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1. One retweet per 22 followers (average):

My op-ed in the NY Times , why saying Trump is a 4-year-old is an insult to 4-year-olds (marvelous picture tells... https://t.co/CBkjUIUfVG

— Alison Gopnik (@AlisonGopnik) May 20, 2017

2. One retweet per 37 followers (average):

Los ofendiditos https://t.co/egPKpivTrM Mis 3 hipótesis sobre por qué hay tanta gente que se ofende tanto últimamente, en @TheObjective_es.

— Miguel Á QuintanaPaz (@quintanapaz) May 11, 2017

3. One retweet per 50 followers (average):

My paper "Open Education and Critical Pedagogy" is now published in Learning, Media and Technology https://t.co/wfupyAwICi #oer #Philosophy

— Rob Farrow (@philosopher1978) May 19, 2017

4. One retweet per 51 followers (average):

The German philosopher Karl-Otto Apel dies at 95: https://t.co/muaNSJr5mM. One of the founding fathers of discourse ethics. pic.twitter.com/AkrTfig33A

— Thomas Gregersen (@PoliticalPhilo) May 16, 2017

5. One retweet per 52 followers (average):

https://t.co/s1iXnJfgjZ pic.twitter.com/J3wL7mQl0R

— Paul Kelleher (@kelleher_) May 11, 2017

6. One retweet per 69 followers (average):

Australian oil well leaked into ocean for months – but incident kept secret https://t.co/lGjRjABrvk

— Michael Slezak (@MikeySlezak) May 17, 2017

7. One retweet per 84 followers (average):

The U.K. can still exit Brexit—and it should https://t.co/fkaqgfUG8l

— A C Grayling (@acgrayling) May 13, 2017

8. One retweet per 86 followers (average):

The latest Trump interview once again reveals appalling ignorance and dishonesty https://t.co/phY83bHLO0

— Kwame Anthony Appiah (@KAnthonyAppiah) May 12, 2017

9. One retweet per 86 followers (average):

My interview with @mpigliucci about How to Be a Stoic @3ammagazine #stoicism #philosophy https://t.co/CQpCxHra6J

— Skye Cleary (@Skye_Cleary) May 15, 2017

10. One retweet per 89 followers (average):

I worked a very long time on this article, which is finally out. It's most important piece I have yet written. https://t.co/GVhpgAiUSQ

— Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator) May 17, 2017

11. One retweet per 92 followers (average):

For anyone thinking Tory because they're now the party of the workers @pollytoynbee https://t.co/r5WrkjtbSs #GE2017

— Philip Goff (@Philip_Goff) May 16, 2017

12. One retweet per 99 followers (average):

. @juliapowles asks us to take a hard look at power of FB, the magnitude of corporate dishonesty & limit of fines. https://t.co/jLkLMYn63S

— Evan Selinger (@EvanSelinger) May 21, 2017

13. One retweet per 106 followers (average):

My latest spoken interview with the excellent @thirdwaveishere :https://t.co/JASIxYzYRC

— Peter Sjöstedt-H (@PeterSjostedtH) May 9, 2017

14. One retweet per 114 followers (average):

Funny how nominee for Deputy Sec. of Treasury suddenly "wants to focus on my family" just when Trump scandals hit. https://t.co/uC7fnB0KsN

— Scott Shapiro (@scottjshapiro) May 20, 2017

15. One retweet per 121 followers (average):

How Australia Bungled Its $36 Billion High-Speed Internet Rollout, via @nytimes w/ @morganjaffit #brisbane #games https://t.co/MMTKuuF1Ry

— Dr Kate Devitt (@skdevitt) May 11, 2017

16. One retweet per 128 followers (average):

I just published “fBrightest and best, it’s time to pack up and offer your talents elsewhere” https://t.co/g4skrOhweE

— Helen De Cruz (@HelenDeCruz) May 9, 2017

17. One retweet per 135 followers (average):

The Nature of Consciousness: A Neurophenomenological Approach https://t.co/vJNIe0FfuD via @YouTube

— Evan Thompson (@evantthompson) May 16, 2017

18. One retweet per 137 followers (average):

Good point in a good essay. (h/t @wfkars) https://t.co/yhY0B9hta5 pic.twitter.com/PEkmhrDlNn

— Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto) May 14, 2017

19. One retweet per 138 followers (average):


— Peter Boghossian (@peterboghossian) May 19, 2017

20. One retweet per 140 followers (average):

Reverse Turing Tests: Are humans becoming more machine-like? @BrettFrischmann https://t.co/cWmsIXsNSw pic.twitter.com/gft4ghL9FD

— John Danaher (@JohnDanaher) May 13, 2017