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Date Episode details
2019-Oct-20podcast imageThe problem with humanism
2019-Oct-20podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part IV - The Meaning)
2019-Oct-20podcast imageHoP 334 - Chance Encounters - Reviving Hellenistic philosophy
2019-Oct-17podcast imageECONOMIC EQUALITY
2019-Oct-17podcast image2019 Uehiro Lectures (3/3): Improving Political Discourse (2): Communicating moral concern beyond blaming and shaming
2019-Oct-17podcast image2019 Uehiro Lectures (2/3): Improving Political Discourse (1): Re-learning how to talk about facts across group identities
2019-Oct-17podcast image2019 Uehiro Lectures (1/3): What Has Gone Wrong? Populist politics and the mobilization of fear and resentment
2019-Oct-17podcast imageEV - 112 Leftist Martial Arts with Sam Yang
2019-Oct-16podcast imageBernardo Kastrup Live!
2019-Oct-16podcast image0G76: The Golden Man and The Ubermensch
2019-Oct-16podcast imageWas betrayal inevitable?
2019-Oct-15podcast imageImagination and the Importance of Creative Madness
2019-Oct-15podcast imageIntroducing The Next Big Idea
2019-Oct-15podcast imageEpisode 174: More Chiang for Your Buck ("Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom" Pt. 2)
2019-Oct-15podcast imageAssessing the Moral Status of Robots: A Shorter Defence of Ethical Behaviourism
2019-Oct-15podcast image7/10/2019 – 112th PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Helen Steward on Free Will and External Reality: Two Scepticisms Compared
2019-Oct-15podcast imageE176 | Into the Unknown | Martin Rees, Tony Milligan, Elizabeth Seward
2019-Oct-15podcast imageEpisode 119: Stephanie Kapusta discusses misgendering
2019-Oct-14podcast imageEp. 227: What Is Social Construction? (Hacking, Berger) (Part Two)
2019-Oct-14podcast image68 | Melanie Mitchell on Artificial Intelligence and the Challenge of Common Sense
2019-Oct-13podcast imageE36: The Man on the Street - A Definition of 'Definition'
2019-Oct-13podcast image010 – Do We Live in a Simulation?
2019-Oct-13podcast imageFeminism, ecology, motherhood
2019-Oct-13podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part III - The Story: The Fall of Charlie Gordon)
2019-Oct-13podcast imageHAP 37 - Liberty, Equality, Humanity - The Haitian Revolution
2019-Oct-13podcast image427: The Space-Time Continuum
2019-Oct-12podcast imageSusan Schneider Live!
2019-Oct-11podcast imageEV - 111 Plato v Aristotle v Nagel with Fabien-Denis Cayer
2019-Oct-10podcast imageRousseau on Education
2019-Oct-10podcast imageJustin Garson, "What Biological Functions are and Why They Matter" (Cambridge UP, 2019)
2019-Oct-09podcast imageAUDIENCE QUESTIONS
2019-Oct-09podcast imageKeith Frankish and Philip Goff Live!
2019-Oct-09podcast imageAxel Cleermans Live!
2019-Oct-09podcast imageStephen Fleming Live!
2019-Oct-09podcast imageJoshua Tan Live!
2019-Oct-09podcast imageMatthias Michel Live!
2019-Oct-09podcast image0G75: Repo Men and Organ Markets
2019-Oct-09podcast imageIs optimism dangerous for democratic politics?
2019-Oct-08podcast imageRuth Millikan Live!
2019-Oct-08podcast imagePretty Much Pop #14: UFOs on TV with Investigative Journalist Paul Beban
2019-Oct-08podcast imageE175 | Modern Crises and Ancient Gods | David King, Sister Jayanti, Natalie Bennett
2019-Oct-08podcast imageEpisode 135 ... Leo Strauss - Ancients vs. Moderns
2019-Oct-07podcast image489: The Allure of Authoritarianism
2019-Oct-07podcast imageThe Spiritual Brain
2019-Oct-07podcast image67 | Kate Jeffery on Entropy, Complexity, and Evolution
2019-Oct-07podcast imageEp. 227: What Is Social Construction? (Hacking, Berger) (Part One)
2019-Oct-07podcast imageFrom Eugenics to Human Gene Editing: Engineering Life in China in a Global Context
2019-Oct-07podcast imageAre You an Authoritarian?
2019-Oct-06podcast imageShorts - E23: Discordianism
2019-Oct-06podcast imageKeith Frankish Live!
2019-Oct-06podcast imageGenetically obsolete
2019-Oct-06podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part II - The Story: The Rise of Charlie Gordon)
2019-Oct-06podcast imageHoP 333 - Difficult to Be Good - Humanist Ethics
2019-Oct-05podcast imageMichael Silberstein Live!
2019-Oct-05podcast imageR. Scott Bakker Live!
2019-Oct-05podcast imagePolitical Disagreement
2019-Oct-04podcast imageMonica Gagliano Live!
2019-Oct-04podcast imageRobert Hopkins (NYU): “Artistic Style as the Expression of Artistic Ideals”
2019-Oct-04podcast imageRomina Padró Live!
2019-Oct-04podcast imageMichael Rodriguez Live!
2019-Oct-04podcast imageNEM#106: John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions/Man Forever): Heavy Meditations
2019-Oct-03podcast imageIs Morality Objective?
2019-Oct-03podcast imageMiguel Ángel Sebastián Live!
2019-Oct-03podcast imageEV - 110 Community Atheism with Stephanie Zvan
2019-Oct-02podcast imagePOPPER VS ADORNO 2 Positivism and Pluralism
2019-Oct-02podcast image0G74: Cloud Dragon Skies and Geoengineering
2019-Oct-02podcast imageShould Donald Trump be impeached? (take two)
2019-Oct-01podcast imageMulticulturalism and Animal Ethics
2019-Oct-01podcast imageE174 | Masters of the Universe | Natalie Kofler, Steve Fuller, Angela Saini
2019-Oct-01podcast imageEpisode 173: Talking to Your (Alternate) Self [Ted Chiang's "Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom"]
2019-Oct-01podcast imagePretty Much Pop #13: TV Revivals Revived!
2019-Oct-01podcast imageJavier Gomez-Lavin Live!
2019-Oct-01podcast imageAxel Seemann, "The Shared World: Perceptual Knowledge, Demonstrative Communication, and Social Space" (MIT Press, 2019)
2019-Sep-30podcast imageEp. 226: Francis Bacon Invents Science (Part Two)
2019-Sep-30podcast image488: Explanation at Its Best
2019-Sep-30podcast image66 | Will Wilkinson on Partisan Polarization and the Urban/Rural Divide
2019-Sep-29podcast imageShorts - E22: Self-Evidence
2019-Sep-29podcast imageWayne Wu Live!
2019-Sep-29podcast imageRichard Rorty and transcendence
2019-Sep-29podcast imageHAP 36 - Sons of Africa - Quobna Ottobah Cugoano and Olaudah Equiano
2019-Sep-29podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part I - Daniel Keyes: Life and Context)
2019-Sep-28podcast imageJumana Yahya Live!
2019-Sep-27podcast imageEp86 - French Toast Episode
2019-Sep-26podcast imageEV - 109 Human Biodiversity with Kevin Bird
2019-Sep-25podcast imagePOPPER VS ADORNO (1) Context & History
2019-Sep-25podcast imageThe Illusions Around Death
2019-Sep-25podcast image0G73: Snowpiercer and Social Contract Theory, Part 2
2019-Sep-25podcast imageFree riding: Why act, when acting is likely to make no difference?
2019-Sep-24podcast imagePretty Much Pop #12: Once Upon a Tarantino Film
2019-Sep-24podcast imageJorge Morales Live!
2019-Sep-24podcast imageE173 | The Right To Offend | David Aaronovitch, Joanna Williams, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
2019-Sep-23podcast imageKnowing What We Know (And What We Don't)
2019-Sep-23podcast image65 | Michael Mann on Why Our Climate Is Changing and How We Know
2019-Sep-23podcast imageEp. 226: Francis Bacon Invents Science (Part One)
2019-Sep-22podcast imageE35: An Irenic Kind of Fellow - A Discussion on Illusionism with Keith Frankish
2019-Sep-22podcast imageShould You Get Married?
2019-Sep-22podcast imageClassical ethics, modern problem
2019-Sep-22podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part IV - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Sep-22podcast imageHoP 332 - Jill Kraye on Humanism
2019-Sep-21podcast imageJames Wilson
2019-Sep-20podcast imageMalcolm Keating, "Language, Meaning, and Use in Indian Philosophy" (Bloomsbury, 2019)
2019-Sep-19podcast imageEV - 108 Logical Positivism with Dr. Liam Bright
2019-Sep-19podcast image#64 - Munthe on the Precautionary Principle and Existential Risk
2019-Sep-18podcast imageWho Created God? — A Response to Capturing Christianity
2019-Sep-18podcast imageCarlos Montemayor Live!
2019-Sep-18podcast image0G72: Snowpiercer and Environmental Injustice, Part 1
2019-Sep-18podcast imageNational security or xenophobic conspiracy?
2019-Sep-17podcast imageEpisode 172: Are You Free (to like the Chappelle special)?
2019-Sep-17podcast imagePretty Much Pop #11: The Live Music Experience
2019-Sep-17podcast imageE172 | The Prejudice of Facts | Barry Barnes, Joanna Kavenna, John Ellis
2019-Sep-16podcast imageMILL VS RAWLS
2019-Sep-16podcast image64 | Ramez Naam on Renewable Energy and an Optimistic Future
2019-Sep-16podcast imageEp. 225: Simone Weil on War and Oppression (Part Two)
2019-Sep-16podcast image425: Queerness
2019-Sep-15podcast imagePatricia Churchland on How We Evolved A Conscience
2019-Sep-15podcast imagePhilip Goff Live!
2019-Sep-15podcast imagePhilosophy on the couch
2019-Sep-15podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part III - Machiavellianism Today)
2019-Sep-15podcast imageHAP 35 - Letters from the Heart - Ignatius Sancho and Benjamin Banneker
2019-Sep-13podcast imageMasafumi Oizumi and Hakwan Lau Live!
2019-Sep-12podcast imageEpisode 118: Tyler Cowen discusses Stubborn Attachments
2019-Sep-12podcast imageEV - 107 Gender Wars in the Void with Dr. Rachel McKinney
2019-Sep-11podcast imageSTATECRAFT with Cecile Fabre (2)
2019-Sep-11podcast image0G71: Willy Wonka and The Meritocracy Factory
2019-Sep-11podcast imageHas virtue become irrelevant to democratic politics?
2019-Sep-10podcast imageWhy Politicians' Lies are Especially Bad
2019-Sep-10podcast imagePretty Much Pop #10: The Handmaid's Tale
2019-Sep-10podcast image(Contemplating) The Self
2019-Sep-10podcast imageE171 | The Reality Illusion | Donald Hoffman, Maria Baghramian, Hilary Lawson
2019-Sep-10podcast imageChiara Russo Krauss, "Wundt, Avenarius and Scientific Psychology: A Debate at the Turn of the Twentieth Century" (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019)
2019-Sep-09podcast image487: Changing Minds on Climate Change
2019-Sep-09podcast imageEp. 225: Simone Weil on War and Oppression (Part One)
2019-Sep-09podcast image63 | Solo -- Finding Gravity Within Quantum Mechanics
2019-Sep-09podcast imageDick Passingham Live!
2019-Sep-08podcast imageHakwan Lau Live!
2019-Sep-08podcast imageGloomy Sunday
2019-Sep-08podcast imageHoP 331 - Literary Criticism - Lorenzo Valla
2019-Sep-08podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part II - The Prince)
2019-Sep-07podcast imageAaron's Sydney Skeptics Moral Luck Talk
2019-Sep-05podcast imageEV - 106 Taxiderming the Void with Brant MacDuff
2019-Sep-04podcast imageListener Qs 10
2019-Sep-04podcast imageWhere's the threat to democracy: Boris Johnson or the British Parliament?
2019-Sep-03podcast imagePretty Much Pop #9: Cartoons with Dee Bradley Baker (Clone Wars, American Dad)
2019-Sep-03podcast imageE170 | Evolution After Darwin | Massimo Pigliucci, Zanna Clay, Tim Lewens
2019-Sep-03podcast imageOut of the Vat #3 – Katherine Furman
2019-Sep-03podcast imageAmy Olberding, "The Wrong of Rudeness: Learning Modern Civility from Ancient Chinese Philosophy" (Oxford UP, 2019)
2019-Sep-02podcast image62 | Michele Gelfand on Tight and Loose Societies and People
2019-Sep-02podcast imageEp. 224: Kierkegaard Critiques The Present Age (Part Two)
2019-Sep-02podcast imageEp. 3 - Not All Who Ponder Count Costs
2019-Sep-02podcast imagePatricia Marino, "Philosophy of Sex and Love" (Routledge, 2019)
2019-Sep-02podcast imageA Leader Returns
2019-Sep-01podcast imagePROPERTY RIGHTS, SANCTIONS, & AID with Cécile Fabre
2019-Sep-01podcast imageHAP 34 - New England Patriot - Lemuel Haynes
2019-Sep-01podcast imagePolitics at the extremes
2019-Sep-01podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part I - Life and Context)
2019-Sep-01podcast image483: Summer Reading (and Misreading)
2019-Aug-30podcast imageEpisode 117: Brian L. Frye says to plagiarize this podcast
2019-Aug-30podcast imageEpisode 6: Aoife – Icelandic Sagas and moral philosophy
2019-Aug-29podcast imageBonus Episode: In Conversation with Saul Kripke and Timothy Williamson
2019-Aug-29podcast imageEV - 105 Public Philosophy in the Void with Greg Sadler
2019-Aug-28podcast image#63 - Reagle on the Ethics of Life Hacking
2019-Aug-28podcast imageListener Qs 9
2019-Aug-28podcast imageCan climate science be communicated without compromising the science?
2019-Aug-27podcast imageEpisode 171: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Theodicy? (The Book of Job)
2019-Aug-27podcast imagePretty Much Pop #8: Spider-Man: Far From Home (and Elsewhere)
2019-Aug-27podcast imageE168 | The Necessity of Morality | Justin Smith, Jason Alexander McKenzie, Barry C. Smith
2019-Aug-26podcast imageEp. 224: Kierkegaard Critiques The Present Age (Part One)
2019-Aug-26podcast image61 | Quassim Cassam on Intellectual Vices and What to Do About Them
2019-Aug-26podcast image424: Freedom of Speech on Campus
2019-Aug-26podcast imageWill AI make thinking obsolete?
2019-Aug-26podcast imageHUMILIATION in Neo-Republican Ideology
2019-Aug-25podcast imageDementia and deception
2019-Aug-25podcast imageEpisode 65, 'The Awe-Some Argument' with Ryan Byerly (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Aug-23podcast imageEV - 104 Deeply Learning the Void with Michael Cogswell
2019-Aug-23podcast imageEpisode 5: Rupert – Ethical Egoism
2019-Aug-22podcast imageReligion, Science, Morality, God and the Great Unknown
2019-Aug-21podcast image0G70: The Power and Cyborg Feminism, Part 2
2019-Aug-21podcast imageCan democracy survive the rise of surveillance capitalism?
2019-Aug-20podcast imagePretty Much Pop #7: Native Representation with Jonathan Joss (King of the Hill, Parks & Rec)
2019-Aug-20podcast imageE167 | What's It All For? | Helen Lederer, Julian Baggini, Susan Neiman, Janne Teller
2019-Aug-20podcast imageJohn T. Lysaker, "Philosophy, Writing, and the Character of Thought" (U Chicago Press, 2018)
2019-Aug-19podcast image60 | Lynne Kelly on Memory Palaces, Ancient and Modern
2019-Aug-19podcast imageEp. 223: Guest Ned Block on Consciousness (Part Two)
2019-Aug-19podcast imageEp. 2 - What We Can Infer About Implicit Bias From Debiasing Experiments
2019-Aug-19podcast image423: Philosophy Behind Bars
2019-Aug-19podcast imageResponsibility and Justice
2019-Aug-18podcast imageWhen Will Machines Deserve Rights?
2019-Aug-18podcast imageTIME, POLITICS, & CITIZENSHIP With Elizabeth Cohen
2019-Aug-18podcast imageWhy the Humanities?
2019-Aug-18podcast imageEpisode 65, 'The Awe-Some Argument' with Ryan Byerly (Part I - Pantheism)
2019-Aug-16podcast imageEV - 103 The Panpsychic Void with Hunter Ash
2019-Aug-16podcast imageEpisode 4: Aine – Pyrrhonic Scepticism
2019-Aug-15podcast image12 Essential Truths I've Learned About Life
2019-Aug-14podcast image0G69: The Power and Cyborg Theory, Part 1
2019-Aug-14podcast imageWhat does it mean to be 'good'?
2019-Aug-13podcast imageEpisode 170: Social Psychology Gets an Asch-Kicking
2019-Aug-13podcast imagePretty Much Pop #6: Adults Playing Video Games
2019-Aug-13podcast imageE166 | The Meaning of the Multiverse | Cumrun Vafa, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, John Ellis
2019-Aug-12podcast imageEp. 223: Guest Ned Block on Consciousness (Part One)
2019-Aug-12podcast image486: Reading the Troubled Past
2019-Aug-12podcast image59 | Adam Becker on the Curious History of Quantum Mechanics
2019-Aug-11podcast imageBERNIE, HILLARY, & TRUMP With Angie Maxwell
2019-Aug-11podcast imageThe (other) melancholy Dane
2019-Aug-11podcast imageEpisode 64, 'The Given - Experience and its Content' with Michelle Montague (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Aug-09podcast imageSamir Okasha, "Agents and Goals in Evolution" (Oxford UP, 2018)
2019-Aug-09podcast imageEpisode 3: Nancy Jecker – the chronically ill, the newly deceased
2019-Aug-08podcast imageBuddhism: Living Life with Compassion
2019-Aug-08podcast imageEV - 102 Social Progress in the Void with Bo Winegard pt.2
2019-Aug-07podcast imageEpisode #134 ... Consequences of Reason
2019-Aug-07podcast image0G68: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Grief
2019-Aug-07podcast imageFacebook’s cryptocurrency — not such a bad idea after all?
2019-Aug-06podcast imagePretty Much Pop #5: True Crime with Lucy Lawless
2019-Aug-06podcast imageE165 | Lost in Language | Saul Kripke, Hilary Lawson, Paul Boghossian, Silvia Jonas
2019-Aug-05podcast imageEpisode 116: Tommy Curry discusses black male studies
2019-Aug-05podcast imageGladiator: Is it Stoic?
2019-Aug-05podcast image58 | Seth MacFarlane on Using Science Fiction to Explore Humanity
2019-Aug-05podcast image485: The Doomsday Doctrine
2019-Aug-05podcast imageEp. 222: Debating Functionalism (Block, Chalmers) (Part Two)
2019-Aug-04podcast imageE34: More Vice Than Virtue – Nelson Goodman’s Fake News
2019-Aug-04podcast imageThe 50th Episode Extravaganza!!!
2019-Aug-04podcast imageTHE SOUTHERN STRATEGY with Angie Maxwell
2019-Aug-04podcast imageRemembering Agnes Heller
2019-Aug-04podcast imageEpisode 64, 'The Given - Experience and its Content' with Michelle Montague (Part I - The Given)
2019-Aug-04podcast imageDoctors and their conscience!
2019-Aug-02podcast imageEpisode 2: Jonathan Webber – Freedom and Morality
2019-Aug-01podcast imageEV - 101 Social Progress in the Void with Bo Winegard pt.1
2019-Aug-01podcast imageQuassim Cassam, "Vices of the Mind: From the Intellectual to the Political" (Oxford UP, 2019)
2019-Aug-01podcast imageDIVERSIFYING THE CANNON With Elizabeth Anderson
2019-Jul-31podcast image0G67: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Grief
2019-Jul-31podcast imageShould children be given the vote?
2019-Jul-31podcast imageA Meaning of Life
2019-Jul-30podcast imagePretty Much Pop #4: "Chernobyl" and the Art of Suffering
2019-Jul-30podcast imageE164 | The Problem with Love | Mark Salter, Helen-Ann Hartley, Phillip Blond
2019-Jul-30podcast imageEpisode 169: A Bug's Life (Kafka's "The Metamorphosis")
2019-Jul-29podcast image57 | Astra Taylor on the Promise and Challenge of Democracy
2019-Jul-29podcast imageEp. 222: Debating Functionalism (Block, Chalmers) (Part One)
2019-Jul-29podcast image419: The Mystery of the Multiverse
2019-Jul-28podcast imageRock star philosopher, and rocks
2019-Jul-28podcast imageEpisode 63, 'Pantheism and Panentheism' with Andrei Buckareff (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Jul-28podcast imageHoP 330 - Republic of Letters - Italian Humanism
2019-Jul-26podcast imageWhat is Philosophy?
2019-Jul-25podcast imageEV - 100 Getting Leitered in the Void with Nathan Oseroff-Spicer
2019-Jul-24podcast image0G66: Striking Vipers and Multifaceted Virtual Identities
2019-Jul-24podcast imageCan we overcome terminal disagreement in our politics and morality?
2019-Jul-23podcast imagePretty Much Pop #3: CONFORM w/ Yakov Smirnoff
2019-Jul-23podcast imageE163 | Are You An Illusion? | Julian Baggini, Joanna Kavenna, Jan Westerhoff, Silvia Jonas
2019-Jul-22podcast imageWhy the Trolley Problem is a Brilliant Question
2019-Jul-22podcast image56 | Kate Adamala on Creating Synthetic Life
2019-Jul-22podcast image416: Magical Thinking
2019-Jul-22podcast imageEp. 221: Functionalist Theories of Mind (Putnam, Armstrong) (Part Two)
2019-Jul-21podcast imageArendt on the Banality of Evil
2019-Jul-21podcast imageWomen and the Dhamma
2019-Jul-21podcast imageEpisode 63, 'Pantheism and Panentheism' with Andrei Buckareff (Part I - The Divine Mind)
2019-Jul-21podcast imageHAP 33 - Young, Gifted, and Black - Phillis Wheatley
2019-Jul-21podcast imageResponsibility and effort
2019-Jul-19podcast imageCORPORATE GOVERNMENT With Elizabeth Anderson
2019-Jul-18podcast imageEV - 99 Dying in the Void with Dave Warnock
2019-Jul-17podcast image0G65: The Evitable Conflict and The Zeroth Law
2019-Jul-17podcast imageCan Hong Kong’s democratic protests succeed?
2019-Jul-16podcast imageStoicism: Escaping Mental Enslavement
2019-Jul-16podcast imageEpisode 168: The Big Lebowski vs Pulp Fiction (Pt. 2)
2019-Jul-16podcast imagePretty Much Pop #2: Binge Watching
2019-Jul-16podcast imageE162 | The End Of All Things | John Dupré, Subir Sarkar, Nancy Cartwright
2019-Jul-15podcast imageEp. 221: Functionalist Theories of Mind (Putnam, Armstrong) (Part One)
2019-Jul-15podcast image55 | A Conversation with Rob Reid on Quantum Mechanics and Many Worlds
2019-Jul-15podcast image484: Is Postmodernism Really to Blame for Post-Truth?
2019-Jul-15podcast imageThe world in a different light: Iris Murdoch’s philosophical vision
2019-Jul-14podcast imageSPACE & POLITICS With Ryan D Enos
2019-Jul-14podcast imageThe world in a different light: Iris Murdoch’s philosophical vision
2019-Jul-14podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part V. Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Jul-14podcast imageHoP 329 - Greeks Bearing Gifts - Byzantine Scholars in Italy
2019-Jul-12podcast imageEpisode 1: Jonathan Webber – projects and choices
2019-Jul-11podcast imageEV - 98 The Shunyata of the Void with SomeStingray
2019-Jul-10podcast imageSusanna Schellenberg, "The Unity of Perception: Content, Consciousness, and Evidence" (Oxford UP, 2018)
2019-Jul-10podcast image0G64: I Am Mother and Care Ethics
2019-Jul-10podcast imageVoice, Treaty, Truth: What would it mean to truly listen to the First Nations' call for justice?
2019-Jul-10podcast imagePublic Leaders: The Power Structure of Echo Chambers
2019-Jul-09podcast imagePretty Much Pop #1: Pop Culture vs. High Culture
2019-Jul-09podcast imageE161 | The Fascination With Evil | Terry Eagleton, Susan Neiman, Stephen de Wijze
2019-Jul-08podcast imageKate Kirkpatrick on the life and work of Simone de Beauvoir
2019-Jul-08podcast image54 | Indre Viskontas on Music and the Brain
2019-Jul-08podcast imageThe Free Speech Episode
2019-Jul-07podcast imageShorts - E21: Personal Accountability
2019-Jul-07podcast imageThinking the country
2019-Jul-07podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part IV. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
2019-Jul-07podcast imageHAP 32 - Talking Book - Early Africana Writing in English
2019-Jul-07podcast imageResponsibility and Addiction
2019-Jul-05podcast imageEp. 220: 10-Year Retrospective of The Partially Examined Life
2019-Jul-05podcast imageMolyneux’s Problem
2019-Jul-04podcast imageEV - 97 Dominating the Void with Toby Buckle
2019-Jul-03podcast imageEpisode 167: The Big Lebowski vs Pulp Fiction (Pt. 1)
2019-Jul-03podcast imageVideo Games: Becoming Human
2019-Jul-03podcast image#62 - Häggström on AI Motivations and Risk Denialism
2019-Jul-03podcast image0G63: Fury Road and Ecofeminism
2019-Jul-03podcast imageHow do you solve a problem like Israel Folau?
2019-Jul-02podcast imageE160 | The Right Way to Think | Paul Boghossian, Mary Jane Rubenstein, Alister McGrath
2019-Jul-01podcast imageEpisode #133 ... Carl Schmitt on Liberalism pt. 2
2019-Jul-01podcast imageEpisode #132 ... Carl Schmitt on Liberalism pt. 1
2019-Jul-01podcast imageEpisode 67 - Thomas Pradeu
2019-Jul-01podcast image53 | Solo -- On Morality and Rationality
2019-Jul-01podcast imageEp. 219: The Harder Problem of Consciousness (Block & Papineau)
2019-Jul-01podcast imageChristian List, "Why Free Will is Real" (Harvard UP, 2019)
2019-Jul-01podcast imageEpisode 115: Katherine Ritchie discusses social groups
2019-Jun-30podcast imageShorts - E20: The Monty Hall Problem
2019-Jun-30podcast image422: Reparations
2019-Jun-30podcast imageTHE SURVIVAL OF EUROPEAN LIBERALISM With Ian Dunt
2019-Jun-30podcast imageWitnessing and translating
2019-Jun-30podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part III. Modern Stoicism)
2019-Jun-30podcast imageHoP 328 - Old News - Introduction to the Italian Renaissance
2019-Jun-27podcast imagePhilosophy and Death
2019-Jun-27podcast imageEV - 96 Giving the Void an Argument with Ben Burgis
2019-Jun-26podcast image0G62: One Punch Man and Process vs. Product
2019-Jun-26podcast image41: Ethics Education with Thomas Wartenberg and Chris Robichaud
2019-Jun-26podcast imageIs democracy an impediment to addressing climate change?
2019-Jun-25podcast imageBlinded by Ideology
2019-Jun-25podcast imageOut of the Vat #2 – Richard Ashcroft
2019-Jun-25podcast imageE159 | The Prejudice of Philosophy | Chakravarthi Ram Prasad, Nivi Manchanda, Timothy Williamson
2019-Jun-24podcast image482: J.S. Mill and the Good Life
2019-Jun-24podcast image52 | Frank Lantz on the Logic and Emotion of Games
2019-Jun-24podcast imageEp. 218: The Hard Problem of Consciousness (Chalmers et al) (Part Two)
2019-Jun-24podcast imageARE IDEOLOGIES TRUE?
2019-Jun-24podcast imagePaternalism and public health challenges to patient autonomy
2019-Jun-23podcast imageE33: Massimo Pigliucci's Hard Problems - Multi-Level Selection & Cultural Evolution
2019-Jun-23podcast imageHarry Frankfurt's Bullshit
2019-Jun-23podcast imagePublic health and the open society
2019-Jun-23podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part II. The Discourses and The Enchiridion)
2019-Jun-23podcast imageHAP 31 - Justin Smith on Amo and Race in Early Modern Philosophy
2019-Jun-22podcast imageYOLO Apologetics
2019-Jun-20podcast imageEV - 095 The Void after Transition with Callie Wright
2019-Jun-20podcast image#61 - Yampolskiy on Machine Consciousness and AI Welfare
2019-Jun-20podcast imageFreedom of Political Communication, Propaganda and the Role of Epistemic Institutions in Cyberspace
2019-Jun-20podcast imageCamisha Russell, "The Assisted Reproduction of Race" (Indiana UP, 2018)
2019-Jun-20podcast imageDominic McIver Lopes (University of British Columbia) – Beyond the Pleasure Principle: Autonomy in Kant’s Aesthetics
2019-Jun-20podcast imageHanne Appelqvist – Wittgenstein and Musical Formalism: A Case Revisited
2019-Jun-19podcast imageEV - 094 Echoes in the Void with C. Thi Nguyen
2019-Jun-19podcast imageOne Minute in Haditha: Neuroscience, Emotion and Military Ethics
2019-Jun-19podcast image0G61: The Waldo Moment and Politics as Entertainment
2019-Jun-19podcast imageWhat if the greatest threat to a free media was from within?
2019-Jun-19podcast imagePOSTMODERNISM, 2020, and Other Audience Questions
2019-Jun-18podcast imageEpisode 166: Total Recall (Ted Chiang's "The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling")
2019-Jun-18podcast imageEpisode 66 - Caterina Marchionni
2019-Jun-18podcast imageE158 | The Illusion of Now | Julian Barbour, Tim Maudlin, Emily Thomas
2019-Jun-17podcast image421: The Value of a College Education
2019-Jun-17podcast image51 | Anthony Aguirre on Cosmology, Zen, Entropy, and Information
2019-Jun-17podcast imageEp. 218: The Hard Problem of Consciousness (Chalmers et al) (Part One)
2019-Jun-16podcast imageKeeping them out
2019-Jun-16podcast imageHoP 327 - Michele Trizio on Byzantine and Latin Medieval Philosophy
2019-Jun-16podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part I. The Context and Life of Epictetus)
2019-Jun-12podcast image0G60: Voyager and Procreation
2019-Jun-12podcast imageMACHIAVELLI 3 Chaos, Freedom, and Glory
2019-Jun-12podcast imageA free press, sure, but free from what? And free for what?
2019-Jun-11podcast imageE157 | Is Oppression The Key To Creativity? | Lowkey, Joanna Kavenna, Andrew Motion
2019-Jun-10podcast image481: The Limits of Tolerance
2019-Jun-10podcast image50 | Patricia Churchland on Conscience, Morality, and the Brain
2019-Jun-10podcast imageNicholas Shea, "Representation in Cognitive Science" (Oxford UP, 2018)
2019-Jun-10podcast imageIs the President Above the Law?
2019-Jun-10podcast imageEating Responsibly
2019-Jun-09podcast imageDrone homicide, jiggling brains and neurobionic revenge porn
2019-Jun-09podcast imageEpisode 61, David Pearce on Transhumanism (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Jun-09podcast imageHAP 30 - Dualist Personality - Anton Wilhelm Amo
2019-Jun-08podcast image(sub)Text #1: Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”: Poesis as Revenge Forsaken
2019-Jun-08podcast imageThe Illusionist
2019-Jun-07podcast imageEV - 93 The Mind's Void with Dr. Keith Frankish pt. 2
2019-Jun-07podcast imageEV - 92 The Mind’s Void with Dr. Keith Frankish pt.1
2019-Jun-07podcast image3/6/2019: Kathleen Stock asks What is Sexual Orientation?
2019-Jun-06podcast imageEV91 - The Void after God
2019-Jun-05podcast imageIs technology killing democracy?
2019-Jun-04podcast imageEpisode 165: Life With No Head (With Sam Harris)
2019-Jun-04podcast imageE156 | The Dark Side of the Universe | Erik Verlinde, Catherine Heymans, Sabine Hossenfelder
2019-Jun-03podcast imageEpisode 217: Discussing Calderón's "Life Is a Dream"
2019-Jun-03podcast imageBad Philosophy: Stefan Molyneux
2019-Jun-03podcast image49 | Nicholas Christakis on Humanity, Biology, and What Makes Us Good
2019-Jun-03podcast image418: Matter and Energy: The Dark Side
2019-Jun-03podcast imageMACHIAVELLI 2 Resistance Freedom
2019-Jun-02podcast imageGlimpse: Machiavellian Politics (for Partially Examined Life #14)
2019-Jun-02podcast imageEpicureanism and the Problem of Premature Death (Audio Essay)
2019-Jun-02podcast imageAnalytic philosophy: the leading brand
2019-Jun-02podcast imageEpisode 61, David Pearce on Transhumanism (Part I - Transhumanism)
2019-Jun-02podcast imageHoP 326 - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - the Later Orthodox Tradition
2019-May-31podcast imageMary Kate McGowan, "Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm" (Oxford UP, 2019)
2019-May-29podcast imageE155 | The Morality of the Left and Right | Peter Hitchens, Sophie Walker, Chris Bryant
2019-May-29podcast image40: Morality Scaled Up with Joshua Greene
2019-May-29podcast image0G59: Endgame and Moral Saints
2019-May-29podcast imageMACHIAVELLI History and Ideology
2019-May-29podcast imageNeeds of the Soul: Home
2019-May-28podcast imageReplication Crisis?
2019-May-28podcast imageEpisode 65 - Remco Heesen
2019-May-28podcast image28/5/2019: Thomas Sattig on the Flow of Time in Experience
2019-May-28podcast image#054 Humility Q&A: Self-Care, Self-Promotion, And The Myth of Being Self-Made
2019-May-27podcast imagePEL Audioplayers: "Life Is a Dream" by Pedro Calderón de la Barca
2019-May-27podcast image48 | Marq de Villiers on Hell and Damnation
2019-May-27podcast image417: John Dewey and the Ideal of Democracy
2019-May-26podcast imageShorts - E19: Repeatability in Science
2019-May-26podcast imageAre We in a Constitutional Crisis?
2019-May-26podcast imageMind, matter and motherhood
2019-May-26podcast imageHAP 29 - Out of Africa - Slavery and the Diaspora
2019-May-26podcast imageEpisode 60, Albert Camus’ The Fall (Part IV - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-May-25podcast imageUncivil Disobedience
2019-May-22podcast imageEpisode #131 ... Gramsci - Cultural Hegemony
2019-May-22podcast image0G58: Runaround and Three Laws of Robotics
2019-May-22podcast imageNeeds of the Soul: Hardship
2019-May-21podcast imageGame of Thrones: Political Violence
2019-May-21podcast imageKathleen Stock on What is a Woman?
2019-May-21podcast image#053 Losing My Religion With Auguste Comte and AJ Jacobs
2019-May-20podcast image#60 - Véliz on How to Improve Online Speech with Pseudonymity
2019-May-20podcast imageThe Philosophers’ Book Club
2019-May-20podcast imageE154 | The Neuroscience of Conciousness | Raymond Tallis, Susana Martinez-Conde, Markus Gabriel
2019-May-20podcast imageEpisode 216: Game of Thrones' Fantasy Politics
2019-May-20podcast image47 | Adam Rutherford on Humans, Animals, and Life in General
2019-May-20podcast image414: This Is Your Brain on Art
2019-May-19podcast imageShorts - E18: Depression
2019-May-19podcast imageHOW TO BE HAPPY With Peter Singer
2019-May-19podcast image009 – Lab Coats
2019-May-19podcast image13/5/2019: Christian List on What’s Wrong with the Consequence Argument: A Compatibilist Libertarian Response
2019-May-19podcast imageThe blind spot
2019-May-19podcast imageHoP 325 - Platonic Love - Gemistos Plethon
2019-May-19podcast imageEpisode 60, Albert Camus’ The Fall (Part III - The Meaning)
2019-May-15podcast imageThe Hulk: Should People Be Punished for Crimes They Can’t Remember Committing?
2019-May-15podcast image0G57: Orphan Black and Human Cloning
2019-May-15podcast imageNeeds of the Soul: Conversation
2019-May-14podcast imageOn Strike
2019-May-14podcast imageEpisode 164: Choosing to Believe
2019-May-14podcast imageE153 | What Is Beauty? From Plato to Kim Kardashian | Bence Nanay, Justine Kolata, Sam Roddick
2019-May-14podcast imageEpisode 114: Sally Haslanger discusses ideology
2019-May-14podcast image#052 Speaking Up With Audre Lourde and Serene J Khader
2019-May-13podcast imageEpisode 215: Brave New World: PEL Live 10th Anniversary Show
2019-May-13podcast image46 | Kate Darling on Our Connections with Robots
2019-May-13podcast image413: The Big Bang – Before and After
2019-May-13podcast imageE32: Anatol Rapoport's Man-Made Conflicts - General Systems Theory
2019-May-12podcast imagePOLITICS WITOUT GUARANTEES with Jacob T. Levy
2019-May-12podcast imageWhy Isn't Something "Real" Until it is Online?
2019-May-12podcast imageIrrationality
2019-May-12podcast imageHAP 28 - Chike Jeffers on Precolonial African Philosophy
2019-May-12podcast imageEpisode 60, Albert Camus’ The Fall (Part II - The Plot Continued)
2019-May-11podcast imageFor Women Only (pt. 2)
2019-May-10podcast imageAvengers Endgame: Film Analysis, questions, and outcome implications
2019-May-10podcast imageJames Doyle, "No Morality, No Self: Anscombe's Radical Skepticism" (Harvard UP, 2018)
2019-May-09podcast image#59 - Torres on Existential Risk, Omnicidal Agents and Superintelligence
2019-May-09podcast imageBergson and Time
2019-May-08podcast image0G56: Humans and Everyday AI
2019-May-08podcast imageNeeds of the Soul: Silence
2019-May-08podcast imageJUSTICE IN A FALLEN WORLD With Jacob T. Levy
2019-May-07podcast imageSchopenhauer
2019-May-07podcast imageEpisode 64 - Matt Brown
2019-May-07podcast image#051 Design Q&A: Designing Our Dreams With Derrida and Kant
2019-May-07podcast imageOut of the Vat #1 – Steven French
2019-May-07podcast imageE152 | Trump's Foreign Policy | George Galloway, Mark Leonard
2019-May-07podcast image29/4/2019: Cheshire Calhoun on Responsibilities and Taking On Responsibility
2019-May-06podcast imageUnderstanding Free Speech and the Privilege of having an Audience
2019-May-06podcast image480: What Is Religious Belief?
2019-May-06podcast image45 | Leonard Susskind on Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, and Holography
2019-May-06podcast imageEpisode 214: More Nietzsche's Zarathustra (Part Two)
2019-May-06podcast imageE31: The Helm of the Mutineers - On Sociopolitical Revolutions
2019-May-06podcast imageEV - 090 The Void Report
2019-May-05podcast imageETV - 089 Better Know Frances Kamm
2019-May-05podcast imageMugged by reality
2019-May-05podcast imageHoP 324 - United We Fall - Latin Philosophy in Byzantium
2019-May-05podcast imageEpisode 60, Albert Camus’ The Fall (Part II - The Plot)
2019-May-01podcast imageEpisode 163: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas")
2019-May-01podcast imageReligion, War and Terrorism
2019-May-01podcast imageMollie Gerver, "The Ethics and Practice of Refugee Repatriation" (U Edinburgh Press, 2018)
2019-May-01podcast image0G55: Cube and Kafkaesque
2019-May-01podcast imageBen Shapiro is on the Wrong Side of History - Prager U Response
2019-May-01podcast imageWould Donald Trump’s impeachment be devastating to America’s democratic culture?
2019-Apr-30podcast imagePlants
2019-Apr-30podcast imageE151 | Is Reality Necessary? | Chiara Marletto, Gerard t'Hooft, Christopher Timpson
2019-Apr-30podcast image#050 Moral By Design With Immanuel Kant and Kathleen Wallace
2019-Apr-30podcast imageEpisode #130 ... Dewey and Lippman on Democracy
2019-Apr-29podcast image479: Is Philanthropy Bad for Democracy?
2019-Apr-29podcast imageEpisode 214: More Nietzsche's Zarathustra (Part One)
2019-Apr-29podcast imageEpisode 63 - Hannah Rubin
2019-Apr-29podcast image44 | Antonio Damasio on Feelings, Thoughts, and the Evolution of Humanity
2019-Apr-29podcast imagePhilosophy and the Mueller Report
2019-Apr-28podcast imageWHAT IS IDEOLOGY? With Matto Mildenberger And Jonathan Leader Maynard
2019-Apr-28podcast imageE30: The Imbalance of the Century - Zizek v. Peterson
2019-Apr-28podcast imageGuilty
2019-Apr-28podcast imageHAP 27 - Beyond the Reaction - The Continuing Relevance of Precolonial Traditions
2019-Apr-28podcast imageEpisode 60, Albert Camus’ The Fall (Part I - Introduction)
2019-Apr-27podcast imageFor Women Only (pt. 1)
2019-Apr-26podcast image#58 - Neely on Augmented Reality, Ethics and Property Rights
2019-Apr-24podcast imageEp85 - God Is a Question
2019-Apr-24podcast image0G54: The Fifth Element and Manacheanism
2019-Apr-24podcast imageSocial media: promoter of democratic participation or purveyor of violence?
2019-Apr-24podcast image39: The Authentic Encounter with Beth Benedix
2019-Apr-24podcast imageDennis Prager(Prager U) Thinks You Can't Justify Not Murdering Without God
2019-Apr-23podcast image#049 Designing Your Life With Debbie Millman and Jacques Derrida
2019-Apr-23podcast imageE150 | The Lure of Evil | Christopher Hamilton, Patricia MacCormack, John Milbank
2019-Apr-22podcast imageGlimpse: Nietzsche's Last Man (for Partially Examined Life #213)
2019-Apr-22podcast image43 | Matthew Luczy on the Pleasures of Wine
2019-Apr-22podcast image478: Authority and Resistance
2019-Apr-22podcast imageEpisode 213: Nietzsche's Zarathustra (Part Two)
2019-Apr-22podcast imageWhy Isn't the Internet the "Real" World?
2019-Apr-21podcast imageIDEOLOGY & BREXIT A conversation with Helen Thompson
2019-Apr-21podcast imagePREVIEW-(sub)Text#6: Melanie Klein's "Notes on Some Schizoid Mechanisms"
2019-Apr-21podcast imagePolitics and the sacred
2019-Apr-21podcast imageHoP 323 - Through His Works You Shall Know Him - Palamas and Hesychasm
2019-Apr-21podcast imageEpisode 59, God and Suffering: Live in Liverpool
2019-Apr-20podcast imageUnderstanding Hume on Miracles (Audio Essay)
2019-Apr-19podcast imageJill Stauffer, "Ethical Loneliness: The Injustice of Not Being Heard" (Columbia UP, 2015)
2019-Apr-18podcast image#048 Doubt Q&A: On Skepticism, Cynicism, and Optimism
2019-Apr-17podcast image0G53: Zima Blue and Projects of Worth
2019-Apr-17podcast imageFalse necessities: Is 'taste' enough to morally justify the mass slaughter of animals?
2019-Apr-17podcast imagePHILOSOPHY & HARRY POTTER A Conversation With Brenden Weber
2019-Apr-16podcast imageGame of Thrones: Death and Morality
2019-Apr-16podcast imageEpisode 162: Parents Just Don't Understand (with Paul Bloom)
2019-Apr-16podcast imageE149 | The Cult of Mindfulness | Vishpani Blomfield, Linda Woodhead, Miguel Farias
2019-Apr-15podcast imageEpisode 213: Nietzsche's Zarathustra (Part One)
2019-Apr-15podcast image477: Hacking the Brain – Beyond the Five Senses
2019-Apr-15podcast image42 | Natalya Bailey on Navigating Earth Orbit and Beyond
2019-Apr-15podcast imageShorts - E17: Life is Meaningless
2019-Apr-14podcast imageNutting it out
2019-Apr-14podcast imageHAP 26 - Kai Kresse on the Anthropology of Philosophy
2019-Apr-14podcast imageEpisode 58, ‘The Idealism and Pantheism of May Sinclair’ with Emily Thomas (Part II)
2019-Apr-13podcast imageDemons of Democracy
2019-Apr-11podcast imageGlimpse: Sartre on Literature (for Partially Examined Life #212)
2019-Apr-11podcast imageEV - 087 35mm of Void
2019-Apr-10podcast image#57 - Sorgner on Nietzschean Transhumanism
2019-Apr-10podcast imageT. J. Kasperbauer, "Subhuman: The Moral Psychology of Human Attitudes Towards Animals" (Oxford UP, 2018)
2019-Apr-10podcast image0G52: Infinity Wars and Overpopulation
2019-Apr-10podcast imageWhat are the limits of Australia’s obligations to its citizens?
2019-Apr-09podcast imageE148 | The Problem with Materialism | John Ellis, Susan Blackmore, Hilary Lawson
2019-Apr-08podcast imageEpisode 212: Sartre on Literature (Part Two)
2019-Apr-08podcast image412: More Than Pun and Games
2019-Apr-08podcast image41 | Steven Strogatz on Synchronization, Networks, and the Emergence of Complex Behavior
2019-Apr-08podcast imageEpisode 62 - Denny Borsboom
2019-Apr-08podcast imageEpisode 113: Tom Pashby discusses quantum mechanics
2019-Apr-07podcast imageFuturism, Fascism, & Other Audience Questions.
2019-Apr-07podcast imageShorts - E16: The Good Life
2019-Apr-07podcast imageArtificial intelligence, real emotions
2019-Apr-07podcast imageHoP 322 - Do the Math - Science in the Palaiologan Renaissance
2019-Apr-07podcast imageEpisode 58, ‘The Idealism and Pantheism of May Sinclair’ with Emily Thomas (Part I)
2019-Apr-07podcast imageBen Shapiro's "The Right Side of History": Analyzed
2019-Apr-05podcast imageEV - 086 Buckle Up, We're Talking Politics
2019-Apr-03podcast image0G51: The Ricklantis Mixup and Artistic Improvement
2019-Apr-03podcast imageIs literary fiction necessary for the moral life?
2019-Apr-02podcast imageEpisode 161: Reach-Around Knowledge and Bottom Performers (The Dunning-Kruger Effect)
2019-Apr-02podcast imageJordan Peele's 'Us': Philosophy, Symbolism, and Self-Examination
2019-Apr-02podcast imageE147 | Should We Live Forever? | Patricia MacCormack, Anders Sandberg, Janne Teller
2019-Apr-02podcast imageLIBERTARIANISM 4 The Nature Of Change
2019-Apr-01podcast imageEpisode 212: Sartre on Literature (Part One)
2019-Apr-01podcast image409: Radical Democracy
2019-Apr-01podcast image40 | Adrienne Mayor on Gods and Robots in Ancient Mythology
2019-Apr-01podcast imageMichael Hannon, "What is the Point of Knowledge? A Function-First Epistemology" (Oxford UP, 2019)
2019-Apr-01podcast imagePREVIEW-(sub)Text#5: Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya"
2019-Mar-31podcast imageShorts - E15: Health
2019-Mar-31podcast image18/3/2019: Stephen Mulhall on Heidegger’s Fountain: Ecstasis, Mimesis and Engrossment in the Origin of the Work of Art
2019-Mar-31podcast imageThe ecology of torture
2019-Mar-31podcast imageHAP 25 - Wise Guys - Sage Philosophy
2019-Mar-31podcast imageEpisode 57, ‘Pantheism: Personhood, Consciousness and God’ with Sam Coleman (Part II)
2019-Mar-30podcast image#56 - Turner on Rules for Robots
2019-Mar-30podcast imageName of God (2019)
2019-Mar-29podcast imageEp84 - Feminism and Peace: Jane Addams's Legacy
2019-Mar-29podcast imageE146 | The End of Humans | Interview with Patricia MacCormack
2019-Mar-27podcast imageListener Qs 8
2019-Mar-27podcast image38: A Story about Telling a Story (about Telling a Story) with Beth Benedix
2019-Mar-27podcast image0G50: The Ricklantis Mixup and Aesthetic Objectivity
2019-Mar-27podcast imageWhy does antisemitism cut across the political spectrum?
2019-Mar-26podcast imageE145 | The Future of Pornography | Brooke Magnanti, Finn Mackay, Rowan Pelling, Peter Tatchell
2019-Mar-26podcast imageThe Ethics of Stress, Resilience, and Moral Injury Among Police and Military Personnel
2019-Mar-26podcast imageBad Philosophy: God's Not Dead
2019-Mar-26podcast image#047 Weird Science With Karl Popper and Maryam Zaringhalam
2019-Mar-25podcast imageDisgust
2019-Mar-25podcast imageEpisode 211: Sartre on Racism and Authenticity (Part Three)
2019-Mar-25podcast imageEpisode 61 - David Papineau
2019-Mar-25podcast image39 | Malcolm MacIver on Sensing, Consciousness, and Imagination
2019-Mar-25podcast image411: The Mystery of Music
2019-Mar-24podcast imageBREXIT, IRELAND, AND THE CONSTITUTION - A Conversation With Cathy Barry
2019-Mar-24podcast imageShorts - E14: Fairness
2019-Mar-24podcast imageTechne-logy
2019-Mar-24podcast imageHoP 321 - Judith Herrin on Byzantium and Islam
2019-Mar-24podcast imageEpisode 57, ‘Pantheism: Personhood, Consciousness and God’ with Sam Coleman (Part I)
2019-Mar-22podcast imageE144| The Sex Myth | Interview with Brooke Magnanti
2019-Mar-21podcast imageWe Are Not Good
2019-Mar-20podcast imageThe Optimist's Guide to Schopenhauer's Pessimism (Audio Essay)
2019-Mar-20podcast imageListener Qs 7
2019-Mar-20podcast image0G49: The Ricklantis Mixup and Aesthetics, Part 1
2019-Mar-20podcast imageWhat does the Christchurch shooting demand of us?
2019-Mar-19podcast imageEpisode 160: Everything is Meaningless: The Book of Ecclesiastes
2019-Mar-19podcast imageE143 | The New Enlightenment | Julian Baggini, Amie Thomasson, Hilary Lawson
2019-Mar-19podcast imageDiscussion of Massive Online Peer Review and Open Access Publishing
2019-Mar-19podcast image#046 Doubt With Socrates and Nick Pappas
2019-Mar-19podcast imageDemocracy
2019-Mar-18podcast imageEpisode 60 - James "Jack" Justus
2019-Mar-18podcast imageEpisode 211: Sartre on Racism and Authenticity (Part Two)
2019-Mar-18podcast imageExamining Yourself: Is the Self an Illusion?
2019-Mar-18podcast image407: Philosophy of Sleep
2019-Mar-18podcast imageE29: Hustling Past the Graveyard - Ideation in the New Gilded Age
2019-Mar-18podcast image38 | Alan Lightman on Transcendence, Science, and a Naturalist’s Sense of Meaning
2019-Mar-17podcast imageEV - 085 This Rand Is My Rand
2019-Mar-17podcast imageInto The Void - A Conversation With ETV's Aaron R (2)
2019-Mar-17podcast imageAre we enlightened?
2019-Mar-17podcast imageEpisode 56, ‘Utopia for Realists’ with Rutger Bregman (Part II)
2019-Mar-17podcast imageHAP 24 - Professionally Speaking - The Reaction Against Ethnophilosophy
2019-Mar-16podcast imageThe Forever War
2019-Mar-16podcast imageEpisode #129 ... Gilles Deleuze pt. 5 - Difference
2019-Mar-16podcast imageEpisode #128 ... Gilles Deleuze pt. 4 - Flows
2019-Mar-15podcast imageGina Rippon on the Myth of the Gendered Brain
2019-Mar-15podcast imageE142 | Truth in a Post Truth World | Interview with Hilary Lawson
2019-Mar-14podcast image#55 - Baum on the Long-Term Future of Human Civilisation
2019-Mar-14podcast imageAuthenticity
2019-Mar-13podcast imageMood
2019-Mar-13podcast imageSpider-Man: The Growing Pains of Life
2019-Mar-13podcast image0G48: Groundhog Day and Buddhist Virtue Theory
2019-Mar-13podcast imageWould it be wrong to 'rape' a sex robot?
2019-Mar-12podcast imageEp83 - Philosophy and Environmental Policy
2019-Mar-12podcast imageE141 | Why is There Something Rather than Nothing? | Amie Thomasson, George Ellis, Rupert Sheldrake
2019-Mar-11podcast image476: Immigration and Multiculturalism
2019-Mar-11podcast imageEpisode 211: Sartre on Racism and Authenticity (Part One)
2019-Mar-11podcast image37 | Edward Watts on the End of the Roman Republic and Lessons for Democracy
2019-Mar-11podcast imageElizabeth Schechter, "Self-Consciousness and Split Brains: The Mind's I" (Oxford UP, 2018)
2019-Mar-11podcast imageConstellary Tales #6: Philip K. Dick's "Minority Report" (PEL Crossover Special)
2019-Mar-10podcast imageMORAL LUCK A Conversation With ETV's Aaron Rabinowitz
2019-Mar-10podcast imageE28: The Pleistocene - Part II
2019-Mar-10podcast imageEpisode 56, ‘Utopia for Realists’ with Rutger Bregman (Part I)
2019-Mar-10podcast imageFree speech crisis on campus?
2019-Mar-10podcast imageHoP 320 - People of the South - Byzantium and Islam
2019-Mar-09podcast imageEV - 084 Free Will Wheaton
2019-Mar-08podcast image4/3/2019: Sophia Connell on Care and Parenting in Aristotelian Ethics
2019-Mar-08podcast imageE140 | The Secrets of Consciousness | Interview with Rupert Sheldrake
2019-Mar-07podcast imageThe Moral Problem of Accelerating Change (Audio Essay)
2019-Mar-07podcast imageEpisode 112: Myisha Cherry discusses the skill of conversation
2019-Mar-07podcast image#045 Failure With Jean-Paul Sartre and Olivia Goldhill
2019-Mar-07podcast imageNick Riggle (University of San Diego): “Aesthetic Judgments as Invitations”
2019-Mar-07podcast imageJonathan Gilmore (City University of New York): “Material, Medium and Sculptural Imagining”
2019-Mar-07podcast imageNick Stang (University of Toronto): “Self-Knowledge and Desire in Douglas Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows”
2019-Mar-06podcast image0G47: Annihilation and Deep Ecology, Part 2
2019-Mar-06podcast imageDo we have an obligation to pity the guilty?
2019-Mar-05podcast imageEpisode 159: You Have the Right to Go to Prison
2019-Mar-05podcast imageStoic Lessons for a Toxic Political Climate
2019-Mar-05podcast imageE139 | Leadership in the Age of Trump | Jess Phillips, Jon Barnes, Tania Branigan
2019-Mar-04podcast imageThe Irish Enlightenment
2019-Mar-04podcast imageEpisode 210: Frantz Fanon's Black Existentialism (Part Two)
2019-Mar-04podcast image36 | David Albert on Quantum Measurement and the Problems with Many-Worlds
2019-Mar-04podcast imageEp87 - Going to College in the Sixties
2019-Mar-04podcast image406: Altered States
2019-Mar-04podcast imageIs there a Moral Problem with the Gig Economy?
2019-Mar-03podcast imageE27: The Pleistocene - Part I
2019-Mar-03podcast imageEV - 083 Void Shrugged
2019-Mar-03podcast imageEpisode 55, Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis (Part IV - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Mar-03podcast imageExistentialism and crisis
2019-Mar-03podcast imageHAP 23 - Nkiru Nzegwu on Gender in African Tradition
2019-Mar-02podcast imageJESUS, SEX, AND THE FAMILY A conversation with Dale Martin (2)
2019-Mar-02podcast imageNo Offense
2019-Mar-01podcast imageE138 | The Digital Revolution | Interview with Jon Barnes
2019-Mar-01podcast imageGuy Axtell, "Problems of Religious Luck: Assessing the Limits of Reasonable Religious Disagreement" (Lexington, 2019)
2019-Feb-28podcast imageEV - 082 Heretic Life in Utah with Uncle Mark
2019-Feb-28podcast imageEpisode 59 - Branden Fitelson
2019-Feb-28podcast imageEpisode #54 - Sebo on the Moral Problem of Other Minds
2019-Feb-27podcast image37: Pushing Back on Epistemic Pushback with Alison Bailey
2019-Feb-27podcast image0G46: Annihilation and Catastrophic Destruction, Part 1
2019-Feb-27podcast imageFalse necessities: Is it time to leave two-party politics behind?
2019-Feb-26podcast imageE137 | Thinking Across the World | Julian Baggini
2019-Feb-25podcast image408: The Philanthropy Trap
2019-Feb-25podcast image35 | Jessica Yellin on The Changing Ways We Get Our News
2019-Feb-25podcast imageEpisode 210: Frantz Fanon's Black Existentialism (Part One)
2019-Feb-25podcast imageChristian Miller on the Character Gap
2019-Feb-25podcast imagePhilip Pettit on the Birth of Ethics
2019-Feb-25podcast imageShorts - E13: The Future
2019-Feb-24podcast imageGENDER IN THE NEW TESAMENT A Conversation With Dale Martin
2019-Feb-24podcast image18/2/2019: Nicholas K. Jones on Propositions and Cognitive Relations
2019-Feb-24podcast imageEpisode 55, Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis (Part III - The Meaning)
2019-Feb-24podcast imageOn the way
2019-Feb-24podcast imageHoP 319 - Georgia on My Mind - Petritsi and the Proclus Revival
2019-Feb-23podcast imagePodchaser Interview of Mark Linsenmayer: Partially Examined Life and Nakedly Examined Music
2019-Feb-22podcast imageBonus episode: Behind the scenes at our music and philosophy festival HowTheLightGetsIn!
2019-Feb-20podcast imageShorts - E12: Scarcity
2019-Feb-20podcast imageEthan Mills, "Three Pillars of Skepticism in Classical India: Nagarjuna, Jayarasi, and Sri Harsa" (Lexington Books, 2018)
2019-Feb-20podcast image0G45: Star Trek Next Gen 4-22 and Cultural Relativism vs Ethical Pluralism
2019-Feb-20podcast imageWhat are the dangers of declaring political 'emergencies'?
2019-Feb-19podcast imageEpisode 158: False Dichotomies and Oral Reciprocity
2019-Feb-19podcast imageE135 | What Is Justice? | Sarah Langford
2019-Feb-18podcast imageEpisode 209: Francis Fukuyama on Identity Politics (Part Two: Discussion)
2019-Feb-18podcast imageEpisode #53 - Christin on How Algorithms Actually Impact Workers
2019-Feb-18podcast image475: The 2019 Dionysus Awards
2019-Feb-18podcast image34 | Paul Bloom on Empathy, Rationality, Morality, and Cruelty
2019-Feb-17podcast imageLIBERTARIANISM 3 War And The Elite
2019-Feb-17podcast imageE26: Hofstadter's Scrumptious Edibles - Analogy as the Core of Cognition
2019-Feb-17podcast imageEpisode 55, Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis (Part II - The Plot)
2019-Feb-17podcast imageWalter Benjamin: multimedia prototype?
2019-Feb-17podcast imageHAP 22 - Women Have no Tribe - Gender in African Tradition
2019-Feb-16podcast imageRisky Business
2019-Feb-15podcast imageEV - 081 23andVoid
2019-Feb-14podcast imageThe Matrix: The Value of Reality
2019-Feb-14podcast image008 – Valentine's Special: Mamie & Kenneth
2019-Feb-13podcast imageShorts - E11: Authority
2019-Feb-13podcast imageOG44: Bandersnatch and the Ethics of Mental Illness Representation, Part 2
2019-Feb-13podcast imageWhat should politicians do with 'expert advice'?
2019-Feb-12podcast imageLouise Hanson (Durham University): “Robust Moral Realism and Robust Aesthetic Realism”
2019-Feb-12podcast imageJules Montague on Dementia, Memory and Identity
2019-Feb-12podcast imageEpisode 58 - Deborah Mayo
2019-Feb-12podcast imageE134 | Do we Need Romance to be Happy? | Bella DePaulo, Anders Sandberg, Heidi Rice
2019-Feb-12podcast imageThe Salvation Agenda: The Politics of Medical Humanitarianism During Zimbabwe's Cholera Outbreak 2008/09
2019-Feb-11podcast image474: What Do We Owe Future Generations?
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 044: Laura Pérez on Seeing Corruption
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 043: Serena Parekh on Refugees
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 042: Kathryn Norlock on Complaining & Shaming
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 041: Yolonda Wilson on Health Justice
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 040: Erin Tarver on Sports and Identity
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 039: Kris Sealey on Bad Faith
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 038: Carrie Jenkins on Love & Happiness
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 037: Michele Moody-Adams on Monuments & Memorials
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 036: Colleen Murphy on Reconciliation
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 035: Kate Manne on HIMpathy
2019-Feb-11podcast image4/2/2019 – Amia Srinivasan on Genealogy
2019-Feb-11podcast imageJonathan Birch, "The Philosophy of Social Evolution" (Oxford UP, 2017)
2019-Feb-11podcast image33 | James Ladyman on Reality, Metaphysics, and Complexity
2019-Feb-11podcast imageEpisode 209: Guest Francis Fukuyama on Identity Politics (Part One)
2019-Feb-11podcast imageBonus: What does it mean to age well?
2019-Feb-10podcast imageShorts - E10: End ofs
2019-Feb-10podcast imageEpisode 55, Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis (Part I - The Life of Kafka)
2019-Feb-10podcast imageAgeing
2019-Feb-10podcast imageHoP 318 - Oliver Primavesi on Greek Manuscripts
2019-Feb-09podcast imageLIBERTARIANISM 2 Evolution And Equilibrium
2019-Feb-09podcast imageEp82 - BC16 - On Addams and Dewey
2019-Feb-07podcast imageEV - 080 How To Not Be Like Spock With Massimo Pigliucci Part 2
2019-Feb-07podcast imageAristotle's Biology
2019-Feb-07podcast imageEpisode #127 ... Gilles Deleuze pt. 3 - Anti-Oedipus
2019-Feb-06podcast imageShorts - E9: Stupidity
2019-Feb-06podcast image0G43: Bandersnatch and Quantum Immortality
2019-Feb-06podcast imageWhat do we owe those in need?
2019-Feb-05podcast imageEpisode 157: Notes From Underground (Pt. 2)
2019-Feb-05podcast imageE133 | Truth, Science and the Universe | Peter Atkins, Sophia Roosth, Tim Lewens
2019-Feb-04podcast imageA Simplified History of Western Philosophy
2019-Feb-04podcast imageEpisode 208: Epicurus on Seeking Pleasure (Part Two)
2019-Feb-04podcast image410: Identity Politics
2019-Feb-04podcast image32 | Naomi Oreskes on Climate Change and the Distortion of Scientific Facts
2019-Feb-03podcast imageHaunting the Margins - E2: Terence McKenna
2019-Feb-03podcast imageEpisode 54, Why Buddhism is True with Robert Wright (Part II)
2019-Feb-03podcast imageDevotion, democracy and Duterte
2019-Feb-03podcast imageHAP 21 - The Doctor Will See You Now - Divination, Witchcraft, and Knowledge
2019-Feb-02podcast imageESCAPING THE POLITICAL A Conversation With Rupert Read (2)
2019-Feb-02podcast image(Bonus) The Battle over CSOCs
2019-Feb-02podcast imageEV - 079 How To Be Like Spock with Massimo Pigliucci Part 1
2019-Feb-01podcast imageEpisode 57 - Julia Bursten
2019-Feb-01podcast imageHenry S. Richardson, "Articulating the Moral Community: Toward a Constructive Ethical Pragmatism" (Oxford UP, 2018)
2019-Jan-31podcast imageThe Precrime Unit
2019-Jan-30podcast imageShorts - E8: Artificial Intelligence
2019-Jan-30podcast imageEpisode #52 - Devlin on Sex Robots and Moral Panics
2019-Jan-30podcast image36: Facing the Synthetic Age with Christopher Preston
2019-Jan-30podcast image0G42: Today I am Paul and AI Elder Care
2019-Jan-30podcast imageIllegal drug use — does ethics have anything to say?
2019-Jan-29podcast imageKevin Mitchell on How The Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are
2019-Jan-29podcast image007 – What Are Numbers?
2019-Jan-29podcast imageE132 | The Morality of the Tribe | David Miller, Natalie Cargill, Peter Tatchell
2019-Jan-28podcast image473: Envy – Vice or Virtue?
2019-Jan-28podcast imageEpisode 208: Epicurus on Seeking Pleasure (Part One)
2019-Jan-28podcast image31 | Brian Greene on the Multiverse, Inflation, and the String Theory Landscape
2019-Jan-27podcast imageEpisode 111: Greg Kobele discusses mathematical linguistics
2019-Jan-27podcast imageETV - 078 Better Know Judith Jarvis Thomson
2019-Jan-27podcast imageE25: A Fetish of Fallacies - Are All Fallacies Created Equal?
2019-Jan-27podcast image21/1/2019 – Keith Allen asks Whether We Should Believe Philosophical Claims on Testimony
2019-Jan-27podcast imageEpisode 54, Why Buddhism is True with Robert Wright (Part I)
2019-Jan-27podcast imageDisability and dignity
2019-Jan-27podcast imageHoP 317 - Made by Hand - Byzantine Manuscripts
2019-Jan-26podcast imageWITTGENSTEIN, LANGUAGE, AND POWER A Conversation With Ruper Read
2019-Jan-25podcast imageEp81 - BC15 - Listener Vmail: Addams on Immigrants from Europe versus Africa
2019-Jan-25podcast imageEpisode 56 - Kevin Zollman
2019-Jan-23podcast imageShorts - E7: Anything is Possible
2019-Jan-23podcast image0G41: A Christmas Carol and Moral Motivation
2019-Jan-23podcast imageShould prisons be abolished?
2019-Jan-22podcast imageEpisode 156: Notes From Underground (Pt. 1)
2019-Jan-22podcast imageBad Philosophy: The Big Bang Theory
2019-Jan-22podcast imageEpisode 8 - Rebecca Goldstein on Philosophy, the Axial Age, and more
2019-Jan-22podcast imageE131 | Fires of Progress | Steven Pinker, Tariq Ali, Elif Sarican
2019-Jan-21podcast imageEpisode 207: Herder on Art Appreciation (Part Two)
2019-Jan-21podcast image30 | Derek Leben on Ethics for Robots and Artificial Intelligences
2019-Jan-21podcast image405: Affirmative Action – Too Little or Too Much?
2019-Jan-20podcast imageE24: In Lieu of Arguments - The Gettier Problem
2019-Jan-20podcast imageEpisode 53, Friedrich Nietzsche (Part IV - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2019-Jan-20podcast imageAfrican philosophy and the West
2019-Jan-20podcast imageHAP 20 - I Am Because We Are - Communalism in African Ethics and Politics
2019-Jan-19podcast imageLIBERTARIANISM An Ideological History (1)
2019-Jan-17podcast imageEV - 077 Losing My Religion
2019-Jan-17podcast imageBonus Episode: The Struggle for Social Justice | Angela Eagle
2019-Jan-16podcast imageShorts - E6: What Came First: Thinking or Language?
2019-Jan-16podcast image0G40: Total Recall and Locke's Theory of Personal Identity, Part 2
2019-Jan-16podcast imageHow important is truth in democratic politics?
2019-Jan-15podcast imageEpisode #51 - Moen on the Unabomber's Ethics
2019-Jan-15podcast imageMaria Kronfeldner, "What's Left of Human Nature? A Post-Essentialist, Pluralist, and Interactive Account of a Contested Concept" (MIT Press, 2018)
2019-Jan-15podcast imageE129 | Big Bang Creation Myths | Sean Carroll, Roger Penrose, Laura Mersini-Houghton
2019-Jan-14podcast imageEpisode 207: Herder on Art Appreciation (Part One)
2019-Jan-14podcast imageAre We Prejudiced Against Machines?
2019-Jan-14podcast image29 | Raychelle Burks on the Chemistry of Murder
2019-Jan-14podcast image404: One Child Too Many
2019-Jan-14podcast imageEpisode 55 - Helen Longino
2019-Jan-14podcast imageHelen Beebee on Possible Worlds
2019-Jan-13podcast imageE23: The Moonlight Walks - Aesthetics in Science
2019-Jan-13podcast imageEpisode 53, Friedrich Nietzsche (Part III - Beyond Good and Evil)
2019-Jan-13podcast imageBackyard ethics: defending the NIMBY
2019-Jan-13podcast imageHoP 316 - Just Measures - Law, Money, and War in Byzantium
2019-Jan-13podcast imagePREVIEW-Ep 206 Lucretius's Epicurean Physics (Part Three)
2019-Jan-12podcast imageTHE FOUNDATIONS OF LIBERALISM A Conversation With Shadi Hamid (2)
2019-Jan-12podcast imageEV - 076 A Quiet Box
2019-Jan-09podcast imageShorts - E5: Reproducing
2019-Jan-09podcast image0G39: Total Recall and Locke's Theory of Personal Identity, Part 1
2019-Jan-09podcast imageIs Humility a Virtue, Unfashionable or Not?
2019-Jan-08podcast imageEpisode 155: Alfred Hitchcock's Money Shot
2019-Jan-08podcast imageE128 | Innocence and Punishment | Ritula Shah, Emma Sulkowicz, David Aaronovitch, Sarah Langford
2019-Jan-07podcast image28 | Roger Penrose on Spacetime, Consciousness, and the Universe
2019-Jan-07podcast imageEpisode 206: Lucretius's Epicurean Physics (Part Two)
2019-Jan-07podcast imageEpisode 54 - Cailin O'Connor
2019-Jan-07podcast image403: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?
2019-Jan-06podcast imageNEM#89: Dusty Wright's Metaphysical Americana
2019-Jan-06podcast imageE22: A Farewell to Armchairs - Philosophy Without Intuitions
2019-Jan-06podcast imageEpisode 53, Friedrich Nietzsche (Part II - Thus Spoke Zarathustra)
2019-Jan-06podcast imageDignity and enhancement
2019-Jan-06podcast imageHAP 19 - Behind the Mask - African Philosophy of the Person
2019-Jan-05podcast imageWHAT ISLAMISTS BELIEVE A conversation with Shadi Hamid
2019-Jan-04podcast imageEV - 075 Void Punishment
2019-Jan-02podcast imageShorts - E4: Mortality
2019-Jan-02podcast imageE127 | Reality in the Digital World | Laurence Scott
2019-Jan-02podcast image0G38: Terminator 2 and Roko's Basilisk, Part 2
2019-Jan-02podcast imageUnfashionable Virtues: Steadfastness
2019-Jan-01podcast imageEp80 - BC14 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Sports Fandom
2018-Dec-31podcast imageEpisode 206: Lucretius's Epicurean Physics (Part One)
2018-Dec-31podcast image472: The Examined Year – 2018
2018-Dec-31podcast imagePREVIEW-Ep 205 Durkheim et al on Suicide (Part Three)
2018-Dec-30podcast imageE21: Ever Since the Universe Invented Imagination - What Do You Believe but Can't Prove?
2018-Dec-30podcast imageEpisode 53, Friedrich Nietzsche (Part I - The Life of Nietzsche)
2018-Dec-30podcast imageThe beauty imperative
2018-Dec-30podcast imageHoP 315 - Wiser Than Men - Gender in Byzantium
2018-Dec-29podcast imageBlack Mirror Bandersnatch: The Illusion of Choice
2018-Dec-29podcast imageCHARACTER A Conversation With Christian Miller
2018-Dec-29podcast image#044 Reflecting On The Year That Was
2018-Dec-27podcast imageEV - 074 Cabin In The Void
2018-Dec-26podcast imageShorts - E3: Time Travel
2018-Dec-26podcast image35: Finite Responsibility and Infinite Hope with Joel Reynolds
2018-Dec-26podcast image0G37: Terminator 2 and the Bootstrap Paradox, Part 1
2018-Dec-26podcast imageUnfashionable Virtues: Forbearance
2018-Dec-24podcast image399: The Ancient Cosmos – When the Earth Stood Still
2018-Dec-24podcast imageHoliday Message 2018
2018-Dec-24podcast imageEpisode #50 - Loi on Facebook, Justice and Data as the New Oil
2018-Dec-24podcast imageHarry Potter: Love and Death
2018-Dec-23podcast image#043 Legacy Q&A: On Sacrifice, Success, and Selfies
2018-Dec-23podcast imageE20: The Great Silliness - Consciousness Does Not Exist
2018-Dec-23podcast imageEpisode #46 - Minerva on the Ethics of Cryonics
2018-Dec-23podcast imageEpisode 52, Existentialism and Romantic Love with Skye Cleary (Part II)
2018-Dec-23podcast imageTelling the story
2018-Dec-23podcast imageHAP 18 - One to Rule Them All - God in African Philosophy
2018-Dec-22podcast imageEpisode 205: Suicide with Dr. Drew (Durkheim et al) (Part Two)
2018-Dec-22podcast imageEpisode #126 ... Gilles Deleuze pt. 2 - Immanence
2018-Dec-20podcast imageEV - 073 Abundant Peter Coffin's Part 2
2018-Dec-19podcast imageShorts - E2: Determinism
2018-Dec-19podcast image#042 Achievement With Friedrich Nietzsche and Mary Pilon
2018-Dec-19podcast image0G36: The Matrix and Skepticism, Part 2
2018-Dec-19podcast imageCan we still enjoy the labours of morally ‘tainted’ artists?
2018-Dec-18podcast imageEpisode 154: Metaphysical Vertigo (Borges's "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius")
2018-Dec-18podcast imageE126 | The Promise of Psychedelics | David Nutt, Amanda Feilding, Stephen Reid
2018-Dec-17podcast image471: Foreign Aid – or Injury?
2018-Dec-17podcast image27 | Janna Levin on Black Holes, Chaos, and the Narrative of Science
2018-Dec-17podcast imageEpisode 53 - Stathis Psillos
2018-Dec-17podcast imageThe Hypocrisy of Sam Harris
2018-Dec-17podcast imageEpisode 205: Suicide with Dr. Drew (Durkheim et al) (Part One)
2018-Dec-16podcast imageRaymond Tallis on the Uniqueness of Human Consciousness
2018-Dec-16podcast imageE19: The Muck Raker's Son-in-Law - R.A. Fisher's Science and Statistics
2018-Dec-16podcast image#041 Storytelling With David Hume and Barry Lam
2018-Dec-16podcast imageEpisode 52, Existentialism and Romantic Love with Skye Cleary (Part I)
2018-Dec-16podcast imageSteve Fuller on post-truth
2018-Dec-16podcast imageHoP 314 - Katerina Ierodiakonou on Byzantine Commentaries
2018-Dec-15podcast imageTHE BIRTH OF ETHICS A Conversation With Philip Pettit (2)
2018-Dec-15podcast imageEpisode 110: Chike Jeffers discusses the social and political philosophy of W.E.B. Du Bois
2018-Dec-14podcast imageSamuel Schindler, "Theoretical Virtues in Science: Discovering Reality Through Theory" (Cambridge UP, 2018)
2018-Dec-13podcast imageEp78 - Demons and Other Unusual Mental States
2018-Dec-13podcast imageEV - 072 Abundant Peter Coffin's Part 1
2018-Dec-12podcast imageShorts - E1: Does Everyone Have a Right to Their Opinions?
2018-Dec-12podcast image#040 Practice With William James and Scott Barry Kaufman
2018-Dec-12podcast image006 – Mesmerism
2018-Dec-12podcast imageOG35: The Matrix and Skepticism, Part 1
2018-Dec-12podcast imageWas 2018 the year of living undemocratically?
2018-Dec-11podcast imageInception: Contradictions with a Purpose
2018-Dec-11podcast imageLucy Johnstone Against Psychiatric Diagnosis
2018-Dec-11podcast imageAaron Meskin (Leeds): “The Social Construction of an Aesthetic Kind: “Foodie” and Foodies”
2018-Dec-11podcast imageE125 | Does Universal Morality Exist? | Stanley Fish, Myriam Francois, Phillip Collins
2018-Dec-10podcast imagePhilip Goff on why consciousness may be fundamental to reality
2018-Dec-10podcast image402: Extreme Altruism
2018-Dec-10podcast image26 | Ge Wang on Artful Design, Computers, and Music
2018-Dec-10podcast imageEpisode 204: The Bhagavad Gita's Hindu Theology (Part Two)
2018-Dec-09podcast imageE18: Wittgenstein's Inner Parliament - Exploring "On Certainty"
2018-Dec-09podcast image#039 Revelry Q&A: On Beauty, Bacchae, and Becoming
2018-Dec-09podcast imageEpisode 51, Simone de Beauvoir (Part IV - Further Analysis and Discussion)
2018-Dec-09podcast imageReparation
2018-Dec-09podcast imageHAP 17 - Event Horizon - African Philosophy of Time
2018-Dec-08podcast imageRECONSTRUCTING MORALITY A Conversation With Philip Pettit
2018-Dec-08podcast image26/11/2018 – Stephen Neale on Means Means Means
2018-Dec-08podcast imageEpisode #125 ... Gilles Deleuze pt. 1 - What is Philosophy?
2018-Dec-06podcast imageEpisode 52 - Federica Russo
2018-Dec-06podcast imageEV - 071 Better Know Epicurus
2018-Dec-05podcast image#038 Sexy Time with Michel Foucault and Jezebel Express
2018-Dec-05podcast imageListener Qs 6
2018-Dec-05podcast image0G34: The Good Place and Moral Luck
2018-Dec-05podcast imageIs moral philosophy being killed by hypothetical cases?
2018-Dec-04podcast imageEpisode 153: Progress in Psychology: A Reply to BootyBootyFartFart
2018-Dec-04podcast imageE124 | How We Came To MeToo | Linda Woodhead
2018-Dec-03podcast imageEpisode 204: The Bhagavad Gita's Hindu Theology (Part One)
2018-Dec-03podcast image25 | David Chalmers on Consciousness, the Hard Problem, and Living in a Simulation
2018-Dec-03podcast image470: Foucault and Power
2018-Dec-03podcast imageCarrie Figdor, "Pieces of Mind: The Proper Domain of Psychological Predicates" (Oxford UP, 2018)
2018-Dec-03podcast imageEpisode #49 - Maas on AI and the Future of International Law
2018-Dec-03podcast imageSam Harris vs. Jordan Peterson. What's the difference?
2018-Dec-02podcast imageE17: The Final Induction - The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses
2018-Dec-02podcast imageRick & Morty: The Psychology of Rick
2018-Dec-02podcast imageEpisode 51, Simone de Beauvoir (Part III - The Second Sex)
2018-Dec-02podcast imageThe vice of fear
2018-Dec-02podcast imageHoP 313 - Queen of the Sciences - Anna Komnene and her Circle
2018-Dec-02podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 13: Jane Austen on the Virtues of Social Life
2018-Dec-02podcast imageLookism
2018-Nov-30podcast imageEV - 070 Skepticism with Michael Marshall
2018-Nov-29podcast image#037 Fiestas & Solitude With Octavio Paz and Daniel Campos
2018-Nov-28podcast imageEpisode 51 - Hasok Chang
2018-Nov-28podcast imageListener Qs 5
2018-Nov-28podcast image34: Roles and Responsibilities with Robin Zheng
2018-Nov-28podcast image0G33: Aliens and The Second Sex
2018-Nov-28podcast imageFrancis Fukuyama and the problem of identity politics
2018-Nov-27podcast imagePhilosophy of The Big Lebowski
2018-Nov-27podcast imagePaul Sagar on Scepticism about Philosophy
2018-Nov-27podcast imageE123 | Minds, Madness And Medicine | Lucy Johnstone, David Nutt, David Healy
2018-Nov-26podcast image24 | Kip Thorne on Gravitational Waves, Time Travel, and Interstellar
2018-Nov-26podcast image469: The Creative Life
2018-Nov-26podcast image#036 Nostalgia With Svetlana Boym and Not Your Average Cotton
2018-Nov-26podcast imageEpisode 203: Kristeva vs. Lovecraft on Horror and Abjection (Part Two)
2018-Nov-25podcast imageHaunting the Margins - E1: Robert Anton Wilson
2018-Nov-25podcast imageEpisode 51, Simone de Beauvoir (Part II - The Ethics of Ambiguity)
2018-Nov-25podcast imagePlato, Buddhism and storytelling
2018-Nov-25podcast imageHAP 16 - Samuel Imbo on Okot p'Bitek and Oral Traditions
2018-Nov-24podcast imageRACE AND NATIONAL IDENTITY A Conversation With Glenn Loury
2018-Nov-22podcast imageHope
2018-Nov-21podcast imageEV - 069 The World Is Doomed and GW Is In The Void
2018-Nov-21podcast image#035 DISCOVERY Q&A: On Cruises, Knowledge, Books, and Brains
2018-Nov-21podcast image0G32: Alien and The Corporation as Sociopath
2018-Nov-21podcast imageWhat can fans do when sport becomes ethically intolerable?
2018-Nov-20podcast imageEpisode 152: Ruthlessness, Public and Private
2018-Nov-20podcast imageE122 | Who We Are | Diane Abbott, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Kemi Badenoch, Richard Reeves
2018-Nov-19podcast imageEpisode 203: Kristeva vs. Lovecraft on Horror and Abjection (Part One)
2018-Nov-19podcast imageEV - 068 TERF's and Trans Athleticism
2018-Nov-19podcast image400: The Science of Happiness
2018-Nov-19podcast image23 | Lisa Aziz-Zadeh on Embodied Cognition, Mirror Neurons, and Empathy
2018-Nov-19podcast imageIntroduction to the "Intellectual Dark Web"
2018-Nov-18podcast image12/11/2018 – Rae Langton on Empathy and First Personal Imagining
2018-Nov-18podcast imageE16: Episodic Synchrony - Diversity in Consumer-Resource Systems
2018-Nov-18podcast imagePREVIEW-Ep 202 Follow-Up: Close Reading of Kristeva's "Approaching Abjection"
2018-Nov-18podcast imageEpisode 51, Simone de Beauvoir (Part I - The Life of Simone de Beauvoir)
2018-Nov-18podcast imageAre we getting anywhere?
2018-Nov-18podcast imageHoP 312 - Past Masters - Byzantine Historiography
2018-Nov-17podcast imageKNOWLEDGE AND PSEUDO KNOWLEDGE A Conversatin With Brain Earp (2)
2018-Nov-17podcast imageEpisode 50 - Justin Garson
2018-Nov-15podcast imageShannon Spaulding, “How We Understand Others: Philosophy and Social Cognition” (Routledge, 2018))
2018-Nov-14podcast imageBoJack Horseman on Loneliness, Depression, and Self
2018-Nov-14podcast imageEp 7 - Joe Edelman on Designing Human Systems, Goals vs Values, and more
2018-Nov-14podcast image0G31: Snow Crash and Universal Language, Part 2
2018-Nov-14podcast imageAmerica after the mid-terms: Just how divided can a democracy become, and survive?
2018-Nov-13podcast imageEp77 - Justifications for Intellectual Property & Copyright Law
2018-Nov-13podcast imageE121 | The Evolution of Suicide | Nicholas Humphreys
2018-Nov-12podcast image468: Does Reputation Matter?
2018-Nov-12podcast image22 | Joe Walston on Conservation, Urbanization, and the Way We Live on Earth
2018-Nov-12podcast imageEpisode 202: Julia Kristeva on Disgust, Fear and the Self (Part Two)
2018-Nov-11podcast imageE15: The Rolling Wall of Fog - Science v. Philosophy
2018-Nov-11podcast imageEpisode 50, ‘The Golden Age of Female Philosophy’ with Rachael Wiseman (Part II)
2018-Nov-11podcast imagePlaying around
2018-Nov-11podcast imageHAP 15 - Heard it Through the Grapevine - Oral Philosophy in Africa
2018-Nov-10podcast imageTHE REPLICATION CRISIS A Conversation With Brian D. Earp
2018-Nov-10podcast imageMurray Smith (University of Kent):  ‘Perceptual, Imaginative, and other Varieties of Immersion in Moving Image Media’
2018-Nov-10podcast imageVittorio Gallese (University of Parma): ‘Being Moved: The Embodiment of Moving Images’
2018-Nov-08podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 12: Meaning, Murder, and Divine Madness
2018-Nov-07podcast image0G30: Snow Crash and Libertarianism, Part 1
2018-Nov-07podcast imagePolitical interference in university research: What are the limits of 'intellectual freedom'?
2018-Nov-06podcast imageStoicism in Pop Culture and Politics
2018-Nov-06podcast imageEpisode 151: Viddy Well, My Listeners (Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange")
2018-Nov-06podcast imageE120 | A Tale of Love and Hate | Rowan Williams, Renata Salecl, Robert Rowland Smith
2018-Nov-06podcast imagePolitical Bioethics
2018-Nov-05podcast image401: Gun Control
2018-Nov-05podcast imageEpisode 202: Julia Kristeva on Disgust, Fear and the Self (Part One)
2018-Nov-05podcast image21 | Alex Rosenberg on Naturalism, History, and Theory of Mind
2018-Nov-05podcast imagePREVIEW-Ep 201 Marcus Aurelius's "Meditations" (Part Three)
2018-Nov-05podcast imageDavid Rondel, “Pragmatist Egalitarianism” (Oxford UP, 2018)
2018-Nov-05podcast imageThe Vim's Voter Guide
2018-Nov-05podcast imageDISCRIMINATION AND FREE SPEECH A Conversation With Existential Comics' Corey Mohler
2018-Nov-04podcast imageE14: Nietzsche's Rich Pageant - Exploring "Will to Power"
2018-Nov-04podcast image29/10/2018 – Fabienne Peter on Normative Facts and Reasons
2018-Nov-04podcast imageThink global
2018-Nov-04podcast imageEpisode 50, ‘The Golden Age of Female Philosophy’ with Rachael Wiseman (Part I)
2018-Nov-04podcast imageHoP 311 - The Elements of Style - Rhetoric in Byzantium
2018-Nov-02podcast imageETV - 067 Better Know Mary Wollstonecraft
2018-Nov-01podcast imageEpisode #48 - Gunkel on Robot Rights
2018-Oct-31podcast imageEp 6 - Tyler Cowen on Economic Growth, Liberalism, and Philosophy
2018-Oct-31podcast image33: Identity Matters: Standpoint Epistemology with Briana Toole
2018-Oct-31podcast image0G29: Ex Machina and the AI Box Problem, Part 2
2018-Oct-31podcast imageWhy did it take the murder of Jamal Khashoggi to make us re-evaluate Saudi Arabia?
2018-Oct-30podcast imageRick and Morty: Thinking like Rick
2018-Oct-30podcast imageE119 | The Good, the Bad and the Artist | Stanley Fish, Emma Sulkowicz, Nell Stevens, John Harvey
2018-Oct-30podcast image#034 Your Brain On Avicenna and Shannon Odell
2018-Oct-29podcast imageMorality
2018-Oct-29podcast imageEpisode 201: Marcus Aurelius's Stoicism with Ryan Holiday (Part Two)
2018-Oct-29podcast image20 | Scott Derrickson on Cinema, Blockbusters, Horror, and Mystery
2018-Oct-29podcast imagePublic Philosopher - Citizens of Nowhere?
2018-Oct-29podcast image415: Election Special
2018-Oct-28podcast imageE13: Footnotes to Fermi - The Aliens Episode
2018-Oct-28podcast imageHAP 14 - Souleymane Bachir Diagne on Islam in Africa
2018-Oct-28podcast imageEpisode 49, Corey Mohler: Behind Existential Comics (Part II)
2018-Oct-27podcast imageEp76 - Evil, Suffering, God, & Ethics
2018-Oct-27podcast imageHARRIS, PETERSON, AND PINKER A Conversation With Existential Comics Corey Mohler
2018-Oct-25podcast imageEpisode 49 - Vincent Hendricks
2018-Oct-25podcast imageEV - 066 You Done Messed Up A-Aron!
2018-Oct-25podcast imageThe Fable of the Bees
2018-Oct-25podcast imageEpisode #124 ... Simulacra and Simulation
2018-Oct-24podcast image#033 It's All Relative With Albert Einstein and Dr. Elise Crull
2018-Oct-24podcast imageFreedom from discrimination: What is its ethical basis? What is its goal?
2018-Oct-23podcast imageEpisode 150: Paul Bloom Insisted That We Talk About Sex Robots
2018-Oct-23podcast image0G28: Ex Machina and Mary the Color Scientist, Part 1
2018-Oct-23podcast imageGlobal Legal Epidemiology: Developing a Science Around Whether, When and How International Law Can Address Global Challenges
2018-Oct-23podcast imageE118 | Could the Universal Basic Income work? | Guy Standing vs Deirdre McCloskey
2018-Oct-22podcast imageThe Truth about Post-Truth
2018-Oct-22podcast imageEpisode 201: Marcus Aurelius's Stoicism with Ryan Holiday (Part One)
2018-Oct-22podcast image19 | Tyler Cowen on Maximizing Growth and Thinking for the Future
2018-Oct-22podcast image467: Can Reason Save Us?
2018-Oct-22podcast image15/10/2018 – Sarah Fine on Refugees, Safety and a Decent Human Life
2018-Oct-21podcast imageSamantha Matherne (Harvard): “Edith Landmann-Kalischer on Aesthetic Demarcation and Normativity"
2018-Oct-21podcast imageE12: Daniel Dennett's Easy Problems - Content, Consciousness, and Intuition Pumps
2018-Oct-21podcast image#032 Bonus Episode: Well-Placed Travels with Jessica Parker
2018-Oct-21podcast imageHoP 310 - Purple Prose - Byzantine Political Philosophy
2018-Oct-21podcast imageEpisode 49, Corey Mohler: Behind Existential Comics (Part I)
2018-Oct-20podcast imageCOMEDY AND PROPAGANDA A Conversation With Existential Comics' Corey Mohler
2018-Oct-20podcast imageEpisode #47 - Eubanks on Automating Inequality
2018-Oct-20podcast imageEp79 - BC13 - One-Sheet - Clutter