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This looks like the worst rip-off of Star Wars ever, tbh. pic.twitter.com/1JPG1j3IpQ

— skullsinthestars (@drskyskull) May 20, 2017

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.@bbclaurak Isn't this a clear example of bias in BBC's top-line presentation of Labour & Tory manifestos? pic.twitter.com/8mblYlNaZN

— Graham Farmelo (@grahamfarmelo) May 18, 2017

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The 5 circles theorem, still hard to prove, is now easy to understand, thanks to a Hungarian math grad student: https://t.co/ccwIQR2Rg2 pic.twitter.com/t4dQsZvfUg

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) May 18, 2017

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Life comes at you pretty fast. pic.twitter.com/0heU45O5vk

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) May 21, 2017

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Well it worries me that they have a Palantir, but at least now we know how they’ve been communicating with Sauron. pic.twitter.com/DDOURpiVL9

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) May 21, 2017

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Over the past 70 years, the Tories have been the biggest borrowers, according to Tax Research UK: https://t.co/JoEUO5K19O

— Graham Farmelo (@grahamfarmelo) May 17, 2017

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psst! If you are looking for cool scientists to follow on twitter check out the hashtag #BillMeetScienceTwitter! #FF

— Will Slaton (@wslaton) May 19, 2017

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Klein used this "icosahedral function" to solve the quintic equation. Hiding inside is the E8 lattice: https://t.co/3BP8nQfGLz pic.twitter.com/2SMp7nhjeT

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) May 16, 2017

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When u are the anti-duckling party. pic.twitter.com/22j0RjVhe3

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) May 16, 2017

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Trudeau & Macron have gender parity in their Cabinets. It's possible to not ignore half your country. (One day: genderfluid representation) https://t.co/cL5KPFGaSj

— Mika McKinnon (@mikamckinnon) May 18, 2017

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Theresa May wants UK citizens to have an Internet that's controlled and regulated by her government: https://t.co/ZzTMCSHdUH

— Graham Farmelo (@grahamfarmelo) May 19, 2017

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And another one of #Saturn's G-ring as @CassiniSaturn changes its perspective. Taken by #Cassini May 18 2017. #CassiniInspires pic.twitter.com/GHNQGoZe31

— Sophia Nasr (@Astropartigirl) May 19, 2017

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#Bitcoin is not alone: Quantifying and modelling the long-term dynamics of the #cryptocurrency market. https://t.co/isaEx4vUQ7 pic.twitter.com/Achl58ecRR

— Andrea Baronchelli (@a_baronca) May 16, 2017

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Happy 83rd birthday to Roy Kerr, who in 1963 discovered the rotating black hole solution of Einstein’s equations! pic.twitter.com/IVusVQe9nP

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) May 16, 2017

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— skullsinthestars (@drskyskull) May 19, 2017

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Our system of government is literally based on the idea that Congress can exert control over this situation. https://t.co/poWR43bqCE

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) May 17, 2017

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Great animation showing #gravitationalwaves from a #blackhole merger! The colors show strength at different locations. Prime @LIGO source. https://t.co/EntyE34uH1

— Amber L. Stuver (@livingligo) May 16, 2017

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@dog_rates Anyway, we could do with a lot less "go fuck yourself" and more "They're good dogs, Brent," is my point. 13/10, already got the mug.

— Chad Orzel (@orzelc) May 20, 2017

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NYTimes: In ‘Enormous Success,’ Scientists Tie 52 Genes to Human Intelligencehttps://t.co/Cgmjp2kY1V pic.twitter.com/Dzd9LhmkXT

— steve hsu (@hsu_steve) May 23, 2017

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Whether or not he technically broke the law, Trump is responsible for someone's death because he can't keep his mouth shut https://t.co/0vL6Vxqzgi

— Matthew R Francis (@DrMRFrancis) May 16, 2017