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Patron Opportunities Among Philosophers on Mastodon

A list of philosophers with over 100 followers.

Updated: 2023-Mar-23 14:04 UTC. Entries: 3. Inclusion criteria. See full group. Feedback: @[email protected].

1. profile imageNigel Warburton
@[email protected]

Freelance philosopher. Author of A Little History of Philosophy, main interviewer for Philosophy Bites podcast, Everyday Philosophy column in The New European, consultant ed. Aeon.co and Five Books etc.
On Twitter: Twitter.com/@philosophybites
Philosophy Bites: philosophybites.com
Journalism: authory.com/NigelWarburton
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Joined 2022-Nov-07
Last posted 2023-Mar-02
2. profile imageJustin Weinberg / Daily Nous
@[email protected]

Philosophy prof, editor of Daily Nous (academic philosophy news), person
website: dailynous.com/
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Joined 2022-Nov-11
Last posted 2023-Mar-23
3. profile imageNick Byrd
@[email protected]

Ph.D. | Using #decisionScience to understand how (to improve the ways) we think (as individuals and groups). Working in the #NYC metro area. I use this more for work (#CogSci, #Psychology, #Philosophy, #Rationality, #Debiasing, #Depolarization, #Teaching, #SciComm, and #rStats) than the more personal stuff I post to Instagram (@byrd.nick). Profile picture: not Neil Patrick Harris, but someone that is told almost daily that they bear an uncanny resemblance to him.
Website: byrdnick.com
Google Scholar: scholar.google.com/citations?u
YouTube: youtube.com/@ByrdNick
Podcast: byrdnick.com/pod
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Joined 2022-Oct-31
Last posted 2023-Mar-23