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Interested in the philosophy of pain? Here is an inter-disciplinary cfp for you - the Reading Emotion Symposium this June, "Pain and Belief, from Meaning to Modulation" featuring @dibbygibby! https://t.co/WUBhPEDTei

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) March 15, 2018

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Enjoy your weekend ! pic.twitter.com/PUsMXBaBl8

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) March 17, 2018

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Your diet is important ! pic.twitter.com/TLd1BISOge

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) March 11, 2018

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"Who benefits in academia, today, from the inclusions & exclusions of disabled students, & who hides these inclusions & exclusions behind other liberal values?" Guest Curator Stefan Honisch shares J.T. Dolmage's #AcademicAbleism: #Disability and #HigherEd. https://t.co/tzjad11DOd pic.twitter.com/YUV2Pub2Uq

— The PPJ (@PubPhilJ) March 15, 2018

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Listen again to last night's Philosophy of Race event - now available as a podcast! #FEPRIP #podcasthttps://t.co/tWTD3CmbkK@KAnthonyAppiah @PriyamvadaGopal @NasarMeer @DanielleCSands @RIPhilo @platformhub pic.twitter.com/V98bQzZDN4

— theForum (@forumphilosophy) March 15, 2018

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The work that started at one of the SWIP Ireland’s workshop is getting international recognition. https://t.co/UWq88x65Hz

— SWIP Ireland (@SWIP_I) March 14, 2018

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To what extent can philosophy help us avoid succumbing to fake news?https://t.co/ek8M2SafJ2

— Philosophy 4 Schools (@RoyalInstPhilos) March 15, 2018

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Your weekend philosophy hit! Podcast: The Philosophy of Race

With @KAnthonyAppiah, @PriyamvadaGopal and @NasarMeerhttps://t.co/tWTD3CmbkK#FEPRIP @RIPhilo

— theForum (@forumphilosophy) March 17, 2018

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Women and philosophy reading list at the OUP blog #swip #womeninphil... https://t.co/Nxst0krvg4

— SWIP Ireland (@SWIP_I) March 13, 2018

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R.I.P. #StephenHawking pic.twitter.com/lrKeuumaaU

— DeGruyter Philosophy (@degruyter_phil) March 14, 2018

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— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) March 14, 2018

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We have a full-time vacancy for a Chair in World Christianity in the Dept of Theology & Religion here at Birmingham.
Get more info and apply here: https://t.co/aJvyeIGUZ9

— PTR Birmingham (@PTRBirmingham) March 12, 2018

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Do smartphones help or hinder pursuit of the good life? 📱👀 https://t.co/jtrg9DtsBJ

— Philosophy 4 Schools (@RoyalInstPhilos) March 11, 2018

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Today at the @ArtsScienceFest we talk about #bipolar disorder and psychological treatments for it: Keeping Mood on Track https://t.co/bhdRqys4P9 All welcome!

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) March 12, 2018

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This is going to be ace! This week at the Forum, Kwame Anthony Appiah (@KAnthonyAppiah), Priyamvada Gopal (@PriyamvadaGopal) and Nasar Meer (@NasarMeer) discuss the philosophy of race. https://t.co/T13inEvvHS#LSEFEP #Race #Philosophy pic.twitter.com/zxi0prFoF1

— theForum (@forumphilosophy) March 11, 2018

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Join us for the next SOPHIA online symposium, on Plato's Cave Today, Thurs, March 22 at 8pm US ET. @anthonycashio will facilitate a really fun conversation. No reading required before coming. More info here: https://t.co/3NlboIxBm5 pic.twitter.com/V2w8mOzAvl

— SOPHIA (@SOPHIAchirp) March 16, 2018

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37 Philosophers You Really Should Know About (None Of Them Are Men) ... https://t.co/JNCiR8Gt23

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) March 15, 2018

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Out now! The final instalment of our interview with @PeterSinger, 'Episode 34, The Peter Singer Interview (Part II)’.

iTunes: https://t.co/RcgasF7Esu

TuneIn: https://t.co/HETLDnkZkM

Our website: https://t.co/aOQcMQGAsP

Support the show: https://t.co/W2IEqvSI5u pic.twitter.com/zxWDMxaXXp

— The Panpsycast (@ThePanpsycast) March 11, 2018

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For #PPJNES2018, @ClaireSkea continues to make excellent progress on her project "Scaling the Ivory Tower: Creating Dialogic Encounters between the Public and Universities." A highly recommended read that's cordially open for public feedback. https://t.co/kM725U432d pic.twitter.com/HP1UidaZjB

— The PPJ (@PubPhilJ) March 16, 2018

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We have a very exciting FREE public lecture coming up next Tuesday evening!

Coretta: My Life, My Love, My Legacy - a talk on the memoir-biography of #MartinLutherKing 's widow by author Rev Dr Barbara Reynolds #CivilRights

Register here: https://t.co/qbCq0D55WF pic.twitter.com/5GbX8qMlh7

— PTR Birmingham (@PTRBirmingham) March 13, 2018