Philosophy Podcasts (Ranked; Brief Version)

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1.thumbnailAnil Seth on the Real Problem of Consciousness
2.thumbnailMatthew Syed on Black Box Thinking
3.thumbnailEp29 - What's the Public Got to Do with It?
4.thumbnailHPI 47 - Jan Westerhoff on Nagarjuna
5.thumbnailEp28 - Philosophy in Nature
6.thumbnailEp27 - Leadership and Civic Engagement
7.thumbnailMichael Puett on Ritual in Chinese Philosophy
8.thumbnailEp26 - BC5 - Thanks & an Outtake
9.thumbnailHoP 282 - Portrait of the Artist - John Buridan
10.thumbnailFree speech, campus protests, and the right to silence
11.thumbnailEpisode #106 ... Simone De Beauvoir pt. 2 - The Ethics of Ambiguity
12.thumbnailEp24 - BC4 - Teaching Kids about Pessimism
13.thumbnailEp25 - Assessing Assessment
14.thumbnailHPI 46 - No Four Ways About It - Nagarjuna’s Tetralemma
15.thumbnailHPI 46 - No Four Ways About It - Nagarjuna’s Tetralemma
16.thumbnailRemembering Zygmunt Bauman and Hubert Dreyfus
17.thumbnailEpisode 168: Darwin’s “Origin of Species” (Part One)
18.thumbnailEp23 - BC3 - Who Bakes Bread Anymore?
19.thumbnailEp22 - The Little Engine that Couldn't
20.thumbnailPlato's Republic
21.thumbnailEpisode #105 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 6 - The Self
22.thumbnailHoP 281 - Monica Green on Medieval Medicine
23.thumbnailWho can join the political community?
24.thumbnailEnid Blyton—the moral of the story
25.thumbnailEpisode 167: Hume on Intelligent Design (Part Two)
26.thumbnailEp21 - BC2 - What to Do About Wicked Problems? Voicemail & Response Breadcrumb
27.thumbnailEpisode 119: A Brief History of Values
28.thumbnailEp20 - Is the Cross Examined Life Worth Living?
29.thumbnailAaron Meskin on the Definition of Art
30.thumbnailHPI 45 - Motion Denied - Nagarjuna on Change
31.thumbnailAn answer for Carlo Rovelli and his quantum question
32.thumbnailEpisode 167: Hume on Intelligent Design (Part One)
34.thumbnailEp19 - On Anger and Forgiveness
35.thumbnailHoP 280 - Get to the Point - Fourteenth Century Physics
36.thumbnailRationally Speaking #188 - Robert Kurzban on "Being strategically wrong"
37.thumbnailThe military, moral injury, and Nancy Sherman
38.thumbnailEpisode 166: Spinoza on Politics and Religion (Part Two)
39.thumbnailEpisode 118: We Don't Love Them Hoax
40.thumbnailHPI 44 - It All Depends - Nagarjuna on Emptiness
41.thumbnailEp18 - Creating Community through Dialogue
42.thumbnailOn prison sentencing: what matters?
43.thumbnailEpisode 166: Spinoza on Politics and Religion (Part One)
44.thumbnailEp17 - The Wisdom in Humor
45.thumbnailRationally Speaking #187 - Jason Weeden on "Do people vote based on self-interest?"
46.thumbnailHoP 279 - Quadrivial Pursuits - the Oxford Calculators
47.thumbnailCarlo Rovelli and his quantum problem
48.thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part Two)
49.thumbnailEp16 - On Disability and American Philosophy
50.thumbnailEpisode 117: Extended Minds, Extended Foreskins
51.thumbnailHPI 43 - We Beg to Differ - the Buddhists and Jains
52.thumbnailEpisode #104 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 5 - Consciousness is Freedom
53.thumbnailPeter Balint on Respecting Toleration
54.thumbnailWilliam Godwin: rebel for love, happiness, and anarchy
55.thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part One)
56.thumbnailEpisode 027: Lori Gruen on Prisons
57.thumbnailHoP 278 - Sara Uckelman on Obligations
58.thumbnailElisabeth Schellekens Dammann on Disagreement About Taste
59.thumbnailShelly Kagan on Death and Deprivation
60.thumbnailRationally Speaking #186 - Tania Lombrozo on “Why we evolved the urge to explain”
61.thumbnailMottainai: a philosophy of waste
62.thumbnailEpisode #103 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 4 - The Quest For Certainty
63.thumbnailREISSUE-Ep. 24: Spinoza on God and Metaphysics
64.thumbnailEpisode 116: Pain, Pleasure, and Peer-Reviewed Penises
65.thumbnailWhy Care about Privacy?
66.thumbnailHPI 42 - In Good Taste - The Aesthetics of Rasa
67.thumbnailNakedly Examined Music: Steve Hackett, Nik Kershaw, Ken Stringfellow, Robbie Fulks
68.thumbnailWhen tragedy strikes -- a loving and determined mother's philosophy for moving forward
69.thumbnailAwesome ethics and the art of mushroom blading
70.thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part Two)
71.thumbnailHoP 277 - Trivial Pursuits - Fourteenth Century Logic
72.thumbnailEpisode #102 ... Heidegger pt. 3 - Authenticity
73.thumbnailRationally Speaking #185 - Hans Noel on "The role of ideology in politics"
74.thumbnailStones rolling and the joy of ordinary objects
75.thumbnailEp 15 - Part II of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
76.thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part One)
77.thumbnailHPI 41 - Monima Chadha on Indian Philosophy of Mind
78.thumbnailEpisode 115: Which Field is More Fu@%ed: Philosophy or Psychology?
80.thumbnailEp14 - BC1 - How to Begin Philosophy with Children
81.thumbnailRoger Bacon
82.thumbnailA deathly conversation: Part 3
83.thumbnailRobots and Retribution
84.thumbnailEpisode 163: Guest Stewart Umphrey on Natural Kinds (Part Two)
85.thumbnailCake or Biscuit?
86.thumbnailHoP 276 - Back to the Future - Foreknowledge and Predestination
87.thumbnailEpisode 026: Elizabeth Barnes on Disability and Well-Being
88.thumbnailEpisode #101 ... Heidegger pt. 2 - Science and Technology
89.thumbnailAndy Clark on The Extended Mind
90.thumbnailRationally Speaking #184 - Gregory Clark on "What caused the industrial revolution?"
91.thumbnailConfucius says …
92.thumbnailEp13 - Philosophy for Children
94.thumbnailEpisode 163: Guest Stewart Umphrey on Natural Kinds (Part One)
95.thumbnailEpisode 114: Great Vengeance and Furious Anger (Top 5 Movies About Revenge)
96.thumbnailFinding Meaning and Happiness After Tragic Loss
97.thumbnailHPI 40 - Mind out of Matter - Materialist Theories of the Self
98.thumbnailA World in which there are no "Others"
99.thumbnailA Better Love
100.thumbnailA Better Love
101.thumbnailThe other L word
102.thumbnailPEL Special: Phi Fic on James Baldwin’s Fiction
103.thumbnailHoP 275 - Keeping it Real - Responses to Ockham
104.thumbnailEileen John on Art and Morality
105.thumbnailStephen Davies on Art and Evolution
106.thumbnailReinventing Education -- A Way Forward
107.thumbnailEp12 - That's a Wicked Problem You've Got There
108.thumbnailEpisode #100 ... Heidegger pt. 1 - Phenomenology and Dasein
109.thumbnailLove has its reasons
110.thumbnailEp11 - Mass Incarceration
111.thumbnailRationally Speaking #183 - L. A. Paul on "Transformative Experiences"
112.thumbnailEpisode 162: James Baldwin on Race in America (Part Two)
113.thumbnailHPI 39 - The Wolf’s Footprint - Indian Naturalism
114.thumbnailWhy We Must Embrace Big, Scary Ideas
115.thumbnailAll the Good Coaches
116.thumbnailEpisode 113: Pascal, Probability, and Pitchforks
117.thumbnailEp10 - Media Ethics
118.thumbnailThe Fearless Balanced Badass
119.thumbnailHow Unfairness Drives Us Crazy
120.thumbnailEp 9 - Studying Black Men
121.thumbnailA deathly conversation: part two
122.thumbnailHoP 274 - Susan Brower-Toland on Ockham’s Philosophy of Mind
123.thumbnailPhilip Schofield on Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon
124.thumbnailEpisode 162: James Baldwin on Race in America (Part One)
125.thumbnailA Compact with America
126.thumbnailThe Ashes of Truth
127.thumbnailThe Ashes of Truth
128.thumbnailRediscovering and recovering 'Nature's God'
129.thumbnailThe Power of Persuasion and Dialogue
130.thumbnailEpisode #099 ... Schopenhauer pt. 2 - Ethics
131.thumbnailA deathly conversation
132.thumbnailOne teacher's wondrous learning harbor
133.thumbnailHPI 38 - A Day in the Life - Theories of Time
134.thumbnailRationally Speaking #182 - Spencer Greenberg on "How online research can be faster, better, and more useful"
135.thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part Two)
136.thumbnailThe Promise of Every Human Being
137.thumbnailChris Frith on The Point of Consciousness
138.thumbnailPart 2: The Value of Values-Based Education
139.thumbnailPart 1 - The Value of Values-Based Education
140.thumbnailEpisode 112: Gettier Goggles
141.thumbnailTransgender Matters
142.thumbnailA common humanity: but how?
143.thumbnailHoP 273 - What Do You Think? - Ockham on Mental Language
144.thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part One)
145.thumbnailAnd 'Youthkind' Shall Lead us
146.thumbnailEp 8 - Selfish Ethics?
147.thumbnailCitizenship Tests
148.thumbnailOn Fake News, Alternative Facts, and the Media As Enemy
149.thumbnailEpisode 025: Cassie Herbert on Risky Speech
150.thumbnailEpisode 024: Larry Blum on Teaching Race
151.thumbnailHPI 37 - The Whole Story - Vaisesika on Complexity and Causation
152.thumbnailEpisode #098 ... Schopenhauer pt. 1 - Metaphysics and Love
153.thumbnailA positive charge: electrons, love, and divine fine-tuning
154.thumbnailEp 7 - How to Live the Deepest Human Life
155.thumbnailHow Moms Rising Keeps Democracy from Sinking
156.thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part Two)
157.thumbnailRationally Speaking #181 - William MacAskill on "Moral Uncertainty"
158.thumbnailSeneca the Younger
159.thumbnailEpisode 111: Our Language Doesn't Have a Word For This Title (with Yoel Inbar)
160.thumbnailHeal Thyself First
161.thumbnailKeith Frankish on Conscious Thought
162.thumbnailHoP 272 - A Close Shave - Ockham’s Nominalism
163.thumbnailCelebrating 'Difference'
164.thumbnailDonating your organs
165.thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part One)
166.thumbnailEp 6 - Part I of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
167.thumbnailDesign Thinking and Global Citizenship
168.thumbnailBe a Man
169.thumbnailBe a Man
170.thumbnailThe Just Riot?
171.thumbnailEpisode 110: Stepsisters and Neck Braces (with Yoel Inbar)
172.thumbnailHow to Focus on 'Building the New'
173.thumbnailEpisode #097 ... Wittgenstein ep. 1
174.thumbnailHPI 36 - Fine Grained Analysis - Kanada’s Vaisesika-Sutra
175.thumbnailLet's Make America Again
176.thumbnailThe Golden Age of female philosophy
177.thumbnailAmia Srinivasan on What is a Woman?
178.thumbnailEp 5 - John Lachs on Stoic Pragmatism
179.thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part Two)
180.thumbnailRationally Speaking #180 - David Roodman on "The Worm Wars"
181.thumbnailEp4 - Shared Values in the Abortion Debate
182.thumbnailThe Integrated Self
183.thumbnailHackademics II: The Hackers
184.thumbnailHackademics II: The Hackers
185.thumbnailHoP 271 - Do As You’re Told - Ockham on Ethics and Political Philosophy
186.thumbnailMaking Beautiful Music
187.thumbnailFuelling free will
188.thumbnailHannah Arendt
189.thumbnailEp3 - All Shook Up about World War III
190.thumbnailThe Search for Meaning & Composing Your Life Narrative
191.thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part One)
192.thumbnailHackademics I: The Control
193.thumbnailHackademics: The Control
194.thumbnailHPI 35 - Ujjwala Jha and V.N. Jha on Nyaya
195.thumbnailEpisode 109: Moral Pluralism: Behind the Lube
196.thumbnailFor all my Valentines
197.thumbnailRepairing the World
198.thumbnailEpisode 158: Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Part Two)
199.thumbnailRationally Speaking #179 - Dani Rodrik on "Is economics more art or science?"
200.thumbnailEp2 - The Ethics of Dentistry
201.thumbnailEp2 - The Ethics of Dentistry
202.thumbnailPart Two -- Money For Nothing?
203.thumbnailPart 1: Money For Nothing?
204.thumbnailHoP 270 - Render unto Caesar - Marsilius of Padua
205.thumbnailKate Jeffery on Concepts and Representation
206.thumbnailEp1 - The Molemen and Plato's Cave Today
207.thumbnailEp1 - The Molemen and Plato's Cave Today
208.thumbnailThe State and Marriage
209.thumbnailAnthony Gottlieb on Pierre Bayle
210.thumbnailOn Parfit
211.thumbnailBloom Where You're Planted -- a Philosophy of Living
212.thumbnailEpisode 158: Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Part One)
213.thumbnailThe Courage to Create
214.thumbnailHPI 34 - The Truth Shall Set You Free - Nyaya on the Mind
215.thumbnailThe Cops of Pop
216.thumbnailThe Cops of Pop
217.thumbnailDemocracy and the History of Philosophy
218.thumbnailNietzsche's Genealogy of Morality
219.thumbnailRich individual experience and richer universal truths
220.thumbnailRobotics, AI and the power of slow
221.thumbnailOn the Power and Potential of Meaningful Conversations
222.thumbnailEpisode 157: Richard Rorty on Politics for the Left (Part Two)
223.thumbnailHoP 269 - Our Power is Real - The Clash of Church and State
224.thumbnailRationally Speaking #178 - Tim Urban on "Trying to live well, as semi-rational animals"
225.thumbnailThe Name of God
226.thumbnailThe Name of God
227.thumbnailDavid Miller on Immigration
228.thumbnailKathleen Stock on Fiction and the Emotions
229.thumbnailEpisode 108: The Gimp Exception
230.thumbnailCompassion: caught or taught?
231.thumbnailEpisode 157: Richard Rorty on Politics for the Left (Part One)
232.thumbnailEpisode #096 ... Is Ayn Rand A Philosopher?
233.thumbnailHPI 33 - Standard Deductions - Nyaya on Reasoning
234.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 2: The Morality of War
235.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 2: The Morality of War
236.thumbnailCreativity and Character
237.thumbnailWhat were they thinking?
238.thumbnailHoP 268 - To Hell and Back - Dante Alighieri
239.thumbnailEpisode 156: Philosophy and Politics Free-Form Discussion (Part Two)
240.thumbnailPart 2: All the Best Entrepreneurs
241.thumbnailPart 1: All the Best Entrepreneurs
242.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 1: Moral Exploitation
243.thumbnailSoldier Philosophers Part 1: Moral Exploitation
244.thumbnailEpisode 107: Winking Under Oppression (with Manuel Vargas)
245.thumbnailI’m just not myself
246.thumbnailRationally Speaking #177 - Dylan Matthews on "The science and ethics of kidney donation"
247.thumbnailSophie Scott on the Meaning of Laughter
248.thumbnailHPI 32 - What You See Is What You Get - Nyaya on Perception
249.thumbnailEpisode 156: Philosophy and Politics Free-Form Discussion (Part One)
250.thumbnailJonathan Wolff on Marx in Soho
251.thumbnailEpisode 023: Tommie Shelby on Dark Ghettos
252.thumbnailPeter Godfrey-Smith on Mental Representations
253.thumbnailNoel Carroll on Criticism
254.thumbnailPart 2 -- Living Here and Now
255.thumbnailPart 1: Living Here and Now: One Young Person's Philosophy
256.thumbnailThe Wishes of the Dead
257.thumbnailThe Wishes of the Dead
258.thumbnailGender bending
259.thumbnailHoP 267 - After Virtue - Marguerite Porete
260.thumbnailEpisode #095 ... Are you living in a simulation?
261.thumbnailCecile Fabre on Remembrance
262.thumbnailRay Monk on Wittgenstein's Grave
263.thumbnailEpisode 155: Richard Rorty Against Epistemology (Part Two)
264.thumbnailThe Humanities and 'Humaneness'
265.thumbnailHPI 31 - Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire - Gautama’s Nyaya-Sutra
266.thumbnailNoam Chomsky on the hard stuff
267.thumbnailEpisode 106: American Grandstand
268.thumbnailAre We Biased About Love?
269.thumbnailAll People to the Power
270.thumbnail(Preview) Hackademics
271.thumbnail(Preview) Hackademics
272.thumbnailRationally Speaking #176 - Jason Brennan on "Against democracy"
273.thumbnailEpisode 155: Richard Rorty Against Epistemology (Part One)
275.thumbnailHoP 266 - Tom Pink on the Will
276.thumbnailJesse Prinz on Thinking with Pictures
278.thumbnailAn Interview With Daniel Chernilo - Grasped in Thought
279.thumbnailRescuing the beautiful
280.thumbnail(Preview) Soldier Philosophers
281.thumbnail(Preview) Soldier Philosophers
282.thumbnailEpisode 154: Wilfrid Sellars on the Myth of the Given (Part Two)
283.thumbnailHow do we figure out what we want individually?
284.thumbnailHPI 30 - Philipp Maas on Yoga
285.thumbnailEpisode 105: Wizards With (Reactive) Attitudes
286.thumbnailSpooky action is closer than you think
287.thumbnailSelf Defence
288.thumbnail(Preview) Wishes of the Dead
289.thumbnail(Preview) Wishes of the Dead
290.thumbnailEpisode 154: Wilfrid Sellars on the Myth of the Given (Part One)
291.thumbnailHoP 265 - Time of the Signs - the Fourteenth Century
292.thumbnailRationally Speaking #175 - Chris Blattman on "Do sweatshops reduce poverty?"
293.thumbnailHow do we go about hatching the best ideas?
294.thumbnailCome, come, Mr Bond
295.thumbnailHPI 29 - Practice Makes Perfect - Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra
296.thumbnailWhat good can politics do?
297.thumbnailEpisode 153: Richard Rorty: There Is No Mind-Body Problem (Part Two)
298.thumbnailSeason One Trailer #1
299.thumbnailSeason One Trailer #1
300.thumbnailThe posthuman
301.thumbnailHoP 264 - Giorgio Pini on Scotus on Knowledge
302.thumbnailEpisode #094 ... A Look at Suffering
303.thumbnailEpisode 104: Smelling Salts for Morality: Our Top 3 Movies About Empathy (with Paul Bloom)
304.thumbnailHow can and should music shape our identity?
305.thumbnailEpisode 022: John Corvino on Homosexuality
306.thumbnailEpisode 153: Richard Rorty: There Is No Mind-Body Problem (Part One)
307.thumbnailHPI 28 - Who Wants to Live Forever? - Early Ayurvedic Medicine
308.thumbnailPride and prudence
309.thumbnailIs all art political?
310.thumbnailUniversal Human Rights
311.thumbnailHoP 263 - One in a Million - Scotus on Universals and Individuals
312.thumbnailPart 2: How can we all get along?
313.thumbnailSeeing reason
314.thumbnailHPI 27 - The Theory of Evolution - Isvarakrsna’s Samkhya-karika
315.thumbnailEpisode #093 ... Nietzsche pt. 4 - Love
316.thumbnailEpisode 103: Very Bad Utopias
317.thumbnailZeno's Paradoxes
318.thumbnailEpisode 152: Alexis de Tocqueville on Democracy in America (PEL Live!)
319.thumbnailSnookered: women and philosophy
320.thumbnailHoP 262 - On Command - Scotus on Ethics
321.thumbnailRationally Speaking #174 - John Ioannidis on "What happened to Evidence-based medicine?"
322.thumbnailEpisode 151: Edmund Burke’s Conservatism (Part Two)
323.thumbnailHPI 26 - Francis Clooney on Vedanta
324.thumbnailRace and gender in an age of transition
325.thumbnailHoP 261 - To Will or Not to Will - Scotus on Freedom
326.thumbnailEpisode 151: Edmund Burke’s Conservatism (Part One)
327.thumbnailEpisode 102: Red, Black, and Blue
328.thumbnailBewilderment and Wonder
329.thumbnailPEL Special: Bill Bruford on Nakedly Examined Music #25
330.thumbnailEpisode 021: Denise James on Political Illusions
331.thumbnailHPI 25 - Communication Breakdown - Bhartrihari on Language
332.thumbnailMemories, morals, and me
333.thumbnailHoP 260 - Once and for All - Scotus on Being
334.thumbnailEpisode 150: Peter Singer on Famine, Affluence, and Morality (Part Two: Discussion)
335.thumbnailWhy Worry about Class?
336.thumbnailHPI 24 - No Two Ways About It - Sankara and Advaita Vedanta
337.thumbnailThe social contract in an age of terror: who can you trust?
338.thumbnailRationally Speaking #173 - Brendan Nyhan on "What can we learn from the election?"
339.thumbnailEpisode #092 ... Nietzsche pt. 3 - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
340.thumbnailEpisode 150: Guest Peter Singer on Famine, Affluence, and Morality (Part One)
341.thumbnailHappiness—it’s not personal
342.thumbnailEpisode 101: Having Desert and Eating It Too
343.thumbnailSummer Reading
344.thumbnailSummer Reading
345.thumbnailWe Do Need Some Education (But Not Like What We Have Now)
346.thumbnailHoP 259 - Richard Cross on Philosophy and the Trinity
347.thumbnailHPI 23 - Source Code - Badarayana’s Vedanta-sutra
348.thumbnailEpisode 149: Plato’s “Crito”: A Performance and Discussion
349.thumbnailSleep, sex, and fairy tales
350.thumbnailEpisode #091 ... Nietzsche pt. 2 - The Will to Power
351.thumbnailEpisode 020: Post-Election Panel on Trump and the Age of Ignorance
352.thumbnailShould we care about debt?
353.thumbnailDeath duties
354.thumbnailEpisode 148: Aristotle on Friendship and Happiness (Part Two)
355.thumbnailRationally Speaking #172 - Brian Nosek on "Why science needs openness"
356.thumbnailGender bending
357.thumbnailEpisode 148: Aristotle on Friendship and Happiness (Part One)
358.thumbnailEpisode 100: It's a Celebration
359.thumbnailEpisode #090 ... Nietzsche pt. 1 - God is dead and so is Captain Morgan
360.thumbnailFrom Reason to Enlightenment
361.thumbnailEpisode #089 ... Simone De Beauvoir - The Second Sex
362.thumbnailEpisode 147: Aristotle on Wisdom and Incontinence (Part Two)
363.thumbnailEpisode #088 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 3 - The Great Debate
364.thumbnailLogic: if + then = why?
365.thumbnailEpisode 147: Aristotle on Wisdom and Incontinence (Part One)
366.thumbnailRationally Speaking #171 - Scott Aaronson on "The ethics and strategy of vote trading"
367.thumbnailThe truth, beauty, and power of punk
368.thumbnailEpisode 146: Emmanuel Levinas on Overcoming Solitude (Part Two)
369.thumbnailWhat were they thinking?
370.thumbnailJulian Dodd – What 4’33” is
371.thumbnailEpisode 99: Mockingbirds, Destructo-Critics, and Mr. Robot
372.thumbnailSuper Intelligence
373.thumbnailTalk about a revolution!
374.thumbnailEpisode 146: Emmanuel Levinas on Overcoming Solitude (Part One)
375.thumbnailMartha Nussbaum on the limits of anger
376.thumbnailMartha Nussbaum on politics and emotions
377.thumbnailEpisode 145: Emmanuel Levinas: Why Be Ethical? (Part Two)
378.thumbnailDavid Chalmers on Pokémon Go and the future of reality
379.thumbnailI’m just not myself
380.thumbnailEpisode 145: Emmanuel Levinas: Why Be Ethical? (Part One)
381.thumbnailJason Gaiger – Pictorial Experience and the Perception of Rhythm
382.thumbnailEpisode 98: Mind the Gap
383.thumbnailEpisode 144: Martha Nussbaum on Anger (Part Three: Discussion)
384.thumbnailRationally Speaking #170 - Will Wilkinson on "Social justice and political philosophy"
385.thumbnailEpisode 144: Guest Martha Nussbaum on Anger (Part Two)
386.thumbnailEpisode 144: Guest Martha Nussbaum on Anger (Part One)
387.thumbnailPhi Fic #3 Frankenstein (PEL Crossover Special)
388.thumbnailEpisode 97: Dogmatic Slumber Party
389.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Catharine Abell
390.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Elisabeth Camp
391.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Daisy Dixon
392.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Gabriel Greenberg
393.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: Dominic Gregory
394.thumbnailPictures and Propositions: John Kulvicki
395.thumbnailEpisode 96: Memory and Meaning in "Memento" (with Paul Bloom)
396.thumbnailLove and Attraction
397.thumbnailBonus Episode: More Doobie-ous Theories About "Mr. Robot" (Season 2)
398.thumbnailRationally Speaking #169 - Owen Cotton-Barratt on "Thinking About Humanity's Far Future"
399.thumbnailEpisode 95: The Repugnance of Repugnance
400.thumbnailWhat's Wrong With Passive Aggression?
401.thumbnailRationally Speaking #168 - Don Moore on "Overconfidence"
402.thumbnailSocrates Cafe Podcast 1 -- What's love go to do with it?
403.thumbnailEpisode 019: Paul C. Taylor on Black Aesthetics
404.thumbnailRationally Speaking #167 - Samuel Arbesman on "Why technology is becoming too complex"
405.thumbnailRationally Speaking #166 - Eric Schwitzgebel on "Why you should expect the truth to be crazy"
406.thumbnailRationally Speaking #165 - Robert Frank on "Success and Luck"
407.thumbnailRationally Speaking #164 - James Evans on "Using meta-knowledge to learn how science works"