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Video Channels for Philosophers on Mastodon

A list of philosophers with over 100 followers.

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1. profile imageMrPhi
@[email protected]

Docteur en philosophie, ce qui ne soigne pas grand chose. Je sème des grains de philo sur YouTube. https://youtube.com/c/monsieurphi
YouTube: youtube.com/c/monsieurphi
Twitter: twitter.com/MonsieurPhi
Joined 2022-Nov-07
Last posted 2022-Nov-18
2. profile imageAgnes Callard
@[email protected]

I am a philosopher at the University of Chicago
My UChicago web page: philosophy.uchicago.edu/facult
My twitter account: twitter.com/AgnesCallard
Video channel
Joined 2022-Nov-06
Last posted 2023-Jan-31
3. profile imageLuciano Floridi
@[email protected]

Luciano Floridi - philosopher More here: https://www.philosophyofinformation.net/
Website: philosophyofinformation.net/
Books: amazon.com/Luciano-Floridi/e/B
Free (OA) articles: papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/Ab
Google Scholar: scholar.google.co.uk/citations
Video channel
Joined 2022-Nov-19
Last posted 2023-Mar-23
4. profile imageMaarten Steenhagen
@[email protected]

I'm a philosopher and writer. I think and write about philosophy and psychology, but these days quite a lot about the dreadful state society is in. Currently at Uppsala Universitet, former fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge #WearAMask
Bird site: twitter.com/msteenhagen
Blog: indoxicate.me
Toots in: English, Dutch
Pronouns: he/they
Google Scholar page
Video channel
Joined 2022-Apr-30
Last posted 2023-Mar-22