Philosophy Podcasts (Ranked; Brief Version)

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1.thumbnailAaron Meskin on the Definition of Art
2.thumbnailHoP 280 - Get to the Point - Fourteenth Century Physics
3.thumbnailEp19 - On Anger and Forgiveness
4.thumbnailWho can join the political community?
5.thumbnailHPI 44 - It All Depends - Nagarjuna on Emptiness
6.thumbnailEp18 - Creating Community through Dialogue
7.thumbnailHoP 279 - Quadrivial Pursuits - the Oxford Calculators
8.thumbnailEp17 - The Wisdom in Humor
9.thumbnailHPI 43 - We Beg to Differ - the Buddhists and Jains
10.thumbnailOn prison sentencing: what matters?
11.thumbnailEp16 - On Disability and American Philosophy
12.thumbnailHoP 278 - Sara Uckelman on Obligations
13.thumbnailCarlo Rovelli and his quantum problem
14.thumbnailElisabeth Schellekens Dammann on Disagreement About Taste
15.thumbnailShelly Kagan on Death and Deprivation
16.thumbnailHPI 42 - In Good Taste - The Aesthetics of Rasa
17.thumbnailEpisode 166: Spinoza on Politics and Religion (Part One)
18.thumbnailWilliam Godwin: rebel for love, happiness, and anarchy
19.thumbnailHoP 277 - Trivial Pursuits - Fourteenth Century Logic
20.thumbnailEpisode 027: Lori Gruen on Prisons
21.thumbnailEpisode 117: Extended Minds, Extended Foreskins
22.thumbnailMottainai: a philosophy of waste
23.thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part Two)
24.thumbnailRationally Speaking #186 - Tania Lombrozo on “Why we evolved the urge to explain”
25.thumbnailHPI 41 - Monima Chadha on Indian Philosophy of Mind
26.thumbnailEp 15 - Part II of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
27.thumbnailPeter Balint on Respecting Toleration
28.thumbnailAwesome ethics and the art of mushroom blading
29.thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part One)
30.thumbnailWhen tragedy strikes -- a loving and determined mother's philosophy for moving forward
31.thumbnailHoP 276 - Back to the Future - Foreknowledge and Predestination
32.thumbnailWhy Care about Privacy?
33.thumbnailEp14 - BC1 - How to Begin Philosophy with Children
34.thumbnailEpisode #104 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 5 - Consciousness is Freedom
35.thumbnailRoger Bacon
36.thumbnailEpisode 116: Pain, Pleasure, and Peer-Reviewed Penises
37.thumbnailStones rolling and the joy of ordinary objects
38.thumbnailAndy Clark on The Extended Mind
39.thumbnailHPI 40 - Mind out of Matter - Materialist Theories of the Self
40.thumbnailREISSUE-Ep. 24: Spinoza on God and Metaphysics
41.thumbnailRationally Speaking #185 - Hans Noel on "The role of ideology in politics"
42.thumbnailNakedly Examined Music: Steve Hackett, Nik Kershaw, Ken Stringfellow, Robbie Fulks
43.thumbnailEp13 - Philosophy for Children
44.thumbnailEpisode #103 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 4 - The Quest For Certainty
45.thumbnailA deathly conversation: Part 3
46.thumbnailHoP 275 - Keeping it Real - Responses to Ockham
47.thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part Two)
48.thumbnailEpisode 026: Elizabeth Barnes on Disability and Well-Being
49.thumbnailRobots and Retribution
50.thumbnailHPI 39 - The Wolf’s Footprint - Indian Naturalism
51.thumbnailEileen John on Art and Morality
52.thumbnailStephen Davies on Art and Evolution
53.thumbnailConfucius says …
54.thumbnailEpisode 115: Which Field is More Fu@%ed: Philosophy or Psychology?
55.thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part One)
56.thumbnailEp12 - That's a Wicked Problem You've Got There
57.thumbnailRationally Speaking #184 - Gregory Clark on "What caused the industrial revolution?"
59.thumbnailA Better Love
60.thumbnailA Better Love
61.thumbnailFinding Meaning and Happiness After Tragic Loss
62.thumbnailEpisode #102 ... Heidegger pt. 3 - Authenticity
63.thumbnailEp11 - Mass Incarceration
64.thumbnailHoP 274 - Susan Brower-Toland on Ockham’s Philosophy of Mind
65.thumbnailA World in which there are no "Others"
66.thumbnailThe other L word
67.thumbnailCake or Biscuit?
68.thumbnailEp10 - Media Ethics
69.thumbnailEpisode 163: Guest Stewart Umphrey on Natural Kinds (Part Two)
70.thumbnailEp 9 - Studying Black Men
71.thumbnailHPI 38 - A Day in the Life - Theories of Time
72.thumbnailReinventing Education -- A Way Forward
73.thumbnailEpisode 114: Great Vengeance and Furious Anger (Top 5 Movies About Revenge)
74.thumbnailLove has its reasons
76.thumbnailEpisode 163: Guest Stewart Umphrey on Natural Kinds (Part One)
77.thumbnailEpisode #101 ... Heidegger pt. 2 - Science and Technology
78.thumbnailRationally Speaking #183 - L. A. Paul on "Transformative Experiences"
79.thumbnailWhy We Must Embrace Big, Scary Ideas
80.thumbnailThe Ashes of Truth
81.thumbnailThe Ashes of Truth
82.thumbnailHoP 273 - What Do You Think? - Ockham on Mental Language
83.thumbnailAll the Good Coaches
84.thumbnailChris Frith on The Point of Consciousness
85.thumbnailA deathly conversation: part two
86.thumbnailThe Fearless Balanced Badass
87.thumbnailPEL Special: Phi Fic on James Baldwin’s Fiction
88.thumbnailA Compact with America
89.thumbnailHPI 37 - The Whole Story - Vaisesika on Complexity and Causation
90.thumbnailHow Unfairness Drives Us Crazy
91.thumbnailRediscovering and recovering 'Nature's God'
92.thumbnailEp 8 - Selfish Ethics?
93.thumbnailA deathly conversation
94.thumbnailThe Power of Persuasion and Dialogue
95.thumbnailEpisode 113: Pascal, Probability, and Pitchforks
96.thumbnailOne teacher's wondrous learning harbor
97.thumbnailHoP 272 - A Close Shave - Ockham’s Nominalism
98.thumbnailEpisode 162: James Baldwin on Race in America (Part Two)
99.thumbnailEp 7 - How to Live the Deepest Human Life
100.thumbnailRationally Speaking #182 - Spencer Greenberg on "How online research can be faster, better, and more useful"
101.thumbnailThe Promise of Every Human Being
102.thumbnailEpisode #100 ... Heidegger pt. 1 - Phenomenology and Dasein
103.thumbnailPart 2: The Value of Values-Based Education
104.thumbnailPart 1 - The Value of Values-Based Education
105.thumbnailSeneca the Younger
106.thumbnailA common humanity: but how?
107.thumbnailKeith Frankish on Conscious Thought
108.thumbnailTransgender Matters
109.thumbnailHPI 36 - Fine Grained Analysis - Kanada’s Vaisesika-Sutra
110.thumbnailEpisode 162: James Baldwin on Race in America (Part One)
111.thumbnailAnd 'Youthkind' Shall Lead us
112.thumbnailEp 6 - Part I of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
113.thumbnailOn Fake News, Alternative Facts, and the Media As Enemy
114.thumbnailA positive charge: electrons, love, and divine fine-tuning
115.thumbnailEpisode 025: Cassie Herbert on Risky Speech
116.thumbnailHoP 271 - Do As You’re Told - Ockham on Ethics and Political Philosophy
117.thumbnailEpisode 024: Larry Blum on Teaching Race
118.thumbnailAmia Srinivasan on What is a Woman?
119.thumbnailEpisode 112: Gettier Goggles
120.thumbnailCitizenship Tests
121.thumbnailHow Moms Rising Keeps Democracy from Sinking
122.thumbnailEp 5 - John Lachs on Stoic Pragmatism
123.thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part Two)
124.thumbnailBe a Man
125.thumbnailBe a Man
126.thumbnailRationally Speaking #181 - William MacAskill on "Moral Uncertainty"
127.thumbnailEp4 - Shared Values in the Abortion Debate
128.thumbnailHeal Thyself First
129.thumbnailDonating your organs
130.thumbnailHPI 35 - Ujjwala Jha and V.N. Jha on Nyaya
131.thumbnailEpisode #099 ... Schopenhauer pt. 2 - Ethics
132.thumbnailCelebrating 'Difference'
133.thumbnailHannah Arendt
134.thumbnailEp3 - All Shook Up about World War III
135.thumbnailDesign Thinking and Global Citizenship
136.thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part One)
137.thumbnailHackademics II: The Hackers
138.thumbnailHackademics II: The Hackers
139.thumbnailHoP 270 - Render unto Caesar - Marsilius of Padua
140.thumbnailHow to Focus on 'Building the New'
141.thumbnailThe Golden Age of female philosophy
142.thumbnailLet's Make America Again
143.thumbnailEpisode 111: Our Language Doesn't Have a Word For This Title (with Yoel Inbar)
144.thumbnailThe Just Riot?
145.thumbnailThe Integrated Self
146.thumbnailRationally Speaking #180 - David Roodman on "The Worm Wars"
147.thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part Two)
148.thumbnailHackademics I: The Control
149.thumbnailHackademics: The Control
150.thumbnailHPI 34 - The Truth Shall Set You Free - Nyaya on the Mind
151.thumbnailEp2 - The Ethics of Dentistry
152.thumbnailDemocracy and the History of Philosophy
153.thumbnailFuelling free will
154.thumbnailKate Jeffery on Concepts and Representation
155.thumbnailMaking Beautiful Music
156.thumbnailEp1 - The Molemen and Plato's Cave Today
157.thumbnailEp1 - The Molemen and Plato's Cave Today
158.thumbnailAnthony Gottlieb on Pierre Bayle
159.thumbnailThe Search for Meaning & Composing Your Life Narrative
160.thumbnailEpisode #098 ... Schopenhauer pt. 1 - Metaphysics and Love
161.thumbnailHoP 269 - Our Power is Real - The Clash of Church and State
162.thumbnailEpisode 110: Stepsisters and Neck Braces (with Yoel Inbar)
163.thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part One)
164.thumbnailFor all my Valentines
165.thumbnailNietzsche's Genealogy of Morality
166.thumbnailRepairing the World
167.thumbnailHPI 33 - Standard Deductions - Nyaya on Reasoning
168.thumbnailPart Two -- Money For Nothing?
169.thumbnailPart 1: Money For Nothing?
170.thumbnailThe Cops of Pop
171.thumbnailThe Cops of Pop
172.thumbnailRationally Speaking #179 - Dani Rodrik on "Is economics more art or science?"
173.thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part Two)
174.thumbnailOn Parfit
175.thumbnailDavid Miller on Immigration
176.thumbnailKathleen Stock on Fiction and the Emotions
177.thumbnailBloom Where You're Planted -- a Philosophy of Living
178.thumbnailHoP 268 - To Hell and Back - Dante Alighieri
179.thumbnailEpisode #097 ... Wittgenstein ep. 1
180.thumbnailThe Courage to Create
181.thumbnailEpisode 109: Moral Pluralism: Behind the Lube
182.thumbnailThe Name of God
183.thumbnailThe Name of God
184.thumbnailRobotics, AI and the power of slow
185.thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part One)
186.thumbnailThe State and Marriage
187.thumbnailRich individual experience and richer universal truths
188.thumbnailHPI 32 - What You See Is What You Get - Nyaya on Perception
189.thumbnailOn the Power and Potential of Meaningful Conversations
190.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 2: The Morality of War
191.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 2: The Morality of War
192.thumbnailHoP 267 - After Virtue - Marguerite Porete
193.thumbnailCompassion: caught or taught?
194.thumbnailRationally Speaking #178 - Tim Urban on "Trying to live well, as semi-rational animals"
195.thumbnailEpisode 158: Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Part Two)
196.thumbnailHPI 31 - Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire - Gautama’s Nyaya-Sutra
197.thumbnailSophie Scott on the Meaning of Laughter
198.thumbnailPhilip Schofield on Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon
199.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 1: Moral Exploitation
200.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 1: Moral Exploitation
201.thumbnailWhat were they thinking?
202.thumbnailEpisode 158: Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Part One)
203.thumbnailPeter Godfrey-Smith on Mental Representations
204.thumbnailNoel Carroll on Criticism
205.thumbnailHoP 266 - Tom Pink on the Will
206.thumbnailPart 2: All the Best Entrepreneurs
207.thumbnailPart 1: All the Best Entrepreneurs
208.thumbnailAn Interview With Daniel Chernilo - Grasped in Thought
209.thumbnailI’m just not myself
210.thumbnailThe Wishes of the Dead
211.thumbnailThe Wishes of the Dead
212.thumbnailEpisode 108: The Gimp Exception
213.thumbnailCreativity and Character
214.thumbnailCecile Fabre on Remembrance
215.thumbnailHPI 30 - Philipp Maas on Yoga
216.thumbnailEpisode 157: Richard Rorty on Politics for the Left (Part Two)
217.thumbnailRationally Speaking #177 - Dylan Matthews on "The science and ethics of kidney donation"
218.thumbnailEpisode 023: Tommie Shelby on Dark Ghettos
219.thumbnailGender bending
220.thumbnailPart 2 -- Living Here and Now
221.thumbnailPart 1: Living Here and Now: One Young Person's Philosophy
222.thumbnailHoP 265 - Time of the Signs - the Fourteenth Century
223.thumbnail(Preview) Hackademics
224.thumbnail(Preview) Hackademics
225.thumbnailEpisode 157: Richard Rorty on Politics for the Left (Part One)
226.thumbnailHPI 29 - Practice Makes Perfect - Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra
227.thumbnailThe Humanities and 'Humaneness'
228.thumbnailNoam Chomsky on the hard stuff
229.thumbnail(Preview) Soldier Philosophers
230.thumbnail(Preview) Soldier Philosophers
231.thumbnailEpisode 107: Winking Under Oppression (with Manuel Vargas)
232.thumbnailAll People to the Power
233.thumbnailHoP 264 - Giorgio Pini on Scotus on Knowledge
234.thumbnailJesse Prinz on Thinking with Pictures
235.thumbnailEpisode 156: Philosophy and Politics Free-Form Discussion (Part Two)
236.thumbnailRationally Speaking #176 - Jason Brennan on "Against democracy"
237.thumbnailEpisode #096 ... Is Ayn Rand A Philosopher?
239.thumbnailRescuing the beautiful
240.thumbnailKieran Setiya on the Mid-Life Crisis
242.thumbnailHPI 28 - Who Wants to Live Forever? - Early Ayurvedic Medicine
243.thumbnail(Preview) Wishes of the Dead
244.thumbnail(Preview) Wishes of the Dead
245.thumbnailAre We Biased About Love?
246.thumbnailEpisode 156: Philosophy and Politics Free-Form Discussion (Part One)
247.thumbnailHow do we figure out what we want individually?
248.thumbnailHoP 263 - One in a Million - Scotus on Universals and Individuals
249.thumbnailSpooky action is closer than you think
250.thumbnailHPI 27 - The Theory of Evolution - Isvarakrsna’s Samkhya-karika
251.thumbnailSeason One Trailer #1
252.thumbnailSeason One Trailer #1
253.thumbnailEpisode 106: American Grandstand
254.thumbnailEpisode 155: Richard Rorty Against Epistemology (Part Two)
255.thumbnailCome, come, Mr Bond
256.thumbnailHow do we go about hatching the best ideas?
257.thumbnailRationally Speaking #175 - Chris Blattman on "Do sweatshops reduce poverty?"
258.thumbnailHoP 262 - On Command - Scotus on Ethics
259.thumbnailWhat good can politics do?
260.thumbnailSelf Defence
261.thumbnailHPI 26 - Francis Clooney on Vedanta
262.thumbnailThe posthuman
263.thumbnailEpisode 155: Richard Rorty Against Epistemology (Part One)
264.thumbnailEpisode #095 ... Are you living in a simulation?
265.thumbnailHow can and should music shape our identity?
266.thumbnailHoP 261 - To Will or Not to Will - Scotus on Freedom
267.thumbnailEpisode 022: John Corvino on Homosexuality
268.thumbnailEpisode 105: Wizards With (Reactive) Attitudes
269.thumbnailZeno's Paradoxes
270.thumbnailPride and prudence
271.thumbnailHPI 25 - Communication Breakdown - Bhartrihari on Language
272.thumbnailEpisode 154: Wilfrid Sellars on the Myth of the Given (Part Two)
273.thumbnailHoP 260 - Once and for All - Scotus on Being
274.thumbnailIs all art political?
275.thumbnailSeeing reason
276.thumbnailPart 2: How can we all get along?
277.thumbnailHPI 24 - No Two Ways About It - Sankara and Advaita Vedanta
278.thumbnailEpisode 154: Wilfrid Sellars on the Myth of the Given (Part One)
279.thumbnailSnookered: women and philosophy
280.thumbnailUniversal Human Rights
281.thumbnailEpisode 104: Smelling Salts for Morality: Our Top 3 Movies About Empathy (with Paul Bloom)
282.thumbnailEpisode 153: Richard Rorty: There Is No Mind-Body Problem (Part Two)
283.thumbnailSummer Reading
284.thumbnailSummer Reading
285.thumbnailRationally Speaking #174 - John Ioannidis on "What happened to Evidence-based medicine?"
286.thumbnailRace and gender in an age of transition
287.thumbnailHoP 259 - Richard Cross on Philosophy and the Trinity
288.thumbnailHPI 23 - Source Code - Badarayana’s Vedanta-sutra
289.thumbnailHoP 258 - Here Comes the Son - The Trinity and the Eucharist
290.thumbnailHPI 22 - Elisa Freschi on Mimamsa
291.thumbnailHoP 257 - Martin Pickave on Henry of Ghent and Freedom
292.thumbnailHPI 21 - Innocent Until Proven Guilty - Mimamsa on Knowledge and Language
293.thumbnailBewilderment and Wonder
294.thumbnailEpisode 153: Richard Rorty: There Is No Mind-Body Problem (Part One)
295.thumbnailMemories, morals, and me
297.thumbnailEpisode 021: Denise James on Political Illusions
298.thumbnailThe social contract in an age of terror: who can you trust?
299.thumbnailEpisode 103: Very Bad Utopias
300.thumbnailRationally Speaking #173 - Brendan Nyhan on "What can we learn from the election?"
301.thumbnailEpisode #094 ... A Look at Suffering
302.thumbnailHappiness—it’s not personal
303.thumbnailWe Do Need Some Education (But Not Like What We Have Now)
304.thumbnailWhy Worry about Class?
305.thumbnailEpisode 152: Alexis de Tocqueville on Democracy in America (PEL Live!)
306.thumbnailSleep, sex, and fairy tales
307.thumbnailEpisode 020: Post-Election Panel on Trump and the Age of Ignorance
308.thumbnailEpisode 102: Red, Black, and Blue
309.thumbnailDeath duties
310.thumbnailEpisode 151: Edmund Burke’s Conservatism (Part Two)
311.thumbnailRationally Speaking #172 - Brian Nosek on "Why science needs openness"
312.thumbnailGender bending
313.thumbnailEpisode #093 ... Nietzsche pt. 4 - Love
314.thumbnailEpisode 151: Edmund Burke’s Conservatism (Part One)
315.thumbnailPEL Special: Bill Bruford on Nakedly Examined Music #25
316.thumbnailShould we care about debt?
317.thumbnailFrom Reason to Enlightenment
318.thumbnailEpisode 101: Having Desert and Eating It Too
319.thumbnailLogic: if + then = why?
320.thumbnailEpisode 150: Peter Singer on Famine, Affluence, and Morality (Part Two: Discussion)
321.thumbnailRationally Speaking #171 - Scott Aaronson on "The ethics and strategy of vote trading"
322.thumbnailThe truth, beauty, and power of punk
323.thumbnailJulian Dodd – What 4’33” is
324.thumbnailEpisode 150: Guest Peter Singer on Famine, Affluence, and Morality (Part One)
325.thumbnailWhat were they thinking?
326.thumbnailTalk about a revolution!
327.thumbnailJason Gaiger – Pictorial Experience and the Perception of Rhythm
328.thumbnailEpisode 149: Plato’s “Crito”: A Performance and Discussion
329.thumbnailMartha Nussbaum on the limits of anger
330.thumbnailRationally Speaking #170 - Will Wilkinson on "Social justice and political philosophy"
331.thumbnailSuper Intelligence
332.thumbnailMartha Nussbaum on politics and emotions
333.thumbnailEpisode 100: It's a Celebration
334.thumbnailDavid Chalmers on Pokémon Go and the future of reality
335.thumbnailEpisode 148: Aristotle on Friendship and Happiness (Part Two)
336.thumbnailI’m just not myself
337.thumbnailJonathan Wolff on Marx in Soho
338.thumbnailEpisode #092 ... Nietzsche pt. 3 - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
339.thumbnailHilary Putnam
340.thumbnailHow to love a less free will
341.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Catharine Abell
342.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Elisabeth Camp
343.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Daisy Dixon
344.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Gabriel Greenberg
345.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Dominic Gregory
346.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: John Kulvicki
347.thumbnailCicero on growing old
348.thumbnailCan you trust your memory
349.thumbnailEpisode 148: Aristotle on Friendship and Happiness (Part One)
350.thumbnailRationally Speaking #169 - Owen Cotton-Barratt on "Thinking About Humanity's Far Future"
351.thumbnailEpisode 99: Mockingbirds, Destructo-Critics, and Mr. Robot
352.thumbnailEpisode 147: Aristotle on Wisdom and Incontinence (Part Two)
353.thumbnailEpisode #091 ... Nietzsche pt. 2 - The Will to Power
354.thumbnailRay Monk on Wittgenstein's Grave
355.thumbnailLove and Attraction
356.thumbnailEpisode 147: Aristotle on Wisdom and Incontinence (Part One)
357.thumbnailRationally Speaking #168 - Don Moore on "Overconfidence"
358.thumbnailEpisode 98: Mind the Gap
359.thumbnailEpisode 146: Emmanuel Levinas on Overcoming Solitude (Part Two)
360.thumbnailWhat's Wrong With Passive Aggression?
361.thumbnailEpisode 019: Paul C. Taylor on Black Aesthetics
362.thumbnailEpisode 146: Emmanuel Levinas on Overcoming Solitude (Part One)
363.thumbnailRationally Speaking #167 - Samuel Arbesman on "Why technology is becoming too complex"
364.thumbnailEpisode #090 ... Nietzsche pt. 1 - God is dead and so is Captain Morgan
365.thumbnailEpisode 97: Dogmatic Slumber Party
366.thumbnailEpisode 145: Emmanuel Levinas: Why Be Ethical? (Part Two)
367.thumbnailSocrates Cafe Podcast 1 -- What's love go to do with it?
368.thumbnailEpisode #089 ... Simone De Beauvoir - The Second Sex
369.thumbnailEpisode 145: Emmanuel Levinas: Why Be Ethical? (Part One)
370.thumbnailRationally Speaking #166 - Eric Schwitzgebel on "Why you should expect the truth to be crazy"
371.thumbnailEpisode 96: Memory and Meaning in "Memento" (with Paul Bloom)
372.thumbnailEpisode 144: Martha Nussbaum on Anger (Part Three: Discussion)
373.thumbnailBonus Episode: More Doobie-ous Theories About "Mr. Robot" (Season 2)
374.thumbnailEpisode 144: Guest Martha Nussbaum on Anger (Part Two)
375.thumbnailRationally Speaking #165 - Robert Frank on "Success and Luck"
376.thumbnailEpisode #088 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 3 - The Great Debate
377.thumbnailEpisode 95: The Repugnance of Repugnance
378.thumbnailEpisode 144: Guest Martha Nussbaum on Anger (Part One)
379.thumbnailEpisode 018: Linda Alcoff on Whiteness
380.thumbnailEpisode #087 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 2
381.thumbnailPhi Fic #3 Frankenstein (PEL Crossover Special)
382.thumbnailRationally Speaking #164 - James Evans on "Using meta-knowledge to learn how science works"
383.thumbnailEpisode 94: Buttery Friendships
384.thumbnailEpisode #086 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 1 - Freedom
385.thumbnailEpisode 143: Plato’s “Sophist” on Lies, Categorization, and Non-Being (Part Two)
386.thumbnailEpisode 143: Plato’s “Sophist” on Lies, Categorization, and Non-Being (Part One)
387.thumbnailRationally Speaking #163 - Gregg Caruso on "Free Will and Moral Responsibility"
388.thumbnailEpisode 93: Avalanches, Blame, and Cowardice (With Yoel Inbar)
389.thumbnailEpisode 142: Plato’s “Phaedrus” on Love and Speechmaking (Part Two)
390.thumbnailEpisode 142: Plato’s “Phaedrus” on Love and Speechmaking (Part One)
391.thumbnailRationally Speaking #162 - Sean Carroll on "Poetic Naturalism"