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Let's talk the so-called need to "get women interested in science". The thing is: we *are* interested (HELLO 🙋‍♀️). We're everywhere. That isn't the problem. The problem is *keeping us here*. Creating a safe environment for women, esp. women of color, is the problem.

— Sophia Nasr (@Astropartigirl) May 20, 2018

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This is the last thing a remote camera positioned just a bit to close to the launch pad sees. Don't worry @ingallsimages, that'll buff right out. If not I'm sure @CanonUSA might bend its warranty rules a bit ... for science. pic.twitter.com/uGp5safdPw

— Tony Rice (@rtphokie) May 23, 2018

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"Hours lost: 6. Reason: Volcano"

Doug Geisler's telescope log from 28y ago today, observing at Manastash Ridge when Mt. St. Helens erupted (this is by far the most popular story ppl point me to when I mention I'm writing a book about observing) #TheLastStargazers #ReasonVolcano pic.twitter.com/0UVAlLjkI5

— Emily Levesque (@emsque) May 18, 2018

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I always assumed @internetofshit was just a metaphor https://t.co/B9WEtWGkKN

— Stephen Serjeant (@StephenSerjeant) May 21, 2018

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really, Google? pic.twitter.com/t1KuoFAIEU

— Emily Levesque (@emsque) May 23, 2018

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A lo Rhodes: La 1a vez que salí de España a una escuela de astronomía internacional, recien licenciada, pensaba que mi educación había sido mala, mi inglés malo, mi habilidad para la astronomía mala, todo mal en comparación con los estudiantes de otros países. Menuda equivocación

— Olga Zamora (@omzamora) May 19, 2018

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This is pretty extraordinary. Scientists have measured the pressure INSIDE A PROTON. The pressure is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pascals, or about 10 times the pressure at the centre of a neutron star.https://t.co/UDDJzb9UWw

— Bryan Gaensler (@SciBry) May 21, 2018

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When you get a PhD in Finland, you receive a doctoral top hat and sword, tailored to your discipline. Both will be used in your conferment ceremony (pictured). pic.twitter.com/rqQzUsiCg2

— Anna Hughes (@AnnaGHughes) May 21, 2018

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This is an amazing result. Imagine: we could send a space probe to study a tiny world that came from another star system. #Interstellar #Asteroids https://t.co/3n95A1QPep

— Robert Massey (@RobertMMassey) May 21, 2018

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Mars 2020 descent stage today at #JPL. pic.twitter.com/CWL1iKLCKC

— Michael J. Malaska (@mike_malaska) May 21, 2018

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Amazing. I saw the last men walk on the moon as a kid and was inspired, talked 15 years about radio astronomy from the moon, and now after 2 crazy years of work, our radio antenna really goes ..?! Surreal! Can’t believe it. #NCLE #Queqiao #Change4 #Godspeed pic.twitter.com/a9Adteaf0q

— Heino Falcke (@hfalcke) May 20, 2018

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Looks like satellite is released and solar panels deployed - now we have to wait until #Queqiao with #NCLE reaches the moon #NCLELaunch #Change4 pic.twitter.com/CnXlBTsOud

— Heino Falcke (@hfalcke) May 20, 2018

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Astrofísicos de la UCM crean un mapa online sobre iluminación nocturna https://t.co/07zq6Fku3W

— Jaime Zamorano (@cefalopodo) May 22, 2018

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Wow, this tweet is going viral! I should make some comment about it? I guess I will say that when I graduated from Harvard my dad toasted me and said, "You've been given a lot of power. Now use it wisely." So, I'm trying. Jared isn't. https://t.co/7tFbwj1epj

— Shuri Dirty Computer Prescod-Weinstein🙅🏽‍♀️ 🇧🇧 (@IBJIYONGI) May 20, 2018

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They're there because he isn't.

— Liberal Intellectual #FBPE #OFAB (@davecl42) May 19, 2018

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Here it is! That beautiful supernova that YOU the viewers of #StargazingABC found! If you get classifying on https://t.co/3SVAaAKewF will you find another to help us estimate the age of the Universe? pic.twitter.com/ivdgH1sN2M

— Becky Smethurst (@becky1505) May 23, 2018

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Learn a little about about Diné (Navajo) astronomy! https://t.co/vjXhXgR5Ea

— Jamie Molaro (@spacejammie) May 18, 2018

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moraleja: nos acomplejan más de la cuenta y muchas veces se tiende a pensar que lo de fuera es mejor cuando no es así en muchas ocasiones.

— Olga Zamora (@omzamora) May 19, 2018

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Want to know how to time travel? Find out in the latest episode of the #ExtraordinaryUniverse

Available with subtitles here https://t.co/PGUCCpEy4u#scicomm #physics #WomenInSTEM pic.twitter.com/3LCUC2Z4PB

— Emma Osborne 💫 (@Emmanigma) May 18, 2018

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The launch of #Queqiao with @Radboud_Uni @RadRadioLab experiment #NCLE is now officially a success. First step to human exploration of the far side of the moon. Keep it radio quiet for astronomy please! https://t.co/9xdOoeO23l pic.twitter.com/sAP1Jii8kA

— Heino Falcke (@hfalcke) May 20, 2018