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Researchers who use Macs, PLEASE don't upgrade to MacOS X Big Sur or buy a new M1 mac yet: a short thread. (1/n)

— Thomas Robitaille 🇪🇺 (@astrofrog) November 20, 2020

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Click on this image. Make it full size.

See that small, white dot, about a third the way in from the left?

That's us. That's home. That's Earth. From Mars. pic.twitter.com/mT9wksZjig

— Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy) November 18, 2020

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as an astronomer, this upset me

as a puerto rican, this actually broke my heart. i cried on the way to class

i don't think people understand the sense of pride and inspiration that Arecibo brought to many Puerto Ricans, especially those who grew up wanting to become astronomers https://t.co/5dIlTkwi1e

— Giannina Guzmán Caloca 🇵🇷 (@GianniG97) November 19, 2020

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Múltiplos relatos de "OVNI" vistos nos céus do Nordeste brasileiro, a oeste. Podem tirar o "N" da sigla. É um objeto voador muito bem identificado, o foguete da missão chinesa Chang'e 5, lançada rumo à Lua na tarde de hoje. Foto: Anselmo Augusto. pic.twitter.com/O4fz3kICMA

— Gustavo Rojas (@gurojas) November 23, 2020

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Astronomers have been planet-hunting since the 18th century. Here are those 3 centuries of progress in the form of a single plot.
(Now updated to 2020, with lighter/slower versions available at: https://t.co/xS9eMauVTr) pic.twitter.com/EYbSiiKIm9

— Hugh Osborn (@exohugh) November 23, 2020

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Seems sensible when everyone globally is occupied with fighting a pandemic and when we can't even afford to pay for kids to eat during the holidays; the defence budget had me particularly worried. https://t.co/w5Qu3tksuF

— Dr William Dunn (@astro__will) November 18, 2020

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#WhatAreciboMeansToMe a #Thread pic.twitter.com/3Mtft7JwAM

— Ed Rivera-Valentín 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈 (@PlanetTreky) November 19, 2020

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So I was going to write a blog post, but got distracted by my new baking equipment, including an absurd number of piping tips.

What to do? Data visualization lessons through the medium of brownies + buttercream! A 🧵

(Thanks to @powersoffour for the inspiration)

(1/12) pic.twitter.com/Ft8vQ8JWy7

— Daniela Huppenkothen (@Tiana_Athriel) November 22, 2020

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It is with deepest of broken hearts that I post this. And it really hurts, so very much.

"NSF begins planning for decommissioning of Arecibo"https://t.co/QX18OsGqe7

— Ed Rivera-Valentín 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈 (@PlanetTreky) November 19, 2020

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If the whole Crab Nebula (~4.5 times the Sun’s mass) were made of crab meat and you seasoned it ~properly~ you’d need to use enough old bay to fill up about 1/3 of the whole ass sun https://t.co/cNm86QJY1s

— Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo) November 21, 2020

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— Ethereal AnarchoPansexual Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (@IBJIYONGI) November 20, 2020

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I don’t talk about it much, but I am an adult child of an addict, domestic abuse, & temporary homelessness. It’s something I work through every day & I want other folks with less-than-stellar childhoods to feel like they belong in astronomy, like they have a right to be here too. https://t.co/oa1k5uO3Cx

— Arianna Long (@astroarianna) November 20, 2020

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Too Soon?#JWSTDeadlineMemes pic.twitter.com/tWd3yOFtet

— Erin M. May, PhD (@_astronomay) November 20, 2020

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My favorite way to explain a normalizing flow:

- There's a crowd of people; each is a sample of the data distribution.
- Everybody takes a step in some direction according to a neural net
- In steps, the net tries to direct the crowd to form a Gaussian without bumping each other pic.twitter.com/ZaWf6G55h6

— Miles Cranmer (@MilesCranmer) November 24, 2020

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It's the kind of photo that makes you stop and think.

This image by @ridingrobots, taken in Brighton, Utah in July, shows Jupiter—and its four major moons (Callisto, Ganymede, Io, and Europa, from top left to bottom right).

Oh, and Earth, in the foreground.

Astonishing. pic.twitter.com/5bACpyraiz

— Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy) November 20, 2020

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Here's a thread on lesser-known tools and packages that I could not live without, starting with Python.
(suggestions are very welcome!)

- https://t.co/pKzsVd7Bva
- Easily-interpretable reshapes + tiling + aggregations for numpy/torch/tf/etc

1/n pic.twitter.com/WjLbBhMA8r

— Miles Cranmer (@MilesCranmer) November 19, 2020

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Quick reminder to US students that applying to astronomy PhD programs in Europe/UK is typically *free* -- no fee waivers needed because there are no fees!

— Malena Rice (@malena_rice) November 23, 2020

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Brilliant! pic.twitter.com/ZUabADKhIQ

— Alan Stern (@AlanStern) November 21, 2020

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Next week in #AstroTwitter pic.twitter.com/DJxGbJkKYW

— Dr. Gerard van Belle (@FringeDoctor) November 23, 2020

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if you’re an undergrad interested in studying exoplanets this summer, consider applying to the WAVE program!! the Knutson group is actively looking for applicants; happy to chat about it if you’re interested 😊 https://t.co/rLNdxdwAWv

— Shreyas Vissapragada (@astroshrey) November 19, 2020