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I never left. https://t.co/JK76GiKaa9

— Ernest Moniz (@ErnestMoniz) June 22, 2017

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The smoke from the #PedrogãoGrande fires in #Portugal as seen from orbit.https://t.co/njQwBVudN3 pic.twitter.com/Wd6lQ52UEI

— André David (@DrAndreDavid) June 18, 2017

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Contrary to promises made, every apartment in a new South London development has been sold to foreign investors: https://t.co/QvYnVMTzl9

— Graham Farmelo (@grahamfarmelo) June 19, 2017

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Armed with his new mandate, David Davis makes a strong start to the Brexit negotiations: pic.twitter.com/BE1lTJb3Yq

— Graham Farmelo (@grahamfarmelo) June 18, 2017

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Woah! Mathematician and Fields Medallist Cédric Villani just got elected to the French National Assembly https://t.co/vGB5ntOhqO pic.twitter.com/u0h0JL3vvv

— Dr Paul Coxon (@paulcoxon) June 18, 2017

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El precio de la electricidad en España es político, y así nos va @gllobet en @nadaesgratis https://t.co/uuMDfqFICb

— Anxo Sánchez (@anxosan) June 23, 2017

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I'm very open to thoughtful critiques from the Rebel Alliance, but "Palpatine's Death Star is designed to destroy whole planets" is not it. pic.twitter.com/tGLWyHc9oq

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) June 24, 2017

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Our new work: good friendships are not bursty, they have more regular rhythms https://t.co/HFcTSeSp6j pic.twitter.com/iTXrPwV7ZC

— Esteban Moro (@estebanmoro) June 21, 2017

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Friends, I am profoundly worried about academic freedom. Stories like this are now a weekly occurrence: https://t.co/ybXb9v0XGE

— Dr. Chanda 🇧🇧 (@IBJIYONGI) June 22, 2017

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Fake news vs reals news spreading pattern #NetSci2017. Fake news are much more disconnected. #FakeNews pic.twitter.com/kwA7fJ39LN

— Cesar Hidalgo (@cesifoti) June 23, 2017

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The essential calculus of the Senate Bill: You can give the 1% some big tax cuts if you're willing to let lots of Americans get sick and die

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) June 23, 2017

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Why can't some planes fly when it's hot? Here is my explanation using the momentum principle and density https://t.co/OiUQm9f4tG

— Rhett Allain (@rjallain) June 20, 2017

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120 women among 289 astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists, etc. who have over 1,000 followers: https://t.co/03PIaU3VTE pic.twitter.com/eyB8KNKo69

— TrueSciPhi (@TrueSciPhi) June 21, 2017

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Now 100 women among philosophers who have over 1,000 followers!
List: https://t.co/LEqmNbfaNZ
Collage: https://t.co/rBalcEwhnQ pic.twitter.com/uMuD1k9hsM

— TrueSciPhi (@TrueSciPhi) June 24, 2017

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Today is International Women's Day in Engineering - we need more women in next generation of engineers! #INWED17 https://t.co/dZZKnLM0Wl

— Athene Donald (@AtheneDonald) June 23, 2017

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The #PedrogãoGrande fires in #Portugal also very clearly exposed in #MODIS land surface reflectance data.https://t.co/TiJ8hC31gO pic.twitter.com/A8Y0ELfRY1

— André David (@DrAndreDavid) June 18, 2017

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AAPI folk keen to be in solidarity with Black folks, here's your chance. This is a majority Asian American school: https://t.co/zFZHkoxaIq

— Dr. Chanda 🇧🇧 (@IBJIYONGI) June 19, 2017

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It's hard to underestimate how huge a mistake the Conservatives' ideological austerity programme was.
We are all much poorer as a result. https://t.co/DO7regd3fK

— DavidPWFreeborn (@DPWF0) June 19, 2017

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3 yıl önce kaydetmiştim dilin nasıl kadına, hatta erkek olmayana şiddeti meşrulaştırdığını. Şimdi baktım hala aynı... pic.twitter.com/CHzMEIIFfr

— Mete Atature (@MeteAtature) June 24, 2017

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Stay cool - check out what Derek Wise can do with the Koch snowflake! Fractals within fractals, here: https://t.co/oh137GpErP pic.twitter.com/LmBCdxhwdO

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) June 22, 2017