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2017-Dec-10thumbnailEpisode 178: Nietzsche as Social Critic: Twilight of the Idols (Part Two)
2017-Dec-10thumbnailPhilip Pettit on Robustly Demanding Goods
2017-Dec-10thumbnailParental guidance recommended
2017-Dec-10thumbnailEpisode 29, Stephen Law and 'The Evil-God Challenge' (Part I)
2017-Dec-10thumbnailHPI 55 - Doors of Perception - Dignaga on Consciousness
2017-Dec-09thumbnailEp52 - Against the Common Core
2017-Dec-08thumbnailEpisode 030: Winston Thompson on Educational Justice
2017-Dec-04thumbnailEpisode 178: Nietzsche as Social Critic: "Twilight of the Idols" (Part One)
2017-Dec-03thumbnailEnvy has its reasons
2017-Dec-03thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part IV)
2017-Dec-03thumbnailHoP 290 - Martin Pickavé on Emotions in Medieval Philosophy
2017-Dec-02thumbnailEpisode #113 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 6 - Art As A Tool For Liberation
2017-Nov-29thumbnailEp51 - What Philosophers Owe Society
2017-Nov-28thumbnailEpisode 128: Fragmented Values and Sex Panics (with Christina Hoff Sommers)
2017-Nov-28thumbnailThe Ethics Bowl
2017-Nov-27thumbnailEpisode 177: Guest Russ Roberts on Adam Smith and Emergent Order (Part Two)
2017-Nov-26thumbnailA tale of two universes
2017-Nov-26thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part III)
2017-Nov-26thumbnailHPI 54 - Graham Priest on Logic and Buddhism
2017-Nov-20thumbnailEpisode 177: Guest Russ Roberts on Adam Smith and Libertarian Economics (Part One)
2017-Nov-19thumbnailAutonomy, self, and substances
2017-Nov-19thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part II)
2017-Nov-19thumbnailHoP 289 - A Wing and a Prayer - Angels in Medieval Philosophy
2017-Nov-18thumbnailEp50 - Transitional Justice
2017-Nov-14thumbnailEpisode 127: Moral Luck
2017-Nov-13thumbnailEpisode 176: Situationism in Psych: Milgram & Stanford Prison Experiments (Part Two)
2017-Nov-13thumbnailRationally Speaking #197 - Doug Hubbard on “Why people think some things can’t be quantified (and why they’re wrong)”
2017-Nov-12thumbnailGetting stuck: The midlife mess
2017-Nov-12thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part I)
2017-Nov-12thumbnailHPI 53 - Follow the Evidence - Dignaga’s Logic
2017-Nov-08thumbnailEp54 - BC11 - Super Cute PBB Promo
2017-Nov-06thumbnailKatalin Farkas on Knowing a Person
2017-Nov-06thumbnailEpisode 176: Situationism in Psych: Milgram & Stanford Prison Experiments (Very Bad Wizards Crossover) (Part One)
2017-Nov-06thumbnailEpisode #112 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 5 - Civilization
2017-Nov-06thumbnailTEASER-Episode 175: Blade Runner (Part Two)
2017-Nov-05thumbnailThe Reformation: What's not to like?
2017-Nov-05thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part IV)
2017-Nov-05thumbnailHoP 288 - Men in Black - The German Dominicans
2017-Nov-03thumbnailEp49 - Public Philosophy and Polarization
2017-Oct-31thumbnailThe Bottom of the Curve
2017-Oct-30thumbnailEpisode 175: Blade Runner: Androids and Humanity (Part One)
2017-Oct-30thumbnailRationally Speaking #196 - Eric Schwitzgebel on "Weird ideas and opaque minds"
2017-Oct-29thumbnailEp48 - BC10 - How to Read Philosophy? The Answer Might Surprise You
2017-Oct-29thumbnailAnimals and the philosophy of friendship
2017-Oct-29thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part III - Sigmund Freud)
2017-Oct-29thumbnailHPI 52 - Under Construction - Dignaga on Perception and Language
2017-Oct-26thumbnailEp47 - Philosophy and Social Change
2017-Oct-24thumbnailEpisode 126: The Absurd
2017-Oct-22thumbnailNEM#57: Richard Amp's Exploratory Atmospheres
2017-Oct-22thumbnailEpisode 174: Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" (Part Two)
2017-Oct-22thumbnailBots, bankers and big brother
2017-Oct-22thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part II - Saint Thomas Aquinas)
2017-Oct-22thumbnailHoP 287 - Down to the Ground - Meister Eckhart
2017-Oct-21thumbnailEp46 - Philosophy at Home
2017-Oct-20thumbnailEpisode #111 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 4 - Eros
2017-Oct-17thumbnailEp45 - Experimentation in Art and Law
2017-Oct-16thumbnailEpisode 174: Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" (Part One)
2017-Oct-15thumbnailRationally Speaking #195 - Zach Weinersmith on "Emerging technologies that'll improve and/or ruin everything"
2017-Oct-15thumbnailFacts and trust in a post-truth world
2017-Oct-15thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part I)
2017-Oct-15thumbnailHPI 51 - Change of Mind - Vasubandhu and Yogacara Buddhism
2017-Oct-10thumbnailEpisode 125: Can You Feel It?
2017-Oct-09thumbnailEpisode 173: Relating to American Indian Philosophy (Part Two)
2017-Oct-09thumbnailIndirect Discrimination
2017-Oct-08thumbnailPersonal identity: a primer
2017-Oct-08thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part IV)
2017-Oct-08thumbnailHoP 286 - On the Money - Medieval Economic Theory
2017-Oct-06thumbnailEp44 - On Philosophy, Leadership, & SOPHIA
2017-Oct-03thumbnailEpisode 029: Wendy Salkin on Informal Representation
2017-Oct-02thumbnailEpisode 173: Relating to American Indian Philosophy (Part One)
2017-Oct-02thumbnailRationally Speaking #194 - Robert Wright on "Why Buddhism is True"
2017-Oct-01thumbnailAnother concept of race
2017-Oct-01thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part III)
2017-Oct-01thumbnailHPI 50 - Marie-Hélène Gorisse on Jain Epistemology
2017-Sep-29thumbnailEp43 - The Stories of Our Day 1: Game of Thrones
2017-Sep-26thumbnailEpisode 124: Dr. Strawson or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Episodic Life
2017-Sep-25thumbnailEpisode 172: Mind, Self, and Affect with Guest Dr. Drew (Part Two)
2017-Sep-24thumbnailVirtue, vice, sex, and robots
2017-Sep-24thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part II)
2017-Sep-24thumbnailHoP 285 - Dominik Perler on Medieval Skepticism
2017-Sep-23thumbnailEp42 - BC9 - Overcoming Redneck State Stigma
2017-Sep-22thumbnailEp41 - BC8 - The Meaning of Life? Answered.
2017-Sep-21thumbnailKant's Categorical Imperative
2017-Sep-18thumbnailEpisode 172: Mind, Self, and Affect with Guest Dr. Drew (Part One)
2017-Sep-18thumbnailRationally Speaking #193 - Eric Jonas on "Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor?"
2017-Sep-17thumbnailEp40 - Democracy and Education Today
2017-Sep-17thumbnailTell me one thing that's absolutely true
2017-Sep-17thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part I)
2017-Sep-17thumbnailHPI 49 - Well Qualified - the Jains on Truth
2017-Sep-12thumbnailEpisode 123: What Chilling Effect? (Intelligence Pt. 2)
2017-Sep-11thumbnailEpisode 171: Buddhism vs. Evolution with Guest Robert Wright (Part Two)
2017-Sep-11thumbnailMale Circumcision
2017-Sep-10thumbnailTranscendence and the moderns
2017-Sep-10thumbnailEpisode 25, Philip Goff and David Papineau Debate: 'Can Science Explain Consciousness?' (Part III)
2017-Sep-07thumbnailNEM Ep 54: Kaki King's Guitar Progression
2017-Sep-07thumbnailEp39 - BC7 - Stoicism Today
2017-Sep-07thumbnailEpisode #110 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 3 - The Culture Industry
2017-Sep-06thumbnailEp38 - The YouTube Philosopher
2017-Sep-04thumbnailEpisode 171: Buddhism vs. Evolution with Guest Robert Wright (Part One)
2017-Sep-03thumbnailRationally Speaking #192 - Jesse Singal on “The problems with implicit bias tests”
2017-Sep-03thumbnailTranscendence and the ancients
2017-Sep-03thumbnailEpisode 25, Philip Goff and David Papineau Debate: 'Can Science Explain Consciousness?' (Part II)
2017-Aug-31thumbnailEpisode 028: David Livingstone Smith on Dehumanization
2017-Aug-30thumbnailEp37 - Philosophy in High School
2017-Aug-29thumbnailRoger Scruton on Human Nature
2017-Aug-29thumbnailEpisode 122: Nothing but a "G" Thing (Intelligence Pt. 1)
2017-Aug-28thumbnailEpisode 170 Second Opinions: Leftists on "Society of the Spectacle"
2017-Aug-27thumbnailThree things you should know about time
2017-Aug-27thumbnailEpisode 25, Philip Goff and David Papineau Debate: 'Can Science Explain Consciousness?' (Part I)
2017-Aug-26thumbnailEpisode #109 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 2 - The Enlightenment
2017-Aug-25thumbnailEp36 – Quality Philosophy for Everyone
2017-Aug-21thumbnailEpisode 170: Guy Debord's "Society of the Spectacle" (Part Two)
2017-Aug-21thumbnailRationally Speaking #191 - Seth Stephens-Davidowitz on "What the internet can tell us about human nature" (Fixed)
2017-Aug-20thumbnailEpisode 24, The A. C. Grayling Interview (Part II)
2017-Aug-20thumbnailRemembering wars, lest we forget
2017-Aug-18thumbnailEp34 - Saving American Culture in a Yurt
2017-Aug-17thumbnailEpisode #108 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 1 - Introduction
2017-Aug-15thumbnailEpisode 121: The Beauty of Illusion - David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive"
2017-Aug-14thumbnailEpisode 170: Guy Debord's "Society of the Spectacle" (Part One)
2017-Aug-13thumbnailOn being vulnerable
2017-Aug-13thumbnailEpisode 24, The A. C. Grayling Interview (Part I)
2017-Aug-13thumbnailHoP 284 - Seeing is Believing - Nicholas of Autrecourt’s Skeptical Challenge
2017-Aug-13thumbnailDo victims have obligations too?
2017-Aug-12thumbnailTEASER-Episode 169: Analyzing Hitchcock's "Vertigo" (Part Two)
2017-Aug-10thumbnailEp33 - Cakes, Capes, and Culture Wars
2017-Aug-07thumbnailPEL Special: Combat & Classics on Rousseau's "Discourse on the Arts and Sciences"
2017-Aug-06thumbnailRationally Speaking #190 - Amanda Askell on "Pascal's Wager and other low risks with high stakes"
2017-Aug-06thumbnailCauses, effects, and hidden powers
2017-Aug-06thumbnailHPI 48 - Taking Perspective - the Jain Theory of Standpoints
2017-Aug-06thumbnailEpisode 23, John Stuart Mill's Political Philosophy (Part II)
2017-Aug-05thumbnailEp32 - The Public Philosopher and the Gadfly: Return of the Curry!
2017-Aug-04thumbnailNEM Ep 51: Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash): The Privilege of a Legacy
2017-Jul-31thumbnailEp31 - Sports Fan I Am
2017-Jul-31thumbnailEpisode 169: Analyzing Hitchcock's "Vertigo" (Part One)
2017-Jul-30thumbnailTim Harford on Messy
2017-Jul-30thumbnailWine: a matter of taste?
2017-Jul-30thumbnailHoP 283 - Jack Zupko on John Buridan
2017-Jul-30thumbnailEpisode 23, John Stuart Mill's Political Philosophy (Part I)
2017-Jul-29thumbnailEpisode #107 ... Simone De Beauvoir pt .3 - Responsibility
2017-Jul-25thumbnailEp30 - Private Government
2017-Jul-25thumbnailEpisode 120: Clap Your Hand for Robert Wright
2017-Jul-24thumbnailEp35 - BC 6 - 10,000 Downloads Celebration and Giveaway!
2017-Jul-24thumbnailEpisode 168: Darwin's "Origin of Species" (Part Two)
2017-Jul-23thumbnailRationally Speaking #189 - Stephan Guyenet on "What causes obesity?"
2017-Jul-23thumbnailFree speech, campus protests, and the right to silence
2017-Jul-23thumbnailHPI 47 - Jan Westerhoff on Nagarjuna
2017-Jul-23thumbnailEpisode 22, John Locke's Political Philosophy (Part II)
2017-Jul-22thumbnailEp29 - What's the Public Got to Do with It?
2017-Jul-20thumbnailNEM Ep 49: Scott McCaughey Minus 5 Plus Young Fresh Fellows Equals Magic
2017-Jul-19thumbnailAnil Seth on the Real Problem of Consciousness
2017-Jul-19thumbnailEpisode #106 ... Simone De Beauvoir pt. 2 - The Ethics of Ambiguity
2017-Jul-18thumbnailEp28 - Philosophy in Nature
2017-Jul-17thumbnailEp27 - Leadership and Civic Engagement
2017-Jul-17thumbnailEpisode 168: Darwin's "Origin of Species" (Part One)
2017-Jul-16thumbnailRemembering Zygmunt Bauman and Hubert Dreyfus
2017-Jul-16thumbnailHoP 282 - Portrait of the Artist - John Buridan
2017-Jul-16thumbnailEpisode 22, John Locke's Political Philosophy (Part I)
2017-Jul-12thumbnailEp26 - BC5 - Thanks & an Outtake
2017-Jul-12thumbnailEpisode 119: A Brief History of Values
2017-Jul-10thumbnailEpisode 167: Hume on Intelligent Design (Part Two)
2017-Jul-09thumbnailRationally Speaking #188 - Robert Kurzban on "Being strategically wrong"
2017-Jul-09thumbnailEpisode #105 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 6 - The Self
2017-Jul-09thumbnailEpisode 21, Thomas Hobbes's Political Philosophy (Part II)
2017-Jul-09thumbnailEnid Blyton—the moral of the story
2017-Jul-09thumbnailHPI 46 - No Four Ways About It - Nagarjuna’s Tetralemma
2017-Jul-05thumbnailEp25 - Assessing Assessment
2017-Jul-05thumbnailEp24 - BC4 - Teaching Kids about Pessimism
2017-Jul-05thumbnailMatthew Syed on Black Box Thinking
2017-Jul-03thumbnailEpisode 167: Hume on Intelligent Design (Philosophize This! Crossover) (Part One)
2017-Jul-02thumbnailAn answer for Carlo Rovelli and his quantum question
2017-Jul-02thumbnailHoP 281 - Monica Green on Medieval Medicine
2017-Jul-02thumbnailEpisode 21, Thomas Hobbes's Political Philosophy (Part I)
2017-Jun-30thumbnailEp23 - BC3 - Who Bakes Bread Anymore?
2017-Jun-29thumbnailPlato's Republic
2017-Jun-29thumbnailEp22 - The Little Engine that Couldn't
2017-Jun-28thumbnailEpisode 118: We Don't Love Them Hoax
2017-Jun-26thumbnailMichael Puett on Ritual in Chinese Philosophy
2017-Jun-26thumbnailEpisode 166: Spinoza on Politics and Religion (Part Two)
2017-Jun-26thumbnailRationally Speaking #187 - Jason Weeden on "Do people vote based on self-interest?"
2017-Jun-25thumbnailThe military, moral injury, and Nancy Sherman
2017-Jun-25thumbnailHPI 45 - Motion Denied - Nagarjuna on Change
2017-Jun-25thumbnailEpisode 20, Plato's Political Philosophy (Part II)
2017-Jun-24thumbnailEp21 - BC2 - What to Do About Wicked Problems? Voicemail and Response Breadcrumb
2017-Jun-22thumbnailEp20 - Is the Cross Examined Life Worth Living?
2017-Jun-19thumbnailEpisode 166: Spinoza on Politics and Religion (Part One)
2017-Jun-19thumbnailWho can join the political community?
2017-Jun-18thumbnailOn prison sentencing: what matters?
2017-Jun-18thumbnailHoP 280 - Get to the Point - Fourteenth Century Physics
2017-Jun-18thumbnailEpisode 20, Plato's Political Philosophy (Part I)
2017-Jun-14thumbnailEp19 - On Anger and Forgiveness
2017-Jun-14thumbnailEpisode 027: Lori Gruen on Prisons
2017-Jun-13thumbnailEpisode 117: Extended Minds, Extended Foreskins
2017-Jun-12thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part Two)
2017-Jun-11thumbnailRationally Speaking #186 - Tania Lombrozo on "Why we evolved the urge to explain"
2017-Jun-11thumbnailCarlo Rovelli and his quantum problem
2017-Jun-11thumbnailHPI 44 - It All Depends - Nagarjuna on Emptiness
2017-Jun-11thumbnailEpisode 19, Mind, Body and Consciousness (Part II)
2017-Jun-05thumbnailEp18 - Creating Community through Dialogue
2017-Jun-05thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part One)
2017-Jun-05thumbnailEpisode 19, Mind, Body and Consciousness (Part I)
2017-Jun-04thumbnailWilliam Godwin: rebel for love, happiness, and anarchy
2017-Jun-04thumbnailHoP 279 - Quadrivial Pursuits - the Oxford Calculators
2017-Jun-04thumbnailWhy Care about Privacy?
2017-Jun-01thumbnailEpisode #104 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 5 - Consciousness is Freedom
2017-May-31thumbnailEp17 - The Wisdom in Humor
2017-May-31thumbnailWhen tragedy strikes -- a loving and determined mother's philosophy for moving forward
2017-May-31thumbnailEpisode 116: Pain, Pleasure, and Peer-Reviewed Penises
2017-May-30thumbnailAaron Meskin on the Definition of Art
2017-May-28thumbnailRationally Speaking #185 - Hans Noel on "The role of ideology in politics"
2017-May-28thumbnailMottainai: a philosophy of waste
2017-May-28thumbnailEpisode 18, Albert Camus (Part II)
2017-May-28thumbnailHPI 43 - We Beg to Differ - the Buddhists and Jains
2017-May-26thumbnailNakedly Examined Music: Steve Hackett, Nik Kershaw, Ken Stringfellow, Robbie Fulks
2017-May-24thumbnailEpisode #103 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 4 - The Quest For Certainty
2017-May-24thumbnailEp16 - On Disability and American Philosophy
2017-May-22thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part Two)
2017-May-21thumbnailAwesome ethics and the art of mushroom blading
2017-May-21thumbnailEpisode 18, Albert Camus (Part I)
2017-May-21thumbnailHoP 278 - Sara Uckelman on Obligations
2017-May-17thumbnailEpisode 026: Elizabeth Barnes on Disability and Well-Being
2017-May-17thumbnailRobots and Retribution
2017-May-16thumbnailEpisode 115: Which Field is More [email protected]%ed: Philosophy or Psychology?
2017-May-15thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part One)
2017-May-14thumbnailRationally Speaking #184 - Gregory Clark on "What caused the industrial revolution?"
2017-May-14thumbnailStones rolling and the joy of ordinary objects
2017-May-14thumbnailEpisode 17, Jean-Paul Sartre (Part II)
2017-May-14thumbnailHPI 42 - In Good Taste - The Aesthetics of Rasa
2017-May-12thumbnailEpisode #102 ... Heidegger pt. 3 - Authenticity
2017-May-08thumbnailEpisode 163: Guest Stewart Umphrey on Natural Kinds (Part Two)
2017-May-07thumbnailA deathly conversation: Part 3
2017-May-07thumbnailEpisode 17, Jean-Paul Sartre (Part I)
2017-May-07thumbnailHoP 277 - Trivial Pursuits - Fourteenth Century Logic
2017-May-05thumbnailA World in which there are no "Others"
2017-May-04thumbnailEpisode 114: Great Vengeance and Furious Anger (Top 5 Movies About Revenge)
2017-May-03thumbnailA Better Love
2017-May-01thumbnailEpisode 163: Guest Stewart Umphrey on Natural Kinds (Part One)
2017-Apr-30thumbnailRationally Speaking #183 - L. A. Paul on "Transformative Experiences"
2017-Apr-30thumbnailEpisode 16, Søren Kierkegaard (Part III)
2017-Apr-30thumbnailConfucius says …
2017-Apr-30thumbnailEpisode #101 ... Heidegger pt. 2 - Science and Technology
2017-Apr-30thumbnailHPI 41 - Monima Chadha on Indian Philosophy of Mind
2017-Apr-29thumbnailReinventing Education -- A Way Forward
2017-Apr-26thumbnailEp15 - Part II of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
2017-Apr-24thumbnailWhy We Must Embrace Big, Scary Ideas
2017-Apr-24thumbnailPEL Special: Phi Fic on James Baldwin’s Fiction
2017-Apr-23thumbnailEpisode 16, Søren Kierkegaard (Part II)
2017-Apr-23thumbnailAll the Good Coaches
2017-Apr-23thumbnailThe other L word
2017-Apr-23thumbnailHoP 276 - Back to the Future - Foreknowledge and Predestination
2017-Apr-22thumbnailEp14 - BC1 - How to Begin Philosophy with Children
2017-Apr-22thumbnailHow Unfairness Drives Us Crazy
2017-Apr-21thumbnailThe Fearless Balanced Badass
2017-Apr-20thumbnailRoger Bacon
2017-Apr-18thumbnailEpisode 113: Pascal, Probability, and Pitchforks
2017-Apr-18thumbnailShelly Kagan on Death and Deprivation
2017-Apr-18thumbnailElisabeth Schellekens Dammann on Disagreement About Taste
2017-Apr-18thumbnailA Compact with America
2017-Apr-18thumbnailThe Ashes of Truth
2017-Apr-17thumbnailEpisode 162: James Baldwin on Race in America (Part Two)
2017-Apr-17thumbnailEpisode 16, Søren Kierkegaard (Part I)
2017-Apr-16thumbnailRationally Speaking #182 - Spencer Greenberg on "How online research can be faster, better, and more useful"
2017-Apr-16thumbnailRediscovering and recovering 'Nature's God'
2017-Apr-16thumbnailLove has its reasons
2017-Apr-16thumbnailHPI 40 - Mind out of Matter - Materialist Theories of the Self
2017-Apr-14thumbnailThe Power of Persuasion and Dialogue
2017-Apr-14thumbnailEpisode #100 ... Heidegger pt. 1 - Phenomenology and Dasein
2017-Apr-12thumbnailEp13 - Philosophy for Children
2017-Apr-12thumbnailOne teacher's wondrous learning harbor
2017-Apr-10thumbnailThe Promise of Every Human Being
2017-Apr-10thumbnailEpisode 162: James Baldwin on Race in America (Part One)
2017-Apr-09thumbnailPart 1 - The Value of Values-Based Education
2017-Apr-09thumbnailPart 2: The Value of Values-Based Education
2017-Apr-09thumbnailEpisode 15, Business Ethics (Part II)
2017-Apr-09thumbnailA deathly conversation: part two
2017-Apr-09thumbnailHoP 275 - Keeping it Real - Responses to Ockham
2017-Apr-07thumbnailTransgender Matters
2017-Apr-05thumbnailEpisode 025: Cassie Herbert on Risky Speech
2017-Apr-04thumbnailEpisode 024: Larry Blum on Teaching Race
2017-Apr-04thumbnailEpisode 112: Gettier Goggles
2017-Apr-04thumbnailAnd 'Youthkind' Shall Lead us
2017-Apr-04thumbnailCitizenship Tests
2017-Apr-03thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part Two)
2017-Apr-02thumbnailOn Fake News, Alternative Facts, and the Media As Enemy
2017-Apr-02thumbnailRationally Speaking #181 - William MacAskill on "Moral Uncertainty"
2017-Apr-02thumbnailA deathly conversation
2017-Apr-02thumbnailHPI 39 - The Wolf’s Footprint - Indian Naturalism
2017-Apr-01thumbnailEpisode 15, Business Ethics (Part I)
2017-Mar-31thumbnailEp12 - That's a Wicked Problem You've Got There
2017-Mar-29thumbnailEpisode #099 ... Schopenhauer pt. 2 - Ethics
2017-Mar-29thumbnailThe Vital Role of Moms Rising in Keeping Our Democracy from Sinking
2017-Mar-28thumbnailEp11 - Mass Incarceration
2017-Mar-27thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part One)
2017-Mar-26thumbnailHeal Thyself First
2017-Mar-26thumbnailA common humanity: but how?
2017-Mar-26thumbnailHoP 274 - Susan Brower-Toland on Ockham’s Philosophy of Mind
2017-Mar-25thumbnailEpisode 14, Euthanasia (Part II)
2017-Mar-24thumbnailCelebrating 'Difference'
2017-Mar-23thumbnailEp10 - Media Ethics
2017-Mar-22thumbnailEpisode 111: Our Language Doesn't Have a Word For This Title (with Yoel Inbar)
2017-Mar-21thumbnailDesign Thinking and Global Citizenship
2017-Mar-21thumbnailBe a Man
2017-Mar-21thumbnailEp 9 - Studying Black Men
2017-Mar-21thumbnailThe Just Riot?
2017-Mar-20thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part Two)
2017-Mar-20thumbnailRationally Speaking #180 - David Roodman on "The Worm Wars"
2017-Mar-19thumbnailHow to Focus on 'Building the New'
2017-Mar-19thumbnailEpisode 14, Euthanasia (Part I)
2017-Mar-19thumbnailA positive charge: electrons, love, and divine fine-tuning
2017-Mar-19thumbnailHPI 38 - A Day in the Life - Theories of Time
2017-Mar-18thumbnailAndy Clark on The Extended Mind
2017-Mar-17thumbnailLet's Make America Again
2017-Mar-14thumbnailEpisode 110: Stepsisters and Neck Braces (with Yoel Inbar)
2017-Mar-14thumbnailThe Integrated Self
2017-Mar-14thumbnailHackademics II: The Hackers
2017-Mar-14thumbnailEpisode #098 ... Schopenhauer pt. 1 - Metaphysics and Love
2017-Mar-13thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part One)
2017-Mar-12thumbnailEpisode 13, Religious Experience (Part III)
2017-Mar-12thumbnailDonating your organs
2017-Mar-12thumbnailHoP 273 - What Do You Think? - Ockham on Mental Language
2017-Mar-11thumbnailMaking Beautiful Music
2017-Mar-09thumbnailThe Search for Meaning & Composing Your Life Narrative
2017-Mar-07thumbnailHackademics I: The Control
2017-Mar-06thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part Two)
2017-Mar-06thumbnailRationally Speaking #179 - Dani Rodrik on "Is economics more art or science?"
2017-Mar-05thumbnailEpisode 13, Religious Experience (Part II)
2017-Mar-05thumbnailThe Golden Age of female philosophy
2017-Mar-05thumbnailHPI 37 - The Whole Story - Vaisesika on Complexity and Causation
2017-Mar-03thumbnailEp 8 - Selfish Ethics?
2017-Mar-03thumbnailRepairing the World
2017-Mar-01thumbnailStephen Davies on Art and Evolution
2017-Mar-01thumbnailEileen John on Art and Morality
2017-Mar-01thumbnailEpisode #097 ... Wittgenstein ep. 1
2017-Feb-28thumbnailEpisode 109: Moral Pluralism: Behind the Lube
2017-Feb-28thumbnailPart 1: Money For Nothing?
2017-Feb-28thumbnailPart Two -- Money For Nothing?
2017-Feb-28thumbnailCake or Biscuit?
2017-Feb-27thumbnailEpisode 13, Religious Experience (Part I)
2017-Feb-27thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part One)
2017-Feb-27thumbnailThe State and Marriage
2017-Feb-26thumbnailFuelling free will
2017-Feb-26thumbnailHoP 272 - A Close Shave - Ockham’s Nominalism
2017-Feb-25thumbnailBloom Where You're Planted -- a Philosophy of Living
2017-Feb-25thumbnailEp 7 - How to Live the Deepest Human Life
2017-Feb-23thumbnailSeneca the Younger
2017-Feb-22thumbnailThe Courage to Create
2017-Feb-21thumbnailThe Cops of Pop
2017-Feb-20thumbnailRich individual experience and richer universal truths
2017-Feb-20thumbnailEpisode 158: Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Part Two)
2017-Feb-20thumbnailRationally Speaking #178 - Tim Urban on "Trying to live well, as semi-rational animals"
2017-Feb-19thumbnailEpisode 12, Joseph Fletcher's Situation Ethics (Part II)
2017-Feb-19thumbnailFor all my Valentines
2017-Feb-19thumbnailHPI 36 - Fine Grained Analysis - Kanada’s Vaisesika-Sutra
2017-Feb-17thumbnailOn the Power and Potential of Meaningful Conversations
2017-Feb-16thumbnailEp 6 - Part I of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
2017-Feb-15thumbnailPhilip Schofield on Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon
2017-Feb-14thumbnailThe Name of God
2017-Feb-13thumbnailEpisode 12, Joseph Fletcher's Situation Ethics (Part I)
2017-Feb-13thumbnailEpisode 158: Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Part One)
2017-Feb-12thumbnailOn Parfit
2017-Feb-12thumbnailHoP 271 - Do As You’re Told - Ockham on Ethics and Political Philosophy
2017-Feb-09thumbnailEp 5 - John Lachs on Stoic Pragmatism
2017-Feb-07thumbnailEp4 - Shared Values in the Abortion Debate (Remastered)
2017-Feb-07thumbnailEpisode 108: The Gimp Exception
2017-Feb-07thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 2: The Morality of War
2017-Feb-07thumbnailCreativity and Character
2017-Feb-06thumbnailEpisode 157: Richard Rorty on Politics for the Left (Part Two)
2017-Feb-05thumbnailRationally Speaking #177 - Dylan Matthews on "The science and ethics of kidney donation"
2017-Feb-05thumbnailEpisode 11, Guest Daniel Hill on Plantinga's Reformed Epistemology (Part II)
2017-Feb-05thumbnailRobotics, AI and the power of slow
2017-Feb-05thumbnailHPI 35 - Ujjwala Jha and V.N. Jha on Nyaya
2017-Feb-03thumbnailPart 1: All the Best Entrepreneurs
2017-Feb-03thumbnailPart 2: All the Best Entrepreneurs
2017-Feb-03thumbnailChris Frith on The Point of Consciousness
2017-Feb-02thumbnailHannah Arendt
2017-Feb-01thumbnailEpisode 023: Tommie Shelby on Dark Ghettos
2017-Feb-01thumbnailEp3 - All Shook Up about World War III
2017-Jan-31thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 1: Moral Exploitation
2017-Jan-30thumbnailEpisode 11, Guest Daniel Hill on Plantinga's Reformed Epistemology (Part I)
2017-Jan-30thumbnailEpisode 157: Richard Rorty on Politics for the Left (Part One)
2017-Jan-29thumbnailCompassion: caught or taught?
2017-Jan-29thumbnailHoP 270 - Render unto Caesar - Marsilius of Padua
2017-Jan-25thumbnailPart 1: Living Here and Now: One Young Person's Philosophy
2017-Jan-25thumbnailPart 2 -- Living Here and Now
2017-Jan-24thumbnailEpisode 107: Winking Under Oppression (with Manuel Vargas)
2017-Jan-24thumbnailThe Wishes of the Dead
2017-Jan-23thumbnailEpisode 156: Philosophy and Politics Free-Form Discussion (Part Two)
2017-Jan-22thumbnailRationally Speaking #176 - Jason Brennan on "Against democracy"
2017-Jan-22thumbnailEp2 - The Ethics of Dentistry
2017-Jan-22thumbnailEpisode 10, the Problem of Evil (Part III)
2017-Jan-22thumbnailWhat were they thinking?
2017-Jan-22thumbnailHPI 34 - The Truth Shall Set You Free - Nyaya on the Mind
2017-Jan-21thumbnailDemocracy and the History of Philosophy
2017-Jan-20thumbnailEpisode #096 ... Is Ayn Rand A Philosopher?
2017-Jan-20thumbnailThe Humanities and 'Humaneness'
2017-Jan-19thumbnailEp1 - The Molemen and Plato's Cave Today
2017-Jan-18thumbnailAre We Biased About Love?
2017-Jan-16thumbnailAll People to the Power
2017-Jan-16thumbnailEpisode 156: Philosophy and Politics Free-Form Discussion (Part One)
2017-Jan-16thumbnail(Preview) Hackademics
2017-Jan-15thumbnailEpisode 10, the Problem of Evil (Part II - Theodicies and Defences)
2017-Jan-15thumbnailI’m just not myself
2017-Jan-15thumbnailHoP 269 - Our Power is Real - The Clash of Church and State
2017-Jan-14thumbnailKeith Frankish on Conscious Thought
2017-Jan-12thumbnailNietzsche's Genealogy of Morality
2017-Jan-10thumbnailEpisode 106: American Grandstand
2017-Jan-09thumbnailEpisode 155: Richard Rorty Against Epistemology (Part Two)
2017-Jan-09thumbnail(Preview) Soldier Philosophers
2017-Jan-08thumbnailRationally Speaking #175 - Chris Blattman on "Do sweatshops reduce poverty?"
2017-Jan-08thumbnailEpisode 10, the Problem of Evil (Part I)
2017-Jan-08thumbnailGender bending
2017-Jan-08thumbnailHPI 33 - Standard Deductions - Nyaya on Reasoning
2017-Jan-07thumbnailHow do we figure out what we want individually?
2017-Jan-04thumbnailSelf Defence
2017-Jan-02thumbnailEpisode 155: Richard Rorty Against Epistemology (Part One)
2017-Jan-02thumbnail(Preview) Wishes of the Dead
2017-Jan-01thumbnailAmia Srinivasan on What is a Woman?
2017-Jan-01thumbnailEpisode 9, the Cosmological Argument (Part II)
2017-Jan-01thumbnailNoam Chomsky on the hard stuff
2017-Jan-01thumbnailHoP 268 - To Hell and Back - Dante Alighieri
2016-Dec-31thumbnailHow do we go about hatching the best ideas?
2016-Dec-30thumbnailEpisode #095 ... Are you living in a simulation?
2016-Dec-28thumbnailEpisode 105: Wizards With (Reactive) Attitudes
2016-Dec-27thumbnailEpisode 022: John Corvino on Homosexuality
2016-Dec-27thumbnailWhat good can politics do?
2016-Dec-27thumbnailEpisode 9, the Cosmological Argument (Part I)
2016-Dec-26thumbnailEpisode 154: Wilfrid Sellars on the Myth of the Given (Part Two)
2016-Dec-25thumbnailRescuing the beautiful
2016-Dec-25thumbnailHPI 32 - What You See Is What You Get - Nyaya on Perception
2016-Dec-24thumbnailSeason One Trailer #1
2016-Dec-22thumbnailHow can and should music shape our identity?
2016-Dec-19thumbnailEpisode 154: Wilfrid Sellars on the Myth of the Given (Part One)
2016-Dec-19thumbnailEpisode 8, the Teleological Argument (Part II)
2016-Dec-18thumbnailSpooky action is closer than you think
2016-Dec-18thumbnailHoP 267 - After Virtue - Marguerite Porete
2016-Dec-16thumbnailUniversal Human Rights
2016-Dec-14thumbnailIs all art political?
2016-Dec-14thumbnailEpisode 104: Smelling Salts for Morality: Our Top 3 Movies About Empathy (with Paul Bloom)
2016-Dec-12thumbnailEpisode 153: Richard Rorty: There Is No Mind-Body Problem (Part Two)
2016-Dec-12thumbnailPart 2: How can we all get along?
2016-Dec-11thumbnailRationally Speaking #174 - John Ioannidis on "What happened to Evidence-based medicine?"
2016-Dec-11thumbnailEpisode 8, the Teleological Argument (Part I)
2016-Dec-11thumbnailCome, come, Mr Bond
2016-Dec-11thumbnailHPI 31 - Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire - Gautama’s Nyaya-Sutra