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1. One retweet per 67 followers (average):

Tim Crane @timcrane102 will be asking "Is the Mind a Physical Thing?" at Newnham College, 17 May. Do come along! https://t.co/41XGTc3bbl

— New Directions (@studyofthemind) April 17, 2017

2. One retweet per 131 followers (average):

Major output for project PERFECT: special issue on False but Useful Beliefs (entirely open access) https://t.co/0ylQdcPp1T @ERC_Research

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) April 15, 2017

3. One retweet per 143 followers (average):

American Philosophical Association survey project on philosophy journals. Go add your experiences here... https://t.co/ylXDfPxQhe

— SWIP Ireland (@SWIP_I) April 14, 2017

4. One retweet per 174 followers (average):

New blog post: Andy Clark (@fluffycyborg) introduces his book Surfing Uncertainty: https://t.co/9FuUPpVwvX

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) April 13, 2017

5. One retweet per 174 followers (average):

Today #projectPERFECT is in Cambridge where @lisabortolotti will talk about responsibility and choice blindness https://t.co/uS15DInIuq

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) April 22, 2017

6. One retweet per 188 followers (average):

Dr. Amanda Moehring of @westernubio organized tomorrow's #MarchforScience here in #ldnont. https://t.co/HmpeOMrM1d

— Rotman Philosophy (@rotmanphilo) April 21, 2017

7. One retweet per 189 followers (average):

Hubert Dreyfus (1930-2017) https://t.co/eqtVike6sk pic.twitter.com/Ow8p5v1y4w

— Daily Nous (@DailyNousEditor) April 24, 2017

8. One retweet per 203 followers (average):

Consciousness: What we know, what we don’t know, and what we may never know https://t.co/800MaBVPdb@brembs @cdfrith @davidpapineau pic.twitter.com/P0KkZQ8itq

— the Forum (@forumphilosophy) April 13, 2017

9. One retweet per 209 followers (average):

New blog post: @KathyPuddifoot introduces themes from upcoming #ProjectPERFECT2017 Memory Workshop: https://t.co/hUFNKnwbvy

— PERFECT (@EpistInnocence) April 20, 2017

10. One retweet per 212 followers (average):

CFP: Knowledge and Justification: New Perspectives (Special Issue of Synthese)

Read: https://t.co/Jdu2525un8

— SocPhilSciPract (@SocPhilSciPract) April 18, 2017

11. One retweet per 213 followers (average):

JOB: Postdoc with ERC funded 'Better Understanding the Metaphysics of Pregnancy' at Southhampton (Deadline April 22) https://t.co/kNVSFFNaN9

— SWIP UK (@SWIPUK) April 16, 2017

12. One retweet per 218 followers (average):

Carla Fehr asks how #feminist theory can critically respond to #evolutionary #psychology? Philosophy meets #science https://t.co/zeW4IGtdDR

— Hypatia (@Hypatia_Journal) April 25, 2017

13. One retweet per 268 followers (average):

BREAKING NEWS : Robert Pirsig, author of the classic 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance', has died ... https://t.co/Hy3tjOXN9e

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) April 24, 2017

14. One retweet per 276 followers (average):

UBC Professor @clhendricksbc is creating an open textbook for introduction to philosophy courses. https://t.co/2iWhv6hEwr

— UBC Philosophy (@UBCPhilosophy) April 20, 2017

15. One retweet per 283 followers (average):

Local Causality in a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Spacetime https://t.co/bqRP2SRKAQ

— PhilSci-Archive (@PhilSciArchive) April 19, 2017

16. One retweet per 286 followers (average):

IFUT have voted for strike action at Trinity College Dublin over "mass-casualisation" of staff #precarity... https://t.co/qbpC1ksK0W

— SWIP Ireland (@SWIP_I) April 18, 2017

17. One retweet per 287 followers (average):

Integrity and Conscience in Healthcare conference : Cardiff University, 5th May : register by the end of this week : https://t.co/FSG0yLN31O

— Cardiff Philosophy (@cardiffphilos) April 24, 2017

18. One retweet per 291 followers (average):

400 interviews with philosophers, arranged by theme https://t.co/vGY12gBSb4

— Oxford Philosophy (@OUPPhilosophy) April 18, 2017

19. One retweet per 294 followers (average):

Why enlightened, edgy, alt-centrist horseshoe theory fails https://t.co/QSFnVIv9Rh

— Grasped in Thought (@graspedblog) April 22, 2017

20. One retweet per 297 followers (average):

How the “radium girls” revealed the danger of radiation, and fought for safety standards https://t.co/E1PpDP9tB0

— SocPhilSciPract (@SocPhilSciPract) April 14, 2017