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Astronomers' Recent Top Tweets

Updated: 2022-Sep-28 12:00 UTC. Entries: 20. Based on tweets of Astronomers on Twitter. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Astronomers' tweets from past 7 days most retweeted per follower:

1. One retweet per 4 followers:

Not gonna lie. I ugy-cried when I saw THE FIRST JWST NEPTUNE IMAGES! "O M G - LOOK AT THE RINGS" I was yelling, making my kids, my mom, even my cats look. More than 20 years in the making, and JWST delivered. https://t.co/48bxjAlztC pic.twitter.com/qPtiW2hyFm

— Dr Heidi B. Hammel (@hbhammel) September 21, 2022

2. One retweet per 4 followers:

If you do a Google search for “Double Asteroid Redirection Test" right now, the DART spacecraft flies in from the left and knocks the results page askew. 🛰☄️ (H/T to @belliott4488 for the alert) pic.twitter.com/y31Z0ihaH7

— Brian Wolven (@brianwolven) September 27, 2022

3. One retweet per 5 followers:

El profesor Tom Marsh, famosísimo astrónomo británico, se encuentra perdido en #LaSerena; lleva una semana sin ser visto. Fue visto por ultima vez en el Observatorio La Silla.

La foto de abajo es reciente --- Tom tiene 60 años de edad y mide 1.92m. Favor difundir! https://t.co/oJZVjBZ6r3

— Néstor Espinoza (@nespinozap) September 22, 2022

4. One retweet per 7 followers:

This is the full #JWST image of Neptune showing a cold, distant world suspended in a vast universe. It took some planning to make this composition! pic.twitter.com/Kq0FWYxXfP

— Klaus Pontoppidan (@pontoppi) September 21, 2022

5. One retweet per 8 followers:

Me and the rest of astro twitter seeing that beautiful red screen of death pic.twitter.com/vy2f4Av5qF

— Tom Kerss FRAS (@tomkerss) September 27, 2022

6. One retweet per 14 followers:

The South Pole officially recorded sunrise at 12:47pm NZDT yesterday! The inversion was crazy with constant mirages along the horizon, which resulted in this green flash! Everyone had so much energy at the @NSF Amundsen-Scott Station yesterday ☀️ pic.twitter.com/8cuyey5QlV

— Aman Chokshi (@aman_chokshi) September 23, 2022

7. One retweet per 18 followers:

Así es que la derecha votó en contra de la idea de legislar la reforma tributaria. Inesperado 🙄

— Andres Meza (@nbody6) September 26, 2022

8. One retweet per 21 followers:

Manifiesto escrito por el Gute 🤷🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/fL1wY9K57r pic.twitter.com/QXBIEAptvo

— Andres Meza (@nbody6) September 23, 2022

9. One retweet per 22 followers:

basically the #DARTMission in a nutshell pic.twitter.com/RFm8v0fdHi

— Fun Fact Science with Kovi 🌌🔭🤔 (@funfactscience) September 26, 2022

10. One retweet per 26 followers:

Here is the AMAZING wide-field image showing Neptune in context with the night sky PACKED with galaxies (as all JWST images are). pic.twitter.com/f5cscoVzS1

— Dr Heidi B. Hammel (@hbhammel) September 21, 2022

11. One retweet per 26 followers:

Here's a zoom-in on the Neptune system with some moons and rings annotated (Triton and Proteus are outside this field). I told NASA we also see Hippocamp, but they weren't confident. As someone whose spent decades studying the Neptune system in FAR worse images, I am confident. pic.twitter.com/XHMxV9oPFL

— Dr Heidi B. Hammel (@hbhammel) September 21, 2022

12. One retweet per 27 followers:

昨日の花山天文台土曜公開で見た太陽南東の巨大プロミネンス、噴出しそうだと話していたのですが、さきほど本当に噴出しました! pic.twitter.com/7MYdmgmCtF

— 柴田一成 (@cosmic_jet) September 25, 2022

13. One retweet per 28 followers:

my husband is such a killjoy, i love him.
he was interviewed by some local news reporter about Jupiter and he was all "it's like if your best friend from college, who lives 100 miles away, calls you up and says today he is only NINETY NINE miles away"

— Dr. Elisabeth Mills (@astronomills) September 27, 2022

14. One retweet per 32 followers:

Aún no forman partido y ya se andan dividiendo 🤷🏽‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/TlSbAwYXdE

— Andres Meza (@nbody6) September 22, 2022

15. One retweet per 33 followers:

FOR THE T-REX pic.twitter.com/6yzneEYIH3

— Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy) September 26, 2022

16. One retweet per 49 followers:

La derecha se quiere llevar el nuevo proceso constituyente para su casa. Inesperado. 🙄

— Andres Meza (@nbody6) September 23, 2022

17. One retweet per 52 followers:

In the late 1990s, I was a young scientist at MIT, finishing up my Voyager 2 Neptune analysis grant. I also had just used the amazing Hubble to discover that Neptune's Great Dark Spot, discovered by Voyager 2 in 1989 (see picture), had disappeared! See https://t.co/l3CYH9VGaH pic.twitter.com/rIYNEILkIq

— Dr Heidi B. Hammel (@hbhammel) September 22, 2022

18. One retweet per 54 followers:

The McWilliams Center at Carnegie Mellon is planning to hire multiple postdoc fellows: https://t.co/SijqdHabm3

Interested in: GWs, stars, large surveys, lensing, dynamics, software, really anything astro related? Please consider applying!

More opportunities/thoughts below 🧵

— katie breivik (@spacetimekatie) September 21, 2022

19. One retweet per 55 followers:

I feel it's underappreciated that #DARTMission will be sending us all a live movie feed of its inbound flight & impact https://t.co/SSPBbmpziM

— Michele Bannister (@astrokiwi) September 24, 2022

20. One retweet per 58 followers:

Negotiations with my office mate about sharing the desk are not going in my favor pic.twitter.com/6W0Z50z5nK

— Kat Volk (@kat_volk) September 23, 2022