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The real scandal here is that "intelligence" has to go through the NYT tips portal because Republicans in Congress don't give a shit. https://t.co/uYHaBTWMzA

— Natalie Wolchover (@nattyover) February 15, 2017

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A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone https://t.co/X5je2Z7GwL pic.twitter.com/saOhT2khze

— Loren Grush (@lorengrush) February 12, 2017

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Why Bannon is more of an empowered troll than a master manipulator https://t.co/YFxAyE1toR pic.twitter.com/66qGfrXYQ4

— John McQuaid (@johnmcquaid) February 16, 2017

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Today in the Kleptocracy. (@JuddLegum) pic.twitter.com/Pb4IUNd7HW

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) February 12, 2017

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ScienceDebate has partnered w @ScienceMarchDC! Can't get to DC on 4/22? An interactive map of sister marches https://t.co/KxFMZwk2C9

— Sheril Kirshenbaum (@Sheril_) February 15, 2017

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GOP supervillainy, cont.: TN bill proposes to classify children born via artificial insemination as "illegitimate." https://t.co/0SKWnqQ9Dm

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) February 12, 2017

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We could all use a dose of beauty right now. @CassiniSaturn probe just delivered. (Processing: @EliBonora) pic.twitter.com/scfsnXTbs1

— Corey S. Powell (@coreyspowell) February 16, 2017

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Today in men: basketball shorts https://t.co/dcG0cUu6Z6 pic.twitter.com/3jP91SfAMm

— Elizabeth Lopatto (@mslopatto) February 17, 2017

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GO ROCKET GO #SpaceX #CRS10 pic.twitter.com/qNv3Iqwpel

— Miriam Kramer (@mirikramer) February 19, 2017

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Good times. pic.twitter.com/IWvQjyozCf

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) February 18, 2017

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I wrote about how elite programs for talented math kids reinforce privilege. And an effort to change it https://t.co/D6VZvWPL3f pic.twitter.com/ni0iKbnN92

— Amy Harmon (@amy_harmon) February 17, 2017

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Funding arts, humanities, and public broadcasting = .016% of budget. They are not why we have a deficit. https://t.co/5IDgGf0pdO pic.twitter.com/QzMipMvK38

— Joe Hanson (@DrJoeHanson) February 18, 2017

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Surely this will rank with “I am not a crook.” https://t.co/wq7AXjeWyD

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) February 16, 2017

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Fox speculating Petraeus could succeed Flynn, but would require a pardon bec. DP's parole doesn't allow him to leave the country. For real.

— Dan Fagin (@danfagin) February 14, 2017

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European intelligence services are getting the info on Trump that Congress is afraid to find out. Amazing story. https://t.co/iWSgZWw0ws

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) February 15, 2017

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Technology has bias. The first airbag could save an average US white male (the designers), but could kill an average Japanese woman. #STEM

— Ainissa Ramirez (@ainissaramirez) February 17, 2017

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This is a grave and undeserved insult to the @washingtonpost. https://t.co/E5ikof8Dlo

— Dan Fagin (@danfagin) February 17, 2017

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And yet, in the Senate, where he has a vote, @SenJohnMcCain has backed Trump at every opportunity. https://t.co/cqDryPWuQ4

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) February 17, 2017

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Orthodox Jewish reporter @JakeTurx dared to ask Trump a question about bomb threats made against Jewish centers. Trump's hostile reply: pic.twitter.com/GIxXYU1eFM

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) February 16, 2017

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Brilliant statistic. https://t.co/2oaYMr0Sec

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) February 14, 2017