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Aquí @sanchezcastejon y @Pilar_Alegria dándole otra vez la #Cicuta a #Sócrates.
No existe #Ética4ESO en la #LomLoe
No hay #Filosofía en la #ESO con la #LomLoe.#Sócrates ha vuelto a ser ejecutado.#EnDefensaDeLaFilosofia pic.twitter.com/gIS4ezOkfU

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) October 17, 2021

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"How chance explains" by Michael Townsen Hicks @hikemix and Alastair Wilson @modalizing - now fully open access at Noûs thanks to @ERC_Research https://t.co/MryvHNG7fe

— FraMEPhys (@FraMEPhys) October 19, 2021

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Sin #Ética4ESO no puede haber una educación para el pensamiento crítico en la Educación Obligatoria.
¿Lo sabéis @sanchezcastejon y @Pilar_Alegria ? A lo mejor, sí. E igual por eso la habéis quitado.#EnDefensaDeLaFilosofia

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) October 17, 2021

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A city has 100 inhabitants.
99 have been vaccinated
1 has not

2 people get COVID-19:
1 vaccinated and 1 unvaccinated:

Some newspapers:
“50% of the Covid patients are vaccinated!
Vaccines do not work!l”

What could possibly be wrong with such headlines? pic.twitter.com/C7b4rK4Id1

— Ethics in Bricks (@EthicsInBricks) October 19, 2021

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Mañana, #GlobalEthicsDay2021, a las 17 horas Seminario GEA "Cuestiones éticas en robótica social-asistencial", semipresencial en @CCHS_CSIC con Julia Pareto, @UniBarcelona,@IRI_robotics comentado por @AusinTxetxu y @BelenLiedo https://t.co/WYGJ6XLe1W

— Instituto de Filosofía (CSIC) (@IFS_CSIC) October 19, 2021

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It’s very, very bad when newsfeeds like AP and Reuters make lying a regular practice. And people wonder why so many no longer trust news outlets. https://t.co/E9mGHToXkC

— The Electric Agora (@ElectricAgora) October 21, 2021

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Seguimos luchando.
Domingo 24 de octubre. pic.twitter.com/7vTgjy3vo8

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) October 22, 2021

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That you don’t know that Julie Bindel has spent her life defending vulnerable, abused women is just one part of why you have zero credibility on this issue.

— The Electric Agora (@ElectricAgora) October 17, 2021

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Today! 8.30pm UK time.

The Philosophical Retreat to the Here and Now
– Professor Richard Moran, Harvard University

Royal Institute of Philosophy Cardiff Annual Lecture 2021

Monday 18th October, 8.30pm, YouTube.

Live! Everyone is welcome!


— Cardiff Philosophy (@cardiffphilos) October 18, 2021

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This Thursday our member Ann-Katrien Oimann will speak on the "#AI & ethics night: Lethal Autonomous Weapons" for Leuven AI Forum. #AIethics

Tickets (free): https://t.co/TDUubKYS0G@LeuvenAi pic.twitter.com/JuvczDaEZ5

— Working Group on Philosophy of Technology (@wgptLeuven) October 19, 2021

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Join @ttahko this weekend for his presentation 'Possibility Precedes Actuality', at the Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Persistence and De Re Modality workshop.

09:00 BST, Saturday 23rd October. Registration info and talk abstract: https://t.co/FTOkNfDOKM

— MetaScience (@MetaScienceEU) October 18, 2021

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Comunicado de la Red española de Filosofía en respuesta al currículo de la LOMLOE.https://t.co/FoiRaauifj

— UNEDfilosofia (@UNEDfilosofia) October 16, 2021

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"[Simondon's] notion of modulation is not limited to the transformation of inanimate matter, it can be applied directly to the political and social world as Deleuze makes evident in the ‘Postscript.’" https://t.co/fs8C5QZEwu

— Blue Labyrinths (@BlueLabyrinths) October 21, 2021

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— UNEDfilosofia (@UNEDfilosofia) October 17, 2021

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Is mind mere computation?

Hear Mazviita Chirimuuta and @msprevak discuss this matter and more with @pgmid of the Brain Inspired Podcast. https://t.co/Z4v15TdxRs

— Philosophy at Edinburgh (@UoE_Philosophy) October 17, 2021

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#mondaythoughts Still time to join our Philosophy of Medicine course @gentlemedic @Pete_Young_ Talks, discussions & more. Student rates apply. Limited exam bursaries still available. Closing date for applications 1.11.2021 - Click here: https://t.co/lARRpXwY5k pic.twitter.com/K0TluzMCD8

— History&Philosophy (@FacultyHP) October 18, 2021

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Reminder: the deadline for Guest Editor proposals is November 15th, 2021. We're looking forward to reading them! #simonedebeauvoir #callforguesteditors https://t.co/97nnl19W99

— Revue - Simone de Beauvoir Studies - Journal (@SDB_Studies) October 20, 2021

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No es ahora.
Llevamos luchando de hace tiempo.
Antes contra #PP y #LOMCE.
Ahora contra #PSOE, autoproclamado #GobiernoMásProgresistaDeLaHistoria y su #LomLoe
Porque "una vida sin examen no merece ser vivida"#SalvemosLaFilosofía#EnDefensaDeLaFilosofíahttps://t.co/N7GGiRkUQN

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) October 21, 2021

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Considering a PhD? Follow in the footsteps of ⁦@Anna_Nelson95⁩ ⁦@begovic_dunja⁩ ⁦@ECRomanis⁩ ⁦⁦@sandipcal⁩ and many other brilliant people 🌟
PhD Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence (2022 entry) | The University of Manchester https://t.co/N3uCxehABi

— CSEP Manchester (@BioethicsUoM) October 22, 2021

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New Episode Podcast Series - WGPTalks 🎙️🎤🎧
- - -
Today, we talk to Stefan Ramaekers (@smalwida) on #ParentingApps 📱👨‍👧‍👦🚸

Why do we use them? What implicit ideas about parenthood do they imply?https://t.co/VRLHVedL0M

Interview by @MassSimons pic.twitter.com/HetcvWNS9L

— Working Group on Philosophy of Technology (@wgptLeuven) October 20, 2021