Philosophy & Ideas Podcast Episodes (Ranked; Brief Version)

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#  Episode details
1.podcast imageCheryl Misak on Frank Ramsey and Ludwig Wittgenstein
2.podcast imagePhilip Goff on Galileo and Consciousness
3.podcast imageElizabeth Anderson on 'Let's Talk'
4.podcast imageHoP 350 - The Sentence - Machiavelli on Republicanism
5.podcast image18/5/2020: Maria Rosa Antognazza on the Distinction of Kind between Knowledge and Belief
6.podcast imageHAP 53 - Pilgrim’s Progress - Alexander Crummell
7.podcast image503: Covid Conundrums and Moral Dilemmas
8.podcast image11/5/2020: Derrick Darby on Rights Externalism and Racial Injustice
9.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Sovereignty
10.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Immigration Detention
11.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Who Is a Refugee?
12.podcast imageFrom the vaults: A Right to Be an Independent State?
13.podcast imageFrom the vault: What Are Prisons For?
14.podcast imageHoP 349 - No More Mr Nice Guy - Machiavelli
15.podcast imageFrom the vault: A Right to Migrate?
16.podcast image502: Comforting Conversations (Part 2)
17.podcast imageIlya Somin, "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom" (Oxford UP, 2020)
18.podcast imageFyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From The Underground - Desire And Reason - Sadler's Lectures
19.podcast imageEp. 244: Camus on Strategies for Facing Plague (Part Two)
20.podcast imageHow to Make the Right Decision | Jason McKenzie Alexander
21.podcast imageRedemption in the DDU
22.podcast imageFyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From The Underground - The Most Advantageous Advantage - Sadler's Lectures
23.podcast imageFyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From Underground - Self-Interest And the Advantageous - Sadler's Lectures
24.podcast imageASK ME ANYTHING
25.podcast imageEpisode 79, The Absurd (Part III - Further Analysis and Discussion)
26.podcast imageAlex Kiefer and Pete Mandik Live!
27.podcast imageFrom the vaults: The Good Life
28.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Being Alone
29.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Sleep
30.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Feminism
31.podcast imageChoosing a personal philosophy: Existentialism
32.podcast imageSTM Podcast #54: How Out-of-the-Box Thinking Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
33.podcast imageEV - 144 Conservative Postmodernism with Matt McManus
34.podcast imageHAP 52 - Great White North - Emigration to Canada
35.podcast imageFyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From The Underground - Revenge, Anger, And Justice - Sadler's Lectures
36.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #45: Film Riffing with MST3K's Mary Jo Pehl
37.podcast imagePodcast episode 6: Schleicher’s morphology and Steinthal’s Völkerpsychologie
38.podcast imageEpisode 8: Binging
39.podcast image501: Comforting Coversations (Part 1)
40.podcast imageSantiago Zabala, "Being at Large: Freedom in the Ago of Alternative Facts" (McGill-Queen's UP, 2020)
41.podcast imageEpisode 189: The Anality of Evil (Freud's "Civilization and its Discontents")
42.podcast image98 | Olga Khazan on Living and Flourishing While Being Weird
43.podcast image#340 Melanie Meng Xue: Economics And Gender In Imperial And Modern China
44.podcast imageScience and the Spiritual Experience | Altered States, Higher Consciousness, Meaning, Purpose, Science, Atheism, and Spirituality
45.podcast imageFyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From Underground - Pleasure Perversity And Suffering - Sadler's Lectures
46.podcast imageEp. 244: Camus on Strategies for Facing Plague (Part One)
47.podcast imageBéatrice Longuenesse
48.podcast image#339 Shaun Nichols: The Philosophy And Psychology Of Morality
49.podcast imageKnowledge Resistance | Åsa Wikforss
50.podcast imageFyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From The Underground - The Intellectual, Inertia, And Negativity
51.podcast imageGender Justice
52.podcast image0G104: The Expanse and The Myth of Catching Up
53.podcast imageEp. 93 Postmodernism Part 3
54.podcast imageJames Rachels, The Challenge Of Cultural Relativism - Relativism And Criticizing Cultural Practices
55.podcast imageJennifer Corns Live!
56.podcast imageHow to Talk to Trump Supporters
57.podcast imageE42: Richard Rorty's Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature - Part I - An Ironic Kind of Fellow
58.podcast imageJames Rachels, The Challenge Of Cultural Relativism - Universal Values In Differing Cultures
59.podcast image#338 Don Moore - Perfectly Confident: How To Calibrate Your Decisions Wisely
60.podcast image27/4/2020: Nancy Cartwright asks Why Trust Science?
61.podcast imageEpisode 79, The Absurd (Part II - Camus, Criticisms, and Comparison)
62.podcast imageGRANDSTANDING With Justin Tosi & Brandon Warmke
63.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Reason and Rhetoric
64.podcast imageFrom the vaults: A Right to Be Believed?
65.podcast imageFrom the Vaults: Streaming Consciousness
66.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Protest Art
67.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Bad Language
68.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Anatomy of a Language
69.podcast imageHoP 348 - The Sweet Restraints of Liberty - Republicanism and Civic Humanism
70.podcast imageDriverless cars, inequality and the 'trolley problem' in a high-tech world
71.podcast imageEV - 143 Better Know Mary Astell with Simone Webb
72.podcast imageSTM Podcast #53: Glen Sharp - How to Develop Your Authentic Self
73.podcast imageJames Rachels, The Challenge Of Cultural Relativism - Five Claims Of Cultural Relativism
74.podcast image459: The Value of Care - Feminism and Ethics
75.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #44: Local News w/ Deion Broxton
76.podcast imageGeoffrey Lee Live!
77.podcast image97 | John Danaher on Our Coming Automated Utopia
78.podcast image#337 Ann-Sophie Barwich: Philosophy of Science, Neuroscience, And Olfaction
79.podcast imageJames Rachels, Challenge Of Cultural Relativism - Argument For And Implications Of Relativism
80.podcast imageEp. 243: Aristotle's "Poetics" on Art and Tragedy (Part Two)
81.podcast imageRichard Moran
82.podcast image#336 Melinda Zeder: Domestication, And The Origins and Dispersal of Agriculture
83.podcast imageMysteries of the Mind | Markus Gabriel
84.podcast imageThe Informant
85.podcast image0G103: Dr Who's Heaven Sent and "Self" sacrifice
86.podcast imageRamadan and the reality of interdependence
87.podcast imageEp. 91 Postmodernism Part 2
88.podcast imageMary Midgley, Trying Out One's New Sword - Problems With Moral Isolationism
89.podcast imageRACE & THE 2020 PRIMARY
90.podcast image#335 Jeroen Hopster: Evolution, Morality, Climate Change, And Animal Rights
91.podcast imageMary Midgley, Trying Out One's New Sword - Moral Isolationism And Cultural Relativism
92.podcast imageHAP 51 - I Read Men and Nations - Sojourner Truth and Frances Harper
93.podcast imageFrom the vaults: Parallel Universes
94.podcast imageFrom the Vaults: The Trouble with Numbers
95.podcast imageFrom the Vaults: Chaos
96.podcast imageEpisode 79, The Absurd (Part I - Thomas Nagel)
97.podcast imageKarl-Stéphan Bouthillette, "Dialogue and Doxography in Indian Philosophy" (Routledge, 2020)
98.podcast imageEV - 142 Nonreligious Life in America with Alison Gill
99.podcast imageCitizens and urban planning
100.podcast imageSTM Podcast #52: Rachel Atcheson - How to Live a Good Life According to Effective Altruism
101.podcast imageLawrence Kohlberg, Moral Development - Moral Development And Education - Sadler's Lectures
102.podcast imageShorts - E29: The Great Server
103.podcast imageMedically Assisted Dying in Canada: from where we’ve come; to where we’re heading
104.podcast image354: Machiavelli
105.podcast imageLawrence Kohlberg, Moral Development - Form And Content In Moral Development - Sadler's Lectures
106.podcast imageEpisode 7: Craving
107.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #43: The Korean Wave w/ Suzie Oh
108.podcast imageAdrian Johnston, "Prolegomena to Any Future Materialism: The Outcome of Contemporary French Philosophy " (Northwestern UP, 2013)
109.podcast imageB. Earp and J. Savulescu, "Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Relationships" (Stanford UP, 2020) )
110.podcast imageEpisode 188: Conceptual Mummies (Nietzsche's "Twilight of the Idols")
111.podcast image96 | Lina Necib on What and Where the Dark Matter Is
112.podcast image#334 Brian Hayden: Cultural Ecology, Feasting, Ritual Sanctuaries, And Funerals
113.podcast imageLawrence Kohlberg, Moral Development - Six Stages Of Moral Development - Sadler's Lectures
114.podcast imageEp. 243: Aristotle's "Poetics" on Art and Tragedy (Part One)
115.podcast imageSusan Wolf
116.podcast image#333 Bernard Wood: Paleoanthropology, Human Systematics, And Human Evolution
117.podcast imageIn Search of Freedom | Paul Broks, Julian Baggini, Hannah Dawson, Hilary Lawson
118.podcast imagePolice Discretion
119.podcast image0G102: Player of Games and Gamification of Ethics, Part 3
120.podcast imageIs there a moral case against the COVID-19 “shutdown”?
121.podcast imageEp. 90 Postmodernism
122.podcast imageCicero On Fate - The Idle Argument - Sadler's Lectures
123.podcast imageEp. 4 - Online Conferences: Some History, Methods, and Benefits
124.podcast imageAre we "Following the Science"?
125.podcast imageHoP 347 - Bonfire of the Vanities - Savonarola
126.podcast image#332 Jeffrey Barrett: The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
127.podcast imageEV - 141 Secular Student Alliance with Kevin Bolling
128.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 23: Lost in Thought with Zena Hitz
129.podcast imageEpisode 78, Moral Luck (Part III - Further Analysis and Discussion)
130.podcast imageDominik Finkelde, "Excessive Subjectivity: Kant, Hegel, Lacan and the Foundations of Ethics" (Columbia UP, 2017)
131.podcast imageOPEN DEMOCRACY With Hélène Landemore
132.podcast image499: (Why) Money Matters
133.podcast image30/3/2020: Dana Nelkin on Equal Opportunity
134.podcast imageCicero, On Fate - Carneades' Academic Skeptic Position - Sadler's Lectures
135.podcast imageThe big snore
136.podcast image“What is the difference between a religion and a cult?”
137.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #42: Star Trek Lives Long and Prospers (Intermittently)
138.podcast imageSituating Feminist Epistemology by Natalie Alana Ashton and Robin McKenna
139.podcast image95 | Liam Kofi Bright on Knowledge, Truth, and Science
140.podcast imageEpisode 054: Robert Talisse on Overdoing Democracy
141.podcast imageEpisode 050: Axelle Karera on Frantz Fanon
142.podcast imageEpisode 053: Michael Burroughs on Children & Agency
143.podcast imageEpisode 045: Lindsey Stewart on Black Joy
144.podcast imageEpisode 049: Adam Hosein on Discrimination
145.podcast imageEpisode 046: Rose Lenehan on Housing Justice
146.podcast imageEpisode 052: John Torrey on Reparations
147.podcast imageEpisode 048: Monique Wonderly on Grief
148.podcast imageEpisode 047: Nic Bommarito on Buddhism
149.podcast imageEpisode 051: Ellie Anderson on The Divide in Philosophy
150.podcast image#331 Hugo Mercier: Not Born Yesterday; Gullibility, Vigilance, Politics, and Social Media
151.podcast imageCicero, On Fate - Chrysippus' Stoic Position - Sadler's Lectures
152.podcast imageEp. 242: Stanley Cavell on Tragedy via King Lear (Part Two)
153.podcast imageHow To Overcome Wilful Blindness | Margaret Heffernan
154.podcast imageDavid Velleman
155.podcast image#330 Jonathan Anomaly - Creating Future People: The Ethics of Genetic Enhancement
156.podcast imageSTM Podcast #51: Sulaiman Jenkins - Life is War: Examining the Post-Traumatic Growth of Mutah Beale
157.podcast imageCriminal Minds
158.podcast imageHi-Phi Nation Plus: Mens Rea versus Moral Luck
159.podcast imageCicero, On Fate - Epicurus' Position - Sadler's Lectures
160.podcast image0G101: Player of Games and Authoritarian Essentialism, Part 2
161.podcast imageIs COVID-19 bringing the best, or worst, out of our politics?
162.podcast imageEp. 89 Wittgenstein Part 4
163.podcast imageEmily Thomas, "The Meaning of Travel: Philosophers Abroad" (Oxford UP, 2020)
164.podcast imageVirtue and Meaning -- an Interview with David McPherson
165.podcast imageHAP 50 - Nation Within a Nation - Martin Delany
166.podcast imageCicero, On Fate - Diodorus' Megarian Position - Sadler's Lectures
167.podcast image#329 Luciano Floridi: Information, Knowledge, Science, and AI
168.podcast imageCOVID-19 Special
169.podcast imageShay Welch, "The Phenomenology of a Performative Knowledge System" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)
170.podcast imagePeter Adamson, "Classical Indian Philosophy" (Oxford UP, 2020)
171.podcast imageEpisode 78, Moral Luck (Part II - Thomas Nagel)
172.podcast imageEV - 140 Campquest.org with Neil Polzin
173.podcast imageWhat can genes tell us?
174.podcast imageCulture: The War on Your Mind
175.podcast imageE41: Every Theory of Everything Ever - The Evolution of Religions
176.podcast image278: Poetry as a Way of Knowing
177.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #41: Made-for-TV Musicals w/ Craig Wedren
178.podcast imageBenji Kozuch Live!
179.podcast imageLeslie M. Harris, "Slavery and the University: Histories and Legacies" (U Georgia Press, 2019)
180.podcast imageUPDATE: NEW PATREON GOAL (100 patrons) + FUTURE OF THE CHANNEL
181.podcast imageEpisode 6: Expertise
182.podcast image94 | Stuart Russell on Making Artificial Intelligence Compatible with Humans
183.podcast imageCicero, On Fate - Temperament And Geographical Determinism - Sadler's Lectures
184.podcast image#328 Iris Berent - The Blind Storyteller: How We Reason About Human Nature
185.podcast imageEp. 242: Stanley Cavell on Tragedy via King Lear (Part One)
186.podcast imagePhilosophy Vs Authority | Noam Chomsky, Deirdre McCloskey, Mark Lilla
187.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - The Nature Of Freedom - Sadler's Lectures
188.podcast image76 - Surveillance, Privacy and COVID-19
189.podcast image#327 Sarah Garfinkel: Interoception, Emotion, And Mental Health
190.podcast imageEpisode #143 ... Jürgen Habermas pt. 1 - The Public Sphere
191.podcast imageListener Qs 14
192.podcast imageIs it time to end simulated sex on television and film?
193.podcast imageEp. 88 Wittgenstein Part 3
194.podcast imagePodcast episode 5: Comparativism in the mid-19th century – August Schleicher and materialism
195.podcast imagePandemicast II: Philosophizing Under Quarantine
196.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Subjecting One's Desires To Other People - Sadler's Lectures
197.podcast imageHoP 346 - Cecilia Muratori on Animals in the Renaissance
198.podcast imageNEM#120: Steve Harley is Wiser and Less Hungry
199.podcast imageJames Dow Live!
200.podcast image75 - The Vital Ethical Contexts of Coronavirus
201.podcast imageEV - 139 New Media Roundtable
202.podcast image#326 Cristine Legare: Child Development, Culture, And Scientific Reasoning
203.podcast image#19 Ethics of War - Professor Cecile Fabre
204.podcast imageGames and the Art of Agency by C. Thi Nguyen
205.podcast image015 – Are Viruses Alive?
206.podcast imageEpisode 78, Moral Luck (Part I - Bernard Williams)
207.podcast imageNew Media Roundtable with ETVpod, Jerb the Humanist, Chrisiousity, & The Poplar Tapes
208.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Preconceptions Or General Conceptions (Proleipseis) - Sadler's Lectures
209.podcast image498: Philosophy and the Superhero
210.podcast imageBorder patrol
211.podcast imageSTM Podcast #50: Scott Barry Kaufman - Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization
212.podcast imageShorts - E28: Science NOW!
213.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Making Progress Towards The Good - Sadler's Lectures
215.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #40: #MeToo Depictions in TV and Film
216.podcast image93 | Rae Wynn-Grant on Bears, Humans, and Other Predators
217.podcast imageEpisode 187: More Zither
218.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Understanding And Addressing Anger - Sadler's Lectures
219.podcast image#325 Holger Wiese: The Psychology of Face Recognition
220.podcast imageThe Creation of a Worldview | Beliefs, Truth, Christianity, Spirituality, and Nihilism
221.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 22: Huxley on Love and Longing in the Dystopia
222.podcast imageEp. 241: Political Philosophy and the Pandemic
223.podcast imageThe Value of Ethics | Bart Streumer
224.podcast imageEpisode 8: Susan Notess: Listening, silencing, gaslighting and honesty
225.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Habits And Practices - Sadler's Lectures
226.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Indifference In Things - Sadler's Lectures
227.podcast image#324 Edward Fischer: The Anthropology of Wellbeing, The Good Life, Values, And Markets
228.podcast image74 - How to Understand COVID 19
229.podcast imageChristian List on Free Will
230.podcast imageListener Qs 13
231.podcast imageOrdinary vices: Is pride an affront to, or the basis of, dignity?
232.podcast imageEp. 87 Wittgenstein Part 2
233.podcast imageHAP 49 - Let Your Motto Be Resistance - Henry Highland Garnet
234.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Duties Roles And Relationships - Sadler's Lectures
235.podcast imageSponsored: Delivering Extraordinary Experiences with Customer Experience Expert Liliana Petrova
236.podcast imageShorts - E27: Luck vs. Karma
237.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Anxiety Or Anguish (Agonia)- Sadler's Lectures
238.podcast imageThe Unreliability of Naive Introspection by Eric Schwitzgebel
239.podcast image#323 Rivka Weinberg: The Ethics of Procreation
240.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Confidence And Caution - Sadler's Lectures
241.podcast image447: Fractured Identities
242.podcast imageEV - 138 Naked Shame with Krista Thomason
243.podcast imageThinking a pandemic
244.podcast imageSTM Podcast #49: Massimo Pigliucci - How to Live a Good Life According to Stoicism
245.podcast imagePeter Carruthers, "Human and Animal Minds: The Consciousness Questions Laid to Rest" (Oxford UP, 2019)
246.podcast imageEpisode 77, ‘Time Travel: The Grandfather Paradox and Abilities’ with Olivia Coombes (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
247.podcast imageDISABILITY & KNOWLEDGE with Tom Shakespeare
248.podcast imageEpisode 5: Contagion (part two)
249.podcast imageCan we distinguish truth from lies? | Sacha Golob, Steve Fuller, Åsa Wikforss, Peter Pomerantsev
250.podcast imageJoseph LeDoux and David Rosenthal Live!
251.podcast image92 | Kevin Hand on Life Elsewhere in the Solar System
252.podcast imageEpisode 125: James Koppel discusses counterfactual inference and automated explanation
253.podcast imageEpictetus, Discourses - Use Of Argument And Logic - Sadler's Lectures
254.podcast imageOut of the Vat #6 – Mahon O’Brien
255.podcast image#322 Curtis Marean: Zooarchaeology, Human Origins And Evolution
256.podcast imageEp. 240: David Lewis on Possible Worlds and Language Games (Part Two)
257.podcast image16/3/2020: Andrew Bacon on Vagueness at Every Order
258.podcast imageOn Having Bad Persons as Friends by Jessica Isserow
259.podcast imageRedefine Statistical Significance by Edouard Machery
260.podcast imageCausing and Nothingness by Helen Beebee
261.podcast imageStop Talking About Fake News! by Joshua Habgood-Coote
262.podcast image#321 Dick Swaab: The Neuroscience of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
263.podcast image73 - The Ethics of Healthcare Prioritisation during COVID 19
264.podcast imageWilliam James The Will To Be - Religious Faith And Options - Sadler's Lectures
265.podcast imageHoP 345 - What a Piece of Work is Man - Manetti and Pico on Human Nature
266.podcast imageEpisode #142 ... Richard Rorty
267.podcast image0G100: WWZ and the Human Cost of Ethics, Part 2
268.podcast imageCan we avoid cruelty in the face of COVID-19?
269.podcast imageEp. 86 Wittgenstein Part 1
270.podcast imageWilliam James The Will To Be - Faith Facts And Verification - Sadler's Lectures
271.podcast imagePandemicast
272.podcast imageNEM#119: Chris A. Maxwell: The Power of What You Don't Fully Understand
273.podcast imageMatthew McManus and Marion Trejo, "Myth and Mayhem: A Leftist Critique of Jordan Peterson​" (Zero Books, 2020)
274.podcast imageSUFFRAGE, ATHEISM, & EVOLUTION With Kimberly Hamlin
275.podcast imageWilliam James The Will To Be - Empiricism And Absolutism - Sadler's Lectures
276.podcast image#320 Max Beilby: Evolutionary Organizational Psychology
277.podcast imageGeorg Northoff Live!
278.podcast imageDavid Pitt Live!
279.podcast image446: Philosophy of Retirement
280.podcast imageWilliam James The Will To Be - Risks, Truth, And Belief - Sadler's Lectures
281.podcast imageEpisode 77, ‘Time Travel: The Grandfather Paradox and Abilities’ with Olivia Coombes (Part I - Time Traveller Abilities)
282.podcast imageEV - 137 Strong Emergence with Emerson Green
283.podcast image72 - Grief in the Time of a Pandemic
284.podcast imageTime in a time of excess time
285.podcast imageSTM Podcast #48: Mutah "Napoleon" Beale - How to Live a Good Life According to Islam
286.podcast image"What is the Role of Philosophy During a Global Crisis?"
287.podcast imageWilliam James The Will To Be - Criticism Of Pascal's Wager - Sadler's Lectures
288.podcast image91 | Scott Barry Kaufman on the Psychology of Transcendence
289.podcast imageEpisode 186: The One with Peter Singer
290.podcast imageWilliam James The Will To Be - Willing Nature And Beliefs - Sadler's Lectures
291.podcast imageNew Gods | Myriam François, Peter Atkins, Hilary Lawson
292.podcast image#319 Jeff McMahan: The Ethics of Killing; Abortion, Euthanasia, Suicide
293.podcast imagePhilip Goff | Consciousness
294.podcast imageEp. 240: David Lewis on Possible Worlds and Language Games (Part One)
295.podcast imagePete Mandik Live!
296.podcast imageWilliam James, The Will To Believe - Hypotheses and Options - Sadler's Lectures
297.podcast image#318 Benjamin Bergen: Embodied Cognition, Embodied Simulation, Language, And AI
298.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - The Wager About God's Existence - Sadler's Lectures
299.podcast imageHAP 48 - Happy Holidays - Two Speeches by Frederick Douglass
300.podcast image71 - COVID 19 and the Ethics of Infectious Disease Control
301.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 21: Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim
302.podcast image0G99: WWZ and Lifeboat Ethics, Part 1
303.podcast imageHow can we live with coronavirus uncertainty?
304.podcast imageEp. 85 Phenomenology Part 6
305.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - The God Of Philosophers And The God Of Faith - Sadler's Lectures
306.podcast imageMoon Duchin on Fair Voting and Random Walks
307.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - Diversions, Happiness, And Misery - Sadler's Lectures
308.podcast imageThe COVID-19 pandemic: a Stoic take
309.podcast image#317 Khandis Blake: Evolution, Income Inequality, Female Competition, And Feminism
310.podcast image444: Can Speech Kill?
311.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - Self-Love And Aversion To Truth - Sadler's Lectures
312.podcast imageEV - 136 Dialetheism with Michael Bench-Capon
313.podcast imageHonour in the institution
314.podcast imageSTM Podcast #47: John Kaag - How to Live a Good Life According to William James
315.podcast imageShorts - E26: Planet(ary Problems) of the Apes
316.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - The Intuitive And Mathematical Minds - Sadler's Lectures
317.podcast imageIDEOLOGIES OF THE ANCIENTS 3 Philip
318.podcast imageEpisode 76, René Descartes (Part V - Further Analysis and Discussion)
319.podcast imageMatt Cook, "Sleight of Mind: 75 Ingenious Paradoxes in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy" (MIT Press, 2020)
320.podcast imageDavid Papineau Live!
321.podcast image90 | David Kaiser on Science, Money, and Power
322.podcast imageEpisode 4: Contagion (part one)
323.podcast image014 – Beauty Part 2 with Simon Watt
324.podcast imageThe World That Disappeared | Peter Atkins, James Ladyman, Joanna Kavenna
325.podcast image#316 Colin Wright: Insect Personality, And The New Evolution Deniers
326.podcast imageEp. 239: Montesquieu Invents Political Science (Part Two)
327.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - The Two Infinites - Sadler's Lectures
328.podcast imageHoP 344 - The Count of Concord - Pico della Mirandola
329.podcast image#315 Edward Hagen: Anthropology, And The Bargaining Model of Depression And Suicide
330.podcast imagePseudo-Humility | Religion, Christianity, Spirituality , Humility, and Curiosity
331.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - What Tyranny Consists In - Sadler's Lectures
332.podcast image0G98: Player of Games and AI Utopia, Part 1
333.podcast imageCan we cultivate social solidarity in a time of physical distancing?
334.podcast imageEp. 84 Phenomenology Part 5
335.podcast imageIs it Worth Talking to Trump Supporters? (and some Coronavirus thoughts)
336.podcast image70 - Ethics in the time of Corona
337.podcast imageBrian Keating’s Quest for the Origin of the Universe
338.podcast image497: The 2020 Dionysus Awards
339.podcast imageNEM#118: Matt Wilson (Trip Shakespeare) Is Still a Writer
340.podcast imageBlaise Pascal, Pensees - Correcting By Revealing One-Sidedness - Sadler's Lectures
341.podcast image#314 Zanna Clay: Bonobo Societies, And Comparative Psychology
342.podcast imageBryce Huebner Live!
343.podcast imageUrsula K Leguin - The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas - Sadler's Lectures
344.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The State And Superfluous People - Sadler's Lectures
345.podcast imagePodcast episode 4: Interview with Jürgen Trabant on Wilhelm von Humboldt
346.podcast imageEpisode 76, René Descartes (Part IV - Meditations on First Philosophy, 5-6)
347.podcast imageEV - 135 Sentientism with Jamie Woodhouse
348.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #36: Criticism w/ Noah Berlatsky
349.podcast imageAI and moral intuition: use it or lose it?
350.podcast imageSTM Podcast #46: Liz Dorval - How Are We Dealing With The Coronavirus?
351.podcast imageZahi Zalloua, "​Žižek on Race: Towards an Anti-Racist Future​" (Bloomsbury, 2020)
352.podcast imageTodd McGowan, "Emancipation After Hegel: Achieving a Contradictory Revolution" (Columbia UP, 2019)
353.podcast image89 | Lera Boroditsky on Language, Thought, Space, and Time
354.podcast imageEpisode #141 ... Isaiah Berlin pt. 2 - Pluralism and Culture
355.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - War And Warriors - Sadler's Lectures
356.podcast imageEpisode 3: Reclining
357.podcast imageEpisode 185: The Devil's Playground
358.podcast image17/2/2020: Alexander Douglas on Spinoza’s Unquiet Acquiescentia
359.podcast imageThe Mind and the World | Raymond Tallis
360.podcast imageEp. 239: Montesquieu Invents Political Science (Part One)
361.podcast image#313 Robert Kelly: The Fifth Beginning, And The Lifeways Of Hunter-Gatherers
362.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Virtues And Ones Own Virtue - Sadler's Lectures
363.podcast imageShorts - E25: Pedants and Magisters
364.podcast imageHAP 47 - Written by Himself - the Life of Frederick Douglass
365.podcast image#312 Sven Nyholm - Humans and Robots: Ethics, Agency, and Anthropomorphism
366.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Solitary Person - Sadler's Lectures
367.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Values And Valuation
368.podcast imageAmy Reed-Sandoval, "Socially Undocumented: Identity and Immigration Justice" (Oxford UP, 2020)
369.podcast image0G97: Bioshock and Going Galt
370.podcast imageWhat (new) forms of living might the coronavirus produce?
371.podcast imageEp.83 Phenomenology Part 4: Inauthenticity
372.podcast imageRebecca Goldin and Brian Nosek on Hard Truths in Math and Psychology
373.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Body And The Spirit - Sadler's Lectures
374.podcast image443: Midlife and Meaning
375.podcast imageEV - 134 Existential Risk with Phil Torres
376.podcast imageTara Smith on Coronavirus, Pandemics, and What We Can Do
377.podcast image#311 Renee Magnan: Health, Affect, Physical Activity, And Addiction
378.podcast imageARENDT, FREEDOM, & PROTEST With Roger Berkowitz
379.podcast imageEpisode 76, René Descartes (Part III - Meditations on First Philosophy, 3-4)
380.podcast imageDavid Chalmers Live!
381.podcast imageLGBT elders, isolation and loneliness
382.podcast imageSTM Podcast #45: Hiram Crespo- How to Live a Good Life According to Epicurus
383.podcast imageShorts - E24: Deadlock
384.podcast imageElucidations Episode 124: Graham Priest discusses Buddhist political philosophy
385.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #35: Video Game Storytelling w/ Don Marshall
386.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Suffering And The Afterworld - Sadler's Lectures
387.podcast image88 | Neil Shubin on Evolution, Genes, and Dramatic Transitions
388.podcast imageTony Ro Live!
389.podcast imageBonus Episode: Top 5 Deadwood Characters
390.podcast imageEpisode 68 - Sean Valles
391.podcast imageEpisode 2.1: Disease and debate
392.podcast imageThe Myth of the Self | Julian Baggini, Angie Hobbs, John Milbank
393.podcast imageHoP 343 - As Far as East from West - Jewish Philosophy in Renaissance Italy
394.podcast imageEp. 238: Lingering Questions
395.podcast image#310 Hal Whitehead: The Sociality And Culture Of Whales
396.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Three Metamorphoses - Sadler's Lectures
397.podcast image#309 Robert Sapolsky: Human Behavior, Evolution, Morality, and Free Will
398.podcast image0G96: Serenity and Positive Eugenics
399.podcast imageWhat does the coronavirus reveal about us?
400.podcast imageEp.82 Phenomenology Pt 3: Heidegger and Sartre
401.podcast imageSANDERS, WARREN, & the Ideological Future of the Left
402.podcast imageBeing a Person of Principle
403.podcast imageCori Bargmann on the Genetics of Transparent Worms, Supertasters and Cancer
404.podcast imageNEM#117: Chris McQueen (FORQ, Snarky Puppy): Like Fusion, But Cool
405.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Last Man - Sadler's Lectures
406.podcast image442: Philosophy of Trash
407.podcast image#308 Pedro Galvão: O Que É A Ética? + Aborto E Eutanásia
408.podcast imageEpisode 76, René Descartes (Part II - Meditations on First Philosophy, 1-2)
409.podcast imageEV - 133 Open Minded Centrism with Andrea Lewis
410.podcast imageKareem Khalifa, "Understanding, Explanation and Scientific Knowledge" (Cambridge UP, 2017)
411.podcast imageDangerous minds
412.podcast imageSTM Podcast #44: Daniel A. Kaufman - How to Live a Good Life According to Aristotle
413.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Superman And Man As A Bridge - Sadler's Lectures
414.podcast image87 | Karl Friston on Brains, Predictions, and Free Energy
415.podcast imageCory Allen | The Astral Hustle joins the podcast to discuss mindfulness, life, and philosophy
416.podcast imageEpisode 184: Tainted Glove
417.podcast imageWhy Philosophy Won't Go Away | Rebecca Goldstein
418.podcast imageHAP 46 - Melvin Rogers on 19th Century Political Thought
419.podcast imageEpisode 2: The Man
420.podcast imageEp. 237: Walter Benjamin Analyzes Violence (Part Two)
421.podcast image#307 Elizabeth Loftus: Memory, Eyewitness Testimony, and Recovered Memory Therapy
422.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Truth And Lies - Myth, Art, Metaphor, And Intuition - Sadler's Lectures
423.podcast image#306 Nadav Klein: Reputation, Prosociality, Moral Character, and Lie Detection
424.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Truth And Lies - Idealism, Natural Laws, And Science - Sadler's Lectures
425.podcast image496: Is the Self an Illusion?
426.podcast imageEpisode #140 ... Isaiah Berlin part one - Pluralism
427.podcast image0G95: Stargate Atlantis and Gamification
428.podcast imageIs capitalism inimical to ethics?
429.podcast imageEp. 81 Phenomenology Part 1: Husserl Part 2
430.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Truth And Lies - Rationality, Abstraction & Anthropomorphism - Sadlers Lectures
431.podcast imageTadashi Tokieda’s Special Kind of Magic
432.podcast imageEV - 132 American Atheism with Nick Fish
433.podcast image3/2/2020: Philip Goff on Panpsychism and Free Will
434.podcast image69 - Wood on Sustainable Superabundance
435.podcast imageRichard Polt, "Time and Trauma: Thinking Through Heidegger in the Thirties" (Rowman and Littlefield, 2020)
436.podcast image#305 Steven Pinker: The Enlightenment, Cultural Evolution, and the Human Mind
437.podcast imageETHICS & PUBLIC POLICY with Jonathan Wolff
438.podcast imageEpisode 76, René Descartes (Part I - The Life of René Descartes)
439.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Truth And Lies - Metaphor, Language, And Concepts - Sadler's Lectures
440.podcast imageThe many and the one
441.podcast imageSTM Podcast #43: Derek McAllister - The History of the Diagnosis & Treatment of Mental Illness
442.podcast imageHoP 342 - Denis Robichaud on Plato in the Renaissance
443.podcast image86 | Martin Rees on Threats to Humanity, Prospects for Posthumanity, and Life in the Universe
444.podcast imagePhilosophy Vs Quantum Theory | Tim Maudlin
445.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Truth And Lies - Invention Of Truth And Lying - Sadler's Lectures
446.podcast imageEp. 237: Walter Benjamin Analyzes Violence (Part One)
447.podcast image#304 Bryony Cole: The Future of Sex, Relationships, and Technology
448.podcast image#303 Marco Neves: História e Evolução do Português, o AO, e os Nazis da Gramática
449.podcast image#18 Agency and Responsibility - Professor Pamela Hieronymi
450.podcast imageTHE IDEOLOGIES OF THE ANCIENTS 2 Cyrus
451.podcast imageDavid Estlund, "Utopophobia: On the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy" (Princeton UP, 2020)
452.podcast image0G94: The Good Place and Universalist Enlightenment
453.podcast imageInternational Women’s Day – cause for celebration, or commiseration?
454.podcast image440: The Internet of Things
455.podcast imageEp. 80 Phenomenology Part 1: Husserl
456.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Truth And Lies - What Is Truth? - Sadler's Lectures
457.podcast imageWhat Does it Mean to be a Political Pragmatist?
458.podcast imageJanna Levin on Seeing and Hearing Black Holes
459.podcast imageEV - 131 Politics sans Free Will with Iona Italia
460.podcast imageFriedrich Nietzsche, Truth And Lies - Intellect And Dissimulation - Sadler's Lectures
461.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 20: Scruton's Wagner: Sex, Death, and the Sacred
462.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #33: The Heroine's Journey w/ Vi Burlew
463.podcast image#302 Jonathan Marks: Origin Stories In The Science Of Human Evolution
464.podcast imageEpisode 75, ‘Christian Animal Ethics’ with David Clough (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
465.podcast imagePhillipa Chong, “Inside the Critics’ Circle: Book Reviewing in Uncertain Times” (Princeton UP, 2020)
466.podcast imageHAP 45 - Unnatural Causes - Hosea Easton’s Treatise
467.podcast imageEpisode 1: Threads
468.podcast imageThe why of philosophy
469.podcast imageSTM Podcast #42: Bryan Van Norden - How to Live a Good Life According to Confucius
470.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - Dasein, History, And Tradition - Sadler's Lectures
471.podcast imageIs Morality Rooted In Culture? | Joel Robbins
472.podcast image85 | L.A. Paul on Transformative Experiences and Your Future Selves
473.podcast imageEpisode 183: Accept the Mystery (with Paul Bloom)
474.podcast imageWho Created God? | New Perspectives and the Content Often Missed Around this Question
475.podcast imageJames Shelley (Auburn): “What Makes Aesthetic Value Value?”
476.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - The Concept Of Phenomenology - Sadler's Lectures
477.podcast imagePodcast episode 3: Language classification
478.podcast imageEp. 236: Judith Butler Interview: "The Force of Nonviolence"
479.podcast image#301 Michael Masters: The Anthropology Of Identified Flying Objects
480.podcast image#300 Kristen Hawkes: The Grandmother Hypothesis
481.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - The Concept Of Logos - Sadler's Lectures
482.podcast image439: A World Without Work
483.podcast imageOG93: Good Place and Scanlon's Contractualism
484.podcast imageWhy do we want celebrities to be 'authentic'?
485.podcast imageEp. 79 Nietzsche Part 4
486.podcast imageMegan Burke, "When Time Warps: The Lived Experience of Gender, Race, and Sexual Violence" (U Minnesota Press, 2019)
487.podcast imageJohn Urschel: From NFL Player to Mathematician
488.podcast image20/1/2020: Emily Thomas on Time and Subtle Pictures in the History of Philosophy
489.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - The Concept Of Phenomenon - Sadler's Lectures
490.podcast imageWhy is mental healthcare so ethically confusing? Clinicians and institutions from an anthropological perspective
491.podcast imageHoP 341 - True Romance - Theories of Love
492.podcast image#299 Thom Scott-Phillips: The Biological And Cultural Bases Of Language
493.podcast imageEV - 130 The Soul of Libertarianism with Jason Lee Byas
494.podcast imageEpisode 75, ‘Christian Animal Ethics’ with David Clough (Part I - The Rise of the Vegangelicals)
495.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #32: Judging "The Good Place"
496.podcast imageWhat is Consciousness? | And the Important Understandings Often Missed by Science
497.podcast imageHow To Do Philosophy and Why | Timothy Williamson
498.podcast imageIs reason enough?
499.podcast imageIDEOLOGIES OF THE ANCIENTS 1 Ashurbanipal
500.podcast imageSTM Podcast #41: Owen Flanagan - How to Live a Good Life According to Buddhism
501.podcast image84 | Suresh Naidu on Capitalism, Monopsony, and Inequality
502.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - Interpretations Of Dasein And Temporality
503.podcast imageEp. 235: Judith Butler's "Gender Trouble" (Part Three)
504.podcast image68- Earp on the Ethics of Love Drugs
505.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - The Existential Analysis Of Dasein
506.podcast image#298 Michael Inzlicht: Self-control, Gratification Delay, Ego-depletion, And The Replication Crisis
507.podcast imageChance Garton (Innerverse) | What is New Age Spirituality? The great, the good, and the bad....Philosophy of Mind, Panpsychism, Idealism, Archetypes, and More
508.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - Ontic And Ontological - Sadler's Lectures
509.podcast image#297 Richard Ronay: Evolution, Hierarchy, And Leadership
510.podcast image441: Race Matters
511.podcast imageMartin Heidegger, Being And Time - The Question Of The Meaning Of Being - Sadler's Lectures
512.podcast image0G92: Watchmen and Subjective vs. Objective
513.podcast imageOrdinary vices: What’s wrong with lying?
514.podcast imageEp. 78 Nietzsche Part 3
515.podcast imageCorina Tarnita and the Deep Mathematics of Social Insects
516.podcast imageHAP 44 - Religion and Pure Principles - Maria W. Stewart
517.podcast imageChenyang Wang, "Subjectivity In-Between Times: Exploring the Notion of Time in Lacan's Work" (Palgrave, 2019)
518.podcast imageTribal Truths and New Wisdom | Paul Mason, Hilary Lawson, Ella McPherson
519.podcast image#296 Laith Al-Shawaf: The Theoretical Bases Of Evolutionary Psychology, And Common Misconceptions
520.podcast imageEV - 129 Philosophy of Disability with Elizabeth Barnes
521.podcast imageOut of the Vat #5 – Heather Widdows
522.podcast imageCIVIL SOCIETY & DEMOCRACY With Robert Talisse
523.podcast imageEpisode 74, ‘Football’ with Stephen Mumford (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
524.podcast imageAnselm of Canterbury, Proslogion - Seeing And Not Seeing God - Sadler's Lectures
525.podcast imageTravis Dumsday, "Dispositionalism and the Metaphysics of Science" (Cambridge UP, 2019)
526.podcast imagePlato's woman problem
527.podcast imageSTM Podcast #40: Skye Cleary - How to Live a Good Life According to Existentialism
528.podcast image83 | Kwame Anthony Appiah on Identity, Stories, and Cosmopolitanism
529.podcast imageEpisode 123: Graham Priest discusses Buddhist metaphysics
530.podcast imageEpisode 182: The Paper That Launched a Thousand Twitter Wars (With Yoel Inbar)
531.podcast imageAnselm of Canterbury, Proslogion - Divine Mercy and Justice - Sadler's Lectures
533.podcast imageEp. 235: Judith Butler's "Gender Trouble" (Part Two)
534.podcast image495: Death of the Sentence
535.podcast image#295 David Benatar: The Second Sexism; Discrimination Against Men And Boys
536.podcast imageAnselm of Canterbury, Proslogion - Divine Omnipotence and What God Can't Do - Sadler's Lectures
537.podcast image#294 Rob Dunn: Never Home Alone; The Species We Live With
538.podcast imageDISAGREEMENT With Robert Tallise
539.podcast imageAnselm of Canterbury, Proslogion - The Ontological Argument - Sadler's Lectures
540.podcast imageEpisode #139 ... Friedrich Von Hayek - The Road to Serfdom
541.podcast image0G91: Watchmen and The Absurd
542.podcast imageWhy does democracy demand transparency?
543.podcast imageEp. 77 Nietzsche Part 2
544.podcast imageHoP 340 - Footnotes to Plato - Marsilio Ficino
545.podcast imageRobbert Dijkgraaf on Exploring Quantum Reality
546.podcast imageEmily Thomas on Wildly Implausible Metaphysics
547.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Freedom & Power Of The Will - Sadler's Lectures
548.podcast imageAnselm of Canterbury, Proslogion - The "Single Argument" - Sadler's Lectures
549.podcast imageEV - 128 Substantial Selves with Donnchadh O'Conaill
550.podcast image#293 Kristin Andrews: Animal Minds, Theory of Mind, And Animal Ethics
551.podcast imageEpisode 74, ‘Football’ with Stephen Mumford (Part I - The Philosophy Behind the Game)
552.podcast imageHow Maths Changed Philosophy | Silvia Jonas
553.podcast imageParmenides, Fragments - Being And Non-Being - Sadler's Lectures
554.podcast image82 | Robin Carhart-Harris on Psychedelics and the Brain
555.podcast imageIn praise of mortality
556.podcast imageSTM Podcast #39: Martha Lawton - The Emotional Side of Money
557.podcast image“Does it Make Sense to Blame the System?”
558.podcast imageParmenides, Fragments - Thought, Being, And Monism - Sadler's Lectures
559.podcast imageInnerverse | Panpsychism, Materialism, Idealism, and Intelligence in Nature
561.podcast image#17 Metaphysics and Conceptual Engineering - Professor Amie Thomasson
562.podcast imageEp. 235: Judith Butler's "Gender Trouble" (Part One)
563.podcast image#292 Mattia Riccardi: Nietzsche's Psychology And Epistemology
564.podcast imageParmenides, Fragments - The Two Routes - Sadler's Lectures
565.podcast imagePsychedelics | Self-Development, Mental Health, Government Overlords and Morality
566.podcast imageEpisode 7: Clare Moriarty – Berkeley, Mathematics, Trolling and Tarwater
567.podcast imageKatherine Hawley, "How to Be Trustworthy" (Oxford UP, 2019)
568.podcast image#291 Nicholas Stang: The Metaphysics, Epistemology, And Ethics of Kant
569.podcast image438: Post-Truth Politics
570.podcast imageHAP 43 - Kill or Be Killed - David Walker’s Appeal
571.podcast imageK. Linder et al., "Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers" (Stylus Publishing, 2020)
572.podcast image0G90: Mandalorian and Masks
573.podcast imageIn the aftermath of the Iowa caucus …
574.podcast imageEp. 76 Nietzsche Part 1
575.podcast imageLeslie Vosshall on Designer Mosquitoes and Dude Walls
576.podcast imageAdrian Johnston, "A New German Idealism: Hegel, Žižek and Dialectical Materialism" (Columbia UP, 2018)
577.podcast image013 – Beauty Part 1 with Sabine Hossenfelder
578.podcast imageEV - 127 Black Metal Environmentalism with Jesse McWilliams
579.podcast image#290 Colin Camerer: The Economics And Neuroscience Of Decision-Making
580.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #29: Martin Scorsese the Auteur w/ Colin Marshall
581.podcast imagePhilosophers vs Post-Truth | Homi Bhabha, Rebecca Goldstein, Hilary Lawson
582.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - What Nature Teaches Us - Sadler's Lectures
583.podcast imageEpisode 73, Plato’s Phaedo: The Death of Socrates (Part IV - The Death of Socrates, Further Analysis and Discussion)
584.podcast imageA world without work
585.podcast image81 | Ezra Klein on Politics, Polarization, and Identity
586.podcast imageTHOMAS HOBBES With Arash Abizadeh
587.podcast imageRemembering Roger Scruton
588.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Sense - Perception And External Things - Sadler's Lectures
589.podcast imageSTM Podcast #38: Gordon Marino - The Art of Listening: Improving Relationships Through Dialogue
590.podcast imageEpisode 181: The Fraudulence Paradox (David Foster Wallace's "Good Old Neon")
591.podcast image9/12/2019: Meena Dhanda on the Philosophical Foundations of Anti-Casteism
592.podcast image494: Comedy and the Culture Wars
593.podcast imageEp. 234: Beauvoir on Romance in "The Second Sex" (Part Two)
594.podcast image#289 Colin DeYoung: The Big Five And The Ten Aspects; Politics, Gender, And Psychopathology
595.podcast imageSasha Newton (UC Riverside & Leipzig): “On the Subjectivity of Judgments of Beauty”
596.podcast imagePodcast episode 2: Comparative-historical linguistics – Bopp and Grimm
597.podcast imageHoP 339 - I’d Like to Thank the Academy - Florentine Platonism
598.podcast imageEdward Bullmore on the ‘inflamed mind’ theory of depression
599.podcast image#288 Joanna Schug: Emotional Expressions, And Relational Mobility
600.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Faculties Of The Human Mind And Body - Sadler's Lectures
601.podcast imageKevin Vallier | Polarization, Social Trust, Bias, and Politics
602.podcast image0G89: Empire Strikes Back and Taoism
603.podcast imageAfter the fires, are we invited to moral community with trees?
604.podcast image42: Is It Possible to Be Too Good?
605.podcast imageEp. 75 And Once More...
606.podcast imageAlex Kontorovich on the Absolute Truth of Pure Math
607.podcast imageRIGHTS & NEO - LIBERALISM With Samuel Moyn
608.podcast imageEV - 126 McMindfulness with Ron Purser
609.podcast imageA Philosophy of Fashion | Shahidha Bari
610.podcast image#287 John Danaher: Automation and Utopia; The End of Work, Cyborgs, And Virtual Worlds
611.podcast imageEpisode 73, Plato’s Phaedo: The Death of Socrates (Part III - In Defence of Immortality)
612.podcast imageMaria Dimova-Cookson, "Rethinking Positive and Negative Liberty" (Routledge, 2019)
613.podcast image80 | Jenann Ismael on Connecting Physics to the World of Experience
614.podcast imageJames Wilson
615.podcast imageJames Wilson on Real World Ethics
616.podcast imageUluru and the heart of the liberal state
617.podcast imageSTM Podcast #37: The Importance of Being Open About Your Mental Health - Yolanda Danae’
618.podcast imageMetaphysics | Mystery, Knowledge, Reality, and Why Am I Here?
619.podcast imageEp. 234: Beauvoir on Romance in "The Second Sex" (Part One)
620.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Imagination And Intellection Or Conception - Sadler's Lectures
621.podcast image437: Polyamory
622.podcast imageHAP 42 - James Sidbury on African Identity
623.podcast image#286 Andrew Piper: Data Science, Reading, And Literary Criticism
624.podcast imageJordan Bates | Consciousness, Psychedelics, and the Importance of Finding Your Path
625.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Previous Knowledge About Clear And Distinct Ideas Sadler's Lectures
626.podcast image#285 Nicholas Christakis: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society
627.podcast imageEp. 3 - Causal Network Accounts of Ill-being
628.podcast imagePriya Natarajan on Black Holes and Mapping the Universe
629.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 19: Love and Lust in Lolita
630.podcast image0G88: Star Wars A New Hope and Just War Theory
631.podcast image2020 — why does the future look so much like the past?
632.podcast imageEp.74 One more time...
633.podcast imageEpisode #138 ... Robert Nozick - The Minimal State
634.podcast imageHow to be a Stoic | Massimo Pigliucci
635.podcast imageEV - 125 Why Are We Yelling? with Buster Benson
636.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Ontological Argument For God's Existence - Sadler's Lectures
637.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #27: For the Love of Star Wars
638.podcast image#284 Abraham Tesser: The Self-evaluation Maintenance Model
639.podcast imageEpisode 73, Plato’s Phaedo: The Death of Socrates (Part II - Arguments for the Soul’s Immortality)
640.podcast image79 | Sara Imari Walker on Information and the Origin of Life
641.podcast image493: Ken Taylor Tribute
642.podcast imageFEMINISM, ART, & RAPE with Nancy Princenthal
643.podcast imageEpisode 180: Chekhov's Schrödinger's Dagger (Kurosawa's "Rashomon")
644.podcast imageDisability and dignity
645.podcast imageThe Myth of Morality | Morality, God, Purpose, Meaning, and the Pursuit of Understanding it all
646.podcast imageHoP 338 - All About Eve - the Defense of Women
647.podcast imageEp. 233: Plato's "Protagoras" on Virtue (Part Two)
648.podcast imageBen Burgis | Politics, Values, Human Nature, and Philosophy
649.podcast imageEpisode 122: Frithjof Bergmann and David Helmbold discuss new work, new culture
650.podcast image#283 Max Krasnow: The Evolution of Cooperation, Punishment, Honesty, and Deterrence
651.podcast imageAdriana Clavel-Vázquez (Oxford): “The Role of Imagination in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Racialized Bodies”
652.podcast imageManuel Heras Escribano, "The Philosophy of Affordances" (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019)
653.podcast imageThe Witcher | Philosophy of 'The White Wolf'
654.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - True And Immutable Natures - Sadler's Lectures
655.podcast image#282 Menelaos Apostolou: The Evolution of Singlehood, Parental Mate Choice, and Sexual Orientation
656.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Is God Responsible For Human Error? - Sadler's Lectures
657.podcast imageListener Qs 12
658.podcast imageCan we overcome terminal disagreement in our politics and morality?
659.podcast imageEp. 73 So, to recap...
660.podcast imageMass Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence and New Legal Challenges
661.podcast imageIs Sexuality a Vehicle For Power? | Minna Salami, Rowan Pelling, Julia Long
662.podcast imageEV - 124 Death Doulas with Brenda Goodman pt2
663.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #26: We Watch "Watchmen" w/ David Pizarro (Very Bad Wizards)
664.podcast image#281 Henry Greely: The Future of Human Reproduction
665.podcast imageFrederick Beiser, "Hermann Cohen: An Intellectual Biography" (Oxford UP, 2018)
666.podcast imageEpisode 73, Plato’s Phaedo: The Death of Socrates (Part I - The Soul and Body)
667.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Error, Understanding, And The Will - Sadler's Lectures
668.podcast image78 | Daniel Dennett on Minds, Patterns, and the Scientific Image
669.podcast imageHAP 41 - Should I Stay or Should I Go? - The Colonization Controversy
670.podcast imageCONSTITUTIONAL HARDBALL With David Faris
671.podcast image436: Could the Laws of Physics Ever Change?
672.podcast imagePolitics and the sacred
673.podcast imageSTM Podcast #36: Creating Growth Through the Exploration of Your Unconscious Mind - Chris Heath, MD.
674.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Human Being, Supreme Being, And Non-Being - Sadler's Lectures
675.podcast image"A Philosophical Look at Immigration and Migration"
676.podcast imageEp. 233: Plato's "Protagoras" on Virtue (Part One)
677.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Where Does Falsity Reside? - Sadler's Lectures
678.podcast image#280 Manuel Vargas: Free Will, Moral Responsibility, And Social Justice
679.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Argument For God's Existence From Idea - Sadler's Lectures
680.podcast image#279 Daniel Lieberman: The Evolution of Bipedalism, and Modern Evolutionary Mismatch
681.podcast imageJohn Danaher, "Automation and Utopia: Human Flourishing in a World without Work" (Harvard UP, 2019)
682.podcast imageListener Qs 11
683.podcast imageWhat if the greatest threat to a free media was from within?
684.podcast imageThe Problem with Paradoxes | Slavoj Žižek, Sophie Allen, Hilary Lawson
685.podcast imageSTM Podcast #35: 2020 New Years Resolutions, Risk Aversion, And Executing On Your Goals
686.podcast imageEV - 123 Death Doulas with Brenda Goodman pt1
687.podcast imageHoP 337 - More Rare Than the Phoenix - Italian Women Humanists
688.podcast image4/11/2019: Colleen Murphy on Principled Compromises
689.podcast imageACTIVISTS, ELITES, & THE LEFT
690.podcast image#278 Jerome Kagan: Temperament, Feelings, Emotions, and Personality
691.podcast imageEpisode 72, Plato’s Crito: Socrates in Prison (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
692.podcast image434: Cognitive Bias
693.podcast image67 - Rini on Deepfakes and the Epistemic Backstop
694.podcast imageThinking the country
695.podcast imageEp. 232: Simone De Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" (Part Two)
696.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Objective And Formal Reality - Sadler's Lectures
697.podcast image#277 Aaron Rabinowitz: Moral Realism, and Objective Morality
698.podcast imageKate Kirkpatrick on the life and work of Simone de Beauvoir
699.podcast image#276 Daniel Everett: The Evolution and Varieties of Language, and the Pirahã
700.podcast imageThe End of the West | Linda Yueh, Rana Mitter, David Aaronovitch
701.podcast imageHAP 40 - American Africans - Early Black Institutions in the US
702.podcast imageEV - 122 Better know Confucius with Bryan Van Norden
703.podcast image0G87: Blindsight and Moral Realism, Part 3
704.podcast imageShould children be given the vote?
705.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Innate, Adventious, And Produced Ideas - Sadler's Lectures
706.podcast imageTHE OVERLAPPING CONSENSUS with Kevin Vallier
707.podcast image#275 Marco Del Giudice: Evolutionary Psychopathology, Attachment, And Life History
708.podcast imageEpisode #137 ... John Rawls - A Theory of Justice
709.podcast imageEpisode 72, Plato’s Crito: Socrates in Prison (Part I - The Dialogue)
710.podcast imagePodcast episode 1: Pre-history of comparative-historical linguistics
711.podcast image435: Driverless Cars at the Moral Crossroads
712.podcast imageEpisode 179: Talking Shit
713.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - What Is Known Clearly & Distinctly - Sadler's Lectures
714.podcast imageHoliday Message 2019: On Publishing Books
715.podcast imageTheism, Spirituality, Religion, Atheism, and Science — Are You an Anti-Theist?
716.podcast imageEp. 232: Simone De Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" (Part One)
717.podcast imagePlato, Buddhism and storytelling
718.podcast imageSTM Podcast #34: Punching From The Shadows - Glen Sharp
719.podcast imageAdriel M. Trott, "Aristotle on the Matter of Form: A Feminist Metaphysics of Generation" (Edinburgh UP, 2019)
720.podcast image#274 Kevin Mitchell: Innate, How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are
721.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - The Piece Of Wax Of Example - Sadler's Lectures
722.podcast imageHoP 336 - We Built This City - Christine de Pizan
723.podcast image66 - Wong on Confucianism, Robots and Moral Deskilling
724.podcast image#273 David Puts: Sexual Dimorphism, Sexual Orientation, And Female Orgasm
725.podcast image012 – Merry Christmas
726.podcast imageThe Dark and the Digital | Nigel Inkster, Ella Whelan, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Janne Teller
727.podcast image0G86: Blindsight and the Value of Sentience, Part 2
728.podcast imageFalse necessities: Is 'taste' enough to morally justify the mass slaughter of animals?
729.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - The Cogito And Thinking Being - Sadler's Lectures
730.podcast image432: Habermas and Democracy
731.podcast imageEV - 121 Better Know an Aristotle with Aristotle
732.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - The Evil Demon Hypothesis - Sadler's Lectures
733.podcast imagePeter Adamson, "Philosophy in the Islamic World: A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, Volume 3" (Oxford UP, 2019)
734.podcast image77 | Azra Raza on The Way We Should Fight Cancer
735.podcast image#272 Peter Ungar: The Evolution Of Teeth, And Our Diet
736.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - God, Causes, And Certainty - Sadler's Lectures
737.podcast imageEpisode 71, Plato’s Apology: Socrates on Trial (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
738.podcast imageSTM Podcast #33: The Spirituality of Awe - Kirk Schneider
739.podcast imageCRACK COCAINE with David Farber
740.podcast imageEp. 231: Descartes's "Discourse" on Wisdom and Certainty (Part Two)
741.podcast imageWho are you the Average of? Understanding our Personal Relationships
742.podcast imageFree speech crisis on campus?
743.podcast imageHAP 39 - Doris Garraway on the Haitian Revolution
744.podcast image#271 Alice Eagly: The Psychology Of Gender, And Gender Equality
745.podcast image#16 Utilitarianism - Professor Peter Singer
746.podcast imageThe Future of Thought | Julian Baggini, Vivienne Shue, Jamie Whyte
747.podcast image#270 Christopher Stringer: The Past And Future Of Human Evolution
748.podcast imageEp88 - School Was Our Life
749.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - Geometry, Mathematics, And Doubt - Sadler's Lectures
750.podcast imageEV - 120 Debating Scientific Racism with Dr. Mansa Keita
751.podcast image431: Nonhuman Rights
752.podcast image0G85: Blindsight and Philosophical Zombies, Part 1
753.podcast imageIs literary fiction necessary for the moral life?
754.podcast imageChristopher Peacocke, "The Primacy of Metaphysics" (Oxford UP, 2019)
755.podcast image76 | Ned Hall on Possible Worlds and the Laws of Nature
756.podcast imageRUNNING AS A BERNIECRAT with Chris Armitage
757.podcast image21/10/2019 – Glen Pettigrove on Ambition, Love, and Happiness
758.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #22: Untangling Time Travel
759.podcast image#269 Colin Allen: Minds, Cognition, And Cognitive Ethology
760.podcast imageEpisode 178: Borges' Obsession-Obsession ("The Zahir")
761.podcast imageEpisode 71, Plato’s Apology: Socrates on Trial (Part I - The Dialogue)
762.podcast imageRene Descartes, Meditations - The Senses, Dreams, And Doubt - Sadler's Lectures
763.podcast imageEp. 231: Descartes's "Discourse" on Wisdom and Certainty (Part One)
764.podcast imageHuman Nature and Politics
765.podcast imageHoP 335 - Sabrina Ebbersmeyer on Emotions in Renaissance Philosophy
766.podcast imageThe Bonhoeffer moment
767.podcast imageSTM Podcast #32: The Trap of Perfectionism: Is it Making Us Sick and How Do We Get Out? - Liz Dorval
768.podcast imageRainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet - Time, Patience, And Growth - Sadler's Lectures
769.podcast image65 - Vold on How We Can Extend Our Minds With AI
770.podcast image#268 Stephen Sanderson: Gender Roles, Marriage, And Parenthood Across Societies
771.podcast imageJulia Maskivker, "The Duty to Vote" (Oxford UP, 2019)
772.podcast image492: Sanctuary Cities
773.podcast imageIn Search of Freedom | Julian Baggini, Paul Broks, Hilary Lawson, Hannah Dawson
774.podcast imageRainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet - Sex, Love, And Development - Sadler's Lectures
775.podcast image(sub)Text: A Discussion of Todd Phillips' Film "Joker"
776.podcast imageHornless Cattle - is Gene Editing the Best Solution?
777.podcast image#267 Richard Jean So: Cultural Analytics, Literary Studies, And Race
778.podcast imageRainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet - Sadness And Transformation - Sadler's Lectures
779.podcast imageAlberto Cairo, "How Charts Lie: Getting Smarter about Visual Information" (Norton, 2019)
780.podcast image0G84: A Subway named Mobius and Emergent Properties
781.podcast image2019 — the year where nothing really mattered?
782.podcast imageEp. 72 Kierkegaard Part 4
783.podcast imageEV - 119 Discordianism with Brian Henriksen
784.podcast image75 | Max Tegmark on Reality, Simulation, and the Multiverse
785.podcast imageHAP 38 - My Haitian Pen - Baron de Vastey
786.podcast imageCAMPUS POLITICS With Stanley Fish
787.podcast image#266 Lyn Wadley: Archaeology, And The Evolution of Human Cognition
788.podcast imageEpisode 70, Plato's Euthyphro: Socrates Accused (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
789.podcast imageEp. 230: Bruno Latour on Science, Culture, and Modernity (Part Two)
790.podcast imageEscaping Skinner's Box: AI and the New Era of Techno-Superstition
791.podcast imageIs Your Reality Highly Subjective?
792.podcast imageRobbie Kubala (UC Santa Cruz): “Practice-Based Accounts of Aesthetic Normativity”
793.podcast imageHappy?
794.podcast imageSTM Podcast #31: Challenging Implicit Racist and Sexist Beliefs - Keith Frankish
795.podcast image"What is it Like to be a University President?"
796.podcast imageSartre: On Living in Bad Faith
797.podcast imageRainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet - Conventions and Superficiality - Sadler's Lectures
798.podcast image#15 What is Political Realism? - Brad Berwin
799.podcast imageTribal Identity and Tribal Conflict | David Blunkett, Dawn Butler, Phillip Blond
800.podcast imageRainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet - Developing Solitude - Sadler's Lectures
801.podcast image#265 Reinout de Vries: Personality, The HEXACO, And Communication Styles
802.podcast image430: Should Beliefs Aim at Truth?
803.podcast imageEpisode 121: Aaron Ben Ze'ev discusses the arc of love
804.podcast image#264 Kevin Zollman: Game Theory, Evolutionary Biology, And Social Dynamics
805.podcast imageHoP 334 - Chance Encounters - Reviving Hellenistic philosophy
806.podcast image0G83: The Society and The State of Nature and Game Theory
807.podcast imageThe dangers of 'clipification'
808.podcast imageEP.71 Kierkegaard Part 3
809.podcast imageEV - 118 Community Parkour with Kel Glaister
810.podcast imageRainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet - Criticism And Art - Sadler's Lectures
811.podcast image74 | Stephen Greenblatt on Stories, History, and Cultural Poetics
812.podcast imageEpisode 177: Pure Linguistic Chauvinism
813.podcast image#263 Mark Alfano: Virtue Ethics, And Moral Psychology
814.podcast image7/10/2019 – 112th PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Helen Steward on Free Will and External Reality: Two Scepticisms Compared
815.podcast imageEpisode 70, Plato's Euthyphro: Socrates Accused (Part I - The Dialogue)
816.podcast imageEp. 230: Bruno Latour on Science, Culture, and Modernity (Part One)
817.podcast imageFREE SPEECH With Stanley Fish
818.podcast imageKeith Frankish Exposes the Illusion of Consciousness
819.podcast imageOut of the Vat #4 – Brian Glenney
820.podcast imagePhilosophy in the wake of Empire part 5: Tracks of thought
821.podcast imageSTM Podcast #30: Stressed in the U.S. - Meg Van Deusen, PhD
822.podcast image491: Hobbes and the Ideal Citizen
823.podcast image011 – Vaccines and Power
824.podcast imageCriticism of Plato's Doctrine of the Forms - Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
825.podcast imageRationally Speaking #244 - Stephanie Lepp and Buster Benson on "Seeing other perspectives, with compassion"
826.podcast imageThe Rise and Fall of Sex | Daphna Joel, Barry Barnes, Stuart Ritchie
827.podcast imageHAP 37 - Liberty, Equality, Humanity - The Haitian Revolution
828.podcast image#262 Indre Viskontas: The Psychology of Music
829.podcast imagePlato's Doctrine of the Forms - Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
830.podcast image#261 Noam Chomsky: Cognitive Revolution, Piaget, Foucault, And Evolutionary Psychology
831.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 18: Carrying the Flame
832.podcast imageEV - 117 Letters.Wiki with Clyde Rathbone
833.podcast image0G82: Dr. Who's Girl in the Fireplace and the AI Alignment Problem
834.podcast imageWhat’s wrong with swearing?
835.podcast imageEp.70 Kierkegaard Part 2
836.podcast image73 | Grimes (c) on Music, Creativity, and Digital Personae
837.podcast imageThe Pythagoreans' Metaphysical Account - Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
838.podcast image#260 Kathleen Stock: Fiction, And Transgenderism
839.podcast imageEp. 229: Descartes's Rules for Thinking (Part Three)
840.podcast imageEpisode 69, ‘Galileo's Error’ with Philip Goff (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
841.podcast imageAccounts Introducing Efficient Causes- Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
842.podcast image429: The Limits of Medical Consent
843.podcast imageA PROGRESSIVE SENATE with Senator Sherrod Brown
844.podcast imageBlockchain, consent and prosent for medical research
845.podcast imageHoP 333 - Difficult to Be Good - Humanist Ethics
846.podcast imagePhilosophy in the wake of Empire part 4: Africa
847.podcast imageThe Mystery of Life | Nick Lane, Monica Grady, Ralph Cordey
848.podcast imageE40: Maniraptoran Gravy -The Dinosaur Episode
849.podcast imageCarolyn Dicey Jennings Live!
850.podcast image#259 Tyler Volk: From Quarks to Culture
851.podcast imageThe Problems with Ideology
852.podcast imagePhilip Goff Live!
853.podcast image#258 Mark Silcox: The Experience Machine, Simulation, And Videogames
854.podcast imageAssessing the Moral Status of Robots: A Shorter Defence of Ethical Behaviourism
855.podcast imageRobert Talisse, "Overdoing Democracy: Why We Must Put Politics in Its Place" (Oxford UP, 2019)
856.podcast imageEV - 116 Zhuangzi and Scientific Realism with Aaron Novick
857.podcast image72 | César Hidalgo on Information in Societies, Economies, and the Universe
858.podcast image0G81: HBO's Watchmen and Reparations
859.podcast imageFalse necessities: Is economic growth a moral good?
860.podcast imageSTM Podcast #29: Optimism vs Pessimism
861.podcast imageEp. 69 Kierkegaard
862.podcast imageThe Problems with Christianity
863.podcast imageHAP 36 - Sons of Africa - Quobna Ottobah Cugoano and Olaudah Equiano
864.podcast image490: Conscious Machiness
865.podcast imageEpisode 176: Split-Brains and the (Dis)Unity of Consciousness
866.podcast imageEp. 229: Descartes's Rules for Thinking (Part Two)
867.podcast image#257 Tania Reynolds: Intrasexual Competition, Moral Typecasting, And Victim Sanctification
868.podcast imageEpisode 69, ‘Galileo's Error’ with Philip Goff (Part I - Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness)
869.podcast imageIMMIGRATION & SELF-DETERMINATION with David Miller
870.podcast image(Contemplating) Truth
871.podcast imageA Mad World | Richard Bentall, Ann John, Lucy Johnstone
872.podcast imagePhilosophy in the wake of Empire pt. 3: Missionary feminism
873.podcast imageGenetic Selection and Enhancement
874.podcast imageAccounts Based On Material Causes - Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
875.podcast imageE39: We Don't Need No Stinking Badges - Whitehead on Laws of Nature
876.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #18: Stephen King's Media Empire
877.podcast image#256 Catherine Salmon: Evolutionary Psychology And Pop Culture
878.podcast imageJoker
879.podcast imageSonia Sedivy (Toronto): “The Puzzle of Make-Believe about Pictures: Can One Imagine a Perception to be Different?”
880.podcast imageHoP 332 - Jill Kraye on Humanism
881.podcast image#255 Mark Sheskin: Moral Developmental Psychology
882.podcast imageEV - 115 Automation and Utopia with John Danaher
883.podcast image71 | Philip Goff on Consciousness Everywhere
884.podcast image0G80: Primer and the Ethics of Time Travel
885.podcast imageDoes "calling-out" do more harm than good?
886.podcast imageEp. 68 Hegel Part 5
887.podcast imageKathryn Conrad on University Press Publishing
888.podcast imageRationally Speaking #243 - Bryan Caplan on "The Case for Open Borders"
889.podcast image427: The Space-Time Continuum
890.podcast imageINEQUALITY Q&A
891.podcast imageEp. 229: Descartes's Rules for Thinking (Part One)
892.podcast imageThe New Moralism | Matthew Taylor, Rebecca Roache, Hilary Lawson
893.podcast imageEpisode 68, The Olly Thorn Interview (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
894.podcast image#254 Michael Gurven: Division Of Labor, Polygyny, And Personality Across Societies
895.podcast imageEpisode 120: Robin Dembroff on going beyond the gender binary
896.podcast image#14 What is Marxism? - Phedias Christodoulides
897.podcast imageElijah Millgram, "John Stuart Mill and the Meaning of Life" (Oxford UP, 2019)
898.podcast imagePhilosophy in the wake of Empire pt. 2: Migrants and other Others
899.podcast imageSTM Podcast #28: Battling Loneliness in the Age of Social Media - Liz Dorval
900.podcast image"Does Accepting Evolution Mean There is no Meaning of Life?"
901.podcast imageHAP 35 - Letters from the Heart - Ignatius Sancho and Benjamin Banneker
902.podcast image#253 Douglas Fry: Is War Part Of Human Nature?
903.podcast imageSam Harris Responds
904.podcast image489: The Allure of Authoritarianism
905.podcast image#252 Patricia Churchland: Conscience, Morality, and Moral Philosophy
906.podcast image70 | Katie Mack on How the Universe Will End
907.podcast imageEV - 114 Neuro-Yogacara with Bryce Huebner
908.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #17: Comedy as Philosophy w/ Daniel Lobell
909.podcast image0G79: The Ones Who Stay and Fight and The Paradox of Tolerance
910.podcast imageWhat happened when the Berlin Wall came down?
911.podcast imageEp. 67 Hegel Part 4
912.podcast imageEpisode 175: At Least We Didn’t Talk About Zombies (Nagel’s “What is it Like to be a Bat?”)
913.podcast imageInto the Unknown | Martin Rees, Tony Milligan, Elizabeth Seward
914.podcast imageHoP 331 - Literary Criticism - Lorenzo Valla
915.podcast imageEp. 228: Social Construction of Race (Appiah, Mills) (Part Two)
916.podcast imageEpisode 68, The Olly Thorn Interview (Part I - Behind Philosophy Tube)
917.podcast image#251 Diana Fleischman: Sex Robots, Technology, And The Future Of Human Relationships
918.podcast imageA (Brief) History of Western Philosophy
919.podcast imageSTM Podcast #27: Understanding Neurodiversity in Counseling & Education - Emily Kircher-Morris
920.podcast imageJ. Neuhaus, "Geeky Pedagogy: A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to Be Effective Teachers" (West Virginia UP, 2019)
921.podcast imagePhilosophy in the wake of Empire pt. 1: The white way to think
922.podcast image488: Explanation at Its Best
923.podcast image#250 Rachel Kleinfeld: A Savage Order; Decivilization, Dirty Deals, And Recivilization
924.podcast imageHAP 34 - New England Patriot - Lemuel Haynes
925.podcast imageDilek Huseyinzadegan, "Kant’s Nonideal Theory of Politics" (Northwestern UP, 2019)
926.podcast image69 | Cory Doctorow on Technology, Monopoly, and the Future of the Internet
927.podcast image#249 Moshe Hoffman: Problems With Theories In Psychology
928.podcast imageEV - 113 Expressivist Kantianism with Florence Bacus
929.podcast imageEpisode #136 ... Hannah Arendt - The Banality of Evil
930.podcast image2019 Uehiro Lectures (1/3): What Has Gone Wrong? Populist politics and the mobilization of fear and resentment
931.podcast image2019 Uehiro Lectures (2/3): Improving Political Discourse (1): Re-learning how to talk about facts across group identities
932.podcast image2019 Uehiro Lectures (3/3): Improving Political Discourse (2): Communicating moral concern beyond blaming and shaming
933.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #16: 25 Years After FRIENDS
934.podcast imageModern Crises and Ancient Gods | David King, Sister Jayanti, Natalie Bennett
935.podcast image0G78: Omelas and Distributive Justice
936.podcast imageWhat moral obligations does feminism impose on men?
937.podcast imageEp. 66 Hegel Part 3
938.podcast imageRationally Speaking #242 - Keith Frankish on "Why consciousness is an illusion"
939.podcast imageMargot Strohminger (Oxford): “Supposition, Imagination and Offline Belief”
940.podcast imageEp. 228: Social Construction of Race (Appiah, Mills) (Part One)
941.podcast imageBREXIT, CONGRESS, & CULTURE
942.podcast imagePolitical Disagreement
943.podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part V - Further Analysis and Discussion)
944.podcast image#248 Todd Shackelford & Viviana Weekes-Shackelford: Mating After Children
945.podcast imageKnowing What We Know (And What We Don't)
946.podcast imageJoseph LeDoux on the 4 Billion Year Journey to Our Conscious Selves
947.podcast imageE38: Cognitive Combinatorialism - What Makes Humans Special?
948.podcast imageReparation
949.podcast imageCan there be a Left-wing Authoritarianism?
950.podcast image#247 Victoria Dougherty: What People Want From Fiction, And The Art Of Worldbuilding
951.podcast image68 | Melanie Mitchell on Artificial Intelligence and the Challenge of Common Sense
952.podcast imageBernardo Kastrup Live!
953.podcast imageMasters of the Universe | Natalie Kofler, Steve Fuller, Angela Saini
954.podcast imageEV - 112 Leftist Martial Arts with Sam Yang
955.podcast image#246 Robert Burton: On Being Certain
956.podcast imageEpisode 174: More Chiang for Your Buck ("Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom" Pt. 2)
957.podcast imageEp. 227: What Is Social Construction? (Hacking, Berger) (Part Two)
958.podcast image0G77: DS9 Heart of Stone and Deontology
959.podcast imageDoes democracy have a problem with conspiracies?
960.podcast imageEp. 65 Hegel Part 2
961.podcast imageE37: The Memory of an Old Idea No One Ever Had - Derrida's Hauntology
962.podcast image425: Queerness
963.podcast imageFrom Eugenics to Human Gene Editing: Engineering Life in China in a Global Context
964.podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part IV - The Meaning)
965.podcast imageJustin Garson, "What Biological Functions are and Why They Matter" (Cambridge UP, 2019)
966.podcast image#245 Daniel Conroy-Beam: The Evolutionary Psychology of Mating
967.podcast image#64 - Munthe on the Precautionary Principle and Existential Risk
968.podcast imageSusan Schneider Live!
969.podcast imageECONOMIC EQUALITY
970.podcast imageThe problem with humanism
971.podcast imageSTM Podcast #26: Mindsets - Is Collaboration Better than Competition?
972.podcast imageImagination and the Importance of Creative Madness
973.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 17: The Death of a Whisky Priest
974.podcast imageEV - 111 Plato v Aristotle v Nagel with Fabien-Denis Cayer
975.podcast imageThe Right To Offend | David Aaronovitch, Joanna Williams, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
976.podcast image67 | Kate Jeffery on Entropy, Complexity, and Evolution
977.podcast image#244 Ruth Feldman: The Neurobiology Of Attachment, Oxytocin, And Synchrony
978.podcast imageAxel Cleermans Live!
979.podcast imageStephen Fleming Live!
980.podcast imageKeith Frankish and Philip Goff Live!
981.podcast imageMatthias Michel Live!
982.podcast imageJoshua Tan Live!
983.podcast imageEp86 - French Toast Episode
984.podcast image487: Changing Minds on Climate Change
985.podcast image#243 Lars Penke: The Evolution Of Personality, Intelligence, And Mate Preferences
986.podcast imageRuth Millikan Live!
987.podcast imageEp. 227: What Is Social Construction? (Hacking, Berger) (Part One)
988.podcast imageEpisode 119: Stephanie Kapusta discusses misgendering
989.podcast image0G76: The Golden Man and The Ubermensch
990.podcast imageWas betrayal inevitable?
991.podcast imageRationally Speaking #241 - Thibault Le Texier on "Debunking the Stanford Prison Experiment"
992.podcast imageEp. 64 Hegel Part 1
993.podcast imageKeith Frankish Live!
994.podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part III - The Story: The Fall of Charlie Gordon)
995.podcast imageR. Scott Bakker Live!
996.podcast imageMichael Silberstein Live!
997.podcast image#242 Nicholas Humphrey: The Psychology Of Consciousness And Intelligence
998.podcast imageHoP 330 - Republic of Letters - Italian Humanism
999.podcast imageMonica Gagliano Live!
1000.podcast imageRomina Padró Live!
1001.podcast imageMichael Rodriguez Live!
1002.podcast imageAxel Seemann, "The Shared World: Perceptual Knowledge, Demonstrative Communication, and Social Space" (MIT Press, 2019)
1003.podcast imageThe Prejudice of Facts | Barry Barnes, Joanna Kavenna, John Ellis
1004.podcast imageAUDIENCE QUESTIONS
1005.podcast imageFeminism, ecology, motherhood
1006.podcast imageSTM Podcast #25: The Illusion of Consciousness - Keith Frankish
1007.podcast imageAre You an Authoritarian?
1008.podcast image"Who Should We Blame and Who Should We Forgive?"
1009.podcast imageE36: The Man on the Street - A Definition of 'Definition'
1010.podcast image010 – Do We Live in a Simulation?
1011.podcast imageMiguel Ángel Sebastián Live!
1012.podcast image66 | Will Wilkinson on Partisan Polarization and the Urban/Rural Divide
1013.podcast imageThe Spiritual Brain
1014.podcast imageRousseau on Education
1015.podcast image483: Summer Reading (and Misreading)
1016.podcast imageHAP 33 - Young, Gifted, and Black - Phillis Wheatley
1017.podcast imageEV - 110 Community Atheism with Stephanie Zvan
1018.podcast image#241 Marianne Brandon: Sex Robots And Human Sexuality
1019.podcast imageJavier Gomez-Lavin Live!
1020.podcast imageEpisode 173: Talking to Your (Alternate) Self [Ted Chiang's "Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom"]
1021.podcast image#240 Paul Katsafanas: Nietzsche And Moral Psychology
1022.podcast imageEp. 226: Francis Bacon Invents Science (Part Two)
1023.podcast imageHoP 329 - Greeks Bearing Gifts - Byzantine Scholars in Italy
1024.podcast image0G75: Repo Men and Organ Markets
1025.podcast imageIs optimism dangerous for democratic politics?
1026.podcast imageWayne Wu Live!
1027.podcast imageEp.63 Fitche and German Idealism Part 3
1028.podcast imageEpisode 135 ... Leo Strauss - Ancients vs. Moderns
1029.podcast imageIs Morality Objective?
1030.podcast imageJumana Yahya Live!
1031.podcast image424: Freedom of Speech on Campus
1032.podcast imageThe Reality Illusion | Donald Hoffman, Maria Baghramian, Hilary Lawson
1033.podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part II - The Story: The Rise of Charlie Gordon)
1034.podcast image#239 Abigail Page: Cooperative Breeding, Social Networks, And Health In The Agta
1035.podcast imageHAP 32 - Talking Book - Early Africana Writing in English
1036.podcast imagePOPPER VS ADORNO 2 Positivism and Pluralism
1037.podcast imageRobert Hopkins (NYU): “Artistic Style as the Expression of Artistic Ideals”
1038.podcast imageGenetically obsolete
1039.podcast imageSTM Podcast #24: Mutah "Napoleon" Beale - Life Of An Outlaw
1040.podcast image65 | Michael Mann on Why Our Climate Is Changing and How We Know
1041.podcast imageShorts - E23: Discordianism
1042.podcast imageHoP 328 - Old News - Introduction to the Italian Renaissance
1043.podcast image#63 - Reagle on the Ethics of Life Hacking
1044.podcast imageEV - 109 Human Biodiversity with Kevin Bird
1045.podcast image3/6/2019: Kathleen Stock asks What is Sexual Orientation?
1046.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #12: Once Upon a Tarantino Film
1047.podcast image#238 Elizabeth Hill: Life History Theory, Development, And Risky Behavior
1048.podcast imageJorge Morales Live!
1049.podcast imageMetaphysics And The Four Causes - Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
1050.podcast imageHAP 31 - Justin Smith on Amo and Race in Early Modern Philosophy
1051.podcast imageOut of the Vat #3 – Katherine Furman
1052.podcast imageEp. 226: Francis Bacon Invents Science (Part One)
1053.podcast image#237 Herbert Gintis: Altruism And Self-interest, As Revealed Through Game Theory
1054.podcast imageMalcolm Keating, "Language, Meaning, and Use in Indian Philosophy" (Bloomsbury, 2019)
1055.podcast image423: Philosophy Behind Bars
1056.podcast image#13 Panpsychism: Is the Universe Conscious? - Dr Philip Goff
1057.podcast imageHoP 327 - Michele Trizio on Byzantine and Latin Medieval Philosophy
1058.podcast imageHAP 30 - Dualist Personality - Anton Wilhelm Amo
1059.podcast imageHoP 326 - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - the Later Orthodox Tradition
1060.podcast imageEvolution After Darwin | Massimo Pigliucci, Zanna Clay, Tim Lewens
1061.podcast image0G74: Cloud Dragon Skies and Geoengineering
1062.podcast imageShould Donald Trump be impeached? (take two)
1063.podcast imageEp.62 Fichte and German Idealism Part 2
1064.podcast imageSacred and Profane Love Episode 16: King Lear's Vision
1065.podcast imageSTM Podcast Ep 10: Why Is Love So Hard For Us To Find?
1066.podcast imageSTM Podcast Ep 7: How Can Divergent Thinking Create Unity In Communities? w/ Jessie Mannisto
1067.podcast imageSTM Podcast Episode 9: How Can We Overcome Impostor Syndrome?
1068.podcast imageSeize The Moment Podcast Episode 2: How Does Community Make You Happier Than Selfish Pursuits?
1069.podcast imageSeize The Moment Podcast Episode 3: Overcoming Self-Created Barriers To Success
1070.podcast imageSeize The Moment Podcast Episode 6: What Inspires YOU To Overcome Your Fears?
1071.podcast imageExperience, Art, And Science - Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
1072.podcast imageEpisode 67, Flowers for Algernon (Part I - Daniel Keyes: Life and Context)
1073.podcast imageThe Illusions Around Death
1074.podcast image#236 Sarah Hill: This Is Your Brain on Birth Control
1075.podcast imageSTM Podcast #23: Emmy van Deurzen - Finding Your Way Through Existential Therapy
1076.podcast image64 | Ramez Naam on Renewable Energy and an Optimistic Future
1077.podcast imagePOPPER VS ADORNO (1) Context & History
1078.podcast image486: Reading the Troubled Past
1079.podcast imageRichard Rorty and transcendence
1080.podcast imageCarlos Montemayor Live!
1081.podcast imageShorts - E22: Self-Evidence
1082.podcast imageShould You Get Married?
1083.podcast imageBonus Episode: In Conversation with Saul Kripke and Timothy Williamson
1084.podcast imagePhilosophy's Origin In Wonder - Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 1 - Sadler's Lectures
1085.podcast imageEV - 108 Logical Positivism with Dr. Liam Bright
1086.podcast imageEpisode 172: Are You Free (to like the Chappelle special)?
1087.podcast image#235 RoundTable 1: What is PsychTable? ft. Daniel Glass & Niruban Balachandran
1088.podcast imageEp. 225: Simone Weil on War and Oppression (Part Two)
1089.podcast imageThe Necessity of Morality | Justin Smith, Jason Alexander McKenzie, Barry C. Smith
1090.podcast image#234 Samir Okasha: Natural Selection, From Genes To Groups
1091.podcast imageEp. 2 - Not All Who Ponder Count Costs
1092.podcast imageExistence Precedes Essence - Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism is a Humanism - Sadler's Lectures
1093.podcast image0G73: Snowpiercer and Social Contract Theory, Part 2
1094.podcast imageFree riding: Why act, when acting is likely to make no difference?
1095.podcast image485: The Doomsday Doctrine
1096.podcast imageEp. 61 Fichte and German Idealism Part 1
1097.podcast imageChiara Russo Krauss, "Wundt, Avenarius and Scientific Psychology: A Debate at the Turn of the Twentieth Century" (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019)
1098.podcast imageMasafumi Oizumi and Hakwan Lau Live!
1099.podcast imageSeize The Moment Podcast Episode 5: Batman and Ethics With Guest Mark D. White
1100.podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part IV - Further Analysis and Discussion)
1101.podcast imageWho Created God? — A Response to Capturing Christianity
1102.podcast image63 | Solo -- Finding Gravity Within Quantum Mechanics
1103.podcast image#233 Randolph Nesse: Good Reasons for Bad Feelings
1104.podcast imageWhat's It All For? | Helen Lederer, Julian Baggini, Susan Neiman, Janne Teller
1105.podcast imageEV - 107 Gender Wars in the Void with Dr. Rachel McKinney
1106.podcast imageClassical ethics, modern problem
1107.podcast imageResponsibility and Justice
1108.podcast imageSTM Podcast #22: Why Is Depression More Than A Brain Disorder?
1109.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #10: The Handmaid's Tale
1110.podcast imageE35: An Irenic Kind of Fellow - A Discussion on Illusionism with Keith Frankish
1111.podcast image419: The Mystery of the Multiverse
1112.podcast imageEp. 225: Simone Weil on War and Oppression (Part One)
1113.podcast imageMILL VS RAWLS
1114.podcast imageDick Passingham Live!
1115.podcast image#232 Glenn Geher: Positive Evolutionary Psychology, Darwin's Guide to Living a Richer Life
1116.podcast imageHakwan Lau Live!
1117.podcast image#231 Carlton Patrick: From Disgust To Legal Systems
1118.podcast imageAmy Olberding, "The Wrong of Rudeness: Learning Modern Civility from Ancient Chinese Philosophy" (Oxford UP, 2019)
1119.podcast image#12 Albert Camus - Dr Giovanni Gaetani
1120.podcast imageRationally Speaking #240 - David Manheim on "Goodhart's Law and why metrics fail"
1121.podcast image0G72: Snowpiercer and Environmental Injustice, Part 1
1122.podcast imageNational security or xenophobic conspiracy?
1123.podcast imageSTM Podcast #21: The Colonization of Intellectual Thought - Dag Herbjornsrud
1124.podcast image416: Magical Thinking
1125.podcast imageEp. 60 Kantian Ethics Part 2
1126.podcast imagePatricia Marino, "Philosophy of Sex and Love" (Routledge, 2019)
1127.podcast imageAaron's Sydney Skeptics Moral Luck Talk
1128.podcast image62 | Michele Gelfand on Tight and Loose Societies and People
1129.podcast imageWhy Politicians' Lies are Especially Bad
1130.podcast imageThe Meaning of the Multiverse | Cumrun Vafa, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, John Ellis
1131.podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part III - Machiavellianism Today)
1132.podcast image#230 Rutger Vos: Natural Selection, Human Behavior, Race, And Adaptations
1133.podcast image(Contemplating) The Self
1134.podcast imagePatricia Churchland on How We Evolved A Conscience
1135.podcast imageSTATECRAFT with Cecile Fabre (2)
1136.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #9: Cartoons with Dee Bradley Baker (Clone Wars, American Dad)
1137.podcast imageEV - 106 Taxiderming the Void with Brant MacDuff
1138.podcast imageEp. 1 - What We Can Infer About Implicit Bias
1139.podcast imagePhilosophy on the couch
1140.podcast image484: Is Postmodernism Really to Blame for Post-Truth?
1141.podcast imageEp. 224: Kierkegaard Critiques The Present Age (Part Two)
1142.podcast imageEpisode 118: Tyler Cowen discusses Stubborn Attachments
1143.podcast image#229 Steven Hayes: A Liberated Mind; Relational Frame Theory And Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
1144.podcast imageLost in Language | Saul Kripke, Hilary Lawson, Paul Boghossian, Silvia Jonas
1145.podcast image#228 Alex Mesoudi: Studying Cultural Evolution, Migration And Transmission
1146.podcast imageDoctors and their conscience!
1147.podcast image61 | Quassim Cassam on Intellectual Vices and What to Do About Them
1148.podcast image0G71: Willy Wonka and The Meritocracy Factory
1149.podcast imageHas virtue become irrelevant to democratic politics?
1150.podcast imageEp. 59 Kantian Ethics
1151.podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part II - The Prince)
1152.podcast imageA Leader Returns
1153.podcast image422: Reparations
1154.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #8: Spider-Man: Far From Home (and Elsewhere)
1155.podcast image#227 Miguel Farias: Mindfulness, Religion, And Scientific Faith
1156.podcast imageEV - 105 Public Philosophy in the Void with Greg Sadler
1157.podcast imageEpisode 171: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Theodicy? (The Book of Job)
1158.podcast imageEp. 224: Kierkegaard Critiques The Present Age (Part One)
1159.podcast imageEpisode 6: Aoife – Icelandic Sagas and moral philosophy
1160.podcast imageThe Problem with Love | Mark Salter, Helen-Ann Hartley, Phillip Blond
1161.podcast image482: J.S. Mill and the Good Life
1162.podcast imageGloomy Sunday
1163.podcast imageSTM Podcast #20: The Paradox Of Accepting Yourself As You Are While Pursuing Growth
1164.podcast image“Why Do We Need a New Translation of the Hebrew Bible?”
1165.podcast image421: The Value of a College Education
1166.podcast imageJohn T. Lysaker, "Philosophy, Writing, and the Character of Thought" (U Chicago Press, 2018)
1167.podcast imagePROPERTY RIGHTS, SANCTIONS, & AID with Cécile Fabre
1168.podcast image#226 Patrick Lee Miller: The Philosophy of Black Mirror
1169.podcast image481: The Limits of Tolerance
1170.podcast image418: Matter and Energy: The Dark Side
1171.podcast image60 | Lynne Kelly on Memory Palaces, Ancient and Modern
1172.podcast image#225 Daniel Sznycer: The Evolutionary Psychology of Emotions
1173.podcast image#62 - Häggström on AI Motivations and Risk Denialism
1174.podcast imageAre You An Illusion? | Julian Baggini, Joanna Kavenna, Jan Westerhoff, Silvia Jonas
1175.podcast imageRationally Speaking #239 - Saloni Dattani on "The debate over whether male and female brains are different"
1176.podcast imageResponsibility and effort
1177.podcast imageEV - 104 Deeply Learning the Void with Michael Cogswell
1178.podcast imageListener Qs 10
1179.podcast imageWhere's the threat to democracy: Boris Johnson or the British Parliament?
1180.podcast imageEp. 58 Kant Part 2
1181.podcast imageEpisode 66, Niccolò Machiavelli (Part I - Life and Context)
1182.podcast imageEp. 223: Guest Ned Block on Consciousness (Part Two)
1183.podcast image#224 Michele Gelfand: Rule Makers, Rule Breakers; Tight and Loose Cultures
1184.podcast imageEpisode 5: Rupert – Ethical Egoism
1185.podcast image#61 - Yampolskiy on Machine Consciousness and AI Welfare
1186.podcast imageSeize The Moment Podcast Episode 4: Becoming Who You Truly Are With Guest William Irwin
1187.podcast imageCriterionless Choice - Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism is a Humanism - Sadler's Lectures
1188.podcast imageEpisode 117: Brian L. Frye says to plagiarize this podcast
1189.podcast imageHUMILIATION in Neo-Republican Ideology
1190.podcast imagePolitics at the extremes
1191.podcast imageThe End Of All Things | John Dupré, Subir Sarkar, Nancy Cartwright
1192.podcast imageSTM Podcast #19: What If Money Was No Object? - Alan Watts
1193.podcast imageEpicureanism and the Problem of Premature Death (Audio Essay)
1194.podcast image59 | Adam Becker on the Curious History of Quantum Mechanics
1195.podcast image#223 Pascal Boyer: Minds Make Societies, Religion, And Conspiracy Theories
1196.podcast imageReligion, Science, Morality, God and the Great Unknown
1197.podcast image#222 Sven Nyholm: Self-Driving Cars, Love Enhancement, And Sex Robots
1198.podcast imageEV - 103 The Panpsychic Void with Hunter Ash
1199.podcast imageSamir Okasha, "Agents and Goals in Evolution" (Oxford UP, 2018)
1200.podcast imagePersons, Projects, And Actions - Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism Is A Humanism - Sadler's Lectures
1201.podcast imageThe Fascination With Evil | Terry Eagleton, Susan Neiman, Stephen de Wijze
1202.podcast imageResponsibility and Addiction
1203.podcast imageListener Qs 9
1204.podcast imageCan climate science be communicated without compromising the science?
1205.podcast imageEpisode 170: Social Psychology Gets an Asch-Kicking
1206.podcast imageEp. 223: Guest Ned Block on Consciousness (Part One)
1207.podcast imageWill AI make thinking obsolete?
1208.podcast imageEp. 57 Kant
1209.podcast imageEpisode 65, 'The Awe-Some Argument' with Ryan Byerly (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
1210.podcast imageWhen Will Machines Deserve Rights?
1211.podcast imageEpisode 4: Aine – Pyrrhonic Scepticism
1212.podcast image#221 Peter Descioli: The Evolution of Morality, Moral Judgment, And Common Knowledge
1213.podcast imageThe Right Way to Think | Paul Boghossian, Mary Jane Rubenstein, Alister McGrath
1214.podcast imageOut of the Vat #2 – Richard Ashcroft
1215.podcast imageTwo Kinds Of Humanism - Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism Is A Humanism - Sadler's Lectures
1216.podcast image58 | Seth MacFarlane on Using Science Fiction to Explore Humanity
1217.podcast imageDementia and deception
1218.podcast imageSTM Podcast #18: How Can Mental Health Blogging Revolutionize Self Expression? - Dennis Relojo-Howell
1219.podcast imagePaternalism and public health challenges to patient autonomy
1220.podcast imageTIME, POLITICS, & CITIZENSHIP With Elizabeth Cohen
1221.podcast imageThe Prejudice of Philosophy | Chakravarthi Ram Prasad, Nivi Manchanda, Timothy Williamson
1222.podcast image#220 Cory Clark & Bo Winegard: The Biggest Issues in Psychology
1223.podcast image12 Essential Truths I've Learned About Life
1224.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #5: True Crime with Lucy Lawless
1225.podcast imageQuassim Cassam, "Vices of the Mind: From the Intellectual to the Political" (Oxford UP, 2019)
1226.podcast image#219 Lee Cronk: Modern Cultural Anthropology, And Human Cooperation
1227.podcast imageEV - 102 Social Progress in the Void with Bo Winegard pt.2
1228.podcast imageThe Illusion of Now | Julian Barbour, Tim Maudlin, Emily Thomas
1229.podcast imageEp. 222: Debating Functionalism (Block, Chalmers) (Part Two)
1230.podcast imageEating Responsibly
1231.podcast imageRationally Speaking #238 - Razib Khan on "Stuff I've Been Wrong About"
1232.podcast imageIs Oppression The Key To Creativity? | Lowkey, Joanna Kavenna, Andrew Motion
1233.podcast imageEpisode 3: Nancy Jecker – the chronically ill, the newly deceased
1234.podcast image0G70: The Power and Cyborg Feminism, Part 2
1235.podcast imageCan democracy survive the rise of surveillance capitalism?
1236.podcast imageThe Dark Side of the Universe | Erik Verlinde, Catherine Heymans, Sabine Hossenfelder
1237.podcast imageEp. 56 Locke, Hobbes and Hume Part 3
1238.podcast imageEpisode 65, 'The Awe-Some Argument' with Ryan Byerly (Part I - Pantheism)
1239.podcast image57 | Astra Taylor on the Promise and Challenge of Democracy
1240.podcast image#11 Philosophy of Science - Dr Peter Vickers
1241.podcast image#218 Sabina Leonelli: Science In The World of Big Data
1242.podcast imageBERNIE, HILLARY, & TRUMP With Angie Maxwell
1243.podcast imageWhy the Humanities?
1244.podcast imageSTM Podcast #17: A Guide To Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself
1245.podcast imageBuddhism: Living Life with Compassion
1246.podcast imageEp. 222: Debating Functionalism (Block, Chalmers) (Part One)
1247.podcast imageEpisode 169: A Bug's Life (Kafka's "The Metamorphosis")
1248.podcast imageEV - 101 Social Progress in the Void with Bo Winegard pt.1
1249.podcast image#217 Maryanne Fisher: Evolutionary Psychology, Women, And Feminism
1250.podcast imageThumos in Platonic and Aristotelian Moral Psychology - Sadler Presentations
1251.podcast image56 | Kate Adamala on Creating Synthetic Life
1252.podcast image#216 Thomas Morgan: Cultural Evolution And Transmission, And Cumulative Culture
1253.podcast imageEpisode 2: Jonathan Webber – Freedom and Morality
1254.podcast imageThe 50th Episode Extravaganza!!!
1255.podcast imageGladiator: Is it Stoic?
1256.podcast image0G69: The Power and Cyborg Theory, Part 1
1257.podcast imageWhat does it mean to be 'good'?
1258.podcast imageEpisode 64, 'The Given - Experience and its Content' with Michelle Montague (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
1259.podcast imageSTM Podcast #16: The Transformational Power of Books - Steph Kent
1260.podcast imageEp. 55 Locke, Hobbes and Hume Part 2
1261.podcast image#132 David Papineau: Naturalism, Mind-Brain Dualism, and Consciousness
1262.podcast image#215 Peter Adamson: The Origins of Philosophy, And The Pre-Socratics
1263.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #3: CONFORM w/ Yakov Smirnoff
1264.podcast imageEp. 221: Functionalist Theories of Mind (Putnam, Armstrong) (Part Two)
1265.podcast imageTHE SOUTHERN STRATEGY with Angie Maxwell
1266.podcast imageChoice And Responsibility - Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism Is A Humanism - Sadler's Lectures
1267.podcast imageEV - 100 Getting Leitered in the Void with Nathan Oseroff-Spicer
1268.podcast image55 | A Conversation with Rob Reid on Quantum Mechanics and Many Worlds
1269.podcast imageAnguish, Abandonment, & Despair - Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism Is A Humanism - Sadler's Lectures
1270.podcast imageThe (other) melancholy Dane
1271.podcast image#131 Nikola Danaylov: The Singularity, Doing Futurism, and the Human Element
1272.podcast image“How do the Arts Contribute to Capitalism and Economic Development?”
1273.podcast imageA Meaning of Life
1274.podcast imageIris Berent Part 2: Spoken Language, Sign Language, Written Language, and the Pirahã
1275.podcast image#214 Jonathon Crystal: Memory and Metacognition in Animal Models
1276.podcast imageDIVERSIFYING THE CANNON With Elizabeth Anderson
1277.podcast imageSusanna Schellenberg, "The Unity of Perception: Content, Consciousness, and Evidence" (Oxford UP, 2018)
1278.podcast imageIris Berent Part 1: Skinner and Chomsky, Linguistics and Cognition
1279.podcast image#213 Paulo Castro: Philosophy of Quantum Physics, Pilot Wave Theory, And the EmDrive
1280.podcast imageEpisode 116: Tommy Curry discusses black male studies
1281.podcast imageRationally Speaking #237 - Andy Przybylski on "Is screen time bad for you?"
1282.podcast image#130 Iris Berent: Linguistics, Skinner and Chomsky, Spoken and Written Language
1283.podcast imageEpisode #134 ... Consequences of Reason
1284.podcast image54 | Indre Viskontas on Music and the Brain
1285.podcast imageEpisode 64, 'The Given - Experience and its Content' with Michelle Montague (Part I - The Given)
1286.podcast imageEp. 221: Functionalist Theories of Mind (Putnam, Armstrong) (Part One)
1287.podcast image0G68: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Grief
1288.podcast imageFacebook’s cryptocurrency — not such a bad idea after all?
1289.podcast imageEpisode 168: The Big Lebowski vs Pulp Fiction (Pt. 2)
1290.podcast imageFreedom of Political Communication, Propaganda and the Role of Epistemic Institutions in Cyberspace
1291.podcast image#129 Igor Grossmann: Culture, Emotion Regulation, and Wisdom
1292.podcast imageEp. 54 Locke, Hobbes and Hume
1293.podcast imageOne Minute in Haditha: Neuroscience, Emotion and Military Ethics
1294.podcast imageEV - 99 Dying in the Void with Dave Warnock
1295.podcast imageWhat is Philosophy?
1296.podcast imageRandy Thornhill Part 2: Parasite-Stress, Disgust, Religion, Values, and Speciation
1297.podcast image#212 Donald Hoffman: The Case Against Reality; Perception, Consciousness, And Reality
1298.podcast imageChristian List, "Why Free Will is Real" (Harvard UP, 2019)
1299.podcast imageRemembering Agnes Heller
1300.podcast imageSTM Podcast Ep 14: Can Philosophy Teach Us To Overcome Our Negative Emotions? w/ Dr. Gregory Sadler
1301.podcast imageSTM Podcast #15: How Can You Form A Healthy Attachment To Your Body Image?
1302.podcast image53 | Solo -- On Morality and Rationality
1303.podcast imageArendt on the Banality of Evil
1304.podcast imageRandy Thornhill Part 1: Parasite-Stress, Culture, Politics, Sociality, and Personality
1305.podcast imagePretty Much Pop #1: Pop Culture vs. High Culture
1306.podcast imageE34: More Vice Than Virtue – Nelson Goodman’s Fake News
1307.podcast image#128 Randy Thornhill: Parasite-Stress, Sociality, Values, Personality, and Politics
1308.podcast image#211 Catherine Wilson: Epicureanism, Atomism, Materialism, And Modernity
1309.podcast imageWhy the Trolley Problem is a Brilliant Question
1310.podcast image#127 Michael Graziano: Consciousness, From Animals To AI
1311.podcast image#210 Dwight Read: Cultural Kin Systems, And The Evolution of Human Sociality
1312.podcast imageEV - 98 The Shunyata of the Void with SomeStingray
1313.podcast imageEp. 220: 10-Year Retrospective of The Partially Examined Life
1314.podcast imageYOLO Apologetics
1315.podcast image52 | Frank Lantz on the Logic and Emotion of Games
1316.podcast image#126 Sarah Hill: Life History Theory, Puberty, Immune Function, and Mating Strategies
1317.podcast imageEpisode 63, 'Pantheism and Panentheism' with Andrei Buckareff (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
1318.podcast imageCamisha Russell, "The Assisted Reproduction of Race" (Indiana UP, 2018)
1319.podcast image0G67: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Grief
1320.podcast image#125 Patrick Forscher: Implicit Bias, Stereotypes, and the Science Reform Movement
1321.podcast imageEpisode 1: Jonathan Webber – projects and choices
1322.podcast imageEp. 219: The Harder Problem of Consciousness (Block & Papineau)
1323.podcast image#10 Skepticism, Morality, and the Philosophy of Disagreement - Izzy Possen
1324.podcast imageEpisode 167: The Big Lebowski vs Pulp Fiction (Pt. 1)
1325.podcast image51 | Anthony Aguirre on Cosmology, Zen, Entropy, and Information
1326.podcast imageRobert Plomin Part 2: Polygenic Scores, Clinical Psychology, and Gene Editing
1327.podcast image#209 Cecilia Heyes: Cultural Evolutionary Psychology, Imitation, And Mindreading
1328.podcast imageThe Illusionist
1329.podcast imageCORPORATE GOVERNMENT With Elizabeth Anderson
1330.podcast imageNicholas Shea, "Representation in Cognitive Science" (Oxford UP, 2018)
1331.podcast imageStoicism: Escaping Mental Enslavement
1332.podcast image50 | Patricia Churchland on Conscience, Morality, and the Brain
1333.podcast imageEV - 97 Dominating the Void with Toby Buckle
1334.podcast image49 | Nicholas Christakis on Humanity, Biology, and What Makes Us Good
1335.podcast imageRock star philosopher, and rocks
1336.podcast imageRobert Plomin Part 1: Behavioral Genetics, Twins and Adoptees, and GWAS
1337.podcast imageEp. 218: The Hard Problem of Consciousness (Chalmers et al) (Part Two)
1338.podcast image#124 Robert Plomin: Blueprint, Genetics, Environment, Clinical Psychology, and Gene Editing
1339.podcast image#208 David Wootton: History of Science, Philosophy, Politics, And Capitalism
1340.podcast image#123 David Sloan Wilson: Evolution, Contextual Behavioral Science, Religion, and Group Selection
1341.podcast image#207 Eugénia Cunha: Antropologia Biológica e Forense, e Evolução Humana
1342.podcast imageThe Free Speech Episode
1343.podcast imageRationally Speaking #236 - Alex Tabarrok on "Why are the Prices So D*mn High?"
1344.podcast imageSPACE & POLITICS With Ryan D Enos
1345.podcast imageEpisode 63, 'Pantheism and Panentheism' with Andrei Buckareff (Part I - The Divine Mind)
1346.podcast image#122 Mark Blyth: Austerity, The European Union, Inequality, and Global Trumpism
1347.podcast imageEV - 96 Giving the Void an Argument with Ben Burgis
1348.podcast imageEp. 218: The Hard Problem of Consciousness (Chalmers et al) (Part One)
1349.podcast imagePublic Leaders: The Power Structure of Echo Chambers
1350.podcast image0G66: Striking Vipers and Multifaceted Virtual Identities
1351.podcast image#121 Alan Fiske: The Four Relational Models, Virtuous Violence, and Morality
1352.podcast imageEpisode 166: Total Recall (Ted Chiang's "The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling")
1353.podcast imageEp.53 Spinoza and Leibniz Part 4
1354.podcast imageEpisode 67 - Thomas Pradeu
1355.podcast image(sub)Text #1: Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”: Poesis as Revenge Forsaken
1356.podcast image#120 Michael Bang Petersen: Evolution, Emotions, Groups, and Politics
1357.podcast image#206 Derek Leben: Ethics for Robots, Contractarianism, Self-Driving Cars
1358.podcast imageGlimpse: Machiavellian Politics (for Partially Examined Life #14)
1359.podcast imageEpisode 217: Discussing Calderón's "Life Is a Dream"
1361.podcast imageEV - 095 The Void after Transition with Callie Wright
1362.podcast imageSTM Podcast Episode 13: Our Love is Disgusting with Guests Ray Kump and Lucie Steiner
1363.podcast imageEV - 094 Echoes in the Void with C. Thi Nguyen
1364.podcast imageEpisode 165: Life With No Head (With Sam Harris)
1365.podcast imageTerrence Deacon Part 2: Consciousness, Semiotics, Symbolism and Language
1366.podcast imageWomen and the Dhamma
1367.podcast imageTerrence Deacon Part 1: Absence and Constraints, from Physics to Mental Phenomena
1368.podcast image#205 Laura Cabrera: The Philosophy of Human Enhancement
1369.podcast imageVideo Games: Becoming Human
1370.podcast imageEV - 92 The Mind’s Void with Dr. Keith Frankish pt.1
1371.podcast imageEV - 93 The Mind's Void with Dr. Keith Frankish pt. 2
1372.podcast imageEV91 - The Void after God
1373.podcast image#119 Terrence Deacon: Incomplete Nature, from Physics to Mind
1374.podcast image#204 Carlos Fiolhais: A Ciência, o Método Científico e a Pseudociência
1375.podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part V. Further Analysis and Discussion)
1376.podcast image#118 Lee Ross: Fundamental Attribution Error, Naïve Realism, and Politics
1377.podcast imageEpisode 66 - Caterina Marchionni
1378.podcast image#117 Wendy Johnson: Genetics and Environment in Personality and Intelligence
1379.podcast image0G65: The Evitable Conflict and The Zeroth Law
1380.podcast imageCan Hong Kong’s democratic protests succeed?
1381.podcast imageHarry Frankfurt's Bullshit
1382.podcast imageEp. 52 Spinoza and Leibniz Part 3
1383.podcast imagePhilosophy and Death
1384.podcast image#116 Colin Holbrook: Threat Detection, Group Prejudice, Warfare, and Religion
1385.podcast image#203 Gordon Ingram: Children's Social Development, And Cyberpsychology
1386.podcast imageBonus - The world in a different light: Iris Murdoch’s philosophical vision
1388.podcast imageBlinded by Ideology
1389.podcast imageSTM Podcast Episode 12: Why Do We Often Need To Hit Rock Bottom To Start To Improve Our Lives?
1390.podcast image#115 Alexander Rosenberg: Theory of Mind, History, Mental Illusions, and Nihilism
1391.podcast imageThe world in a different light: Iris Murdoch’s philosophical vision
1392.podcast imageSTM Podcast Ep 8: How Are Sexism And Misogyny Manifested Today? w/ Jamie Lombardi
1393.podcast imageSTM Podcast Episode 11: The Existentialist's Dilemna - How Do We Survive Anxiety? w/ Gordon Marino
1394.podcast image“Can We Change Social Norms?”
1395.podcast image#114 Hugo Mercier: The Enigma of Reason, Modularity, and Cognition
1396.podcast image#202 Arlindo Oliveira: O Presente e o Futuro da Inteligência Artificial
1397.podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part IV. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
1398.podcast imageIs the President Above the Law?
1399.podcast image#113 Joshua M. Tybur: Disgust, Evolution, Politics, and Social Psychology
1400.podcast image#201 Mark Leary: The Self, Self-presentation, And Social Status
1401.podcast imageARE IDEOLOGIES TRUE?
1402.podcast image#112 Diane Halpern: Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities, Critical Thinking, and Creativity
1403.podcast image#111 Nick Chater: The Mind Is Flat, and Our Illusions of Mental Depth
1404.podcast image0G64: I Am Mother and Care Ethics
1405.podcast imageVoice, Treaty, Truth: What would it mean to truly listen to the First Nations' call for justice?
1406.podcast imageEp. 51 Spinoza and Leibniz part 2
1407.podcast image#110 Barbara Oakley: Evil Genes, and Pathological Altruism
1408.podcast image#200 David Barash: Mysteries of Human Evolution, Sexuality, And Consciousness
1409.podcast imagePOSTMODERNISM, 2020, and Other Audience Questions
1410.podcast imageBad Philosophy: Stefan Molyneux
1411.podcast imageSeize The Moment Podcast Episode 1: Accessing The Flow State
1412.podcast image#109 Simon DeDeo: From Atoms to Societies, Emergentism and Reductionism
1413.podcast image#9 The Ship of Theseus and Personal Identity - Constantinos Stylianou
1414.podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part III. Modern Stoicism)
1415.podcast imageEpisode 115: Katherine Ritchie discusses social groups
1416.podcast imageMACHIAVELLI 3 Chaos, Freedom, and Glory
1417.podcast imageRichard Shweder Part 2: Alan Fiske's Relational Models, Cultural Psychology, and Multiculturalism
1418.podcast image#199 Clark McCauley: The Psychology of Political Radicalization
1419.podcast imageShorts - E21: Personal Accountability
1420.podcast imageRichard Shweder Part 1: Morality, and Jonathan Haidt's Moral Foundations
1421.podcast image#198 Stephen Sanderson: Sociology, Darwinian Conflict Theory, And Religion
1422.podcast imageMACHIAVELLI 2 Resistance Freedom
1423.podcast image#108 Richard Shweder: Morality, Haidt's Moral Foundations, and Multiculturalism
1424.podcast image#107 Frederick Crews: Why Freud is a Fraud
1425.podcast image0G63: Fury Road and Ecofeminism
1426.podcast imageHow do you solve a problem like Israel Folau?
1427.podcast image#197 Paulo Finuras: Biossociologia, Psicologia Evolutiva e Liderança
1428.podcast imageEpisode 50: Spinoza and Leibniz
1429.podcast imageEpisode #132 ... Carl Schmitt on Liberalism pt. 1
1430.podcast imageEpisode #133 ... Carl Schmitt on Liberalism pt. 2
1431.podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part II. The Discourses and The Enchiridion)
1432.podcast imageHanne Appelqvist – Wittgenstein and Musical Formalism: A Case Revisited
1433.podcast imageDominic McIver Lopes (University of British Columbia) – Beyond the Pleasure Principle: Autonomy in Kant’s Aesthetics
1434.podcast image#106 Michelle Sugiyama: The Evolution of Storytelling, and Its Role in Human Societies
1435.podcast imageWitnessing and translating
1436.podcast image#105 Françoise Baylis: The Ethics of CRISPR-cas9 Gene Editing Technology
1437.podcast image#196 Peter Singer: Ethics, Veganism, And Effective Altruism
1438.podcast imageRationally Speaking #235 - Tage Rai on "Why people think their violence is morally justified"
1439.podcast imageMichael Ruse Part 2: Race, Gene Editing, Religion and Science
1440.podcast image#195 Todd Shackelford: The Evolution and Varieties of Human Violence
1441.podcast imageShorts - E20: The Monty Hall Problem
1442.podcast imageMichael Ruse Part 1: How Evolution by Natural Selection Works
1443.podcast imageEpisode 62, Epictetus: A Guide to Stoicism (Part I. The Context and Life of Epictetus)
1444.podcast image#104 Michael Ruse: Darwinism, Species, Race, Gene Editing, and Religion
1445.podcast image#103 Michelle Cretella: Psychiatry of Gender Dysphoria, and the Trouble with Gender Ideology
1446.podcast image#194 Anna Vedel: Personality, Academia, Ageing, And The Gender Equality Paradox
1447.podcast image0G62: One Punch Man and Process vs. Product
1448.podcast imageIs democracy an impediment to addressing climate change?
1449.podcast image41: Ethics Education with Thomas Wartenberg and Chris Robichaud
1450.podcast imageEp. 49 History of Philosophy: Descartes Part 3
1451.podcast image#102 Valerie Curtis: Disgust and Hygiene Behavior
1452.podcast imageEpisode 61, David Pearce on Transhumanism (Part II - Further Analysis and Discussion)
1453.podcast image#101 Todd Shackelford: Evolution and Family Conflict, Sperm Competition, Stepparenting
1454.podcast image#193 Paul Slovic: Risk Perception, GMOs, Vaccines, And Climate Change
1455.podcast imageEpisode 61, David Pearce on Transhumanism (Part I - Transhumanism)
1456.podcast imagePublic health and the open society
1457.podcast image#100 Phoebe Ellsworth: Emotions, Eyewitness Accuracy, Juries, and the Death Penalty
1458.podcast image#192 Paulo Gama Mota: The History of Sexual Selection Theory, And Cultural Evolution
1459.podcast image#99 Hal Arkes: Biases, Heuritics, and Decision-Making
1460.podcast imageE33: Massimo Pigliucci's Hard Problems - Multi-Level Selection & Cultural Evolution
1461.podcast image#98 Carin Perilloux: Perceiving Sexual Interest, Physical Attractiveness, Parent-Offspring Conflict
1462.podcast image#8 God, Religion, and Society - Professor A. C. Grayling
1463.podcast image#97 Jennifer Vonk: Comparing Humans and Other Species, and Primate Cognition
1464.podcast image#191 Susan Blackmore: How Memetics Works
1465.podcast image0G61: The Waldo Moment and Politics as Entertainment
1466.podcast image#96 Heather Montgomery: Social Anthropology of Childhood and Child Labor
1467.podcast image#95 Robert Kurzban: The Hidden Agenda of Our Minds, Modularity, and Politics
1468.podcast image#190 Philip Kavanagh: Evolution And Clinical Psychology, Self-Esteem, And The Dark Triad
1469.podcast imageEp. 48 History of Philosophy: Descartes Part 2
1470.podcast image#94 Athena Aktipis: Cooperation and Conflict, From Cells to Human Societies
1471.podcast image#189 Viviana Weekes-Shackelford: Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, And Modern Society
1472.podcast image#93 Steven Neuberg: The Evolutionary Bases of Stereotypes and Prejudices
1473.podcast imageKeeping them out
1474.podcast image#92 Lisa Welling: Hormones and Behavior, Evolutionary Psychology and Social Psychology
1475.podcast image#91 Lee Jussim: How Stereotypes Work, and the Current State of Social Psychology
1476.podcast image#188 Gustavo Carlo: Prosocial And Moral Development In Children And Adolescents
1477.podcast image#90 Jason Manning: Sociology of Suicide and Terrorism
1478.podcast imageGad Saad Part 2: The Enemies of Truth, Reason and Science
1479.podcast image#187 Robert Trivers: Parental Investment, Reciprocal Altruism, Self-Deception
1480.podcast imageGad Saad Part 1: The Evolution of Consumer Behavior
1481.podcast image#186 Felix Warneken: Cooperation And Altruism In Apes And Children
1482.podcast image#89 Gad Saad: The Evolution of Consumer Behavior, and the Enemies of Science
1483.podcast image#88 David Buss: Evolutionary Psychology, and the Basics of Human Mating
1484.podcast image#87 Helen Steward: Philosophy of Action, Free Will, Moral Responsibility
1485.podcast image#185 Helen Fisher: The Anthropology Of Romantic Love, Attraction, And Attachment
1486.podcast image0G60: Voyager and Procreation
1487.podcast imageA free press, sure, but free from what? And free for what?
1488.podcast image#7 Ludwig Wittgenstein - Professor Constantine Sandis
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1492.podcast image“What Does Wellness Mean and How Do We Get There?”
1493.podcast imageEp.46 History of Philosophy: The Renaissance, Humanism and the Rise of Science Part 4