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隆Feliz d铆a 314 del a帽o!#MathLife pic.twitter.com/3cjIOjQhCY

— Juan Miguel Ribera (@juanripu) November 9, 2019

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Grading exams. Worried this student is doing very poorly. Lots of blank pages.

Realized I'm grading a blank extra copy of the test.馃槀

— Dr. Kate Owens (@katemath) November 6, 2019

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I highly recommend "How to read (single-cell RNA-seq) PCA plots" (by @vallens): https://t.co/Co3A47SZTR #gi2019
He notes that "A particular danger [in interpreting T-shapes] is that it is tempting to interpret this as a bifurcation in the data." (it almost never is). #gi2019

— Lior Pachter (@lpachter) November 8, 2019

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#Efem茅ride La actriz, inventora e ingeniera de telecomunicaciones Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000) naci贸 un 9 de noviembre.
Junto al compositor George Antheil, invent贸 una primera versi贸n del espectro ensanchado 鈥搕茅cnica de modulaci贸n empleada en... https://t.co/EDdSSL8yl5

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) November 9, 2019

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am teaching network dynamics this week; my fave example comes from neuroscience. TLNs = threshold-linear networks are simple system that model firing of neurons that can excite neighbors based on a directed graph. this leads to interesting periodic & chaotic dynamics. 1/3 pic.twitter.com/D7lMOihVZv

— ProfGhristMath (@robertghrist) November 5, 2019

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This also means that we are looking for someone to join the team... specifically a #postdoc with an interest in ecology and evolution and a desire to do some modeling and in vitro experiments. Cancer experience is NOT required, kindness and inclusivity are. Please RT

— Jacob G Scott (@CancerConnector) November 7, 2019

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El D铆a Internacional del (de la) Inventor(a) se celebra precisamente porque un 9 de noviembre naci贸 la actriz, inventora e ingeniera de telecomunicaciones Hedy Lamarr (1914鈥2000). https://t.co/32VMgj3w4B

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) November 9, 2019

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the lorenz equations define a classic chaotic dynamical system. any orbit meanders about an attractor in a way that, though deterministic, appears impossible to predict.
1/4 pic.twitter.com/7YMUJZzGxK

— ProfGhristMath (@robertghrist) November 11, 2019

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In #quantum #physics the energy operator H (the Hamiltonian) dictates how states 饾湙 evolve with time according to 饾湙(t) = exp(-itH/鈩) 饾湙. Stone's theorem gives us a converse: any unitary evolution of a physical system arises in a similar way for some Hermitian operator H. #math pic.twitter.com/GdGEaUd1nI

— Sam Walters 鈽曪笍 (@SamuelGWalters) November 7, 2019

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Son (6), cellist: hey Dad, do you want to play an instrument too?

Daughter (10), piano and violin: yeah, Dad, why don鈥檛 you learn some viola then we could be a trio!

Me (43): sure kids, when I get an R01, I鈥檒l get a viola. I promise... (safe promise...)

Me now: @theNCI pic.twitter.com/hWPNd6pzZo

— Jacob G Scott (@CancerConnector) November 7, 2019

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Applications to PCMI teacher leadership program are now open! #mtbos #iteachmath hope you will consider applying https://t.co/vNnthn7Pxd

— Darryl Yong (@dyong) November 8, 2019

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My new paper: "Nonlinearity + Networks: A 2020 Vision": https://t.co/d5iB7Ar2H5

"I highlight a few methods and ideas, including several of personal interest, that I anticipate to be especially important during the next several years."

Can you find all of the easter eggs in it?

— Mason Porter (@masonporter) November 12, 2019

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How many times do you need to find something before it is found? https://t.co/Ix0SxePVWS

— Federico Ardila (@FedericoArdila) November 11, 2019

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Dear trans and nonbinary people. I'd like some help to talk to my son about these issues beyond the obvious "respect all people", and to discuss with him how to be a good ally. If you can help, would you send me a DM? Thanks 馃槉

— Ax=b (@melissawm) November 6, 2019

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When regularizing 芦 optimal transport like 禄 problems, you should use the relative entropy (aka mutual information) and not the discrete entropy. Normalizing your entropy is the key to success! pic.twitter.com/DcpcWnLOSN

— Gabriel Peyr茅 (@gabrielpeyre) November 5, 2019

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Trying to infer the whole from a sample. https://t.co/dfjxLWmrnn

— Jacqui Ramagge (@jacquiavelli) November 5, 2019

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In case you ever wanted to see the Karate Club network visualized using a capuccino embedding.

(Thanks to University of Michigan postdoc Sofia Piltz for trying this out for me at BeanBerry Cafe in Ann Arbor. She'll try it with a higher-contrast and more circular picture later.) pic.twitter.com/nqLpcJrfmY

— Mason Porter (@masonporter) November 10, 2019

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Loxodrome Spirals or rhumb lines (the curves you travel on the earth if you head in a constant direction with respect to North, South East and West) #mathart #mathgif pic.twitter.com/M7UM5hgEfQ

— Edmund Harriss (@Gelada) November 10, 2019

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Rotation Rates and Axes in the Solar System

Look at Uranus and Pluto! 馃榾 pic.twitter.com/YnDrvkS4NJ

— Tam谩s G枚rbe (@TamasGorbe) November 5, 2019

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Some right-angled dodecahedra in hyperbolic space, rendered at max distance from 0 to 100. There are several septenvigintillions (10鈦糕伌) dodecahedra in distance 鈮100 from the camera.

The world of HyperRogue is larger than that. pic.twitter.com/D0Kt2Orvuu

— Zeno Rogue (@ZenoRogue) November 6, 2019