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Astronomers' Recent Top Tweets

Updated: 2023-Feb-04 12:59 UTC. Entries: 20. Based on tweets of Astronomers on Twitter. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Astronomers' tweets from past 7 days most retweeted per follower:

1. One retweet per 2 followers:

育休中に学び直しをという政治家に対する反論の新たな根拠として「コンマリが片付けるのを諦めるくらい」が誕生。 https://t.co/hO6nc5p1Yi

— 磯部洋明 ISOBE Hiroaki (@isobehiroaki) January 29, 2023

2. One retweet per 6 followers:

“If Queensland was a country, it would have been the ninth highest forest destroying nation globally in 2019 – just above China.”

Why Queensland is still ground zero for Australian deforestation https://t.co/LByLU9NOWS via @ConversationEDU

— Michael Brown (@MJIBrown) January 29, 2023

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I am haunted by this figure no matter where I go in my career. pic.twitter.com/CrRU7SPN8v

— Dr. Megan Tannock (@AstronomerMegan) February 1, 2023

4. One retweet per 35 followers:

Here comes the sun! The region just behind the southeast limb is starting to show itself via loops high in the corona. What will it bring?🧐🤔❓🌎🌞 For more on Sun activity see https://t.co/xD29wLfTTM pic.twitter.com/c5os381Cu6

— Dr. C. Alex Young (@TheSunToday) January 29, 2023

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https://t.co/rrF8lMaHzT pic.twitter.com/K86CwjuwxN

— nick saunders ⏾ (@nksaunders) February 3, 2023

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Image & caption from original ESO press release https://t.co/VNrEhTUdyE
Original paper by Bohn et al. 2020 https://t.co/3o12hW4SmF
Clarification: Image is of first *multiple-planet* system orbiting Sun-like star, NOT first directly imaged exoplanet system (even for Sun-like star)

— Eric Mamajek 🇺🇸🇺🇦 (@EricMamajek) January 30, 2023

7. One retweet per 63 followers:

Watching Comet 96P/Machholz pass perihelion on its journey around the Sun. And a nice CME from a filament eruption to add to the show. 🧐🤔❓🌎🌞 For more on Sun activity see https://t.co/xD29wLfm4e pic.twitter.com/XemACCPcpJ

— Dr. C. Alex Young (@TheSunToday) February 2, 2023

8. One retweet per 80 followers:

This is a new #JWST image.

The six-pointed objects are stars in the Milky Way.

Everything else is an entire galaxy.


— Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy) February 3, 2023

9. One retweet per 81 followers:

Our first @LMT_TolTEC images from commissioning data are beautiful. Here M1 (Crab Nebula) at 1.1/1.4/2.0mm. More engineering and commissioning data tonight, hopefully, and more info on first images here: https://t.co/7IhwXVkjLE @gtmlmt_oficial @inaoe_mx pic.twitter.com/ChsgiHeTiK

— Itziar Aretxaga (@ItziMex) January 30, 2023

10. One retweet per 89 followers:

Making movies of black holes? Sure! Building a telescope like the @africa_mm_tel greatly helps.
Latest paper by my group: „Expanding Sgr A* dynamical imaging capabilities with an African extension to the Event Horizon Telescope“ @Noemi_La_Bella et al.https://t.co/kWZgRC6myu pic.twitter.com/V6V9UqWV21

— Heino Falcke (@hfalcke) January 30, 2023

11. One retweet per 108 followers:

#JWST picture of the month: LEDA 2046648, A Spiral Amongst Thousands. The large spiral galaxy at the base of the image is located 1.1 billion light-years away in constellation Hercules, in a sector of the sky that we are mapping in the ongoing analyses of the Cosmicflows-4 data. pic.twitter.com/MT52iQhHgy

— Daniel Pomarède (@DanielPomarede) January 31, 2023

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International grad students in the US:

Read on for a guide courtesy of @astrogandhi @ITrierweiler @katestoreyfish @abigail_j_leehttps://t.co/FlUnkeCsaF

— Dr. Luna Z 🌙 (@cosmoloony) January 29, 2023

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If you didn’t grow up poor… you may need to do some listening & learning to truly be a good mentor to students coming from poverty.

If your answer to a problem they bring you is, ‘Just xyz…’ and they don’t immediately respond ‘OMG, brilliant, why didn’t I think of that?!?’

— Dr. Saavik Ford (@saavikford) January 30, 2023

14. One retweet per 112 followers:

I’m just a girl, with 1.5 Astronomy degrees, once again pulling up stellarium to figure out if right ascension should be increasing to the left or right

— Catherine Slaughter 🔭 (@CatieSlaughts) January 29, 2023

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The solar corona seen with the SOHO spacecraft is really exceptionally beautiful in the last few days, with the solar approach of #comet 96P/Machholz and a few minor #solarstorm eruptions. ☄️🌬️☀️ pic.twitter.com/ZAwHCDNI05

— Christian Möstl (@chrisoutofspace) February 1, 2023

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Hey, #Latin American - #Caribbean #astronomy #grad #student: do not let this oportunity pass by! All costs covered and a great program, who says ME??? #ISYA23MX @inaoe_mx @IAU_org https://t.co/Lk9oK8nLbL

— Itziar Aretxaga (@ItziMex) January 29, 2023

17. One retweet per 135 followers:

It's paper day. We show that galaxy mergers (FIRE) not only enhance global SFR, but molecular gas surface density and associated virial parameter, highlighting the role of feedback! Comments are welcome. Enjoy! @BlakesleyB @cchayward82 https://t.co/CfAJhDiT95 pic.twitter.com/rqMQhPVsXP

— Jorge Moreno (@jorgito__moreno) February 1, 2023

18. One retweet per 137 followers:

The fact that AI is being hard coded with standard 2023 Bay Area Democrat beliefs as if they are universal, eternal, truths is an AI alignment problem, albeit secondary to the "might wipe out humanity" one.

— Peter Hague PhD (@peterrhague) February 1, 2023

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The Sun has been relatively quiet. No big flaring, but prominences are dancing on the northwest limb (edge). 🧐🤔❓🌎🌞 For more on Sun activity see https://t.co/xD29wLfTTM pic.twitter.com/5AkfeHNVFa

— Dr. C. Alex Young (@TheSunToday) January 30, 2023

20. One retweet per 148 followers:

if the earth spun at 13 rpm we would all die 👍 https://t.co/aZH6BG5jVi

— Yoni Brande (@YoniAstro) February 1, 2023