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1. One retweet per 33 followers (average):

Why Studying Philosophy Will Make You Better At Life #WorldPhilosophyDay https://t.co/csY4A4RNk0

— DeGruyter Philosophy (@degruyter_phil) November 15, 2017

2. One retweet per 80 followers (average):

A page of #paradoxes! From @RrrichardZach (@UofCPhilosophy).https://t.co/nK8iWZqwge pic.twitter.com/385iDM8Xyn

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) November 12, 2017

3. One retweet per 86 followers (average):

New Fall Issue of HOPOS!https://t.co/TWp3EDvgR8#philsci #histsci #histSTM #HOPOS #HPS @HOPOS_Society @UChicagoPress @ChicagoJournals pic.twitter.com/f1N9i5rImZ

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) November 17, 2017

4. One retweet per 128 followers (average):

Why Philosophy Matters #WorldPhilosophyDay @IAI_TV https://t.co/pPDtEwOR9d pic.twitter.com/FHTKjMM0zL

— APA Blog (@apa_blog) November 16, 2017

5. One retweet per 137 followers (average):

"I would like to see a class teaching critical thinking or philosophy in every school," says terror survivor:... https://t.co/6RqAReqlJx

— SAPERE (@SAPERE_P4C) November 9, 2017

6. One retweet per 147 followers (average):

Sufi #Heidegger? Interesting read on intellectual and academic life in 20th century Iran https://t.co/AmArixSyK2

— DeGruyter Philosophy (@degruyter_phil) November 15, 2017

7. One retweet per 150 followers (average):

Enrique Mesa,presidente de la APFM:«Sin pensamiento crítico no hay democracia», por @juanolula https://t.co/xS5eqQm6th#SalvemosLaFilosofía

— APFM (@apfm_profesfilo) November 9, 2017

8. One retweet per 173 followers (average):

PhD position in philosophy of physics

Read: https://t.co/6nx1ec3PVk

— SocPhilSciPract (@SocPhilSciPract) November 21, 2017

9. One retweet per 199 followers (average):

New blog post: Chris Letheby (@cerletheby) on psychedelic drugs and ego dissolution: https://t.co/v4L2FCa6hb

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) November 14, 2017

10. One retweet per 202 followers (average):

Challenging the view that children are unable to think wisely. #P4C https://t.co/KBfIz4tJ7x

— DeGruyter Philosophy (@degruyter_phil) November 17, 2017

11. One retweet per 223 followers (average):

SWIP committee members Aine Mahon and Danielle Petherbridge at the launch of the UCD Young Philosopher Awards by... https://t.co/YMedJJUPv7

— SWIP Ireland (@SWIP_I) November 19, 2017

12. One retweet per 224 followers (average):

Are you at #hss17? Check out our ad in the program!

Submit to HOPOS: https://t.co/8iiHaFsLKV

Details on our essay contest, "Invisible Philosophy of Science": https://t.co/vB5WBOVxWx pic.twitter.com/5jnY95EMTp

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) November 9, 2017

13. One retweet per 224 followers (average):

Weekend project: finishing touches on your abstract for HOPOS 2018 in the Netherlands.

CFP due December 1, 2017: https://t.co/YZi0nIJ3Ne

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) November 11, 2017

14. One retweet per 224 followers (average):

Publication of Émilie Du Châtelet’s Essai sur l’optique on Project Vox

Read: https://t.co/QRiwhOywso

— The HOPOS journal (@hoposjournal) November 16, 2017

15. One retweet per 226 followers (average):


— PSA (@PhilSciAssoc) November 11, 2017

16. One retweet per 235 followers (average):

Isn't he wonderful?! CauseHealther, @RogerKerry1, is among most influential HE social media stars! https://t.co/ISnnBbrNQk

— CauseHealth (@Cause_Health) November 14, 2017

17. One retweet per 235 followers (average):

Structural Realism or Modal Empiricism? https://t.co/79HUmF391E

— PhilSci-Archive (@PhilSciArchive) November 12, 2017

18. One retweet per 239 followers (average):

Today's post: Valeria Motta reports from the Copenhagen Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind 2017 https://t.co/7P0p9dY650

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) November 9, 2017

19. One retweet per 270 followers (average):

#Blog posts from Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem and Michael Gleitman are now live! https://t.co/EiWtmFeRpB #WorldPhilosophyDay pic.twitter.com/SgshiurnOu

— Springer Philosophy (@SpringerPhil) November 14, 2017

20. One retweet per 273 followers (average):

John Rawls died 15 years ago—here’s why you should read “A Theory of Justice” ... https://t.co/W7tHdsxiGV

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) November 14, 2017