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Getting a PhD in astrophysics. https://t.co/bvwiaq7Zie

— Anna Hughes (@AnnaGHughes) July 12, 2018

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OK: following, my thoughts on Google Brain and similar institutions. Disclaimer: this is my opinion, as someone who doesn't need their funding, and has built a career without needing to flatter them. (An anti-disclaimer, if you will.) https://t.co/ASCp4fYHq0

— Simon DeDeo (@SimonDeDeo) July 13, 2018

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12 new moons have been discovered around Jupiter! Still the greediest planet in the Solar System! https://t.co/WMXPCh0oZo pic.twitter.com/cVyBBvFHlr

— Tom Kerss 💫 (@tomkerss) July 17, 2018

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Machine learning is an amazing accomplishment of engineering. But it's not science. Not even close. It's just 1990, scaled up. It has given us *literally* no more insight than we had twenty years ago.

— Simon DeDeo (@SimonDeDeo) July 13, 2018

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Hell is physicists arguing about the interpretation of quantum mechanics on a network of transistor-based devices. https://t.co/2ZcuA5ck7c

— Will Kinney (@WKCosmo) July 11, 2018

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The towers that launched NEAR, MGS, Pathfinder, DS1, Mars Odyssey, Spirit & Opportunity, Phoenix, Spitzer, Dawn, Deep Impact, Stardust, Genesis, MESSENGER, STEREO, THEMIS, Fermi, Kepler, WISE, Grail, among others.

A entire generation of exploration cleared those towers. https://t.co/32ErAqoAu7

— Simon Porter (@AscendingNode) July 12, 2018

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Image is ~30 pc by 10 pc and just


at those

filaments! 🔥 @SKA_Africa pic.twitter.com/qYYudXkZsT

— Grant Tremblay (@astrogrant) July 13, 2018

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The Trump blimp is not the first time London has used balloons to ward off Nazis. pic.twitter.com/siPQ9zmyUa

— Richard Easther (@REasther) July 14, 2018

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Three years ago our intrepdid little spacebird @NewHorizons2015 visited worlds for the first time, sharing the historic event with us Earthlings. Such beauty, plus surprises, reminding us, with exploration you learn things you never dreamed of before #PlutoFlyby pic.twitter.com/JFNiqw8vnO

— Kimberly EnnicoSmith (@kennicosmith) July 14, 2018

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Brightest stars as seen from #TRAPPIST1:
Canopus (mag -0.7),
Achernar (0.1),
Rigel (0.1),
Betelgeuse (0.5).
Sirius drops out of top 50 (2nd mag). #AlphaCentauri drops to mag 4.7 (~1287th brightest) &
Sun is yellowish mag 5.3 star in Leo (~2392nd brightest) #exoplanets #NASA

— Eric Mamajek (@EricMamajek) July 16, 2018

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OK so Planck 2018 reports a Hubble constant of H_0 = 67.27 +/- 0.60 km/s/Mpc. Discrepancy with supernovae is now 3.5 sigma.


— Will Kinney (@WKCosmo) July 17, 2018

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There's one big difference between AT&T and Facebook: Bell Labs invented C, UNIX, and the transistor, and discovered the quantum hall effect and the cosmic microwave background. Facebook Research has... invented new ways to addict you to Facebook. https://t.co/1BU6GlmyHk

— Simon DeDeo (@SimonDeDeo) July 13, 2018

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No one in the world works as hard as @jesswade to make physics accessible to everyone. She spends her days, evenings and weekends giving school talks, doing outreach events and writing wikipedia entries for amazing women scientists. Congratulations Jess, you are my inspiration! https://t.co/Wf9Zubql7s

— Emma Chapman (@DrEOChapman) July 11, 2018

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I decided I needed a globe of Io (Jupiter’s volcanic moon), so I made one! #TeamIo pic.twitter.com/OGFWML41yP

— James Tuttle Keane (@jtuttlekeane) July 13, 2018

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“We will never know how many promising scientific careers around the world have been brought to a premature end because young researchers felt they could not continue to work under a bullying senior figure. But it should stop. Now.” https://t.co/fGCh9PP7Eu

— Bryan Gaensler (@SciBry) July 14, 2018

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Oh nothing, just working on figuring out what 25% of the Universe is made of. Nothing at all. https://t.co/z6PtEtUkMQ

— Sophia Nasr 🏳️‍🌈 (@Astropartigirl) July 13, 2018

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12 new moons discovered around Jupiter, bringing the official total to “enough.” https://t.co/JxLOkDf3UJ

— Andy Howell (@d_a_howell) July 17, 2018

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If you invite for me for a science talk I am always happy to give an earlier/later talk on harassment in science, the work I do with the @1752Group and enabling positive cultures. Just ask!

— Emma Chapman (@DrEOChapman) July 17, 2018

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Can you do cool research at Google Brain? Honest answer: no. You will be on the cutting edge of machine learning, yes—an engineering discipline whose basic goals are set by large corporations. But you will not be a scientist.

— Simon DeDeo (@SimonDeDeo) July 13, 2018

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I just LOVE that Juno is pointing its cameras at Io - and catching new eruptions! https://t.co/YB5EeLUI0F @NASAJuno

— Jani Radebaugh (@radjanirad) July 13, 2018