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1.thumbnailSarah Fine on the Right to Exclude
2.thumbnailHPI 60 - The Buddha and I - Indian Influence on Islamic and European Thought
3.thumbnailEric Schwitzgebel on Scepticism
4.thumbnailHoP 295 - The Most Christian Doctor - Jean Gerson
5.thumbnailThe philosophy of parenting—part 3
6.thumbnailHPI 59 - Looking East - Indian Influence on Greek Thought
7.thumbnailEp59 - Finding Peace
9.thumbnailRationally Speaking #202 - Bryan Caplan on "The Case Against Education"
10.thumbnailEpisode 33, Yujin Nagasawa and 'The Problem of Evil for Atheists' (Part I)
11.thumbnailI need good citizens to help take care of me when I am older, so I need to help train them. -- Dennis Dienst, board chair, Democracy Cafe
12.thumbnailWhat Does Philosophy Owe Society?
13.thumbnailIf the profession of philosophy wants to survive, let alone grow and flourish, it needs to diversity its portfolio - David E. Storey, PhD
14.thumbnail#17 The Opioid Crisis and Harm Reduction with Leo Beletsky
15.thumbnailThe philosophy of parenting—part 2
16.thumbnailEpisode 184: Pascal on Human Nature (Part One)
17.thumbnailPeople want to be free and they want to have liberty -- Ethan Randleas, teenager and candidate for governor in Kansas
18.thumbnailHoP 294 - Isabel Davis on Sexuality and Marriage in Chaucer
19.thumbnailChanges in confidence are having a real impact in real time in America -- Peter Atwater, President, Financial Insyghts
20.thumbnailEpisode 32, Meta-Ethics (Part IV - Further Analysis and Discussion)
21.thumbnailEp58 - Posthumanism and the Media
22.thumbnailWe need to come up with a new political vocabulary -- David Palumbo-Liu
23.thumbnailPhilosophy of Taxes
24.thumbnailActivism can and should be enlivening and life giving instead of life draining -- Steve Lambert
25.thumbnail#16 Hitler's Art, "Literally," and the Next Generation
26.thumbnailThe philosophy of parenting—part 1
27.thumbnailEpisode 183: Mill on Liberty (Part Two)
28.thumbnailHPI 58 - Amber Carpenter on Animals in Indian Philosophy
29.thumbnailRationally Speaking #201 - Ben Buchanan on "The Cybersecurity Dilemma"
30.thumbnailPhilip Pettit on Robustly Demanding Goods
31.thumbnailGolf, entrepreneurialism, democracy, and transforming young lives
32.thumbnailEpisode 32, Meta-Ethics (Part III - Emotivism)
33.thumbnailIt is time to transcend labels and find common ground so we can create a more sustainable future - Charles Massiatte
34.thumbnail'People who come to Socrates Cafe are, deep down, the same everywhere.'
35.thumbnail0G1: Black Mirror and The Experience Machine
36.thumbnail0G2: Rick and Morty and Possible Worlds
37.thumbnailThe value of thought experiments
38.thumbnail#15 The Self-Improvement Machine with Chris Partridge
39.thumbnailAre there benefits to Psychedelic Drugs?
40.thumbnailEpisode 133: Death and Dreams
41.thumbnail'Children are truly and truthfully a mirror into you'
42.thumbnailHoP 293 - The Good Wife - Gender and Sexuality in the Middle Ages
43.thumbnailEpisode 183: Mill on Liberty (Part One)
44.thumbnailTEASER-Episode 182: Reflections on PEL 2017 (Part Two)
45.thumbnailEp57 - Philosophy Outdoors
46.thumbnailEpisode 32, Meta-Ethics (Part II - Intuitionism)
47.thumbnailWe are seeing in the whole social sphere a renewed interest in connecting for a better future that is for everyone'
48.thumbnailEpisode 032: Kyle Whyte on Indigenous Resilience and Environmental Change
49.thumbnailEpisode 33 - Zoe Drayson
50.thumbnailFuelling free will
51.thumbnail#14 Black Mirror: "White Christmas" and Cruelty
52.thumbnailEpisode 182: Reflections on PEL 2017 (Part One)
53.thumbnailHPI 57 - Learn by Doing - Tantra
54.thumbnail"There but for the grace of God go I": How charitable giving helps an open society flourish
55.thumbnailNEM#65: Jherek Bischoff Risks Every String
56.thumbnailEp56 - Inclusion and Philosophy
57.thumbnailRationally Speaking #200 - Timothy Lee on "How much should tech companies moderate speech?"
58.thumbnailEpisode 32, Meta-Ethics (Part I - Naturalism)
59.thumbnailHow Socrates Cafe improves democracy and enhances our military
60.thumbnail'We need to learn to separate our political views from our constitutional views'
61.thumbnailCarlo Rovelli and his quantum problem
62.thumbnail#13 Black Mirror: "Nosedive" and Yelp for People
63.thumbnailEpisode 132: Emotional Willpower (with David DeSteno)
64.thumbnailEpisode 181: Hannah Arendt on the Banality of Evil (Part Two)
65.thumbnailHoP 292 - Say it With Poetry - Chaucer and Langland
66.thumbnailThe road to political enlightenment and participation
67.thumbnailFreedom and Hostile Design
68.thumbnailEpisode #115 ... Structuralism and Context
69.thumbnailCarla Damião – Memory, Truth and Monuments
70.thumbnailDiarmuid Costello – What is Abstraction in Photography?
71.thumbnailEfi Kyprianidou – Empathy in Response to Art: The Case of Illness-related Artwork
72.thumbnailDan Eugen-Ratiu – Everyday Aesthetic Experience and the Life-World
73.thumbnailLisa Jones – “This is Awesome!” But is it Art? The Aesthetics of Pro-Wrestling
74.thumbnailMatthew Kieran – Creativity, Vanity, and Narcissism
75.thumbnailJoshua Landy – In Praise of Depth: or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Hidden
76.thumbnailJulia Peters – Self-Expression, Art, and Nature in Hegel’s Philosophy of Spirit
77.thumbnailEpisode 31, Ludwig Wittgenstein with Prof. Richard Gaskin (Part II)
78.thumbnailThe Democracy Game and the Money Game
79.thumbnailStones rolling and the joy of ordinary objects
80.thumbnailHPI 56 - Who’s Pulling Your Strings? - Buddhaghosa
81.thumbnail#12 The City: History vs Development
82.thumbnailEpisode 181: Hannah Arendt on the Banality of Evil (Part One)
83.thumbnailNEM#64: Mike Huberty (Sunspot): Rock from the Other Side
84.thumbnailKatalin Farkas on Knowing a Person
85.thumbnailRationally Speaking #199 - Jessica Flanigan on "Why people should have the right to self-medicate"
86.thumbnailEpisode 31, Ludwig Wittgenstein with Prof. Richard Gaskin (Part I)
87.thumbnailAwesome ethics and the art of mushroom blading
88.thumbnailHoP 291 - Alle Maner of Thyng Shall be Welle - English Mysticism
89.thumbnail#11 Blue Ruin: The Ethics of Vengeance with Chris Partridge
90.thumbnailEpisode 131: I Have No Genitals and I Must Scream
91.thumbnailEpisode 180: More James's Psychology: Self and Will (Part Two)
92.thumbnailRobot Love
93.thumbnailEpisode 32 - Tim Maudlin
94.thumbnailEpisode 30, Friedrich Nietzsche - with Mark Linsenmayer and Gregory Sadler (Part II)
95.thumbnailEnid Blyton—the moral of the story
96.thumbnailHPI 55 - Doors of Perception - Dignaga on Consciousness
97.thumbnail#10 Philosophy for Children with Jana Mohr Lone
98.thumbnailNEM#63: Revisiting Bradley Skaught, Jeff Heiskell, Steve Petrinko: 2017 Year-end Extravaganza
99.thumbnailEpisode 180: More James's Psychology: Self and Will (Part One)
100.thumbnailEp55 - Evaluating Public Philosophy
101.thumbnailEpisode 30, Friedrich Nietzsche - with Mark Linsenmayer and Gregory Sadler (Part I)
102.thumbnailHoP 290 - Martin Pickavé on Emotions in Medieval Philosophy
103.thumbnailRobot dogs dream of consciousness
104.thumbnailA democracy where citizens care about and for one another
105.thumbnail#9 The Good Art of Bad People (Guest: Lane Eagles)
106.thumbnailEpisode 130: Dehumanization and Disintegration (with Paul Bloom)
107.thumbnailEpisode 179: William James's Psychology (Part Two)
108.thumbnailEp53 - Kneeling and Civil Protest
109.thumbnailEpisode 29, Stephen Law and 'The Evil-God Challenge' (Part II)
110.thumbnailNEM#62: Anthony Phillips: Private Pieces, Soundtrack Parts, and Prog Rock
111.thumbnailHPI 54 - Graham Priest on Logic and Buddhism
112.thumbnailParental guidance recommended
113.thumbnail'This is no way to run a democracy'
114.thumbnail#8 Taylor Swift: Awkward, Strategic, or Villainous?
115.thumbnailEp52 - Against the Common Core
116.thumbnailEpisode 179: William James's Introspective Psychology (Part One)
117.thumbnailDrowned at Sea
118.thumbnailRationally Speaking #198 - Timur Kuran on “Private Truths and Public Lies"
119.thumbnailEpisode 29, Stephen Law and 'The Evil-God Challenge' (Part I)
120.thumbnailEpisode 031: Serene Khader on Cross-Border Feminist Solidarity
121.thumbnailHoP 289 - A Wing and a Prayer - Angels in Medieval Philosophy
122.thumbnailEpisode #114 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 7 - The Great Refusal
123.thumbnailEnvy has its reasons
124.thumbnailDemocracy Now?
125.thumbnailEpisode 129: Dystopias
126.thumbnailNEM#61: Richard X. Heyman Is Incognito (Yet a Cornerstone)
127.thumbnail#7 Guy Fieri and Authenticity
128.thumbnailEpisode 178: Nietzsche as Social Critic: Twilight of the Idols (Part Two)
129.thumbnailEp51 - What Philosophers Owe Society
130.thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part IV)
131.thumbnailHPI 53 - Follow the Evidence - Dignaga’s Logic
132.thumbnailEpisode 31 - Robyn Bluhm
133.thumbnailA tale of two universes
134.thumbnailEpisode 178: Nietzsche as Social Critic: "Twilight of the Idols" (Part One)
135.thumbnail#6 Gossip II - Mean Girls and the Culture of Censure
136.thumbnailEvolution and Cooperation
137.thumbnailHoP 288 - Men in Black - The German Dominicans
138.thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part III)
139.thumbnailGraduate Students Talking about the GOP Tax Bill
140.thumbnailEpisode 030: Winston Thompson on Educational Justice
141.thumbnailAutonomy, self, and substances
142.thumbnailEp50 - Transitional Justice
143.thumbnailNEM#60: Alejandro Escovedo's Hard Road
144.thumbnailEpisode 177: Guest Russ Roberts on Adam Smith and Emergent Order (Part Two)
145.thumbnailEpisode 128: Fragmented Values and Sex Panics (with Christina Hoff Sommers)
146.thumbnail#5 Gossip I - The Ethics of Gossip
147.thumbnailHPI 52 - Under Construction - Dignaga on Perception and Language
148.thumbnailThe Ethics Bowl
149.thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part II)
150.thumbnailGetting stuck: The midlife mess
151.thumbnailEpisode #113 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 6 - Art As A Tool For Liberation
152.thumbnailRoger Scruton on Human Nature
153.thumbnailNEM#59: Annie Haslam's Renaissance: Sing Now, Figure it Out Later
154.thumbnailEpisode 177: Guest Russ Roberts on Adam Smith and Libertarian Economics (Part One)
155.thumbnailHow to Read (about) Hannah Arendt
156.thumbnail#4 Ghosts II - Poltergeists and Cannibals
157.thumbnailHoP 287 - Down to the Ground - Meister Eckhart
158.thumbnailRationally Speaking #197 - Doug Hubbard on “Why people think some things can’t be quantified (and why they’re wrong)”
159.thumbnailEp54 - BC11 - Super Cute PBB Promo
160.thumbnailEpisode 28, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Part I)
161.thumbnailThe Reformation: What's not to like?
162.thumbnailEpisode 30 - Elisabeth Lloyd
163.thumbnailEp49 - Public Philosophy and Polarization
164.thumbnailEpisode 176: Situationism in Psych: Milgram & Stanford Prison Experiments (Part Two)
165.thumbnailEpisode 127: Moral Luck
166.thumbnail#1 Democracy I - The Paradox of Voting
167.thumbnail#2 Democracy II - Compromised Politics
168.thumbnail#3 Ghosts I - Ghosts are Fun
169.thumbnailHPI 51 - Change of Mind - Vasubandhu and Yogacara Buddhism
170.thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part IV)
171.thumbnailAnimals and the philosophy of friendship
172.thumbnailEp48 - BC10 - How to Read Philosophy? The Answer Might Surprise You
173.thumbnailHoP 286 - On the Money - Medieval Economic Theory
174.thumbnailEpisode 176: Situationism in Psych: Milgram & Stanford Prison Experiments (Very Bad Wizards Crossover) (Part One)
175.thumbnailTEASER-Episode 175: Blade Runner (Part Two)
176.thumbnailEp47 - Philosophy and Social Change
177.thumbnailRationally Speaking #196 - Eric Schwitzgebel on "Weird ideas and opaque minds"
178.thumbnailKant's Categorical Imperative
179.thumbnail#0 Trailer
180.thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part III - Sigmund Freud)
181.thumbnailBots, bankers and big brother
182.thumbnailThe Vim Watches Fox News - Hannity on Collusion
183.thumbnailTim Harford on Messy
184.thumbnailEp46 - Philosophy at Home
185.thumbnailHPI 50 - Marie-Hélène Gorisse on Jain Epistemology
186.thumbnailEpisode 175: Blade Runner: Androids and Humanity (Part One)
187.thumbnailEpisode 29 - Eric Winsberg
188.thumbnailEp45 - Experimentation in Art and Law
189.thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part II - Saint Thomas Aquinas)
190.thumbnailThe Bottom of the Curve
191.thumbnailFacts and trust in a post-truth world
192.thumbnailAnil Seth on the Real Problem of Consciousness
193.thumbnailEpisode #112 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 5 - Civilization
194.thumbnailHoP 285 - Dominik Perler on Medieval Skepticism
195.thumbnailEpisode 126: The Absurd
196.thumbnailNEM#57: Richard Amp's Exploratory Atmospheres
197.thumbnailEpisode 174: Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" (Part Two)
198.thumbnailRationally Speaking #195 - Zach Weinersmith on "Emerging technologies that'll improve and/or ruin everything"
199.thumbnailEpisode 27, Conscience (Part I)
200.thumbnailPersonal identity: a primer
201.thumbnailMatthew Syed on Black Box Thinking
202.thumbnailHPI 49 - Well Qualified - the Jains on Truth
203.thumbnailEp44 - On Philosophy, Leadership, & SOPHIA
204.thumbnailEpisode 174: Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" (Part One)
205.thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part IV)
206.thumbnailMichael Puett on Ritual in Chinese Philosophy
207.thumbnailAnother concept of race
208.thumbnailEp43 - The Stories of Our Day 1: Game of Thrones
209.thumbnailEpisode 173: Relating to American Indian Philosophy (Part Two)
210.thumbnailEpisode 125: Can You Feel It?
211.thumbnailEpisode #111 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 4 - Eros
212.thumbnailRationally Speaking #194 - Robert Wright on "Why Buddhism is True"
213.thumbnailNEM#56: "Dr. Frank" Portman Writes His Inner Teenager
214.thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part III)
215.thumbnailVirtue, vice, sex, and robots
216.thumbnailOn Guns
217.thumbnailEpisode 28 - Bas Van Fraassen
218.thumbnailEp42 - BC9 - Overcoming Redneck State Stigma
219.thumbnailEp41 - BC8 - The Meaning of Life? Answered.
220.thumbnailEpisode 173: Relating to American Indian Philosophy (Part One)
221.thumbnailAaron Meskin on the Definition of Art
222.thumbnailTell me one thing that's absolutely true
223.thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part II)
224.thumbnailEp40 - Democracy and Education Today
225.thumbnailThe Vim Reads the News- Blame Facebook for Everything!
226.thumbnailIndirect Discrimination
227.thumbnailEpisode 172: Mind, Self, and Affect with Guest Dr. Drew (Part Two)
228.thumbnailRationally Speaking #193 - Eric Jonas on "Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor?"
229.thumbnailEpisode 124: Dr. Strawson or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Episodic Life
230.thumbnailTranscendence and the moderns
231.thumbnailEpisode 26, Karl Marx's Political Philosophy (Part I)
232.thumbnailEpisode 029: Wendy Salkin on Informal Representation
233.thumbnailA Guide to Nazi Analogies in Trump's America
234.thumbnailEp39 - BC7 - Stoicism Today
235.thumbnailNEM Ep 55: Don Preston, Mother of Keyboard Invention
236.thumbnailHoP 284 - Seeing is Believing - Nicholas of Autrecourt’s Skeptical Challenge
237.thumbnailEp38 - The YouTube Philosopher
238.thumbnailEpisode 172: Mind, Self, and Affect with Guest Dr. Drew (Part One)
239.thumbnailEpisode 27 - Serife Tekin
240.thumbnailTranscendence and the ancients
241.thumbnailEpisode 25, Philip Goff and David Papineau Debate: 'Can Science Explain Consciousness?' (Part III)
242.thumbnailElisabeth Schellekens Dammann on Disagreement About Taste
243.thumbnailShelly Kagan on Death and Deprivation
244.thumbnailHPI 48 - Taking Perspective - the Jain Theory of Standpoints
245.thumbnailEp37 - Philosophy in High School
246.thumbnailThree things you should know about time
247.thumbnailEpisode 171: Buddhism vs. Evolution with Guest Robert Wright (Part Two)
248.thumbnailEpisode 26 - Tony Chemero
249.thumbnailAndy Clark on The Extended Mind
250.thumbnailEpisode 123: What Chilling Effect? (Intelligence Pt. 2)
251.thumbnailRationally Speaking #192 - Jesse Singal on “The problems with implicit bias tests”
252.thumbnailEpisode 25, Philip Goff and David Papineau Debate: 'Can Science Explain Consciousness?' (Part II)
253.thumbnailThe Vim Reads the News- Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The First White President”
254.thumbnailEileen John on Art and Morality
255.thumbnailStephen Davies on Art and Evolution
256.thumbnailHoP 283 - Jack Zupko on John Buridan
257.thumbnailEp36 – Quality Philosophy for Everyone
258.thumbnailNEM Ep 54: Kaki King's Guitar Progression
259.thumbnailThe Politics of Wishful Thinking
260.thumbnailRemembering wars, lest we forget
261.thumbnailEpisode 25 - Adina Roskies
262.thumbnailEpisode 171: Buddhism vs. Evolution with Guest Robert Wright (Part One)
263.thumbnailEpisode 25, Philip Goff and David Papineau Debate: 'Can Science Explain Consciousness?' (Part I)
264.thumbnailHPI 47 - Jan Westerhoff on Nagarjuna
265.thumbnailPlato's Republic
266.thumbnailEp34 - Saving American Culture in a Yurt
267.thumbnailNEM#53: David Brookings Is Obsessed
268.thumbnailWhy We Cannot See Disaster Coming
269.thumbnailOn being vulnerable
270.thumbnailRationally Speaking #191 - Seth Stephens-Davidowitz on "What the internet can tell us about human nature" (Fixed)
271.thumbnailHoP 282 - Portrait of the Artist - John Buridan
272.thumbnailEpisode 170 Second Opinions: Leftists on "Society of the Spectacle"
273.thumbnailMale Circumcision
274.thumbnailEpisode 24, The A. C. Grayling Interview (Part II)
275.thumbnailEpisode 122: Nothing but a "G" Thing (Intelligence Pt. 1)
276.thumbnailEp33 - Cakes, Capes, and Culture Wars
277.thumbnailEpisode #110 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 3 - The Culture Industry
278.thumbnailCauses, effects, and hidden powers
279.thumbnailHPI 46 - No Four Ways About It - Nagarjuna’s Tetralemma
280.thumbnailEpisode 24, The A. C. Grayling Interview (Part I)
281.thumbnailNEM#52: Kim Rancourt's Authentic NYC Rock n' Roll
282.thumbnailEpisode 170: Guy Debord's "Society of the Spectacle" (Part Two)
283.thumbnailEp32 - The Public Philosopher and the Gadfly: Return of the Curry!
284.thumbnailEpisode 028: David Livingstone Smith on Dehumanization
285.thumbnailHoP 281 - Monica Green on Medieval Medicine
286.thumbnailWine: a matter of taste?
287.thumbnailEp31 - Sports Fan I Am
288.thumbnailRationally Speaking #190 - Amanda Askell on "Pascal's Wager and other low risks with high stakes"
289.thumbnailEpisode 23, John Stuart Mill's Political Philosophy (Part II)
290.thumbnailEpisode 170: Guy Debord's "Society of the Spectacle" (Part One)
291.thumbnailEpisode 121: The Beauty of Illusion - David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive"
292.thumbnailHPI 45 - Motion Denied - Nagarjuna on Change
293.thumbnailTEASER-Episode 169: Analyzing Hitchcock's "Vertigo" (Part Two)
294.thumbnailEp30 - Private Government
295.thumbnailEpisode #109 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 2 - The Enlightenment
296.thumbnailFree speech, campus protests, and the right to silence
297.thumbnailEp35 - BC 6 - 10,000 Downloads Celebration and Giveaway!
298.thumbnailEp29 - What's the Public Got to Do with It?
299.thumbnailEpisode 23, John Stuart Mill's Political Philosophy (Part I)
300.thumbnailHoP 280 - Get to the Point - Fourteenth Century Physics
301.thumbnailPEL Special: Combat & Classics on Rousseau's "Discourse on the Arts and Sciences"
302.thumbnailEpisode 24 - David Baker
304.thumbnailCake or Biscuit?
306.thumbnailEp28 - Philosophy in Nature
307.thumbnailRemembering Zygmunt Bauman and Hubert Dreyfus
308.thumbnailNEM Ep 51: Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash): The Privilege of a Legacy
309.thumbnailEp27 - Leadership and Civic Engagement
310.thumbnailHPI 44 - It All Depends - Nagarjuna on Emptiness
311.thumbnailRationally Speaking #189 - Stephan Guyenet on "What causes obesity?"
312.thumbnailEpisode 22, John Locke's Political Philosophy (Part II)
313.thumbnailEpisode #108 ... The Frankfurt School pt. 1 - Introduction
314.thumbnailEpisode 169: Analyzing Hitchcock's "Vertigo" (Part One)
315.thumbnailEpisode 23 - Heather Douglas
316.thumbnailEp26 - BC5 - Thanks & an Outtake
317.thumbnailHoP 279 - Quadrivial Pursuits - the Oxford Calculators
318.thumbnailEnid Blyton—the moral of the story
319.thumbnailNEM Ep 50: Anton Barbeau's Neo-Psychedelic Musings
320.thumbnailDo victims have obligations too?
321.thumbnailRoger Bacon
322.thumbnailEpisode 22, John Locke's Political Philosophy (Part I)
323.thumbnailThe Morality of "Economic Anxiety"
324.thumbnailHPI 43 - We Beg to Differ - the Buddhists and Jains
325.thumbnailEpisode 168: Darwin's "Origin of Species" (Part Two)
326.thumbnailEp24 - BC4 - Teaching Kids about Pessimism
327.thumbnailEp25 - Assessing Assessment
328.thumbnailEpisode 120: Clap Your Hand for Robert Wright
329.thumbnailAn answer for Carlo Rovelli and his quantum question
330.thumbnailHoP 278 - Sara Uckelman on Obligations
331.thumbnailNEM Ep 49: Scott McCaughey Minus 5 Plus Young Fresh Fellows Equals Magic
332.thumbnailEp23 - BC3 - Who Bakes Bread Anymore?
333.thumbnailThe Origins of "Economic Anxiety"
334.thumbnailRationally Speaking #188 - Robert Kurzban on "Being strategically wrong"
335.thumbnailEpisode 21, Thomas Hobbes's Political Philosophy (Part II)
336.thumbnailEp22 - The Little Engine that Couldn't
337.thumbnailThe military, moral injury, and Nancy Sherman
338.thumbnailEpisode 168: Darwin's "Origin of Species" (Part One)
339.thumbnailSeneca the Younger
340.thumbnailHPI 42 - In Good Taste - The Aesthetics of Rasa
341.thumbnailEp21 - BC2 - What to Do About Wicked Problems? Voicemail and Response Breadcrumb
342.thumbnailThe Myth of "Economic Anxiety"
343.thumbnailHoP 277 - Trivial Pursuits - Fourteenth Century Logic
344.thumbnailEp20 - Is the Cross Examined Life Worth Living?
345.thumbnailEpisode 21, Thomas Hobbes's Political Philosophy (Part I)
346.thumbnailOn prison sentencing: what matters?
347.thumbnailEpisode #107 ... Simone De Beauvoir pt .3 - Responsibility
348.thumbnailEpisode 167: Hume on Intelligent Design (Part Two)
349.thumbnailEpisode 119: A Brief History of Values
350.thumbnailHPI 41 - Monima Chadha on Indian Philosophy of Mind
351.thumbnailNEM Ep 48: Thalia Zedek's Slow Burn Memory Games
352.thumbnailRationally Speaking #187 - Jason Weeden on "Do people vote based on self-interest?"
353.thumbnailHoP 276 - Back to the Future - Foreknowledge and Predestination
354.thumbnailEpisode 20, Plato's Political Philosophy (Part II)
355.thumbnailEp19 - On Anger and Forgiveness
356.thumbnailCarlo Rovelli and his quantum problem
357.thumbnailHPI 40 - Mind out of Matter - Materialist Theories of the Self
358.thumbnailEpisode 167: Hume on Intelligent Design (Philosophize This! Crossover) (Part One)
359.thumbnailHoP 275 - Keeping it Real - Responses to Ockham
360.thumbnailWilliam Godwin: rebel for love, happiness, and anarchy
361.thumbnailEpisode 20, Plato's Political Philosophy (Part I)
362.thumbnailEpisode #106 ... Simone De Beauvoir pt. 2 - The Ethics of Ambiguity
363.thumbnailEp18 - Creating Community through Dialogue
364.thumbnailHPI 39 - The Wolf’s Footprint - Indian Naturalism
365.thumbnailHoP 274 - Susan Brower-Toland on Ockham’s Philosophy of Mind
366.thumbnailEpisode 166: Spinoza on Politics and Religion (Part Two)
367.thumbnailEpisode 118: We Don't Love Them Hoax
368.thumbnailHPI 38 - A Day in the Life - Theories of Time
369.thumbnailEp17 - The Wisdom in Humor
370.thumbnailMottainai: a philosophy of waste
371.thumbnailHoP 273 - What Do You Think? - Ockham on Mental Language
372.thumbnailEpisode 22 - Colin Klein
373.thumbnailRationally Speaking #186 - Tania Lombrozo on "Why we evolved the urge to explain"
374.thumbnailEpisode 19, Mind, Body and Consciousness (Part II)
375.thumbnailHPI 37 - The Whole Story - Vaisesika on Complexity and Causation
376.thumbnailHoP 272 - A Close Shave - Ockham’s Nominalism
377.thumbnailNEM Ep 47: Jason Falkner: Mid-Fi One-Man Moments
378.thumbnailEpisode 166: Spinoza on Politics and Religion (Part One)
379.thumbnailEp16 - On Disability and American Philosophy
380.thumbnailAwesome ethics and the art of mushroom blading
382.thumbnailEpisode 19, Mind, Body and Consciousness (Part I)
383.thumbnailEpisode #105 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 6 - The Self
384.thumbnailStones rolling and the joy of ordinary objects
385.thumbnailNEM Ep 46: Chandler Travis: Strongman of North America
386.thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part Two)
387.thumbnailRationally Speaking #185 - Hans Noel on "The role of ideology in politics"
388.thumbnailEpisode 18, Albert Camus (Part II)
389.thumbnailEpisode 21 - Roman Frigg
390.thumbnailEpisode 117: Extended Minds, Extended Foreskins
391.thumbnailA deathly conversation: Part 3
392.thumbnailEpisode 20 - Dominic Murphy
393.thumbnailEpisode 165: Spinoza on Biblical Criticism (Part One)
394.thumbnailEpisode 18, Albert Camus (Part I)
395.thumbnailConfucius says …
396.thumbnailThe other L word
397.thumbnailRationally Speaking #184 - Gregory Clark on "What caused the industrial revolution?"
398.thumbnailEpisode 17, Jean-Paul Sartre (Part II)
399.thumbnailEp15 - Part II of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
400.thumbnailEpisode 19 - Jason Robert
401.thumbnailEpisode 116: Pain, Pleasure, and Peer-Reviewed Penises
402.thumbnailEp14 - BC1 - How to Begin Philosophy with Children
403.thumbnailLove has its reasons
404.thumbnailNakedly Examined Music: Steve Hackett, Nik Kershaw, Ken Stringfellow, Robbie Fulks
405.thumbnailWhen tragedy strikes -- a loving and determined mother's philosophy for moving forward
406.thumbnailEpisode 027: Lori Gruen on Prisons
407.thumbnailEpisode 17, Jean-Paul Sartre (Part I)
408.thumbnailWho can join the political community?
409.thumbnailA deathly conversation: part two
410.thumbnailEpisode 18 - Richard Dawid
411.thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part Two)
412.thumbnailEp13 - Philosophy for Children
413.thumbnailLying to the Whole World (pt. 2)
414.thumbnailA deathly conversation
415.thumbnailRationally Speaking #183 - L. A. Paul on "Transformative Experiences"
416.thumbnailEpisode 16, Søren Kierkegaard (Part III)
417.thumbnailA common humanity: but how?
418.thumbnailEp12 - That's a Wicked Problem You've Got There
419.thumbnailEpisode 164: Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” on Perfection (Part One)
420.thumbnailA positive charge: electrons, love, and divine fine-tuning
421.thumbnailEp11 - Mass Incarceration
422.thumbnailLying to the Whole World (pt. 1)
423.thumbnailEpisode 16, Søren Kierkegaard (Part II)
424.thumbnailDonating your organs
425.thumbnailEp10 - Media Ethics
426.thumbnailEpisode 115: Which Field is More [email protected]%ed: Philosophy or Psychology?
427.thumbnailEpisode 17 - Alex Rosenberg
428.thumbnailEp 9 - Studying Black Men
429.thumbnailThe Golden Age of female philosophy
430.thumbnailFuelling free will
431.thumbnailEpisode 16, Søren Kierkegaard (Part I)
432.thumbnailRationally Speaking #182 - Spencer Greenberg on "How online research can be faster, better, and more useful"
433.thumbnailEp 8 - Selfish Ethics?
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435.thumbnailEp 7 - How to Live the Deepest Human Life
436.thumbnailNEM Ep 44: Lys Guillorn: Freedom from Explanation
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439.thumbnailWhy Care about Privacy?
440.thumbnailEpisode 163: Guest Stewart Umphrey on Natural Kinds (Part One)
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442.thumbnailEpisode 114: Great Vengeance and Furious Anger (Top 5 Movies About Revenge)
443.thumbnailRationally Speaking #181 - William MacAskill on "Moral Uncertainty"
444.thumbnailFinding Meaning and Happiness After Tragic Loss
445.thumbnailEpisode 15, Business Ethics (Part I)
446.thumbnailEpisode 16 - Lindley Darden
447.thumbnailDignifying Our Neighbors Pt. 2: Objections and Replies (and More Objections)
448.thumbnailEpisode #104 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 5 - Consciousness is Freedom
449.thumbnailA World in which there are no "Others"
450.thumbnailEpisode 14, Euthanasia (Part II)
451.thumbnailPEL Special: Phi Fic on James Baldwin’s Fiction
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454.thumbnailEpisode 14, Euthanasia (Part I)
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456.thumbnailDignifying Our Neighbors Pt. 1: the Economy of Moral Value
457.thumbnailEpisode 13, Religious Experience (Part III)
458.thumbnailReinventing Education -- A Way Forward
459.thumbnailRationally Speaking #179 - Dani Rodrik on "Is economics more art or science?"
460.thumbnailEpisode 13, Religious Experience (Part II)
461.thumbnailA Better Love
462.thumbnailEpisode 13, Religious Experience (Part I)
463.thumbnailEpisode 162: James Baldwin on Race in America (Part Two)
464.thumbnailEpisode 026: Elizabeth Barnes on Disability and Well-Being
465.thumbnailNEM Ep 41: Glenn Mercer (Feelies): Produce Yourself!
466.thumbnailEpisode #103 ... Sartre and Camus pt. 4 - The Quest For Certainty
467.thumbnailEpisode 14 - Tom Polger
468.thumbnailWhy We Must Embrace Big, Scary Ideas
469.thumbnailHow to Talk to Trump Supporters Pt. 4: Appealing to the Constitution
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476.thumbnailA Compact with America
477.thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part Two)
478.thumbnailRediscovering and recovering 'Nature's God'
479.thumbnailNEM Ep 40: Clive Farrington (When In Rome): One-Hit Wonderful
480.thumbnailHow to Talk to Trump Supporters Pt. 3: The Socratic Method
481.thumbnailRobots and Retribution
482.thumbnailThe Power of Persuasion and Dialogue
483.thumbnailOne teacher's wondrous learning harbor
484.thumbnailThe Ashes of Truth
485.thumbnailEpisode 161: White Privilege (Peggy McIntosh, Charles Mills, et al) (Part One)
486.thumbnailEpisode 112: Gettier Goggles
487.thumbnailThe Promise of Every Human Being
488.thumbnailPart 2: The Value of Values-Based Education
489.thumbnailPart 1 - The Value of Values-Based Education
490.thumbnailWhat is Real Fake News?
491.thumbnailTransgender Matters
492.thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part Two)
493.thumbnailEpisode #102 ... Heidegger pt. 3 - Authenticity
494.thumbnailAnd 'Youthkind' Shall Lead us
495.thumbnailEpisode 160: Orwell on Totalitarianism and Language (Part One)
496.thumbnailOn Fake News, Alternative Facts, and the Media As Enemy
497.thumbnailHow to Talk to Trump Supporters Pt. 2: Guidelines and Goals
498.thumbnailEpisode 111: Our Language Doesn't Have a Word For This Title (with Yoel Inbar)
499.thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part Two)
500.thumbnailEpisode 159: Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part One)
501.thumbnailThe Vital Role of Moms Rising in Keeping Our Democracy from Sinking
502.thumbnailEpisode 110: Stepsisters and Neck Braces (with Yoel Inbar)
503.thumbnailHeal Thyself First
504.thumbnailCelebrating 'Difference'
505.thumbnailWelcome One, Welcome All
506.thumbnailHow to Talk to Trump Supporters Pt. 1: The Ethics of Engagement
507.thumbnailDesign Thinking and Global Citizenship
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509.thumbnailHow to Focus on 'Building the New'
510.thumbnailLet's Make America Again
511.thumbnailThe Integrated Self
512.thumbnailMaking Beautiful Music
513.thumbnailThe Search for Meaning & Composing Your Life Narrative
514.thumbnailRepairing the World
515.thumbnailPart Two -- Money For Nothing?
516.thumbnailPart 1: Money For Nothing?
517.thumbnailBloom Where You're Planted -- a Philosophy of Living
518.thumbnailEpisode #101 ... Heidegger pt. 2 - Science and Technology
519.thumbnailBe a Man
520.thumbnailHackademics II: The Hackers
521.thumbnailHackademics I: The Control
522.thumbnailHow Unfairness Drives Us Crazy
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