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Women Among Philosophers on Bluesky

A list of philosophers with over 100 followers.

Updated: 2023-Dec-02 22:08 UTC. Entries: 86. Inclusion criteria. See full group. Switch to grid view. Feedback:

1. profile imageRachel Handley 🏳️‍🌈

Philosopher at Trinity College Dublin. SFF Author. Poet. Codex. Debut short story collection: Possible Worlds and Other Stories (Ellipsis Imprints, 2022): EIC of Crab Tales Magazine 🦀 Bi.They/She.
2. profile imageHelen De Cruz

Philosopher writing on science, religion, SFF, SFWA, Codex, lute music. newsletter: website : My book Wonderstruck, preorder - ver/9780691232126/wonderstruck
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3. profile imageAlisa Bokulich

Professor @Boston U, History & Philosophy of Science—esp Philosophy of Geosciences, Director Phi-Geo Research Group, Assoc @Harvard U. Hist Sci, Radcliffe Institute Fellow Alumn, Settler. Webpage:
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4. profile imageDr Juliette

Assistant professor. Philosophy of medicine and other stuff. Cats. Autrice "Pilules Roses"
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5. profile imageEmily Herring

I am writing a book about Henri Bergson for Basic Books — Radiohead were right: I have no idea what you are talking about — she/her
6. profile imagehilzoy

Ethics R Us. Baltimore. Refugee from Twitter, blogging, and who knows what else.
7. profile imageSabina Leonelli

Prof in Philosophy and History of Science, University of Exeter | director Egenis | editor @HPLSjournal | @StudiesOpen | President-elect ISHPSSB | loves almost all forms of life and music
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8. profile imageJanet D. Stemwedel

Academic philosopher, lapsed chemist, occasional science writer, perpetual ethics booster. All views my own. (she/her)
9. profile imageElizabeth Picciuto

Writer. Philosophy PhD. Rooted cosmopolitan, gardening Jew. Mom of 3, including 1 with Cri du Chat Syndrome.
10. profile imageShannon Vallor

Philosopher/AI Ethicist at the University of Edinburgh, BRAID co-Director, author of Technology and the Virtues (2016) and The AI Mirror (2024). Views my own.
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11. profile imageDeborah Russell MP

Labour List MP based in West Auckland. My BlueSky is mostly personal except when it’s not. Authorised by Rob Salmond, 187 Featherston St, Wellington
12. profile imageCailin O’Connor

Philosopher and applied mathematician at UC Irvine. Author of The Misinformation Age and Origins of Unfairness. Mother. Mother of Chickens.
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13. profile imageLisa Bortolotti

Professor of Philosophy. Founder of the Imperfect Cognitions blog. Editor of Philosophical Psychology. Author of Why Delusions Matter (Bloomsbury 2023). Curious ladybird at The Philosophy Garden. Silver Swan.
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14. profile imageEuthyphro

15. profile imagejentleman and a scholar 🐱

@philoso_foster from twitter. looking for my friends in the computer. cat mom to Eddy, Eliot, and Rho (“the boyos”). she/her
16. profile imageIngrid Robeyns

Political philosopher; once upon a time economist. Prof @Utrecht University | Public values (social justice, sustainability, quality of life). Fair economies, caring societies. #limitarianism
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17. profile imageSabine Döring

State Secretary at Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) & Professor of Philosophy at Tübingen University
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18. profile imageSarah Wieten

philosopher of medicine and social sciences, clinical ethicist, pedagogy enthusiast, plant lady 'pretty decent at puns' New here, looking for philosophy, medicine, public health, economics, history, bioethics and art people! She/Her
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19. profile imagejoana rita sousa 🦄 💩💎 (ela /she)

🧠. 🐕 . 📚. 🗣
20. profile imageflorence

philosophy doer. kantian. paying people to torture animals is bad. ecce agnus dei qui tollit peccatum mundi ☧
21. profile imageCarissa Véliz

Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Author of #PrivacyIsPower (An Economist Book of the Year). Keynote Speaker. Posts about #privacy, #AIethics, #philosophy, #philtech
22. profile imageSkye Cleary

Author of How to Be Authentic, Existentialism & Romantic Love, How to Live a Good Life. Thinking Partner at Philosophy at Work. Existential DJ.
23. profile imageNatalie Alana Ashton🍂🍎

philosopher working on knowledge, oppression & social media at VU Amsterdam. good politics. 'nervous but brave'. she/her.
24. profile imageDoctor Logic

#Logician, #Onomast, #Medievalist, #AcademicMama, #Author, #Immigrant, founder of and @EllipsisImprint. Own views. Robot.
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25. profile imageRobin Z

Professor, Philosopher, Cognitive Scientist, 4e Cognition and Artificial Intelligence; Science Fiction Fan, Cyborgologist, Retired Knitter, Comic Book Reader, 4ad records fanatic.
26. profile imageLauren N. Ross

Philosopher of Science, PhD, MD. Associate Professor, Logic and Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine. she/her
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27. profile imageDr Heather Browning (Veit)

Scientist & Philosopher | Former zookeeper, now Lecturer at University of Southampton, specialising in animal welfare, sentience, and ethics
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28. profile imageRebecca Ruth Gould

Global poetics+politics @SOAS | author Erasing Palestine @VersoBooks | The Persian Prison Poem @EdinburghUP | Writers & Rebels @yalepress |✊academic freedom | Non-aligned leftist | Proud Bristolian migrant
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29. profile imageSarah Robins

Philosopher at Purdue. Philosophy of Memory, Psychology, Neuroscience.
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30. profile imageFiona Fidler

Professor of History & Philosophy of Science (HPS) and co-director of MetaMelb Research Initiative (an interdisciplinary metascience research group) at the University of Melbourne. Part of
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31. profile imagePSK

Montanan in exile. Philosopher Queen. Diva. Foodie. Shoes. Not my first rodeo. Learning, charitible discussion, interesting ideas. No BS. Every day is Ethics Day! Chair in Military Ethics. David Hume. Books #OnObedience #MilitaryHonor My views alone.
32. profile imageCarolyn Dicey Jennings

Philosopher at University of California, Merced specializing in #attention. Author of The Attending Mind (CUP 2020), Attention and Mental Control (CUP 2022), and co-editor of Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience: A Philosophical Introduction (Routledge 2022).
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33. profile imageMathea

Everyone's favorite philosophy princess Trans, bi, social justice, etc. 🏳️‍⚧️
34. profile imageSusanne Bobzien

Philosopher. Prof of Philosophy. Oxford University. Author. Research: Determinism&Freedom&Responsibility; History of Logic; Vagueness; Phil.ofLang; Logic; a lot of Ancient; a bit of Kant; a bit of MAP. #philsky #langsky
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35. profile imageLynn Chiu

Philosopher-Scicomm-er infiltrating far corners of academia. Staying with the trouble. I work(ed) on niche construction, the holobiont & the extended evolutionary synthesis. International Scientific Community Manager at UniVienna
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36. profile imageSamantha Brennan

Philosopher, feminist, ethicist, cyclist. Dean, College of Arts, University of Guelph. My pronouns are she/her.🌈
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37. profile imageFabienne Peter

Philosophy professor, University of Warwick. Research: political philosophy, ethics, moral and political epistemology. She/they.
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38. profile imageAnn-Sophie Barwich

laughs at inopportune moments research (needs updating) bo ok on the science & philosophy of smell (HUP) g.php?isbn=9780674983694 Poetry & Essays
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39. profile imagemonstera adansonii

constantly logging off logging back on, assistant professor in philosophy (she/her)
40. profile imageMarylin Delgado

Associate Researcher. Former Associate Professor of Philosophy. Author. Passionate about sharing insights. Ethics. Philosophy of Action. Intersection of Epistemology and Ethics. Art. And other interests and concerns. |
41. profile imageBig PhD Energy (aka No Energy)

they / them 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ • Managing Editor of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal • First-Generation Philosophy PhD Student at Georgetown University
42. profile imageOphelia Deroy

Thinker, sailor, swimmer, PI. Prof. LMU, Munich. Philosophy of mind/cognitive science interested in collective experiences, social interactions & uncertainty - and in better sharing of science across society.
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43. profile imageRegina Rini

I teach Philosophy at York Uni in Toronto. I also write the 'Morals of the Story' column for the Times Literary Supplement. Work on norms, disagreement, and the role of tech in society.
44. profile imageShannon E French

Philosophy Prof, International Ethics Center Director, Author of Code of the Warrior. Military Ethics, Ethics & Technology. Views are mine alone.
45. profile imageSophia Crüwell

Philosophy of Science @Cambridge HPS / Metaresearch / ReproducibiliTea
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46. profile imageDani Wenner

philosopher, okra & orca lover, nogoodnik. she/her/Dr
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47. profile imageSandrine Berges

Furious feminist philosopher, author, likes to draw pictures.
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48. profile imageZara Bain

Some kind of philosopher | permanently tired | founder and director of | mama
49. profile imageJane Dryden

Philosophy prof in a tiny town in New Brunswick. Intellectual magpie writing about vulnerability, autonomy, disability, feminist philosophy, German idealism, gut microbiome, neurodiversity. she/her.
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50. profile imageKrista K. Thomason

Philosophy professor. Find all my stuff here:
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51. profile imageCassie

Thinkin’ about virtue (dialogue, education, epistemology, ethics, tech, & argumentation). Philosophy PhD Candidate.
52. profile imageKate Kirkpatrick

Philosopher, Oxford | Post-Kantian European Philosophy, Feminism, Ethics, and Religion |
53. profile imageAlison Gopnik

Cognitive scientist, philosopher, and psychologist at Berkeley, author of The Scientist in the Crib, The Philosophical Baby and The Gardener and the Carpenter and grandmother of five.
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54. profile imageEmma Curran

Philosopher at Cambridge - on my way to Rutgers. Thinking about ethics, longtermism, and sometimes metaphysics. Geordie sans accent.
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55. profile imageProf. Catarina Dutilh Novaes

Philosopher at VU Amsterdam & Arché, St. Andrews PI of ERC-funded project 'Social Epistemology of Argumentation' (2018-2024) Author of 'The Dialogical Roots of Deduction' (CUP, 2020) 🇧🇷 🇳🇱 (she/her)
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56. profile imageThleen

kathleen kath-mean kath-fighting machine | philosophy PhD candidate | she/her/hers
57. profile imageDr. Jessica A. Stockdale

Fellow at the Uni of Sussex #Sustainability Research Programme | Philosopher at Brighton and Sussex Medical School | #PhilSci, #Medicine, #Bioethics, #EnvHums, & #IndigenousKnowledge. www.jessicastockd
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58. profile imageH.K. Andersen

Philosopher and historian of science at Simon Fraser University, working on explanation, causation, pragmatism, time. Very geeky about science fiction/fantasy. she/they
59. profile imageAngela Potochnik

Philosopher of science, Director of Center for Public Engagement with Science at University of Cincinnati. Books: Idealization and the Aims of Science, Recipes for Science.
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60. profile imageliberty severs

phd fellow @ulisboa. philosophy of mind + cog sci; cog + comp neuro. embodied cognition, neurophenomenology, selfhood, consciousness, biological and artificial agency.
61. profile imageAmy Marvin

ethics research fellow and event planner / philosophy & trans studies / care, curiosity, creativity, & the comic
62. profile imageChiara Russo Krauss

Professor of history of philosophy at University Federico II, Naples (Italy). Follow me for: Neo-Kantianism content; Hating on analytic philosophy; Photos of Naples; Self-promotion, Shitposting.
63. profile imageDr. Cindy

“Sometimes, you’ve just got to blur the edges” Crowley (Good Omens, Season 2, Ep. 4, Chapter 4.)
64. profile imageMorgan Thompson

Philosopher of Science. Post-doc at Cornell. Interested in measurement, technology, data ethics, and social change. Enjoys games, sci fi, cats. She/her 🩷💜💙
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65. profile image

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66. profile imageRoberta Millstein 🌎🌱🐩🏊🏼‍♀

Professor Emerit at UC Davis. Researches in the history & philosophy of biology and environmental ethics. Book in production w/ U Chicago Press: _The Land Is Our Community: Aldo Leopold's Environmental Ethic for the New Millennium_
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67. profile imageLucy Osler

Philosophy Lecturer at Cardiff Uni, phenomenonology, online sociality, tech, emotions, phenomenological psychopathology, feminism. she/they
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68. profile imageMegan Fritts

professing philosophy assistant-ly. co-host of Philosophy on the Fringes with Frank Cabrera. new arkansan. baby-haver.
69. profile imageKatrina Sifferd

Philosopher @Elmhurst University, Co-Editor in Chief, Neuroethics (Springer). Interested in mind, responsibility, punishment, and criminal law.
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70. profile imageHaixin Dang

"hi-SIN"; Assistant Professor @University of Nebraska Omaha; philosophy of science, social epistemology, research ethics (she/her)
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71. profile imageBella-Rose💙

unions, cats, and plants are good | georgetown PhD student | she/her, elle | 🏴
72. profile imageTender Lettuce 🥬

Phd Candidate @McMaster: currently thinking about wrongful discrimination, Lucrezia Marinella, and Mary Astell 🫶🧚🏻🌷✨
73. profile imageMarta Halina

philosophy of science, comparative cognition, animal minds, artificial minds, AI in scientific practice, HPS Cambridge
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74. profile imageAlessandra Tanesini

Philosopher, sailor, wine snob #philsky
75. profile imageAgnes Callard

Video channel
76. profile imageCheryl Misak

Philosopher, Univ of Toronto
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77. profile imageLaura Duhan-Kaplan

Rabbi Professor. Recovering philosopher. Reluctant singer. Cat & crow fan. Recent Book: Biblical Animals Blog:
78. profile imageJennifer M. Morton

philosophy professor @Penn, author of Moving Up Without Losing Your Way, 🇵🇪, 1st-gen, #guggfellows2023, @CASBSStanford fellow 2023-2024,
79. profile imageRosa Ritunnano

Psychiatrist, philosopher & qual-researcher interested in psychosis, delusion, phenomenological psychopathology, philosophy of psychiatry, qualitative methods.
80. profile imageNatalie Brender

Eternal migrant seeking opera, feel-good politics, ruthless yet humane criticism, Jamesian ambivalence. Still hanging fire.
81. profile imagehanne de jaegher

philosopher, writer, cognitive scientist she/her masking
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82. profile imageAshwini Vasanthakumar

Queen's National Scholar and Associate Prof @queensulaw | alum @Harvard @YaleLawSch | @UniofOxford | migration, authority, obligation
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83. profile imageŞerife Tekin

Philosopher, Cat Lady, Aegean. website:
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84. profile imageVanessa Bentley (she/her)

Philosopher of science (neuroscience). Experiment, science & values, neuroethics, and feminist philosophy of science. University of Central Oklahoma
85. profile imageElin McCready

collaborator WAIFU & SLICK & MOM & NEON // associate editor S&P // prof AGU // trans // she/her // easycat // 異界愛者 // 移民
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86. profile imageDawn M Wilson

Philosopher. Light & Time. Thought & Image. Clarity & Silence.
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