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Determinants were discovered (or invented) before matrices.

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) November 17, 2018

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This number has 317 digits, all ones. It's prime. 317 is also prime!

That's not a coincidence. A number whose digits are all 1 can only be prime if the number of digits is prime!

This works in any base, not just base ten. Can you see the quick proof?

(continued) pic.twitter.com/TVtHfvA0ma

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) November 13, 2018

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'Making new things from old things' is a common theme in math. Ex: given two vectors we can make a new one by 1) stacking or 2) multiplying then stacking. Option 2 gives rise to the tensor product—now on the blog! “The Tensor Product, Demystified” https://t.co/09Sn819y3Y pic.twitter.com/XtU0Hpz6F8

— Tai-Danae Bradley (@math3ma) November 18, 2018

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Me parece impresionante este cuadrado mágico que, cuándo escribimos sus números en inglés y los sustituimos por la cantidad de letras que definen cada número, nos devuelve otro cuadrado mágico. #Cuadraception #CuadradoAlfaMágico #MathLife https://t.co/ZPRgs73j22

— Juan Miguel Ribera (@juanripu) November 14, 2018

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Here’s a comic about a new paper I was an author on! Read more about it here: https://t.co/0OgNj1dAMx pic.twitter.com/5QcYwADnx6

— Olivia Walch (@oliviawalch) November 17, 2018

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The equivalence of the Euler-Lagrange equations of motion and the Hamilton equations in Classical #Mechanics isn't hard to show. In my view, Classical Mechanics is probably the most mathematically rigorous and elegant of physical theories. #physics #math pic.twitter.com/o2RBpNbQ4I

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) November 16, 2018

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Final proof copy! Release date will be 2018-12-01, so long as the tech doesn't fail me. pic.twitter.com/b2smXWcgzC

— Jeremy Kun (@jeremyjkun) November 16, 2018

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Today's philosophy of maths lecture: Computability. What is computability? Is there a hierarchy of computational power? Can every mathematical question be solved in principle by computation? https://t.co/9hcqv9udC3

— Joel David Hamkins (@JDHamkins) November 15, 2018

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Yay! Starting May 20th in 2019, the kilogram will be defined using Planck's constant, the speed of light, and the frequency of a very specific kind of light emitted by a cesium atom!

Until now it was defined as the mass of this chunk of metal in Paris.

(continued) pic.twitter.com/T8ibiMsQNQ

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) November 17, 2018

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Learn how former Queen guitarist (now astrophysicist) Brian May used primes as a source of quasirandomness to make the stomp-stomp-clap in “We Will Rock You” sound as if it was coming from a real audience. (Can anyone give more details? an oscilloscope plot showing the delays?) https://t.co/9auUCYoSvO

— James Propp (@JimPropp) November 14, 2018

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Cuando el autobombo se convierte en la razón para divulgar ciencia... no es buena divulgación.

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) November 19, 2018

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You can take 8 perfectly rigid regular tetrahedra and connect them along their edges to form a ring that you can turn inside-out!

It's called a 'kaleidocycle', and you can make one with any even number of tetrahedra, as long as you have at least 8.

(continued) pic.twitter.com/DEoJyOTujP

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) November 18, 2018

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Although #quantum mechanics goes beyond classical Newtonian mechanics, the average or expected value of momentum still obeys #Newton's Second Law of motion F = ma (as demonstrated in this slide). #physics #mechanics #math pic.twitter.com/5LpUQJFJCS

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) November 18, 2018

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Mientras resolvíamos problemas de matemáticas, hemos creado este lema...#MathLife #MathRocket pic.twitter.com/uQJI4WEi5C

— Juan Miguel Ribera (@juanripu) November 14, 2018

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"A Useful Exercise for Junior Scholars on the Academic Job Market": https://t.co/WBlQQP0GCD

Old materials from 2006:

Research statement: https://t.co/2DGfNezXJP

Teaching statement: https://t.co/z9C9BxTM2W

Cover letter (with personalization paragraphs): https://t.co/aQSkkAkRDW pic.twitter.com/or88jmtXc8

— Mason Porter (@masonporter) November 19, 2018

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bingo.... pic.twitter.com/ZH1I9i0Bh0

— Arthur Charpentier ☕ (@freakonometrics) November 18, 2018

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Look at this cool maths pendelum! @MathsJam pic.twitter.com/7SpSkmjLHJ

— Dr Nira Chamberlain (@ch_nira) November 17, 2018

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In my calculations today I found it useful to apply the companion matrix of a polynomial. It's a simple and direct way to write down a matrix that has any prescribed (monic) polynomial as it characteristic (or minimal) polynomial). #math #algebra pic.twitter.com/ogEi6OVS7y

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) November 13, 2018

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Powerful stuff: Leave Voter Breaks Into Tears As He Apologises For Backing Brexithttps://t.co/9oD6RVwjqo

— Richard Elwes (@RichardElwes) November 15, 2018

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#Hacker karaoke covers:
Hackerman - Elton John
GDPR - Village People
For Nandos - ABBA (@securelyfitz to thank for that)
Do While Eins - Rammstein

— Mark C. (@LargeCardinal) November 17, 2018