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1. One retweet per 24 followers (average):

Don't forget to catch Mercury crossing the Sun tomorrow! Last chance for US folks for the next 30 years. Online live streams here: https://t.co/WvVI2Ge7cY#MercuryTransit2019

— Dr. Jennifer L. Hoffman ✨ (@astroprofhoff) November 11, 2019

2. One retweet per 31 followers (average):

IF true, then Trump was blackmailed by Turkey, to permit invasion of Syria - using information which implicates Jared Kushner as giving "permission" to KSA's MBS to arrest Jamal Khashoggi. And the House Impeachment inquiry has it. https://t.co/mJJjuy9EK4

ht @monaeltahawy

— Robert Rutledge (@rerutled) November 4, 2019

3. One retweet per 36 followers (average):

In tears. So little attention is paid to the way homophobia destroys women. And tells us to destroy ourselves. And she listened. And we lost her. And I knew this story was coming. And I am sadder than I thought I would be. https://t.co/n68UWLZ0gn

— 🙅🏽‍♀️ Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 🙅🏽‍♀️ (@IBJIYONGI) November 7, 2019

4. One retweet per 36 followers (average):

This factcheck on fuel reduction burns and Barnaby Joyce’s bizarre accusations is very good. Also a good counterpoint to today’s Australian front page. @readfearn https://t.co/ghjtnqDMRL

— Michael Brown (@MJIBrown) November 12, 2019

5. One retweet per 42 followers (average):

Here are the planets & dwarf planets in the solar system that have been fully mapped (except Pluto which is partially mapped). Dozens of other dwarf planet candidates beyond Pluto are yet to be seen up close.
Youtube HD https://t.co/DZj6onbQwT pic.twitter.com/ue4kIuWFN7

— Dr James O'Donoghue (@physicsJ) November 4, 2019

6. One retweet per 42 followers (average):

I'll be taking part in @newscientist evening lecture series on 27 Nov in London, talking about how we are trying to understand the dark universe! https://t.co/1yZVTntJsQ

— Chamkaur Ghag (@chamkaurghag) November 4, 2019

7. One retweet per 48 followers (average):

"It is harder to be the kind of person who seeks complex truths rather than retreats into simple lies, but it is also better"
A great takeaway by @hankgreen in the latest vlogbrothers ep. about @nbcTheGoodPlacehttps://t.co/41bt4F7zPU

— James Davenport, PhD (@jradavenport) November 6, 2019

8. One retweet per 59 followers (average):

Hi astro tweeps--please circulate this PhD vacancy in gravitational wave cosmology with Chris Van der Broeck and myself @_nikhef @GRAPPAInstitute @IoP_UvA @uva_api https://t.co/bl698ipTHc: deadline 15/1/2020 wonderful time to be in this observationally driven field--Thank you!

— Samaya Nissanke (@samayanissanke) November 8, 2019

9. One retweet per 60 followers (average):

This book also got me thinking about @StarTrek and inspired me to write this piece about Captain Sisko and Deep Space Nine. https://t.co/ZMwLQLtPuc

— Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba) November 16, 2019

10. One retweet per 61 followers (average):

We're hiring a postdoc in TESS related science at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC! Get your applications in by December 1st! @jfaherty @AMNH https://t.co/DKCYcfElZe

— Ruth Angus (@ruthangus) November 13, 2019

11. One retweet per 66 followers (average):

Applications for the UCSC Lamat Program are now open!https://t.co/Ll5LKB4oG4

Lamat targets STEM undergrads enrolled in CA community colleges & other 2-year institutions. Lamat interns work w/ UCSC faculty and PhD students from Physics, EPS, & Astro. Stipend & housing provided!

— Brant Robertson (@brant_robertson) November 10, 2019

12. One retweet per 68 followers (average):


Do you use and/or write scientific software?

Do you want to help scientific software get academic credit?

If so, please volunteer to review for @JOSS_TheOJ: https://t.co/N150OL1dzA

We're getting a lot of (esp. astro) submissions and the reviewers are working overtime!

— Dan F-M (@exoplaneteer) November 12, 2019

13. One retweet per 71 followers (average):

Hoy comienzan en Berlín las celebraciones por los 30 años de la caída del muro que dividió la ciudad y el país entre 1961 y 1989.
https://t.co/aYlX2VZaLB via @el_pais

— Juan Diego Soler (@juandiegosoler) November 3, 2019

14. One retweet per 88 followers (average):

Paper day! "The Milky Way’s Disk of Classical Satellite Galaxies in Light of Gaia DR2", accepted in MNRAS, is out on the arXiv today: https://t.co/bc1IcFQOh8

The paper is a whopping 20 pages long, so let me summarize the key takeaways here. pic.twitter.com/reRUI4NXFI

— Marcel S. Pawlowski (@8minutesold) November 14, 2019

15. One retweet per 93 followers (average):

Academic friends, it's #VeteransDay. I want to share a little about the Warrior Scholar Project @wsp_vets, a program dedicated to helping veterans, many of whom are first generation college students, navigate higher education. https://t.co/TkuDbUxu8B [1/7]

— Marla Geha (@mgeha) November 11, 2019

16. One retweet per 94 followers (average):

Nice article by @beckyferreira in @VICE on puzzling large-scale galaxy alignments and coherences, including planes of satellite galaxies and the challenge they pose for LCDM. With comments by @satellitegalaxy, @VoltarCH, and me, among others.https://t.co/EpFCEyLfhY

— Marcel S. Pawlowski (@8minutesold) November 11, 2019

17. One retweet per 97 followers (average):

If you are in Tucson this weekend don't forget to visit the Art of Planetary Science exhibition! I love having this in my building so I can wander through and check out all the space-inspired and data-inspired art. Full schedule of events is here: https://t.co/BQKxrQBJ0C pic.twitter.com/J8v9KdGhyN

— Lynn Carter (@lynn_carter8) November 12, 2019

18. One retweet per 100 followers (average):

Did you know @CASCApress is running an Exoplanet Naming contest? That's right! Canada gets to NAME an exoplanet!

There are 4 finalists, and you can vote on which you like best! Check it out.https://t.co/wWPnVWyeYE#scicomm #space pic.twitter.com/NOlcnm089p

— Jesse Rogerson, PhD (@jesserogerson) November 14, 2019

19. One retweet per 104 followers (average):

.@theDESurvey found (and confirmed) 9 more strong gravitational lenses in Year 1 data. h/t to Liz Buckley-Geer and Huan Linhttps://t.co/moYLF0koAf pic.twitter.com/mPScnitDd4

— iamstargourd (@iamstarnord) November 8, 2019

20. One retweet per 106 followers (average):

Police oppose Traveller and Gypsy camp crackdown, FOI shows - ⁦@ukhomeoffice⁩ & Tory hatred of difference flies in the face of police advice. https://t.co/pgSx5nZ9dK

— In need of a paddle #FBPE (@davecl42) November 14, 2019