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Fantastic piece by @peterjukes putting together what we know about Russian influence ops in the UK - and asking, if this is what we already know, what is Boris Johnson trying to suppress in the Russia report?

PLEASE RT https://t.co/ZyMokCHOAS

— Tamsin Shaw (@ProfessorShaw) November 9, 2019

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Our Lady just wants to read and no one will let her. #nationalgallery pic.twitter.com/RQ11GYlxxL

— Jennifer A. Frey (@jennfrey) November 10, 2019

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Today I am doing my PhD , debt free! Allan Gray paved this way and made it possible for black kids to pursue their dreams by removing the financial burden. I will forever be indebted to the foundation for this. Thank you Mr Gray!

— ConflictedBlackWoman (@ZinhleManzini) November 11, 2019

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« Variante délatrice », « génération snowflake », même le CM de @franceculture adopte le même vocabulaire que les incels et les groupes d’extrême droite comme si ces termes n’étaient pas profondément idéologiques... pic.twitter.com/0PanmOWvxm

— Manon Garcia (@ManonGarciaFR) November 5, 2019

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谷村先生の「世界の真理を知りたいと思うなら、私は哲学はやらない。ストレートに科学をやればよいと思う」という意見には同意。>哲学者は物理学者の本気の拳をどう受け止めるか…谷村省吾「一物理学者が観た哲学」を読んで|R. Maruyama @rmaruy #note https://t.co/jBEiicbt6j

— Minao Kukita 久木田水生 (@minaokukita) November 6, 2019

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El principal problema de España es el caos climático que viene. En 30 años, Madrid tendrá el clima de Marrakech. El futuro son incendios devastadores y sequía. Y hay gente que le da más de 50 escaños a un partido negacionista. Es un suicidio en sentido literal.

— Marta Tafalla (@TafallaMarta) November 10, 2019

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ไม่เห็นด้วยกับการเอามีชัยกลับมาแก้รัฐธรรมนูญ ปัญหาของรัฐธรรมนูญนี้ก็มาจากมีชัยแหละ

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) November 9, 2019

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I never thought I’d say this, but the UK is infected by corruption at the highest levels. It’s gutting to admit it, but: 2016 referendum, police delay (cover up?) investigating it, Arcuri delay to investigation, withholding Russian interference report...The common thread? TORIES.

— A C Grayling #FBPE🕷 #PeoplesVote &/or #Revoke50 (@acgrayling) November 9, 2019

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This is so much more deeply bananas than my imaginings of what this woman was like. https://t.co/cSTLqwWXT4

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) November 5, 2019

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The anti-Labour bias on #r4today has been so extraordinary in the first hour that anywhere else in the world it would be a scandal. Remember that the BBC is a publically funded broadcaster and it is meant to be following election rules. I can give 3 examples. 1/

— William Large (@wlarge63) November 8, 2019

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EU will release 60 million euros to help Britain repair 2015-16 flood damage - Reuters. Great to have friends and allies. #StopBrexit https://t.co/mkXLKTWxk8

— Emmy van Deurzen☀️#FBPE PhD 🇪🇺🇫🇷🇳🇱🇬🇧🇺🇸⭐️ (@emmyzen) November 8, 2019

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When you have far too many interests... pic.twitter.com/TYyVr8wDtQ

— Walter Veit (@wrwveit) November 8, 2019

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It was odd. It just happened. We watched it. https://t.co/lCRiptwYIG

— Pauline Shanks Kaurin (@KaurinShanks) November 9, 2019

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— Edward Butler (@EPButler) November 8, 2019

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“The software inside the Uber self-driving SUV that killed an Arizona woman last year was not designed to detect pedestrians outside of a crosswalk... Uber’s #selfDrivingCar work failed to consider how humans actually operate.” #ai #aiethics https://t.co/zY0LNyjXT0

— Alex John London (@AlexJohnLondon) November 6, 2019

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Only @bbcnickrobinson would think it is suitable on the day of remembrance to demand that we need more wars. Who thinks that the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were a good thing? Next he's going to tell us Wilson was wrong to keep the UK out Vietnam. #r4today

— William Large (@wlarge63) November 11, 2019

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Harrington, a couple of hundred clicks north of Sydney. This is when you know it's time to evacuate #NSWbushfires pic.twitter.com/qBLhFWfRyy

— Tim Rayner (@timrayner01) November 8, 2019

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私が科学と哲学について説明するときによく使うスライドです。 pic.twitter.com/eUUl9KRpMh

— Minao Kukita 久木田水生 (@minaokukita) November 6, 2019

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This is a charter school founder and head, and this is exactly the shit that enables chronic abuse in schools. https://t.co/XO27q3agbV

— nice girl (@christapeterso) November 11, 2019