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I'm almost in awe at Rowling's confidence in herself as a writer that she would set for herself the task of explaining why the heroes of her story didn't stop the Holocaust. https://t.co/f7ukd2CPz5

— Kameryn J.W. 🦄 (@KamerynJW) September 22, 2021

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— Iwao KIMURA (@iwaokimura) September 23, 2021

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he’s hard at work pic.twitter.com/IViDipxfoD

— frobunnius (@frobunnius) September 21, 2021

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it wasnt a meteor that ended the reign of the dinosaurs https://t.co/su2v1AXmuF

— frobunnius (@frobunnius) September 22, 2021

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I was on a train for the first time in ages last Sunday.
It struck me that, in the same way we have a quiet carriage, couldn’t we have carriages for people who want to wear masks and carriages for people who don’t?

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) September 18, 2021

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100,000 kids off school with confirmed or suspected covid.

What happened to children’s education bring a top priority.

This is an abject failure of policy.

Our children deserve better.https://t.co/7dI36Zuo9X

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) September 21, 2021

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A Thread

The ladder of large cardinals is ubiquitous in modern work in set theory, with the consistency strength of many statements being calibrated by its rungs. Here I collect published charts of fragments of the hierarchy.


— Andrés E. Caicedo (@AndresECaicedo1) September 23, 2021

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We are creating a Data Science + Mathematics degree/major and I am pleased that it requires two ethics courses.

— Kay L. Kirkpatrick \🥄\ (@kay314159) September 22, 2021

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It absolutely beggars belief that some U.K. scientists are still gaslighting us with “schools just reflect community transmission” BS.

Rates in older people are typically going down, but in school-age children they are rising.

How do you square that? pic.twitter.com/FYKcpy8B5r

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) September 23, 2021

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There are simple things we could have been doing to prevent kids catching covid in schools.

Masks, isolation, efficient contact tracing, bubbles, ventilation, vaccination.

Where are the CO2 monitors that were promised? Not in my kids’ school for sure.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) September 22, 2021

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When we teach calculus, we *at once* introduce (at least) 5 new concepts (limits, tangent lines/slopes, derivatives, area, integrals), all intertwined together. There's no reason for this! Most of these ideas can be introduced *much* earlier, one at a time. Here's an attempt at.. pic.twitter.com/mWed3rS9sn

— Alex Kontorovich (@AlexKontorovich) September 23, 2021

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Know any new(ish) faculty in the math. sciences who want great professional development and a supportive community? #MAAProjectNExT applications are open! Anyone already in a position should apply by Oct. 15th. @maanow @amermathsoc @TheSIAMNews @tpsemath https://t.co/uHUoTzwJXm pic.twitter.com/sz1b8Sjvtk

— Dave Kung (龚仲孝) (@dtkung) September 23, 2021

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Just saying “we should treat covid like any other respiratory virus” won’t magically make covid just like any other respiratory virus.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) September 24, 2021

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hanging out with my little gamer pic.twitter.com/xtaqpo2AKE

— frobunnius (@frobunnius) September 19, 2021

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just came out from nap time pic.twitter.com/uz4VyiX7Qg

— frobunnius (@frobunnius) September 18, 2021

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he looks like a dignified statesman pic.twitter.com/MpBMPkOg1O

— frobunnius (@frobunnius) September 20, 2021

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Oh good everything’s back to normal. Nothing to see here. https://t.co/2nXAwmUXnt

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) September 23, 2021

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Some videogames pretend to be spherical, but they are not! They are just the old flat plane but with stereographic projection. Easy to tell because we cannot have a hex or square grid on a sphere (a beautiful math fact). (1/5) pic.twitter.com/xtDGDJXkko

— Zeno Rogue (@ZenoRogue) September 18, 2021

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Question: Why do we attribute calculus to Newton and Leibniz? For instance the fundamental theorem of calculus was already known to Isaac Barrow (Newton's teacher). Other concepts date back even earlier, e.g. in ancient Greece and India there were calculus concepts already.

— Anton Hilado (@anton_hilado) September 21, 2021

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"Mathematics is the ultimate language! It is cold and concrete and precise!"

Meanwhile mathematicians: "If we assume this conjecture we don't know how to prove, we then see that this is greater than or equal to this, up to some fudge factors. The proof is easy to see."

— Anton Hilado (@anton_hilado) September 23, 2021