Women Among Professional Science Writers on Twitter

Science writers, columnists, reporters, editors, etc. reaching general audiences. Excludes active scientists (also see lists of astronomers and physicists).

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1. profile imageEmily Lakdawalla

Senior Editor & Planetary Evangelist, The Planetary Society. Planetary scientist, writer, public speaker. Writing a book on Curiosity mission. Asteroid 274860.
Pasadena, CA
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 12% new, 39% replies, 30% retweets, 20% quotes
125,934 15/day
2. profile imageCara Santa Maria

#SciComm FTW | Host of the #TalkNerdy Podcast & @SkepticsGuide Rogue | Cofounder: @SciCommCamp @NerdBrigadeLA | As seen on TV: @SoCalConnected @GreatestMakers
Tiny Thinkers
Los Angeles
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 60% new, 29% replies, 3% retweets, 8% quotes
75,954 7/day
3. profile imageSci Curious

#science writer Bethany Brookshire. Staff education Writer @SNStudents, Writer at @ScienceNews. Opinions my own. In my free time, I run long distances.
Science Blogging
Washington, DC
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 48% new, 32% replies, 13% retweets, 6% quotes
54,927 17/day
4. profile imageRebecca Skloot

Author NYTimes Bestseller IMMORTAL LIFE OF #HENRIETTALACKS #HeLa an Oprah/HBO #HeLaMovie soon. Writing book on humans #animals #ethics. Instagram @rebeccaskloot
The Best American Science and Nat...
The Best American Science Writing...
The Immortal Life of Henrietta La...
Berkeley, CA
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 19% new, 37% replies, 20% retweets, 24% quotes
45,808 4/day
5. profile imageMaryn McKenna

Journalist, @SchusterInst senior fellow, TED speaker. Public health, global health, food policy. Secure mail: [email protected]
Big Chicken
Beating Back the Devil
8 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 15% new, 21% replies, 42% retweets, 22% quotes
33,693 14/day
6. profile imageJennifer Ouellette

Jen-Luc Piquant is the faux-French avatar of science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Past Gizmodo science editor. Married to @seanmcarroll.
Me, Myself, and Why
The Best Science Writing Online 2...
The Calculus Diaries
Los Angeles, CA
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 39% new, 4% replies, 57% retweets, 0% quotes
33,043 27/day
7. profile imageDeborah Blum

Book author, Science journalist, blogger, and director of the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT.
The Best American Science and Nat...
Love at Goon Park
The Poisoner's Handbook
Cambridge, MA
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 24% new, 2% replies, 63% retweets, 11% quotes
28,882 21/day
8. profile imageVirginia Hughes

Science Editor, @BuzzFeedNews. Pro nutgraf, pro dog, anti sap. Tips to: [email protected]
Brooklyn, NY
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 46% new, 16% replies, 31% retweets, 7% quotes
28,505 4/day
9. profile imageAnnalee Newitz

Tech culture editor at Ars Technica. Founder of io9. Author of the novel Autonomous, coming Sept. 2017. It's about pirates and robots.
Scatter, Adapt, and Remember
She's Such a Geek
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 10% new, 62% replies, 5% retweets, 23% quotes
27,077 8/day
10. profile imageMaggie Koerth-Baker

Professional nerd and question asker. Senior Science Reporter at @FiveThirtyEight. Nieman Fellow. DM for Signal. PGP: CC1F 3A12 FFF4 B730 7D44 E18A B2CD C60B
Before the Lights Go Out
Mental Floss Presents Be Amazing
Minneapolis, MN
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
Tweets: 28% new, 39% replies, 21% retweets, 11% quotes
26,300 10/day
11. profile imageMary Roach

I write books, most recently GRUNT: The Curious Science of Humans at War. Also: STIFF, GULP, PACKING FOR MARS, BONK. and SPOOK.
My Planet
Oakland, CA • author
6 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 6% new, 73% replies, 9% retweets, 12% quotes
26,234 2/day
12. profile imageAlice Bell

Director of comms @1010. Trustee @medact. Previously worked in universities, journalism and museums. Londoner, bat fan and amateur historian of climate change.
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 28% new, 15% replies, 52% retweets, 4% quotes
24,838 15/day
13. profile imageElizabeth Kolbert

I am a New Yorker staff writer and author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe and The Sixth Extinction.
Field Notes from a Catastrophe
The Sixth Extinction
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 6% new, 22% replies, 70% retweets, 2% quotes
23,938 0.8/day
14. profile imageLaura Helmuth

Health, science & environment editor at @washingtonpost. President of National Association @ScienceWriters. Was @NatGeo @Slate @SmithsonianMag @NewsFromScience
Washington DC
6 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 65% new, 7% replies, 28% retweets, 0% quotes
19,842 7/day
15. profile imageMariette DiChristina

Editor in Chief & Senior VP, @sciam. Director, Editorial & Publishing, Magazines, Nature Research. All opinions expressed are my own. RTs are not endorsements.
New York
6 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 26% new, 29% replies, 21% retweets, 23% quotes
19,709 9/day
16. profile imageCarin Anne Bondar

PhD Biologist, TED talker,TV host (Discovery, Sci Channel, NatGeo, Netflix), Author #WildSex & #WildMoms coming soon! carinbondar.com
wacky chilliwack
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 67% new, 3% replies, 23% retweets, 6% quotes
18,198 5/day
17. profile imageMaggie Fox

Senior health writer @NBCNewshealth Science/Health/Tech in plain English. Yes that's my foot and my coconut facebook.com/pages/Maggie-F…
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 54% new, 7% replies, 36% retweets, 3% quotes
16,913 4/day
18. profile imageAlexandra Witze

Correspondent for Nature. Tip securely: witzescience at gmail (PGP: C789 E4A2 E54A CC71 789E FD68 CE6F 1ED6 007D 3682) or awitze at protonmail.
Island on Fire
Boulder, CO
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
Tweets: 54% new, 26% replies, 11% retweets, 8% quotes
16,799 5/day
19. profile imageNadia Drake

Contributing writer @natgeo. Hotel soap connoisseur. Former ballet dancer. Slightly obsessed with planets (and MOONS), supernovas and spiders. Champagneophile.
Little Book of Wonders
San Francisco, CA
6 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 19% new, 62% replies, 8% retweets, 11% quotes
16,405 5/day
20. profile imageRachel Feltman

Chief Science Officer of the USS @popsci // Founded a blog @washingtonpost // Cries over space robots. [email protected]
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
Tweets: 24% new, 20% replies, 45% retweets, 10% quotes
16,279 16/day
21. profile imageSally Church

Scientist, cancer geek, Londoner, adventurer, explorer, lover of curry, fine wine and football. Science writer at biotech strategy blog
9 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 19% new, 49% replies, 30% retweets, 2% quotes
15,786 20/day
22. profile imageGwen Pearson🐜

I'm a bug AND a feature! I do insect outreach and write about science. Part of @ento_allies. Tweets personal/do not represent employers etc etc 🐝
Low Earth Orbit, Indiana
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 20% new, 39% replies, 34% retweets, 7% quotes
15,763 12/day
23. profile imageAmy Harmon

New York Times reporter covering science & society. Mom of @rumblecomics
Making Faces
New York, NY
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 12% new, 45% replies, 38% retweets, 6% quotes
15,664 1/day
24. profile imageMaia Szalavitz

Neuroscience Journalist, VICE.com, TIME.com ti.me/rWCQsZ, etc. Author, Unbroken Brain, Soros Justice Fellow
Unbroken Brain
Born for Love
Lost Boy
New York
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 10% new, 35% replies, 24% retweets, 30% quotes
14,953 4/day
25. profile imageRose Eveleth 🚀

shorter than you expected ⦊⦊ host & producer of @flashforwardpod ⦊⦊ now making @30for30 podcasts at @espn ⦊⦊ Susie Derkins grown up ⦊⦊ 🔮
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 31% new, 21% replies, 47% retweets, 2% quotes
14,531 17/day
26. profile imageLizNeeley

Mixing a love of science, storytelling, journalism, & #scicomm studies with a passion for gorgeous design. Executive Director of The Story Collider
Washington DC area
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 28% new, 25% replies, 25% retweets, 22% quotes
14,207 6/day
27. profile imageKatie Hobson

Freelance health and science writer. Ex-WSJ, U.S. News & World Report. Runner (again).
Brooklyn, NY
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 12% new, 23% replies, 35% retweets, 31% quotes
13,790 0.7/day
28. profile imageHannah Devlin

The Guardian's Science Correspondent
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 20% new, 45% replies, 23% retweets, 13% quotes
12,882 2/day
29. profile imageMika McKinnon

Field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, science writer, public speaker, irrepressible educator.
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 10% new, 60% replies, 10% retweets, 20% quotes
12,820 9/day
30. profile imageLoren Grush

Science reporter at @verge. Daughter of rocket scientists. Lover of spaceflight. Texas-bred: Clear eyes, full hearts.
New York, NY
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 24% new, 35% replies, 21% retweets, 19% quotes
12,817 2/day
31. profile imageJoss Fong

Video @voxdotcom M.A. science journalism, NYU | [email protected]
Washington, DC
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 40% new, 12% replies, 37% retweets, 11% quotes
12,261 1/day
32. profile imageNancy Shute

Co-host For @NPR's Shots blog, loving all things medical and microbial.
Washington, DC
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 20% new, 8% replies, 61% retweets, 10% quotes
11,799 2/day
33. profile imageNancy Atkinson

Editor for Universe Today and author of the book 'Incredible Stories From Space'
Incredible Stories from Space
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 26% new, 26% replies, 17% retweets, 32% quotes
11,269 4/day
34. profile imageKate Wong

Senior editor at Scientific American. I write about human origins, animals past and present, wildlife conservation. Views are my own.
Lucy's Legacy
New York City
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 35% new, 35% replies, 27% retweets, 3% quotes
10,578 2/day
35. profile imageRobin Lloyd

Journalist, editrix at large
9 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 19% new, 11% replies, 61% retweets, 10% quotes
10,318 4/day
36. profile imageMiriam Kramer

Deputy science editor reporting on space for @Mashable. Email: miriam @ mashable dot com. Leak to me. Text or call via Signal: +1 (646) 693-7678
Now: NYC. Before: Tennessee.
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 26% new, 43% replies, 18% retweets, 12% quotes
10,111 6/day
37. profile imageClara Moskowitz

Senior Editor at Scientific American, covering space & physics. Views expressed are my own.
New York, NY
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 36% new, 21% replies, 41% retweets, 0% quotes
10,094 1/day
38. profile imageBeatrice Biologist

Science illustrations, comics, and books! Co-host of @sciencebrunch, a conversational and irreverent science podcast. My real name is Katie McKissick.
Ecstatic Dandelions
What's in Your Genes?
Little Cells (a Beatrice the Biol...
Los Angeles, CA
6 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 22% new, 46% replies, 21% retweets, 12% quotes
9,945 5/day
39. profile imageChristie Aschwanden

Lead writer for science @FiveThirtyEight Evidence-based journalist, book critic, essayist. My parties have dancing. christieaschwanden.com
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 40% new, 8% replies, 40% retweets, 12% quotes
9,929 2/day
40. profile imageErika Check Hayden

Director, @UCSC Science Communication Program: scicom.ucsc.edu. @NatureNews alum.
Bay Area
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 26% new, 26% replies, 35% retweets, 13% quotes
9,142 1/day
41. profile imageKatherine H. Courage

Science writer. @SciAm. @CSUNaturalSci. Etc. Author of OCTOPUS! amzn.to/17xUF5R & forthcoming book about the microbiome + food. Runner. Gardener. Nerd.
Longmont, CO
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 36% new, 4% replies, 43% retweets, 18% quotes
9,128 2/day
42. profile imageTerri Hansen

#Indigenous journalist reporting #science #environment #climate @IndianCountry, magazines. [email protected] PGP, public key at terrihansen.com.
Portland (Winnebago Tribe)
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 38% new, 1% replies, 57% retweets, 3% quotes
8,977 4/day
43. profile imageErin Biba

Science Writer -- BBC, Scientific American, Newsweek, Popular Science, The Mythbusters' Tested.com and others. erbiba at gmail dot com
New York City
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 18% new, 49% replies, 20% retweets, 14% quotes
8,960 6/day
44. profile imageMiriam E. Tucker

Writer/journalist specializing in medicine/health. Living with type 1 diabetes since 1973.
Washington DC area
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 28% new, 21% replies, 38% retweets, 14% quotes
8,758 6/day
45. profile imageBetsy Mason

Knight Science Journalism fellow 2015-2016, geologist, beer snob, calm assertive pack leader. Co-author of the Nat Geo blog All Over the Map (see @mapdragons)
San Francisco Bay Area
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 34% new, 21% replies, 36% retweets, 8% quotes
8,706 0.8/day
46. profile imageCarmen Drahl

Communicator. Traveler. Eater of food. Contributor @Forbes @DCist. Formerly @thinkfoodgroup @cenmag. Chemistry PhD @Princeton. Tuits en inglés y español.
Washington, DC, mostly.
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 34% new, 37% replies, 10% retweets, 18% quotes
8,512 4/day
47. profile imageDr. Paige Jarreau

I am a #scicomm nerd. Science Communication Specialist @LSUscience @CxCsci. I'm a science blogger, blog researcher and social media consultant. Ask me anything!
Baton Rouge
6 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 26% new, 33% replies, 35% retweets, 6% quotes
8,463 18/day
48. profile imageLena Groeger

science journalist & designer, news apps developer @ProPublica. @SND @NAHJ
San Francisco, CA
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 25% new, 29% replies, 29% retweets, 17% quotes
8,136 2/day
49. profile imageMarilynn Marchione

I cover major medical meetings, write national health stories for the Associated Press and bike to work whenever I can. [email protected]
6 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 8% new, 2% replies, 56% retweets, 34% quotes
7,837 0.8/day
50. profile imagełopatologia

Science editor @verge. Tip me: [email protected]
Oakland, California
6 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 20% new, 37% replies, 35% retweets, 8% quotes
7,760 0.1/day
51. profile imageSheril Kirshenbaum

Author + Exec Dir of @SciDebate + Dir of @UTAustin Energy Poll. Blog @SciAm. Politics. Energy. Science.
The Science of Kissing
Unscientific America
East Lansing, MI
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 61% new, 7% replies, 9% retweets, 22% quotes
7,733 2/day
52. profile imageHannah Waters

science & environmental writer. editor @audubonsociety. Likes birds, rocks, plants, the ocean, words, artifacts. chicka dee dee dee dee dee
6 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 13% new, 12% replies, 71% retweets, 4% quotes
7,202 6/day
53. profile imageMelinda Wenner Moyer

Science & health journalist focusing on microbes, food and the brain; Slate's parenting advice columnist; 2017 National Magazine Award finalist; mom of two.
Hudson Valley, NY
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 17% new, 35% replies, 45% retweets, 3% quotes
7,178 0.2/day
54. profile imageclaireoconnell

PhD cell biology, MSc Sci Comm, writes for Silicon Republic and The Irish Times. Irish Science Writer of the Year 2016
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 25% new, 10% replies, 63% retweets, 2% quotes
7,131 10/day
55. profile imageElizabeth Landau

NASA JPL media specialist. @NASA_Dawn. Freelance writer. Former @CNN reporter. Likes pi. @Princeton & @Columbia grad. Views are my own. RTs ≠ endorsements.
Los Angeles
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 32% new, 31% replies, 25% retweets, 14% quotes
6,980 2/day
56. profile imageArielle Duhaime-Ross

Correspondent, @ViceNews on @HBO • Environment/Climate/Science • Tips: [email protected], DMs • PGP https://t.co/lrfLjbIkyW
New York City (et Montréal)
5 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 42% new, 21% replies, 31% retweets, 6% quotes
6,952 3/day
57. profile imageBrooke Borel

Science journalist. Author of Infested and The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking. Secure email: [email protected]
The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checkin...
6 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 18% new, 13% replies, 49% retweets, 20% quotes
6,950 5/day
58. profile imageEmily Anthes

Freelance science journalist. Author of Frankenstein's Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech's Brave New Beasts (bit.ly/TxqZkm).
Frankenstein's Cat
Instant Egghead Guide
Brooklyn, NY
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 38% new, 12% replies, 44% retweets, 6% quotes
6,906 3/day
59. profile imagekelly oakes

Science Editor, @BuzzFeedUK | send me things: [email protected]
London via Oldham
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 52% new, 17% replies, 24% retweets, 7% quotes
6,581 4/day
60. profile imageKris Hirst

writer, editor, archaeologist, about.com guide to archaeology
The Archaeologist's Book of Quota...
American midwest
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 99% new, 1% replies, 1% retweets, 0% quotes
6,407 3/day
61. profile imageAllie Wilkinson

Freelance science journalist. Founder of @lookslikesci. Marine biologist at heart. Member of SEJ, NASW, SCB
Washington, DC
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 32% new, 29% replies, 31% retweets, 8% quotes
6,162 4/day
62. profile imageJeanne Garbarino

Directs @Rockefelleruniv Science Outreach. Social justice & STEM education: access, equity, inclusion. Biochemist. Mom. Product of The Bronx. #RockEdu @RockEdu_
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 16% new, 40% replies, 27% retweets, 16% quotes
5,972 5/day
63. profile imageKathleen Raven

Science writer, Yale Medicine // voice behind @YaleMed // Formerly @BioPharmInsight @Reuters_Health @NatureMedicine // stem cells // Put your disclaimer here:
New Haven, CT
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 43% new, 3% replies, 45% retweets, 9% quotes
5,917 4/day
64. profile imageAinissa Ramirez

A scientist (and science evangelist) who aims to awaken the inner scientist in everyone. She lectures and writes about #STEM and podcasts too. @scienceundrgrnd.
Newton's Football
New England
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 58% new, 11% replies, 19% retweets, 12% quotes
5,784 7/day
65. profile imageCristine Russell

Science, enviro, health writer; Council for Advancement of Science Writing (CASW) past-pres; fretting feminist + film buff. Harvard Kennedy School fellow
CT, Cambridge, wherever
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 22% new, 0% replies, 67% retweets, 10% quotes
5,739 3/day
66. profile imageCarrie Arnold

Science writer covering our weird and wonderful world. Contributing editor at Nova Next. Author of Decoding Anorexia, lover of coffee, cats, cycling and yarn.
Decoding Anorexia
Next to Nothing
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 18% new, 49% replies, 25% retweets, 8% quotes
5,732 6/day
67. profile imageNatalie Wolchover

Senior writer for @QuantaMagazine covering physics and related fields. I have a Klein bottle that contains the universe.
New York, New York
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 14% new, 33% replies, 43% retweets, 8% quotes
5,712 1/day
68. profile imageMichelle Nijhuis

Writer @NatGeoMag, blogger @NewYorker, consigliere @HighCountryNews; author The Science Writers' Essay Handbook, amzn.to/1nHr7zC. Proud mom @GirlBilbo.
The Science Writers' Essay Handbo...
Columbia River Gorge
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 24% new, 21% replies, 38% retweets, 18% quotes
5,712 2/day
69. profile imageLauren Wolf

Head of science & tech @cenmag. Lover of science quirk. Ocean pee-er. Follow me for #chemistry news. Views my own.
Washington DC
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 34% new, 10% replies, 53% retweets, 3% quotes
5,338 2/day
70. profile imageLisa Grossman

Physical sciences news editor at New Scientist, lifelong astronomy nerd. Ideas my own.
Cambridge, MA
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 36% new, 31% replies, 17% retweets, 16% quotes
5,282 1/day
71. profile imageNidhi Subbaraman

Science reporter @BuzzFeedNews. Email: [email protected] Secure: contact.buzzfeed.com
Washington, DC
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 31% new, 14% replies, 47% retweets, 8% quotes
5,208 2/day
72. profile imageHillary Rosner

Independent journalist in the medium formerly known as print.
Go Green, Live Rich
Boulder, CO
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 60% new, 16% replies, 13% retweets, 10% quotes
5,160 1/day
73. profile imageRachel Nuwer

Freelance science journalist. Contributes to the NY Times, NatGeo, BBC and others. Writing a book on illegal wildlife trade.
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 54% new, 29% replies, 15% retweets, 1% quotes
5,047 0.8/day