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I did not realise at the time because they published the star under a different name, but WE FOUND A PLANET AROUND 40 ERIDANI A.



WHAT.https://t.co/fojauzTgok pic.twitter.com/xL6imUmxfu

— Dr. Jessie Christiansen (@aussiastronomer) September 18, 2018

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It’ll be the first time a rover has landed on an asteroid and it’s happening right now! @rincon_p summarises the release of the MINERVA-II rovers from @haya2e_jaxa. #asteroidlanding https://t.co/xsfiGpWAlU

— Elizabeth Tasker (@girlandkat) September 20, 2018

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We can fix these things. We have to. It won't be easy. It'll likely take our whole lives and then some, but we can't wait for someone else to come along and do it for us. https://t.co/BGpdP2zI65

— Ryan Anderson (@Ryan_B_Anderson) September 19, 2018

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#ImpeachKavanaugh - not only must he not be made a member of SCOTUS, he should be removed from the judiciary completely.

— Michael Busch (@michael_w_busch) September 16, 2018

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This a photo
by a rover
small enough to hold in your hand
hopping along
the surface of an asteroid

Mind-blowing. 💫 https://t.co/w5aDiibv2t

— Tanya Harrison (@tanyaofmars) September 22, 2018

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It should not be on women to navigate gender bias. It should be on men to recognise it in themselves and in others, and then to work together to fix it. https://t.co/S16wB1deYV

— Bryan Gaensler (@SciBry) September 19, 2018

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OK, people. We need to talk about Proxima Centauri b. Again. https://t.co/0hSD4uCwpR

— Elizabeth Tasker (@girlandkat) September 16, 2018

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can't believe this heist went wronghttps://t.co/AdFioLQCCa

— Anna Hughes (@AnnaGHughes) September 23, 2018

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Dudes who think e-bikes are cheating are going to completely lose it when they find out about cars. https://t.co/gSqPk0TBWd

— Richard Easther (@REasther) September 16, 2018

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I discovered my India due to your encouragement and enthusiasm for our science and us scientists.

Hoping for your many more solar orbits, PM @NarendraModi. 🇮🇳 pic.twitter.com/uFSQP1dHWW

— Dr. Karan Jani (@AstroKPJ) September 17, 2018

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BUSCO DOCTORS EN FÍSICA, QUÍMICA O ASTRONOMÍA ENTRE 2008-2015 que desitgin entrar a fer recerca sobre asteroides i cometes al @iSpaceSci @AASCV @astro_girona @CosmosMataro @ASTROAVA @astroamics @Bctuab @BalearsFCiencia @FCienciesUAB Responeu i seguiu-me per detalls @CSICCat pic.twitter.com/BplAftKpcJ

— Dr. Josep M. Trigo (@Josep_Trigo) September 20, 2018

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Woo hoo! Dept. of @UCIPhysAstro just passed a motion to put into place the policy of NOT requiring the Physics GRE in graduate admissions!!! #STEMeducation #DiversityandInclusion 👏👏👏👏

— Kev Abazajian (@kevaba) September 21, 2018

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Astronomical autumn begins with the September equinox at 9:54 ET tonight https://t.co/TSojzbK6Dn pic.twitter.com/cUArBS7WFV

— Tony Rice (@rtphokie) September 22, 2018

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I never get tired of the sunsets at Seapoint beach just south of Dublin. Each evening is a whole new show @EarthandClouds @StormHour pic.twitter.com/jZafTIJCyo

— Antonio Martin-Carrillo (@antmarcarr) September 18, 2018

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An #EXOPLANET result I’m real proud of: my graduate student Elizabeth Bailey and I realized that if Hot Jupiters form in situ, the inner boundary of the population in a-m space should follow a power-law with index -2/7 (black line on plot). More details: https://t.co/YoRstiWTpz pic.twitter.com/wO4wWbogEp

— Konstantin Batygin (@kbatygin) September 17, 2018

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Can we also enjoy this status page: https://t.co/WQYtIGlkvw

— Andrew Rushby (@andrewrushby) September 21, 2018

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Hayabusa2 is dropping low over asteroid Ryugu to deploy the hopping MINERVA-II1 rovers onto the asteroid surface.

Hold onto your seatbelts and get ready to eject! https://t.co/50cHXbCOMn

— Elizabeth Tasker (@girlandkat) September 20, 2018

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TESS FFI team hack week morning goal #1: try to understand noise characteristics in the data from the recently released first light image pic.twitter.com/5Hd2AR6d13

— Ben Montet (@benmontet) September 18, 2018

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The 15 parsec club just welcomed a new member! @NASA_TESS https://t.co/tLptKaOxq6 pic.twitter.com/kYNCzRZovz

— David Charbonneau (@ExoCharbonneau) September 20, 2018

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@jack & @TwitterSafety are knowingly and deliberately choosing to enable terrorism.

— Michael Busch (@michael_w_busch) September 19, 2018