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I wish Philippa Foot could’ve lived to see the explanatory power of trolley memes. pic.twitter.com/d5cPlngLFw

— Rima Basu (@_rimabasu) June 28, 2020

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— ytb (@ytb_at_twt) June 28, 2020

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So it turns out that the stabbing video girl didn't actually have a job at Deloitte but was only scheduled for a 2-week internship over there at the end of summer. Now she set up a GoFundMe and has already made $8,645 🙃 https://t.co/jnZDjMfQlk

— Philippe Lemoine (@phl43) July 3, 2020

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ครั้งแรกในชีวิตที่เห็นศาลออกมาบอกว่าตัวเองไม่เถื่อน 555#ข่าวฮาประจำวัน

ศาล รธน. แจ้งไม่ใช่องค์กรเถื่อน อย่างที่เป็นข่าวต่อสาธารณะ ยันตั้งขึ้นตามรัฐธรรมนูญ 60  https://t.co/XD7KdHZ0Ai

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) July 2, 2020

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Crime stats for the former nation of CHOP (pop ~700, ~25% black)

2 murders/23 days --> homicide rate of 4,534/100k per year (914 times higher than the US)

security killed 1 unarmed black 16-year-old --> CHOP security killed unarmed blacks at 421,000 times the rate of US police

— Nathan Cofnas (@nathancofnas) July 2, 2020

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me whenever anyone quotes nietzsche pic.twitter.com/tkTPR5Yhje

— Tom Breed (@TJBreed) July 2, 2020

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「武漢ウィルス」などという言葉が、その使用者が差別的意図はないと言ったとしても(そしてそれが正しかったとしても)、差別的含みを持ってしまうのかを言語哲学を使って解説した記事。言語哲学の授業をとった学生が学生新聞に書いた記事なのだけど、すごく良い記事。 https://t.co/IqcymfLA0l

— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) June 30, 2020

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Political Philosophers, #AcademicTwitter, below is the link to a google docs page where I have started to put together a bunch of readings towards 'Decolonizing Political Theory' (still lots to do and add). If you want to add stuff, just let me know https://t.co/8Bz1UBESLt

— Prof David Owen (@OwenWintersgill) June 29, 2020

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“...roughly 30 per cent of the blood donors who’d given blood in May 2020 had COVID-19-specific T cells, a figure that’s much higher than previous antibody tests have shown.” https://t.co/JVnM5BPuyX

— Gunnar Björnsson (@GunnarBj) June 29, 2020

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3 concejales de Mineápolis que votaron para abolir su policía disfrutan de guardaespaldas con cargo al contribuyente por 4.500 $/día. La élite progre tiene claro adónde nos llevan sus obsesiones: una sociedad donde ellos disfruten de más y más privilegios. https://t.co/j5yd61uFMe

— Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz (@quintanapaz) June 28, 2020

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Je suis loin d’être fan de Brune Poirson mais là elle répond au mansplaining/manterrupting d’une manière qui me réjouit et que je trouve tout à fait classe et élégante 😅 https://t.co/n7sgEjQI67

— Manon Garcia (@ManonGarciaFR) July 1, 2020

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1745: David Hume denied a job at the University of Edinburgh because of his controversial views on religion (he was seen as an atheist).

2020: University of Edinburgh is being pressured to rename the "David Hume Tower" because of his (now) controversial views on race.

— Nathan Cofnas (@nathancofnas) July 4, 2020

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This was a fairly standard defense for excluding racial minorities (on the basis of perceived potential aggression) and gay people (on the basis of perceived potential sexual aggression) from spaces regarded as sensitive/vulnerable.

It was bigoted then. It is bigoted now. https://t.co/lNnkGAIZnu

— Joshua Stein, philosophy, ethics, politics (@thephilosotroll) June 29, 2020

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“I can’t believe we decided to just let the pandemic happen,” says a nation that responds to every mass shooting with thoughts and prayers.

— Daniel Silvermint (@DSilvermint) June 28, 2020

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Acaba de cumplir 90 años el economista libertario Thomas Sowell, que lo vio venir:

“Si siempre has creído que las reglas deben ser iguales para todos y que a todos se les debe juzgar bajo los mismos criterios, hace 50 años te llamaban radical; hace 25, liberal; y hoy, racista”. pic.twitter.com/SGEq1NkPjG

— Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz (@quintanapaz) July 1, 2020

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It wouldn't have been a problem if they'd just redirected funding to ghost social services, rehab, and job training. Instead they locked the ghosts up, so those ghosts didn't have the social skills when they got out. Gotta fight the buster-industrial complex with alternatives. https://t.co/kWGEHiOA2m

— Joshua Stein, philosophy, ethics, politics (@thephilosotroll) July 2, 2020

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You have no idea. There was a talk show host in Boston whose show was largely devoted to the abomination of seatbelt laws. Day after day after day. https://t.co/p5ysMjNtqF

— hilzoy (@hilzoy) July 2, 2020

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The majority of the British people, by a significant margin, wish to be in the EU.
That majority is constantly growing.
We will be back. The mess we'll have to recover from will be worse than the 70s, but we'll have a new sense of purpose with our friends, allies, kin in Europe.

— A C Grayling #FBPE🕷 #Reform #RejoinEU 🐟 (@acgrayling) June 28, 2020

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Lol at Ghislaine Maxwell receiving an infinitely more charitable treatment from the media than, say, Jeremy Corbyn. pic.twitter.com/uMWmEEZvp2

— Tom Whyman (@HealthUntoDeath) July 5, 2020

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The central question is what does the death of 250+ Black males per year & the incarceration of 840,000 Black men & boys achieve for American democracy. The distractions by white liberals & their Black allies take focus away from the violent managing of this population.

— L' Homme Noir (@DrTJC) June 30, 2020