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Mathematicians with over 100 followers. Also see Physicists on Mastodon.

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1. profile imageJohn Carlos Baez
@[email protected]

I'm a mathematical physicist who likes explaining stuff. Sometimes I work at the Topos Institute. Check out my blog! I'm also a member of the n-Category Café, a group blog on math with an emphasis on category theory. I also have a YouTube channel, full of talks about math, physics and the future.
homepage: math.ucr.edu/home/baez/
blog: johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/
math blog: golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCy9yxdnj0
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Joined 2022-Apr-27
Last posted 2023-Mar-23
2. profile imageSteven Strogatz
@[email protected]

Mathematician, writer, Cornell professor. All cards on the table, face up, all the time.
Personal website: www.stevenstrogatz.com
Post.news: post.news/stevenstrogatz
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Video channel
Joined 2022-Dec-03
Last posted 2023-Jan-14
3. profile imageHenry Segerman
@[email protected]

Mathematician working mostly in three-dimensional geometry and topology, and mathematical maker/artist working mostly in 3D printing and virtual reality. #Math #Maths #Art #3DPrinting #Geometry
Website: segerman.org
YouTube: youtube.com/@henryseg
Joined 2017-Apr-15
Last posted 2023-Mar-22
4. profile imageKatie Steckles
@[email protected]

Mathematician, robot fan, auntie and unstoppable thingdoer from Manchester. She/her
Internet: katiesteckles.co.uk • youtube.com/katiesteckles • twitter.com/stecks
Pronouns: she/her
Joined 2022-Nov-09
Last posted 2023-Mar-17
5. profile imageZeno Rogue
@[email protected]

Mathematics, game development, art, roguelikes, hyperbolic geometry. Sometimes all at once.
Twitter: twitter.com/ZenoRogue
YouTube: youtube.com/user/ZenoTheRogue
itch.io: zenorogue.itch.io/
HyperRogue: roguetemple.com/z/hyper/
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Joined 2022-Apr-26
Last posted 2023-Mar-19
6. profile imageArtem Chernikov
@[email protected]

Professor of #mathematics at #UCLA. Grew up above the Polar Circle in Russia, kept moving towards the equator, currently enjoying the sun in #LosAngeles .
Website: math.ucla.edu/~chernikov/
Twitter: twitter.com/archernikov
YouTube: youtube.com/archernikov
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Joined 2022-Nov-10
Last posted 2023-Mar-18
7. profile imageJim Fowler
@[email protected]

A mathematician at the Ohio State University.
pronouns: he/him/his
homepage: kisonecat.com/
videos: youtube.com/kisonecat
Video channel
Joined 2018-Dec-22
Last posted 2023-Mar-22