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Trump's GOP is not a party. It's a cult, like Scientology: a closed-loop reality-distortion field, with its own pre-fab "thoughts" and self-reinforcing jargon, purveyed on @FoxNews and other outlets. I'd love to read interviews with cult deprogrammers reflecting on this.

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) November 19, 2017

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The case of the radioactive ruthenium. Everyone smelt it. Nobody dealt it. What happened? https://t.co/papphLMUtg

— Geoff Brumfiel (@gbrumfiel) November 17, 2017

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It pisses me off that Tories used my taxes - which I am happy to go to schools, NHS etc - to bribe DUP. RT if you're similarly pissed off.

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) November 16, 2017

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How far they'll go: Moana shows the power of Polynesian celestial navigation (A really great re-post from @ConversationUS) https://t.co/ZFRWRY3DRr pic.twitter.com/CQAFUtDS6c

— Jason Davis (@jasonrdavis) November 21, 2017

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The Dictator is demanding that an individual American, accused of no crime, be suspended from his job for political protest. https://t.co/kbJQnrxac8

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) November 20, 2017

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Today, a 5-person commission in Nebraska is set to release a decision about #KeystoneXL pipeline.

They are prohibited from considering safety risks -- like the 200K+ spill that happened last week in South Dakota -- in their decision: https://t.co/Z3Kav8PFfb

— Natasha Geiling (@ngeiling) November 20, 2017

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Well, we had to get rid of the breaks for grad students and teachers who buy classroom supplies, but on the plus side we https://t.co/v75u7c7agP

— Adam Rogers (@jetjocko) November 16, 2017

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The first interstellar object to pass through our solar system doesn't NOT seem like an alien probe. 10 times longer than it is wide, probably metal, coming from the star Vega... Too late to check for a golden record? :D https://t.co/dZTnmaTW8r

— Natalie Wolchover (@nattyover) November 20, 2017

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Why doesn’t the vicar of this church tell Theresa May that demonising and crushing the poor and vulnerable is not Christian? pic.twitter.com/JE6TE9JA5k

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) November 19, 2017

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“When everything you are working to save is collapsing, how do you stop yourself from collapsing, too?” Great piece on the emotional toll of being a coral reef scientist in 2017, by @edyong209 https://t.co/buuticudHC

— Maddie Stone (@themadstone) November 21, 2017

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Tories told you austerity was to pay down UK debt. It's almost tripled. They said we're all in this together. Rich have doubled their wealth

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) November 17, 2017

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Linus Pauling's prophetic 1948 prediction: “I believe that as the methods of structural chemistry are further applied to physiological problems, it will be found that the significance of the hydrogen bond for physiology is greater than that of any other single structural feature” pic.twitter.com/aZWcRBEfhc

— Ash Jogalekar (@curiouswavefn) November 21, 2017

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No one believed the women trying to blow the whistle on the man who protected whistleblowers. https://t.co/WhJnSpHzkI

— łopatologia (@mslopatto) November 19, 2017

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Hammond gives NHS £350 million for entire winter. If you voted Brexit, they told you they’d give £350 million PER WEEK. Feel cheated?

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) November 22, 2017

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Now on @sciam: @greg_laughlin_ reflects on the startling implications of 'Oumuamua, the 1st known interstellar asteroid. Either there is a vast sea of such objects in the Milky Way, or this one is an almost inexplicably strange fluke. https://t.co/khtuX3ZozG

— Lee Billings (@LeeBillings) November 22, 2017

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- WAT game’s on?
- Yeah.
- No, WHU’s playing?
- Exactly.
- WAT?
- Yes, them too.
- No, I mean WHU.
- That’s the other team.
- WHU is?
- Exactly.
- WAT?
- They’re winning.
- WHU is?
- No, they’re not very good. pic.twitter.com/B1a63RnKPh

— Joe Hanson (@DrJoeHanson) November 19, 2017

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Oregon and Washington join a global alliance of 20 countries (lead by Canada/Britain) to phase out coal by 2030: https://t.co/NF2dN89QTP

— Natasha Geiling (@ngeiling) November 16, 2017

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This is so much weirder than I could ever have imagined. This thread is amazing. https://t.co/9PeS58EfzV

— Seth Mnookin (@sethmnookin) November 21, 2017

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My answer: best available science tells us narrative & anecdote are powerful. Use these powerful tools to convey the *process* of science & why it matters.

Emotion is not the enemy. Perhaps unexamined emotion is? https://t.co/XNgkDqSZ0s

— LizNeeley (@LizNeeley) November 17, 2017

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Existing line of the Keystone pipeline spills 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota, four days before the Nebraska Public Service Commission is set to announce its decision on the proposed #KXL expansion https://t.co/0g8JkrqMcv

— Natasha Geiling (@ngeiling) November 16, 2017