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1. One retweet per 5 followers (average):

A Folha antecipou hoje meu artigo sobre o caso Alvim que sairá na próxima @ilustrissima. Nele, argumento que Alvim caiu porque foi pego usando uma tática comunicativa empregada o tempo todo pelo núcleo ideológico do governo Bolsonaro, que a aprendeu com >https://t.co/aMDS5wgKl0

— Rodrigo Nunes (@OrangoQuango) January 22, 2020

2. One retweet per 12 followers (average):

El 90% de los alumnos catalanes que repiten varios cursos durante su escolarización obligatoria tienen el español como lengua materna https://t.co/isJ5uZ62aT

— mtoscano (@mtscano) January 17, 2020

3. One retweet per 13 followers (average):

"Immunology is central to contemporary biology and medicine, but it also provides novel philosophical insights." My new book, "Philosophy of Immunology", is available in open access: https://t.co/rSfHsHtwOm (#immunology #philsci #philbio #cancer #neuroimmunology #individuality) pic.twitter.com/YodsvLmQMU

— Thomas Pradeu (@pradeu) January 19, 2020

4. One retweet per 22 followers (average):

I forget why Ken Starr is no longer the President of Baylor University. Oh, right. https://t.co/N3f4Pj3sw1

— Scott Shapiro (@scottjshapiro) January 17, 2020

5. One retweet per 26 followers (average):

Japanese shrine bans foreign visitors following disrespectful behaviour by tourists https://t.co/KDBnBPTaNv via @RocketNews24En

— Edward Butler (@EPButler) January 14, 2020

6. One retweet per 31 followers (average):

Aboriginal elders try to stop Christians from trying to convert them https://t.co/4xSe4ozNFg via @MailOnline

— Edward Butler (@EPButler) January 21, 2020

7. One retweet per 35 followers (average):

アメリカはレポートの採点が自動化されつつあるので、機械から見てよいレポートを書けるようにという教科書まで出ている。序文にそんな本を書かざるを得なかった状況に対する複雑な思いが書かれている。A. Lamoreaux, Writing Instruction Tips For Automated Essay Graders https://t.co/j9eoKHfDUa

— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) January 24, 2020

8. One retweet per 40 followers (average):

For our friends abroad : french academics struggle to re-appropriate their own academia
here is (in english) a manifest for a common application to the "HCERES", the agency for research evaluation (published today in LeMonde)
Please circulatehttps://t.co/yosYDuX8Bz

— philippe huneman (@philippehune) January 20, 2020

9. One retweet per 44 followers (average):

WHO | Advisory Committee on Developing Global Standards for Governance and Oversight of Human Genome Editing is consulting on what features should be included in governance framework. Complete the survey & have your say https://t.co/VCCOC73Rqh

— Francoise Baylis (@FrancoiseBaylis) January 15, 2020

10. One retweet per 46 followers (average):

Miserables per unanimitat.https://t.co/R6VfnuL8mn

— xavier antich 🎗 (@XavierAntich) January 23, 2020

11. One retweet per 51 followers (average):

Debatten mellan Anna Starbrink och ST-läkaren Akil Awad i gårdagens Aktuellt har många dimensioner, och är väl värd att se. https://t.co/dopYorRSne Men... (tråd)

— Karim Jebari (@KarimJebari) January 22, 2020

12. One retweet per 53 followers (average):

Uno de los mas importantes objetivos de la educación es que los niños conozcan las alternativas que existen a los prejuicios de sus padres. Lo de Savater https://t.co/Nvt4wp159c vía @el_pais

— mtoscano (@mtscano) January 18, 2020

13. One retweet per 55 followers (average):

I just uploaded 'Unburdening the Earth: Hinduism and Ecology' to @academia! https://t.co/pagSbYYP5a

— Vishwa Adluri (@VishwaAdluri) January 21, 2020

14. One retweet per 57 followers (average):

RIP Sir Roger Scruton, a wide-ranging and highly stimulating philosopher who did not conform to prevailing orthodoxies. His voice will be missed. https://t.co/IdFOI9k9J9

— John Tasioulas (@JTasioulas) January 12, 2020

15. One retweet per 60 followers (average):

Just learned about this handbook for making complex visual images such as charts, diagrams, mathematical graphs, etc. accessible. It's super helpful for anyone posting educational content online and ensuring it's accessible! Plus, it's #CC licensed. #a11y https://t.co/G5ziWxb2p2

— Christina Hendricks (@clhendricksbc) January 16, 2020

16. One retweet per 63 followers (average):

“I bumped into David Owen last year. The former foreign secretary told me he had become a Leaver because of what had been done to Greece. That is exactly what finally did it for me too” - a beautiful ⁦@FT⁩ piece by Louis de Bernières. https://t.co/Ym7Oyo0Ikj

— John Tasioulas (@JTasioulas) January 25, 2020

17. One retweet per 65 followers (average):

“The biggest loss of clean water protection our country has ever seen” https://t.co/c0IxdWI3VN

— Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator) January 23, 2020

18. One retweet per 67 followers (average):

Como me dijo una vez mi buen amigo @jzamorabonilla, nos están prometiendo la inmortalidad y todavía no han solucionado lo de la alopecia. https://t.co/uB7ZguvY4l

— Antonio Dieguez (@AJDieguez) January 21, 2020

19. One retweet per 68 followers (average):

L’ESR bouge vraiment! Un point sur le mouvement , par Sylvestre Huet. A lire! #ESR #cNRS #DarwinismeSocialhttps://t.co/S8lmJIe8ma

— philippe huneman (@philippehune) January 21, 2020

20. One retweet per 72 followers (average):

How normalized has surveillance become?@USATODAY, the paper of choice at hotels everywhere, published a columnist recommending using “AirPods to eavesdrop” as a tip for falling in ❤️with your iPhone. https://t.co/CxEQWmt3Ap pic.twitter.com/9LUyub50Ce

— Evan Selinger (@EvanSelinger) January 18, 2020