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1. One retweet per 89 followers (average):

1 week away! Join us for a Rotman Lecture by @LFeldmanBarrett. Co-sponsors @londonlibrary & @BMI_WesternU. At @TheWolfLdn. Book sale courtesy of @booksatwesternu. Register to attend or watch via live stream! @westernuArts @westernuSocSci https://t.co/pr7pVqSxUE

— Rotman Philosophy (@rotmanphilo) March 21, 2019

2. One retweet per 112 followers (average):

The @KripkeCenter has been working to archive copies of (links to) Prof. Kripke's papers/abstracts on our website. Check out our progress and find downloads at https://t.co/Z6G4XeNXwT

— Saul Kripke Center (@KripkeCenter) March 14, 2019

3. One retweet per 117 followers (average):

@DrJSellars Stoicism as a Medicine for the Mind#PhilStoichttps://t.co/VdDp4Jvrbd

— OxPhilSoc (@OxPhilSoc) March 10, 2019

4. One retweet per 135 followers (average):

Can philosophers and neuroscientists working together crack the problem of free will? đź‘€ https://t.co/6fJeqxdttd

— Philosophy 4 Schools (@RoyalInstPhilos) March 21, 2019

5. One retweet per 146 followers (average):

Join @DavidGDick this Thurs Mar 14 @nicklegalleries
for his talk "The Philosophy of Money" introducing philosophical perspectives on money and some of the philosophical questions that money provokes https://t.co/Y3Uj9q5HhD @haskayneschool @EconCalgary @UCalgaryArts #nickleatnoon pic.twitter.com/glttyIuLPD

— UCalgary Philosophy (@UofCPhilosophy) March 12, 2019

6. One retweet per 154 followers (average):

Bernadette Russell’s top 10 philosophical questions children should ask 🤔 https://t.co/0dPDGe4UvO

— Philosophy 4 Schools (@RoyalInstPhilos) March 13, 2019

7. One retweet per 165 followers (average):

Y luego dicen que la FilosofĂ­a es inĂştil... #Kant te explica cĂłmo comportarte en el tranvĂ­a de Barcelona.
Y no se te olvide. El gobierno no quiere Ética en 4º de ESO porque ellos van con chófer.#ÉticaESOImprescindible#ÉticaESOYa#SalvemosLaFilosofíahttps://t.co/THpfSAFhWr

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) March 17, 2019

8. One retweet per 175 followers (average):

Viktoria Matejova from Edinburgh has written us a great post about her campaign to build a statue of Scottish philosopher Mary Shepherd. Check it out here: https://t.co/irvBcaOq6S

— MAP UK (@mapforthegapuk) March 10, 2019

9. One retweet per 175 followers (average):

Open to all undergraduate students @UCalgary. Deadline is March 29th! https://t.co/7kMEwBSF8e @UCalgaryArts @PhilosophiaCal1 https://t.co/lg78YGPuwu

— UCalgary Philosophy (@UofCPhilosophy) March 15, 2019

10. One retweet per 180 followers (average):

¿La Filosofía no ayuda a la democracia ni al pensamiento crítico? ¿Usted qué opina?
Y no se le olvide. El gobierno no quiere Ética en 4º de ESO.#ÉticaESOImprescindible#ÉticaESOYa#SalvemosLaFilosofíahttps://t.co/JH7TBhGMpi

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) March 22, 2019

11. One retweet per 192 followers (average):

Celebration of research impact highlights #MND research by Professor Sharon Abrahamshttps://t.co/2BuUJJQ6TP #PeopleofPPLS #ThrowbackThursday @EuansCentre @UoE_Psychology

— School of PPLS (@SchoolofPPLS) March 21, 2019

12. One retweet per 195 followers (average):

Sellars’s Argument for an Ontology of Absolute Processes / Review of Work of Russell https://t.co/0IevmSWjzY

— SSHAP/JHAP (@SSHAPonline) March 12, 2019

13. One retweet per 197 followers (average):

Lo sentimos, no es #ShowMediático
Tampoco habrá #Pedagogos, #Psicopedagogos, #Neuropedagogos, #Sociopedagogos, ni, caramba, #Cocineros o #Actores
Solo #ProfesDeVerdad, de los que dan clase
InfĂłrmate: https://t.co/zvMyoG0gQD#ExperienciasDocentesFilosofĂ­a2019#SalvemosLaFilosofĂ­a pic.twitter.com/GIeHPSnUW2

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) March 10, 2019

14. One retweet per 198 followers (average):

New research post! @KathyPuddifoot on how jurors assign too little credence to eyewitness testimony, due to the presence of memory errors. What can we do about it? https://t.co/nHJvJy6d8j

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) March 12, 2019

15. One retweet per 225 followers (average):

Very cool forthcoming paper:

"Teaching energy in high school by making use of history and philosophy of science," by Manuel Bächtold and Valérie Munier.

Journal of Research in Science Teaching: https://t.co/kBfyrN4RT5 pic.twitter.com/7rNyVtKV0p

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) March 18, 2019

16. One retweet per 231 followers (average):

Our students' podcast Two Philosopher, One Podcast, No Problems is proving popular! Listen to it here: https://t.co/MClN67IkvE https://t.co/l9kVvrIGze

— School of PPLS (@SchoolofPPLS) March 21, 2019

17. One retweet per 232 followers (average):

If you missed Baroness Onora O'Neill's @Routledge_Phil lecture last week you can catch up by listening to the recording which is also available via the Faculty website at https://t.co/VQi2VYwR7m. #Philosophy #Ethics https://t.co/jRwBiCxoF1

— Casimir Lewy Library (@LewyLib) March 12, 2019

18. One retweet per 264 followers (average):

Who you trust is more important than what you believe in the spread of false beliefs. This is the interesting thesis of @cailinmeister and James Owen Weatherall's #newbook "The Misinformation Age: how false beliefs spread". For more info, check https://t.co/H6CkB43HYL

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) March 14, 2019

19. One retweet per 264 followers (average):

What kind of thing is an emotion? The #newbook "The Ontology of Emotions" edited by Hichem Naar and Fabrice Teroni brings together different philosophical perspectives on an underexplored issue in the philosophy of mindhttps://t.co/KkAA2ztjIW

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) March 21, 2019

20. One retweet per 266 followers (average):

Registration open (limited spaces):


A CauseHealth conference on Philosophy, Persons and Value in memory of Stephen Tyreman https://t.co/nfaRuNwB6b

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) March 13, 2019