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1. One retweet per 40 followers:

Infection levels are continuing to rise.

Now is a good time to wear a mask crowded indoor public spaces, not just to protect yourselves, but to protect others whom you might unwittingly infect.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 25, 2022

2. One retweet per 42 followers:

little leggy little scremy pic.twitter.com/vCSdC8b0h5

— frobunnii (@frobunnius) June 25, 2022

3. One retweet per 62 followers:

BJ suggests there is no "immediate cause for concern"
but then admits

“Look at the advice from the NHS.

“To be absolutely frank, I haven’t looked at it for a while"

Our prime minister doesn't have a grip on our covid response.https://t.co/uv0xiF5mIR

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 27, 2022

4. One retweet per 63 followers:

Getting infected twice is worse than getting infected once.

Getting infected once is worse than not getting infected at all.

It sounds simple, but try not to get infected.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 23, 2022

5. One retweet per 72 followers:

What if instead of linear algebra it was linear gal-gebra, and it was just for the ladies

— Kameryn 🦄 (@KamerynJW) June 28, 2022

6. One retweet per 73 followers:

Hearing lots of "Well deaths are still low" takes about this latest wave.

Firstly, deaths are a lagged indicator so we wouldn't expect them to rise at exactly the same time as cases.

Secondly, death is by no means the only poor outcome associated with covid.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 26, 2022

7. One retweet per 73 followers:

This is our third wave in six months.

What is going to stop this happening over and over again?

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 22, 2022

8. One retweet per 76 followers:

Non-Hawaiians should NOT just be moving to or “vacationing” in Hawai’i just because of what’s going on rn (or for most other reasons). Not only because the the US military is destroying our fresh water wells but also because many people there lack access to required medical care,

— Dr. Marissa Kawehi Loving (@MarissaKawehi) June 25, 2022

9. One retweet per 78 followers:

Final processing on #Messier51, the Whirlpool Galaxy. 51a is interacting with the nearby dwarf 51b, creating the tidal bridge of dust and gas. I wavelet sharpened to bring out the fine dusty details. https://t.co/jWlGCPtkuN#astrohour #Astrophotography #asiweek pic.twitter.com/cx3bHghKSE

— Paul Macklin (@MathCancer) June 27, 2022

10. One retweet per 80 followers:

I am looking for a science educator with experience making chemistry experiments for K-12 students (Preferably BIPOC). We need to improve a portion of @SpaceBoxASAN before we get this product back on the market. We will compensate you for your time. #scicomm #STEM #chemistry

— Michole Enjoli, M.S. 📐💫 (@mathchole) June 28, 2022

11. One retweet per 83 followers:

i did *so* much stuff in undergrad like early morning to late night classes and clubs and research and nowadays im just like… yeah i woke up at 11, made coffee. read one (1) page. it was a W.

— Natalia (@bisimplicial) June 27, 2022

12. One retweet per 85 followers:

Not a meteor, satellite, or plane: a firefly photobombed this exposure on the Milky Way. #astrophotography pic.twitter.com/8MrSK7fAb8

— Paul Macklin (@MathCancer) June 24, 2022

13. One retweet per 93 followers:

We should be told whether we are expecting to be offered covid booster jabs this autumn as soon as possible.

The reasoning and modelling behind the decision should also be made available to everyone can scrutinise it.

That would be good scientific practice.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 27, 2022

14. One retweet per 98 followers:

rabbits are great help with paperwork!! pic.twitter.com/ufQuJFOi2P

— frobunnii (@frobunnius) June 27, 2022

15. One retweet per 99 followers:

The 2022 edition of the SIAM Workshop on Network Science will take place online on September 13-15. Call for abstracts is open! https://t.co/tNAvRXZyl4

— Renaud Lambiotte (@RenaudLambiotte) June 23, 2022

16. One retweet per 102 followers:

I've memorised all the digits of 𝛑. Now I just have to remember what order they come in. #mathjoke

— Nalini Joshi (@monsoon0) June 27, 2022

17. One retweet per 108 followers:

someone plots against the throne pic.twitter.com/Z8kIhLVzj9

— frobunnii (@frobunnius) June 27, 2022

18. One retweet per 117 followers:

A curve in space is a geodesic not only by how it looks but also by how it's parameterized. It needs to be parameterized properly so it satisfies the geodesic equation. Here is an example. #math #geometry pic.twitter.com/84JxcoeeuS

— Sam Walters ☕️ (@SamuelGWalters) June 26, 2022

19. One retweet per 117 followers:

By removing measures (e.g testing, mask-wearing, self-isolation etc) to reduce covid and failing to implement others (ventillation etc) we are failing people - often the most vulnerable people - in our society.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 22, 2022

20. One retweet per 118 followers:

#mathematiciansforchoice pic.twitter.com/nKleRr4VmU

— Dr. Kimberly Ayers (@kimdayers) June 24, 2022