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1. One retweet per 72 followers (average):

Now that we have the stamp we can release the #philosophybypostcard address! Send your postcards to #IrisMurdoch, Blessington Street, An Post, PO Box 1919,
Dublin 1. It’s FREEPOST within Ireland. 100 philosophers are waiting to reply! @Postvox https://t.co/KR0hiYf6ao

— InParenthesis (@parenthesis_in) July 11, 2019

2. One retweet per 88 followers (average):

To mark our new qualification in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, Suzanne Newcombe and Carolyn Price discuss #immortality in Religious Studies and Philosophy. https://t.co/9j6w7w9p89 @OU_FASS @OpenUniversity

— Open Uni Philosophy (@OU_Philosophy) July 3, 2019

3. One retweet per 112 followers (average):

New interview! @CiaranCummins1 speaks with @ProfBarryLam about his podcast @HiPhiNation and what creating it has taught him about the relationship between philosophy, journalism, storytelling and much more.https://t.co/zxE4OnUGrc

— The Public Life of the Mind (@tplotm) July 13, 2019

4. One retweet per 117 followers (average):

New blog post today! @KSifferd introduces the #newbook Responsible Brains #responsibility #neuroscience https://t.co/DCn7buIdtg pic.twitter.com/wKkYXUUlK2

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) July 11, 2019

5. One retweet per 117 followers (average):

Teaching philosophy to children? It’s a great idea | The Guardian — I could not agree more. And the results are visible in schools that have been piloting philosophy classes since Primary 1, such as ⁦@George_Heriots⁩ ⁦@LearnEnhanceGHShttps://t.co/R5JphyQS8W

— Perspectival Realism (@p_realism) July 6, 2019

6. One retweet per 118 followers (average):

In August 2017 we recorded a TedX Talk, unique (to our knowledge) in that a) it had two presenters, and b) it was composed entirely of questions. Two years on, and it has finally been published! https://t.co/HA0rweYIk5 pic.twitter.com/PAwXQGCvcV

— The Philosophy Man (@makethinkingfun) July 8, 2019

7. One retweet per 118 followers (average):

Have you ever wondered what a Platonic dialogue is and what it is used for?

Carolyn Price introduces Plato, the philosopher who took dialogues to another level. https://t.co/2E2UtjdcrT

— Open Uni Philosophy (@OU_Philosophy) July 8, 2019

8. One retweet per 123 followers (average):

Iris Murdoch was born 100 years ago today. As a special treat to mark #IrisMurdoch100 we can now share the illustration of her by @emmylupin which will feature in The Philosopher Queens 👑 https://t.co/EZZXWVgdGJ pic.twitter.com/VZG6K3SZxf

— The Philosopher Queens (@ThePhiloQueens) July 15, 2019

9. One retweet per 130 followers (average):

British Journal for the History of Philosophy: Special Issue on 'Women Philosophers in Early Modern Philosophy'

Guest Editors: Sarah Hutton and Ruth Hagengruberhttps://t.co/3qfQupejPJ pic.twitter.com/ld47b3q3I3

— HistWomenPhil (@CenterHWPS) July 10, 2019

10. One retweet per 180 followers (average):

Program now available for #SPEP2019 in Pittsburgh. https://t.co/5cTBGIgT0I

— SPEP (@SPEPorg) July 10, 2019

11. One retweet per 191 followers (average):

Videos from the first day of our recent conference, Foundations of #QuantumFieldTheory, are now online. Included are talks by @WayneMyrvold, Noel Swanson, Doreen Fraser & the day one discussion. More #FQFT2019 videos coming soon! https://t.co/rzdbkHAclD pic.twitter.com/aSXCceLda2

— Rotman Philosophy (@rotmanphilo) July 8, 2019

12. One retweet per 204 followers (average):

We've surpassed 1K followers! Oh, and don't forget to submit for #HOPOS2020 at Lingnan University, Hong Kong - 23 to 26 June 2020 - Deadline 15 September 2019 - https://t.co/ORczMN2DYL #HOPOS #histsci #philsci #HPS #histSTM

— HOPOS (@HOPOS_Society) July 12, 2019

13. One retweet per 204 followers (average):

Our own @JSaatsi has been staging a series of fascinating lectures - #HPS in Focus - exploring the philosophy of science. Explore this murky and surprising world, starting with “The Limits and Possibilities of Scientific Knowledge”: https://t.co/8hsEO6fx9E #philsci #HPSinFocus

— HPS Leeds. (@hpsleeds) July 5, 2019

14. One retweet per 219 followers (average):

On Language and Logic | Full Talk | Saul Kripke and Timothy Williamson https://t.co/PPtCyUOMxS via @YouTube

— Saul Kripke Center (@KripkeCenter) July 10, 2019

15. One retweet per 222 followers (average):

PPJ 2.1 is now freely available! First presented at the 2018 @PublicPhilNet Conference, the majority of essays in this issue were developed at the 2018 PPJ Writing Workshop. Crafted for public relevance and accessibility, each engages a timely concern. #OAhttps://t.co/Zhl670ZdJI pic.twitter.com/Grej3zXxNi

— The PPJ (@PubPhilJ) July 8, 2019

16. One retweet per 235 followers (average):

CFA: The Early Career workshop on Tools and Technology in Neuroscience is now accepting paper and poster abstracts. Deadline is August 15th. Please see the Center's website for details! @mahilupas @wylieprof @MorganKThomp https://t.co/EHkXtuLFQ5 pic.twitter.com/Bd31D4wHUd

— Center for PhilSci (@Center4PhilSci) July 8, 2019

17. One retweet per 272 followers (average):

New project output, by @lisabortolotti and @AnneliJefferson on the power of #stories in mental health debates. Open access: https://t.co/Gu4qQNQbDU

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) July 4, 2019

18. One retweet per 288 followers (average):

Tune in to hear the brilliant @BoltonsMotors on @BBCFreeThinking talking Iris Murdoch, Battenberg cake, and kestrels! Thanks for the lovely shout-out for @parenthesis_in Lucy! https://t.co/TSwWyfjvuX

— InParenthesis (@parenthesis_in) July 9, 2019

19. One retweet per 289 followers (average):

HOPOS author Charles Pence and his lab at @ISHPSSB2019.

Check out Pence's article in #HOPOS, "Sir John F. W. Herschel and Charles Darwin: Nineteenth-Century Science and Its Methodology"https://t.co/15xphrTdj6 https://t.co/FKw4dN5NgA

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) July 6, 2019

20. One retweet per 301 followers (average):

Many congratulations to Marta Sznajder! She was awarded a VENI grant for her research project In Inductive Logic, There Are No Morals: Rudolf Carnap’s Philosophy of Scientific Reasoning. Short summary here: https://t.co/00seIrr1KL pic.twitter.com/0wR3QKtmgp

— Philosophy Groningen (@wijsbegeerte) July 16, 2019