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Unpopular opinion: the best thing young people can do early in their careers is to learn linear algebra really, really well.

— Jay Cummings (@LongFormMath) June 14, 2021

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One side of the argument which is consistently often overlooked is Long Covid.
Estimates are that 5-10% of people infected get Long Covid.
Allowing the virus to infect hundreds of thousands of younger people is a long-term health disaster waiting to happen.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 10, 2021

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La matemática colombiana Tatiana Toro, egresada de la @UNALOficial, ha sido nombrada la nueva directora del Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI - @mathmoves) en Berkeley, uno de los centros de investigación matemática más importantes del mundo. ¡¡Muchas felicidades!! https://t.co/mSDIzyBEtp

— Federico Ardila (@FedericoArdila) June 15, 2021

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"Turing was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts; the Labouchere Amendment of 1885 had mandated that "gross indecency" was a criminal offence in the UK. He accepted chemical castration treatment, with DES, as an alternative to prison."

— Álvaro Lozano-Robledo (@MathAndCobb) June 11, 2021

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I had a dream that the PM announced that we were going to use this four week delay to improve ventilation in schools and work places, to improve test and trace and devolve teaching to local authorities, to provide support for people to isolate to.
But it was just a dream.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 15, 2021

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Unpopular opinion: the best thing old people can do late in their careers is to use the fact that they have less to lose in order to do, and speak for, what is right, and help the next generation grow, and not perpetuate the harmful cycles of the past, and not abuse their power

— Anton Hilado (@anton_hilado) June 14, 2021

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I am happy to have this article coming out in the AMS Notices just in time for Pride! It was very exciting to convey the importance of conferences for LGBTQ+ mathematicians.

h/t to @madprofessah & @Anthony_Bonato

@LGBTMath https://t.co/syqsyOuDRy pic.twitter.com/J2V2V1U2PB

— Juliette Bruce (@JulietteBruce12) June 10, 2021

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Just so bizarre to see individuals bemoaning children missing school time, but failing to advocate for measures to reduce transmission in schools or actively advocating against vaccinating children (which would protect them further).

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 17, 2021

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A thread on cases and positivity rates in the UK.
Firstly, cases are going up almost as quickly as in September - Doubling every 9 days. We're nowhere near where we were at the peak in Jan, but be under no illusion, cases are rising quickly.
1/10 pic.twitter.com/4Fga3GoYrD

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 11, 2021

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ZOOOOM pic.twitter.com/5Pq32Vg3xk

— frobunnius (@frobunnius) June 16, 2021

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Remember how we trashed our trade relationship with Europe in order to be able to control our borders, then as we chased a trade agreement to replace the broken ones, we failed to control our borders and let the delta variant in.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 13, 2021

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So so happy that my friend and mentor and co-conspirator Tatiana Toro 🇨🇴 is the new director of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI @mathmoves) in Berkeley. ¡¡Felicidades, Tatiana!!https://t.co/6wwUxP8s7L pic.twitter.com/1uLkrvR6Y4

— Federico Ardila (@FedericoArdila) June 15, 2021

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Over 9000 new cases today.
At current estimated rates this will translate into about 450 hospital admissions in about 10 days time. pic.twitter.com/p6iscgV1jp

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 16, 2021

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Did you change advisors during your Ph.D.? If so, when was the moment you finally knew it was time to let your old advisor go?

— Michole Enjoli, M.S. 📐💫 (@mathematichole_) June 16, 2021

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Jokes on the right-winger who made this because it whips ass pic.twitter.com/8mQdhGtvub

— 🌵Operadic Olive🌵 (@Category_Fury) June 11, 2021

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we are at the combination math department pineapple palace pic.twitter.com/UD90SMr91i

— frobunnius (@frobunnius) June 12, 2021

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A short thread on the impact of COVID on schools.
TL;DR - Despite schools being "open", COVID is still markedly disrupting children's education.
Tens of thousands of pupils are missing out on education each week due to covid-related reasons.
We can do better to avoid this.

— Kit Yates (@Kit_Yates_Maths) June 11, 2021

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#RDC. Ministère de la Rech. Scientifique: pas de compte Twitter ou de site internet. Ils ont une page Facebook dont le dernier post date du 31 août 2020 (c'était pour souhaiter un bon anniversaire au ministre).

Ils sont responsables entre autre du nucléaire et des volcans.

— Jonathan Mboyo Esole (@JMEsole) June 13, 2021

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We've spent the past year developing an ARC Special Research Initiative - Securing Antarctica's Environmental Future @saef_arc. This week, we commence! Stay tuned, soon we'll be advertising PhDs and postdocs, and then heaps of very cool mathsy research over the next 7 years pic.twitter.com/fAybD2JDb2

— Kate Helmstedt (@KateHelmstedt) June 16, 2021

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How not to teach logic:

1. A proposition is something that has a truth value.
2. Axioms are the simplest statements which are true.
3. Define logical connectives in terms of truth tables.
4. A proof is a sequence of reasoning steps.
5. Pretend there are no variable contexts.

— Andrej Bauer (@andrejbauer) June 15, 2021