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Book covers that should have never happened, in France or anywhere pic.twitter.com/6oCy3XkxG9

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) November 18, 2017

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We are now accepting applications for participation in the Public Philosophy Journal’s 2018 New #EngagedScholars Digital Pilot Program, designed for grads seeking guided, collaborative opportunities to transform ideas and drafts into publishable content. Apply by January 1st! pic.twitter.com/xJDafDBAKH

— The PPJ (@PubPhilJ) November 21, 2017

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Gracias a @ierrejon Estamos luchando para impedir que la quiten. Y podemos ganar. Firma para que Filosofía sea obligatoria en toda España: https://t.co/yBaVkjObdt #DiaMundialDeLaFilosofia #SalvemosLaFilosofía https://t.co/IcWO4CzaOD

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) November 16, 2017

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Join our team! We're looking for #postdocs in areas of research supported by the Institute: #appliedethics, #foundationsofphysics, #philosophyofneuroscience, #philosophyofscience & #philosophyofbiology. Review of applications begins Jan 30, 2018. https://t.co/cPDcW5dKKs pic.twitter.com/osqThugw8V

— Rotman Philosophy (@rotmanphilo) November 21, 2017

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Today's Reminder (on Voltaire's Birthday) pic.twitter.com/SaN793eZKV

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) November 22, 2017

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New Fall Issue of HOPOS!https://t.co/TWp3EDvgR8#philsci #histsci #histSTM #HOPOS #HPS @HOPOS_Society @UChicagoPress @ChicagoJournals pic.twitter.com/f1N9i5rImZ

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) November 17, 2017

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Next Tuesday (21 Nov), 6:15 pm: public #hpsin20 objects lecture on magneto-electric machine and rejuvenation by @KingTekkers and @cat_oakley as a part of @BeingHumanFest! With the exploration of the "Rejuvenation Emporium" after the lecture. More info: https://t.co/SyhroIE6yh pic.twitter.com/1JFse8Iw0h

— HPS Leeds. (@hpsleeds) November 16, 2017

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At the launch of the Irish Young Philosopher Awards with the President of Ireland Michael M. Higgins #worldphilosophyday #irishyoungphilosopherawards #youngphilosopherawards #ucdphilosophy #ucd #michaeldhiggins #presidentofireland #philosophymatters pic.twitter.com/bsErvluJSI

— UCD Philosophy (@UCDPhilosophy) November 16, 2017

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Gracias a @equipoGabilondo
Estamos luchando para impedir que la quiten. Y podemos ganar.
Firma para que Filosofía sea obligatoria en toda España: https://t.co/yBaVkjwzOT #DiaMundialDeLaFilosofia#SalvemosLaFilosofía https://t.co/ntXniq00k2

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) November 16, 2017

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For #WorldPhilosophyDay we're launching our 2nd annual #photocontest! Do you have a photographic eye and a taste for philosophical problems? Can you capture an abstract philosophical concept in a photo? https://t.co/GYWb5us3Ye pic.twitter.com/DuqglUOpO7

— Rotman Philosophy (@rotmanphilo) November 16, 2017

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The quarrel between the ancient and the moderns ... pic.twitter.com/FzDkcZSfX2

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) November 19, 2017

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Why Philosophy Matters #WorldPhilosophyDay @IAI_TV https://t.co/pPDtEwOR9d pic.twitter.com/FHTKjMM0zL

— APA Blog (@apa_blog) November 16, 2017

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Happy World Philosophy Day ! Philosophy Matters in a real and concrete sense, and whether you like it or not, it is *always* political and always moral. pic.twitter.com/sWaxwA30NB

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) November 17, 2017

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Today we host with @IAS_UoB a workshop on challenges to wellbeing with a focus on loneliness and epistemic injustice in clinical encounters #projectPERFECT https://t.co/ZxoMttd0cx Follow us at #IASWellbeing

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) November 22, 2017

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We’re celebrating #WorldPhilosophyDay with a giveaway. Follow @PhilosophersEye and retweet to #win these 3 fantastic Philosophy books. #DiaMundialDeLaFilosofia pic.twitter.com/o8S3qC0F0t

— Philosopher's Eye (@PhilosophersEye) November 16, 2017

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It's #WorldPhilosophyDay!!! Come and enjoy blog posts from philosophers around the globe and free access to book chapters and research articleshttps://t.co/EiWtmFeRpB pic.twitter.com/cjgJmmmRTq

— Springer Philosophy (@SpringerPhil) November 16, 2017

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Interview of @AlisonGopnik by @megwinsby conducted during her visit to the Rotman Institute. Find out what she said about the purpose of childhood, how developmental psychology has informed the way we view children, advice for parents & more! https://t.co/Hh8mjLZJZB

— Rotman Philosophy (@rotmanphilo) November 20, 2017

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Interested in #Philosophy in schools? Keen to visit beautiful Australia? Wanna hear @michaelhand571 & @the_if_man & @unda_ethics talk about #Education? Come to this #conference! July 9-11 2018 @UNDAFreo pic.twitter.com/njeV247Xkq

— JPS (@JournalP4C) November 16, 2017

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PhD position in philosophy of physics

Read: https://t.co/6nx1ec3PVk

— SocPhilSciPract (@SocPhilSciPract) November 21, 2017

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Challenging the view that children are unable to think wisely. #P4C https://t.co/KBfIz4tJ7x

— DeGruyter Philosophy (@degruyter_phil) November 17, 2017