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*slaps roof of a trans woman* This bad girl can hold so much unresolved trauma in it

— Expert Deadname Forgetter (@Category_Fury) August 6, 2020

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What is Numerical Stability? https://t.co/9QEtAzmRYS

— Nick Higham (@nhigham) August 4, 2020

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Something I feel is important to remind junior mathematicians: Deep mathematics results and important mathematical progress does not mean you need to be using the most abstract machinery. Don’t worry if the other grad students are using ‘fancier’ things, do your interests.

— Tyler Kelly (@TyLKelly) August 9, 2020

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A short thread about how infinitesimally small spaces (called non-reduced schemes) can appear in the real world. We can build them out of ball-and-socket joints and rigid rods. https://t.co/dH1TZjorrg 1/n

— Daniel Litt (@littmath) August 5, 2020

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A Hamiltonian cycle portrait of William Rowan Hamilton, who was born on this day in 1805. Optimal TSP tour of 4096 points obtained with the Concorde TSP Solver. pic.twitter.com/bh4tWXBz1u

— Robert (Bob) Bosch (@baabbaash) August 4, 2020

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Contact tracers to be reduced by 6,000 in England https://t.co/7FrPldPU4j scrapping private companies to use more health workers with local knowledge. Should have been done from the start. Pretending this was the plan all along. Actually, govt opposed it until now.

— Prof Ian Stewart (@JoatStewart) August 10, 2020

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Taylor series expansion of sine. https://t.co/KYIFPMV5S4 pic.twitter.com/1qMSRJg4To

— Gabriel Peyré (@gabrielpeyre) August 8, 2020

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Candice Price, Chelsea Walton, and Shelby Wilson are soliciting feedback on the experiences of URM mathematicians in US based math grad programs for a piece they're writing on the "Top 10" math PhD progs for URM students. Plz share!https://t.co/Fl7vZxInHO https://t.co/Fl7vZxInHO

— Dr. Courtney Gibbons (@virtualcourtney) August 10, 2020

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I don’t think this is what the report say. I think the key is this sentence “Without mitigations, a far larger number of people would have died from COVID-19 such that the QALY impact from COVID-19 deaths would be more than three times the total QALY impact of all the categories” https://t.co/70asVBAc9R

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) August 8, 2020

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If completely opening primary schools only takes R from 0.7 to 0.83 (as this paper suggests), it makes me even angrier about the fact they didn't reopen fully after May half term. I don't know how Gavin Williamson and Fake SAGE sleep at night. https://t.co/rDhGkLCLEx

— Oliver Johnson (@BristOliver) August 4, 2020

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student: (a+b)² = a²+b²

me: pic.twitter.com/oPhvzTa5r0

— Tamás Görbe (@TamasGorbe) August 4, 2020

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Nothing here I haven't been saying for weeks (and he could have also mentioned Pillar 1 and hospitalizations still going down), but good to see corona centrism (neither #KBF nor #ZeroCOVID, but cautious optimism that we reopening has worked fine so far) going more mainstream. https://t.co/s9Yf6HBxD3

— Oliver Johnson (@BristOliver) August 5, 2020

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New volumes available in the @AWMmath @SpringerMath series! We started this series 5 years ago and just published the 21st volume! Covers many AWM and @awmadvance conferences including research articles from RCCWs and the AWM Research Symposium @WanderingPoint @doctor_talitha pic.twitter.com/d6ytSkUrFv

— Kristin Lauter (@KristinLauter) August 5, 2020

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I'm advertising for a postdoc in developing new ABC / particle MCMC and related methods to apply to (potentially misspecified) environmental models. Apply here by 2nd September https://t.co/YNaacQBAK9 @LandscapeDecis1 @NERCscience @warwickstats

— Richard Everitt (@bayesian_stats) August 7, 2020

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El rol de la prensa en la permisividad hacia los delitos cometidos por la clase alta pic.twitter.com/eMEZhP9WiX

— Jana Rodriguez Hertz 汉娜 (@janarhertz) August 5, 2020

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What is your favorite book about math? Or just a book that you really like.

— fuck the police and ice. (@JadeMasterMath) August 4, 2020

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Stop telling mathematicians they’re geniuses it’s made far too many of us think our opinions outside of math are brilliant and well formed even when they really really are not.

— Expert Deadname Forgetter (@Category_Fury) August 7, 2020

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The Administrator’s Dilemma pic.twitter.com/DJT0gDLO1a

— Daniel Litt (@littmath) August 5, 2020