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Uber driver: So you in school?

Me: Yea! I'm getting my Ph.D. in Planetary Science.

Uber driver: Oh really? What's your stance on aliens?

Me: Umm... I don't know. I'm only a 2nd year...

— L. Miché Aaron (@Astrenome) July 14, 2019

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International Space Station passing in front of the Sun. Iconic image!

via @apod pic.twitter.com/BRuAvba1Kt

— Dr. Karan Jani (@AstroKPJ) July 15, 2019

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Rejection is common in academia, so keep persevering! To make this point, I present my list of rejections thus far in my career:
-8 grad schools
-3 grad fellowships
-16 postdocs
-9 faculty jobs
-35 observing proposals
-6 grant proposals
-8 natl awards
-there's probably way more

— Laura Lopez (@ohdearz) July 15, 2019

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Stars twinkle & planets don't (much)
Stars have a narrow path in our sky as they're FAR, so their light is easily refracted-out by atmospheric irregularities. Planets occupy a huge area in our sky so the overall image is fixed by multiple paths, leaving a fuzzy but intact planet! pic.twitter.com/TfeZ8pS4nf

— Dr James O'Donoghue (@physicsJ) July 10, 2019

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Stars twinkle & planets don't(much)
Stars have a narrow path in our sky as they are FAR, so their light is easily refracted-out by atmospheric irregularities. Planets occupy a huge area in our sky so the overall image is fixed by multiple paths, leaving a fuzzy but intact planet! pic.twitter.com/K5FTw4HOkJ

— Dr James O'Donoghue (@physicsJ) July 10, 2019

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Les galaxies en interaction.... c'est juste .... sublime. Celle-ci s'appelle UGC1810

Crédits: NASA / ESA / Domingo Pestana pic.twitter.com/qB0rHSHJ3Z

— Johan Richard (@novaric) July 15, 2019

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Hey Twitter! I’m looking for some awesome new #WomenInSTEM to follow! Any suggestions?

— Haley Wahl (@hwahl16) July 12, 2019

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Hey peeps!😃

I was inspired by the Ploonet news yesterday to go back to making infographics!

So here is a summary of Ploonet formation!🌑
Hope you enjoy 💖🙏

Also just like the other ones it is free to use and modify!#ploonets #scicomm #sciart #astronomyfact #sciencetwitter pic.twitter.com/ZLxXwURDXX

— Dr. Héloïse Stevance 💖💥 (@Sydonahi) July 10, 2019

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Our Population II based calib of SNe Ia is out (https://t.co/Z8WyS04wkA). We get 69.8 km/s /Mpc +/- 0.8 (1.1% stat) +/- 1.7 (2.4% sys).

This is 1.2 sigma consistent w/ Planck and 1.7 sigma consistent w/ the Cepheid-based calibration.

There is A LOT to unpack, but there it is

— Dr. Rachael Beaton (@rareflwr41) July 16, 2019

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here a little sequence all the same exposure (6s, f2.8, iso6400) and look at the last images how bright the auroras are and also how green the snow looks :) pic.twitter.com/3W6zqTbAmt

— Robert Schwarz (@iceman_90South) July 12, 2019

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#Apollo11 took 3 days to get the moon, but radio communications took place at the speed of light. Everything here is to scale #Apollo50th pic.twitter.com/6kGRPXqjX4

— Dr James O'Donoghue (@physicsJ) July 15, 2019

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looking towards the station pic.twitter.com/eeytqBuQBq

— Robert Schwarz (@iceman_90South) July 11, 2019

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En el último capítulo del #AstrónomoIndignado2 sale una actriz con un premio Max, @SerendipioR, varias peinetas tipo Martirio y un unicornio. Si con esto no nos hacemos virales, yo ya... @iaaucc @FECYT_Ciencia @GTCtelescope @mc2coruna https://t.co/gNlXvkgps5

— Manuel Gonzalez (@manolux4444) July 10, 2019

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Recentemente um forte terremoto atingiu a Califórnia com magnitude 7.1. Essa imagem mostra como o terreno se movimentou após o abalo, interrompendo a estrada de terra. pic.twitter.com/nrBRTRTty7

— Cassio Barbosa (@cassioleandro) July 16, 2019

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Before the astronauts went to the moon, they went to America’s National Parks. Special edition posters available now. https://t.co/pDj302Snba #ApolloXI #NPS #Apollo #july20 #Apollo50 #Apollo50th pic.twitter.com/JjijTk9CAS

— Tyler Nordgren (@NightSkyPark) July 12, 2019

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WOW. WOW. this is the first-ever image of a circumplanetary disk, the belt of gas & dust that forms planets & moon systems.

you can see the star in the very center, & 2 smudges that are newly-formed planets. the outer planet has the disk, right in the throes of planet formation pic.twitter.com/IfSw7EIP2z

— Sarafina Nance (@starstrickenSF) July 11, 2019

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Essa é uma montagem de imagens da galáxia de Andrômeda em diferentes frequências (visível, raio-X etc).

Vemos diferentes fenômenos físicos em cada uma. Para entender a formação da galáxia, temos que analisar tudo em conjunto. #astrominibr pic.twitter.com/k8wuhomAhP

— Thiago S Goncalves (@thiagosgbr) July 16, 2019

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"Slides," sort of, from my #scipy2019 talk "Getting Lost in Community Building," can be found here: https://t.co/9Yt34wTyvL

— Matthew Turk (@powersoffour) July 11, 2019

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One final thought about TMT: it has implications that reach far beyond Hawai'i. Example: I am not Hawai'ian, but when you say the concerns of many Kānaka Maoli are not important--or at least less important than scientific progress--what are you saying to someone like me?

— Mia de los Reyes (@MiaDoesAstro) July 15, 2019

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Exciting: a new measurement of the expansion rate of the universe widens the crack in the standard cosmological model (5.3 σ tension between Planck and joint H0LiCOW+SH0ES), challenging our understanding of the universe https://t.co/BDzCwxgLtG HT @Tristan_duPree pic.twitter.com/y1T7NCAsWn

— Gianfranco Bertone (@gfbertone) July 12, 2019