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academics of twitter, I'm interested ----- what's a classic essay in your field, that you would recommend any and all students read?

(n.b. definitely essay, not book)

— Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft 🍰 (@RuthxJackson) September 21, 2022

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From How Fascism Works, the ten pillars of fascism. pic.twitter.com/GR4fSJ6ix5

— Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator) September 25, 2022

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We need a General Election NOW ⏰

— Thom Brooks (@thom_brooks) September 23, 2022

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Make America Cool Again pic.twitter.com/xnM3rwBsXe

— Ian Marcus Corbin (@ianmcorbin1) September 23, 2022

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英語圏でも今ようやく哲学の西洋中心主義がまともな批判の対象になったわけだけど、この本は本当その先駆として偉大な本。復刊されるので、学生にもこれまで以上に薦めたい。 https://t.co/Y3RrYxhnpi

— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) September 24, 2022

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جالبه: چامسکی که از ماتحت خمرهای سرخ تا انتخابات ایران اظهار نظر می کنه الان خفه‌خون گرفته.
جالب‌تر: عاشقان سینه‌چاک ایرانی این آدم که هر وقت راجع فلسطین زر می زنه.

به قول سکویی: جفتتون دوزاری هستین، جانم.#مهساامینی #مهسا_امینی#MahsaAmini #Mahsa_Amini

— Amin Nayebpour (@AminNayebpour) September 23, 2022

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When you, as an undergrad, were told, repeatedly, that the odds of securing a good job in academia were long but you decided to roll the dice anyway, how did you rationalize the decision? What did you tell yourself? Be honest.

— N. G. Laskowski (@n_g_laskowski) September 23, 2022

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— Gwilym David Blunt (@GDBlunt) September 22, 2022

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「人工知能系言語」ってなんですか? pic.twitter.com/oM4GQbiM5A

— ytb (@ytb_at_twt) September 24, 2022

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Very happy to share that The Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics is now finished and will be out in the next few months! Some of it is already published online. If you're interested in #DigitalEthics, #AIEthics, #ethics, #privacy, #AI, #philosophy, this one is for you... 🧵👇 pic.twitter.com/rEYtPdbBQ5

— Carissa Véliz (@CarissaVeliz) September 27, 2022

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cansei demais de rodar modelo. vou entregar pra jesus mesmo (no caso, vocês) essa primeira versão de análise de tópicos de teses e dissertações da filosofia. pic.twitter.com/htsa5Lf4Vs

— marcos fanton (@tomecicuta) September 25, 2022

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I think what is very odd is the BBC's complicity in the bullying, harassment and thuggery at the heart of the Labour party. Thank God Aljazeera can do actually journalism which the BBC has long given up. https://t.co/GbuDKuDXr0

— William Large (@LargeWlarge63) September 24, 2022

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Från den radikala yttrandefrihetens högborg, @Charlie_Hebdo_ https://t.co/QtB5wsewC3

— Gunnar Björnsson (@GunnarBj) September 26, 2022

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narrator: it was indeed bad news pic.twitter.com/IROg6rLQTo

— Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò (@OlufemiOTaiwo) September 27, 2022

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PSA: Georgia Melonis tal som nu sprids i sociala medier är inte "antikapitalistiskt", det är antisemitiskt. "Slavar under finanskapitalet" är klassisk antisemitisk hundvissla.

— Karim Jebari (@KarimJebari) September 27, 2022

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“Focusing on one’s personal willingness to take risks is actually a red herring, deflecting from the main issue during a pandemic: our risk to others and the repercussions for society if everyone only considers their own personal risk.”https://t.co/TKZrVzs2za

— Mitchell Aboulafia (@UPNIGHT) September 22, 2022

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برای دریاچه ارومیه که خشک کردید. و تمام منابع طبیعی دیگر که‌ دارید به فنا می دهید.#مهسا_امینی #مهساامینی #MahsaAmini #Mahsa_Amini

— Amin Nayebpour (@AminNayebpour) September 23, 2022

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So, the problem for Marxism today (it's also a problem for liberalism) is that the Marxist critique of liberalism gets coopted by the fascists and is far more successful in fascists' hands. (Foucault notes this in 1979 btw.)

— Digressionsnimpress. (@nescio13) September 27, 2022

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Purdue Philosophy is hiring *four* people this year:
2x Ethics (both at the assistant prof level)
2x Philosophy of AI (one assistant, one associate).
That'll be a total 10 new faculty in two years. Exciting stuff!

— Evan Westra (@evan_westra) September 23, 2022

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Great new volume edited by Keya Maitra and Jennifer McWeeny. This will be a groundbreaking volume for the imminent social turn in philosophy of mind. #philosophy #feminism #feministtheory pic.twitter.com/87QXAmqMwo

— Susanna Schellenberg (@Schellenberg_1) September 23, 2022