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Philosophers' tweets from past 7 days most retweeted per follower:

1. One retweet per 9 followers:

I hope ethicists are also seeing that more Black and Brown physicians is not the sole answer to medical racism.

— Keisha Ray, PhD (@DrKeishaRay) January 28, 2023

2. One retweet per 11 followers:

the ads in replies thing is MADDENING

— worms cited (@christapeterso) February 2, 2023

3. One retweet per 11 followers:

sir mixalot didn't die for this

— Dev (Parody) (@Dervine7) February 1, 2023

4. One retweet per 12 followers:

Om hvordan helsetilbudet for transpersoner på kort tid har blitt rasert. 🧵

— Mathea (@MatheaSagdahl) February 2, 2023

5. One retweet per 12 followers:

Jürgen Habermas – “Reflections and Hypotheses on a Further Structural Transformation of the Political Public Sphere” (2022), open access: https://t.co/8oDeZzaJ2O

— Thomas Gregersen (@PoliticalPhilo) January 30, 2023

6. One retweet per 15 followers:

Can anyone answer this question. Why was not voting Labour from 2015-19 not enabling the Tories, but mysteriously became so after 2019?

— William Large (@LargeWlarge63) February 1, 2023

7. One retweet per 18 followers:

BREAKING: Eddie Speir, whom Gov. DeSantis recently appointed (alongside Chris Rufo) to the @NewCollegeofFL Board of Trustees, publicly announces intention to seek legal approval to immediately terminate the contracts of all faculty, staff, and administration at the university. pic.twitter.com/vqSEzOi3Ac

— Sam Hoadley-Brill 🙏 READ CHARLES MILLS. RIP 🐐 (@deonteleologist) January 30, 2023

8. One retweet per 19 followers:

We are hiring *eight* new philosophers - all permanent positions - @UniUtrecht! You can find all the calls here: https://t.co/pphINblEem
Please spread the word - we can finally hire you all!

— Lucie White (@lucieawhite) February 1, 2023

9. One retweet per 21 followers:

Every effort I made to create Rawls wearing a blindfold always had him peeking through. It could be the AI has difficulty putting a blindfold over glasses but I think it’s a critical commentary on ideal theory. https://t.co/nAiLCZPIxn pic.twitter.com/udXJ5HmZwq

— Ersatz Doctor (@ErsatzDoctor) January 29, 2023

10. One retweet per 24 followers:

Academics: we are appalled that anyone would try to politicize the academy and academic hiring.

Also academics: pic.twitter.com/jq5lrPnko3

— Brandon Warmke (@BrandonWarmke) January 31, 2023

11. One retweet per 25 followers:

why didn’t sisyphus just stop pushing the boulder

— declan o’gara (@Declan_OGara) February 3, 2023

12. One retweet per 27 followers:

You are not allowed to punish entire groups of innocent strangers for your own personal sexual trauma because they happen to share a few body parts with the person/people who hurt you. I can't believe that this needs to be said.

— jentleman and a scholar🐱 | BLM (@philoso_foster) January 31, 2023

13. One retweet per 28 followers:

im losing my fucking mind pic.twitter.com/zVPDkqQvFa

— worms cited (@christapeterso) February 1, 2023

14. One retweet per 34 followers:

a grad student in a different department asked me if I had research methods classes and I had to tell her that my research method is just thinking really hard

— Evan (ottoman) (@beingandslime) January 30, 2023

15. One retweet per 35 followers:

"British people will still be able to go and work in the EU; to live; to travel; to study; to buy homes and to settle down” – Boris Johnson, Sunday Telegraph, 26 June 2016.
The lies are so shocking as scarcely to be comprehensible. How were so many taken in by this?

— A C Grayling #FBPE #Reform #Rejoin #FBPR (@acgrayling) February 2, 2023

16. One retweet per 35 followers:

Pelayo tiene 11 años. Y no se llama Pelayo (guardaré su anonimato).

La suerte de Pelayo es que sus padres le narran la Historia de España para minimizar el daño de la versión adulterada que le insufla el cole. Y Pelayo, motu proprio, diseña luego estos pósits para aprender bien. pic.twitter.com/lxVfVhS17r

— miguel ángel quintana paz (@quintanapaz) February 3, 2023

17. One retweet per 38 followers:

Capitalism pic.twitter.com/hqfnEq8Cd6

— Stefan Schubert (@StefanFSchubert) February 1, 2023

18. One retweet per 39 followers:

It finally happened. I told a physician on hinge that I do bioethics research AND HE UNMATCHED WITH ME

— Jaime Valentine (@bioethicsbarbie) January 29, 2023

19. One retweet per 39 followers:

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine numerous media outlets, ‘public intellectuals’ and politicians decided to blame trans people, deliberately invoking the idea that trans people were ‘degenerate’ and exculpating Russia as merely responding to ‘Western decadence’ https://t.co/7yREXijBi9 pic.twitter.com/ageqFllSWL

— Nate (@nateffo) February 1, 2023

20. One retweet per 46 followers:

What’s the best male performance where he critiques pure reason

— flo 🕊️ (@morallawwithin) January 30, 2023