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We are currently seeking our next Editor in Chief to serve a five-year term from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2028, following a preparatory term as Editor Elect during 2023. See the Call for Nominations / Appel à candidature in English and French for more information! pic.twitter.com/w6JH7IO0dv

— Revue - Simone de Beauvoir Studies - Journal (@SDB_Studies) September 23, 2022

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Out now in JPhil:https://t.co/pXuD3RNfhh

— Australasian Experimental Philosophy Group (@ax_phi) September 21, 2022

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The Athens Colloquium on Kant and German Idealism
Δευτέρα 17/10, 18:00-19:30.
Robert Pippin (The University of Chicago):
"The Culmination: Heidegger, Hegel, and the Fate of Metaphysics"
Εισαγωγικά σχόλια: Ιωάννης Τρισόκκας (ΕΚΠΑ)#Kant #Hegel pic.twitter.com/IYVQGwfq27

— Τμήμα Φιλοσοφίας, ΕΚΠΑ (Dept of Philosophy, NKUA) (@OfNkua) September 25, 2022

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Bellísimo, de Wittgenstein
«Yo no estoy orgulloso de las cosas que he aprendido, de los libros que he escrito; estoy orgulloso del esfuerzo que he hecho para aprender, porque es este esfuerzo el que hoy me da derecho a la palabra»
Pedagogía del esfuerzo. Confía en quien lo exija.

— Filosofía-Digital (@PhiloDigital) September 21, 2022

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“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

— Plato pic.twitter.com/F4ItvaHocU

— Philosophy Break (@philosophybreak) September 26, 2022

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A thread on our new paper:
👉K. Wiśniowska, T. Żuradzki, W. Ciszewski, Value choices in European COVID-19 vaccination schedules. how vaccination prioritization differs from other forms of priority-setting, Journal of Law and the Biosciences @J_Law_Bioscihttps://t.co/ZS1iuP1ssX

— Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics 🇪🇺 (@incet_uj) September 27, 2022

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Prof. Dr. Doğan Özlem hocamızın vefatını üzüntüyle öğrendik.
Başımız sağolsun... pic.twitter.com/LCzdZzWgHd

— Felsefe Gündem (@FelsefeGundem) September 27, 2022

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📚✨ #SeminarioPermanenteReMMuF
El próximo jueves, Guadalupe Zavala nos acompaña con "Biblioteca de filósofas: Minervas sabias del siglo XVII", ¡No te lo pierdas! La cita es el 29 de septiembre a las 4 PM (Hora CDMX). Puedes seguir la transmisión por YouTube 👇🏾 pic.twitter.com/6aUDIFrjrw

— Red Mexicana de Mujeres Filosófas (@remmuf) September 27, 2022

9. One retweet per 201 followers:

Diametros welcomes contributions for a special issue:
👉 The Abolition of Punishment: Is a Non-Punitive Criminal Justice System Ethically Justified?
👉Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2022
👉Guest editor: Przemysław Zawadzki@Diametros_Phil https://t.co/lMIIhPbg9y pic.twitter.com/ps7uJX2akp

— Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics 🇪🇺 (@incet_uj) September 21, 2022

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POLONEZ BIS 3 offers an opportunity to fund applicants’ own full-time employment at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Expressions of interest should be submitted by October 31, 2022. @NCN_PL @MSCActions https://t.co/P3SBHugJ0p pic.twitter.com/PzIlbMzJ7P

— Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics 🇪🇺 (@incet_uj) September 23, 2022

11. One retweet per 226 followers:

👉 Se habla mucho de Nietzsche como filósofo, de su filosofía y de la famosa «muerte de Dios», pero ¿qué sabemos de la persona? ¿Qué sabemos de Friedrich Nietzsche?

🧵Aquí va un hilo sobre su historia personal. pic.twitter.com/bTQN9Flojl

— Filosofía&Co (@_filco) September 21, 2022

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A final, friendly reminder: Lisa Regazzoni will give the talk "Sketching a Theory of Historical Intentionality - Thing by Thing" with the Centre over Zoom tomorrow (16h, Finnish time). For the Zoom-link and the abstract, please see here: https://t.co/FBfT4cE6Xo.

All welcome!

— Centre for Philosophical Studies of History (@CpshOulu) September 21, 2022

13. One retweet per 236 followers:

The text of the

Royal Institute of Philosophy Cardiff Annual Lecture 2021

–– The Philosophical Retreat to the Here and Now ––

by Professor Richard Moran (Harvard University)

is now published in @RIPhilo's journal @philosophy1926 https://t.co/7ri9FQjkgB

— Cardiff Philosophy (@cardiffphilos) September 23, 2022

14. One retweet per 245 followers:

Nietzsche, sabio...
«¿Qué haremos cuando estemos cansados de nosotros mismos? [...] lo mejor, mi querido melancólico, es "dormir mucho", en sentido propio y figurado. [...] Un alarde en la sabiduría de la vida es saber intercalar a tiempo el sueño bajo todas sus formas.» (Aurora)

— Filosofía-Digital (@PhiloDigital) September 24, 2022

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Programme du séminaire commun 2022-2023 d'#Identité_et_Subjectivité @PhiloUnicaen sur "La Terre". Notez les dates sur vos agendas ! Toutes les séances ont lieu à la @MrshCaen. pic.twitter.com/pgYFcyHYrs

— Département de philosophie de l'université de Caen (@PhiloUnicaen) September 24, 2022

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🎉We're pretty excited to announce that Camillo Fiore, Federico Pailos & Mariela Rubin’s article "Inferential Constants" has been accepted in JPL!

📖In the paper, the authors define logical connectives that allow us to express negations, conjunctions & disjunctions of inferences pic.twitter.com/1cLnLWjZCV

— Buenos Aires Logic Group (@BALogicGroup) September 27, 2022

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This morning, Sheffield's @drangiehobbs spoke on BBC Radio's 4 In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg about Plato's legend of Atlantis. Catch up by listening online: https://t.co/4vbtv8DVK2. #BBCRadio4 #SheffieldPhilosophy #Plato #Atlantis

— Sheffield Philosophy (@Sheffphilosophy) September 22, 2022

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“When education is not liberating, the dream of the oppressed is to become the oppressor.”

— Paulo Freire (1921 - 1997) pic.twitter.com/qUzYOUaZsy

— Philosophy Break (@philosophybreak) September 27, 2022

19. One retweet per 281 followers:

Next Monday 3 Oct, we're hosting a WiP workshop on Metaphysics of Quantum Theory - with talks from UoB PhD researchers John Murphy and Josh Quirke, our PI @modalizing, project visitor Vera Matarese, and special guest @PhilPhysAlex - all welcome https://t.co/FFCQwKVeIM

— FraMEPhys (@FraMEPhys) September 27, 2022

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Συμμετοχή του Καθηγητή Ι. Πρελορέντζου στην παρουσίαση του βιβλίου της ΝΕΦΕΛΗΣ ΚΟΝΤΑΡΙΝΗΣ
"Μια πρωτογενής έννοια. Μια πορεία με σκέψη και αμφισβήτηση", τη Δευτέρα 3 Οκτωβρίου 2022, και ώρα 7.00 μ.μ., στο Γαλλικό Ινστιτούτο Αθηνών, Σίνα 31. pic.twitter.com/pJkwdG070E

— Τμήμα Φιλοσοφίας, ΕΚΠΑ (Dept of Philosophy, NKUA) (@OfNkua) September 27, 2022