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The original water cooler https://t.co/gJorTr7322

— Norhasliza Yusof (@norhaslizayusof) March 18, 2019

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Bercakap pasal siswa-siswi tak cukup makan ini, dulu pernah beri cadangan buat dapur (kitchen) dekat kolej supaya pelajar boleh masak macam dengan hostel-hostel di universiti luar negara tapi sekali kena gelak dan diberitahu tak praktikal. 🤷‍♀️

— Norhasliza Yusof (@norhaslizayusof) March 17, 2019

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The academic publishing industry has larger global revenues than the recorded music industry, and is not far short of the film industry.

“It’s like going to a restaurant where you have to take your own food, cook it and pay for the privilege”. @telescoper talks Open Access. pic.twitter.com/p5nvqgxRgw

— Emma Chapman (@DrEOChapman) March 22, 2019

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Intriguing: improved determination of the Hubble constant (H0) from Hubble Space Telescope observations of Cepheids in the Large Magellanic Cloud, brings discrepancy with Planck CMB+LCDM inferred value to 4.4 sigma! https://t.co/T80dGucRjU pic.twitter.com/zf4Nw4sRni

— Gianfranco Bertone (@gfbertone) March 19, 2019

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The 3.5m telescope at @CalarAltoObs is being used to hunt for extrasolar planets. During my stay there, I had the pleasure to go inside the dome & see it up close. What an incredible beast! The perfect model to picture with a rising Milky Way! #cielosESA @TheUniverse_TM pic.twitter.com/FDDLa0ThCU

— Antonio Martin-Carrillo (@antmarcarr) March 21, 2019

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*taps mic, clears throat*

🎶 I don’t like Physics, oh no. I love it 🎶#WomenLovePhysics #DontBeADick https://t.co/rLeWOHokjI

— Dr Michelle Collins (@michelle_lmc) March 24, 2019

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The good thing about the Milky Way these first few days of the new season is that is low enough to find compositions like this. This is me pointing to the Lagoon Nebula from the @CalarAltoObs in Almeria in a single shot with the Canon 6D and the Samyang 135mm lens #cielosESA pic.twitter.com/qj8kG32ekc

— Antonio Martin-Carrillo (@antmarcarr) March 19, 2019

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OMG a bunch of us just put an eyepiece on the @LCOAstro Swope 1-meter telescope & POINTED IT AT ETA CARINA.

You could see the structure! The bipolar lobes!! THE STAR WAS BRIGHT RED BECAUSE OF THE DUST!!! AAAAAHHHH 🤩🌟🎉

...I should explain why I’m screaming. #TheLastStargazers pic.twitter.com/8GuiTQ4bXy

— Emily Levesque ✨🔭 (@emsque) March 24, 2019

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Happy St Patrick’s Day! Today we remember that:
1. Indentured servitude, while terrible, was not comparable to intergenerational chattel slavery
2. Theresa May sucks
3. A lot of people treat today as a white pride day with a good cover story.
4. White pride is violent.

— Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 🙅🏽‍♀️ 🇧🇧🌈 (@IBJIYONGI) March 17, 2019

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Regardless you are from sekolah harian, sbp and mrsm. You will be like this when you enter your degree (not applicable for foundation studies) 😂 pic.twitter.com/jJh2m7cAhN

— Norhasliza Yusof (@norhaslizayusof) March 17, 2019

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Direct Hit! Both #NOAA & #NASA prediction models agree we have an Earth-directed #solarstorm that will impact around 12pm March 23! This one is dense & strong so it could pack a decent punch! Expect #hamradio & #GPS disruptions on Earth's nightside, plus #aurora to mid-latitudes! pic.twitter.com/H3carfQR5m

— Dr. Tamitha Skov (@TamithaSkov) March 21, 2019

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New article again today. Living here in UM is expensive and one thing I'm grateful is some of the cafe still provide cheap food but still it is expensive to the poor students.

— Norhasliza Yusof (@norhaslizayusof) March 18, 2019

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When you have a Python 3 install and a Python 2 install and your programs aren't fully compliant in either but you did your best https://t.co/jfI7HyszaW

— Fiona H. Panther (@FiPanther) March 17, 2019

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The latest #solarstorm from new AR 12736 accompanied a coronal wave and dimming, also a C4.8 flare. From STEREO COR-2 data, the CME looks like Earth-bound. Monitor solar wind late on March 22 onward. @SpaceWxMike @nenecallas @TamithaSkov @chunder10 pic.twitter.com/AurFI6Wq9K

— Halo CME (@halocme) March 20, 2019

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Ah yes, a high school student who just happens to be a “Research Associate at the Australian Taxpayers Alliance” and an “active Young Liberal.” @readfearn https://t.co/5DCpJpigkQ https://t.co/mu8KzQEAA0

— Michael Brown (@MJIBrown) March 17, 2019

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Kita ni dok glorify nama-nama kerja/bidang yang canngih ni hujung-hujung bila dapat tahu nama sebenarnya biasa-biasa je yang kita belajar hari-hari tapi letak nama canggih terus saham naik. Eg. machine learning asasnya matematik dan statistik je pun.. dari linear ke non-linear

— Norhasliza Yusof (@norhaslizayusof) March 21, 2019

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My latest @NatureGeosci Sketch-Up is out, and it’s about @OSIRISREx and Bennu—a rubble pile asteroid with a complex history! The authors presented this work this morning at #LPSC2019, and more sketches are coming! Shareable PDF: https://t.co/OV8gHLgaEo. @DSLauretta @kwalsh4 pic.twitter.com/XbpNCRIsh0

— James Tuttle Keane (@jtuttlekeane) March 19, 2019

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This dude has a statistics-based job despite fundamentally misunderstanding how to interpret statistics.
He has been given a Sunday Times double page voice despite being let go from CERN and his “theories” debunked.

But yeah... we live in a gender-blind meritocracy apparently 🙄 https://t.co/GQLcexyHxz

— Emma Chapman (@DrEOChapman) March 24, 2019

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Our current hypothesis for the formation of 2014 #MU69! I made a simple version of this back at encounter, but had to update it (i.e., flatten MU69) for #LPSC2019. I look forward to updating it in the future, as our hypotheses evolve! @NASANewHorizons @NewHorizons2015 pic.twitter.com/oLBl1DebYp

— James Tuttle Keane (@jtuttlekeane) March 18, 2019

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El pasado 18 de Diciembre, un meteorito explotó en el estrecho de Bering con la energía de 10 veces la bomba de Hiroshima, mientras entraba en la atmosfera de la Tierra a 115.200 km/h.

Ni siquiera ha sido el impacto mas grande de los últimos 10 años. We need a plan! https://t.co/Zipkb8PjUk

— Borlaff (@asborlaff) March 18, 2019