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— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) February 16, 2017

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Ladies. Your run for president has narrow window. Warren will be 67, AT DEATH'S DOOR. Gillibrand will be 50, A MERE CHILD. Plan. Wisely. pic.twitter.com/bP0eZ0Bcu6

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) February 12, 2017

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Podemita ayer: Es machista decir que Irene Montero y Pablo son la misma persona.
Podemita hoy: La infanta y Urdangarin son la misma persona

— Miguel Á QuintanaPaz (@quintanapaz) February 17, 2017

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Seems the @realDonaldTrump has lost it. pic.twitter.com/tX0texnqPg

— Michael Slezak (@MikeySlezak) February 15, 2017

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It hasn't been just a few days Trump has dragged his heels on firing Flynn. He fired the messenger. https://t.co/sbQy76vScP

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) February 14, 2017

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— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) February 16, 2017

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Good. This drum should be best loudly. Jeff Sessions cannot lead the investigation. If he does, results should be considered tainted. https://t.co/QAMvhs3Zac

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) February 14, 2017

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Should bibliographies also tell you what NOT to read?

D.R. Shackleton Bailey is forthcoming: pic.twitter.com/qf9Xhxoc7c

— Atticist (@Atticist) February 16, 2017

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On this day in 1633 Galileo Galilei arrives in Rome to face charges of heresy for advocating Copernican theory

— Stathis Psillos (@StathisPsillos) February 13, 2017

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Funny thing. Just saw the other day that WH thought Cory Booker couldn't run in 2020 due to corruption scandals. Prolly doesn't have enough. https://t.co/odNXvStzNR

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) February 13, 2017

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY R.A. Fisher: February 17,1890 – July 29,1962. His 1935 induction paper w/amazing/deep/funny comments.https://t.co/4LSioCM1MD pic.twitter.com/vXpD5iZZdD

— Deborah G. Mayo (@learnfromerror) February 17, 2017

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Government killed emissions scheme despite advice it could shave $15 billion off electricity bills https://t.co/bJ27d0ZAVj

— Michael Slezak (@MikeySlezak) February 13, 2017

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Who predicted the post-truth era? F.A. Hayek in 1944, that’s who https://t.co/kMEpOInwA0 pic.twitter.com/Xb0ix2LjFM

— Erik Angner (@ErikAngner) February 13, 2017

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reminder that digital spaces are real spaces; digital communities are real communities; digital socializing is real socializing

— ☕🌸 (@socdf) February 16, 2017

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Let's be part of this. The EU has its flaws & problems, but it is an amazing project for peace, progress & unity, and it is the future. https://t.co/TNZr8xAitY

— A C Grayling (@acgrayling) February 13, 2017

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Rechazo la gestación subrogada por razones médicas, éticas y legales: https://t.co/DoM3nOK34G
[ni feminismo ni creencias, no inventen]

— Elena Postigo (@PostigoElena) February 13, 2017

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A Customer is not too pleased pic.twitter.com/QXB3PC4klE

— ☕🌸 (@socdf) February 18, 2017

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Lo que está pasando en las universidades occidentales últimamente, por desgracia también en las españolas | vía @oh_tiph pic.twitter.com/HcXatcUwRj

— Miguel Á QuintanaPaz (@quintanapaz) February 17, 2017

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Blair is right. Time to park the antipathy and unite in the face of the greatest challenge to the wellbeing of our country since 1945. https://t.co/HnE3J25tB5

— A C Grayling (@acgrayling) February 17, 2017

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Porphyry's life of Plotinus, translated by Ficino, online at https://t.co/c9Ei62RcaT pic.twitter.com/PCSCo8iH1W

— John Sellars (@DrJSellars) February 13, 2017