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The Encyclopedia of Women Philosophers: A New Web Site Presents the Contributions of Women Philosophers, from Ancient to Modern https://t.co/sp0YPJZcps

— SWIP Ireland (@SWIP_I) July 14, 2018

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PHILOSOPHY & CLIMATE SCIENCE (@CambUP_PHILNYUK) explains how climate scientists understand the atmospheric sciences & how this scientific knowledge is produced & debated before it's used to inform public policy. @ewinsberg joins the NBN 👇#climatechange https://t.co/Gass92JSbA pic.twitter.com/hWRQOhTxOR

— NB Philosophy 📚 (@NewBooksPhil) July 16, 2018

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Monolinguals, Where Are You? | Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Linguistics professor Antonella Sorace argues that everyone is bilingual to a certain extent. #EdFringe #linguistics #LanguageLearning https://t.co/tRHf3V047l

— School of PPLS (@SchoolofPPLS) July 16, 2018

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“People are complicated, and their medical problems rarely come neatly packaged as the single diseases that scientists and doctors study.” https://t.co/sUh4cIV7Ke

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) July 16, 2018

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We've been interviewing your favourite philosophers! All interviews are free at https://t.co/rn4yl1vJYF.@acgrayling, @BenceNanay, @CharacterGap, @danieldennett, @davidpapineau, @PeterSinger, @Philip_Goff, @philosopher70, @rebecca_roache, @stephenlaw60, @yujinnagasawa. pic.twitter.com/b1QYcchnCq

— The Panpsycast (@ThePanpsycast) July 17, 2018

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Call for poster abstracts! This October we'll be hosting an interdisciplinary conference examining scientific #replication. Currently accepting abstracts (500 words) for a special poster session. Submission deadline is August 10th. Please RT! #URAS2018 https://t.co/ZdRMvX8oIL

— Rotman Philosophy (@rotmanphilo) July 11, 2018

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Philosophy of Human-Technology conference at @Utwente ´s @DesignLabUT has just started with welcoming words by organizer @ppverbeek & #DonIhde. Now: @ShannonVallor ´s keynote on humanizing machines. Have a look at the program to find out more. #Phtr2018 https://t.co/GANitoZyXM

— 4TU.Ethics (@4TUethics) July 11, 2018

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Out now on Patreon! Early access to 'Episode 43, The Galen Strawson Interview'.

Get it here: https://t.co/W2IEqvSI5u

*The first instalment of this fascinating interview will be free for everybody on August 5th! pic.twitter.com/tnviijWAad

— The Panpsycast (@ThePanpsycast) July 14, 2018

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: #Languages , love and #feminist #philosophy |
Our researchers will take the stage at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. #edfringe https://t.co/V5LAwB2pSI pic.twitter.com/SnXVBb3evf

— School of PPLS (@SchoolofPPLS) July 17, 2018

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@michaelhand571⁩ on the need for philosophy in schools 👍 https://t.co/V7GlaF7pkK

— Philosophy 4 Schools (@RoyalInstPhilos) July 14, 2018

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The David Lewis project at Manchester has just launched a crowdsource project
to transcribe David Lewis's letters. Create an account and help
transcribe Lewis's letters! https://t.co/wx8IjBnAIt

— ManchesterPhilosophy (@MancPhilosophy) July 12, 2018

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The two books selected for this year's #Lakatos Award reviewed on the BJPS Review of Books:

Steven Savitt reviews Craig Callender's 'What Makes Time Special?' https://t.co/bmMQdoIWeU

Adrian Currie reviews Sabina Leonelli's 'Data-centric Biology' https://t.co/EL4I63yrHz pic.twitter.com/dQfrvZStTD

— The BJPS (@TheBJPS) July 12, 2018

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We're pleased to announce that the 2018 #Lakatos Award is to be awarded to Sabina Leonelli for her book Data-Centric Biology: A Philosophical Study, and to Craig Callender for his book What Makes Time Special?


— LSE Philosophy (@LSEPhilosophy) July 11, 2018

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¡¡¡¡Más de 210.000 firmas por la Filosofía!!!!
¿Te lo hubieras imaginado al principio?
Pero seguimos luchando por la Filosofía.
No queremos parches, queremos #Ética4ESO, #Filosofía1Bto. e #HªFfía2Bto comunes y obligatorias.
Ayúdanos https://t.co/oQ0GzTguKj#SalvemosLaFilosofía pic.twitter.com/m9m5iU6dTj

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) July 13, 2018

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Many congrats to @SabinaLeonelli and Craig Callender. Splendid news and very well-deserved both! https://t.co/4V9yTPjq2B

— Perspectival Realism (@p_realism) July 11, 2018

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Our Keynote @michaelhand571 on moral education. He puts forward the argument that #philosophy should be taught in schools because of the necessity of #moral education: humans wrestle with moral issues & decisions in life #P4C #Edchat #schools #education #ethics #FAPSACONF2018 pic.twitter.com/gs7wvjvksI

— JPS (@JournalP4C) July 11, 2018

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"We paint democracy as a utopia, but it is not. We must forgive its failings, and work to improve them" writes NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander @stavridisj via @time#GovernanceMatters https://t.co/oY1dHAdSny

— Berggruen Institute (@berggruenInst) July 13, 2018

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We're looking for a Research Fellow for our @ERC_Research project ‘Creating an Alternative umma: Clerical Authority and Religio-political Mobilisation in Transnational Shii #Islam’ led by Prof Oliver Scharbrodt - deadline 19 July #phdchat #ECRchat https://t.co/UHwHi0kKiT

— PTR Birmingham (@PTRBirmingham) July 12, 2018

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A new CauseHealth publication by expert on burnout and medically unexplained symptoms, Karin Mohn Engebretsen! https://t.co/gFQ1VsffaZ

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) July 13, 2018

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New paper: Suffering without a medical diagnosis. A critical view on the biomedical attitudes towards persons suffering from burnout and the implications for medical care https://t.co/gFQ1VsffaZ

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) July 15, 2018