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Google Scholar Links for Philosophers on Bluesky

A list of philosophers with over 100 followers.

Updated: 2023-Dec-02 16:09 UTC. Entries: 133. Inclusion criteria. See full group. Feedback:

1. profile imageOlúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò

political philosopher at Georgetown University. giving this a shot, I guess.
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2. profile imageScott Shapiro

Southmayd Prof @YaleLawSch + Philosophy @Yale. Ed, @LegalTheory + Stanford Encyclopedia of Phil. Content creator. Author, “Fancy Bear Goes Phishing"
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3. profile imageDr. Johnathan Flowers, Blade Wielding Bisexual (complimentary)

Assistant Professor @CSUN. Martial artist, motorcyclist, and comics philosopher. Areas: Japanese philosophy, race, gender, disability, and tech/AI. Pragmatic Dragon. He/Him/His 🏳️‍🌈
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4. profile imageHelen De Cruz

Philosopher writing on science, religion, SFF, SFWA, Codex, lute music. newsletter: website : My book Wonderstruck, preorder - ver/9780691232126/wonderstruck
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5. profile imageAlisa Bokulich

Professor @Boston U, History & Philosophy of Science—esp Philosophy of Geosciences, Director Phi-Geo Research Group, Assoc @Harvard U. Hist Sci, Radcliffe Institute Fellow Alumn, Settler. Webpage:
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6. profile imageGregg D Caruso

Philosopher @SUNY Corning, @Macquarie_Uni | Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Punishment, Phil of Law, Phil Mind, Ethics, Social-Political, Neurolaw
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7. profile imageDr Juliette

Assistant professor. Philosophy of medicine and other stuff. Cats. Autrice "Pilules Roses"
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8. profile imageErik Angner

Professor of Practical Philosophy, Stockholm University. Author of How Economics Can Save the World 🛟 Website: Opinions &c. my own. Agent: JP Marshall
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9. profile imageJo Wolff

Jonathan Wolff, Political Philosopher. Alfred Landecker Professor of Values and Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford Fellow Wolfson College President Royal Institute of Philosophy THFC supporter in 'back to reality' mode #academic
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10. profile imageChris Bertram

Political philosophy and theory, migration, refugees, Rousseau, photography, French literature, Crooked Timber, books, Bristol ... Wrote "Do States Have the Right to Exclude Immigrants" (Wiley/Polity, 2018).
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11. profile imageSabina Leonelli

Prof in Philosophy and History of Science, University of Exeter | director Egenis | editor @HPLSjournal | @StudiesOpen | President-elect ISHPSSB | loves almost all forms of life and music
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12. profile imageKevin Zollman

Philosophy and Game Theory at Carnegie Mellon 🦚 Research the interface between philosophy, economics, and biology 💱
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13. profile imageRobert Lepenies

University President & Professor for Pluralist Economics @karlshochschule #Sustainability #Scicomm #SDGs #Water #Nudging #Karlsruhe #Berlin. Dad of 3.
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14. profile imageShannon Vallor

Philosopher/AI Ethicist at the University of Edinburgh, BRAID co-Director, author of Technology and the Virtues (2016) and The AI Mirror (2024). Views my own.
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15. profile imageJustin Weinberg

• philosophy professor • editor of Daily Nous, philosophy news site • person
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Patreon page
16. profile imageMarshall Abrams

Philosopher of science and occasional scientist. Mainly philosophy of evolutionary biology, philosophy of probability, implications of modeling and statistical inference. Book: Evolution and the Machinery of Chance.
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17. profile imagemel

PhD student in philosophy of science of mathematical modelling, machine learning, cognitive science, biology. UC & Cranberry-Lemon Universities. Rarest mutant.
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18. profile imageChaz Firestone

Cognitive scientist studying how we see + think. Assistant Prof @Johns Hopkins. 🇨🇦
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19. profile imageCailin O’Connor

Philosopher and applied mathematician at UC Irvine. Author of The Misinformation Age and Origins of Unfairness. Mother. Mother of Chickens.
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20. profile imageKeith Frankish

Philosopher, writer, Ελληνοβρετανός. Hon Professor, Sheffield University. Mind, consciousness, illusionism, cog-sci, Ελλάδα. Website: Podcast: Banner: a-rainbow
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21. profile imageDigressionsimpressions

Philosopher who got a gig as political theorist at University of Amsterdam; also known as Ghent Zeppelin. I have a daily substack: https://digressionsimpressions
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22. profile imageGreg Priest

History & philosophy of science: biology, complexity, diagramming. Philosophy of history. PhD candidate (ABD) Stanford. Curates these BlueSky feeds: History and Philosophy of Biology Complexity Science Philosophy of History and Historiography
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23. profile imageLisa Bortolotti

Professor of Philosophy. Founder of the Imperfect Cognitions blog. Editor of Philosophical Psychology. Author of Why Delusions Matter (Bloomsbury 2023). Curious ladybird at The Philosophy Garden. Silver Swan.
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24. profile imageDavid Owen

Dyslexic diabetic. Eclectic philosopher and political theorist. Art and cricket lover. Artisan kimchi maker. Recovering poet. Fortunate man. Interested in all things human (and some non-human). Apparently now meant to add FBA to all social media profiles.
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25. profile imageIngrid Robeyns

Political philosopher; once upon a time economist. Prof @Utrecht University | Public values (social justice, sustainability, quality of life). Fair economies, caring societies. #limitarianism
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26. profile imageSabine Döring

State Secretary at Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) & Professor of Philosophy at Tübingen University
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27. profile imagePatrick Stokes

Philosophy academic (all views mine). Writer, radio producer, half of The Fake McCoys. Husband to Jess, dad to two girls, butler to Tuppence the West Highland Terrier. Melbourne + Werona
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28. profile imageEric Schwitzgebel

Philosopher, UC Riverside. Father. Human.
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29. profile imageChristian Munthe

Philosophy professor, ethics researcher, fiction author and musician. Filosofi, litteratur, musik och massa annat. Mer info: Inga anonyma följare tack! No anonymous followers, please!
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30. profile imageJonathan Weisberg

philosophy prof posting in an uncomfortably personal capacity
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31. profile imageRichard Pettigrew

Philosopher at University of Bristol 🏳️‍🌈 he/him B ooks: Epistemic Risk and the Demands of Rationality | Choosing for Changing Selves | Dutch Book Arguments | Accuracy and the Laws of Credence | Who Are Universities For?
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32. profile imageAidan McGlynn

Glaswegian philosopher based at the University of Edinburgh, mostly working on issues in epistemology and feminist philosophy. Tweeting in a personal capacity. He/him.
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33. profile imageDavid Chalmers

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34. profile imageDomingos Faria

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP). 🌍 | ✉️ [email protected] | ⚡️[email protected] #twtxt:
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35. profile imageSarah Wieten

philosopher of medicine and social sciences, clinical ethicist, pedagogy enthusiast, plant lady 'pretty decent at puns' New here, looking for philosophy, medicine, public health, economics, history, bioethics and art people! She/Her
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36. profile imageBrian D. Earp, PhD

Sr. ResFellow @UniofOx; Co-Dir. @bioxphi Lab: philosophy, psychology, bioethics; sci/tech/med; sex/gender/equality; body autonomy; child rights. @UKYoungAcademy
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37. profile imageDoctor Logic

#Logician, #Onomast, #Medievalist, #AcademicMama, #Author, #Immigrant, founder of and @EllipsisImprint. Own views. Robot.
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38. profile imageKeith Wilson

Philosopher working in empirically-informed #PhilMind, #PhilPerception, and the cognitive sciences at UCD. Maintains various #philosophy feeds. 🇮🇪🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦  🕸️ 🦣 fediphiloso 𝕏 @drkeithwilson 🗣️ he/they
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39. profile imageAlex John London

Author: For the a common Good: Philosophical Foundations of Research Ethics (OUP) and K&L Gates Professor of Ethics and Computational Technologies at CMU. Recent papers: https: //
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40. profile imagePanu Raatikainen

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41. profile imageMonsieur Phi

Docteur en philosophie, ce qui ne soigne pas grand chose. Je fais des trucs sur YouTube :
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42. profile imageMartin O'Neill

dad of four; professor of political philosophy at the university of york; trustee at the democracy collaborative; exec member at the british philosophical association; london-irish turned northerner; the future is unwritten -- there are always alternatives
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43. profile imageLauren N. Ross

Philosopher of Science, PhD, MD. Associate Professor, Logic and Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine. she/her
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44. profile imageDavid Papineau

King's College London. Working on mind, metaphysics, and science.
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45. profile imageDr Heather Browning (Veit)

Scientist & Philosopher | Former zookeeper, now Lecturer at University of Southampton, specialising in animal welfare, sentience, and ethics
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46. profile imageRebecca Ruth Gould

Global poetics+politics @SOAS | author Erasing Palestine @VersoBooks | The Persian Prison Poem @EdinburghUP | Writers & Rebels @yalepress |✊academic freedom | Non-aligned leftist | Proud Bristolian migrant
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47. profile image𖤐B𖤐

This is my academic feed for posting Buddhist philosophy, theoretical neurobiology, and aesthetics. Horror and metal posting at
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48. profile imageSarah Robins

Philosopher at Purdue. Philosophy of Memory, Psychology, Neuroscience.
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49. profile imageHuw Price

Australian philosopher. Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Bonn. Former Bertrand Russell Professor, Cambridge.
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50. profile imageFiona Fidler

Professor of History & Philosophy of Science (HPS) and co-director of MetaMelb Research Initiative (an interdisciplinary metascience research group) at the University of Melbourne. Part of
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51. profile imageCarolyn Dicey Jennings

Philosopher at University of California, Merced specializing in #attention. Author of The Attending Mind (CUP 2020), Attention and Mental Control (CUP 2022), and co-editor of Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience: A Philosophical Introduction (Routledge 2022).
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52. profile imageDavid Barack

Philosopher and neuroscientist | Studying reasoning and foraging | Conceptual and theoretical foundations of cognition | #T1D
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53. profile imageNed Block

Older than you
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54. profile imageDavid Spurrett

Philosopher, working on evolution of mechanisms of action selection, and their situated subversion. urrett
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55. profile imagelewis (when I'm here)

big little brother energy • he/him • philosophy professor • learning to be useless
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56. profile imagePete Mandik

Freestanding Utility Protein;
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57. profile imageJakob Hohwy

philosopher: consciousness, rationality, self-evidencing, contemplation s
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58. profile imageJustin Caouette

Philosopher | Ph.D. from Ucalgary | Research: Free Will; Ethics; Virtue; Emotion; Punishment; Moral Responsibility; Moral Obligation; Punishment; Psychology; Enhancement | Website:
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59. profile imageSusanne Bobzien

Philosopher. Prof of Philosophy. Oxford University. Author. Research: Determinism&Freedom&Responsibility; History of Logic; Vagueness; Phil.ofLang; Logic; a lot of Ancient; a bit of Kant; a bit of MAP. #philsky #langsky
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60. profile imageSamantha Brennan

Philosopher, feminist, ethicist, cyclist. Dean, College of Arts, University of Guelph. My pronouns are she/her.🌈
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61. profile imageLynn Chiu

Philosopher-Scicomm-er infiltrating far corners of academia. Staying with the trouble. I work(ed) on niche construction, the holobiont & the extended evolutionary synthesis. International Scientific Community Manager at UniVienna
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62. profile imageFabienne Peter

Philosophy professor, University of Warwick. Research: political philosophy, ethics, moral and political epistemology. She/they.
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63. profile imageBrett Karlan

Assistant goliard, Purdue University.
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64. profile imageAnn-Sophie Barwich

laughs at inopportune moments research (needs updating) bo ok on the science & philosophy of smell (HUP) g.php?isbn=9780674983694 Poetry & Essays
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65. profile imageHarvey Lederman

Professor of philosophy UTAustin. Philosophical logic, formal epistemology, philosophy of language, Wang Yangming.
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66. profile imageJosh Habgood-Coote

Philosopher | Practical knowledge, collective inquiry, philosophy of technology | spends too much time running
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67. profile imageTao Jiang

Professor of Classical Chinese Phil & Mahāyāna Buddhist Phil at Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, NJ, US; Origins of Moral-Political Philosophy in Early China (Oxford 21; 2023 Levenson Prize honorable mention) & other books:
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68. profile imageOphelia Deroy

Thinker, sailor, swimmer, PI. Prof. LMU, Munich. Philosophy of mind/cognitive science interested in collective experiences, social interactions & uncertainty - and in better sharing of science across society.
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69. profile imagePhilipp Schoenegger

Behavioural & Decision Scientist at the London School of Economics; Forecaster at the Swift Centre and Metaculus; Previously: Forecasting Research Institute and University of St Andrews
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70. profile imageSophia Crüwell

Philosophy of Science @Cambridge HPS / Metaresearch / ReproducibiliTea
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71. profile imageJeremy Davis

Assistant Professor of Philosophy @universityofga | ethics of war, bioethics, ethics of tech/AI | it's an anagram of my name | all views mine and mine alone
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72. profile imageTuomas K. Pernu

PhD and all that. Lecturer in Philosophy of Science and Research Ethics at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). Publications:
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73. profile imageMatt Zwolinski

Philosopher. Co-author of The Individualists: Radicals, Reactionaries, and the Struggle for the Soul of Libertarianism (Princeton, 2023), and Universal Basic Income: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford, 2023). Http://bleedingheartlibertarian.s
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74. profile imageDani Wenner

philosopher, okra & orca lover, nogoodnik. she/her/Dr
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75. profile imageSandrine Berges

Furious feminist philosopher, author, likes to draw pictures.
Google Scholar page
76. profile imageJane Dryden

Philosophy prof in a tiny town in New Brunswick. Intellectual magpie writing about vulnerability, autonomy, disability, feminist philosophy, German idealism, gut microbiome, neurodiversity. she/her.
Google Scholar page
77. profile imageJonathan Weinberg

Dad, Sondheim fan, philosopher. Pronouns: is/iste/ille
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78. profile imageKrista K. Thomason

Philosophy professor. Find all my stuff here:
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79. profile imagePekka Väyrynen

Philosophy professor at University of Leeds. Metaethics | academic life | "a satisficer with really high standards" (said by a colleague).
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80. profile imageKranti Saran

Philosopher of Mind. Perception, attention, consciousness, and whatever else interests me. All posts are personal and reposts =/= endorsements.
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81. profile imageDonovan Miyasaki

Philosophy professor, author of ‘Nietzsche's Immoralism: Politics as First Philosophy’ and ‘Politics After Morality: Toward a Nietzschean Left' (Palgrave 2022). Post-Kantian, ethical, & political philosophy.
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82. profile imagetom o'shea

philosopher • socialist • squirt
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83. profile imageDaniel Sharp

Political philosopher at LMU Munich. Writes on migration, citizenship, egalitarianism, democratic theory.
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84. profile imageAlison Gopnik

Cognitive scientist, philosopher, and psychologist at Berkeley, author of The Scientist in the Crib, The Philosophical Baby and The Gardener and the Carpenter and grandmother of five.
Google Scholar page
85. profile imageEmma Curran

Philosopher at Cambridge - on my way to Rutgers. Thinking about ethics, longtermism, and sometimes metaphysics. Geordie sans accent.
Google Scholar page
86. profile imageJ

recovering philosopher, tax lawyer* *law clerk
Google Scholar page
87. profile imageProf. Catarina Dutilh Novaes

Philosopher at VU Amsterdam & Arché, St. Andrews PI of ERC-funded project 'Social Epistemology of Argumentation' (2018-2024) Author of 'The Dialogical Roots of Deduction' (CUP, 2020) 🇧🇷 🇳🇱 (she/her)
Google Scholar page
88. profile imageDr. Jessica A. Stockdale

Fellow at the Uni of Sussex #Sustainability Research Programme | Philosopher at Brighton and Sussex Medical School | #PhilSci, #Medicine, #Bioethics, #EnvHums, & #IndigenousKnowledge. www.jessicastockd
Google Scholar page
89. profile imageJeremy Pober

Philosophy Postdoc. Previously philosophy grad student.
Google Scholar page
90. profile imageAngela Potochnik

Philosopher of science, Director of Center for Public Engagement with Science at University of Cincinnati. Books: Idealization and the Aims of Science, Recipes for Science.
Google Scholar page
91. profile imageJeremy Snyder

Professor at Simon Fraser University. Interested in bioethics, ethics, philosophy, crowdfunding, and exploitation, among other things.
Google Scholar page
92. profile imageBrian Weatherson

Philosopher at University of Michigan.
Google Scholar page
93. profile imageMorgan Thompson

Philosopher of Science. Post-doc at Cornell. Interested in measurement, technology, data ethics, and social change. Enjoys games, sci fi, cats. She/her 🩷💜💙
Google Scholar page
94. profile imageJim Weatherall

Philosopher, physicist, mathematician / Chair of LPS @UC Irvine / EiC of Philosophy of Science / 3 kids, 3 cats, 7 chickens, 1 Cailin, all unherdable
Google Scholar page
95. profile image

Google Scholar page
96. profile imageRoberta Millstein 🌎🌱🐩🏊🏼‍♀

Professor Emerit at UC Davis. Researches in the history & philosophy of biology and environmental ethics. Book in production w/ U Chicago Press: _The Land Is Our Community: Aldo Leopold's Environmental Ethic for the New Millennium_
Google Scholar page
97. profile imageLucy Osler

Philosophy Lecturer at Cardiff Uni, phenomenonology, online sociality, tech, emotions, phenomenological psychopathology, feminism. she/they
Google Scholar page
98. profile imageRamón Alvarado

Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Interested in the philosophical implications of the design, development and deployment of computational methods and technologies in science and society.
Google Scholar page
99. profile imageKatrina Sifferd

Philosopher @Elmhurst University, Co-Editor in Chief, Neuroethics (Springer). Interested in mind, responsibility, punishment, and criminal law.
Google Scholar page
100. profile imageJoel Michael Reynolds

Philosopher of Disability & Bioethicist @Georgetown. They/he.
Google Scholar page
101. profile imageHaixin Dang

"hi-SIN"; Assistant Professor @University of Nebraska Omaha; philosophy of science, social epistemology, research ethics (she/her)
Google Scholar page
102. profile imageMatt Strohl

Philosophy professor. Film criticism and philosophy of art.
Google Scholar page
103. profile imageAlexandre Monnin

MSc Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene /fr / PhD / Co-author of "Héritage et Fermeture" (2021), author of "Politiser le renoncement" (2023), both published by Editions Divergences (profile pic by Dorian Prost).
Google Scholar page
104. profile imageManuel Manuscript Revisions Vargas

Professor of Philosophy, etc. UC San Diego free will, moral psychology, responsibility Latin American, Mexican, and Latina/o/x/e philosophy Also secularization My views do not necessarily represent my views.
Google Scholar page
105. profile imageSeth Lazar

Philosopher working on normative dimensions of computing.
Google Scholar page
106. profile imageKevin Vallier

Political philosopher (with some political theology and political economy). Author, All the Kingdoms of the World. 9/1 release Book page:
Google Scholar page
107. profile imageMatt Farr

Philosopher of Science, University of Cambridge
Google Scholar page
108. profile imageTom Cochrane

Philosopher @Flinders University in Adelaide. Author- The Emotional Mind (CUP 2018) & The Aesthetic Value of the World (OUP 2021). Lover of sci-fi & jazz piano. cochranephilosophy/
Google Scholar page
109. profile imageMagnus Møller Ziegler

Communist etc. Intellectual history, philosophy, Young Hegelianism, Marx, Vormärz studies. Academic mercenary ⟶
Google Scholar page
110. profile imageMarta Halina

philosophy of science, comparative cognition, animal minds, artificial minds, AI in scientific practice, HPS Cambridge
Google Scholar page
111. profile imageDaniel Collette

Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy, Marquette University. Father of two. Pascal stan. he/him
Google Scholar page
112. profile imageCheryl Misak

Philosopher, Univ of Toronto
Google Scholar page
113. profile imageErich Hatala Matthes

Philosophy professor at Wellesley College
Google Scholar page
114. profile imageChristian B. Miller

I am the A. C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University, and author of several books including The Character Gap, Moral Psychology, and Honesty: The Philosophy and Psychology of a Neglected Virtue. Contributor @Forbes.
Google Scholar page
115. profile imageDavid Vanegas

Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience. Intentional stance & Illusionism. Working on mental and neural representations.
Google Scholar page
116. profile imageMark D. White

Professor, author, editor, and fan of comics, movies, and music. More info on my books:
Google Scholar page
117. profile imageColin Allen

Philosophy prof at UCSB
Google Scholar page
118. profile imageThomas Pradeu

CNRS Research Director, Philosophy of Science and Theoretical Biology. Works on Immunology, cancer, and microbiome. CNRS & University of Bordeaux, France.
Google Scholar page
119. profile imageKarim Jebari

Researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies
Google Scholar page
120. profile imageAlex Wiegmann

Philosopher/Cognitive Scientist at RUB. Interested in moral judgments, deceptive communication, philosophical expertise, open science. https://extraphilosophy.wordpre
Google Scholar page
121. profile imagehanne de jaegher

philosopher, writer, cognitive scientist she/her masking
Google Scholar page
122. profile imageAshwini Vasanthakumar

Queen's National Scholar and Associate Prof @queensulaw | alum @Harvard @YaleLawSch | @UniofOxford | migration, authority, obligation
Google Scholar page
123. profile image

Google Scholar page
124. profile imageChristopher Frey

Google Scholar page
125. profile imageEdward P. Butler, PhD

Polytheist, Ph.D. in Philosophy. Director, Center for Polytheism Studies at Indic Academy. Justice to all beings, reverence to all Gods.
Google Scholar page
126. profile imageNeri Marsili

Philosopher at UNED. I write on the dark side of communication: lies, bullshit, fictions, fake news, disinformation, twitter.
Google Scholar page
127. profile imageŞerife Tekin

Philosopher, Cat Lady, Aegean. website:
Google Scholar page
128. profile imageArturs Logins

A philosopher. Thinking about inquiry and inquiring about thinking. Author of a book on reasons at CUP Assistant Prof. ULaval. 🤷‍♂️
Google Scholar page
129. profile imageElin McCready

collaborator WAIFU & SLICK & MOM & NEON // associate editor S&P // prof AGU // trans // she/her // easycat // 異界愛者 // 移民
Google Scholar page
130. profile imageN. Emrah Aydınonat

Economics & Philosophy | University of Helsinki | Editor @Journal of Economic Methodology | Author: "The Invisible Hand in Economics", "İktisat Nedir?"+ |
Google Scholar page
131. profile imageDawn M Wilson

Philosopher. Light & Time. Thought & Image. Clarity & Silence.
Google Scholar page
132. profile imageJake Wojtowicz

Philosopher of regret, sport, sometimes both. (Tweets represent only my own opinion) Portrait by
Google Scholar page
133. profile imageMatt Jope

Philosopher interested in epistemic closure, trust & risk. Leverhulme Trust Early Career Researcher at the University of Edinburgh.
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