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Titus Kaphar took a painting that used to be on the wall of Yale’s Corporation room, showing Eliyu Yale with two other wealthy white men, with an enslaved Black child in the background, and repainted it, crumpling it up and highlighting one part. It’s called “Enough about You” pic.twitter.com/gPVLQVor0j

— Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator) January 12, 2019

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— Tom Whyman (@HealthUntoDeath) January 15, 2019

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I had to come all the way to Istanbul Airport to learn (from the Turkish border police, no less) just how hilarious my name is in Turkish... pic.twitter.com/OGkzhon0aG

— Bence Nanay (@BenceNanay) January 17, 2019

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Thread. NYT citing Bannon as an authority, as though he's offering objective analysis? Yes, there are parallels between Brexit and Trump, because Bannon helped create both situations and has openly taken credit elsewhere. https://t.co/IhEBfMLwoP

— Tamsin Shaw (@ProfessorShaw) January 13, 2019

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I [30M] want the bin to be standing up like a normal bin. My cat [8 months F] wants the bin to be always on the floor with the trash streaming out. Am I in the wrong here?

— Tom Whyman (@HealthUntoDeath) January 11, 2019

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That pathetic performance from @afneil is a new low for the @BBC. In effect, Neil just shouted over a guest in order to claim that there can be no discussion of Neil’s own business dealings and commercial activities on a BBC programme. This isn’t just normal bullying #bbctw 1/2

— Martin O'Neill (@martin_oneill) January 11, 2019

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Het cynisme van vele (volwassen) commentatoren op de klimaatactie van jongeren is stuitend. Op 17 jaar de moed hebben om (positief) ergens voor op te komen en het uit te leggen in een tv studio, je moet er moed en branie voor hebben. Alle lof. Gelukkig is er altijd nog jeugd.

— Ignaas Devisch (@idevisch) January 11, 2019

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Since we’re talking income tax rates, it occurred to me to compare my pay stubs from the US and Sweden, having recently moved from a relative low-tax environment to a relative high-tax one. It’s interesting! /1 pic.twitter.com/bgexr7Acdy

— Erik Angner (@ErikAngner) January 15, 2019

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THIS. I know everyone wants there to be some "good guys" out there but the pro-Remain centrists, Blair and Mandelson and their allies, have made their fortunes from Deripaska. There won't be any good guys until Britain reexamines its relationship with Russian money. https://t.co/iW6WM85FfY

— Tamsin Shaw (@ProfessorShaw) January 18, 2019

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You would think that if you want someone to consent to sex with you, then you should be prepared to give up your right to privacy about which sex you are. @stonewalluk are campaigning to change that. https://t.co/saYytYx65y

— Dr Sophie Allen (@sophie_r_allen) January 14, 2019

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a woman saying “no”,
a woman asserting her boundaries and refusing to budge,
a woman refusing to be kind,
a woman unwilling to be inclusive,

these are not acts of hatred; they are acts of resistance.

— Dr Holly Lawford-Smith (@aytchellesse) January 13, 2019

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Homophobia kills.

Transphobia kills.

Racism kills.

"Girls, 11, kill themselves 'after they were bullied at school for being in love'" https://t.co/g3hZdBsFki

Stop being shitty to people who aren't like you.

— Dr. Rachel McKinnon (@rachelvmckinnon) January 11, 2019

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me when I post a selfie vs IRL pic.twitter.com/0j4Wnqh0oE

— pizza roll heiress (@christapeterso) January 11, 2019

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My morning doodle, explained in a thread. I've sorted philosophers along the only axes that matter. pic.twitter.com/nfKgKeespE

— Liam Bright (@lastpositivist) January 14, 2019

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Here’s @afneil shouting that he won’t allow any discussion of the Spectator (of which he is the Chairmam) on #bbctw

*If* the BBC were serious about its governance, this shabby, self-condemning performance *should* end Neil’s career @BBC. https://t.co/kQJR8reyCi

— Martin O'Neill (@martin_oneill) January 11, 2019

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Il y a les dictatures où le pouvoir enferme, torture et tue les journalistes.
Et il y a les démocraties comme la France, où c'est le "peuple" auto-proclamé qui s'en charge. Ainsi revient la Peste. https://t.co/nPlsLZLalF

— Raphaël Enthoven (@Enthoven_R) January 12, 2019

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"لا تربوا أولادكم كما رباكم أباؤكم فإنهم خلقوا لزمن غير زمانكم" مقولة مزعوم نسبتها إلى الإمام علي، وتذكرني بمقولة جبران خليل: "أولادكم ليسوا لكم، أولادكم أبناء الحياة المشتاقة إلى نفسها ... في طاقتكم أن تصنعوا مساكن لأجسادهم، لكن نفوسهم لا تقطن في مساكنكم فهي تقطن في مسكن الغد”.

— حسن الشريف (@Alsharif_HS) January 13, 2019

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"Hinglaj is one of the only shared religious spaces in Pakistan that shifted to favor Hindu tradition after the partition of India": In a Muslim-majority country, a Hindu goddess lives on https://t.co/prfr7pAvnB via @NatGeo

— Edward Butler (@EPButler) January 15, 2019

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the latest from @Docstockk:

"...all genuine progressives should firmly defend the definition of a lesbian as a female homosexual. ...Female-attracted transwomen can have our strong support without usurping the category of lesbians."


— Dr Holly Lawford-Smith (@aytchellesse) January 14, 2019

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Here it Titus Kaphar's piece Shadows of Liberty. It's George Washington, festooned with strips torn from his catalogue of enslaved people (Kaphar repainted the catalogue, which was written in GW's own handwriting, and then cut the strips out). pic.twitter.com/WBoftMwEOq

— Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator) January 13, 2019