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Video Channels for Astronomers on Mastodon

A list of astronomers with over 100 followers. This list includes astrophysicists, cosmologists, planetary scientists, space scientists, and related professionals. Also see Physicists on Mastodon.

Updated: 2023-Mar-24 03:58 UTC. Entries: 10. Inclusion criteria. See full group. Feedback: @[email protected].

1. profile imageKatie Mack
@[email protected]

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Joined 2017-Apr-02
Last posted 2023-Mar-17
2. profile imageEmily Lakdawalla
@[email protected]

Planetary scientist, space boffin, captain planets. Author, journalist, speaker, asteroid 274860. ­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł she/her. Order my Curiosity book: http://amzn.to/2mlisaL Buy my art: https://elakdawalla.etsy.com
Website: lakdawalla.com
Newsletter: elakdawalla.beehiiv.com/
Blog and Patreon: patreon.com/elakdawalla
Etsy Store: elakdawalla.etsy.com
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Joined 2017-Nov-14
Last posted 2023-Mar-20
3. profile imagePhil Plait
@[email protected]

SCIENCE! Astronomer, #scicomm, author, etc. Newsletter: https://badastronomy.substack.com/
Newsletter: badastronomy.substack.com/
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Joined 2022-Oct-30
Last posted 2023-Mar-21
4. profile imageDr James O'Donoghue
@[email protected]

Planetary scientist, science communicator and amateur animator ­č¬É. Previously NASA, now JAXA. Next: applying for UK positions. PFP by IG/haneensiddiq
website: jamesodonoghue.wixsite.com/hom
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Joined 2022-Nov-03
Last posted 2022-Dec-22
5. profile imageS├ębastien Carassou
@[email protected].social

Dr. en astrophysique, vulgarisateur scientifique, auteur et libraire occasionnel. Ici, vous trouverez essentiellement des articles de fond et des ressources multim├ędia autour de l'├ęcologie politique et des luttes d'├ęmancipation. Pour des contenus orient├ęs astro, RDV sur Twitter ­čśë UPDATE : bon OK, vu que Twitter est en train de clamser, y aura quand m├¬me un peu d'astro ici
Site Web: sebastiencarassou.com
Twitter: twitter.com/FlashCordon
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Joined 2022-Apr-29
Last posted 2023-Mar-23
6. profile imagePeter Coles
@[email protected]

Theoretical astrophysicist at Maynooth University in Ireland specializing in the Universe and all that surrounds it (e.g. jazz, opera, poetry, crosswords). Editor-in-chief Open Journal of Astrophysics.
ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-5535-2850
Work Page: maynoothuniversity.ie/people/p
Blog (Personal): telescoper.wordpress.com/about
Facebook: facebook.com/TelescoperPage
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Joined 2022-Oct-30
Last posted 2023-Mar-23
7. profile imageDaniel Pomar├Ęde
@[email protected]

cosmographer at university paris-saclay | mapping the universe | co-discoverer of #laniakea our home supercluster of galaxies | #dipolerepeller a void contributing to the motion of our galaxy | #coldspotrepeller a void associated to the coldest point of the big bang fossil radiation | #southpolewall a giant galactic filament of the cosmic web https://vimeo.com/pomarede | https://sketchfab.com/pomarede | https://youtube.com/@pomarede
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Joined 2022-Apr-26
Last posted 2023-Mar-23
8. profile imageIan J. O'Neill
@[email protected]

Hello! I'm a news media specialist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a space and science fiction fan. In a past life I was a solar physicist. Now, I'm a science communicator, media rep for a plethora of NASA/JPL projects and missions, and a writer. he/him.
Twitter: twitter.com/astroengine
Instagram: instagram.com/astroengine/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ioneill/
Verified: twittodon.com/share.php?t=astr
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Joined 2022-Nov-08
Last posted 2023-Mar-18
9. profile imageKelly Truelove
@[email protected]

Curator of science, philosophy, & mathematics lists at http://TrueSciPhi.org covering podcasts, Mastodon, & Twitter. Physics PhD.
Location: Austin, Texas
Website: truesciphi.org
Twitter: twitter.com/TrueSciPhi
Images: TrueSciPhi.art
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Joined 2022-Nov-23
Last posted 2023-Mar-24
10. profile imagefranco_vazza
@[email protected]

#SimulatedUniverses #AstroPhysicsFactlet Astrophysicist at Bologna University and @ERC_Research grantee. I study the cosmic web, extragalactic magnetism and clusters of galaxies with colorful simulations. Uncredited contents by me. https://cosmosimfrazza.eu
website: cosmosimfrazza.myfreesites.net
country: italy
TedX: youtu.be/Lgo-TLMMmGI
In the media: frontiers.altmetric.com/detail
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Joined 2022-Oct-28
Last posted 2023-Mar-23