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Today's Stoic Lesson : The Illusion of Desire, or How To Cure Our Frantic Wants and Needs ... https://t.co/qrIJWaxx1w pic.twitter.com/sj6HTzLi8c

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) July 19, 2017

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952 followers! Would be great to end our run w/ 1,000+ . As @DUPress1 winds down by summer's end, let's demonstrate power of univ presses! pic.twitter.com/1ck2g0Pq8j

— Duquesne Univ Press (@DUPress1) July 16, 2017

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Okay, one more item from the @DUPress1 files: pretty much the best letter to an author we've ever seen from a @aaupresses director. #shade pic.twitter.com/eQAOpeV2el

— Duquesne Univ Press (@DUPress1) July 20, 2017

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Author of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn, born OTD 95 years ago. He's not the only Thomas Kuhn... #SpotTheDifference pic.twitter.com/qh5AFBj16s

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) July 18, 2017

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Thinking about teaching: a philosophy conference for teachers 14th October, Birmingham with Gert Biesta @gbiesta... https://t.co/F1dAVLQM2f

— SAPERE (@SAPERE_P4C) July 22, 2017

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Congratulations to all our students who graduated today! Parchwch ddoethineb, gan ei fod yn cynnig gobaith a gwirionedd ym mhob cenhedlaeth.

— Cardiff Philosophy (@cardiffphilos) July 17, 2017

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CFP: **Social Ontology 2018.** Submission deadline February 28. Conference August 22-25, @TuftsUniversity: https://t.co/WEcUwNF0Lo pic.twitter.com/DvFKxGQHAG

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) July 20, 2017

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Via @TheBSLS: great review of "Ground-Work," ed. by @hillaryeklund, part of @RebeccaTotaro's fabulous MRLS series: https://t.co/uWRvsW31EY pic.twitter.com/CMwkKItjdp

— Duquesne Univ Press (@DUPress1) July 18, 2017

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TODAY'S FUNNY : see more by the artist grant snider @incidentalcomics.com pic.twitter.com/uBJOyupa2L

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) July 17, 2017

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So excited to have Nancy Cartwright as a keynote! She has written a lot on evidence based policy and RCTs. https://t.co/Y59m7QEWJg

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) July 21, 2017

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TODAY'S FUNNY : list your favorite oxymorons below. Jumbo shrimp. Kierkegaardian happiness. pic.twitter.com/PtfI9eJKBo

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) July 18, 2017

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Don't miss out! @alexbroadbent: Alex Broadbent: Judges or Robots? Medical expertise in the guideline era. https://t.co/Y59m7QEWJg

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) July 21, 2017

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TODAY'S FUNNY pic.twitter.com/b5MNRejeMl

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) July 19, 2017

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ICYMI - and now we're up to 989.... #ReadUP #universitypress #scholarlypublishing #books https://t.co/akvkoxWgoF

— Duquesne Univ Press (@DUPress1) July 18, 2017

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Delia Graff Fara (1970-2017) https://t.co/Fi2mpaMxlV pic.twitter.com/Mlxc5fGo6Y

— Daily Nous (@DailyNousEditor) July 21, 2017

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New blog post: Ann-Sophie Barwich on smell as an aesthetic sense https://t.co/7MPhIQcomT @smellosopher @columbiacss

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) July 18, 2017

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Ep27 is out: on Leadership & Civic Engagement with @DanielleLeeLake, @JudyWhipps, & Mike Ricco! #RT! https://t.co/dE1RC5FBH5 pic.twitter.com/fmSts5loVV

— PhilosophyBakesBread (@PhilosophyBB) July 18, 2017

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The #MindsOnline2017 Conference Program is here! Check it out: https://t.co/Wi5lixJyE0

— The Brains Blog (@philofbrains) July 18, 2017

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Models and Meaning Change: An Introduction to the Work of Mary Hesse https://t.co/vkwzjO4Zkf

— PhilSci-Archive (@PhilSciArchive) July 17, 2017

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Free until end of August: "Kant on the Spontaneity of Mind," Robert Pippin, Canadian Journal of Phil: https://t.co/WZKrD1RbGm

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) July 22, 2017