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1. One retweet per 10 followers (average):

This -- THIS -- is what makes adultery harmful even if it's never revealed. https://t.co/HnGMuJ9Lcu pic.twitter.com/otQiTHu5iB

— Mark D. White (@profmdwhite) August 20, 2017

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จีนโขก 4พันล้าน ค่าคุมงานก่อสร้างไฮสปีดโคราช https://t.co/AfrJ9t3czS < ตัวอย่างความเละ

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) August 16, 2017

3. One retweet per 28 followers (average):

Not normally a petition kind of person, but men objecting to women only swimming sessions are truly pathetic. https://t.co/IJROLQCkWG

— Becca Reilly-Cooper (@boodleoops) August 10, 2017

4. One retweet per 30 followers (average):


— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) August 17, 2017

5. One retweet per 75 followers (average):

Paper out. Open access, of course. @RohanFrench @davewripley https://t.co/8q7ktSOiOn

— Francesco Berto (@Franz_Berto) August 16, 2017

6. One retweet per 84 followers (average):

I just published “When mass deportation becomes an ordinary survey question” https://t.co/9RBbztIlkP

— Helen De Cruz (@HelenDeCruz) August 14, 2017

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桑田・他 (2015) 『学生のレポート・論文作成トレーニング 改訂版』は学部生向けのアクティブラーニング式レポート作成の手堅い教科書だなあ。特に、ワーク用の資料が全部ダウンロードできるというのが日本ではほとんどないので、素晴らしい。https://t.co/aV3pARESdI

— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) August 23, 2017

8. One retweet per 84 followers (average):

キャロル・ヴォーダマン『イラストで学ぶスタディスキル図鑑』は、まさに図鑑で汎用的かつ、全部カラーで中身のデザインがよくていいな。「90 課題分を分析する」で、論題を分析する重要性とやり方がちゃんと書かれているのが素敵である。https://t.co/u9wLMJh4tF

— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) August 23, 2017

9. One retweet per 93 followers (average):

For those who haven't read it, I'm posting @gcaw's excellent profile of Richard Spencer. https://t.co/ZKf7SjkGi2

— Scott Shapiro (@scottjshapiro) August 12, 2017

10. One retweet per 93 followers (average):

David Miliband: we need a second vote on Brexit deal https://t.co/cEPnIHQ64W

— A C Grayling (@acgrayling) August 13, 2017

11. One retweet per 96 followers (average):

#SEP entry 'Cellular Automata'! Your gateway to digital philosophy has just been renewed by Apo and me. https://t.co/5jdw92SV3G

— Francesco Berto (@Franz_Berto) August 22, 2017

12. One retweet per 97 followers (average):

CONF: Neuroscience and Society (Sydney, Sep 14-15) https://t.co/QYJ8tLBJsm draft program is up, and registration is open #neuroethics

— Nicole Vincent (@drcolekat) August 11, 2017

13. One retweet per 102 followers (average):

My latest editorial, coming out in Sunday's paper - NY Daily News https://t.co/giwmc6vaP7

— Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator) August 12, 2017

14. One retweet per 102 followers (average):

This is the most important article I have read about Charlottesville and Trump https://t.co/WbpVdp39uD

— Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator) August 21, 2017

15. One retweet per 104 followers (average):

LSD in the FThttps://t.co/oKR1FkQXlo

— Peter Sjöstedt-H (@PeterSjostedtH) August 10, 2017

16. One retweet per 105 followers (average):

A paper I wrote about political anger, "The Aptness of Anger", is now out in the Journal of Political Philosophy: https://t.co/BWgDZWfPoi

— Amia Srinivasan (@amiasrinivasan) August 22, 2017

17. One retweet per 107 followers (average):

Pls help by providing ideas in comments on this post re: students & #OER: advocacy, student created resources, etc. https://t.co/YBvUQ694sg

— Christina Hendricks (@clhendricksbc) August 16, 2017

18. One retweet per 110 followers (average):

The government successfully taking back control from any control its citizens had, thanks to the repeal bill https://t.co/1frKF2Q3hq

— Helen De Cruz (@HelenDeCruz) August 11, 2017

19. One retweet per 112 followers (average):

ครบทุกชื่อ กก.ปฏิรูปประเทศ11ด้าน กลุ่มทุนใหญ่-บิ๊กทหาร-คนกันเองเพียบ https://t.co/8gxDgDcJU9 < ปกครองประเทศโดยคนวงใน

— Soraj Hongladarom (@Sonamsangbo) August 16, 2017

20. One retweet per 117 followers (average):


— Masashi Kasaki (@kasa12345) August 18, 2017