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Women Among Mathematicians on Mastodon

Mathematicians with over 100 followers. Also see Physicists on Mastodon.

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1. profile imageRachel Thomas
@[email protected]

MSc Immunology student; cofounder fast.ai // past: math PhD, director USF Center for Applied Data Ethics, professor at QUT, data scientist
blog: rachel.fast.ai/
about me: rachel.fast.ai/about.html
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Joined 2022-Oct-28
Last posted 2023-Feb-08
2. profile imageAlice Schwarze
@[email protected]

(she/they) // Postdoc @Dartmouth Math // President of Women in Network Science (@[email protected]) // research: #math, #complexsystems, #networkscience, #datascience #compbio, #compneuro, #compsoc, and recently, #publichealth and #ml // other interests: #books, #birds, #cats, specifically #EmmytheCat
research: , , ,
other interests: , ,
web: aliceschwarze.gitlab.io/
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Joined 2022-Nov-05
Last posted 2023-Feb-16
3. profile image🐙🐇🐝Pointed Sarah🐞🐡🐧
@[email protected]

Algebraic geometry graduate student at Brown. She/Her. I'm #Autistic, I have #ADHD, I'm #Trans, I'm a poaster. I love to look at cute or beautiful animals, especially sea creatures! A few of my favorites: #Octopus #Bunny #Rabbit #Nudibranch #Seaslug #Seahorse #Penguin #Alpacas #Slug #Snail #Bees #Bumblebees #Mouse #Rat #Bird #Nuthatch #Stingray #Skate #Chipmunk #Cuttlefish #Cephalopod #Frog #Toad #Elephant Also a big fan of #Flower, #Mushroom, #Lichen and #Tree pics.
My website: sarahcelestegriffith.com
My blog: sheafifiedsarah.wordpress.com/
On Twitter at: mobile.twitter.com/sc_griffith
Locked account: @[email protected]
Joined 2022-Nov-04
Last posted 2023-Mar-22
4. profile imageDr Eugenia Cheng
@[email protected]

Pure Mathematician+pianist. Grieving involuntary childlessness. Author: How to Bake π, X+Y, etc. Latest book is The Joy of Abstraction. No advice please.
Joined 2022-Nov-18
Last posted 2023-Mar-18
5. profile imageKatie Steckles
@[email protected]

Mathematician, robot fan, auntie and unstoppable thingdoer from Manchester. She/her
Internet: katiesteckles.co.uk • youtube.com/katiesteckles • twitter.com/stecks
Pronouns: she/her
Joined 2022-Nov-09
Last posted 2023-Mar-17
6. profile imageKelsey Houston-Edwards
@[email protected]

math + writing + videos
website: kelseyhoustonedwards.com
Joined 2022-Nov-15
Last posted 2023-Feb-09
7. profile imageBarbara Fantechi
@[email protected]

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Joined 2022-Nov-04
8. profile imageCharlotte Kirchhoff-Lukat
@[email protected]

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral fellow in geometry at MIT and KU Leuven. (Previously Cambridge, Toronto, Heidelberg.) Research in Poisson geometry, generalized complex geometry, symplectic geometry. Non-maths interests include running, succulent plants, boardgames, politics, choral music. (I cannot get the verification of the links below to work, but there is a link back to this profile on both.)
Website: kirchhofflukat.de
Location: Boston, MA
Pronouns: she/her
ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0003-3213-556X
Joined 2022-Nov-28
Last posted 2023-Mar-10
9. profile imageDr. Kimberly Ayers
@[email protected]

Asst Prof of Math at Cal State San Marcos. Dynamics and ergodic theory. Vegan. Cycling, skiing, climbing. Send me podcast recommendations.
Pronouns: She/her/hers
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Joined 2022-Apr-26
Last posted 2023-Feb-08
10. profile imageIzabella Laba
@[email protected]

Math professor at UBC.
Blog: ilaba.wordpress.com
Professional webpage: personal.math.ubc.ca/~ilaba/
Joined 2022-Apr-25
Last posted 2023-Mar-22
11. profile imageSusan D'Agostino, PhD
@[email protected]

Technology reporter Inside Higher Ed. Bylines Washington Post, Scientific American, The Atlantic, Quanta, Nature, Financial Times, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and Wired. Mathematician and author of How to Free Your Inner Mathematician (Oxford University Press, 2020). Math, science, and words matter. www.susandagostino.com #highered #academia #equity #inclusion #stem #math #tech #technology #ai #science #openaccess #journalism I follow academics, scientists, and journalists.
Joined 2022-Dec-03
Last posted 2023-Feb-27
12. profile imageSophie Huiberts
@[email protected]

math. optimization & theoretical computer science. postdoc fellow at columbia university. she/her #orms #cstheory
twitter: twitter.com/SophieHuiberts
web: sophie.huiberts.me
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Joined 2022-Nov-05
Last posted 2023-Feb-09
13. profile imagevirtualcourtney
@[email protected]

Prof moonlighting as a DC staffer; hard pants are terrible
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Joined 2020-Oct-18
Last posted 2022-Dec-09
14. profile imageDr. Maryam K.
@[email protected]

Here for #MathTwitter .
Website: MaryamKhaqan.com
Twitter: @Maryamization
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Joined 2022-Apr-26
Last posted 2022-Dec-01
15. profile imageJacqui Ramagge
@[email protected]

Mathematician and mother. Full of opinions, all mine. I share stuff I like, no guarantees. She/her (or they/them). ❤️&😇 in D'harawal land & County Durham.
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Joined 2022-Nov-20
Last posted 2022-Dec-11
16. profile imageEmily T. Winn-Nuñez
@[email protected]

PhD student in applied math at Brown. Working on shape statistics. Twitter: @EmilyTWinn13
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Joined 2022-Nov-04
Last posted 2023-Feb-08
17. profile imageJohannaF
@[email protected]stodon.xyz

Math prof @HofstraU. Logician, fan of the laws of probability & randomness, & mathematical crafter. All opinions my own. She/her/hers. @JohannaF_math on Twitter.
Joined 2022-Nov-12
Last posted 2023-Mar-03
18. profile imageLiz Munch
@[email protected]

Assoc Prof at Mich State, CMSE & Math. TDA. Momademia. Two body problems. I mostly toot about not-math.
Website: elizabethmunch.com
Twitter: twitter.com/elizabethmunch
Pronouns: she/her
Joined 2022-Apr-26
Last posted 2023-Jan-14