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New tenure-track position open for asst prof in math at @harveymudd! Please pass the word! https://t.co/Kstf3w8KXQ (open field, priority for #datasci) #EDUCOLOR Join us in seeking to bring about greater equity and justice in the mathematical sciences!

— Darryl Yong (@dyong) July 15, 2019

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Simple example showing that switching integrals and infinite series willy-nilly can be hazardous to one's health. #math #calculus pic.twitter.com/1E4WQTrFBN

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) July 12, 2019

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たのしいプログラミングの授業で使ったスライドから。 pic.twitter.com/2JpFYlF7qv

— Iwao KIMURA (@iwaokimura) July 14, 2019

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😆 pic.twitter.com/YpqvXitPyf

— Ed Southall (@solvemymaths) July 12, 2019

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Of course, don't forget the general formula: pic.twitter.com/Wb29aGUQH2

— Derek Orr (@Derektionary) July 13, 2019

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The #Lebesgue Dominated Convergence Theorem (circa 1908). What I like about it is we don't need the stronger uniform convergence at each point, but merely pointwise convergence at most points. (Some people here have im/ex-plicitly used this result recently.) #math #calculus pic.twitter.com/7Q34tjoxUo

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) July 10, 2019

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My grad student did an awesome thesis defense with NO NOTES, including this function that comes from one of my papers and that I could not possibly write down from memory. pic.twitter.com/RC5LBUggB1

— Dr. Wandering Point (@WanderingPoint) July 14, 2019

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A big result appears on arXiv today: a proof of the long-standing Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture (about approximation of irrationals by rationals) by Dimitris Koukoulopoulos and James Maynard! https://t.co/mfdQxlp87n

— Timothy Gowers (@wtgowers) July 11, 2019

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A young Italian male scientist told me he's worried he will someday be passed over for some position because he's male.
I spent the months in which Sissa was thinking whether to hire me hiding a twin pregnancy under very wide shirts.
Italy has no affirmative action.

— Professor Barbara 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 (@BarbaraFantechi) July 9, 2019

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Hard truth: in school the general public learns most sciences until 20 years previously, and mathematics until 1850 at best. Some #scicomm is harder than the rest for objective reasons.

Bonus: n dimensions with n>3 or n<0 makes pictures hard to draw. https://t.co/PR42sFXE6E

— Professor Barbara 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 (@BarbaraFantechi) July 10, 2019

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A wordless self-replication puzzle. (Though someone will no doubt point out to me that I just used words!) As per usual: 1. What do you think the puzzle is? 2. What is your response? pic.twitter.com/iZuaPPRIcP

— James Tanton (@jamestanton) July 13, 2019

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Food for thought for mathematicians. Don't play the telephone game with references. Don't just cite the same two or three "big names" for everything. Look up the original articles. Read them. Give credit where it's due. https://t.co/ASbRnseKqI

— Dr. Izabella Laba (@ilaba) July 14, 2019

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My paper for Bridges 2019 (with @oberlincollege students Abagael Cheng '20 and Ari Smith '19) is available at the Bridges Archive:https://t.co/KAJP5Qa2DV pic.twitter.com/IiF84EyK8v

— Robert (Bob) Bosch (@baabbaash) July 11, 2019

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This is an advanced version of the Fundamental Theorem of #Calculus. (Using #Lebesgue integration.) Many continuous functions are nowhere differentiable, but a somewhat stronger version of continuity guarantees differentiabilty at almost all points. #math pic.twitter.com/kcL7eyzeBr

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) July 14, 2019

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If you're interested in checking out my poster for #SciPy2019, you can see it here https://t.co/z4vL4j9t1v and you can also access the github for project Callicore here https://t.co/1sD24FUfxY

— Dra. Idiota Útil (@melissawm) July 12, 2019

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I consider a key part of leadership to be making sure that those who do not push their own cases do not get overlooked. https://t.co/ndvEQlA0Jz

— Jacqui Ramagge (@jacquiavelli) July 13, 2019

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And tomorrow she speaks at @Sydney_Uni @Sydney @Sydney_Ideas
I hope she got a chance to celebrate her birthday.
Hopefully someone thought to take her to the Thai Potong in Newtown. 😁 https://t.co/IyVAt6qLDO

— Jacqui Ramagge (@jacquiavelli) July 15, 2019

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Math twitter, I need your help again. What is your favorite piece of mathematical writing, accessible to a student with an introduction to proofs course and the basic calculus sequence? I am making a list of papers for my Sophomore/Junior seminar class.#MTBoS

— Dr. Adriana Salerno 🇻🇪 (@mathyadriana) July 11, 2019

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Francoise Tisseur giving the Olga Taussky Todd prize lecture #iciam19 @iciam2019 pic.twitter.com/bhJ2Cfq6Ni

— Nick Higham (@nhigham) July 15, 2019

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|squrcle⟩ = 1/√2|square⟩ + 1/√2|circle⟩ https://t.co/lUMoV0yxHT

— Tamás Görbe (@TamasGorbe) July 9, 2019