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Tories now rewriting their election manifesto FOUR DAYS after publishing it. This isn't "strong and stable", but weak and wobbly! PLS RT!! pic.twitter.com/uokwx6vM1X

— Thom Brooks (@thom_brooks) May 22, 2017

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-Somos alienígenas superavanzadísimos. ¿Queréis que os enseñemos a viajar por el espacio, o a hacer piramides?
-¡Pirámides, pirámides!

— La nada nadea (@jzamorabonilla) May 19, 2017

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Wittgenstein invented the emoticon. 😊 pic.twitter.com/6XXKpG2SPi

— Anita Leirfall (@anitaleirfall) May 19, 2017

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A more cheerful history of philosophy

Descartes pic.twitter.com/PgYXhDqAoG

— Martin O'Neill (@martin_oneill) May 16, 2017

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If this were Obama, conservative headlines would read: @POTUS BOWS TO SAUDI KING!!! #maga #trumptrain #Deplorable pic.twitter.com/VpBU7Cpzr1

— Bryan W. Van Norden (@BryanVanNorden) May 20, 2017

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Since Pence ran the transition team, is it still plausible that he was misled? pic.twitter.com/OXWetnOofi

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) May 18, 2017

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My op-ed in the NY Times , why saying Trump is a 4-year-old is an insult to 4-year-olds (marvelous picture tells... https://t.co/CBkjUIUfVG

— Alison Gopnik (@AlisonGopnik) May 20, 2017

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Happy Analytic Philosophy Day! (May 18 is both Russell and Carnap's birthday.) pic.twitter.com/HRGVuMp4KY

— Richard Zach (@RrrichardZach) May 18, 2017

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It is very unlikely that your professor goes by 'Miss'. (If you're going to use the wrong title, go with something fun! 'Your excellency'?)

— Clayton Littlejohn (@cmlittlejohn) May 18, 2017

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People are giving Trump a hard time, but the truth is there should be more glowing orbs in politics, not fewer.

— Justin Tiehen (@jttiehen) May 21, 2017

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— Peter Boghossian (@peterboghossian) May 19, 2017

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Let's see if @realDonaldTrump expresses condolences or acknowledges a potential terror attack on our soil. https://t.co/DPQKYj8DS7

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) May 22, 2017

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The "Hoax hoax", demonstrating the credulity of skeptics in confirming their own biases given an experiment following no recognized protocol pic.twitter.com/Key8SK3neX

— Lewis Powell (@l_powell) May 20, 2017

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If this is true, there will be hell to pay. https://t.co/juMP2mevQd

— A C Grayling (@acgrayling) May 21, 2017

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— ytb (@ytb_at_twt) May 19, 2017

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Australian oil well leaked into ocean for months – but incident kept secret https://t.co/lGjRjABrvk

— Michael Slezak (@MikeySlezak) May 17, 2017

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If they ever build a way to send messages to the past, just going to send my 2014 self the most flummoxing contemporary headlines. pic.twitter.com/d40KWJG91u

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) May 21, 2017

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WH: He didn't eat the baby
Trump: TWO scoops of baby
WH: The President is allowed to eat babies
Fox: Real issue is leaks about baby eating https://t.co/ICw2bahy97

— Dov 56b7 (@drnelk) May 16, 2017

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Thankfully, my parents were spared this hardship. https://t.co/VGQfyXcPOy

— William Crawley (@williamcrawley) May 21, 2017

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My paper "Open Education and Critical Pedagogy" is now published in Learning, Media and Technology https://t.co/wfupyAwICi #oer #Philosophy

— Rob Farrow (@philosopher1978) May 19, 2017