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😂😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/7OpWZMgsVA

— Niko (@NikoSarcevic) October 19, 2021

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— Dr. Jessie Christianstein 👩🏻‍🔬🧟‍♀️ (@aussiastronomer) October 17, 2021

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The surface of Mars, today.

Thursday, 21 October, 2021. pic.twitter.com/jF9JUHhb6j

— Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy) October 22, 2021

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Me, trying to explain grad school progress to my family: pic.twitter.com/ozR6M3wPXy

— Adeene Denton (@SpaceWhaleRider) October 19, 2021

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I am blown away by https://t.co/N0TCTx4ujf. Such a useful tool for research.

This in-browser graphical LaTeX tool gives you free-form drawing (tikz export), WYSIWYG rendering, symbol shortcuts, and even picture-based symbol search. I might even write full papers in this... pic.twitter.com/YjLCQWnJTi

— Miles Cranmer (@MilesCranmer) October 17, 2021

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Fall sunset @ucla today pic.twitter.com/i7nXUUJHi1

— Tuan Do (@quantumpenguin) October 19, 2021

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My longest 🧵ever - about merit in academia, "campus-cancellation" & 1st amendment rights.
I expressed my disappointment w/@eapsMIT for inviting a specific prof to give a prominent lecture. Prof had essay against considering race in academic decisions & to only consider merit.

— Dawn - Black Lives Matter (@sumnerd) October 16, 2021

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Person 1: The glass is half empty
Person 2: The glass is half full
Harvard Scientist: The glass was left here by an alien civilisation. I'm the first person ever to have this idea

— Dr Duncan Forgan (@dh4gan) October 18, 2021

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Jupiter 🍎 pie pic.twitter.com/BWu89K7Qh9

— Erin M. May, PhD (@_astronomay) October 17, 2021

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This is an incredible video—an ash explosion at Mt. Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan, taken this morning, Wednesday October 20, 2021.

This looks to be the first activity at the volcano since 2016. (As I write, @SmithsonianGVP is down.)

Credit: RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting pic.twitter.com/Y8w2BylJ0b

— Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy) October 20, 2021

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Finished the GR course. I really enjoyed it. Such a wonderful subject to teach. My lecture notes can be found here: https://t.co/b41WqZ93GW Hardly anything is original (mostly following @seanmcarroll and David Tong), but I drew lots of figures. pic.twitter.com/9risacFR0w

— Daniel Baumann (@DD_Baumann) October 20, 2021

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Le chat de Schrödinger quand il réduit le paquet d'onde
(Source : https://t.co/2pv1yof8V8) pic.twitter.com/qDCpJeivKe

— Sébastien Carassou 🌎 (@FlashCordon) October 18, 2021

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Apoyemos y luchemos por la Geología en los planes de estudios. Que no desaparezca. La educación sobre Geología es crucial para comprender nuestro planeta (y otros), con implicaciones muy importantes en todos los ámbitos sociales @IGeociencias @cgeologos @IGME1849 @sgeologica pic.twitter.com/ai1LLNhKtL

— Jesús Martínez Frías (@J_MartinezFrias) October 22, 2021

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Now that it's public I can finally put this in a single thread.
Time to hear the story of TOI 1227b, a 11 Myr giant planet orbiting a very low-mass star (0.17Msun) that we nearly screwed up in a bunch of different ways and spent the better part of 2 years trying to figure out. pic.twitter.com/yIWEMd0R6M

— Andrew Mann (@amannastro) October 20, 2021

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Physics & math bachelors, astrophysics masters, and all but dissertation in my PhD program, and I still couldn’t for the life of me tell you what the hell an eigenvalue is

— The Only Nicholas Hunt-Walker in Existence (@nhuntwalker) October 22, 2021

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One of my very favourite space images ever.

Earth. In a sunbeam. pic.twitter.com/Orxk8ECcIZ

— Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy) October 17, 2021

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I don't always #ObserveTheMoon but when I do, I use one of @ESO's 8.2 m telescopes 😉 pic.twitter.com/75HdvrSeWD

— Juan Carlos Munoz (@astro_jcm) October 16, 2021

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Writing about the DEI & outreach work I’ve done on applications feels wrong. They always want explicit demonstrations of engagement with URM, first-gen, nontraditional etc and I have plenty of examples but also I AM literally all of those things. It feels exploitative to me (1/2)

— Dakotah Tyler (@dtstarkid) October 19, 2021

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Would like you all to know that the TRAPPIST-1 planets are consistent with being scaled-up versions of Jupiter's moon Io. pic.twitter.com/3uLDLc0jGY

— Eric Agol (@AgolEric) October 21, 2021

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The @EuCAPT White Paper "Opportunities and Challenges for Theoretical Astroparticle Physics in the Next Decade" (135 authors, 400 endorsers, 133 pages, 1382 refs.) is now on the @arxiv! 🥳https://t.co/H9K5yx3KWP pic.twitter.com/OFX9FeCRvr

— Gianfranco Bertone (@gfbertone) October 20, 2021