,134 24.3%
111.profile imageJohn Carlos Baez

I do math, physics, network theory at U. C. Riverside and the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore.
Riverside, CA
3 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
25,987 24.3%
112.profile imageSLAC

The official Twitter account of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Department of Energy.
Menlo Park, CA
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
21,908 24.3%
113.profile imageSarah Tuttle

Astrophysicist. We're not going to be shady, just fierce. Professor. A tempest well outside her teapot. 100% problematic. She/her. RT = you're on my dance team.
Here, I guess.
12 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
15,854 24.3%
114.profile imageNate Silver

Editor-in-Chief, @FiveThirtyEight. Author, The Signal and the Noise (amzn.to/QdyFYV). Sports/politics/food geek.
New York
11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
3,217,115 24.0%
115.profile imageben goldacre

Doctor, nerd cheerleader, Bad Science person, stats geek, procrastinator. I run ebmdatalab.net at @uniofoxford making tools+papers from data [email protected]
Oxford, England
12 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
482,541 24.0%
116.profile imageLawrence M. Krauss

Theoretical physicist. Best-selling author. Filmmaker. Science & public policy advocate. President of @OriginsProject. Host of @TheOriginsPod.
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
480,967 24.0%
117.profile imageDr Suzie Sheehy

Physicist, feminist. Particle accelerators. Melbourne University & Oxford University. Presenter, lecturer, fledgling writer, runner. Views my own. She/her
Melbourne, Victoria
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
6,584 24.0%
118.profile imageKatherine Freese

Cosmologist, swimmer, dancer
Stockholm, Ann Arbor and NY
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
4,551 24.0%
119.profile imageSarah Kavassalis

Grad student. Marfanoid. Cat mom to @FelisKlein and human mom to L. Eats bugs. Likes: atmospheric chemistry, nonlinear dynamics, politics. she/her
University of Toronto
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
6,731 23.6%
120.profile imageJo Dunkley

Professor of Physics and Astrophysics at Princeton. Author of Our Universe: An Astronomer's Guide. She/her.
Princeton, NJ
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
3,797 23.6%
121.profile imageBill Gates

Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests.
Seattle, WA
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
48,806,373 23.3%
122.profile imageRoyal Institution

The Ri is an independent charity that inspires everyone to think more deeply about science & its place in our lives. Watch the 2019 #XmasLectures on BBC iPlayer
London & Beyond
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
86,200 23.3%
123.profile imageMaria Popova

Reader. Writer. Bicycle-dependent. Author of #Figuring. Maker of #UniverseInVerse.
Brooklyn, NY
12 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
907,387 22.9%
124.profile imageFermat's Library

A platform for illuminating academic papers. We publish an annotated paper every week. Our chrome extension for arXiv: fermatslibrary.com/librarian
4 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
331,445 22.9%
125.profile imageCorey S. Powell

Casting pods with @BillNye on Science Rules. Making magazines @discovermag and @AmSciMag. Writing all around. Science-curious.
Brooklyn, NY
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
68,412 22.9%
126.profile imageDavid W Hogg

astronomy, cosmology, stars, exoplanets, inference, engineering, data analysis, emcee, The Cannon, Astrometry.net, The Tractor, #openscience, #otherpeoplesdata
New York City
8 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
7,587 22.9%
127.profile imageWIRED

WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.
San Francisco/New York
12 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
10,421,696 22.6%
128.profile imageBBC Science News

News, features and analysis from the BBC Science & Environment news desk.
London, England
13 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,424,105 22.3%
129.profile imageDr Adam Rutherford

Back off man, I'm a scientist smarturl.it/HTAWAR
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
78,166 22.3%
130.profile imageLaura Baudis

Experimental physicist studying dark matter, neutrinos and particle detection techniques. Professor of physics at UZH.
University of Zurich
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,824 22.3%
131.profile imageSteven Pinker

Cognitive scientist at Harvard.
Boston, MA
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
576,665 21.9%
132.profile imageAlexandra Witze

Correspondent for Nature, views my own. Reach me (preferred) witzescience-at-gmaildotcom or (secure) awitze-at-protonmaildotcom. She/her/hers.
Boulder, CO
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
21,749 21.9%
133.profile imageMC Stardust ✨

I seem really confident and I talk about space. #lookup #TeamRadio #defectiveheartgirlsolutions 1/2 of @startorialist, opinions=mine (she/her)
Moon/New York City
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
13,354 21.9%
134.profile imageKate Shaw

Particle physicist @SussexUni @ICTPnews @ATLASexperiment & I run @ictpPWF. Lover of science communication, physics in society, & fostering physics worldwide!
Brighton - Geneva - Trieste
6 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
2,579 21.9%
135.profile imageThe New York Times

News tips? Share them here: nyti.ms/2FVHq9v "The Weekly" is our new TV series. Episodes air Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX and on Hulu the next day.
New York City
12 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
44,962,194 21.6%
136.profile imagemichael_nielsen

Searching for the numinous. Co-purveyor of quantum.country
San Francisco, CA
11 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
49,962 21.6%
137.profile imageIceCube Neutrino Observatory

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is an array of optical sensors located in Antarctic ice. It detects the presence of subatomic particles called neutrinos.
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
10,184 21.6%
138.profile imageXKCD Comic

XKCD comic feed with images and mobile friendly links. Unofficial, run by @dghubble
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
255,745 21.2%
139.profile imageMatt Parker

#1 best-selling author, also maths clown. The US edition of Humble Pi is OUT NOW: bit.ly/humblepi Videos: youtube.com/standupmaths
London, UK
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
95,149 21.2%
140.profile imageMetallic Hydrogen STEMLORD

Nanotechnology, Molecular Biology| purveyor of finest quality theoretical apocalypses| Scientist | [email protected]| Aussie in Kiwi
Tāmaki-Makaurau, Aotearoa (New Zealand)
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
38,695 21.2%
141.profile imageMaggie Koerth

Senior Science Reporter at @FiveThirtyEight. Political science, gun violence, environment. Previously @niemanfdn fellow, @NYTMag, @boingboing, @mental_floss.
Minneapolis, MN
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
31,862 21.2%
142.profile imagechrislintott

Astronomer, zookeeper and journalist, based at University of Oxford.
11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
30,748 21.2%
143.profile imageLHCb Experiment

The forward experiment at the LHC at @CERN. We study CP violation, rare decays of hadrons and more.
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
25,683 21.2%
144.profile imageInteractions.org

News from the world's particle physics laboratories.
9 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
15,339 21.2%
145.profile imageSteven Goldfarb

I am the whistle blower.
Geneva, Switzerland
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
3,185 21.2%
146.profile imageScience Friday

Brain fun, for curious people. Hosted by @iraflatow. From @WNYCStudios.
New York, New York
11 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
764,070 20.9%
147.profile imageProf Alice Roberts

Professor of Public Engagement in Science at Uni of Birmingham; biological anthropologist, author, broadcaster; President of Humanists UK. All views my own.
location: Crypt of Lieberkuhn
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
207,892 20.9%
148.profile imageBethany Brookshire

Science writer and journalist. @SNStudents and @ScienceNews, host @sci4thepeople. She/her. My opinions are my own and don’t represent the views of my employer.
Washington, DC
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
63,496 20.9%
149.profile imageCéline Bœhm 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺

Professor & Head of School of Physics at The University of Sydney. Astroparticle Physicist & Dark matter detective. RT no endorsement. Personal account.
Gadigal land, Sydney, NSW
5 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
2,000 20.9%
150.profile imageAstronomy Picture Of The Day

Each day a different image of our universe along with a brief explanation. For issues with this account contact @astronomyblog otherwise apod.nasa.gov/apod/lib/apsub…
12 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,298,729 20.5%
151.profile imageSimon Singh

Author of The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets, Fermat's Last Theorem, The Code Book, Big Bang & Trick or Treatment?
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
78,595 20.5%
152.profile imageAlok Jha

Science correspondent at @TheEconomist • Former @WellcomeTrust fellow • Author: The Water Book https://t.co/lySv8Xl9zt • [email protected]📧
London, England
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
31,903 20.5%
153.profile imageAatish Bhatia

Science writer & educator ∿ Building a more joyful, inclusive, and personally-relevant math & science education ∿ Climate newsletter: https://t.co/RE61IOqfK8
8 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
15,198 20.5%
154.profile imageProf Anna Watts

Professor of Astrophysics @ Univ. of Amsterdam. Neutron stars (explosions, dense matter), X-ray astronomy. Mom, Migrant. Particles in stars blah blah.
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
5,524 20.5%
155.profile imagePeter Edmonds

Work in astronomy publicity after surviving an astrophysics PhD & postdocs. Interested in #science & #scicomm. Opinions are mine & RTs aren't endorsements.
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
4,161 20.5%
156.profile imageTristan du Pree

Physics @_Nikhef | Particle detectors @ATLASexperiment | Higgs bosons @CERN
The Netherlands
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,365 20.5%
157.profile imageTim Berners-Lee

Director of W3C (w3.org), the Web standards place. Founded webfoundation.org - let web serve humanity. CTO inrupt.com to develop solidproject.org

10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
339,529 20.2%
158.profile imageJoanne Manaster

Read Science! host, book lover, biology lecturer, former international model, STEM advocate. Increasing your science TBR pile since 2008.
University of Illinois-Urbana
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
59,883 20.2%
159.profile imageAlice Bell

Co-run a climate charity. Writing a book on the history of the climate crisis. Knitter. Former journo, academic & museum worker. [email protected]
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
27,574 20.2%
160.profile imageDeborah Berebichez

Physicist (@Stanford) Chief Data Scientist (@thisismetis) TV Host (@Discovery @NatGeo). @AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador. Voted Most Stylish Scientist. Made in Mexico
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
27,281 20.2%
161.profile imageRaychelle Burks

#Chemistry Blackademic in the Ivory Tower. She/they. Left Coaster in the Lone Star. Sarcastic & silly. Tweets = personal ≠ professional. In @CurlyHairMafia.
Middle of Nowhere
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
25,187 20.2%
162.profile imageScience and Technology Facilities Council

Science and Technology Facilities Council: Pioneering science for a better future. STFC is part of UK Research and Innovation: ukri.org
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
21,816 20.2%
163.profile imagePhysicsForums.com

Join the largest and highest quality science community with 200K+ members. Discussions in #physics, #astronomy, #STEM, #engineering, #math #homeworkhelp etc!
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
6,841 20.2%
164.profile imageRichard Easther

Father, scientist, @AucklandUni prof, Kiwi diaspora returnee.'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.' He/him.
8 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
3,838 20.2%
165.profile imageAndrew Pontzen

I do cosmology. Previously music. Prof at UCL, funded by Royal Society and ERC. Tweeting in a personal capacity: it’s no-one else’s fault when I talk nonsense.
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
3,358 20.2%
166.profile imageJuan Rojo

Theoretical particle physicist - VU Amsterdam and Nikhef, Theory group - website & blog juanrojo.com
Amsterdam, Netherlands
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,709 20.2%
167.profile imageStephen Fry

How can I tell you what I think until I’ve heard what I’m going to say? 🏳️‍🌈 (Never read DMs I’m afraid)
Los Angeles, CA/ London UK
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
12,734,874 19.9%
168.profile imageSimone Giertz

I build things and make videos about it. Business inquiries: [email protected]
San Francisco, CA
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
488,818 19.9%
169.profile imageLego Academics

The female academics of the Lego Research Institute take on the challenges of modern academia. CC-BY-NC-SA
Lego Research Institute
5 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
73,541 19.9%
170.profile imagePhysics arXiv Blog

The best new ideas in science and technology from technologyreview.com/profile/emergi… and medium.com/the-physics-ar…
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
66,016 19.9%
171.profile imageHannah Devlin

Science Correspondent for The Guardian. Get in touch: [email protected] *DMs are open*
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
17,167 19.9%
172.profile imageLucianne Walkowicz

Astronomer @AdlerPlanet, co-founder @JustSpaceOrg, multimedia artist. Ethics of Mars exploration, exoplanets, social justice. Opinions mine. Pronouns: they/them
Chicago, IL
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
16,603 19.9%
173.profile imagePhilip Ball

Author, writer and broadcaster, mostly about science. Books include The Music Instinct, Curiosity, Critical Mass. Obsessed by (too) many things.
London, UK
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
11,033 19.9%
174.profile imageMichael Moyer

Deputy editor @QuantaMagazine. Fan of bicycles, sourdough, evidence. Old tweets auto-deleted.
New York
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
8,400 19.9%
175.profile imageJohn Womersley

Director-General of the European Spallation Source @essneutron - tweets on ESS, on UK and European Science Policy, and on random things that interest me
Lund, Sverige
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
3,693 19.9%
176.profile imageINSPIRE HEP

INSPIRE - the information management system for High Energy Physics
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
3,046 19.9%
177.profile imageMatthew Feickert

Postdoc @PhysicsIllinois working on #LHC #physics with @ATLASexperiment @CERN and @IRIS_HEP. PhD @SMU. Interested in #ML & data science applications to physics.
Hilbert space
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,752 19.9%
178.profile imageStephen Colbert

the guy on CBS
11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
18,721,242 19.5%
179.profile imageThe Onion

America's Finest News Source.
11 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
11,394,933 19.5%
180.profile imageRichard Dawkins

UK biologist & writer. Science, the poetry of reality. Good-humoured ridicule of religions. RTs don't imply endorsement, nor exhaustive research of tweeter's CV
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,863,137 19.5%
181.profile imageMika McKinnon

Field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, science writer, public speaker, irrepressibly curious. #scicomm #womeninSTEM she/her 🇨🇦🇺🇸
West Coast
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
55,821 19.5%
182.profile imageFraser Cain

Publisher of universetoday.com, co-host of astronomycast.com. Named after Asteroid 158092.
Courtenay, British Columbia
12 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
41,471 19.5%
183.profile imageALICE Experiment

A Large Ion Collider Experiment is one of the largest experiments in the world devoted to research in the physics of matter at an infinitely small scale.
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
32,042 19.5%
184.profile imageskullsinthestars

Professor of optical physics, blogger of physics, history of physics, and pulp fiction. Falling Felines & Fundamental Physics, now available! (he/him)
Charlotte, NC
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
15,375 19.5%
185.profile imageCERNpress

News from @CERN for the media: press releases, media briefings, resources... Questions welcome! Tweets by @Mel_Rudolf #WhatsUpLHC
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
15,237 19.5%
186.profile imageJulianne Dalcanton

Astrophysicist at the University of Washington. Principal Investigator of the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT).
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
7,947 19.5%
187.profile imageMeg Urry

Yale physics prof, likes supermassive black holes, teaching, writing, increasing participation in STEM, my family
Yale University
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
4,715 19.5%
188.profile imageProf Roberto Trotta

Prof of Astrostatistics @imperialcollege | scicommer & author | @CLCCDirector | stat & scientific consultant | Visiting Prof @greshamcollege | Opinions my own
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,436 19.5%
189.profile imageScientists for EU

Love UK-EU science 🔬🇪🇺 FB page: https://t.co/sVb7nTZOtk Donate: https://t.co/4qbeKbzFTl
London, England
4 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
116,500 19.2%
190.profile imageDr. Jacquelyn Gill

Ice Age ecologist in a warming world. Associate Professor at @UMaine’s Climate Change Institute. Host of @ourwarmregards. #TeamMuskOx
Maine, USA
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
84,617 19.2%
191.profile imageDr. Karen James

Scientist & outdoorswoman • DNA whisperer working on climate change • into botany, evolution, space, sci-comm, skiing, Outlander, climate justice & human rights
Unceded Wabanaki territory
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
35,487 19.2%
192.profile imagePhysical Review Lett

Flagship journal of the nonprofit APS. The most cited physics journal, publishing Letters which substantially move physics forward.
4 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
12,972 19.2%
193.profile imagePeter Coles 🇮🇪 🏳️‍🌈 🇪🇺 🎷 🎶

Theoretical astrophysicist specialising in the Universe and all that surrounds it (e.g. jazz, opera, poetry & crosswords). Pronouns: he/him. #FBPE
Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
6,216 19.2%
194.profile imagePhysgal 🇨🇦

Teaching university physics and having fun doing it. Supporting girls and women in physics. 2018 CAP UG Teaching Medal. She/her. Dr./PhD @GirlsExpPhysics
Vancouver, BC
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
5,286 19.2%
195.profile imageKathryn Jepsen

Science communicator | She/Her | Opinions are my own.
North Carolina, USA
11 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
2,889 19.2%
196.profile imagePaul Krugman

Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” "Arguing With Zombies," + more.
New York City
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
4,554,346 18.8%
197.profile imageCassiniSaturn

Our spacecraft is gone, but the science continues. Join us at @NASASolarSystem for the latest.
Saturn, Solar System
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,639,568 18.8%
198.profile imageGrant Sanderson

Animated videos about math. FAQ/contact: 3blue1brown.com/faq
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
126,075 18.8%
199.profile imageHelen Czerski

Physics, bubbles, oceans, hot chocolate and curiosity. Author of Storm in a Teacup: helenczerski.net/books-writing/
London, UK
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
35,838 18.8%
200.profile imagecarlo rovelli

Italy, US, France. Loop quantum gravity, relational QM, Anaximander, no time, thermal time. A boat, mountains, too much love too many dreams too short the life.
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
21,101 18.8%
201.profile imageJedidah Isler, PhD

Astrophysicist / Professor / Relentless Dreamer / Innovator / Founder & Host @VanguardSTEM / Senior @TEDFellow / @NatGeo Explorer [she]
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
16,707 18.8%
202.profile imageRhett Allain

Physics faculty, @WIRED Dot Physics blogger. Science stuff for @MacGyverCBS and @MythBusters. Physics, Science communication. Coffee is my superpower.
Hammond, Louisiana, USA
11 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
11,253 18.8%
203.profile imageLisa Grossman

Astronomy reporter at Science News, lifelong astronomy nerd. Ideas my own. She/her/hers
Cambridge, MA
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
9,149 18.8%
204.profile imageAssociate Professor J(an). J(amie). Eldridge

NZ theoretical astrophysicist studying exploding binary stars. Lecturer, Speaker, Sci-fi addict, feminist, trans enby. Pronouns: she/her/they.
Auckland, New Zealand
6 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
8,178 18.8%
205.profile imageM. Womack

Astrophysicist and Planetary Scientist working with @FSI_Orlando #AreciboObservatory and UCFPhysics. No pseudoscience. #ObservingRun #ClimateChange #teamcomet
Washington, DC
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
4,560 18.8%
206.profile imageBBC Breaking News

Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (international) or @BBCNews (UK). Latest sport news @BBCSport.
London, UK
12 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
41,410,404 18.5%
207.profile imageHillary Clinton

2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x3, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.
New York, NY
6 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
26,525,572 18.5%
208.profile imageThe SETI Institute

We believe we are conducting the most profound search in human history — to know our beginnings and our place among the stars.
Mountain View, CA
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
689,819 18.5%
209.profile imageESA Rosetta Mission

ESA spacecraft that studied Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko & sent @philae2014 to its surface. Mission completed 30 Sep 2016. Follow @esascience for latest news
5 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2016-Sep-30)
459,287 18.5%
210.profile imageNautilus

Science, culture, and philosophy for the intellectually curious. Subscribe for print and digital access.
Science Connected
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
85,241 18.5%
211.profile imageBerkeley Lab

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) #BringingScienceSolutionsToTheWorld
Berkeley, CA
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
65,885 18.5%
212.profile imageOpen Science

to open science … followers mapped at https://t.co/vtIZDsYlE6 #openscience
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
64,428 18.5%
213.profile imageAngela Saini

Award-winning science journalist for New Scientist, Wired, BBC, Nat Geo. Author of INFERIOR and SUPERIOR. Oxford engineer, MIT Fellow, Kavli AAAS Gold prize
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
37,126 18.5%
214.profile imageDNLee

#JrProf, Mammalogist, Diversity & Access to STEM, Unapologetically Intersectional, Mama Panyabuku, TED Fellow, NatGeo Emerging Explorer, #DispatchesDNLee
Midwest, US; Tanzania, Africa
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
32,353 18.5%
215.profile imageI Am SciComm - Sarah Olson

Rotating scicomm account by engagers of science. This week's curator: @ReadMoreScience – Science writer & book reviewer, microbiology major @OregonState
4 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
25,049 18.5%
216.profile imageDennis Overbye

Cosmic Affairs Correspondent @NYTimes.com
New York
11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
3,819 18.5%
217.profile imageRebeca

Dr Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez HEP at @UU_University 🇸🇪, @ATLASexperiment, former @CMSexperiment. She/her. Chairperson. https://t.co/xVuElm5Ne3
Stockholm, Sweden
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,097 18.5%
218.profile imageNeal Weiner

Physicist / dark matter aficionado. The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. -Thomas Huxley & Oliver Wendell Jones
New York City
12 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,841 18.5%
219.profile imageESO

The European Southern Observatory is the most productive observatory in the world. We design, build & operate some of the most advanced telescopes in the world.
Garching, Germany
11 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
95,565 18.2%
220.profile imageMike Brown

Astronomer, planet hunter, Pluto killer, bear whisperer, finger-wrapped dad. Dangerous secularist.
Pasadena, CA
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
64,465 18.2%
221.profile imageMax Tegmark

Known as Mad Max for my unorthodox ideas and passion for adventure, my scientific interests range from artificial intelligence to the ultimate nature of reality
5 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
45,810 18.2%
222.profile imageDr Rachael Livermore

Astrophysicist | Science Communicator. She/her. Videos of my public talks at bit.ly/SciTalks
London, England
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
7,895 18.2%
223.profile imageAndré David

Physicist @CERN ✴︎Prof @istecnico ✴︎Views my own ✴︎Higgs boson📏@CMSExperiment ✴︎📝#Physics🧲 #Science✨#STEM👩‍💻#SciComm📢#MachineLearning🤖#DataViz📊#TyposInTheWild🖊️
likely in the lab.
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
3,039 18.2%
224.profile imageGordon Watts

Physics Prof, @UW, experimental particle physics @CERN #LHC #ATLAS
6 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,702 18.2%
225.profile imageSarafina Nance

I study supernovae & cosmology | Astrophysics PhD student @UCBerkeley | @NSF fellow | BRCA2 previvor making cancer my bitch | IG: @starstrickensf | she/her 🇪🇬
P.O.Box 457 Berkeley, CA 94701
4 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
72,024 17.8%
226.profile imageNadia Drake

Contributing writer @natgeo. Former ballet dancer, slightly obsessed with planets (and MOONS), jungles and spiders. Champagneophile. PhD. (she/her)
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
26,749 17.8%
227.profile image〈 Berger | Dillon 〉

PhD student of Theoretical Particle Physics @UCIrvine | @NSF Fellow | Physics | Math | Animations | Formerly: @CERN, @GeorgeMasonU, @Cornell
Huntington Beach, CA
4 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
25,646 17.8%
228.profile imagePhysics

A free, online magazine from the American Physical Society, offering highlights of papers in the Physical Review journals, plus news features, Q&As, and more.
Ridge, NY
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
14,732 17.8%
229.profile imageUS LHC

News from the U.S. community participating in the Large Hadron Collider project
32 U.S. states and Puerto Rico
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2018-Apr-11)
13,660 17.8%
230.profile imageChristine Corbett Moran

Technical Group Supervisor Cyber Defense Engineering&Research @NASAJPL, Author, Mom. Past: @Caltech, @SpaceX, @MIT, @SignalApp, @SPTelescope. 🔭@ScienceCorbett
Pasadena, CA
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
12,999 17.8%
231.profile imageBryan Gaensler 📡🧲

Astronomer, Director of @DunlapInstitute at @UofT, @LRP2020 co-chair. Sci-fi connoisseur, rugby devotee, displaced Antipodean, perplexed parent. Opinions ∉ UofT
Toronto, Canada he/him
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
10,740 17.8%
232.profile imageRichard Ruiz

HEP/collider and #neutrino theorist. Friendly Neighborhood #FrequentFlier. #Muons are awesome! University Research Fellow at Universite Catholique de Louvain.
Brussels, Belgium
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,635 17.8%
233.profile imageRyan Reece

Physicist, data scientist, ML engineer @CerebrasSystems, poker player, aspiring philosopher of science. Formerly @ATLASexperiment at the LHC.
Mountain View, CA
6 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,427 17.8%
234.profile imagePresident Obama

This is an archive of an Obama Administration account maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
Washington, D.C.
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2017-Jan-20)
14,958,765 17.5%
235.profile imageEdward Snowden

I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. President at @FreedomofPress.
5 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
4,216,883 17.5%
236.profile imagePopular Science

Awe-inspiring science, tech, and DIY. 146 years strong. Here's animated proof: pops.ci/146YEARS
New York
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,342,439 17.5%
237.profile imageSarcasticRover

Doing a science on the red planet. Not @MarsCuriosity. Portrait by @badportraits. Written by @jfiliatrault.
4th Rock From the Sun
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238.profile imagePhysics Central

Puns, Science, science puns, and puny science. Brought to you by @APSPhysics
The Universe
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
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239.profile imageRose DF

Physics. Astronomy. Astronautics. | She/Her/Ella | Con pies en la tierra, y corazón en el espacio | https://t.co/P9GDqV1WLx | Avatar by: Beth Kerner.
New York, NY
5 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
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240.profile imageIOP Publishing

The latest from IOP Publishing, a society-owned scientific publisher, providing impact, recognition and value for the scientific community.
Bristol, UK
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241.profile imagePriyamvada Natarajan

@Yale astrophysicist, works on exotica in the universe: dark matter, black holes; Author: Mapping the Heavens • https://t.co/DuzePWpq2N
New Haven, CT
3 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
12,086 17.5%
242.profile imageClara Moskowitz

Senior Editor at Scientific American, covering space & physics. Views expressed are my own. She/her
New York, NY
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
11,927 17.5%
243.profile imageAAPT

American Association of Physics Teachers — Strengthening Physics Education, Supporting Physics Teachers #physics #education #physicsteachers #AAPTWM20
College Park, MD, USA
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244.profile imageWill Kinney

Cosmologist, physicist, dirtbag mountain biker, expat Montanan, scientistic STEMlord. Part of the problem.
Buffalo, NY
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245.profile imageCaterina Doglioni

Researcher at the @ATLASexperiment at @CERN, from @lunduniversity. Archbishop of Gantterbury. She/her. Tweets my own unless contributed by garden birds.
Lund, Sweden
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,792 17.5%
246.profile imageDavid Zaslavsky

Software engineer at @SoundHound, former particle physicist, occasional science blogger, moderator at Physics Stack Exchange, and fan of cake.
Santa Clara, CA
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
828 17.5%
247.profile imageDr. Michio Kaku

Official Twitter of Theoretical Physicist, Famed Futurist, Bestselling Author, On-Air Personality, Prof. of Physics at the City College and City Univ. of NY.
New York, NY - USA
10 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
735,871 17.1%
248.profile imageScience Museum

Welcome to the home of human ingenuity. We curate a world-renowned collection & organise exhibitions and events for over 3 million visitors a year.
Exhibition Road, London
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249.profile imageMassimo

Astronomy, astronautics, meteorology, physics. @Coelum_news columnist. Engineer, trying to build the big picture of #science via pics, videos & links
Italy, North by Northwest
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250.profile imageDr. Phil Metzger

Planetary scientist at @UCF. CoFounder NASA KSC SwampWorks. Space Mining. Space Settlement. Science. Instagram @drphiltill
Orlando, FL
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251.profile image500womenscientists

We are women. We are scientists. | Email [email protected] w media requests and partnership inquiries
Washington, DC
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252.profile imageBrookhaven Lab

We're an @ENERGY National Lab that delivers discovery science and transformative technology to power and secure America's future. Home to #RHIC #NSLSII #CFNano
Long Island, New York
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
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253.profile imageMariette DiChristina

Dean and Prof. of Practice in Journalism, Boston U. College of Communication. Past: Editor in Chief @sciam & EVP, Magazines, Springer Nature. Opinions my own.
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
21,402 17.1%
254.profile imageProf. Lucie Green

Royal Society Research Fellow, physics Prof at UCL, chair of governors @ucl_academy. Sun & space. Chief Stargazer @popastro. Book: amzn.to/2nitfmi
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
21,272 17.1%
255.profile imageLizNeeley

Executive Director of The @StoryCollider. Lecturer @Yale with @NNCIonline. Into: science, storytelling, #scicomm studies & gorgeous design. she/her
Washington DC area
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256.profile imageLee Billings

Science journalist covering space and physics for @sciam. Author of Five Billion Years of Solitude, a book on the search for alien Earths. Opinions are my own.
New York City
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8,711 17.1%
257.profile imageBen Lillie

Co-founder of @caveatnyc. Previously: co-founder of @storycollider & writer for TED. Retweets are attempts to comprehend the universe.
New York, NY
11 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
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258.profile image★ Colin Stuart ★

Astronomy author & speaker. Get a free e-book @ bit.do/fczvN See www for signed books, business keynotes & school talks. Asteroid (15347) Colinstuart
11 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
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259.profile imageChristopher Berry

Astrophysicist studying #GravitationalWaves (@LIGO). @NUCIERA BOV Research Professor. Tweeting about science, education, LEGO & cake. May contain traces of nuts
Evanston, IL
5 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
4,437 17.1%
260.profile imageDark Matter Hunters

Dark Matter Hunters is a website dedicated to Dark Matter research. Analyzing arxiv preprints, publications, etc. Personal project of @Roberto_Lineros
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,928 17.1%
261.profile imagePatrick Koppenburg

@_nikhef physicist at @LHCbExperiment. #OpenAccess #Outreach #FlavourAnomalies🐧📷🎓💫. For 🍃🇨🇭🗳️: @PKoppenburgCH
Geneva 🏔 - Amsterdam 🌫
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
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262.profile imageNASA Exoplanets

We're the NASA team looking for planets and life beyond our solar system. We represent all of NASA's missions looking for – and finding – new worlds.
11 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
640,261 16.8%
263.profile imageMarcus du Sautoy

Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics. Author of The Creativity Code (Fourth Estate), out March 2019.
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
51,878 16.8%
264.profile imageStephen Curry

Prof, Assistant Provost & Chair of DORA. Cares about science, scientists & equality – and occasionally prone to writing about them. Personal a/c.
London (various)
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
19,749 16.8%
265.profile imageAlom Shaha

Dad. Physics Teacher. Author of books including Mr Shaha's Recipes for Wonder, The Young Atheist's Handbook, and Mr Shaha's Marvellous Machines (out in 2021)
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
14,394 16.8%
266.profile imageAchintya Rao | @[email protected]

#particlephysics/#LHC #scicomm: @CERN, [email protected] • https://t.co/8cQXko5KlU • PhD student: @SciCommsUWE • PGP: https://t.co/U1hY0WT9Bq • #openscience • 🏏
🇮🇳 in 🇨🇭
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267.profile imageMatt Leifer

Quantum physicist, blogger, and all round geek.
Orange, CA
11 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
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268.profile imageTom Whyntie

Postdoctoral Researcher (Physics) at @The_OIRO, @UniofOxford. Views my own etc. etc.
Oxford, England
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2017-Jun-07)
2,182 16.8%
269.profile imageDiscover Magazine

The best science magazine, in print and online
Between gluons and galaxies
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
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270.profile imageDerek Muller

I make Youtube videos about science. PhD in Physics. Creator of Snatoms magnetic molecular modeling kits.
Los Angeles
9 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
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271.profile imageAcademia ɐɹnɔsqO

The hidden silly side of higher education. Ed: @MarinePolicy 📕 Book out now: https://t.co/5GrdLbaXsf.
5 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
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272.profile imageVirginia Hughes

Deputy editor-in-chief, @BuzzFeedNews. Pro nutgraf, pro dog, anti sap.
Brooklyn, NY
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273.profile imageDr. Tanya Harrison

🇨🇦🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈Professional Martian 🔴Former mission ops @MarsCuriosity, @MarsRovers & more. 🌍Manager of Science Programs @planetlabs 👩‍🚀Views = my own.
Washington DC + Toronto
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
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274.profile imageProf. Lisa Harvey-Smith

Astrophysicist, Australian Govt. @WomenInSTEMau Ambassador, Author #WhenGalaxiesCollide, #UnderTheStars, @ABCtv Stargazing Live, Ultramarathoner.
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
19,301 16.4%
275.profile imageLHC Proton

Slightly grumpy proton, endlessly flying round the Large Hadron Collider, trying not to smash into my friends
Large Hadron Collider, CERN
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2017-Dec-15)
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276.profile imageProf. Karen Masters 💫⭐️✨

Professor of astrophysics @haverfordedu. Investigating galaxies with @GalaxyZoo @SDSSurveys. Touch a galaxy @TactileUniverse. British. She/her.
Philadelphia, PA
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
9,024 16.4%
277.profile imageLaurie Winkless

Physicist-turned-science storyteller. Book#1: SCIENCE AND THE CITY. Book#2: STICKY (2021?). @ForbesScience contributor. Irish. Feminist. Opinionated. She/her.
Wellington NZ (via London)
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
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278.profile imageArnaud Marsollier

Head of the Contents Unit @ESA, the European Space Agency. Formerly Head of @CERNPress @CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.
Noordwijk, Nederland
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,874 16.4%
279.profile imageKate Kahle

Head of Editorial Content Development @CERN (writing, web & social media), mum of trilingual terrors, loves wordplay & hashtags. All opinions = my own
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,197 16.4%
280.profile imageDarren Price

Particle physicist @OfficialUoM, @ATLASexperiment at #LHC #CERN, DarkSide @LngsInfn, Turing Fellow @turinginst. Traveller. Go science! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺🇵🇱
Manchester, UK | Hebden Bridge
11 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
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281.profile imageJessie Shelton

occasional particle physics
U Illinois Urbana-Champaign
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282.profile imageThe Economist

News and analysis with a global perspective. Subscribe here: econ.st/2eqtp7o
12 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
24,288,513 16.1%
283.profile imageTED Talks

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. 🔴 Find your next favorite TED Talk with TED Recommends: https://t.co/YCWAuV711r
New York, NY
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
11,387,894 16.1%
284.profile imageBuzz Aldrin

Gemini 12 & Apollo XI Astronaut & Moonwalker; West Point; USAF Col, Korean War Vet; MIT Founder, Human SpaceFlight Institute Founder
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,492,353 16.1%
285.profile imageNASA InSight

The InSight mission will study the early evolution of terrestrial planets. Launched May 5, 2018. Landed Nov. 26, 2018.
Elysium Planitia, Mars
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
708,595 16.1%
286.profile imageNASA New Horizons

After exploring Pluto & its moons in July 2015 the New Horizons spacecraft encountered Kuiper Belt object Arrokoth on Jan 1 2019, the farthest flyby in history.
Solar System
5 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
393,572 16.1%
287.profile imageNPR Science Desk

Science news, commentary and conversation from NPR. Plus, a rad new podcast called #NPRShortWave! Subscribe now: apple.co/2OsOlKQ
Washington, DC
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288.profile imageJonathan Amos

BBC Science Correspondent
Cambridge, UK
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
45,551 16.1%
289.profile imageJonathan McDowell

I'm an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, working on Chandra and quasars, and commenting on space launches and space activities.
Somerville, MA, USA
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
31,031 16.1%
290.profile imageAlan Duffy

Professor in Astrophysics at @Swinburne and Lead Scientist of @RiAus Instagram.com/profalanduffy
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
21,834 16.1%
291.profile imageRoger Highfield

Museum exec, writer & visiting prof at @Dunn_School and @UCLChemistry. Ex New Scientist Editor & Science Editor of The Daily Telegraph. Neutron bouncer
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
17,214 16.1%
292.profile imageProf. Abel Méndez

Planetary Astrobiologist and Director of the @PlanetaryHabLab. Looking at habitable worlds from the Arecibo Observatory. #exoplanets #astrobiology #habitability
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
15,390 16.1%
293.profile imageBecky Smethurst

Astrophysicist researching how supermassive black holes affect galaxies. I get overly enthusiastic about space on YouTube: youtube.com/drbecky
Oxford, England
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
10,571 16.1%
294.profile imageDr Heather Williams

Consultant Medical Physicist @TheChristieNHS, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) specialist; Mum; @Science_Grrl Director; #scicomm-er. She/her. Views my own.
Manchester, & elsewhere, UK
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
8,726 16.1%
295.profile imageryan

I'm like a bird I'll only fly away I don't know where my soul is (Soul is) I don't know where my home is And baby all I need for you to know (they/them)
New York, USA
4 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
7,260 16.1%
296.profile imageDr. Vincenzo Chiochia

Analytics & Cognitive Director at @DeloitteCH and Particle Physicist | SDGs, Analytics, Science & Space, | Views are my own
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
4,369 16.1%
297.profile imageDavid Harris

Brisbane, Australia
11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
4,015 16.1%
298.profile imageValerie Jamieson

Creative director for New Scientist Live London/Melbourne, New Scientist evening lectures and masterclasses. Idea hunter. Ex-particle physicist.

11 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
3,291 16.1%
299.profile imageDaniel Whiteson

professional particle physicist (sites.uci.edu/daniel) amateur everything else. Co-host of @DanielAndJorge. Avatar by @PhDcomics.
5 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
2,765 16.1%
300.profile imageClifford Johnson

Professor of Physics: Research, Teaching, and Science Communication (TV/Movies/Books/etc). Get my new graphic book here: thedialoguesbook.com
Los Angeles, CA
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
2,258 16.1%