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1. One retweet per 40 followers (average):

A while ago, I blogged about a simple way to think about matrices, namely as bipartite graphs. Now I’d like to share yet another way to think about matrices: tensor network diagrams! Here, familiar things have nice pictures. New blog post! https://t.co/gE0N2QH0n2 pic.twitter.com/6cAQP7kf4J

— Tai-Danae Bradley (@math3ma) May 16, 2019

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I'm excited to be moving to the Statistics Department at the University of Warwick in September. If you are interested in doing a PhD with me (or you know anyone that might be), apply to the new Centre for Doctoral Training https://t.co/opLgBwebBg (RTs appreciated! thanks)

— Richard Everitt (@bayesian_stats) May 10, 2019

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Mathematicians are hailing a discovery about dimensions 8 and 24 as "at the level of the big 19th-century mathematics breakthroughs" and "one of the best things I’ll probably see in my lifetime" -- my latest story for @QuantaMagazine https://t.co/xzI0ePy7Yp

— Erica Klarreich (@EricaKlarreich) May 13, 2019

4. One retweet per 89 followers (average):

Now with a friend link - Just published 'Decrypting config.bin files for TP-Link WR841N, WA855RE, and probably more…' Script, impact, and a little walk with Ghidra (link: https://t.co/zNlsCXnlyU) #hardware #hacking #cybersecurity

— Mark C. (@LargeCardinal) May 14, 2019

5. One retweet per 107 followers (average):

Tuna Antinel is a mathematician working in France. He has recently been arrested and imprisoned in Turkey for signing a petition three years ago urging the Turkish government to stop abuse against Kurds, as have almost 700 others (out of 2212).https://t.co/vJevnWM4vJ

— Timothy Gowers (@wtgowers) May 17, 2019

6. One retweet per 121 followers (average):

A wonderful autobiography by 2019 @abel_prize winner Karen Uhlenbeck:https://t.co/v1BZO3PCoL
I really appreciate that she does not shy away from her humanity, and she acknowledges the social and political movements that pave the way for women and minorities in math.#AbelPrize pic.twitter.com/vslZEHu8GI

— Federico Ardila (@FedericoArdila) May 21, 2019

7. One retweet per 150 followers (average):

#Efeméride La matemática Maryam Mirzakhani (1977-2017) nació un 12 de mayo.
Profesora en la Universidad de Stanford (EE. UU.), en 2014 fue galardonada con la Medalla Fields, siendo la primera mujer en... https://t.co/URAt1q4CYu

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) May 12, 2019

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Celebrate 🎉 International Women in Mathematics Day by making the invisible visible 👉🏼 https://t.co/T0jF8Tr6wE pic.twitter.com/Batk43OyIN

— Nalini Joshi (@monsoon0) May 12, 2019

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「経営を統合することになっている名古屋大学と岐阜大学の運営法人は、来年4月から「東海国立大学機構」になります。」| 国立大学の経営安定化へ 1法人で複数大学の運営可能に | NHKニュース https://t.co/uGHdEBepBh

— Iwao KIMURA (@iwaokimura) May 17, 2019

10. One retweet per 174 followers (average):

NEW Blog Post: ‘Connecting SET with geometry’https://t.co/dTEnzMg1aH

A post I’ve been meaning to write for *ages*. It explains the SET cubes in my Twitter header.#MTBoS

— Amie Albrecht (@nomad_penguin) May 20, 2019

11. One retweet per 181 followers (average):

「ただ、大学教授や数学者が開発したコードは、読み取りに時間がかかり、使いにくいものだったといいます。」|「QRコード」生みの親に聞いてみた | NHKニュース https://t.co/6gu2bpGbZD

— Iwao KIMURA (@iwaokimura) May 21, 2019

12. One retweet per 201 followers (average):

I wrote an opinion piece for the @nytimes Sunday Review about the power of motivation in the classroom. Let me know what you guys think! https://t.co/sLFAISykeG

— John Urschel (@JohnCUrschel) May 11, 2019

13. One retweet per 219 followers (average):

Mind-blowing fact of the day: I just learned from @heidiledford that immune cells edit their own DNA! This means that we all carry genetically diverse sets of cells. These are not mutations and they are not epigenetic changes, eitherhttps://t.co/wEmqLtr8Wa

— Davide Castelvecchi (@dcastelvecchi) May 13, 2019

14. One retweet per 229 followers (average):

This weekend’s uploads: Saturday - May Revision Question a Day for A-Level https://t.co/b2mTbUWNqK, Sunday - Parametric Functions cardsort (fingers crossed it is typo free) https://t.co/Cw75RloTqv

— Tom Bennison (@DrBennison) May 12, 2019

15. One retweet per 229 followers (average):

This weekend’s uploads: Saturday - May Revision Question a Day for A-Level https://t.co/b2mTbUWNqK, Sunday - Parametric Functions cardsort (fingers crossed it is typo free) https://t.co/Cw75RloTqv

— Tom Bennison (@DrBennison) May 12, 2019

16. One retweet per 231 followers (average):

#Efeméride La astrónoma Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (1900-1979) nació un 10 de mayo.
En su tesis doctoral (1925) demostró que el hidrógeno es el principal componente de las estrellas; en su época fue considerada la más brillante tesis doctoral escrita... https://t.co/8ArIXjuzKL

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) May 10, 2019

17. One retweet per 231 followers (average):

"Un pequeño libro de grandes mujeres científicas" reúne el testimonio de seis investigadoras de Universidad de Concepción entrevistadas por un grupo de alumnas del Liceo Tecnico Femenino de Concepcion (Chile).#DESCARGABLE https://t.co/0ff3brJgU5

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) May 22, 2019

18. One retweet per 244 followers (average):

When Arthur Eddington tested Einstein's general relativity 100 years ago this month, did he cherrypick his data? @telescoper redid Eddington's analysis using modern techniques and found no evidence that he had "cooked the books".https://t.co/juC7Xu0CRQ

— Davide Castelvecchi (@dcastelvecchi) May 12, 2019

19. One retweet per 256 followers (average):

Why yes, there's a forthcoming graphic novel about analytic number theory over function fields. https://t.co/QnW7Zn1e1e

— Jordan Ellenberg (@JSEllenberg) May 12, 2019

20. One retweet per 258 followers (average):

El cubo de Rubik nació el 19 de mayo de 1974, de la mano de Ernö Rubik (1944), quien intentaba crear un objeto mecánico manipulable para que su alumnado entendiera mejor la geometría tridimensional.https://t.co/f6UZbzSRHR pic.twitter.com/9qoP7U6OUo

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) May 19, 2019