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Updated: 2018-Mar-18 11:41 UTC. Listed tweets: 20. Based on tweets of Astronomers on Twitter. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Links in tweets originated by astronomers in the past 14 days, ordered by retweets-per-follower averaged over each tweet of the link. Below, each link is presented in the context of the particular tweet with the highest retweets per follower.

1. One retweet per 49 followers (average):

¿ES VIABLE LA MINERÍA ESPACIAL? Os lo cuento via @esglobal_org https://t.co/gJx9i2noVs @iSpaceSci @CSIC @AsteroidDay @AsteroidEnergy @AsteroidDidymos @CPlanetarias @PlanetarioMad @XSalaimartin @astroamics @CSICCat @icmabCSIC @Bctuab @PRUAB @xduran_e @DrRaulDM @sjribas @AASCV pic.twitter.com/gOZIrnv2Rk

— Dr. Josep M. Trigo (@Josep_Trigo) March 6, 2018

2. One retweet per 59 followers (average):

Wind on Mars and the Huygens-Fresnel principle | https://t.co/MEkmGTOAC9

(A brief and pretty physics soundbite) pic.twitter.com/8xTpRvjtO7

— Lori Fenton 🥐 (@LoriKFenton) March 12, 2018

3. One retweet per 75 followers (average):

Now that the papers are out (https://t.co/GsoCbZdA6Q), I can finally post these sketches from #EPSC2017 and #DPS17. Jupiter’s wacky polar vortex crystals! pic.twitter.com/y3KswKpXgJ

— James Tuttle Keane (@jtuttlekeane) March 7, 2018

4. One retweet per 98 followers (average):

CNN Covers #CA45, @DaveMinCA for Congress and how "Irvine is the new Ellis Island" https://t.co/8EtwrWrOeg

— Kevork N. Abazajian (@kevaba) March 13, 2018

5. One retweet per 153 followers (average):

Continent sized cyclones and 3000km deep wind belts revealed by @NASAJuno around Jupiter https://t.co/4pGDAVD3Ao pic.twitter.com/PnEhKvhTV9

— Alan Duffy (@astroduff) March 7, 2018

6. One retweet per 154 followers (average):

My slides on "How to get career credit for software (in astronomy and astrophysics)" - presented at #snowpac18 https://t.co/CvQ3MH8RoL

— Arfon Smith (@arfon) March 16, 2018

7. One retweet per 159 followers (average):

EL BIG BANG I L'EVOLUCIÓ QUÍMICA DE L'UNIVERS via @Divul_cat https://t.co/OAj6kGSujo @asterbarcelona @astroamics @espaiterra @BigVangLV @astro_girona @QuimTorraiPla @QuimMonzo @XSalaimartin @CosmosMataro @CoiaValls @xrtrigo @Ciencia_cat @BalearsFCiencia @JordiFraxedas @lizcastro pic.twitter.com/pjYrQKNWoP

— Dr. Josep M. Trigo (@Josep_Trigo) March 9, 2018

8. One retweet per 167 followers (average):

*squeals incoherently*https://t.co/vLr6uJELoC

— Jessie Christiansen (@aussiastronomer) March 9, 2018

9. One retweet per 173 followers (average):

Just leaving this here without comment. https://t.co/X9RkM7XXXF

— Rachael Livermore (@rhaegal) March 13, 2018

10. One retweet per 194 followers (average):

When I was an undergrad, I was really confused as to where Schrodinger's equation comes from. Now I kinda get it... https://t.co/uduwpfesEk

— Konstantin Batygin (@kbatygin) March 6, 2018

11. One retweet per 194 followers (average):

TIMELAPSE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE https://t.co/fqaeyou10c via @musicalscience

— Sébastien Carassou (@FlashCordon) March 10, 2018

12. One retweet per 205 followers (average):

Today's #xkcd summaries the current state of #iot #security rather well. https://t.co/Zf5Mu28SFb pic.twitter.com/mUnQRQk8RM

— Alasdair Allan (@aallan) March 13, 2018

13. One retweet per 211 followers (average):

Embarrassing twaddle from @guardian (https://t.co/vbYHsOTLrC). As a professor of astronomy who took graduate-level quantum mechanics at Harvard, I can say with some authority that astrology has nothing to do with either. And millennials have more sense than to buy this nonsense. pic.twitter.com/s7DGeoja6S

— Michael Merrifield (@ProfMike_M) March 11, 2018

14. One retweet per 240 followers (average):

Emmy Noether https://t.co/4GtUER5EVt Symmetries and conservation laws still blow my mind every time I think about them.

— Geraint F. Lewis (@Cosmic_Horizons) March 6, 2018

15. One retweet per 260 followers (average):

Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach https://t.co/pmNFuGTmxA

— Michael Brown (@MJIBrown) March 17, 2018

16. One retweet per 267 followers (average):

Breathtaking images of Jupiter from the @NASAJuno spacecraft:https://t.co/nPbwXzMTBY

— Mario Livio (@Mario_Livio) March 9, 2018

17. One retweet per 272 followers (average):

“Alien atmospheres recreated on Earth”
Science by the great @PlanetDr! https://t.co/0wprXc9TMu

— Ed Rivera-Valentín (@PlanetTreky) March 9, 2018

18. One retweet per 276 followers (average):

#Mars dunes are not entirely like Earth dunes. | https://t.co/PAKdKyLQJE pic.twitter.com/sL1ftJbf3R

— Lori Fenton 🥐 (@LoriKFenton) March 5, 2018

19. One retweet per 281 followers (average):

Time for a repost - https://t.co/hsgMMKwbkG

— Geraint F. Lewis (@Cosmic_Horizons) March 9, 2018

20. One retweet per 311 followers (average):

Areally Extensive Surface Bedrock Exposures on Mars: Many are Clastic Rocks, Not Lavashttps://t.co/XfTLBQZkES#AstroLit #Mars

— Ed Rivera-Valentín (@PlanetTreky) March 6, 2018