Astronomers' Favorite Twitter Feeds

Updated: 2019-Mar-21 00:06 UTC. Listed feeds: 300. A feed's score is the percentage of Astronomers on Twitter following it, and dark shading indicates the feed belongs to a member of that list. Switch to collage. List only feeds under 1,000 followers. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

#Twitter profileTwitter
1.profile imageKatie Mack

(a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist/cosmologist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of cosmic catastrophes
Raleigh, NC
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
299,880 72.6%
2.profile imageNASA

Explore the universe and discover our home planet with @NASA. We usually post in EDT (UTC-4)
11 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
30,572,443 67.0%
3.profile imagePhil Plait

SCIENCE! I love this stuff. My Bad Astronomy blog: syfy.com/badastronomy I use "likes" for bookmarks. No endorsement implied.
11 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
613,166 66.5%
4.profile imageEmily Lakdawalla

Senior Editor & Planetary Evangelist, The Planetary Society. Planetary scientist. Asteroid 274860. Views are my own & not those of employer.
Pasadena, CA
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
155,629 66.2%
5.profile imageNeil deGrasse Tyson

New York City
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
13,173,274 58.9%
6.profile imagechrislintott

Astronomer, zookeeper and journalist, based at University of Oxford.
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
29,256 57.9%
7.profile imageDr./Prof. Sarah Hörst

Asst Prof of Planetary Sci @JohnsHopkins and Titan evangelist. “I try not to hope and fail utterly” [email protected] she/her https://t.co/KTdjavkCds
Baltimore, MD, USA
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
50,310 54.6%
8.profile imageBarack Obama

Dad, husband, President, citizen.
Washington, DC
12 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
105,246,746 54.3%
9.profile imageAstrotweeps: Keaton

Keaton Bell • @astrokeat • https://t.co/VbzNcThkH8 • A new astronomer/planetary scientist tweeting about space each week.
The Universe
5 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
9,728 54.3%
10.profile imageSarah Kendrew

Astronomer with the European Space Agency. Based at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. Astronomy, running, bikes. Opinions my own. 🇧🇪🇬🇧
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
8,266 54.3%
11.profile imageSarah Tuttle

Astrophysicist. We're not going to be shady, just fierce. Professor. Rudderless Conan w/ magic powers you don’t quite understand. 100% problematic. She/her.
Here, I guess.
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
12,448 53.3%
12.profile imageCuriosity Rover

Your friendly neighborhood NASA Mars rover. Exploring the Red Planet since 2012. Team headquartered at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 🚀 @NASAJPL
Gale Crater, Mars
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
3,994,991 53.0%
13.profile imageDavid W Hogg

astronomy, cosmology, stars, exoplanets, inference, engineering, data analysis, emcee, The Cannon, Astrometry.net, The Tractor, #openscience, #otherpeoplesdata
New York City
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
6,588 52.8%
14.profile imageJulianne Dalcanton

Astrophysicist at the University of Washington. Principal Investigator of the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT).
7 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
6,843 52.5%
15.profile imageAstroBetter

Blog and Wiki for professional astronomers.
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
5,064 52.0%
16.profile imageLucianne Walkowicz

Astronomer @AdlerPlanet, 5th Chair of Astrobiology @librarycongress, multimedia artist. Ethics of Mars exploration, exoplanets, social justice. Opinions my own.
Chicago, IL
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
14,029 51.8%
17.profile imageastrobites

Digestible summaries of the latest research in astrophysics, written by graduate students. Astrobites is supported by the American Astronomical Society.
All over the world
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
8,467 51.5%
18.profile imageAstronomy Picture Of The Day

Each day a different image of our universe along with a brief explanation. For issues with this account contact @astronomyblog otherwise apod.nasa.gov/apod/lib/apsub…
11 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,285,903 50.0%
19.profile imageJonathan McDowell

I'm an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, working on Chandra and quasars, and commenting on space launches and space activities.
Somerville, MA, USA
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
27,081 49.5%
20.profile imageBryan Gaensler 📡🧲

Astronomer, Director of @DunlapInstitute at @UofT, @LRP2020 cochair. Sci-fi connoisseur, rugby tragic, displaced Antipodean, bewildered parent. Opinions ∉ @UofT
Toronto, Canada
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
9,371 49.2%
21.profile imageMaria Womack

Astrophysicist & planetary scientist, USF Professor #teamcomet #astrochemistry #scipolicy #climatechange #planetarydefense No pseudoscience. Looking up and out!
Florida, USA
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
4,458 49.2%
22.profile imageSpaceX

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft
Hawthorne, CA
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
8,099,861 48.7%
23.profile imageBrian Cox

Touring the world in 2019, mainly talking about cosmology, quantum mechanics, black holes and the value of our civilisation.
The Earth, with everyone else
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
2,867,820 48.5%
24.profile imageProf. Karen Masters 💫⭐️✨

Professor of astrophysics @haverfordedu. Investigating galaxies with @GalaxyZoo @SDSSurveys. Touch a galaxy @TactileUniverse. Mostly tweeting astronomy. British
Ardmore, PA
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
7,923 48.5%
25.profile imageESA

European Space Agency, keeping you posted on European space activities.
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
933,094 48.2%
26.profile imageMolly Peeples

Astronomer in the Science Policies Group @STScI playing with galaxies & gas, real & fake. #Hubble, #JWST, #WFIRST pay the bills; opinions are my own. She/her.
Baltimore, MD, z=0
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
7,594 47.5%
27.profile imageDr./Prof. Renée Hložek

South African cisgender, bisexual woman Assistant Prof. of Astrophysics, Rhodes scholar (and lover of loud karaoke), Senior TED Fellow. Feminist scientist.
Toronto, Ontario
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
5,583 47.5%
28.profile image★ dr amanda bauer ★

Head of Education & Public Outreach for LSST. Music creator. Co-host of #CosmicVertigo space podcast abc.net.au/radionational/…
Tucson, AZ
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
9,629 47.2%
29.profile imageMike Brown

Astronomer, planet hunter, Pluto killer, bear whisperer, Finger-wrapped dad. Dangerous secularist.
Pasadena, CA
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
63,553 47.0%
30.profile imageNASA JPL

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.
Pasadena, Calif.
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,780,284 46.7%
31.profile imageSean Carroll

Physicist at Caltech. Author of The Big Picture and other books. Host of #MindscapePodcast. Married to @JenLucPiquant. In favor of truth and kindness.
Los Angeles
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
229,468 46.7%
32.profile imageKelle Cruz

Astronomy Prof at @Hunter_College, @AMNH, and #BDNYC. Liveable streets. @Spurs. Founder, editor of @AstroBetter & CEO of @ScienceBetter. Coordinator of @Astropy
New York, NY
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
5,064 46.7%
33.profile imageAlex Parker

Planetary astronomer and artist exploring the origin and history of our solar system. Director of @ESPRESSO_SSERVI. If in doubt, I could probably laser it.
Boulder, Colorado
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
28,660 46.4%
34.profile imageFraser Cain

Publisher of universetoday.com, co-host of astronomycast.com. Named after Asteroid 158092.
Courtenay, British Columbia
12 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
39,937 45.4%
35.profile imageDr. Jessie Christiansen

NASA Research Scientist | #exoplaneteer | #WomenInStem advocate | Science curator at @NASAExoArchive | Usual nerd grab-bag of fandoms | She/her
Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA
5 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
8,656 45.4%
36.profile imageMeg Urry

Yale physics prof, likes supermassive black holes, teaching, writing, increasing participation in STEM, my family
Yale University
7 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
4,398 45.2%
37.profile imageBrian Schmidt

An overly busy Cosmologist who is Vice Chancellor of the ANU, Wine maker, Dad & Husband. 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Canberra Australia
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
23,812 44.4%
38.profile imageMC Stardust ✨ Inclusion Rider 4 Life

Astrophysicist by day and all around rock-it scientist whenever I get my act together. Tweets are my own opinions. Intersectional or GTFO. 1/2 of @startorialist
Moon/New York City
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
12,830 44.4%
39.profile imageMichele Bannister

Planetary astronomer, poet, hunter of new and strange worlds. Connoisseur of fuzzy dots of light. Asteroid (10463). Postdoctoral Research Fellow @AstroQUB.
living the life non-sidereal
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
8,109 44.4%
40.profile imageBrooke Simmons

Distracted astrophysicist researching galaxies & black holes; on @galaxyzoo & @the_zooniverse teams. Also planetaryresponsenetwork.org lead. (She/her)
United Kingdom
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
6,265 43.9%
41.profile imageAlyssa A. Goodman

Astronomy Professor at Harvard, CoDirector of Science at Radcliffe Institute. Loves data, visualization, Universe, education, people. Not in that order.
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,740 43.9%
42.profile imageProf. Emily Rice, Ph.D.

Astronomer at @csinews, @GC_CUNY, @AMNH, #BDNYC, & #CUNYAstro; @AstronomyOnTap organizer, 1/2 of @startorialist, & @knitted_bd host ⭐️. Not @djcarlysagan 😜
Occupied Lunaape Land (NYC)
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
5,421 43.7%
43.profile imageNASA Kepler and K2

Launched in March 2009, Kepler is NASA's first spacecraft to detect Earth-size planets in the just-right Goldilocks habitable zone of other stars.
Trailing Earth around the Sun
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
627,414 43.4%
44.profile imageProf. Abel Méndez

Planetary Astrobiologist and Director of the @PlanetaryHabLab. Looking at habitable worlds from the Arecibo Observatory. #exoplanets #astrobiology #habitability
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
14,485 43.4%
45.profile imageElon Musk

9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
25,404,857 43.1%
46.profile imageESO

The European Southern Observatory is the most productive observatory in the world. We design, build & operate some of the most advanced telescopes in the world.
Garching, Germany
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
81,881 43.1%
47.profile imageAlessondra Springmann

asteroids, comets, sounding rockets, @AreciboRadar/🇵🇷 love, cacti, geology, autoimmune disease, puns, cat herding, rants, 小惑星レーダー天文学者, she/her
Chukson / Tucson, AZ
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
7,837 42.9%
48.profile imageDr Pamela L Gay

Communicating astro & life 1 sidereal day at a time. All opinions & ideas are my own. Support on Patreon.com/starstryder & paypal.me/starstryder
Edwardsville, IL
11 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
39,521 42.6%
49.profile imageNASA Webb Telescope

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will give us an amazing look at the universe! It will launch in 2021. RT, likes, and/or @mentions do not imply endorsement.
Greenbelt, Maryland
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
400,329 42.1%
50.profile imageCassiniSaturn

Our spacecraft is gone, but the science continues. Join us at @NASASolarSystem for the latest.
Saturn, Solar System
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,638,369 41.9%
51.profile imageCatherine Q.

Astrophysicist, science communicator, over-thinker. One of @HuffPostscience Top 30 Physicists to follow. Autoimmune illness girl. Nomadic Kiwi. Dogs rule.
New Zealand
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
40,956 41.9%
52.profile imageDr Rachael Livermore

Astrophysicist | Science Communicator. Videos of my public talks at bit.ly/SciTalks
London, England
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
6,238 41.4%
53.profile imageDr. Tanya Harrison

🇨🇦 Professional Martian 🛰 Director of Research @asunewspace 💫 Science & Sci-Fi Consultant 🦴 #AnkylosingSpondylitis 🔴 Former Ops @[email protected]+MRO
Toronto / Phoenix
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
26,629 41.1%
54.profile imageNewHorizons2015

The First Space Mission to Explore Planet Pluto--Ride Along Via Principal Investigator Alan Stern's Private New Horizons Twitter Feed. Follow Stern @AlanStern
Deeeeep Space
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
292,088 40.9%
55.profile imageSarcasticRover

Doing a science on the red planet. Not @MarsCuriosity. Portrait by @badportraits. Written by @jfiliatrault.
4th Rock From the Sun
6 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
974,322 40.6%
56.profile imageDavid Spergel

Astrophysicist at Princeton University and Flatiron Institute
Princeton NJ
5 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
5,337 40.6%
57.profile imagePeter Edmonds

Work in astronomy publicity after surviving an astrophysics PhD & postdocs. Interested in science & scicomm. Opinions are mine & RTs aren't always endorsements.
7 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
4,105 40.6%
58.profile imageNASA's Juno Mission

Exploring Jupiter to improve our understanding of the planet's origins and the formation of planetary systems. missionjuno.swri.edu nasa.gov/juno
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
740,251 40.4%
59.profile imageNASA New Horizons

The New Horizons spacecraft flew past the dwarf planet Pluto and its moons in July 2015. Next up is a New Year's 2019 flyby of Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule.
Solar System
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
389,524 40.1%
60.profile imageProf. Nicole Gugliucci, Doctor of the Sky

Professor, astronomer, education researcher, science communicator, advocate for equity in STEM. Geek, crossfitter, dog mom. She/her. 💙💜💖 Tweets mine; RT≠endorse
New Hampshire, USA
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
20,936 40.1%
61.profile imageDr JJ Eldridge

NZ theoretical astrophysicist studying exploding binary stars. Lecturer, Speaker, Sci-fi addict, feminist, enby trans woman. Pronouns: she/her/they.
Auckland, New Zealand
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
5,660 40.1%
62.profile imageChanda Prescod-Weinstein 🙅🏽‍♀️ 🇧🇧🌈

#BlackandSTEM Prof of Particle Physics&Cosmology, feminist #STS/#HistSTM. agender cissex woman, tweets by/for me only. #DisorderedCosmos coming @BoldTypeBooks!
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
49,404 39.8%
63.profile imageSarah Ballard

Habitable worlds, kindness, fiction, etc. At ~75 km/s*Mpc! One half of @drssarahcare
Cambridge, MA
5 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
3,296 39.8%
64.profile imageBenneHolwerda

Astronomer at large (mostly harmless). University of Louisville. Opinions & typos obv my own.
Louisville, KY
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
1,968 39.8%
65.profile imageESA Science

Science @ the European Space Agency ESA, keeping you posted on European space science activities.
Noordwijk, The Netherlands
9 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
307,794 39.6%
66.profile imagePlanetary Society

Citizen-powered #space exploration led by CEO @BillNye. Join us.
Pasadena, CA
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
191,495 39.6%
67.profile imageESA Rosetta Mission

ESA spacecraft that studied Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko & sent @philae2014 to its surface. Mission completed 30 Sep 2016. Follow @esascience for latest news
5 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2016-Sep-30)
471,719 39.3%
68.profile imageHubble

The official Twitter account for the NASA Hubble Space Telescope, managed and operated by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
Goddard Space Flight Center
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
6,135,537 39.1%
69.profile imageMeg Schwamb

Planetary scientist, astronomer, Gemini North assistant scientist: KBOs, Planet Four(Mars), MBCs(Comet Hunters),LSST SSSC co-chair. Opinions tweeted are my own
Hilo, HI
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
4,646 39.1%
70.profile imageDavid Charbonneau

Exoplaneteer and Professor of Astronomy at Harvard. Girl Scout leader, hockey coach, and proud father of four daughters and future presidents.
Harvard University
5 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,324 39.1%
71.profile imageChris Hadfield

Canadian Astronaut, back on Earth after 3 spaceflights. For events and media, please write to [email protected]
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
2,397,544 38.6%
72.profile imageJohn Asher Johnson

Sayer of words, typist of things, one who professes professionally, figurer of things out, player of basketball, abuser of language. Views expressed r mine
Cambridge, MA
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,335 38.6%
73.profile imageBill Nye

9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
5,802,814 37.8%
74.profile imageJedidah Isler, PhD

Astrophysicist / Professor / Relentless Dreamer / Innovator / Founder & Host @VanguardSTEM / Senior @TEDFellow / @NatGeo Explorer [she]
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
14,867 37.6%
75.profile imageRisa Wechsler

astrophysicist. cosmologist. maker of universes and various kinds of trouble. professor of physics @stanford and director of @kipac1
San Francisco
6 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
4,589 37.6%
76.profile imageNature News & Comment

Science news & opinion from the news team at Nature, the international journal of #science. Get our daily newsletter: go.nature.com/naturebriefing
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,897,714 37.3%
77.profile imageThe SETI Institute

We believe we are conducting the most profound search in human history — to know our beginnings and our place among the stars.
Mountain View, CA
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
680,965 37.3%
78.profile imageNadia Drake

Contributing writer @natgeo. Former ballet dancer, slightly obsessed with planets (and MOONS), jungles and spiders. Champagneophile. PhD.
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
25,847 37.3%
79.profile imageAlberto Conti

Astrophysicist & Director of New Business at Ball Aerospace - Tweets are my own, at least in this multiverse. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberto_C…
Colorado, USA
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
3,604 37.3%
80.profile imageSophia Gad-Nasr 🏳️‍🌈

Astroparticle physicist working on dark matter. PhD student @UCIrvine. Feminist. Captivating the world w/ physics, one particle at a time. And w/ hamsters.
🐶|Los Angeles〉+ 🐹|Irvine〉
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
23,673 36.8%
81.profile imageMika McKinnon

Field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, science writer, public speaker, irrepressibly curious.
West Coast
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
33,091 36.5%
82.profile imageDr Chiara Mingarelli

Gravitational-wave astrophysicist. Flatiron Research Fellow at @FlatironCCA. Previously @Caltech, @NASAJPL, and MPIfR. Views my own.
New York, NY
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
6,386 36.5%
83.profile imageGrant Tremblay

Astrophysicist at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian. Previously @NASA Einstein Fellow @Yale, Fellow @ESO, & SDAS regular @STScI. Views my own.
Cambridge, MA
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,575 36.5%
84.profile imageNature Astronomy

A Nature journal dedicated to presenting the very best research across the disciplines of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and planetary science.📡
London, England
3 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
18,046 36.3%
85.profile imagePhilae Lander

On 12 November 2014 I landed on comet #67P as part of @ESA_Rosetta. I am operated by @DLR_en's Lander Control Center LCC in Cologne.
Interplanetary Space
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
395,146 36.0%
86.profile imageAlexandra Witze

Correspondent for Nature, views my own. Reach me (generally) witzescience-at-gmaildotcom or (securely) awitze-at-protonmaildotcom.
Boulder, CO
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
20,051 36.0%
87.profile imageAnna Frebel

Astronomer & stellar archaeologist searching for the oldest stars in the universe (yes, they are 12-13 billion yrs old!); also professor at MIT & author
Cambridge, MA, USA
5 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
13,032 36.0%
88.profile imageDr Anna Watts

Associate Professor of Astrophysics @ Univ. of Amsterdam. Neutron stars (explosions, dense matter), X-ray astronomy. Mom, Migrant. Particles in stars blah blah.
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
4,511 36.0%
89.profile imageMatthew R Francis

Writer of physics and astronomy. Wearer of jaunty hats. Tryin' to publish a novel. Proud Rebel scum. Avatar by @ScienceComic . He/him.
Cleveland, OH
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
17,536 35.8%
90.profile imageSTARtorialist

Where science meets fashion and scientists get FABULOUS! Blog & pop-up shop by professional astronomers @Summer_Ash & @emilylurice. Goal for 2019: online shop!
The Universe
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
4,479 35.8%
91.profile imageDr. Christina Richey

Planetary Scientist/Astrophysicist, fighter 4 inclusion in STEM, love/hate relationship w/ workouts, wine drinker, making my mom 😊; views are my own. they/them
Los Angeles, CA
3 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
2,584 35.8%
92.profile imageKarin Sandstrom

Assistant professor of astronomy and physics. Lover of coffee, interstellar dust, California, nerdy stuff. Originally from SW Washington.
San Diego, CA
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,674 35.5%
93.profile imagejorge moreno

Astrophysicist at @pomonacollege, @Penn alumn 💕💞♥️
Claremont, CA
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,537 35.5%
94.profile imageShit Academics Say

A social experiment | @prof_nch
5 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
305,897 35.3%
95.profile imageNASA Goddard

Tweeting the best in astrophysics, Earth sciences, engineering, robotic exploration, Sun science, and technology for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
Greenbelt, MD USA
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
517,100 35.0%
96.profile imageJane Rigby

Astronomer @nasa studying black holes & galaxies w/ telescopes around world & in space, helping build @NASAWebb. Queer parent scientist UU activist. Views mine.
DC Metro
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
4,888 34.8%
97.profile imageUniverse Today

Universe Today - universetoday.com, a website about space and astronomy. Tweets are probably coming from @fcain
Courtenay, British Columbia
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
287,930 34.5%
98.profile imageJessie/ @RealScientists

Real science from real scientists, writers, communicators, artists & clinicians. This week: Jessie Christiansen | @aussiastronomer
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
71,617 34.5%
99.profile imageJosh Peek

Principal Investigator @MAST_News. Data Science and astronomy at @stsci and JHU. Statements do not reflect the position of any employer, obvi.
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,286 34.5%
100.profile imageAlan Stern

Scientist. Space Explorer. Author. Speaker, Optimist. Pilot. Dad. Not necessarily in that order. Follow my New Horizons Twitter feed @NewHorizons2015 too!
Niwot, CO
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
36,806 34.3%
101.profile imageDr Jane MacArthur

Planetary scientist @UniOfLeicester studying martian meteorites & comet dust. Writer @PopAstro. Fellow @RoyalAstroSoc #RAS200 #Violinist
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
7,248 34.3%
102.profile imageEd Yong

Science writer at The Atlantic. Author of I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, a New York Times bestseller on animal-microbe partnerships. edyong.me
Washington, DC
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
156,601 34.0%
103.profile imageProf. Lisa Harvey-Smith

Astrophysicist, Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador, Author of #WhenGalaxiesCollide, TEDx Speaker, Presenter on @ABCTV Stargazing Live.
7 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
16,647 34.0%
104.profile imageKevin Schawinski

Co-founder/CEO @modulos_ai
Zurich, Switzerland
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
4,591 34.0%
105.profile imageThomas Robitaille

Freelance, software developer, lead developer of Glue, co-ordinator for the Astropy project, software Editor for AAS Publishing, open development advocate.
United Kingdom
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,330 34.0%
106.profile imageRobert McNees

Professor, physicist, sci comm. Black holes, quantum gravity, cosmology. Rocky Top. Tar Heel. RT = spooky action at a distance. Opinions are mine alone.
Chicago, z=0
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
13,253 33.8%
107.profile imageGeert Barentsen

NASA Astronomer in Silicon Valley. Leads the wonderful @KeplerGO team at @NASAAmes. Belgian (like waffles). #KeplerMission #K2Mission
Mountain View, CA
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
3,256 33.8%
108.profile imageDr. Jennifer L. Hoffman ✨

Astronomer, associate professor, alto, auntie, ailurophile. She/her. University of Denver
Denver, CO
5 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
2,803 33.8%
109.profile imageDavid Grinspoon

Astrobiologist, Author, Musician. 👽🚀🎸🎵🌎❤️
Biosphere One
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
23,273 33.5%
110.profile imageESA Gaia

Science with 1 billion objects in three dimensions
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
20,813 33.5%
111.profile imageBecky Smethurst

Astrophysicist researching how supermassive black holes affect galaxies. I get overly enthusiastic about space on YouTube: youtube.com/drbecky
Oxford, England
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
3,885 33.5%
112.profile imageDan F-M

I write code for good & astrophysics.
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,704 33.2%
113.profile imageDr Michelle Collins

Astrophysicist working on Local Group galaxies. Soft spot for Andromeda. Keen runner. All views my own. RT != endorsement
Guildford, England
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,791 33.2%
114.profile imageEthan Siegel

The Universe is: Expanding, cooling, and dark. It starts with a bang! #Cosmology Science writer, astrophysicist, author, Forbes & NASA columnist.
Portland, OR
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
13,756 33.0%
115.profile imageJackie Faherty

Astrophysicist at @AMNH. Enthusiast for bringing the cosmos to the public @backyardworlds #womeninscience #BDNYC #manhattanhenge calculator. #scicomm
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
4,668 33.0%
116.profile imageRoyal Astronomical Society

The RAS is a learned society representing astronomers and geophysicists in the UK & worldwide. Tweets by @RobertMMassey, @MorganDJHollis, & @DrHelenKlus.
Burlington House, London
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
29,031 32.7%
117.profile imageLee Billings

Science journalist covering space and physics for @sciam. Author of Five Billion Years of Solitude, a book on the search for alien Earths. Opinions are my own.
New York City
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
8,256 32.7%
118.profile imageAstro Union

Founded in 1919, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) promotes and safeguards the science of astronomy through international cooperation.
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
7,245 32.7%
119.profile imageMeredith Rawls

Stellar astronomer and data management for @LSST. Also: mom, scicommer, violist, Episcopalian. Less nighttime blue light, more 24/7 equity. Keep looking up.
Seattle, WA
9 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
5,068 32.7%
120.profile imageCaitlin Casey

Astronomer and Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
Austin, TX
5 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,227 32.7%
121.profile imageAmber Straughn

Arkansas native & @NASA astrophysicist. Climate change is real. Pilot, yogini, homebrewer, Great Dane mom, @PearlJam fan, Razorback 🏈 fan, #FirstGen Tweets mine
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
13,676 32.5%
122.profile imageDavid Kipping

Exoplanets & Exomoons, Columbia University, Cool Worlds Lab. RTs ≠ endorsements
Manhattan, NY
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,865 32.5%
123.profile imageEmily Levesque ✨🔭

Astronomer, author, bizarre star enthusiast, telescope story collector. || The real exciting sound in science is not "Eureka!", it's "huh, that's weird..."
Seattle, WA
9 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,857 32.5%
124.profile imageElisabeth Newton

Astronomer, educator and assistant professor @Dartmouth College. Also a climber, baker, crafter & @astrobites co-founder.
Hanover, NH
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,264 32.5%
125.profile imageCERN

#CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the world's largest particle physics lab, home of the #LHC. French: @CERN_FR
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
2,558,528 32.2%
126.profile imageAlan Duffy

A/Professor in Astrophysics at @Swinburne and Lead Scientist of @RiAus Instagram.com/profalanduffy
6 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
20,358 32.2%
127.profile imageJason Wright

Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Penn State. Son, husband, father, scientist, teacher, student, human. Mostly posting astronomy.
State College, PA, USA
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
6,137 32.2%
128.profile imageMarc Kuchner

PI of Citizen Science projects backyardworlds.org, diskdetective.org, Astrophysicist, Songwriter.
Greenbelt, MD
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
5,734 32.2%
129.profile imageJohanna

Astronomer, runner, educator, feminist, vegan, #Nats fan, she/her/hers
Pasadena, CA
5 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
2,217 32.2%
130.profile imageAdam Burgasser

astrophysicist, professor, and preferably in the water.
on a plane, or San Diego
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,912 32.2%
131.profile imageNew Scientist

The best place to find out what’s new in science – and why it matters. To subscribe go to: https://t.co/M4DdnmRv4N
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
3,434,718 32.0%
132.profile imageLIGO

Official Twitter of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. We detect gravitational waves! YouTube: youtube.com/ligovirgo
Livingston, LA and Hanford, WA
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
84,127 32.0%
133.profile imageDr. Phil Metzger

Planetary scientist at @UCF. CoFounder NASA KSC SwampWorks. Space Mining. Space Settlement. Science. Instagram @drphiltill
Orlando, FL
6 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
72,350 32.0%
134.profile imagePeter Coles 🌈 🇪🇺 🇮🇪

Theoretical astrophysicist specialising in the Universe and all that surrounds it. Also into jazz, opera, poetry & crosswords. Beard of the Year 2018. #FBPE
Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
5,872 32.0%
135.profile imageJames Davenport

Astronomer, [v/b]logger, casual data analyst, Seattleite. All opinions are my own.
Edmonds, WA
6 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
2,431 32.0%
136.profile imageCorey S. Powell

Science writer on @BillNyeSaves. Contributing editor at @discovermag, @AmSciMag, and @aeonmag. Science-curious.
Brooklyn, NY
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
66,770 31.5%
137.profile imageEmily Petroff

Astronomer. Reader. Random number generator. I study things that go bang. 📡💥 Veni Fellow studying fast radio bursts at the University of Amsterdam in the API.
The Netherlands
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
5,334 31.5%
138.profile imageJessica Kirkpatrick

Jessica Ann Kirkpatrick, Astrophysicist → Data Scientist #scientist #techie #runner #writer
San Francisco, CA
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
5,022 31.5%
139.profile imageJames Bullock

Astronomer. Cosmologist. Befuddled dad. Professor at #UCIrvine. Chair of @UCIPhysAstro Sometimes mumbler on @ScienceChannel #HTUW
Irvine, California, USA
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,724 31.5%
140.profile imageCarolyn Porco

Cassini imaging lead. Visiting Scholar UC Berkeley. National Geographic Eliza Scidmore awardee. I think. I speak. I write. Opinions are my own.
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
62,160 31.2%
141.profile imageProf. Lucie Green

Royal Society Research Fellow, physics Prof at UCL, chair of governors @ucl_academy. Sun & space. Chief Stargazer @popastro. Book: amzn.to/2nitfmi
8 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
20,262 31.2%
142.profile imageNASA InSight

The InSight mission will study the early evolution of terrestrial planets. Launched May 5, 2018. Landed Nov. 26, 2018.
Elysium Planitia, Mars
7 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
697,773 31.0%
143.profile imageBrian Keating

Physics Professor @UCSanDiego @UCSDcosmology. Dir.: @SimonsObs. Assoc. Dir.: @imagineUCSD. Author LOSING THE NOBEL PRIZE amzn.to/2sa5UpA @WWNorton @TantorAudio
San Diego, CA
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
7,194 31.0%
144.profile imageNatalie Batalha

Eukaryote on planet Earth using self-awareness and empathy to experience love and seek knowledge. Astronomer involved in search for life on exoplanets.
Silicon Valley, California
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
6,168 31.0%
145.profile imageHaley Gomez

I'm an Astrophysicist, love books, films astronomy, shoes and dresses.
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
3,008 31.0%
146.profile imageDr Erin Ryan

Doctor of the flying space rocks, prez of Science on Cake Appreciation Society, collector of orchid plants & stress baker. Not tweeting for any employer.
The shores of the crab infested impact crater
9 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
2,897 31.0%
147.profile imageHUBBLE

The official feed of ESA/Hubble. The Hubble Space Telescope is the space-based observatory which has revolutionised modern astronomy.
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
570,101 30.7%
148.profile imageJason Major

Space. Planets. NASA. Science. Rocketry. Astronomy. Democracy. Nature. Birds. Coffee. Occasionally funny. Bad with numbers. Sometimes I make pictures.
Warwick, RI
9 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
29,463 30.7%
149.profile imageJames Tuttle Keane

Postdoc at @Caltech. Studying planetary geophysics of rocky & icy worlds. Occasional science illustrator. Trekkie. Dog dad. He/him.
Pasadena, CA
5 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
5,798 30.7%
150.profile imageSloan Digital Sky Surveys

Tweeting about mapping the Universe @APOGEEsurvey @eBOSSurvey @MaNGASurvey
Apache Point Observatory.
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
4,154 30.7%
151.profile imageScientific American

Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.
New York City
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
3,709,675 30.5%
152.profile imageNYT Science

Science, Medicine, Environment, Space and Cosmos. Sync your calendar with the solar system: nyti.ms/2ECMtej
New York, NY
12 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,142,601 30.5%
153.profile imageRobert Simpson

Googler, astronomer, TED Fellow. Views are my own.
11 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
31,233 30.5%
154.profile imageKatey Alatalo

Ph.D. astronomer at STScI, currently housed at Carnegie. Space is amazing! My views are my own.
Pasadena, CA
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
3,518 30.5%
155.profile imageRuth Angus

Assistant Curator of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History @AMNH, Assoc Research Scientist @FlatironCCA & Adj Prof at Columbia University.
New York, NY
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,668 30.5%
156.profile imageTim Peake

ESA astronaut & test pilot back on Earth after 6 months in space. New book out now (proceeds to Prince's Trust): amzn.to/2MLUsJK Tweets are my own
Cologne, Germany
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,617,595 30.2%
157.profile imageScience Magazine

The world's leading outlet for cutting-edge research in all areas of science. Follow @NewsfromScience for stories from our news team.
Washington, DC & Cambridge, UK
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,256,745 30.2%
158.profile imageNASA's Dawn Mission

My mission has ended, but the science continues. Visit @NASASolarSystem for the latest.
Main Asteroid Belt
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
235,446 30.2%
159.profile imageBobak Ferdowsi

Explorer of space. Engineer on NISAR Earth Science & Europa Clipper. Mars Curiosity, Cassini Saturn. Cat dad. Self-opinioned.
Pasadena, CA
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
121,773 30.2%
160.profile imageBuzz Aldrin

Celebrating 50 Yrs of Apollo @ RoadtoApollo50th.com; Gemini 12 & Apollo XI Astronaut & Moonwalker; West Point; USAF Col, Korean War Vet; MIT Founder
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,377,252 29.9%
161.profile imageRogue NASA

The unofficial "Resistance" team of NASA. Not an official NASA account. Not managed by gov't employees. Come for the facts, stay for the snark.
Washington, DC
2 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
865,559 29.9%
162.profile imageESA Operations

From Earth orbit to deep space: sharing the excitement of realtime mission operations at the European Space Agency #WhereMissionsComeAlive 🛰🕹️
Darmstadt, Germany
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
263,920 29.9%
163.profile imageJesse Shanahan | #GTC19

Data scientist at Booz Allen. Astrophysicist. Passions: ethical AI for HADR, video/board game accessibility, & 🍟. Cofounded @AAS_WGAD, created #disabledandSTEM
Stolen Manahoac Land
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
5,337 29.9%
164.profile imageHannah Wakeford

Giacconi Fellow @STScI/@AURADC , @exo_cast podcaster & @BSACDIVER | Previously @NASAGoddard Fellow & @UniofExeter PhD | Expressed opinions are mine
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
2,431 29.9%
165.profile imageThe Zooniverse

The world's largest and most successful citizen science organisation. Our projects include Galaxy Zoo, Old Weather, Planet Hunters, Snapshot Serengeti & more.
Zooniverse HQ
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
19,834 29.7%
166.profile imageJason Kalirai

Astrophysicist and Civil Space Mission Area Executive @JHUAPL. Excited about space exploration and enabling new science with amazing missions. Tweets mine.
Highland, MD
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
2,441 29.7%
167.profile imageAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Congresswoman for NY-14 (Bronx + Queens). In a modern, moral, + wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live. 💯% People-Funded, no corporate PAC $.
Bronx + Queens, NYC
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
3,599,912 29.4%
168.profile imageIan O'Neill

Recovering British solar astrophysicist, science writer/editor, skeptic, hairy atheist, fairly liberal, rabbit fan.
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
36,044 29.4%
169.profile imageShannon Stirone

Writer. Art Historian. Find me in @PopSci @NYTimes @TheAtlantic @NatGeo @NewRepublic @RollingStone @Wired @Longreads & others. Opinions are mine.
Bay Area, CA
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
15,736 29.4%
170.profile image.Astronomy

Conference series about what happens when hackers, astronomers and the web all get together.
Cambridge, MA, USA
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
3,929 29.4%
171.profile imageDr. Rachael Beaton

migrant astronomer currently at Princeton; 'i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night' - sarah williams
princeton, nj
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,410 29.4%
172.profile imageDr Jess Wade 👩🏻‍🔬

Physics postdoc @ImperialCollege. @500womensci/ @wes1919/ @physicsnews enthusiast. She / her. 💜 🔬, 💎s + 🌀s. Least useful doctor in my family.
London, England
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
27,442 29.2%
173.profile imageStuart

Maker of things. Data wrangler. Co-author of "Cosmos: The Infographic Book of Space". Podcaster. Has ridden across continents on a bicycle. ✨🛰📕📊🏳️‍🌈
11 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
8,081 29.2%
174.profile imageFranck Marchis

Planetary astronomer at the SETI Institute, CSO at Unistellar, husband, dad & crossfit athlete balancing his life. Tweet about space, our planet & human rights.
San Francisco
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
6,264 29.2%
175.profile imageTrueSciPhi / Kelly Truelove

A window on science, mathematics, and philosophy communities on Twitter and YouTube, by Kelly Truelove. See site for more.
Austin, Texas
3 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
6,250 29.2%
176.profile imageWomanAstro

Promoting astronomy, encouraging women/girls interested in science. WomanAstro.com, etsy.com/shop/WomanAstro
New Mexico, USA
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
4,992 29.2%
177.profile imageElizabeth Tasker

UK astrophysicist working at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Author of 'The Planet Factory', published by @sigmascience (views are my own~)
7 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
3,136 29.2%
178.profile imageOverheard On Astroph

Eavesdropping on tex-source comments in papers posted to astro-ph
9 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2014-Oct-21)
2,277 29.2%
179.profile imageScience Friday

Brain fun for curious people. Hosted by @iraflatow. From @WNYCStudios.
New York, New York
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
761,393 28.9%
180.profile imageSPACE.com

News coverage and conversation about space science, astronomy and exploration. Part of @futureplc
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
753,993 28.9%
181.profile imageBlackPhysicists

Arlington, VA and Worldwide
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
19,443 28.9%
182.profile imageLSST Astronomy

The widest, fastest, deepest eye of the new digital age.
Cerro Pachon, Chile
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
5,447 28.7%
183.profile imageJC Holbrook

Astrophysicist, Filmmaker, Cultural Astronomer. Hubble's Diverse Universe on Amazon.com BlackSunMovie.com videos.astroanthro.com/Science-Tourist
Kaapstad, ZA
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
3,039 28.7%
184.profile imageAdrian Price-Whelan

astrophysics postdoc @ Princeton, galaxy dynamics, binary stars, music github.com/adrn
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,133 28.7%
185.profile imagePHD Comics

Life (or the lack thereof) in Academia. Instagram.com/phd_comics
10 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
224,806 28.4%
186.profile imageJohn O'Meara

Father, Astronomer, science policy nerd. Chief Scientist @keckobservatory Cosmic Origins Science Lead for #LUVOIR Chair AAAC. Tweets are my own
Essex Junction, Vermont
9 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
1,311 28.4%
187.profile imageAstronomy Meetings

Sharing astronomy meeting twitter links. Send me your conference title, #tag and url, **when the meeting starts**, and I'll RT to distribute. @AstroRJS
4 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,307 28.4%
188.profile imagePresident Obama

This is an archive of an Obama Administration account maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
Washington, D.C.
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2017-Jan-20)
14,968,520 28.2%
189.profile imageSpirit and Oppy

Roving the Red Planet on six wheels since Jan 2004. The official mission Twitter of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.
Mars: Gusev Crater & Meridiani
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
493,128 28.2%
190.profile imageDaniel Fischer

All things astronomy and space (and then some) - in tiny bits and pieces but mostly with links to more ... :-)
Königswinter, Germany
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
13,010 28.2%
191.profile imageAAS Press Office

Astronomy news from the Press Office of the American Astronomical Society, managed by Dr. Rick Fienberg. Note: Tweeting is not endorsing, only informing.
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
5,052 28.2%
192.profile imageSAO/NASA ADS

8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
2,392 28.2%
193.profile imageJonathan Fortney

@ucsc Professor & Director of Other Worlds Laboratory. Modeler of planetary atmospheres & interiors. Father, Softballer, Runner, Human Selfie Stick, Minnesotan
Santa Cruz, CA
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,380 28.2%
194.profile imageJoss Bland-Hawthorn

All things novel, astrophysical, mathematical, technological.
Sydney, Australia
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,894 28.2%
195.profile imageErik Tollerud

Astrophysicist, Python coder, and general lover of nature in all its forms. Opinions are my own.
Baltimore, MD
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,626 28.2%
196.profile imagePhil Marshall

Astrophysicist, into cosmology, gravitational lenses and inference. This is the closest thing I have to a research blog. I'll write more if you tweet at me.
San Francisco
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,521 28.2%
197.profile imageScott Kelly

9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
5,633,217 27.9%
198.profile imageHubbleTelescope

News from the Hubble Space Telescope operated by @stsci
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
136,188 27.9%
199.profile imageDNLee

#JrProf, Mammalogist, Diversity & Access to STEM, Unapologetically Intersectional, Mama Panyabuku, TED Fellow, NatGeo Emerging Explorer, #DispatchesDNLee
Midwest, US; Tanzania, Africa
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
30,004 27.9%
200.profile imageJo Dunkley

Professor of Physics and Astrophysics at Princeton. Author of Our Universe.
Princeton, NJ
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
2,823 27.9%
201.profile imageBenjamin Pope

Astronomer - he/him
Manhattan, NY
6 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
2,532 27.9%
202.profile imageMatthew Kenworthy

Associate Professor of Astronomy at Leiden Observatory - exoplanet imaging and giant ring transit searches. Keen on giving public talks and outreach.
Leiden, The Netherlands
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,674 27.9%
203.profile imageSamantha Cristoforetti

European of Italian nationality. @ESA astronaut. ISS Exp 42/43. Book out Oct 4 (proceeds to @UNICEF_Italia) amzn.to/2xNnkc6 In English in 2019!
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
976,294 27.7%
204.profile imageNRAO

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation. Social media policy: bit.ly/2qNhpB3
Charlottesville, VA
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
18,468 27.7%
205.profile imageWIRED Science

Bringing the radiothermally generated heat. The team: @sandraupson, @JetJocko, @rtg0nzalez, @MeganMolteni, and @MrMattSimon.
San Francisco, California
11 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
2,013,679 27.2%
206.profile imageNOT ALT WORLD

The #Resistance team against #AltFacts #FauxNews #FauxScience Formerly: Unofficial National Park Service #Science #Climate #Facts Run by non-gov individuals
1 yr, 9 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2017-Feb-07)
1,129,992 27.2%
207.profile imageDianna Cowern

Assume a spherical cowern in a vacuum... kauai-grown, #MIT physics, YouTube videos. Pls respond to tweets w bad puns.
San Diego
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
104,271 27.2%
208.profile imageSky & Telescope

The Essential Guide to Astronomy | We provide the world's leading compendium of information about the science and hobby of astronomy.
Cambridge, Mass.
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
104,084 27.2%
209.profile imageJonathan Amos

BBC Science Correspondent
Cambridge, UK
9 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
43,056 27.2%
210.profile imageMatt Taylor

I work at the European Space Agency on Rosetta, Space plasma stuff, Swarm, Cluster and now dabbling with the Gateway. 501st Dutch Garrison TK67676 EIB
6 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
33,611 27.2%
211.profile imageNancy Atkinson

Science journalist & author of new book on Apollo 11, "Eight Years to the Moon," amazon.com/gp/product/162…
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
11,523 27.2%
212.profile imagePriyamvada Natarajan

@Yale astrophysicist, works on exotica in the universe: dark matter, black holes; Author: Mapping the Heavens • https://t.co/DuzePWpq2N
New Haven, CT
3 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
9,580 27.2%
213.profile imageAAS Executive Office

The mission of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) is to enhance & share humanity's scientific understanding of the universe.
Washington, DC, USA
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
3,250 27.2%
214.profile imageAAS CSWA

The American Astronomical Society Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy works to improve the status of women in astronomy. Page manager Nancy Morrison.
United States
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,942 27.2%
215.profile imageNASA Voyager

The official account for NASA’s twin Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft, the longest operating spacecraft in deep space. 🛰 Mission team headquartered at @NASAJPL
Interstellar space
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
545,580 26.9%
216.profile imageInstitute of Physics

The Institute of Physics is a leading scientific membership society working to advance physics for the benefit of all.
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
171,208 26.9%
217.profile imageDr Tabetha Boyajian

Assistant professor of Astrophysics at #LSU. disrupter of astrophysics; #BoyajiansStar #TabbysStar; all posts here are my own
Baton Rouge, LA
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
9,724 26.9%
218.profile imageLisa Grossman

Astronomy reporter at Science News, lifelong astronomy nerd. Ideas my own. She/her/hers
Cambridge, MA
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
7,982 26.9%
219.profile imageEric Mamajek

Astronomer, dad, stars, (exo)planets. Statements and opinions posted here are my own. Email me directly, I don't respond to Twitter DM.
Pasadena, CA
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,176 26.9%
220.profile imageJeff Foust

Senior writer, @SpaceNews_Inc. You know the drill: retweets aren't endorsements; opinions here are my own.
Rockville, Maryland, USA
11 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
35,689 26.6%
221.profile imageSquareKilometreArray

The SKA will be the world's largest radio telescope, located in Africa & Australia. Tweets from the SKA Global Headquarters @jodrellbank.
Jodrell Bank (UK)
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
19,539 26.6%
222.profile imageIntl. Space Station

NASA's page for updates from the International Space Station, the world-class lab orbiting Earth 250 miles above. For the latest research, follow @ISS_Research.
Low Earth Orbit
5 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,487,703 26.4%
223.profile imageDr. Brian May

Rocket Ship Builder 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
938,779 26.4%
224.profile imageJim Al-Khalili

Professor of theoretical physics, author, broadcaster and humanist. President of @BritSciAssoc. "Affable Egghead" (Sunday Times).
University of Surrey
9 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
127,959 26.4%
225.profile imageNASA's OSIRIS-REx

NASA's first asteroid sampling spacecraft. I'm on a 7-year mission to return a pristine sample from asteroid Bennu.
Asteroid Bennu
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
75,805 26.4%
226.profile imageThe Jupiter Girl

Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology| Space | Astropalaeontology | Co-founder, @realscientists | Dinosaur Evangelist | Sometimes on @RNDrive & @radionational
Auckland, Aotearoa via 🇦🇺
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
34,093 26.4%
227.profile imageAndy Rivkin

Planetary astronomer on #TeamAsteroid; Gedankenband member and guitarist; Persistently Obstreperous.
#USAstronomyGoodwillAmbassador ⊗
10 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
4,562 26.4%
228.profile imageAstropy

This is the official twitter account for the Astropy project.
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
2,850 26.4%
229.profile imageLaura Lopez

Astronomy professor at Ohio State
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
1,518 26.4%
230.profile imageThomas Zurbuchen

Associate Administrator, @NASA Science Mission Directorate
Washington, DC
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
21,591 26.1%
231.profile imageRadio Astrology

Opening new windows in the prediction spectrum. Astrology at long wavelengths.
In the stars (and the ISM)
7 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
3,710 26.1%
232.profile imageLiz B ☆

X-ray and Optical Astronomer at @ESO. FLAMES Instrument Scientist. Bleeding heart liberal & intersectional feminist. All views my own. Ⓥ #WomenInScience
Edinburgh, Scotland
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,570 26.1%
233.profile imageNational Science Foundation

Explore #NSFfunded research that is transforming the world. / Social media policy: bit.ly/smpnsf
Alexandria, VA
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
1,088,070 25.9%
234.profile imageNASA_TESS

This is the official @NASA Twitter for the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). @NASA_TESS will perform an all-sky survey to discover new exoplanets
Goddard Space Flight Center
5 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
46,848 25.9%
235.profile imageHistory of Astronomy

Multidisciplinary & multicultural history of astronomy #histastro by @VoulaSaridakis, Ph.D. | Curator, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago @msichicago.
All tweets/views/opinions mine
4 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
20,730 25.9%
236.profile imageArfon Smith

Head of Data Science @stsci. Ex GitHubber. Zooniverse co-founder. Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Open Source Software.
Baltimore, MD
12 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
4,237 25.9%
237.profile imageJennifer Ouellette

Science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Senior reporter, Ars Technica. Past: Gizmodo. Ex-evangelical. Married to @seanmcarroll.
Los Angeles, CA
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
36,859 25.6%
238.profile imagegalaxyzoo

It's Galaxy Zoo!
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
13,555 25.6%
239.profile imageSara Seager

Prof. Seager is an astrophysicist and planetary scientist at MIT. A pioneer in the vast world of exoplanets, she's on a quest for the holy grail: another Earth.
Cambridge, MA
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
7,462 25.6%
240.profile imageAndrew Pontzen

I do cosmology. Employed by UCL, funded by the Royal Society. Tweeting in a personal capacity: it’s no-one else’s fault when I talk nonsense.
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,207 25.6%
241.profile imageHillary Clinton

2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x2, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.
New York, NY
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
24,259,828 25.4%
242.profile imageKaren James ❄️

Scientist & outdoorswoman tweeting about molecular ecology, genetics, evolution, botany, space, feminism & social justice, but in reverse order if I’m honest.
Bar Harbor, ME
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
30,289 25.4%
243.profile imageDr Jen Gupta

Space nerd. @UoPCosmology astronomy outreach. @SeldomSirius podcaster. @TWBBC Live presenter. @WinSciFest. Active Galaxies were my 1st love. Own views [she/her]
Winchester, UK
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
4,529 25.4%
244.profile imageDr Megan Argo

By day: just another transient astronomer. By night: samba drumming, rock climbing, public speaker, teacher and science advocate. facebook.com/DrMeganArgo
Planet Earth
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,553 25.4%
245.profile imageJonathan Pritchard

Imperial astrophysicist and bewildered vagabond. Reader. SKA enthusiast. @ERC_research funded (opinions mine, not employer's)
Richmond, London
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,706 25.4%
246.profile imageLego Academics

The female academics of the Lego Research Institute take on the challenges of modern academia. CC-BY-NC-SA
Lego Research Institute
3 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2018-Feb-26)
74,123 25.1%
247.profile imageCarnegie Astronomy

Bringing you astronomy from The Carnegie Institution for Science: The Observatories in Pasadena, CA, DTM in Washington DC, and Las Campanas Observatory in Chile
Pasadena, CA
4 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
6,285 25.1%
248.profile imageAndy Lawrence

Quasar fan and survey nut. Check out random Milky Way snaps @MilkyWayBot, Oculus/Stellarium project @StarsightVR and its crowdfunder crowdfunder.co.uk/starsight-vr/
Auld Reekie
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,020 25.1%
249.profile imageStuart Clark

Astronomer, journalist, author. The Sky's Dark Labyrinth. Writes Across the Universe for The Guardian. Co-hosts The Stuniverse podcast. Dyed-in-the-wool progger
9 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
35,252 24.9%
250.profile imageAmy Mainzer

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
26,669 24.9%
251.profile imageSpace Telescope Live

What is @HubbleTelescope looking at? –Reference images from @STScI Digitized Sky Survey and Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 13 (not actual Hubble images)
Low Earth Orbit
2 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
9,665 24.9%
252.profile imageMark McCaughrean

Senior Advisor for Science & Exploration at the European Space Agency. Well aware of the (in)significance of being recycled starstuff. Opinions very much own.
Wassenaar, The Netherlands
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
5,216 24.9%
253.profile imageKristin Block

Spacecraft pro, taiko player, bassist, percussionist. Miami-Tucson-Bay Area. (Not affiliated with the mission @Maven2Mars!) Opinions my own and queer.
San Jose, CA
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
3,655 24.9%
254.profile imageRobert Massey

Dad, Deputy Executive Director @royalastrosoc, chair @lightyear_fdn. Co-author of Moon: Art, Science, Culture with @saschaloske. See bit.ly/2PpjMn0
Bristol (Southville) & London
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,858 24.9%
255.profile imageNASA's Kennedy Space Center

Official Tweets from NASA's Kennedy Space Center
Florida, USA
10 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,469,554 24.6%
256.profile imageLisa Randall

Physicist and author. Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs,Warped Passages,Knocking on Heaven's Door,Higgs Discovery. Opinions expressed are not solely my own.
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
57,267 24.6%
257.profile imageAlan Boyle

Aerospace and science editor @GeekWire. Longtime blogger @CosmicLog. Author of "The Case for Pluto." Links/RTs ≠ endorsements
11 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
35,403 24.6%
258.profile imageMiriam Kramer

Always a space reporter. It's not aliens. It's never aliens. DMs open and a mess.
Now: NYC. Before: Tennessee.
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
17,469 24.6%
259.profile imageDan Hooper

Physicist and author at Fermilab and the University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
1 yr, 3 mos on Twitter
5,695 24.6%
260.profile imageGiant Magellan

The first “Extremely Large Telescope” seeking to unlock the mysteries of the universe.
Las Campanas, Chile
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
5,640 24.6%
261.profile imageKimberly EnnicoSmith

World, let's do that next impossible task: become a multi-planet species in a space-faring civilization. Solving our planet's problems as part of the journey.
Mountain View, CA
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,775 24.6%
262.profile imageStephen Colbert

the guy on CBS
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
18,400,355 24.4%
263.profile imageGuardian Science

Science, health and environment news from the @Guardian. Plus, independent comment and analysis from our network of expert science bloggers
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,063,013 24.4%
264.profile imageThe Royal Society

The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. fb.com/theroyalsociety
London, UK
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
230,230 24.4%
265.profile imageEllen Stofan

John and Adrienne Mars Director of National Air and Space Museum, Planetary geologist, STEM advocate, former Chief Scientist of NASA. My tweets are my own.
Washington, DC
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
11,724 24.4%
266.profile imageEmily Baldwin

Space Science Editor at EJR-Quartz for ESA, based at ESTEC. Tweets about space, running, coffee. Opinions own.
Leiden, Netherlands
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
4,963 24.4%
267.profile imageJill Tarter

Earthling, chief cheerleader for SETI, setiQuest, and the Allen Telescope Array Jack's wife - Shana's mom - Li Yao and Clara's grandma
Earth in the Cosmos
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
4,821 24.4%
268.profile imageStephen Serjeant

Astronomy Prof at Open University,occasionally does OU/BBC stuff. 26.2mi=42.2km.Remainer. Likes often=bookmarks. Views here do not necessarily blah blah. He/him
9 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,274 24.4%
269.profile imageDra. Nicole

STEM Inclusion Consultant | Astronomy PhD and STEM equity advocate | She/Her/Hers | #LatinaInSTEM | I have the best ideas.
4 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,995 24.4%
270.profile imageAwesome_Ph

The most awesome(st) of Astro-ph every day! Few one line summaries of papers on the ArXiV that caught my attention. Brought to you by the Extronomer.
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,973 24.4%
271.profile imageDr. Abbie 🌠 @ #HEAD2019

Lady Scientist 👩🏻‍💻 NSF fellow @msu_astro & @michiganastro 🔭 compact objects 💥#OpenSource pythoner 🐍 tea 💕🍵 mastodon:alstev 🐘 she/her ♀ tweets ≠ NSF,
Anishinaabeg/Odawa land
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,769 24.4%
272.profile imageDr. Caryl Gronwall

Astronomer at Penn State University
State College, PA
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,277 24.4%
273.profile imageChandra Observatory

Chandra's ongoing mission is to study the X-ray Universe. Operated for NASA by Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Legal: s.si.edu/legal
In orbit
11 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
167,798 24.1%
274.profile imageNASA Spitzer

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope - the infrared Great Observatory. Observes asteroids, comets, extrasolar planets, stars, galaxies and more...
Pasadena, CA.
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
121,183 24.1%
275.profile imageAriel Waldman

NASA advisor. Antarctic explorer. Author of amzn.to/1MFUEVC. Global director @ScienceHackDay. YouTuber youtube.com/arielwaldman.
San Francisco
12 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
37,768 24.1%
276.profile imageJohn Grunsfeld

Former lead for Science at NASA (Associate Administrator) Astronaut STS-67,81,103,109,125 Hubble Hugger, Space and Earth explorer
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2018-Jan-11)
32,021 24.1%
277.profile imageChris North

Lecturer & astronomer @CardiffPHYSX. Co-author of cosmos-book.github.io + other books, semi-regular broadcaster. Comments own. [he/his]
Cardiff (normally)
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
5,369 24.1%
278.profile image☄Ashley🔭Lindalía☄

🚀🔭📡Astro|Chemistry🛰🔭🔬|Astrochemist 👩🏾‍🔬|The Realest In The Streets|Rapper on Weekends🤦🏾‍♀️😂🤷🏾‍♀️|Magical & Trill|❤🖤💚|🇳🇬|#BlackandSTEM✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽
(Englewood) Chicago, IL, USA,
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,056 24.1%
279.profile imageAstronomy On Tap HQ

🌟Professional astronomers reveal how they explore the Universe, at bars & pubs around the world!🌟HQ account follows satellite locations, organizers, & venues.
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,740 24.1%
280.profile imageMark Marley

Astronomer working for a well known national space agency. Interests include extrasolar planets, brown dwarfs, giant planets. Opinions are mine alone.
Mountain View, California
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,215 24.1%
281.profile imageDustin Lang

Astronomer at @Perimeter. Farm-raised left-handed vegetarian Canadian socialist. Tweets often astronomical/computational/scatological. he/Dr
Waterloo, Canada
5 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,372 24.1%
282.profile imageNational Geographic

Taking our understanding and awareness of the world further for 130 years | Test your knowledge with our Messenger chatbot: on.natgeo.com/2Om55Qk
10 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
22,605,087 23.9%
283.profile imageStephen Fry

How can I tell you what I think until I’ve heard what I’m going to say? 🏳️‍🌈 (Never read DMs I’m afraid)
Los Angeles, CA/ London UK
10 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
12,725,825 23.9%
284.profile imageKim Kowal Arcand

Visualization & emerging tech lead for @chandraxray; public speaker; co-author of 4 popular science books. Opinions=my own 🛰https://t.co/PFs60ywY5f
11 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
8,606 23.9%
285.profile image★ Colin Stuart ★

Astronomy author & speaker. Get a free e-book @ bit.ly/2zjaIee. See www for signed books, keynotes & school talks. Asteroid (15347) Colinstuart
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
5,986 23.9%
286.profile imageDerek Fox

Research astronomer and faculty member at Penn State University. This is a personal Twitter account.
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,377 23.9%
287.profile imageCaroline Morley

Assistant Prof at UT Austin, modeler of substellar atmospheres
Austin, TX
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,883 23.9%
288.profile imageAngela Speck

Tattooed witchy astrolator; stellar mortician, empress of the eclipse, queen of astromineralogy; SJW; currently living in the Midwest.
Columbia, MO
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,836 23.9%
289.profile imageUK Space Agency

Official Twitter channel of the UK Space Agency. We're at the heart of UK efforts to explore and benefit from space.
Swindon, England
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
203,661 23.6%
290.profile imageNate Silver

Editor-in-Chief, @FiveThirtyEight. Author, The Signal and the Noise (amzn.to/QdyFYV). Sports/politics/food geek.
New York
10 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
3,203,977 23.4%
291.profile imageBrian Greene

Physicist, Author, Co-founder @WorldSciFest
New York, NY
6 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,012,780 23.1%
292.profile imageAmy Shira Teitel

SPACEFLIGHT HISTORIAN. Book: bit.ly/astbtcog. Vintage Space: bit.ly/vintagespace. Patreon: patreon.com/amyshirateitel PAO = my PAO.
Los Angeles, CA
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
225,585 23.1%
293.profile imageXKCD Comic

XKCD comic feed with images, mobile friendly links, and what-if articles. Unofficial, run by @dghubble
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
216,368 23.1%
294.profile imageESA Planck

A European Space Agency (ESA) spacecraft to understand the origin and evolution of our Universe
L2: 1,000,000 miles from Earth
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2017-Oct-14)
47,710 23.1%
295.profile imageSabine Hossenfelder

Physicist, blogger, author. Sometimes-songwriter, nighttime-philosopher. Maker of my own misery. she/her
11 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
24,023 23.1%
296.profile imageWill Gater

Astronomer, journalist & space geek 🔭 https://t.co/qdUaJi892Z | https://t.co/VX3S7aDx03 | https://t.co/uf9ENUIg6m
10 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
8,126 23.1%
297.profile imageMoiya McTier

Science Communicator | Astronomer | Folklorist | Ask me how space can influence culture | she/her/hers
New York, NY
4 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
1,722 23.1%
298.profile imageGautham Narayan

Lasker Fellow at @stsci working on dark energy, supernovae, white dwarfs, machine learning, astro edu & outreach, photography, hiking. Semi-responsible nerd!
Baltimore, MD
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
1,167 23.1%
299.profile imageJohn Debes

STIS Team Lead at @stsci. Part of @diskdetective and @NASAWFIRST CGI science team. Exoplanets, white dwarf planets, and disks. My opinions are my own. He/Him
Geektown, USA
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
1,077 23.1%
300.profile imageLindy Elkins-Tanton

Scientist, explorer. Next gen learning. Director @SESEASU, @II_ASU. Lead of @NASAPsyche mission. Co-founder of @beaglelearning. Opinions my own!
Tempe, AZ
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
4,201 22.8%