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I don't think it's possible to give less of a fuck than this guy. pic.twitter.com/f7nhdW4GKp

— Philippe Lemoine (@phl43) July 10, 2019

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Solidarity with @carolecadwalla. Please RT. https://t.co/WRUVHohcOJ

— Tamsin Shaw (@ProfessorShaw) July 14, 2019

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Kind words for the female athlete who lost out on a sports scholarship when beaten by two biological males. Miller calls herself an ‘educator’ on diversity issues. https://t.co/1YcYBPrnlW

— Mary Leng (@mary_leng) July 14, 2019

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— Minao Kukita 久木田水生 (@minaokukita) July 11, 2019

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Remember folks: when it’s Christianity, it’s a “valid religious faith” (maiden speech, 8/5/19); when it’s Tjukurpa, it’s “a pagan superstition about a big rock.” https://t.co/KnLEEehWs9

— Patrick Stokes (@patstokes) July 15, 2019

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Philosophy changed me. It has changed who I am and how I interact with the world. I am more skeptical and more unsure. I have more questions. But with these things—the skepticism, the uncertainty, the questions—, I have become a more cautious, critical, and curious thinker.

— Dev (@metaethicist) July 14, 2019

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— What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher? (@CliffordSosis) July 12, 2019

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@BBCNormanS come onto @BBCr4today and get the figures of anti-Semitism cases in the Labour party wrong? It's 0.06% Not 0.6%. Tells you all really #r4today

— William Large (@wlarge63) July 15, 2019

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you can't have knowledge of things in themselves. Grow up

— Florence Bacus (@morallawwithin) July 11, 2019

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ภาพแสดง สว. โดดประชุมมากมาย pic.twitter.com/WypFjXoUyg

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) July 10, 2019

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It is welfare, but people have so absorbed the idea that “welfare” is some sort of faintly shameful and properly temporary “safety net” that they feel the need to make distinctions like this. https://t.co/Jn61oxFx4i

— Patrick Stokes (@patstokes) July 13, 2019

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ประยุทธ์บอกมาพูดลาเมื่อคืน แต่จริงๆไม่ได้ลาไปไหนเพราะกลับมาอีกแบบไม่อาย

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) July 16, 2019

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Prince now denies all knowledge, but then Prince is known to be a shameless liar (as @mehdirhasan has pointed out) and has quite a track record persecuting Muslims.https://t.co/7asN98rXDO

— Tamsin Shaw (@ProfessorShaw) July 13, 2019

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See? This is precisely what I’m talking about. Yes, the pension is welfare. No, you didn’t “earn” it: you get it because you’re a human being and human beings have to look after each other. Your entitlement is the same as everyone elses. You do not “earn” human dignity. https://t.co/tNC1OGrZ3K

— Patrick Stokes (@patstokes) July 14, 2019

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The U.S. academy allows BM to be called trash, rapists, misogynists, and the weakest links of the race b/c they are BM. The BM &BW who are STUDYING Black males are threatened, called names, & ridiculed for defending their humanity.

— L' Homme Noir (@DrTJC) July 14, 2019

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Por fin alguien hace una viñeta sobre lo que de verdad dijo Popper sobre la tolerancia, que no es (naturalmente) lo que muchos van difundiendo por ahí (que tengamos permiso para acallar por cualquier medio al que consideremos intolerante). Al contrario. ¡Gracias a @lokijustice! pic.twitter.com/lJTktO3FR0

— Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz (@quintanapaz) July 11, 2019

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I have come under much criticism re the politics of this newspaper https://t.co/f2y6VrDcQb After a sleepless night I say: for 4 yrs I have struggled to alert 'the ordinary person', not privy to arcane twitter debates or my scholarship, of an alternative politically silenced view

— H Brunskell-Evans (@brunskellevans) July 15, 2019

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Impressionant lucidesa, as usual, la d'@HiginiaRoig. "La resposta a la sentència haurà de ser sostinguda, constant, continuada i permanent. La pregunta pertinent no és què faran ells, sinó què farem nosaltres. Per tant, fil a l’agulla i canvi de xip".https://t.co/gpEXEiTbj5

— xavier antich 🎗 (@XavierAntich) July 12, 2019

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— Samuel Paul Douglas (@BeachPhilosophy) July 13, 2019

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Que Carmen Calvo pretenda a la vez que el feminismo es solo socialista y que todos debamos ser feministas parece contradictorio. Pero en realidad se trata de toda una estrategia, que se denomina “mota castral” y que comenté aquí: https://t.co/uwgNy4atuL en @TheObjective_es.

— Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz (@quintanapaz) July 14, 2019