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Otro año escolar sin Ética de 4º ESO ni Historia de la Filosofía obligatorias.
Otro curso escolar sin Filosofía.
Seguimos luchando: firma y difunde:firmando, difundiendo y compartiendo: 🖋🖋https://t.co/ViycDt7EgP🖋🖋#SalvemosLaFilosofía pic.twitter.com/ROrqaiB8qU

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) September 7, 2019

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Social Foundations in Education/Philosophy of Education

Assistant/Associate Professor

Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

College of Education

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

For more details see: https://t.co/eI9IPbmryQ

— Phil of Ed Society (@Philosophyofed) September 4, 2019

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New research on the blog: Are minds things or processes? Does one make better sense of the complexity of experiences and mental health than the other? @EllyVintiadis investigates... https://t.co/dOn9AjWyuk pic.twitter.com/reH683sixn

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) September 3, 2019

4. One retweet per 129 followers (average):

We Interviewed @SophieJVeigl, one of our co-founders, about how her background as an immunologist informs her #philsci & #scicomm work. Sophie runs a start-up that makes graphics for scientists, which also informs her work on beauty as a scientific value. https://t.co/r9ZQsTbVBZ

— Philosophy of Science Communication (@Philofscicomm) September 15, 2019

5. One retweet per 147 followers (average):

We interviewed our founder @drlynnchiu on her journey from #philsci to #scicomm. Lynn talks about her work as a science communication consultant, her recent tour around Europe doing science outreach talks, and how philosophy shapes her unique approach. https://t.co/x36VMBZH04

— Philosophy of Science Communication (@Philofscicomm) September 14, 2019

6. One retweet per 153 followers (average):

If you’re looking for a philosopher of tolerance, look to #Spinoza not #Locke https://t.co/7ZASyI3vEQ

— Philosophy 4 Schools (@RoyalInstPhilos) September 9, 2019

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Excited to announce our 'Reconceiving the Womb in Medicine, Law & Society' symposium @law_uom supported by an @IMEweb grant! Details on the event link: https://t.co/HTGB3dWtqc Questions to @ECRomanis & @begovic_dunja #reconceivingwombs2019 #bioethics #medicallaw pic.twitter.com/19WdeYIwLV

— CSEP Manchester (@BioethicsUoM) September 4, 2019

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“Per una mente serena tutto è possibile.” Meister Eckharthttps://t.co/B8YuQqEMOh @ChiaveSophia @larosafalarosa @twittfilosofici @FilomenaGallo55 pic.twitter.com/Bb4ZEWX63J

— Hashtag Filosofia (@hashtagfilosofi) September 7, 2019

9. One retweet per 171 followers (average):

Boardgame lover? Climate crisis fighter?

Read about the "Catan: Global Warming expansion" currently under development by @samillingworth and Paul Wake

"Developing science tabletop games: ‘Catan’ ® and global warming" @JsciCOM https://t.co/0V9Oqt9UjW pic.twitter.com/xZk8wdOaOX

— Philosophy of Science Communication (@Philofscicomm) September 16, 2019

10. One retweet per 174 followers (average):

Matthew Ratcliffe & Louise Richardson are seeking to appoint the first of two postdoctoral researchers to join their AHRC-funded research project "Grief: A Study of Human Emotional Experience". This post will start on 1st January 2020 and run for 3 years.https://t.co/KhjXUCFkJU

— UoY Philosophy (@UoYPhilosophy) September 16, 2019

11. One retweet per 181 followers (average):

Nuestro Doctor José A. Gascón sobre las falacias en _Las trampas de Circe_ (en la Revista Iberoamericana de Argumentación) https://t.co/ANh4zdewvr

— Lógica, Historia y Filosofía de la ciencia @UNED (@LHFC_UNED) September 6, 2019

12. One retweet per 185 followers (average):

The website for the 4TU.Ethics Bi-annual Conference 'Ethics of Disruptive Technologies‘ is online! Have a look at the amazing programme and register now! https://t.co/WzWZwZBCnG

— 4TU.Ethics (@4TUethics) September 11, 2019

13. One retweet per 205 followers (average):

Fall 2019 edition of forall x:YYC is out https://t.co/uQpUTYlchL pic.twitter.com/NMSYb6UUPo

— Open Logic Project (@OpenLogicProj) September 10, 2019

14. One retweet per 213 followers (average):

As the editor of the New Statesman's popular philosophy column, 'Agora', Aaron James Wendland has just published a short piece on Heidegger, technology and the climate emergency. https://t.co/u6AxCM7xT5 #BSP pic.twitter.com/YWYOYguTfY

— BSP (@BritishPhen) September 10, 2019

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The BSP is set up with the intention of promoting research & awareness in phenomenology. Got an event coming up? A new essay out? A book hitting the shelves? Why not let the BSP promote your event, essay, or book through our online channels? https://t.co/rUMJjiDv8P #BSP pic.twitter.com/xma7ulgHOy

— BSP (@BritishPhen) September 13, 2019

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Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP) Eighth Biennial Conference

Read: https://t.co/x1yH0OFg8n

— SocPhilSciPract (@SocPhilSciPract) September 11, 2019

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The Chilean Hegel Society has launched a new website! Check it out here: https://t.co/q3j58v50sg We wish our colleagues in Chile every success and hope that this site helps to foster an evolving interest in Hegel, German Idealism and speculative thinking. @hegelpd @HegelianNews pic.twitter.com/ixub2nI9HT

— Hegel Society GB (@HegelSocietyGB) September 6, 2019

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🥁🥁Ya puedes inscribirte en #MásFilosofía🥁🥁
Puedes presentar tu actividad.
Puedes reservar tu presencia.
En #MásFilosofía hacemos pensamiento entre todos.#SalvemosLaFilosofíahttps://t.co/S9dNUNzMdX pic.twitter.com/qLQGkMn1Ln

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) September 13, 2019

19. One retweet per 233 followers (average):

We have a new season of talks at @sheffcath starting in October! 'God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics' returns with Alister McGrath (Oxford) on 'Albert Einstein on science, ethics, and religion' on 15th October. https://t.co/iI08kEfI5Y pic.twitter.com/dQXBfZ7z1g

— Sheffield Philosophy (@Sheffphilosophy) September 9, 2019

20. One retweet per 251 followers (average):

The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin @MPIWG) hosts a significant collection of manuscripts at the following link, most of them in Arabic, Turkish, and Persian: https://t.co/69mnoGE9ZX https://t.co/5kUY5LhtJX

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) September 7, 2019