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Patron Opportunities Among Philosophers on Bluesky

A list of philosophers with over 100 followers.

Updated: 2023-Dec-02 22:08 UTC. Entries: 5. Inclusion criteria. See full group. Feedback:

1. profile imageNigel Warburton

Freelance philosopher, writer, podcaster. Co-founder of the Philosophy Bites podcast. Author of A Little History of Philosophy and many other books. Weekly column Everyday Philosophy in The New European. Consultant editor and Five Books.
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2. profile imageJustin Weinberg

• philosophy professor • editor of Daily Nous, philosophy news site • person
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3. profile imagePhilosophy Bites

Philosophy Bites podcast - co-hosted by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton
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4. profile imageWhat Is It Like to Be a Philosopher?

A philosopher creating in-depth autobiographical interviews with philosophers. Please support the project here:
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5. profile imageBen Burgis

GTAA host, Jacobin columnist, adjunct philosophy prof, TMBS crew for life
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