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— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) February 19, 2021

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From https://t.co/TqEsffRA41:

"My faculty (UK university) suggested turning all toilets into unisex. In a meeting with other managers I asked if they had done an equality impact assessment. I was thinking about ensuring adequate provision for women and people with disability... pic.twitter.com/Xr76OezRiA

— Miroslav Imbrisevic (@Miroandrej) February 21, 2021

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Ce n’est pourtant pas compliqué à comprendre ... pic.twitter.com/0fWEuxZSf8

— Tavoillot (@phtavoillot) February 19, 2021

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Compare these two images @mattyglesias just linked. If we admit to top schools just on the basis of SAT scores, it'd cut the number of kids from the top income quintile by about half. Maybe that's why colleges don't want to do it? pic.twitter.com/MEL4rWsn5u

— Humean Being (@MetaHumean) February 18, 2021

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'Corbyn promised massive government spending and borrowing'. What the hell is Nick Robinson talking about. The government borrowed £227.6 Billion more to December. The sky did not fall in. The cost of the 2017 manifesto was £48.6 Billion and 2019, £82.9. #r4today

— William Large (@LargeWlarge63) February 18, 2021

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Analytic philosophy at its finest. pic.twitter.com/i9RoG3EpRU

— Sean Crawford (@qualiazombie) February 20, 2021

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'We have "women and non binary seminars", "women and non binary" study groups. There are no "Men and Non binary" groups, of course. Men are the default and everything else just goes into “other”.' pic.twitter.com/aIy5RjHp43

— Miroslav Imbrisevic (@Miroandrej) February 21, 2021

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“The modern conservative is...engaged in one of man’s oldest, best financed, most applauded, and, on the whole, least successful exercises in moral philosophy...the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
--John Kenneth Galbraith

— Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Lazer (@SisyphusRedemed) February 18, 2021

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It is often assumed that scientists do not pay attention to philosophy of science. This is just not true. This paper just out in Synthese examines longitudinally which domains of science cite philosophy of science papers: https://t.co/MqGB1e4CTZ #philsci #bibliometrics #citations pic.twitter.com/ZZbaMb2I7b

— Thomas Pradeu (@pradeu) February 20, 2021

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So I've been stuck on the camera policy for my Zoom classes. I totally get the worries about student privacy and invasiveness. But I also know that my teaching gets radically worse when I'm facing mostly all black squares. So this time, I tried complete honesty.


— C Thi Nguyen (@add_hawk) February 22, 2021

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"I never thought we would be at a place where, if you believe that sex is an axis of oppression, you are systematically excluded from academia. But that is where we are. It's more extreme that I could have imagined before I began... pic.twitter.com/ROm52EEp38

— Miroslav Imbrisevic (@Miroandrej) February 21, 2021

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"ผมไม่เคยทุจริต" ~ประยุทธ์ จันทร์โอชา

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) February 18, 2021

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ไม่มีใครสนใจเหตุผลของศาลที่ไม่ให้ประกันตัวครั้งที่สี่เลย 555

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) February 22, 2021

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Qu’est-ce que l’islamogauchisme ?
▶️L’islam est la religion des opprimés
▶️Les musulmans opprimés sont la nouvelle force révolutionnaire pour combattre le capitalisme et la démocratie bourgeoise
▶️Les attentats sont une légitime défense face à l’impérialisme occidental
Ça existe

— Tavoillot (@phtavoillot) February 19, 2021

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...I didn’t even know about GRA debate. Anyway I was shouted down for being transphobic. The loos are now unisex and as I expected the presence of urinals means that women now have fewer toilets than before as they don’t want to walk past men at urinals." pic.twitter.com/1dUViAyznO

— Miroslav Imbrisevic (@Miroandrej) February 21, 2021

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He estat a Laietana, Urquinaona, Catalunya i Passeig de Gràcia. I la fúria amb la que els Mossos i les seves furgones s’han dedicat a perseguir manifestants en exercici del dret fonamental a manifestar-se era, avui, més propi d’un estat policial que d’una democràcia. pic.twitter.com/RPLxh6QVpP

— xavier antich 🎗 (@XavierAntich) February 20, 2021

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1. ไวรัสปรากฏที่ตลาดจตุจักร มีคนเอาสัตว์ที่ซื้อที่นี่ไปที่อู่ฮั่น แต่มีอู่ฮั่นติดเชื้อเมืองเดียว เมืองอื่นที่เอาสัตว์ไปไม่เห็นติด
2. อู่ฮั่นมีศูนย์วิจัยไวรัสอยู่ในเมืองนั่นแหละ แล้วพอเกิดระบาดก็สั่งปิดข่าวกันให้วุ่นhttps://t.co/gqm6C7AEJ7

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) February 24, 2021

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...my PhD. It really feels like an institutionally sanctioned witch hunt, and the people who are doing it are doing it in the name of being progressive. It's heartbreaking." pic.twitter.com/awWeXhM3yJ

— Miroslav Imbrisevic (@Miroandrej) February 21, 2021

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"The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence" - new Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (@iephilosophy) entry, by me and John-Stewart Gordon. A lot of work went into this! We hope people might find this useful: https://t.co/APcIcHwbru

— Sven Nyholm (@SvenNyholm) February 20, 2021

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I met #Rawls at dinner after a talk he gave at NYU in 1988. Although I was a lowly postdoc in a group that included Ronald Dworkin & Tom Nagel, I had the temerity to raise some questions about his talk. He was generous in his responses at the time & a week later sent me a letter. pic.twitter.com/TocK57rCtP

— SJ Brison (@SusanBrison) February 21, 2021